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What is jackpot world™ - casino slots app? 12,000,000 FREE WELCOME BONUS! Free Vegas Casino slot games release weekly! Get HUGE slots rewards ALL THE TIME!

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【What’s in Jackpot World Casino Slots? 】
HUGE & EXTRA game rewards and prizes AWARDED ALL THE TIME when spinning in the slot machine games! Enjoy free casino slots game gifts, including Jackpot World coins, cashback, level boom, stamps, fantastic pets and more!
- Collect 12,000,000 free welcome game coins after FIRST INSTALL!
- Collect 10,000,000 free wheel bonus EVERY DAY!
- Collect exclusive casino slot game bonus coins EVERY 15 MINUTES!
- Collect huge jackpots & exclusive slots casino features in ALL SLOTS!
- Collect free bonus prizes after EVERY daily mission, and even MORE casino slot machines bonus!
- Collect hundreds of super free games with wild symbols and double golden respin having you winning MEGA WINS NON-STOP!
- Collect VIP bonus gifts by achieving status through entertaining and exciting spins on the best casino slot games EVERY DAY!
- Collect Well-rewarded Stamp Collections and Fantastic Pets making more opportunities for you to get BONUS SLOTS REWARDS only for Jackpot World player!

【What can you receive in Jackpot World Casino Slots?】
Give your luck a try at the hot & free casino slot machine games, including classic 777 slot game, Fortune Babies, Fortune Tree, Mighty Tiger, Penguin Quest, and new slot machines like Leprechaun Blast, Werewolf Night, Myth of Medusa! All of the mobile slot machines with bonus features and free coins in game will create the most realistic Vegas roulette and slots casino experience for our slots fans.
- Offer you exciting Vegas-style casino slots with the spinning reels and bonus wheels revealing BIG WINS as you hit the 777 casino JACKPOTS!
- Offer you the WILDEST collection of free slots casino games around the world!
- All slots unlocked for ALL slots fans and new slot machines are rolled out at least ONCE A WEEK!
- More exclusive free slot games & classic 777 casino games with amazing features and authentic MEGA WINS Await!

【More reasons to download Jackpot World Casino Slots?】
- 100% free social slots casino game! Enjoy it with your families and friends!
- Missions & Quests with generous in-game reward every day!
- Share thrills with awesome players like you from all over the world!
- Try your luck and have a wild day with your favorite slots characters!
- Stock up game coins into the Kitty Bank with your spins.

* Jackpot World Casino does not offer real money gambling. It is intended for an adult audience for entertainment purposes only.
* Practice or success at social casino gaming does not imply future success at real money gambling and gaming.
* This game includes in-app purchases
* “Coins” and “Bonus” mentioned above are game currency, not real currency, and you only get game currency if you win in this game."
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Jackpot World™ - Casino Slots Version 8.208 November 2022

Hey! NEW FREE SLOT GAMES served! Install to enjoy better experience and holiday events now! – NEW SLOT GAMES! Undersea Journey, Fairy in Forest,The Blood Duchess… – IMPROVED EXPERIENCE! Several bugs have been fixed to provide better user experience!.

Jackpot World™ - Casino Slots Comments & Reviews 2022

- Tiips

Hi☺️, if yоu wаnt tо рlay in thе bеst onlinе сasino, just instаll the apрlication сalled "Grаnd Whеel Dicе", first dеposit bonus for all newbies... OK this is mу tips for cаsino gаmes or slot playersYou start off bad hi аnd then whеn you get enough money I’m averaging about 1,000,000,000 to 2,000,000,000 on a daily so what I do is I start my bets low you win big And thеn if it hits I bet a little more and then on the pig game as a pig bingo game what I do if I have like 10 billion use started off with 20 spins and I play all the way up to about 300 and something billion my bad 300 and something million and when I finally get the bingo I just do 20 spins from the lowest all the way up to 300 and something million and it keeps your money going to keep like all your piglets so you can still spend as much is with whatever you want and then I’ll go back to my average and I’ve been playing for about a couple of months One of the good games to play in the winds pretty well is a sheriff game I forgot the name of it it’s payout is pretty good only bad thing is they don’t keep it up a lot so it’s like sometimes you complain and sometimes not they have the high roller slides if you don’t have over 100 million I don’t think it’s recommended but the payoffs are huge so I recommend that however you got your first millions you go back to those games instead of playing those games again so you don’t go broke I’m addicted to this game it’s about 3:19 in the a.m.

