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Headway: Book Ideas in Widgets [Education] App Description & Overview

Boost your personal growth with key insights from the world’s best books on Productivity, Business, Negotiation, Money, Health, Love, Investment, and more.

Busy schedule? Well, no wordy books here — only 15-minutes summaries and inspiring widgets to keep you motivated on the journey to your better self!


“This app really got me reading more every night before going to bed) I like the variety of books and topics!” — Rana Eldars

“Great concept, cool UI/UX, the right thing for my busy lifestyle, really love it!” — Denys Moskalenko

“This app is amazingly easy for me because I can't really read when working or drive; however I can listen all day long at night. When a topic isn't clear I get my eye on it for improving my reading skills.” — Carlos Vieira


• Audio version for each summary

No extra time needed — get the book’s key points while commuting, working out, scrolling the newsfeed, or doing your everyday routine.

• Actionable insights

Advice and ideas on how to live the life you want.

• Spaced Repetition feature

Recall technique that helps your brain to keep book insights in memory.

• Widgets

Inspiring widgets to stay motivated about your achieving life goals.

• In-app Look Up

New words check without breaking reading flow.

• Reading habit builder

Non-stressing notification system.


From harmony in your personal life to success at work — try out Headway and get actionable tips and techniques from the world's best nonfiction books. It's time to achieve anything in just 15 minutes!

To suggest an idea about how to make your reading and education with Headway better, please send an email to support@get-headway.com.

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Headway: Book Ideas in Widgets Customer Service, Editor Notes:

We update the Headway app as often as possible to make it faster and more reliable for you. Here are a couple of the enhancements you'll find in the latest update: • Bug fixes Love the app? Rate us! Your feedback keeps Headway become better. Have a question? Please contact us at team@get-headway.com

Headway: Book Ideas in Widgets Comments & Reviews

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- Incredible Asset of an App. Can’t Wait for More Books to Develop on Here!

This might be an Audible killer. I love Audible, but the kinds of books I mainly read is self growth & development in many phases of life. Headway is allowing me to form a library of key messages and reminders from books that I don’t have spend hours upon hours of time just to finish a good read. Realistically we don’t have the time to finish a whole book. We don’t have to Headway every book of course, but there are more opportunities for shorter focused reads than entire books. I’m personally enjoying this for my active go go life. I can only hope that writers and the makers of headway accumulate as many books as possible on this app to provide shorter and focused reads for all.

- Disappointed in myself for Trying the app

The app popped up in a social media add, I had been slacking in my reading recently so I decided to get a free trial. I get how trials work and why they set them up to auto bill after the trial, I accept that. I have never been so mad at myself for not canceling a free trial on time, and I’ve done it a few times with other apps I really didn’t want to pay for. If you are planning to ‘Listen’ to the book summaries, the robotic auto- read narration is so god awful I wished myself deaf. It does a horrible job at communicating the intent. I’m not sure if the summaries were written that poorly or the auto-read technology is that bad, lack of punctuation, pause, tone and human inflection often leave you confused at what you heard that you can’t even pay attention. I even tried listening to one of the books on focus and paying better attention, it didn’t help. The cards and summaries seemed to get the main points of books across I was familiar with, but I think you would have been better off reading a free summary online. The ‘cards’ and repetition features don’t seem like they would be helpful to most people or really add much value to make the App worth even risking a free trial.

- Good concept, poor execution

I saw Facebook ads for Headway in the form of these 28 Day Challenges and I was very intrigued. I’m always down for a good challenge, especially one in the self growth department. I downloaded the app and was all excited that it was going to create my OWN personalized challenge tailored to my interests. Wow! Well, when you make it to the home page, your personal plan vanishes. Gone, never to be seen or accessed again. That was very disappointing but I was still willing to give it a try. The audio recordings are awful. I’m a VO artist and I actually wondered if these summaries were recorded by humans. The cadence is off, it sounds hollow, there are no gaps between sentences. I could barely comprehend. And before I could cancel (because I wanted to see if all the recordings were that bad or just a few) I get charged $80 for 6 months. Not worth the money and I haven’t used it in months. Like I said, excellent concept, but the technical execution (the vanishing of your plan and the audio recordings) leaves much to be improved.

- Needs work

I am not a book reader what SO EVER. So when I came across this (ig ad I believe) I thought why not try it. Will save me time in having to sit down and read an entire book. I get impatient what can I say. Things you guys can work on: the robotic voice when you do listen mode makes my head spin. Please improve by adding voice choices or just an alternative to that CREEPY robotic voice. AND Too many notifications!!!!!!! I’m swear almost every waking hour it was sending notifications to finish the book, finish your chapter. OK I get it!!! And forget using this app if you’d battery is less than 30%. My battery was draining so quickly and the app was glitching, not scrolling and getting stuck, couldn’t click on bookmarks either to save. Also the pricing model is confusing, if I would try to exit a free trial page another one would pop up and offer a lesser price. It was showing the pricing in too many ways.. weekly, monthly and yearly. Needs some refinement.

- Great *supplement* to Audible

I listen to audible doing chores and driving. This app allows me to review books I've already read and am currently reading to remember key facts. For example I'm using audible for Thinking Fast and Slow, it's 20 hours long, yeeesh right? So even though the book has taken me 2 months to get through, I can use Headway to remember earlier chapters and main concepts so I cement the information. I don't mind the audio summary of books I haven't read but I find it's much more useful to use flashcards on books I am and have read already to review and remember concepts. It's really helped and I'm happy to pay the subscription for these review sessions. I love this app.

- I loved headway but...

1. Can’t remove books from my library. It doesn’t work. Click the button and it does nothing. 2. Doesn’t keep track of where you are when using audio. 3....the most important and must be fixed....realize that not everyone is “Christian.” Realize that you have a lot of spiritual books in here and most spiritual people are not religious. So when I see a great looking book about good vibes or anxiety, I get excited only to read “God” in every paragraph. Lol are you kidding me??? MARK these books with genres. I shouldn’t have to be forced to read religious literature. At first I was letting it go until I got to one that was literally only bible verses and I was like “shut up already!” Geez. Couldn’t remove it from my library either. And oh yeah of course there’s no pagan books...the spirituality that was stolen by the Christians. Nice. You really need to Mark this as a religious Papp instead of trying to fool people. So offensive. I paid for this and am highly regretting it. Fix it PLEASE.

- CHARGED when cancelled for a MONTH

I logged into my bank account today to find that I had been charged for a year subscription for $90 after I had canceled my subscription weeks ago. I used my free trial, and then they tried to charge me for the year. I didn’t have any money so it didn’t go through, and my subscription was not active. They then test my card every week to see if they could possibly get the money that way. I think this is super unethical. I have never had an app continually try to charge me like that. Usually they try again 3 times at most, but at this point that app wasn’t even downloaded on my device. I think it’s just shady considering I cancelled way before hey said I should have to. And then, I go to find the website to cancel they say, thinking the in settings cancellation wasn’t enough, and they don’t have a website, even though their subscription terms of service says that you can cancel on their website. What website? Your app ad?

- Not just reading, but LEARNING

The ultimate 80/20 solution to distill key takeaways from important non-fiction reads, and most importantly, retain them. FANTASTIC product - something I’ve needed for years. Two suggestions for Headway: (i) add a feature that allows readers to flag misspelled words (there are a few in each summary it seems); (ii) add quiz functionality - this product is better than Blinkist because of the spaced repetition features - capitalize on that! One simple quiz solution would be to have the flash cards show up at random and ask the reader to ID what book it’s from (creates associative recall).

- Love the format

I’ve just recently started using the app and really enjoy getting right to the main ideas and takeaways. The daily emails, ‘Daily Insights’ link takes me to the App Store and then to the main page menu so the insight content is never available to my knowledge. That’s frustrating. Also, one of my recent reads, The Happiness Advantage by Shawn Achor, is read by one of those computerized voices which lacks any considered pace or inflection and makes it more difficult to absorb the information. Additionally, that read ends in the middle of the Conclusion chapter for both the print and audible versions.. weird. Fix a few glitches and I’ll definitely recommend Headway to clients, friends and family

- Please fix the library!!!

I love this app. I love being able to learn from all the great resources available on the app, especially business stuff, stuff that will lead you a successful life. However, there is one thing about this app that drives me crazy, the library! I have around 12 books bookmarked that are supposed to show up in the library, but it takes like 5-10 minutes of loading for them to appear in my library. These are 15-minute reads I feel like it should only take a few seconds to load in, or even better, pre-load with the app start-up so there is no waiting to see my bookmarks. Please fix that, that is the only thing stopping me from giving this great app 5 stars.

