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Play as a mortician tasked with running a funeral home — preparing the bodies of the deceased, attending their funerals, and listening to their loved ones' stories.

• “One Of 2017's Best Games” — KOTAKU
• “One of Polygon’s Best Games of 2017” — POLYGON
• “This is a beautiful game. It scared me. It moved me” — EUROGAMER (Recommended)
• “A thought-provoking meditation on life’s only certainty” — PC GAMER (82/100)
• “It might just change the way you think about death” — DESTRUCTOID (8/10)

Take on the role of recent funeral direction graduate Charlie as she learns the ropes of the business and industry. Prepare the bodies of the deceased (via embalming or cremation), attend their funerals and listen to their loved ones' stories, and interact with Charlie's coworkers, clients, and bosses. 

Inspired by real-life mortician Caitlin Doughty, A Mortician's Tale is an informative, honest, and sometimes humorous look at the current state of and the future of the western death industry.

• Explore the colourful world of Rose and Daughters Funeral Home — from the morgue itself to the viewing room where funerals take place 
• Prepare 8 different bodies using realistic tools and procedures involved with traditional burials and cremations
• Talk to the deceased's loved ones, discover their stories, and learn how each of them mourns in different ways
• Follow Charlie's journey at Rose and Daughters Funeral Home as it transitions from a family-run business to being bought and owned by a massive funeral conglomerate, and beyond
• Discover some real life truths about the current state of and future of the western funeral industry

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The applications A Mortician's Tale was published in the category Games on 2018-11-22 and was developed by Laundry Bear Games Inc.. The file size is 164.28 MB. The current version is 1.0 and works well on 10.0 and high ios versions.

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I mean it was okay?  Lana-R  2 star

Spent 3$ to play a 30 minute game. Like I understand the story but that was a waste of my money... if I wanted to play a 30 minute game I’d find something free.

Sole eater

Good game but...  Sole eater  3 star

Ok so the game is pretty good but it ended so quickly! I also have to say that the story could be a little bit longer than it is. Also I find that the replay value of the game is not good. Adding more to do and more days to deal with would make it more interesting and more enjoyable.... also the game price is way to much for the gameplay and replay value. I’m a little disappointed.

Gracefully clumsy

Too short  Gracefully clumsy  3 star

I really like the idea of the game and how it was designed but I just wish there was more to it. I enjoyed playing, but I felt like it could’ve kept going. *Spoiler* Like at the end of the game when you start your own business it would’ve been cool to be able to keep playing and building up your business. I wanted to learn more about the new business and how it was different. I don’t think the price of the game was worth the amount of game play. I liked that there were no ads but at the same time I can download another game with ads for free and play for way longer. When I bought this game I figured you’d be able to keep playing for awhile, but you can finish the game without reading everything in probably a half an hour. If they updated the game and added more gameplay I think it would definitely be worth the money.


Amazing!  Reka18  5 star

This game was absolutely amazing! The artwork is so beautiful and goes perfectly with the soundtrack. The actual game play is simple yet well done! Definitely recommend


Fun, but quick game  Zuluoscarecho  5 star

It’s a short game but well done. Walks you through the process of what happens after death but for the living. It was well made but would’ve loved to see it last longer after the ending.

huge lesbian

Don’t waste your money  huge lesbian  1 star

The game is so short and the game gets super repetitive after playing for a few minutes. DONT waste your time or money


So much potential but fell totally flat  Zoiemo  2 star

As an ex-mortuary student, I was SO impressed by this game when I first started it. Then I was significantly less impressed when the game ended 20 minutes later. Charging $2.99 for this as it is, is borderline criminal. I never leave reviews but I’m practically boiling over this, especially because what little game there is was absolutely gorgeous.


Such an amazing game.  GuppyFang  5 star

This game while short as some have stated, was absolutely lovely. (Thank you Apple for erasing my well thought out review as I went to look up a word real quick... hopefully I can remember.) This game came out at a significant time for me. I am finishing my associates degree and trying to figure out what to do with all these psych courses. I have always been very interested in the mortuary field but decided against it years ago because of my crippling social anxiety. The thing is, that is something that will hinder me at any job. This game has prompted me to open my eyes to the profession again. I have talked with my advisor about taking a cosmetology course and perhaps going into mortuary makeup art. That may not pan out, but at least then I will have tried to do what I really want. I find the idea of staring down into dead faces and helping put one to rest so calming and spiritually connected. Thank you for adding the final piece in prompting me to try what I really feel in love with (the idea anyhow, since obviously I haven’t worked the profession.)


So stupid  QueenStar6897  1 star

I thought this was a game. It is so dumb and not even worth it. Don’t waste a penny on this crap


Great game, too short  25533())  3 star

This game has a great style and is very interesting but it’s very short for the price. A little disappointed there isn’t more to do in it. But really well designed.

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