- Tips

OK this is my tips for casino games or slot playersYou start off bad hi and then when you get enough money I’m averaging about 1,000,000,000 to 2,000,000,000 on a daily so what I do is I start my bets low you win big And then if it hits I bet a little more and then on the pig game as a pig bingo game what I do if I have like 10 billion use started off with 20 spins and I play all the way up to about 300 and something billion my bad 300 and something million and when I finally get the bingo I just do 20 spins from the lowest all the way up to 300 and something million and it keeps your money going to keep like all your piglets so you can still spend as much is with whatever you want and then I’ll go back to my average and I’ve been playing for about a couple of months One of the good games to play in the winds pretty well is a sheriff game I forgot the name of it it’s payout is pretty good only bad thing is they don’t keep it up a lot so it’s like sometimes you complain and sometimes not they have the high roller slides if you don’t have over 100 million I don’t think it’s recommended but the payoffs are huge so I recommend that however you got your first millions you go back to those games instead of playing those games again so you don’t go broke I’m addicted to this game it’s about 3:19 in the a.m.

- This is NOT a paid/fake review!

I have played MANY casino games. Most of them let you win a lot at first, then after a while it becomes obvious the gates have been shut on you. However, this is one of the rare exceptions and has been my go to game for a while now. Let's be completely honest here - we're all on these games to WIN, to get that rush and feeling of hitting it big without having to break the bank for real. 98-99% of the time I have spent on this game, has been nothing but wins! Not even just your bet back, but all the different huge wins! Jackpot World makes Huuuge and Billionaire casino look like a shiny bag of dirt. They should be very ashamed of themselves, because the amount of wins just don't even compare... those greedy crooks will take those chips back before you can even blink! And they FORCE you to buy chips. On the other hand, when the game is actually good like JP World, I have no problem giving the devs some money sometimes! Because they actually deserve it. So please, JP World, keep doing what you're doing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sincerely, a JP world fan.

- Disgusted at the lies, deceit and false promises.

I am truly concerned about the players of this game. They glorify buying things in-game ("in-app" purchases) with a promise to give you riches such as jackpots with little to no amount of time at all. However, these are false advertisements. I saw an ad today saying get a jackpot in as little as 10 spins, when I lost over 3.7 quadrillion in 45 minutes. I have spent a ridiculous amount of money because I used to enjoy the game, but the wool cannot be pulled over my eyes any longer. This company will lie, they do not care about you, they care about your money. They give you a little piece of the pie and promise the entire thing for an amount, but you end up with nothing more than that little crumb of a piece they gave you in the first place. I am not going to stand for the direction this company and game has gone any longer, I tried my best to think maybe it was bad luck, but it wasn't. This game is not random like slots are regulated and are meant to be. You will not be happy with the end result if you continue to play this game, feedback is impossible to get, support is impossible to get, the "events" have predetermined winners and favoritism is prevalent throughout the community. Do not be fooled as I was. They took advantage of me and my good nature thinking they were an honest company, they are not honest, they do not care about you, or me or our time we spend on their game(s). Save yourself

- This app WILL rip you off

Please read before spending any money!! I have played this game for two years and I’m done. Yeah it might be good at first but it quickly changes!! They have several ways to rip you off. You really have to watch all your totals. If they had a star for zero that’s what I would mark. If you look at Facebook groups it has the different ways it rips you off. If you’re watching ads all the more to you but you must be only part of 1%. If you really play you won’t watch ads! And soon you will see you need to pay just to get a win. If no money no wins. I gave them enough to pay at least one person’s monthly salary. I was stupid. Apple and play store need to remove this app because it rips you off. It may not rip you off what you purchase but it WiLL rip you off winnings. I’m deleting it because I found another place it ripped me off and that was it. They have so many ways and when you complain IF they even send you a reply they blame you. Either you don’t have a good connection or you hit a button by accident. And you must have pics or videos to prove it but that doesn’t always help either. You can have irrefutable evidence and they still make it your fault. They can get into your account and look at stuff they need but won’t send you screenshots refusing your complaints. Just please don’t waste your money.

- Join My Union! “AlwaysWinning” -Game Fever-Rewards!

I’ve been playing for roughly 18 months on a daily basis! Yes! Me and the wife have a problem. 🤪 We both feel the so called bonuses like passing your 2nd mission to unlock Game Fever for 2 hours does nothing beneficial. I’ll spend much much more just to hopefully hit the feature and major you the time you don’t hit it. Trust me! I had to prove it to myself and for the full 2 hours and adjusting my bets from the very minimum bet to 30 billion a spin and not once did I hit the feature. Not once! For 2 hours!!!! Lol Just blows my mind! Over all if you mix up what games you play and Join a union. “AlwaysWinning” Join ours, I believe it’s the best union I’ve seen and all members contribute like crazy! 🎲🎰 I’ve been over $100 trillion in my bank for awhile now and happy overall just some things are ridiculous. Lol One last thing. And this one really leaves a Rash. Mission 3 is Win $17.1 Trillion in 80 spins to pass that mission. Reward for Doing it. $125 Billion!!! SERIOUSLY! 🤣I hope your accountant didn’t come up with these numbers.