- Wont allow me to cancel

This app hasn’t been allowing me to cancel my subscription. I tried the free trial for all of 10 minutes before realizing that I don’t want this app.i tried to cancel the subscription but every time I click to cancel the website glitches and sends me right back to the click here to cancel button. I contacted the app developer via the email provided through their website. It has been nearly 4 days since I emailed and I still haven’t gotten any confirmation that they’ve received my email. They did however pull money from my account. Not sure what is wrong with this app or the people who are running it but I’m definitely not happy with them right now. I’m genuinely worried they’re going to try to charge me for this subscription despite me doing everything I can to cancel it.

- Guys, this app is no JOKE

if you take the time to actually read a book a day from this app...and try to apply the methods the books show you, I guarantee you that your life is going to transform in ways you never thought possible. but it’s all up to you. How badly you want something dictates how hard you’ll work to achieve it. if you want to change your life for the better, GET THE APP! People who struggle in life or aren’t where they wanna be always think about it first. I’m not saying to stop thinking but yes just get out there and do it, whatever that “it” is

- Buggy app

I have a 6 month subscription for headway. The app is buggy to be honest being a software engineer can’t believe they have not done basic stress test on this app. For example I was reading a book and pressed back quickly on the playback the voice of the author of the all the chapters kept overlapping that’s bad UX. Another instance was when I was listening to a book it played another book halfway. One more test case was when I was in a parking garage where there was no reception,I proceeded out of the garage got back the reception the app froze. I had to quit the app to start again. These stuff are not a big deal if the app were free I am paying 90$ for this experience hmmm I’ll pass. Might rethink about the subscription once the app is solid.

- Great app

Has a plethora of categories to choose from which are used to tailor your experience. I’ve been using this for a few days and have found plenty of useful books to read in the future. They also give you a one week free trial to try out the app, you can cancel anytime before the week is over if you don’t have the funds or don’t enjoy it. Either way it’s a win-win situation for you so I highly suggest giving it a shot

- Are these ratings real?

I downloaded the app because I honestly do not have enough time to read everything on my list and these productivity books often deserve multiple reads. The summaries on this app are very poorly done. It’s like someone who didn’t fully understand anything they were reading just skimmed through each book to try and pick key points. The six book summaries I have read so far are very poorly done. The context is even wrong. I chose books that I have already read and so I know what they are about. I am happy to be so utterly disappointed during the free trial. This is day one so I have already canceled. Save your time and your money. You are better off reading the entire book yourself. These summaries are garbage.

- Can't Cancel Subscription

I'm giving them 1 star due to their lack of response and lack of ability to cancel my subscription. I have tried the product for 4 days and want to cancel before I am charged for the full year. How convenient that the "cancel subscription" button on their website (account page) doesn't work, but the alternative option to keep your subscription does. I have emailed their support address and not received any response. While the content is ok and the narration is pleasant enough, I find the lack of any kind of summary at the end to be strange. There are random content selections in some chapters that seem to come out of nowhere. It's a goon concept, but the content delivered needs another look by the developers.

- I can’t listen to the A.I. voice anymore

Bottom line... the A.I. narration is unbearable. I found a great deal of value in the content read by the human narrators but ultimately decided to cancel my subscription because of the A.I. content. I believe this app has so much potential to offer an invaluable service but the poor narration makes it impossible. 😢 I have read many reviews commenting on the same problem. The developers need to listen to their users and remove all A.I. content from the library and replace with human narration before asking for a subscription fee. Question for the developers: Will Headway always have A.I. content or are you in the process of replacing all of it with human narration?

- Perfect For Entrepreneurs!

I’m a business owner and mom of three. Finding time to pay attention to a book for longer than 20 minutes at a time is almost impossible. I was in my 1st day of my free trial and after I got through the 1st summery I bought the yearly subscription. I love that this app gives me all the highlights and actionable key points of the books in 20 minutes or less on most titles. I would have given 5 stars but I’d like the option of reading the entire book added to the features or a purchase option.

- The concept is great but the reading is just awful

This app really looked like a promising competitor to Blinkist and I was super excited to try it. I was extremely surprised when I started listening to one of the books and it was a robot reading, it was so awful that I just could not get myself to listen to the remaining of the book. It can’t be that expensive to get a real person to read it, I doubt it that there are many people that enjoy listening to the content this way. I still think the content is well written and there is potential for success, but this is a major hindrance from my point of you. Have you thought about changing that?

- Great idea but comes across as scamy

So I personally do like this app and love that I can read 15 minute summaries of books I’ve always wanted to read and never have time to. But like the other reviews, the way they sneakily charge you after the 7 day puts me off. I might have been happy to subscribe but now i just want a refund. I noticed that the developers ignore the comments about billing and come from a non-western background where it may be the culture to operate that way. But if you want to have a successful app my feedback would be to learn about the psychology behind building customer trust and being transparent about billing because that’s the one thing damaging your credibility right now. Customers will be happy to pay for a great product like audible and you don’t need to lock them in with auto billing. You will NOT build long term customers that way. And investing in a non-robotic voice for the audio feature will also help a lot.

- DON’T DOWNLOAD the app, it’s sneaky.

It said you could cancel the service after 7 days trial period, this is NOT TURE! I wanna cancel my subscription after 5th day trial period, and I found I could not find the “unsubscription” option under Apple ID. ( I have done cancel subscription or cancel trial for other apps, so I know exactly what I am doing). So I contact to the support team with attached picture with my Apple ID. They just keep reply the steps that how to unsubscribe an apps over IPhone (3 times). I express that I understand the step, I follow through the steps, but I can’t find “subscription”tag. So I said I don’t wanna be charged for sign up the service, because I can’t stop the trial service. The reply is Hello! Sorry for the auto-reply. We can't check your subscription status, because Apple doesn't give us contacts of the users. You can check inside the phone settings by yourself. regards, Headway team I guess I m stuck!? The apps itself is fine, but I would rather it is a pay apps or a free app with in store purchase. Dishonest!!!!!!! Think twice before you download this app.

- Bad AI reading of short descriptions of books

The very first book I picked sounds like a book I would actually like to read. But I downloaded the App so I could listen while walking my dog in the morning. The AI that reads the script is not pleasant to listen to. The book had the word “nice” in the title and uses that word a lot in the summery. The AI pronounced it “niece” a handful of times. Also when the word “Present” was used (meaning receiving a gift) it was pronounced in such a way that as being there, or present. This made me wonder if the AI is off or if the summery of the book has a lot of miss spellings in it and the AI is just reading it. Not sure where the main root cause is but it’s enough to justify ending the trail within 1 hour of downloading the App.

- Computerized voice would be easier to hear if softer

This is an absolute great concept for really getting the books you want to read for areas you want to personally choose to excel in. If you like books read to you, the automated voice on this app is somewhat jarring. Could this app please put a softer voice that sounds less automated/robotic? Even maybe a British robotic voice may help for now if don’t have any immediate options for a bit. In the moment, I’ve noticed if you the volume down, it will help a little. Thank you and I look forward to updates! 🙂🙏

- Buyer Be Aware! You Can’t Cancel

I wish I had read the comments on their Facebook page before getting this app. Scam is a word that I keep seeing over and over. I was charged twice—$120. I was not able to cancel (even within the 7 day period) because there’s no way to do it. I emailed them immediately and received no response until several days after the trial period ended. Apparently this is the standard way they do business. The product isn’t even a good one. The actual “summaries” are bad, and the narrator is a robot. Now, to get my money back, I actually have to go through the credit card to refute these charges. So disappointing.

- Pretty Good

I had Blinkist before and the app wasn’t as buggy and narrations were more consistently human. As others have said, the robot narrator is pretty terrible, I also can’t get past the first book on any of the challenges, any suggestions as to how I move on in the challenge? All in all, I got a good deal on a year membership and I enjoy the summaries, if someone could tell me how I move on to book 2 and onward in the challenges that would be awesome.

- I love this app! Just needs one thing.

I love this app and everything about it! The only feature I believe is missing is the ability to switch to landscape mode for reading. This would be really useful especially with iPad. Also, the highlighting feature is a little buggy. Please address these. Other than that, this app is awesome and it is amazing how much you can read and learn with this tool.

- Extremely Sleazy and Predatory Billing Scheme

Besides the extremely passive aggressive messages while unsubscribing from their marketing emails (which I seem to have to re-unsubscribe from every week?), the billing scheme is as sleazy as possible while still being legal. As soon as you miss the one week mark and forget to cancel the trial before renewing, you are automatically charged almost $100 for a year of service for an app that has only about a week worth of useful content. The app is absolutely not even worth downloading for the 1 week free trial. Very poorly put together and maintained. Literally only a cash grab from people who lead busy lives.

