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Wake up to your favorite music with the Music Alarm Clock for Spotify!

"It's Easy as 1-2-3":
1. Search for a Spotify song.
2. Set up the days to repeat, as well as your Custom Snooze and all other features any good alarm app should have.
3. Lock your screen, relax, and wake up on the right side of the bed.

• A paid Spotify premium account is NOT needed, a Free Spotify Account works!
• The Spotify App is NOT needed, since this uses the Web
• Internet connectivity is required to "set" an alarm, but not when it goes off
• This app uses the ringer to go off, like any other alarm app, so I recommend going into Settings and scheduling Do Not Disturb to silence your ringer until right before your alarm goes off. This is optional.
• Due to legal restrictions, the app plays 30 seconds of the song you choose
• Note that every song in existence is not available; it must be on Spotify, and Spotify must have allowed the clips to be played through the API

Music Alarm Clock. App Description & Overview

The applications Music Alarm Clock. was published in the category Music on 2019-01-06 and was developed by Will Said. The file size is 20.05 MB. The current version is 2.0 and works well on 10.3 and high ios versions.

Thanks to popular demand, Version 2.0 now lets you quit the app and lock your screen at night. Your phone needs to sleep too!

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Anon. Ymus

Bad  Anon. Ymus  1 star

The app functions sub par and the alarm plays 30 seconds into the song and ends after only a little bit of time. Needs to be fixed, otherwise a rip off.


Didn’t wake me up at all  TinaMac00  1 star

I was SO excited when I came across this app because while I love my iPhone, I prefer Spotify over iTunes. However, thank goodness I had the sense to leave my regular iPhone alarm on because this alarm did not go off at all. I want a refund x2 because I’d also bought it for my son.

Dmac dmac


Just downloaded this despite the bad reviews as there aren’t other apps out there and I noticed the developer replied to previous concerns. I was hopeful but the songs I have available in my Spotify and want to wake up to aren’t available through the app so this is pointless. Might as well buy those songs through iTunes and call it a day.


Why  penisholes  1 star

How do I return this and get my money back


Lousy  Chels042  1 star

The developer is an unhelpful and sarcastic jerk. Do not recommend. Also, the app is a pain to use and set.


So disappointed!!!  edgar123rosario  1 star

The only reason what got this app was so my favorite song would wake me up every morning but it turns out it is not available !!! I knew I was taking this risk and can’t blame the app. But I just wasted my money.


Fake  Xsuse  1 star

App is awful, won’t let me pick any songs whatsoever, only lets me pick hotel California, cannot wake to playlists or any music at all.


😡  dncehal  1 star

This app didn’t even let me choose a song! Whenever I tried searching up ANY song nothing showed up


Works good  johnmp832  4 star

It’s only 4 stars because not every song from Spotify is on the app.


Doesn’t work  Mbirdlet  1 star

I absolutely love the idea, but it doesn’t even work. My ringer was on, and my phone wasn’t on do not disturb.


disappointed  Dodhxjddehxjsan  1 star

I downloaded the app hoping I could wake up to Eminem, when I set the alarm and the exact song I wanted it PLAYED ME A COMPLETELY DIFFERENT SONG AND ARTIST MULTIPLE TIMES.


Help  GRANDPOP101  3 star

Does it work with Bluetooth cause I check before I go to bed and it’s connected but it doesn’t go off


Help  Doneeosborn  4 star

App works great, is there a way to play my playlist I’ve created? For example from my profile, I’ve tried to search for it but it brings up random playlists? Help?


BTS  kimtaehyungswife  1 star

Didn’t work for me at all I’m very sad I wanted to wake up to BTS every day


...  fgyjeudhrbrr  1 star

The app seems cool I would love to wake up to the songs I love... but it is not working for me. The alarm was on screensaver and I had my ringer on but it still wasn’t working.


What I’ve been waiting for  Mattb123345839283  5 star

Been wondering why there was no app like this. Works as advertised!


Giving a try and suggesting to others  Salmonfish26  4 star

Downloaded this last night and tried testing it without success. Just tested it this evening and it’s working like a charm. The snoozing is reliable, shuffling playlists is awesome (will even shuffle after each snooze so if you get the wrong song the first time it’s not all over) Will be testing the snooze function without having my phone plugged in all night and see how it goes.


Phones sleep too  phoneawake  1 star

Would love to use my Spotify music to wake up to, but keeping my phone awake all night is impractical. Fix that, and I’ll use it everyday!


????????  porternikki  2 star

The alarm doesn’t go off if my phone isn’t on but I can’t keep my phone on all night. So what do I do???

Yo boy 🚶

Very creative  Yo boy 🚶  5 star

I’ve been on this app for some good time now and it works like a charm. I used to use the old fashioned alarm clocks but they woke me up in the most abrupt manner and practically fried my brain before the day even started. This app is remarkable and you’d be a sucker not to give it a try. Revolutionary!










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