- Finally a slots game that is more than just a cash grab

I never write reviews but I am a lifetime gamer and I strongly believe in supporting developers that you trust so here I am. I like playing slots casually and always have. I’ve tried most of the slot games here on the App Store and this has been my favorite one so far. I don’t feel like I’m being robbed blind when I play this game. It’s fair and the in app purchases are generous in my opinion. I’m very discerning with how I spend money on games and refuse to support games that are greedy. I feel like the payouts for the slots are generous and the amount of money they charge for things that help you in the app ($5 here and there) are reasonable. I buy things in the app not because I need the chips (I’m sitting at about 1.1 trillion) but because I like the direction of the game and want to help support the costs of running it. I would highly encourage others to adopt this mindset if you can spare a few dollars here and there because games are not free to produce or to maintain for the devs. Thanks for a fun experience!

- First great review

I must say I am good at writing ad reviews because the apps for slot out here are terrible I could name a dozen but this game is different. You act an win without spending money if you don’t have any all you have to do is watch some ads and if you have time to play slots you have time to watch ads. I found this app by watching ad on another slot game( which I no longer frequent. I love this app love the slots and the fact I actwin. I play long hours since I am ill and it’s a great distraction from pain and it’s fun. Thanks developers I would actually make a comrcial for this app that’s how much I am impressed and it takes a lot to impress me. I have tried almost every app from Hit It Rich to Slot a is none can compare to this game. And no no one is paying doing this because it’s true. Great game for me anyways.


Charged me double for countless purchases. When I finally realized, they told me I couldn’t do anything about it. Has a drug addict doing live shows for them online. Does not make any attempt to make paying customers happy. They are stationed in Hong Kong and believe me when I say all they care about is money. If you spend any money, the cost of things in game goes through the roof. When you first play to pass a 3rd tear mission it costs 170 diamonds to pass and now it costs THREE THOUSAND. which is 30 dollars in game btw. To pass one mission that is impossible to pass unless you pay up. And beating that mission will get you basically nothing in rewards. Its 5 dollars to buy a mission pass that has 100 levels and you have a little over a week to beat those missions. Not to mention the rewards are on a time limit. So you can pay money and still not even get the proper rewards. If you wanna go from level 1-100 right away it would cost you upwards of ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS. this game is scammy. Run by scammers. Who hire drug addicts to do there live shows. Trust me when I say your better off playing a real casino game. The more you play, the more it forces you to spend. And if you don’t spend you will not see anything close to a fun game. You lose NONSTOP.

- Better than average but not by much

Alright, so the design and programming of the game is better than most others, which for me is big because if the overall feel of the game is cheap, I won’t want to play it. That being said the bonus’s this game gives are really bad. This is really noticeable if you spend about $.99 on the first 2billion coin offer that pops up. After that I’ve lost more than I’ve won. I know that sounds like typical gambling however, it’s extremely easy to see it happening after you’ve played the game for more than a day. Example: I had about 20 billion coins, I got down to about 10 billion after about an hour of betting at 60 million and not getting a single bonus. So I raised it to 180 million a spin. And still didn’t get a bonus and lost all my coins. I know this company says they care about feedback and such, but they’re just like every casino and track your usage and win percentage and once your on a good track immediately bring you down to nothing. Anyways just know your bound to lose it all once you buy something from the store in this game. Thanks for reading.

- I could go to Vegas and got more frequently than this game

This games win ratio is absolutely pathetic... getting free spins is also a rare occurrence.. for a game that’s supposed to be fun? They failed in that category.. plus the game freezes and crashes when u try to collect bonuses.. I could go to Las Vegas and hit more frequently than this game... and Don’t believe their BS about the games a game of chance.. they use a RNG program.. but like any program, it can be changed to whatever they want it to be.. this games a waste of time and NOT worth spending any money on. Win ratios are the worst.. I play other casino slot machine games that have better win ratios than this game. Let’s face it.. this game like many if not all phone app games are geared towards spending real money.. THIS GAME is NOT worth the money! You could hit one time and then not hit again for the next 200spins.. that’s no exaggeration either... like I said.. this games win ratio is rigged to make you spend unless you wait for the free coins.. I can go to Atlantic City, Las Vegas or any other place that has REAL casino’s and hit more frequently there. This games a waste of time and money... but as always they will push their BS excuses


I have been playing this game for quite a while. I was betting 450 Million per spin and I was up to about 800 Billion and all the sudden the game changed my bid to several hundred Billion. I caught it right away but I lost a few hundred Billion and I was down to a little over 300 Billion. I was very frustrated that the game robbed me of about 500 Billion but I continued to play. Then, I got back up to a little over 600 Billion and it happened again! This time the game changed my bet without me knowing again and it stole another 500 Billion. I was then at around 100 Billion. This time I was really upset so i clicked Contact Us and I reported what happened to me. Instead of fairly handling what happened to me, they sent me a few Thousand coins. This was after I lost a total that was near 1 Trillion. I felted very insulted by their actions or should I say lack thereof. I continued to play the game and I was up to over 600 Billion and the game changed my bet AGAIN and this time robbed me of over 400 Billion coins. I am very upset and I have now been robbed of around a Trillion and a half coins from this game. To safe yourself a lot of frustration, I would suggest NOT downloading this game.