- Excellent but

I’m loving these cliff notes type summaries of books I’ve wanted to read but haven’t had the time. Great selection. You are given the option to read or listen. Personally I prefer to listen, but with this particular app I get tore out of it if I read. The listen portion is done with a computerized voice that doesn’t quite work for me. It’s missing essential pauses and tone of voice. If these books were read aloud by humans it would be an A+! Until thats addressed I rate it a solid B.

- Note taking is missing

Currently in the free trial and the only thing I don’t like about the app is that I can’t take notes. The key points are great, but I can’t leave a note explaining the comment in my own words or add a note to a section that the app didn’t think was important to highlight. If the note taking could be like Audible’s that would be great. Probably won’t subscribe since I can’t take notes, because I like to be able to easily access what I was thinking at the time.

- Great idea. Terrible grammatical errors.

Not sure if anyone else has noticed, but almost every “book” I’ve read on this app has had some pretty blatant grammatical and spelling errors. Sometime the errors are so bad, I can’t even focus on what I’m reading. Some passages read as though a non-native English speaker was given a synopsis of each chapter or section of the book, then used Google Translate to type it out. I would rate this lower, but the books on the app are great and I enjoy reading them... when I can get over the aforementioned issues!

- Supposed to bring peace, but only brings headaches

Liked the app when it’s working, but it rarely works. Every single time I open the app I have to re-enter my starting preferences and bamboozle my way to my library by clicking restore purchases. Now I can’t even reach my library without doing another trial or adding on to my year subscription with an additional 6 month. Going on makes me feel frustrated and anxious when the intent is supposed calm and self growth. I also feel like I’m constantly being asked for money and reminded of deals a might have missed since it’s always asked me to pay. I’m loosing trust and ready to find an app that meets my needs.

- Do you want to have an extraordinary life?

Do you? Get this app - now! I read 3 books per week since January 1st. A week ago I decided to give this app a try. My goal was to unlearn using fake motivational content coming from social media and learn a habit of listening to the book summaries from this app. I even read a book and then listen to the summary in order to ingrain the teachings. Phenomenal!

- Great app, but...

I love the concept, and got to listen to two books before the app started to act up. It forgot that I already subscribed (trial) and when listening to books it sometimes froze mid-way AND then switched to text view randomly. The app also restarted at the splash screen where I had to re-enter things I already chose. At this point, because my initial experience was less than smooth, think I'm going to stick with reading books the old fashion way (or electronically).

- Big Disappointment

I was really looking forward to starting this app because I often feel that I don’t have enough time to read the full book. The audio recording is not engaging to listen to and I found I could not concentrate on the message. I also couldn’t find what was originally, a curated 28 day challenge, advertised on Instagram which caused me to download the app. When I tried to cancel, the app gave me a message that I was not registered for the site. I emailed the customer support and it took them more than a couple of days to get back to me. The app is glitchy and it is so not worth the time.

- Started off well but!

I liked the concept and contrary to many who have an issue with the narrators I amok with the robotic voice in fact I prefer that to human narrators! my reservation and possibly the reason to cancel my annual subscription are the following: 1- I have issue with the limited amount of books!! 2- in the self growth category MANY books are “christian” oriented and they are more religious than the falsely claimed “self growth” etc 3- even if U want to incorporate the religious aspect at least ACKNOWLEDGE that you have NON CHRISTIAN customers!! this is a book app not a PREACHING app !!! 4- lot’s of bugs and reminders to finish books!!! 5- once again the limitation and no adding of new books and shoving the christianity down everyones throat under false categories are the main reason for me to seriously consider canceling my subscription.

- Life Changer!

I’ve always struggled with the discipline to read, but I know the value in gaining knowledge. This app suggests books based on my interests and I can read or listen to the book. Now I’m excited each time I get to learn & it’s so easy to accomplish finishing a book. Knowledge is life changing if you apply it, so thank you for giving me the tools to use! MistyFitTrainer

- Please fix little bugs

I got the free trial and missed it by a day now I have this thing for the rest of the year so while Imm on it can the developers please fix whatever bug makes the user have to manually go in the app and start the next chapter of a book once one ends. It would be way better if it could just play through. Sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t. Also if I’m paying for a whole year could you do something about the select titles having a crappy robot voice?

- Good concept, poor design if you ever want to cancel

Did the free trial, but couldn’t find a way to cancel via apple subscriptions or within the app. Went to cancel via the link which they said was in my welcome email but I couldn’t login. They don’t have a “forgot my password” option, so I was a unable to login on the computer to try and cancel there. Sent a request for cancellation and still haven’t heard back, I only got a standard message. Making it impossible to log back in of cancel seems counter intuitive unless their purpose is to make the app unnecessarily difficult to cancel...

- Good idea bad execution

I wanted to love this- I’m busy and would love add these quick reads into my mornings or evenings. Makes sense for my life... but, the audio/voice of the reading is IMPOSSIBLE for more thanq couple minutes w/o without stoking my anxiety big time. His tone or pitch or something (nothing changeable with a setting) is so god awful I’ve deleted the app. If they had voice options I would probably keep it. Second- the set up of the main landing page on the app is confusing. It would be nice to to see the books I’ve read / the book I’m reading and my progress, but I can’t find that anywhere. Unfortunately all of the books kind of look the same- like the same graphic designer made all the covers. Then even if I go into library, it only shows the one book I managed to finish, but not the book I was working on. Basically this needs a lot of work.

- Very motivational

I’m not usually one to read books but this app has some very helpful things I could really use. I have struggled with positive thinking and self-confidence but I read one book from this and already have a different mindset. I will continue to read more everyday. My only complaint is it’s very expensive and you cannot remove books from your library unless you finish it.

- Robot voice

WHY does this app use such terrible robotic narration for every single book summary, it comes across as lazy and it’s impossible to listen to, which is the whole reason I got this app to begin with. You’d think for how much money it costs they could either hire an actual human to read them or at the very least use better AI. I made it 30 seconds into my first book and had to stop, it was unbearable. Don’t get this app if you’re hoping to listen to books, unless you love the soothing voice of a jerky robot who doesn’t recognize punctuation, emphasis, or intonation circa 2005.

- Free trial is scammy & they flood you with emails

Avoid this. Was intrigued by the concept and down for a free trial, but before I even did a single thing on the app I was charged and had to go through apple to be refunded. What really killed it for me though was the # of emails they send... in the 2-3 days this app was on my phone I probably received about 20 spam emails from them, and they make it nearly impossible to fully unsubscribe. That was a deal breaker for me, never ended up even using the app so I didn’t get to discover the terrible VO quality that all these other reviews talk about. WOOF what a waste of time

- Beware! Deceptive subscription model. Cannot cancel subscription

BEWARE! There’s no way to cancel your subscription, even with the “Free Trial”. Can’t cancel in App Store, can’t within the app, no website support. Tried to contact through their website but contact form is broken and will not submit. Finally found support email in the description, but also found the subscription policy which pretty much forces the user to pay the 6-month subscription despite the 7 day free trial. Found similar people having the same problem reading the reviews. Deceptive, I’ll be reporting this.


While the concept is cool, it’s disappointing that no part of this is free except for the trial. I wish it was advertised up front that after you download the free app, in order to do ANYTHING... you need to agree to pay them 4 bucks a week. I would rather they just charge the $89 up front so that I didn’t waste my time. Of course it’s understandable that there is a charge for your service. Just don’t be so sneaky about it. Even in the App Store where prices for premium upgrades as most apps have.. there are multiple packages of the same name and even a free trial package that costs $89?! WHAAT?!

- Kinda Dissapointed

I was super excited to try this app out. Seems like a great concept, summarizing books that have been collecting on my book list with the main takeaways and key points. I read a few of the book summaries and there were typos in all of them. Question marks in weird places, words with no spaces between them, misspelled words, etc. It was hard to focus on the book when there were so many errors... Also the notifications do not take you where they say they will. If you click on “refresh your memory” it takes you to the main screen, “Get your offer” takes you to the main screen, and on and on. They definitely need to work out some kinks, but I like the concept. Unfortunately I will not be paying for the app past the free trial.

- Is there an editor?

The two books that I have checked out so far have had multiple typing errors. It seems as though a non-native English speaker wrote the summaries or there is no second person taking a look at the summaries. This is distracting when reading, would also like to see a list of books I recently have read or opened. Other than this the app is great.

