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Music Alarm Clock: Spotify Songs and Playlists

Wake up to your favorite Spotify Songs or Playlists!

Music Alarm Clock is the ONLY Alarm Clock for iPhone that supports Spotify music.

"It's Easy as 1-2-3":
1. Create a new Alarm.
2. Choose either one song or create a playlist of songs to shuffle.
3. Lock your screen, relax, and wake up on the right side of the bed!

• See for features and support, or email me directly at [email protected]
• A paid Spotify premium account is NOT needed. A Free Spotify Account works!
• The Spotify Mobile App is NOT needed, since this uses the Web.
• Internet connectivity is required to find songs and "set" an alarm, but not needed when it goes off.
• Alarms go off for one minute max, but you can always chain multiple alarms together if you are a heavy sleeper. Spotify's API currently only lets the app play 30 seconds of each song, although entire songs are coming soon.
• As stated above, the app currently plays 30 second snippets of the best parts of songs, which should be more than enough to wake up.
• Supports Snoozing, Days to Repeat, and the other features you'd expect from an alarm clock
• The maker of this app is not attached to Spotify in any way. The app simply plays Spotify Content from Spotify's API.

• Most but not all Spotify songs are currently available on the app. This is outside my control, and up to which artists approve third party app usage of their content. The selection size has improved since Version 1 and is continuing to do so.
• Artists not on the app include Bob Marley, Ariana Grande, and Frank Ocean. Please email me BEFORE downloading the app if there's a specific song you are looking for and I can quickly check. Email me at [email protected] and I will get back to you very quickly.

Music Alarm Clock. App Description & Overview

The applications Music Alarm Clock. was published in the category Music on 2019-01-06 and was developed by Will Said. The file size is 19.99 MB. The current version is 3.1 and works well on 10.3 and high ios versions.

Thanks for supporting Music Alarm Clock!

I've been listening to your bug fixes and suggestions, and this version fixes all of the known bugs. The worst bug was causing playlists with 4 songs to repeatedly crash the app every time you opened it.

To report more bugs or suggest performance improvements, please email me at [email protected] and check out the support page at

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Music Alarm Clock. Reviews


Superb & Amazing App!  Mills765893  5 star

This app allows Spotify users to wake up to their favorite styles of music everyday, which is very dope! Great investment.... I promise!


SO AWFUL!!!!!!!  queencool99  1 star

*DO NOT GET* My favorite song wasn’t even on here! Almost 0% selection variety and the alarm didn’t even work, the sound was super bad quality and shut off after 5 seconds! I would literally sue the company that made this to get my money back if I could.


Eh  AdamPeachMegaFan  3 star

Pretty good app, Works as intended, but once you clear an alarm, it keeps going off for the next minute over and over. Annoying. Once I clear it it should be gone.


It does not work  BergAB1  1 star

It’s so sad this app does not work at all


Doesn't fit how I use my phone.  WM7583  1 star

The app has a lot of limitations that make it useless for me. For example, I always keep my phone on vibrate only. For the normal alarm, my phone can be on silent and my alarms will still work with full sound. But for this app, your ringer sound MUST be on and your do not disturb MUST be off for it to work. Also, when I tried to test it, it simply brought up a notification of the song I set but did not start playing it. Wish I could get a refund but it may work better for other people.


Terrible  Dancer1835  1 star

DO NOT GET THIS APP! It only had a few songs on it and the site was overall very fishy and weird. The alarm does not work and it only plays for like one millisecond. Don’t waste $2!!!! Go buy some skittles! I want my money back this is insane

A list apps

TERRIBLE  A list apps  1 star

I seriously wasted my money on an app that 1) doesn’t have ANY songs I listen to, which is pretty weird considering I was looking for popular songs by popular artists like Ariana Grande and Frank Ocean 2) it doesn’t play long enough to wake you up and 3) constantly crashes, I can’t edit the playlist because it crashes every time... pretty pointless


Ummmmmm  VaughnJBullard  1 star

Spotify Developer Token Expired


I want my money back  Bobbysamjr  1 star

Like everyone said, I should have read the reviews. If you don’t have the vibration on it doesn’t work. 90% of the songs I looked up are not there. Also the song played for about 4 seconds before shutting off. I think this is a valid reason to get my money back. Now when the app is fully functional, because this is definitely in early development stages, then I would love to have it. For now I want my money back because this is barely worth a free app atm, rather then $3.