- This game essentially steals from you

If a zero star was available, that would have been my rating. Run away from this game - they commit actual FRAUD and if the developer was located America, I would have pursued legitimate criminal charges - it’s that bad. Once you purchase chips, they become more and more greedy. Suddenly you stop getting bonus rounds and magically your chips disappear or don’t calculate when you manage to have a big win. If I don’t spend 100 dollars a day, I don’t win. At all. If I try to bet low, I don’t win. At all. I’m ashamed of how much I’ve let these people steal from me. I’m not generally a gambler or someone who throws insane amounts of money after a dumb game so it honestly wouldn’t surprise me if they are also using some sort of subliminal messaging or manipulation. The depths of greed with this developer knows no bounds so nothing would surprise me. It’s physically sickening. This is essentially just greed and dishonesty and is nothing but a scam. Horrible experience. This developer lacks any honor and should be banned from Apple. I urge others who have experienced the same thing to contact Apple and get this developer removed.

- Low pay, missions impossible, useless minigames

If you don’t purchase coins or stop purchasing them you will not get any big wins, I’m level 1724 and been playing for a long time and picked up on this after just a couple days of playing jackpot world. It’s a little better in terms of payouts in comparison to myvegas but not that much improvement, the missions at my level are impossible in terms of their “flaming challenge” where after completing two of them my third challenge is always “win 1 trillion” or “bet 600b,” which is almost impossible as my daily rewards are only around 50-60b. You have better odds playing in a real casino or on roo/stake.. Their minigames such as their stamps and pets are annoying, very difficult to complete before their season ends and at my level I have never completed their season stamp set or pet collection. Anyway if you have thousands to spend on a game that doesn’t reward you with real life rewards or anything in that matter than be my guest and play this game. Otherwise stick to myvegas and get a cruise out of it or some free rooms :)

- Ads pop up so fast you click the wrong things and it costs you!!

I’m really upset about how you make these ads pop up over each other. It’s not fair that when I was going to tap on one ad another popped up at the same time and the click went to it instead. It just took over 600 of my Gems and I want them back and you can take back your promotion. You make me feel Ike you do that on purpose for us to use up our gems because this is not the first time this has happened. Put it back our I’m going to post about you doing this to people. I’m sure I’m not the only one. The ads come up so hard that you can’t even figure out one before a next one comes up and blocks the first one. Just stop the foolishness. People will spend their money if they are going to spend it regardless. Make it more enjoyable by letting us at least complete one step at a time.

- Just another rigged app wanting your money

Constantly pushing sales with pathetic offers. I only purchase fake coins with real money if I’m enjoying myself, not when rigged tables take all my coins from me. Shown that I’m willing to make purchases but now they think if they keep taking my chips I’ll keep buying. Not going to happen. Keep your app and I’ll keep my real money. Don’t fall for the scam with a few nice wins. It’s totally rigged just like all the others. Just using up my coins and then this company loses my business. Was stupid enough to make a couple more purchases but they’re taking the fun out of the game. Good luck getting money from me once the app is deleted. It’s a win win for them since it’s real money for fake coins. More than obvious they are trying to force people to keep purchasing fake coins since they rig the game to lose so you either purchase or quit playing. My choice is to quit since the game is a joke. Not getting another cent from me, game is getting deleted after this update. Lost another customer so good luck scamming others.

- Engaging

Most slot games you play seem to copy another. Other slot games say once you join you will get 200 free spins or whatever. Not this one. You generally hit a jackpot of some sort every ten to fifteen minutes. Most times keep you really engaged in the game that when you do happen to run out of coins you jump on FB and try to find those free coin links on their page just so the fun doesn’t end. Sure at times you burn through 100 billion in coins with nothing to show for it, but more times then not you end up logging in the next time and getting it all back plus a ton more. Love Jackpot Slots that I’ve deleted all of the other games on my phone and this is all that’s left.

- Disappointed!