- Didn’t even let me finish my free trial.

My trial ends on 11/14. It’s 11/11 and it won’t let me read any books. I’m planning to get the subscription but not if the App is going to malfunction like this. Update. It’s working now. I cant wait to get my year subscription! I’m trying to pay it for the full year ! Will it let me do that or charge my weekly. I don’t get paid weekly.

- Love the idea, just not worth the cost

I really like this app, but $13/mo or $90 for a year - and there’s still more in app purchases! But yet, not enough perks like more options to highlight and paste notes and just more settings and features in general for the price Also, the app is super buggy and freezes all the time and way too many notifications and emails. There’s no way to adjust these notifications in the app, so I “unsubscribed” from the emails, but still get them everyday 2-3 times a day.

- Cannot cancel free trial

After getting access to the app I did not like that you have to pay additional money for packs inside of the Headway platform. I’d rather purchase the full texts themselves and read them and open them instead of having a locked into Headway. After discovering this I found that I was unable to cancel my one week free trial and was subsequently charged for an entire year. I’ve reached out to Support and haven’t gotten a response in almost a week. I still have $60 outstanding that headway needs to refund me. Terrible customer experience.

- Obnoxious Glitches

App has several glaring glitches. Most obvious one for me is after exiting the app but not closing it, then coming back to it later it will be frozen until fully restarting the app. The most troublesome one however is when starting a challenge, I can read the first book but it never shows it as complete so it doesn’t allow me to move on to the second book. For the price of the app and the excellent content I would like to see it developed more throughly.

AirBNB 🎁

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- Worth every cent...

I just read a few of the reviews about this app and am completely blown away by how many people out there in the world today are completely negative and have completely missed the point about what this app is about. I downloaded the free trial and assuming I’ve been charged (i haven’t checked actually) but already have found that the value I’ve got out of reading seven books has completely paid for itself already..!! If you don’t invest in yourself you have zero idea about personal development and people that are complaining about the cost of this app are completely deluded...and need the books even more than they even know. Yes there are a few spelling mistakes yes there are couple app development issues but every app in the world has problems. The content of the book is flawless and it’s already changed my life in one week from reading two books each morning and I am only on day 6. Thanks so much for the app developers we are always looking for improvements because we’re geared to be negative but if you guys can continue to improve by 1% every day and adopt some of the principles of your books I’ll be with you for life. Ben Physick WLCW

- Excellent

This is exactly what I needed. 15 minute reads that deliver more valuable information then most 200 page books I have read. Free trial is very generous and it clearly states that it will renew to a yearly 12 month subscription afterwards. It isn’t the app developers problem people don’t know how to click on their itunes account and manage subscriptions. Maybe consult your device’s basic instructions before playing around on the app store. Highly recommend A++

- What a scam! Break their own terms of subscription then don’t refund or respond

I accepted the 1 week free trial offer, 5 seconds later realised I’d be charged for a YEAR subscription when it ended, so IMMEDIATELY unsubscribed. I was wrongly charged for a $139- 1 year subscription! According to their terms they will charge after the 7 days of the trial if you are still subscribed. But they actually charged me after only 3 days, and even though I’d already unsubscribed from day 1. I emailed the support listed in the app, can’t find anywhere to get this resolved. $139 is a huge amount of money and I need it refunded ASAP Edit: Gave up on getting support from the app and was successfully refunded by Apple within 24 hours. I recommend all who are wrongly charged get the refund via Apple store. Don’t let these app developers keep a cent of your money with this dodgy scam


Do not sign up for any ‘free trial’ or anything with this organisation. Their information is false & their conduct fraudulent. Despite trying to ‘cancel the free trial subscription’ according to their terms & conditions, there is no way to do so through App, Apple support or a ‘website account’. You end up chasing your tail to try & resolve it. If you inadvertently sign up using PayPal, be sure to remove them from Automatic payments under your PayPal profile! Otherwise they will thieve your money and you probably won’t get it back. They ask you to email them with queries & promise to respond in 24 hours. They don’t! Messenger communication defers you to check their ‘FAQs for quick help’ (but they can’t be found) & also send them an email (to which they don’t respond). WALK AWAY & DO NOT SIGN UP FOR ANYTHING!

- Excellent app

I have been using this app for sometime now and found it best as compare to others, if you are looking one app for popular books’ summaries then this is it.

- Dishonest marketing and zero reply to concerns

So I tried the 7 day trial. I thought I cancelled the trial. I get charged for a year. I have contacted the company twice now. Zero reply. The app does not work as advertised and even though I have been charged the app shows I am not registered for access to books as promised. This is not a case of not knowing how to use the App Store, or anything like that. Rather the marketing is deceptive and set up to charge regardless. The fact the books do not have original covers is also suspect. If the company bothers to reply to this review, the question I have is why they cannot reply to support requests?

- Awful experience couldn’t unsubscribe

Do not download, this is a scam to get your money!! I downloaded the app and agreed to the trial which after it expires will auto renew. After exploring the app for about 10 min, I realised its not what I was looking for and started looking for the unsubscribe button. When I went to my account settings to unsubscribe it was completely blank with no settings at all and worse yet nowhere to unsubscribe. I feel trapped into something that I do not want to pay for. They have completely lost my trust and so far has been the worse experience I have ever had on an app.

- They have made unsubscribing impossible!

I signed up for the trial and tried it a few times but it wasn’t for me. They voices sound very robotic and inauthentic. But I’m most disappointed with the fact that it’s basically impossible to unsubscribe. They say go to their website to unsubscribe but the only way to do it is to email them. I’ve emailed 3+ times now and had zero response. It’s a wrought! Not having a clear and easy way to unsubscribe is very poor. If I don’t hear from anyone, I’ll need to cancel my credit card which is just not good enough.

- They charged me without my consent

After 5 days of my free trial, I decided to cancel the app, since I didn’t enjoy it that much. Since I followed the facebook ads, the cancellation option was not through apple store. However, I couldn’t log in to the headway website and their page DID NOT HAVE A FORGOT YOUR PASSWORD Service!!!! I sent them an email asking for help, which they IGNORED. Result? They charged me an annual subscription for a service I didn’t want. The rating here is not so much for the app, but for the incompetent customer service.

- Took almost $100 without me knowing.

This app subtracted a whole years’ fee without me even opening and signing up in the app. All I did was download it. I didn’t think I had activated the free trial period by just simply downloading the app. Very, very upset as the conversation rate means I have just lost almost $100 AUD. I am unemployed during a pandemic! That $100 was supposed to be for groceries and medicine! Other people have been able to get a refund but PayPal declined, saying I accepted the terms when I downloaded the app.

- I don’t get it ... pointless

An 11min review of a book is pointless unless you’re using it to choose a book to actually read. A Liver Detox book centred on diet ... with no recipes, a whole book about the efficiencies of checklists ... which pretty much just said checklist repeatedly for 10 minutes. I tried the ‘free’ trial, cancelled the subscription after 4 days - received a notification confirming cancellation and was then charged $USD85 at the end of the 7 day trial.

- Meh

Was excited to try this mainly for the audiobook feature but every book I clicked into wasn’t narrated it was just that robotic text to speech - sounded awful. I wish the books had the original cover art because I wanted to read some but only have remembered the cover art and not by the authors name and it’s a little hard to tell when the covers are completely different.

- Zero stars

Probably the worst experience I have ever had with an app. Be very careful when signing up especially when you have chosen the ‘free’ trial, not really free when my credit card was deducted $97 for a YEARS membership. Not even a good app. The voices reading the books a literally robots and not a great lot of selection. Before writing a review I emailed both emails I could find for this company and have received no response. Pretty poor and pretty disappointing

- Just what the Dr ordered

Thank you for this App. I believe it will help me put some demons to rest and allow myself to become the well rounded human being I only want to be. 😔

- Glitches and overpriced

This app has so much potential but it is extremely overpriced and very glitchy. The challenges disappear and you have to redownload the app continuously. Very frustrating to pay $20 for a month and not be able to use it. My recommendation is to look elsewhere. I’ve never written a bad review on an app before. I felt responsible to steer people clear though after such a bad experience.

- Great content but delivery needs some work.

Great overview of books you don’t have time to read. My only issue is that often the audio is difficult to listen to. The vocals are often computer generated, monotone or irritating. This would be a 5 star app for if this could be addressed.

- Unauthorised sign up

I was happy with my pay per week membership then I was signed up for a yearly subscription which was nearly $100 without my authorisation. I emailed several times for a refund and was not replied to. Thankfully when I made a complaint to Apple the provided me with a refund. I deleted the app and am sad it has come to this as I did enjoy the app, just not the customer service experience.