Disappointed  Taevy0n  2 star

I literally only downloaded this app to hear sunflower (post Malone and swae lee) and it’s not on here. The app works fine other than that and I will definitely bump up my review once that song is on here


No songs  cutelittlechichi  1 star

It doesn’t have many songs available wouldn’t recommend


Spotify  glover.628  1 star

The alarm literally doesn’t go off I’ve tried it so many times reset as well does it not work on I pad or something terrible!

Louvis 1961

Spotify  Louvis 1961  5 star

Very good keep up the great work


Mr go  hotspotch  1 star

Carnt get screen saver ,doesn’t seem to work. When on during night, carnt see present time, so waking up early you can’t tell the time I was hoping for much better, you won’t turn people off Spotify but if you don’t do something very quickly about your app people will leave you , very promising but extremely disappointing


Don’t even bother  miginator  1 star

It takes about 8 seconds to set an alarm with the default “Clock” App from Apple and it works every time. This app needs to be used in conjunction with the Apple alarm clock AND you can’t close the app or lock the phone or else it will not work. It’s slow and clunky and a waste of time.


Didn’t work  madyssw02  1 star

This was a great idea however it did not work for me, I gave it a try the first time I got it but it didn’t go off. The next time I tried it during the day hoping it was just a glitch or something and it still does not work. Not very helpful but hope you can make it work!

Need to add jump

It’s not working.  Need to add jump  2 star

I’ve been waiting for a this app for years and now I’m starting to get disappointed. Even if I turn off screen saver so my phone doesn’t turn off and I leave it plugged in the alarm still doesn’t go off


Love this app  @drippy._.ramiro  5 star

Love this app and hope I get to use my alarm ever morning to go to learn😀❤️


Didn’t work as expected  Assppp  3 star

Saw in review that it the alarm will still go off even after quitting the app, but that didn’t work for me. The alarm will only go off if I have the app open in the foreground... Is there a more thorough instruction that I can reference to see if it’s something I’m not doing correctly?


Didn’t Work  Nunya11037  1 star

I have been testing this for days and whenever I select music it’s never the track I want. For example, I want Escapism to play for an alarm and instead I got Everything Stays.

Colored Babies

Alarm Doesn’t Work  Colored Babies  2 star

I downloaded the app last week. I love the concept however, there are a few kinks to work out.. the alarm did not go off the morning I needed to wake up early. Everything was set correctly and I did not lock my screen...the alarm still didn’t go off. The alarm went off correctly 1 time... and that was for a test alarm that was set 10 minutes prior to the actual alarm.


Mostly Great App  ElAlFlier  4 star

This is a mostly great app. You can choose literally ANY song from Spotify and wake up to it for ABSOLUTELY NO COST. But there’s a catch: your phone must always be on with the app open which is a total battery and screen killer. The only way to make it 4.5 stars is if I could at least turn my screen of and then 5 full stars if I could turn off my phone AND close out of the app. @developer, obviously start small but then try to code the app so both actions are possible in future updates! That aside, great app and thanks for making it 😊


Disappointed  IncredibleGreg  1 star

Didn’t work after multiple tests and messing with the settings. I’m really disappointed, as the old version of this app (different developer I’m sure) worked great until iOS 11 made it incompatible. I’ll wait until something more stable is developed.


Don’t Download  arianamcnally  1 star

It did not go off.AND it made me LATE FOR SCHOOL!!!!!😡😡😡😡😡










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