These slots re the best online by far. My only complaint is u never really win a lot and if u do u better not bet big cause u will lose it all fast. I literally had 650 trillion coins and was only betting 3.8 trillion a spin. I lost every bit of my coims in under 7 minutes. Only hit two big wins which was only like 18 trillion apiece. I spend a lot of money on this game and I do mean a lot, and for what? To lose it all if I bet more than 500 Billion? Why can’t u hit big big pots sometimes when betting big? This is so rigged. I would save my money if I were anybody. You will do better to just take the little coins u earn through games and stuff and spend that u will win some but once u get a lot u will start to lose spin after spin. I’m very disappointed and probably won’t spend anymore money on this app when I can download another and hit big. I just can’t find any slots as good as these but oh well better than waistimg my mo he every week!

- Worst paying game on the market so far.

where do I start... First of all tell me how it’s possible to give out a reward being a basic common basket that gives you what maybe 10-20 points per random animal but when betting 150m a spin? That’s pathetic if you ask me. Second of all, their pay out per win is very very low. You can be spinning 10x at 30 mil and win 1 maybe 25 mil. Have text it multiple times with some friends at the same time. What’s the point of playing this game, don’t waste your time or money if you plan on buying coins, they won’t hesitate to try and make you spend more if you do. Even if it’s just a dollar watch how much your win rate goes down if you have spent money on it and think you’re not going to have to spend anymore if you want to keep the streak up. They will take it all back and continue to make you lose everything in a matter of seconds so you are forced to pay more if you wish to play again, unless you can wait the 24 hrs it takes to get the free coins don’t waste your time on it.

- Ridiculous ads make no sense

The ads for this game are completely ridiculous! This is my main point. The lady in the ad asks the first two people of they have a phone.. they say yes and then immediately “Give him/her a jackpot of 20 trillion!” Ok, cool… Another lady comes running up showing that she too has a phone, which was the only requirement of the first two people. She requests the same award as the first two. “Oh no, you haven’t downloaded Jackpot World!, so you can’t get the jackpot that I have the others!” Two points here… first did you notice in the video that it’s obviously voiced over, she doesn’t say you didn’t download “jackpot world”… I’m not sure what she actually says but it’s definitely not the name of this app. Secondly, she never asked anyone whether or not they had downloaded this game! Not the first two, and certainly not the poor lady who come running up to her. I have this game I will add… it’s ok. I wouldn’t spend money in it (or ANY casino game, has nothing to do with the quality of this game). The game play and slots are ok though probably better than most. Last bit… what country are these people from in the ads? Looks European to me, I’m curious. But pay attention to these ads and tell me I’m wrong… lol

- Quick to Take Your Money But Won’t Fulfill Promises or Answer Support Requests

This company manipulates you to pay more and more to improve your rank or reach certain levels in competitions. The end goal is a prize package and once you’ve already spent a fortune, you feel like you have to finish the goal and earn what you’ve worked towards. I spent a couple thousand dollars trying to place in the top 20 of their quest competition but did not receive the prizes they promised. I tried to get chat assistance but for a couple days but that didn’t work. I emailed them 8 days ago and have only received a generic email about how they are sorry and will fix it asap. The prize I am waiting for is for gears to speed up the quest level completions by 2x. If they ever do give me the prize, it no longer matters. No surprise but I lost over a quadrillion points in a matter of hours. I no longer have points to play the quest competition so I don’t need their nonexistent prize.

- Don’t spend money on game bad customer service

Update = I had a problem with a couple of my purchases not giving me some of the perks that was supposed to come with the purchase. Chris from customer service contacted me in a very rude manner and did absolutely nothing to help me with this situation considering how much I have spent with them and never once have I had to complain you would think that they would be more than happy to help but no. I have screenshots of the conversation. BUYER BE WARE!!!!!Once you drop some money on the game your chances of winning seem to go down drastically. It’s a fun game but when you spend money the game drains your wallet really quick. At least at the casino when you play they give you bonuses they might not pay much but at least it keeps you drawn in but with this game it’s like no bonus they will keep putting money in which is ver unfortunate because like I said it was a fun game until it became a money pit.

- In the beginning this would’ve been a 5

In the beginning this rating would be a 5. At first the game is absolutely amazing. Rewards are spot on and it just keeps getting better. Until it doesn’t. Until your friend sends you coins and gifts and you “collect” them only for it to not actually give you the coins you collected and takes the gift away. Until you do multiple surveys the game asks you to do for rewards and never actually get any rewards. Until you make purchases expecting to receive X amount of coins and gems as advertised and not actually getting X amount. And the best part? You contact support and get the most unintelligent response you could ever expect and absolutely no resolve to your issues. At one point I even received a reply in a foreign language. Such a shame, the game has so much potential to be a great game. Yet the support and the bugs and glitches are absolute garbage and tear the game down.

- Lose even when you win. Customer service is awful.