- Great work

Hi, i have question on how to unsubscribe. I found the apps useful, but not the one I’m looking. Great jobs

- Useless, poor customer support, and questionable business ethics

If anything goes wrong w the ap, don’t expect any support. Once they’ve got your subscription $ it’s good riddance. Content is mediocre at best and sparsely updated. Everything they offer you, you can find a better deal and content elsewhere for a fraction of the price. 10/10 don’t recommend. Save your money

- Free Trial Scam

I am so unimpressed. I followed all of the instructions to cancel the subscription and yet this app has still taken $60US out of my account which I will now incur bank fees for. PayPal will not return my money. Apple are saying they can’t. I am extremely disappointed. I wanted to simply try the free trial. I followed all instructions to ensure that I would not be charged and yet I have been. Disgusted. What a scam.

- Be careful

Less then a star rating. Be very careful when downloading this ap. I was charged the whole year fee and I do not enjoy this ap. An easy way for the company to make money. I am very disappointed.i think the company should give warning or at least charge a monthly fee and then you should have the option to cancel. Such a waste I will not use this ap.

- Seems like a scam

Great concept, execution is eh... the books are read in a robotic voice, not great to listen to. When I tried to cancel my subscription there was no option in the app. I wrote to the email address twice and am still waiting on a reply. If anyone else is wanting to know how to cancel your subscription you can do it through Apple Pay or iTunes.

- Great App! Needs only minor improvement.

LOVE the App. I’d prefer each book was recorded by a voiceover artist with a pleasant and engaging tone to keep people engaged. It’s difficult listening to a computer read the book in monotone.

- No nicknames left 2000

I download the app for a trial, decided it wasn’t for me and cancelled after two days. The membership renewal was still taken form my account and I have tried to contact headway support three times with no response. Lack of support follow up is really disappointing as is taking money from my account after subscription was cancelled!

- Extremely poor service

I opted for the trial and cancelled it in 3 days. My card was still charged after the 7 day trial and since then Ive sent them two emails to process the refund. I havent recevied any response from them. Really disappointed with the service. At least i hope they see this review and get in touch with me to refund my money.

- Continue playing

I downloaded this for the trial to see if I’d like it and when I was listening to a book it was fine until the chapter changed. It’s stopped playing and required me to open up my phone and press play. Yes a minor thing but darn inconvenient when driving or resting or doing anything

- This app is a scam

This app automatically took $140 from my account after the free trial period. They won’t let me unsubscribe, they won’t give me a refund and they won’t reply to any of my emails. The customer service is nonexistent! This app makes money by taking advantage of people, I for one will be telling everyone I know not to download this app.


Don’t believe what you read for those who have given 5 stars, anyone can write a review on here (including the developers). I can manage my own subscriptions but this app is completely misleading to scam as much money out of you as possible. I signed up for a free trial, got charged an annual subscription the same day and then after 1 day my app stopped working and keeps asking me to pay for another annual subscription. No response from the support email. SAVE YOUR MONEY and if you fall into their web, complain to Apple to help take these guys down.

- Grammar and editing

Enjoying the app so far, but I keep encountering typos and bad editing, and quite a few really badly constructed sentences. I like the concept of small chunks of reading but feel the quality of the presentation and content might be second rate

- Double charge

I like the app but have been charged twice for the same 6 month period. Please refund the last charge of $130 I am happy with the other charge as I enjoy the app.

- Don’t hold out for a refund if you cancel within 30 days

I decided to buy Blinkist instead so cancelled my subscription yet was still charged a full year. After 5 emails and no response at all I contacted PayPal and got a refund that way. Beware the terrible customer support.

- Can not cancel

There is no way to cancel if my path was Facebook - Free Trial - App. I have no account to log on to website to cancel which is the only way to prevent being charged. 4 days of trying to email to help me cancel within 7 day trial and no response. Highly suspicious.

- Scam

No free trial - it’s a trick! I don’t know why they have 5 star reviews when you look at the most recent reviews 99% are 1 Star with the same experience - being charged without a choice. !!!!!! Warning - the app has no Unsubscribe button and you will be charged with no choice !!!!!

- Wow

So not only after they charge you 140 a year They also have in app 28 day challenge. Basically gets you to read one book each day that they have personally picked for you around each challenge topic - success, wealth etc but wait for it - they charge you an extra 61 dollars to join when you can just read them separately- you just unlock achievements lol And there’s like heaps of challenges So that’s how much extra money you guys are wanting? What the actual f?!k Bahaha this is insane What an absolute rort .

- Cannot listen to the terrible automated voice.

Good idea, nice layout, but cannot listen to the voice. Will shop around for different app of the same principle.

- Unable to use app

I have joined up twice but am unable to use the app with out pop ups asking me to join again. Have lots of generic emails telling me I should stock up library ( which I want to do) no reply to emails asking for support with the app

- Don’t do it!! SCAM!!

It is near impossible to cancel subscription. They make it EXTREMELY difficult to cancel. It is NOT worth it. I am very suspicious as to how they are able to get such a high rating. Look back at the reviews and you will see MANY like mine. Just don’t do it

- Free trial initiated but not available for cancellation in subscriptions

iOS 12.2 user on iPhone 7plus. Free trial is not available in subscriptions to cancel. Document ur email to their team and also send a email to apple. Disappointed. Looks like a great app with a poor design flaw. Hire a better UI dev.

- Too Robotic

I really like the idea behind the app, but it’s too expensive for what you’re receiving. The audiobook option was painful to listen to, would be great if real people read the books vs a robotic voice.

- .

Signed up with the 7 day free trial . However, charged me for the month after 2 days with no warning and no option to cancel with a refund. Books are ok, i won’t be renewing.

- Narrator

Great selection of books but the narrators robotic voice on the audio books is horrific

- Not Happy

I was under the understanding that you could pay each month. And could cancel at any time. I have now been charged for 6 months in advance I am so annoyed at this. Would not recommend this app at all to any one.

- Help

Good app but it took my money and now i cant get back in ive reinstalled still cant access past blue sign up page keeps wanting more money Ps it took money from me even tho im only on one week trial ???

- Scam

Charged me for a full year subscription with me knowing. I can’t even log into the account to cancel my subscription because the password they gave me is invalid and there is no ‘forgot password’ option to reset it. Unethical!

- Scam!

Automatically set to a year subscription at a rip off price. Some recordings sound like a robot, so it’s obviously just slapped together and doesn’t do the books justice. Way to profit off a scam when the world is getting rocked by so much insecurity.

- What a scam

I’ve been charged even though I wanted to try for one week. It’s way too expensive and each time it asks me to pay even though I payed for the 6 months. Now I can’t acces it even though it hasn’t been 6 months


Downloaded this because I thought it would be a great way to read more-decided it wasn’t for me and cancelled before the end of the free trial, however I was charged an exorbitant $140 for half a year subscription! I want my money back ASAP!

- Terrible app

Downloaded and subscribed then went to my first book and it was a robotic voice, also after the week trial ends it automatically deniers for a year. Luckily I unsubscribed 10 minutes into downloading this terrible app. SCAMM

- Miss-charged

Hi there I downloaded this application a couple of weeks ago and deleted it shortly to find that you had charged me for a subscription I did not sign up for, I demand someone get in contact with me to reimburse me for this amount !

- Worst audio ever

The robotic voice made it unbearable to listen to these books which means the app is basically useless to me. Regrettable download. Luckily no charge as I cancelled before they could charge me a rip-off price for a whole year

Payoneer 💰

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- Great but overpriced

Great but overpriced

- Scam

They lure you in with the free trial subscription and then take your money without any chance for a refund.

- Very Shady Billing

I had this app as a trial for 1 week. I was not notified that the trial was about to run out. There was not notification, just a sudden charge for what I can only imaging was for a whole year’s subscription. Pornography sites are more reputable this this app. Zero stars. This company sucks.

- Do not waste your money

I forgot to cancel my free trial so I gave it a shot anyways. Extremely disappointing selection of books. Robot narrator that makes you want to jump onto a cactus. Don’t waste your time or money.

- Please help cancel subscription

I have left emails and messages. Please cancel my subscription. Button is missing in subscriptions under my account t.

- How Dare you charge me on my first Click and free trial

I just enter 7 days Trial and you charged me? I have been downloading free trial for ages and this is the first time I got charged. I should have read the reviews. Please process the Refund.

- Waste of money

I can’t believe I spent the money I did on this app. Biggest waste of money. The books are read in a robot voice. Wish I read the reviews before buying. I was suppose to get a week free then be charged after that week was over which was not the case. They charge you as soon as you click on the subscription. Also you can’t review any of the books before buying a subscription. If I knew it wasn’t an actual person reading the books I would of never paid that overpriced price.

- give money back

to be exact it was 133$ taken from me and i cannot cancel so i want money back now because even if it was canceled before hand it still won’t work

- Scammed by this app, don’t buy

I was offered a free trial to test this app that I found in an old folder, and decided to give it a try since I didn’t remember even opening it. They charged me for 6 months without even letting me use the free week and never answered my emails asking for a solution. Very poor customer service.

- Horrible!

Beyond disappointed

- Don’t download it’s a money grab

Voices read by robot voice and will automatically charge you for the highest subscription without warning and won’t give you your money back!

- Scam

After signing up for the one week free trial it will ask u to sign up for the ‘free trial plan’ that costs 150+ for half a year

- Beware!!!! Highly promoted but low in delivery.

No customer service. Especially when you missed cancelling the subscription before the end of the few days trial. They don’t respond to you email request or inquiries. Over promising promo video. Low delivery in app design and quality of audio book summary. I hardly wrote any apps reviews but I do this time. first payment is a 6 month commitment costing over $100.

- Over charges you

Did the free trial and it said after that I will be charged $9.99/week Just looked on my credit card statement and they charged me $117.99 for 6 months. Never once did it say anything about this when downloading. Also when I went to my subscriptions to cancel there are multiple prices listed just randomly for different time periods.

- Bad customer care... fraudulent subscription prices

I try to contact them about my subscription, which they charge me 132$ for 6 months... they did not asked me which one I want when I subscribed.. there is no reply and no contact number... do not get into this app.. very shady

- Huge fraud they charge you for 6 months even if the app says weekly subscription

They offer a one week trial and then 9,99$ per week. After one week they charged me for 6 months 135$!!!! There is no way I would have agreed to renew for 6 months. The robot voice is extremely annoying, why would I pay that much money for a summary of a book read by a robot!???? I can’t get a refund through apple I am so angry and I can’t afford to lose 135$ just because of these scammers!


I signed up for a free trial and was billed for the year. I’ve written two emails to their support team and have never received a response. A fraudulent app and I can’t believe they are able to continue to offer it here.

- Unimpressed

Instantly regretted paying for this. All the books are voiced by a computer. Sounds like Siri is reading too you. Refund please.

- Impossible to cancel this subscription and impossible to get support to cancel it

Impossible to cancel

- Robot narrator and sus pricing

The books are read by a robot voice but if that’s what you’re into you’re good. Also after I cancelled my subscription I noticed that the price automatically charged me for 6 months is the same price as their 1 year subscription so they would’ve charged me double for the year if I stayed.....super shady

- I want a refund!!!

There is no way I would ever pay 117.00 for any app!! I cancelled this within 24 hrs of the 7 day trial I still got billed for 133.00. I am soooo mad

- refund

hello, i cannot fund a contact number however i just purchased this service. I have never even opened this application in about 2 weeks i and would like a refund. i can not afford this at all and meant to cancel but i had a family emergency which involved me flying to a different city and it completely slipped my mind. i’m kindly asking for a refund as i can no longer pay my rent because this payment has been taken out of my account. i’m asking you from the bottom of my heart to please issue a refund. i’m begging i really cannot afford this.

- SCAMMERS!!! Don't get this app

SCAM! Don't do the trial!! They will keep biking you even if you cancel. Crooks!!!

- Cancelling subscription

The app puts maximum effort to prevent you from cancelling the free trial. I had to put an hour of my time to do so because the process is purposely made very complicated.

- Stole my money & no access

I paid for this app ($80) and still have no access to the paid services almost 1month later!!! The app jeeps asking me tk subscribe, offering discounts like “50% off”. They do not respond to messages/e-mail. I am so frustrated... I wanted to get ahead in productivity, now I’m spending precious time trying to get access or my money back.

- Misleading

This doesn’t have actual audio books but just summaries of a book, who would pay to listen or read a summary, it’s stupid and misleading. They’re not selling you the s actual audio book

- Do not use free trial! No way to stop subscription

How do you cancel this? It doesn’t show up under Apple subscriptions, there is no cancellation buttons, no website and customer service doesn’t answer. Do not agree to their free trial

- Wow...

Words cannot explain how upset I was when I realized that I was charged for a years membership without any notification after the trial period was over. No way of getting a refund so I figured I might as well use it. The robot voices take a while to get use to and the selection is interesting. But now the app doesn’t even work and all you get is a loading spiral. Nothing else. Super disappointed.

- Scam

Don’t download, these guys are scam artists and you won’t see your money back.

- Bad app

What idiots like this garbage.

- Scam and no customer service

I signed up for the free trial, realized it wasn’t worth the money and tried I cancel. I was unable to figure out how to cancel because it didn’t show up in my subscriptions, and I was charged. After being charged for a year it now won’t allow me to read any books and asks me to pay to sign up again. I have tried to contact customer service with no response. Do not purchase this app

- Charged for year subscription after cancelling trial

I canceled my subscription on the fifth day of my trial and was still charged for an annual membership. Have not been able to get a refund or get a response back from Headway.

- Don’t get the app

Don’t get the app once you subscribe there’s no option to cancel they’ll keep recharging you until you cancel... for which there is no option!!!!!

- If I could give 0 stars I would

I was given a free trial, while not being informed directly that me selecting the free trial would also indicate that I’d be selecting one of the more expensive options. Without having the ability to or be effectively informed this would happen. I would like a refund I used the app maybe 2 times. This is outrageous

- Scam

Took the free trial and canceled the subscription before it ended. They managed to still charge me $80 before my trail was even up.

- Trying to unsubscribe and yet keep getting emails

I have unsubscribed from the app and removed it from my device. I have also unsubscribed from your emails and yet I am still getting 5 emails a day. I have messaged the company and developer and got no response. Please stop spamming me!!! This is a terrible user experience and I want to be off your email list.

- Feels like a scam

App that encourages you to read up To 15 books a week! Except they aren’t actual books, just short summaries of them. And you choose the books, the app doesn’t guide you, just gives you access to their book summaries. Huge waste of money.

- Dont try this app

Dont get this app! Beware!I tried the free trial than i canceled before I had to pay but they took my money out of my account anyways. Im trying to get ahold of someone to get my 155 dollars it might be more money.

- Heavily spammed with emails

Apart from what others have wrote about this being overpriced and a bit of a scam. The minute you give them your email addresses, you can expect countless emails daily. You will be spammed like you have never been spammed before

- Wonderful App!

This is wonderful app

- Scam and a half. Worst customer service.

I wanted to try this app so I signed up for the free trial. After a few days, I wanted to make sure my subscription didn’t go through so I emailed them to cancel it. They didn’t reply so I went to my settings > subscriptions and didn’t see it there so I assumed everything was taken care of. WRONG! I had been charged $80 CAD for an app I tried to cancel DAYS before. I still have yet to get in touch with anyone after sending multiple emails and screenshots to cancel.

- Too much expensive

I wish i could buy this app, but its too expensive for me plus its on yearly basis..i hope they add one-time buy feature..you could just pay for the app once and use it lifetime..or may b they can just keep the app free and charge money for the books you want..let the customer choose what he wanna pay for..every book i wanna read i can pay for that

- 👍🏾👍🏾

Simply Amazing!!!

- Great app

Works great! This is one of my apps I use often . Reliable and very good context.

- Too good to be true

Of course after you make me sign up and personalize everything NOW you tell me I need to pay for it. Seriously? Do you think I’m stupid? So much for learning I have to delete it now, I’ve been disrespected

- Stay away

Charged me for the free trial. Not sure how they can do that.

- Biggest Scam Ever


- I select one month trial period, they automatically deduct payment for 6 month , want my money back

Want my money back, charged me for no reason , i select one month period to try the app but they charged me for 6 month

- Deleted before it even finished downloading

Today I learned to ALWAYS read the reviews on an app before downloading.

- Scam

They do not tell you that you will be charged for the subscription and when. They charged me and apple did nothing.

Coursera 💡

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- Awesome app!

I love this app and I think it of a great way to get the key ideas in great books. I just hope that they make more of the readings by humans and not the computer (since it doesn’t sound great) and add more books. I really like the selection . The more self improvement the better. And maybe more about running? Just a suggestion!