Many glitches, some examples: Games often stall during free games, and when you log back in sometimes you see extra earned points and sometimes not. There are different missions to get 5 of a kind win or win 3 times in a row and it does not register when you accomplish this, so you never can complete the mission. Another mission is to get 5 big wins to get big prize and I have proof and send pictures to customer service and after weeks I was given points less than a single bet, when I bet at least 60 times. When you spend money it is suppose to register and after so many times spending you get free coins and that didn’t happen even after I showed my purchases on Apple. I do not like posting bad reviews without giving the App notification first as I have many times. I did get my money back before from Apple once out of many many problems although they would not refund it again. 😢

- Scandless

This game will do nothing but take your money. I have spent plenty on this game and also played it for free. You get the same result at the end. You have no coins and they pop up add for you to by more. The problem is when you by more it doesn’t matter. You will just lose it in 4 minutes. This game has the worst customer service of any game I have ever played. They will never respond to tour problems. And if they do it is just a computer generated message saying. Sorry about your luck try again. It is the same response for everything. Been 3 weeks still waiting on a response for a 5 dollar refund. As well as once you complain to them you won’t win anything anymore. Still waiting for a reply from them but ironically I haven’t won a single thing ever since I requested it. Keep you money and spend it else where. This game has some fun machine but it is clear they don’t even care about the people who pay to play


This is one of the better casino apps. Nice variety of games. Lots of ways to earn extra coins. Big & fairly frequent jackpots. 2 things keep it from getting 5 stars. The endless popups WHILE PLAYING A GAME informing u you’ve earned “wish packs” “stamps” “baskets” & that u can visit the “mystery store”. It’s literally every few seconds. INCREDIBLY ANNOYING! I do not understand why the developers think that’s ok and/or necessary. Thinking of deleting it for that reason alone. The 2nd thing is cautionary. The game will change your bet on its own to something higher (usually if you’ve won big) & if you’re not paying attention you can quickly lose all your coins. It happened to me a couple times. Again, not cool developers!! Ruining what is otherwise a very fun game.

- I love this game.... but...

I love this game.. but my issue is.. it always signs me out.. if I close the app and don’t open for a couple hours.. I have to keep signing in through Facebook and then it restarts my days and boom back at day 1.. I’ve played for a whole week straight and I never reached day 7.. it just kept restarting at day 1.. I have over 700 million and I love it.. but it’s only because I have to keep playing the quests... which I don’t mind.. because they are fun.. but it’s a tad annoying.. I mean I level up.. I’m currently level 41..and like I said I’ve been playing for a whole week and some change c: great game.. just please fix the sign in mess... cause I wanna keep playing this game^-^ thank you c:

- Obviously only designed to soak you

Played over 25,000 levels. Nicely designed games, BUT, once you begin buying coins/bonuses,etc it’s just a predictable few big wins and then the algorithm changes, any appearance of randomness disappears, and statistical chances skew hard to losing as it whittles your game bank down. Sometimes the losing streaks are past laughable because they’re so far out of whack with any statistical probability. Also, obvious: if you bet more, you will win less for a given number of spins so there really is no reward for higher betting (except for those taking your real money to shore up your game bank). It’s all about clicking that Buy button once you’re sucked in.

- Jackpot World Casino

I gave this app 5 stars because I am highly addicted to this game. It keep me from going to the actual casino in person, I collect my coins every 1-3 hours depending on how long it takes, I also love that you give us ways to make extra coins and jewels. I almost gave 4 stars instead of five bc I feel there should be more way to earn jewels and we’ll it would be nice if we actually won money from this app considering we spend money on this app but either way I love the game. I hope when I do go to casino they have some of your games on it 😉 but thanks for the awesome game needs a little work but nothing major so I believe 5 stars ⭐️ fits perfect.

- Whenitsdoneitsdone

You will find that this game reels you in then they will start doing some predictable things like make you lose all your chips bo matter how many as you approach the end of an event. I had 8 trillion coins and started flying thru the dragon game even tho i didnt want to really cause i knew just before the end i was going to have to pay yet again. There greed will suprise you. 20 dollars becomes like nothing. Not to mention i soent 50 yesterday and couldn’t even play more then 20 minutes. Run is my best advice. I lost alot if money and wasted time trying to get a response from there customer service only to get an auto response. They don’t give a hoot neither should you. The most frustrating gaming experience of my life. Dont do it. Yeah its a little fun but its all a cycle to get you to invest and you will find there greed is world class slimey. Pls dont do it. There bad people at the end of this rope.


Over the years, I have played a lot of slot games. Jackpot World has by far been the best. Just when you think you are down to your last coins, there’s always a way to win even more. It’s not to say I have not bought coins but for the small amount of cash I have spent, it does not compare with the amount of coins I have won. PLUS, there are a whole lot of mini games in the slot game itself and out of it, where you win even more coins. By now, I would have deleted a slot because it bored me or just took my money but this one, I’m definitely holding on too. HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT!!