- Scam

I signed up for the free trail and now have no way to cancel it. I signed up on the website which doesn’t let me login or give me access to cancel and when I download the app there is no way to sign in or access my account. I contacted support and they just gave me directions to cancel via the app. This is a scam to get money because they give no way to cancel the trial. When I finally got access to the website the button for cancelling doesn’t work. They are scamming people for money. This app should be removed from the App Store.

- Scam. Not a free trial!

I just downloaded it yesterday and it said free trial with an annual subscription after it, but it also has an other options below that so I thought I could choose the option after free trial. But it charged me right away. So I contacted the customer service and they responded right away telling me to cancel from iPhone settings, but no you can only cancel the renewal or choose a different option. There are many free trial options all cost money! Since it felt like a scam so I requested a refund, but they no longer respond me.

- Great resource and quick perfect when wanted to open up your mind

I have honestly had a great time with this app, not only does it have insightful books but the way it summarizes them allows me to free up time I would normally be using actually reading page by page. Would recommend :)

- Do NOT download

This app is a scam. They have you create a 7 day trial and make it absolutely impossible to cancel. Then they charge you for a full year at the end of the trial. There is ZERO chance of you canceling your subscription, even if you delete the app. Their only customer support is via email and they never respond. They have lots of fake reviews here, but go check out the comments on Twitter and Instagram of hundreds of people begging for their money back as they try to keep up with deleting the comments and buying bot followers to appear legit. Be careful - DO NOT DOWNLOAD.

- Finally I’m reading books again!

I love the idea of this app, as I often find myself interested in reading a book, but never having enough time to read it. This app highlights the main ideas of books and gets specific, which is hard to do.

- Deceptive trial terms

Extremely deceptive trial signup screen. Claims $0 per week and the small print says “$3.46/week/week” but they charge for a full 6 months after a week. What does that even mean? Why not say exactly what you are charging on the trial screen unless you are trying to deceive people? The book content is poorly “curated” since the focus of the snippets misses the mark (compared to books I’ve already read). Now I’m stuck with a 6 month $90 subscription I won’t use and no way to get a refund. Don’t get duped by this app’s developers.

- Great app for readers with almost no time

I have been wanting to read almost all of these books but just couldn't find time. This app is great in giving a complete brief of the books in almost no time with the ease of going back to the books to revise exactly the things the you want.

- Great App but one thing is missing

This app is awesome but its missing one thing and that is that it doesn't allow for landscape view. I generally use this app on my iPad but not having a landscape view takes away from the full range of possibilities to enjoy this even more. As I often read along while enjoying my morning coffee. Otherwise this is a great app!

- Got charged $59 without my consent and can’t even pause

I was fine testing the free trial and paying if I liked the app, but don’t remember opting in for a steep $59 package with zero experience of the app. Now I would be fine with this if I liked the content and the app worked fine, but it doesn’t check any of these boxes. When listening i can’t even pause the book from my apple headset (total deal breaker) and the interpretations of the books feel robotic. Just a bad experience through and through. Please take better care of your customers.

- Not worth it, it’s prompts for you to start a subscription every 10 seconds

I sadly wasn’t even able to test it out enough to decide whether i wanted a subscription or not... you only get one free book to read and it will literally ask you to start a subscription every 10 seconds, which forces you to have to close it. Then it re opens with a “deal” to subscribe window. Just feels like a money grab, you could just listen to the countless free podcasts and audiobooks already out there instead of paying

- Love it, but some writing is BAD

I really love this app. It’s changed the way I read, and I can get so much information in a quick way. Plus it’s pleasing to the eye and I love the daily insights. HOWEVER, some of the writing is really really bad. Typos, grammatical errors... I wish we could rate the individual summaries, because some are really awful. Still, I’m amazed at the content! Keep it up guys!

- Careful or they’ll charge you the annual subscription with no refund

Missed the deadline to end my free trial by 1 day and they charged me $65 for an annual subscription. When I emailed to reverse the charge and cancel they refused. They are banking on people missing the cancel date. To automatically charge for a full year subscription is absolutely unethical. I plan on filing a discrepancy with my bank. *update* Still have not received communication from the company in regards to a refund. It is highly unethical to charge an annual fee after a free trial. This company is only in it for the money guys——stay away!

- Day One

I’m on day one of using headway but it’s of to a great start! Highly recommend giving this app a shot! After book one I feel motivated and have learned something new that I’ve never heard before that has the capacity to practically change my life for good. Give it a shot and try it for yourself!

- SCAM!! Misleads you and steals your money

I just downloaded it today trying to do the 28 day challenge (or however many days it is) and paid for a month subscription. Then when I actually went to listen to the book it wanted me to make another payment. Didn’t I just pay for it?? This app is nothing more than another micropayment content scam. Every time you click on anything 3 different screens asking you to pay for will pop up faster than you can close them out


BEWARE! There’s no way to cancel your subscription, even with the “Free Trial”. Can’t cancel in App Store, can’t within the app, no website support. Tried to contact through their website but contact form is broken and will not submit. Finally found support email in the description, but also found the subscription policy which pretty much forces the user to pay the 6-month subscription despite the 7 day free trial. Found similar people having the same problem reading the reviews. Deceptive, I’ll be reporting this.

- Robot narrators

A great app idea, for the first week I couldn’t have been happier. I eventually dove into some books that I was excited about only to find out it was basically a robot reading them, which is a huge turn off. Seems like about 1/3 of the books I get now are read by a program instead of a person, which is not worth the money. Aside from the robot readers I’m all about this app!

- Headway is a great app!

I love reading books on this app! I have not signed up yet but I get a free offer daily that I read. As soon as I have enough to pay for the yearly subscription I’m signing up! I would suggest you to do the same in order to increase your potential and change your life!

- Making headway

Excellent resource to move success forward in my life. Short and to the point, these bite sized mental superfoods are worth the input. The only thing I would like to see added would be more pleasant voices reading and more artistic insight cards. But these are pointless aesthetics to adorn a meaty app.

- Great even without paying for anything !

Even if you get the app and don’t pay for anything they still give you one free ready daily which I take advantage of. Great reads life changing stuff this app is excellent. I have learned so much to better myself and you should too!

- Lost my progress and subscription on a new device

I loved the concept and hv read like 10 books so far. Everything went well on my s20 ultra until I tried to use headway on my new iPad. I see my progress has been reset, all my repetitions have been reset on my iPad and on my s20. It shows that I haven’t been subscribed to Headway on my iPad but my s20 says that I have been subscribed. This is a major flaw, please fix the cross platform subscription issue. Otherwise 5+ stars.

- Great way to keep learning and growing

I have so many books on my reading list but not enough time in my life to read them all. Headway has helped me continue to learn through reading overviews of books that have been on my list for a long time.

- (Updated!)Can I unsubscribe?

I was pleased with the quick response of the support team. They removed my email address from the mailing list, as requested. And hopefully they will make this process easier for other users in the future. // I tried the app via a free trial. It’s a good app but I don’t plan to continue beyond the free trial. My problem is: I have received multiple emails but I don’t see an option to unsubscribe. I click the link at the bottom of the email, but it just takes me to “Me” tab on the app - no option to unsubscribe. I will remove the negative review if and when I receive a response and am removed from the mailing list.

- Skeptical

I was skeptical, but accepted the free 7 day trial anyhow. I am happy to report that I can already tell that this is a winner. If you don’t have time to read entire books, or, like me, get bored by the long back stories of self improvement books, this app is for you.

- Just ok. Flawed.

I just started using the app recently but it already “lost” the book I was reading. Also, the listen feature isn’t ideal - its a computer voice reading in a very distracting monotone. That was very disappointing. It is good to be able to read summaries of books that otherwise are usually way too long and full of fluff but make sure you read the whole thing at once or it might just disappear.

- No more free reads

I got the app and was trying it out with the daily free reads before I bought the subscription. Well it looks like with this last update there are no more free reads. You have to subscribe or give your cc info for a “free trial”. The summaries are okay, very brief and sometimes repetitive. The audio is not good. It’s a robotic monotonous voice that’s hard to follow. I guess I’ll be deleting the app now as I don’t think it’s worth the price for me.


This app exists to prey on people who forget to cancel subscriptions Unfortunately for them I am very diligent about cancelling subscriptions. Several days before the trial expired I attempted to log on with the password they gave me to access my account and cancel. Password did not work. No option to reset password. Therefore no means of accessing my account to cancel. Contacted support. No reply. When I saw this had happened to others I flagged their charges as unauthorized before they could get to my accounts. Weeks after the trial expiration they finally emailed back and said “sorry high volume..your subscription is cancelled. A week later I got another flagged charge for $60. My bank is sending me a new card now. Save yourself from having to get a new card and do not download this scam.

- Good concept, bad platform

I loved the concept of this app, but the platform is very glitchy. Does not allow to delete books or highlights. Also doesn’t put book highlights in order according to their chapter. Voice over sounds like a robot. Other than that, pretty good selection of books. Very close to being a great app just needs a little work.

- Lost All My Data

I loved Headway, and was 50 books in over the course of 2019, but am disappointed as to lack of proper stress-testing. There were some minor bugs at first, such as some books not displaying, which I mostly ignored. There wasn’t even a feature to recover account credentials via email like other apps or websites Headway recently integrated a new feature that lets you sign in via Google, and when I attempted to log in using the credentials of my original account, all of my history and notecards saves got erased. A year’s worth of reading history and notecards. Gone. Unbelievable.. It was a good app, and I loved it at first, but you can’t have stuff like this. Especially not to long-time users Regrettably, until they fix this issue and recover my data, I will not be renewing my subscription

- Great Ideas

I think your books are very handy. It make sense to prioritize your work and how you go about doing certain things. Sometimes we can get thrown off or overwhelmed that we don’t go thru with our usual routine. Thank you. I like to read and I will continue.

- Great idea, needs some work.

I love the idea of being able to read several books without having to read through a lot of extra “fluff”. HOWEVER.... As many have stated, the audio needs serious work. It sounds very robotic. Also, I find A LOT of grammatical errors and spelling errors. I expect better for the amount that is expected to pay for this service. There needs to be someone going back and proofreading.

- Negotiations

Information that I never would have thought of. Also there’s much I already knew and put into everyday life. However after hearing it verbally spoken to me , it had a reassurance effect which is positive. Positivity reigns supreme in my life so this experience was a good fit.😊🦋

- Too abridged and robotic

This is the app I’ve always wanted—so I thought—but the execution is too soulless—both in the quality of the reading and the summary. I’ve often complained about the insight/filler ratio in non-fiction, but the insights here are so tone-deaf that it’s difficult to appreciate anything about the books at all. I listened to about 15 of them, and I usually ended up just feeling guilty about the experience. All authors must and/or should hate this app.

- Very good reading

I was pleasantly surprised to read my book. Short, sweet , accurate and to the point. I enjoyed it, beginning to end. I was then able to go on to other things while still thinking about the book I just read.

- Audio dictation is bad

Why a lot of your books are being read by a Siri like voice?? It’s a complete turn off. A few books are read by a regular voice. But 60% of titles are read by a robot. I can’t focus and missed out on some great reads. I don’t have time to sit down and read. I do audiobooks mostly.

- Powerful App!!!

You have to get this app!!!!! Knowledge is power & with this app you feel in control of life. I have recommended & made sure my friends have downloaded this app lol. The summaries have so much information that it overwhelms me with excitement. It will change your life 🙏🏼

- Needs better summaries

I got the app and paid the $90 subscription for one year. I’ve been using the app daily and I’m starting to become disappointed. The book summaries are not that great, most of them lack substance. They seem like generalized thoughts and do not capture the essence of the books. I like the goal setting part and the cards. It’s engaging but they really need to hire better writers.

- Robot voice reads only first sentence of paragraphs

So far as I can ascertain, the robot voice only reads the first sentence of each paragraph. Main ideas don’t connect to supporting evidence, or evidence doesn’t relate to previous information. This leads me to believe chapters aren’t summarized, they’re simply truncated. And the robot voice doesn’t pronounce or emphasize words correctly. It randomly pronounces words like “read” as red and reed, regardless of tense; nouns like ENtrance become verbs like enTRANCE. These completely change the meanings of sentences and make information convoluted when it’s supposed to be concise. For all this, the price is shocking. $90 a year for horrible robot voice to confuse you? You have to cancel the subscription through the App Store, not in the app itself? Yea, no. Do yourself a favor and miss this one.

- Great app but non-existent customer service

I now have been charged twice for the app. I had signed up online and given my PayPal information but it never would let me log in. Therefore when I downloaded the app, it charged me then. I reached out to customer service a week ago and no response. Sent another note today for a refund to my PayPal account. Will update my review if they can correct the error quickly.

- The best app ever.

AWESOME. Granted, I have only had this app for less than 1 hour, but I seriously cannot put it down. What a great way for a non-reader, like myself, to start something new and stick with it. Can’t wait to read every single book that there is.

- No way to cancel subscription

I guess I should’ve read the reviews first as this appears to be a problem others have brought up. I signed up for the free trial and have now discovered there is no way to unsubscribe (the app is not listed in Subscriptions in the phone, and logging onto the website with the password I use on the app appears not to be possible). No clear way to contact the company. Hoping not to have to involve the BBB and state attorney general.

- Poor quality and selection

I signed up for the one week trial, listened to a few if the curated selections, and was surprised at the lack of quality books. Like many free trials, I lost track of the week. So without warning on day 8 I am charged $90 for the year with no way to obtain a refund. Suckered into the old bait and switch. Not a good business model where you are counting on subscriptions because of lost track of time. And of course i have zero way to get a refund,Apple says I’m not eligible.

- Deceptive business practices

From the start this company is clearly preying on it users by advertising $3 a week after the free trial but really you get charged $80 unless you cancel before the 6th day of the trial. They make it very hard to cancel. Using two different time scales is misleading (only $3/week, auto enrolled for 6 months). “Cancel anytime”- but your already enrolled in a 6 month subscription. Don’t get tricked. I will be reporting this to the FTC and the better business bureau. It’s just not kind.

- Need to have the option to mark read books

Need to have the option to mark and unmark read books Need to have the option to list all read and completed books

- Deceptive and frustrating.

I wanted to just try via the “free trial”. Three of my valid credit cards were declined (two because the card issuers suspected fraud) and on one of those they tried to put through the annual fee. Some free trial. Then I tried to cancel only to be blocked because someone else was using my e mail. They seem to have opened multiple accounts for me but none will accept the e mail I used for all three. AND AFTER AN HOUR I STILL CAN NOT FIND THE WAY TO CANCEL MY SUBSCRIPTION.

- Issue from the start

First of all, I haven’t even used the app yet so I don’t know if I will even like it. The interface to start is a problem. It is confusing when initial setting up. I was trying to start a free trial, but was instead charged a monthly subscription fee. After trying to get a refund through apple, I was denied and trying to get in contact with the company is a joke. I tried sending them a direct message on their website, but it would not even send.

- Instagram @ JordanCross_official

This app has helped clear my mind and push me to develop my inner self. It’s like therapy for the soul using everyday situations to develop your mindset and push the listener to become successful. It’s a great start to my morning. 10/10 would recommend.

- Great app, but needs small improvements

This is an awesome idea and just needs to be cleaned up to become perfect. The narration is killer and is not at all encouraging to continue. Narration for the books that relay tone and emphasis would be the perfect addition and make the subscription worth it. Overall awesome idea, just needs to be tweaked some.

- Now this app is trying to charge my Apple account $90!

I thought this was an interesting looking app. Indeed, I found the layout helpful, and the content I had time to peruse was good. However, now I see this app is about to charge me $90. It’s infuriating that an app can get ahold of your Apple account and just charge whatever, whenever. I’m not happy about this app trying to charge me, nor am I happy that Apple makes it so easy.

- Biggest scam out there

I am so upset. I signed up for the free trial thinking it was a good app, once I read reviews and how much they were going to charge me I immediately cancelled my trial and it showed “inactive”. Yet today I was charged 60$$$ and there’s no way to contact them. I just got done with being sick and I lost so much money from not being at work and I am beyond upset. If I can save someone by this review then good but this was the worst experience ever and I hope I can get my refund.

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Headway: Book Ideas in Widgets 99.7 Screenshots & Images

Headway: Book Ideas in Widgets iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Headway: Book Ideas in Widgets iphone images
Headway: Book Ideas in Widgets iphone images
Headway: Book Ideas in Widgets iphone images
Headway: Book Ideas in Widgets iphone images
Headway: Book Ideas in Widgets iphone images
Headway: Book Ideas in Widgets iphone images
Headway: Book Ideas in Widgets iphone images
Headway: Book Ideas in Widgets iphone images

Headway: Book Ideas in Widgets (Version 99.7) Install & Download

The applications Headway: Book Ideas in Widgets was published in the category Education on 2019-03-31 and was developed by GTHW App Limited [Developer ID: 1497173278]. This application file size is 99.06 MB. Headway: Book Ideas in Widgets - Education app posted on 2020-12-21 current version is 99.7 and works well on IOS 11.2 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.headway.books

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