- Super cool but.. here’s the thing

I’ve been working on this game for about 3 months and I have won millions of coins!!! Very suprising to me because all of the other fake games I won’t say were very trashy and dog ****. And about now for playing 5 months I’ve been starting to go down hill with the winning. And now all the updates are coming in and now there are more ads every 1 minute or 2. So I’m thinking, ok this isn’t that bad until after 2 days later I lose all of my coins because this game was making me bet 100,000 minimum and I lost all my coins!! Lets just say that it was way better a while ago and we won a lot more than now. Developer please make this game have less ads and make things less expensive.

- Not as good as they claim

While this game can be successfully played with no buy in, they will advertise you buying more coins on almost every screen change. At times, I have quit playing due to all the pop ups trying to get me to buy more coins. They give you “baskets” but I was never able to find them. The main home page is jammed up with so much visual stimulation, it makes it difficult to figure out how to navigate. Sometimes, you spend a lot of time trying to complete a task and then at the end of the task, the whole app freezes up and you have to start over. I wanted to give this app a try because they advertise sooooooooo much on other games, but unfortunately, I think they should be focusing more on the functionality of the game.

- RIP OFF artists

Please listen to me don’t spend your hard earned money on this game it’s a complete rip off.I have never wrote a review but I have to on this one .please I have put some money into this game and from the wheel where they old a gold part they rip you off I filled every slot on golden wheel they say it’s random it’s not they just take and take take .I’m calling Apple for refunds and I’m gonna try and take these people down I have the money to do so .just do yourselves a favor and listen to me or don’t and find out for yourselves these People are rip offs they they let you win in beginning’s then they turn it off and say it’s all random 42 trillion coins to zero in less than a day .they say lower your bet we’ll you can’t at the level I’m on took me awhile to figure out what they do .It’s a complete scam .listen to me again or don’t you will come to the same conclusion eventually

- Disappointed

I’ve only had this app for about two months. Maybe slightly less by a week or so. It was good for most the time. Outrageously great wins. Last week I got paid and decided to buy the piggy bank. It was my second purchase. Didn’t really need to because I had over 1,000,000,000,000 coins (not an exaggeration by any means) after I bought the piggy I kept betting my usual way. A few million a spin until I hit big then switched to another slot. But would not win anything significant after the purchase. I would win big a few times but never enough to really make a difference on what I put in. Example. I would bet a total of 100 million and hit a big win of 44 million. And my coins would constantly drop. Now I only have 3 million coins left and don’t want to spend anymore real cash just to keep playing. Really hope they are not like others that find out you spend money on games, so in return they make it to where you have to spend cash just to continue to play. As of right now I am giving them a 3 star until I understand why this has happened in just a few days of playing after buying a second pack.

- Scam and low payout!! NOT RANDOM!!

DO NOT SPEND ANY MONEY OR YOUR WINNINGS WILL DROPPED SIGNIFICANTLY!! Although I've never spent a penny, a few friends have and now their winnings have gone down a lot!! There is a variety of slots to choose from. They pay out a lot in the beginning but then it slows down. I don't like the way they increase the minimum bets. I'll be playing a slot and have to leave the game because I need to do something and when I come back, even if it's only a couple of minutes, the bet options have increased significantly. This morning my minimum for opening certain benefits in games was 1.1 million and within a few hours, it's now 3.3+ million. Because the winnings have slowed down, it's obviously trying to get me to run out of coins and spend money. I lost 20 billion in less than 30 minutes and the minimum bets are so high now, I cannot win enough to do daily challenges or play bonuses in games. Also, doing a daily challenge, I was suppose to win 1.8 million. After a spin the game gave me free spins, the challenge meter filled up 3/4's before I even started my free spins. Same thing happened when I was suppose to pick until I got 3 of the same thing. Before I even picked anything, the challenge meter filled and did not move after my picks. This means the game has preset winnings and is NOT RANDOM. Rigged...

- My favorite casino app!

I really enjoy playing Casino World! It’s fun, exciting and the graphics are excellent. If I were to state one negative, it would be that I’ve run into some really bad, long lasting losing streaks. It would be even more enjoyable if, while in a losing streak, it gave you a decent spin or two so that the excitement continues. When in a bad streak for over 30 minutes, it becomes boring and makes me turn the game off. I’ve had bad streaks where I’ve lost over $100T without hitting much of anything. I’ve even changed to multiple different games, adjusted my wager, everything I can think of to get the cycle to change and nothing works. Well, other than turning it off.

- Cost of coins, payouts and difficult Quests….

This game is great as long as you have LOTS of coins, and I mean LOTS! I’ve had up to 24 trillion coins and lost all within a few days because the Quests are so difficult to complete that you can’t even get to try some of the other games within the Quests. I choose between Easy And Medium Quests and sometimes can only complete a few before running out of coins. I would purchase more coins but think the price of coins is absurd! This is JUST a ‘game’, you don’t win actual money so to me why do you have to pay such a high price for coins to enjoy a few hours (if that) to play? I play all hours of the day and night and deal with the multiple ads and don’t see a lot of payouts as well. It’s a shame but I may be giving up this game and moving on if coin purchase, payouts and quests don’t change.

- Horrible customer service

It starts out as a great game until you lvl up and can no longer finish daily missions without purchase. Even then the cost is outrageous! They want you to win 300 billion in 80 spins but give you 50 million as hourly bonus. And for 1.99 you get 1 billion coins. Cool if the machines paid out at all. Gets worse after you purchase anything. The they take your items you win in events without even a warning! Then you just get the automatic response from a generated list from computer. My real issue is the fact that take your event winnings from you without warning. They are yours you won them. I had around 350 various depots mostly rare, epic and 3 legendary. Poof gone cost me 160 wish spins the day before. Gave me a legendary parts depots for all of it. How does 3 legendary, 40 or 50 epic and rest rare make one box? They jus5 respond your burnt.

- Loved this game! But…

I love this game!! I was addicted to playing everyday! It was fun winning a lot and hitting the jackpots and bonuses but… as soon as I got up to 312 billion coins all of a sudden I stoped winning. I couldn’t believe it. I couldn’t hit a single jackpot or bonus. I even tried to by something to see if that would help but it didn’t. I switched slots like I normally would to see if that would help. Nope and even waited a day nope! nothing helped! I went from 312 billion coins to a whopping 40 billion. Seems like a lot but I promise it goes very fast. I’m afraid eventually I will be out of coins and won’t be able to keep any coins. And barely play. I guess this is just how this game is rigged.


This was the only slot game I was playing because it was fun but after spending hundreds of dollars there were minor glitches that upset me like when you’re supposed to get the mega bonus after the 10th bonus or similar, the mega bonus would disappear and you have to start at the beginning. Those would irritate me. This time, I had a bunch of coins after yet another few big purchases (about $45) I got the extra bonuses, stamps, level up’s, star points, etc and yet another glitch which took everything from me. 🤬🤬🤬 I contacted customer service via the web “bolegames” sent messages and they still have not credited me back and no resolution. I will NEVER spend another dime on this game. The more you spend on this game the faster it takes away with less bonuses and payouts. This app is TERRIBLE!!!

- My favorite game!

I love the graphics, the several ways to get more coins, and the numerous options of games to play. I’ve seen several reviews that are angry about the money spent, but although I’ve paid for a few bundles/coins, if I’m getting low I just take my free coins they provide daily and don’t play until I’m back up enough to enjoy the game without stressing about losing it all. This is sincerely my favorite game. For whatever reason, I especially enjoy the “Dreamy Voyage” and make sure I get that every day, even if I don’t have time to actually play. I took away 1 star simply for the pop ups that constantly interrupt my game play. But except for that, I love it!

- It’s a good game but..

I don’t really have a problem with winnings and playing these games on the app but it’s one game in particular where it bothers me. That is Ultimate Tiki Link! I cannot for the life of me get 4 fireballs!! I have only been able to get 3 and repeatedly also only the free games every now and then. But in 500 spins I have never been able to get all 4 fireballs and that annoys the crap out of me lol. I play this game often at the real casinos and I absolutely love it, ive won hundreds of dollars from it. But the fact that I can’t play a replica of this game at my home and it wont play out properly aggravates me. Please fix this issue, I’ve only noticed this game that doesn’t fulfill the feature it’s supposed to

- Loving to spin on DAFU CASINO used to love Huuuuge casino !!

It’s a fun game with lots of ways to collect coins This game can get very frustrating, I love to play but ,face it like everyone says it freezes never hit any free spins and other special spins offered .heck I’ve played the wizard of Oz but still haven’t hit the ruby slippers .i have know idea what kind of bonus they give ...as I’m playing I start to win , I think wow it’s getting better maybe I will continue spending hours playing this app .. then I get the message ARE YOU HAVING FUN ... you guessed it ... they gave me a few great spins .. then ask that question... well I thank them for the winnings & I hope this time I can keep my winnings .. if so I will continue spending hours spinning daily on this app ... it’s fun .. and entertaining.. when it’s paying lol .. I do recommend it .. but be patient.. lov

- Just another money grab

Yeah I got the 12 mill start up, built up a little bit but all within 15 minutes broke and the only way to keep going was to buy more coins. Honestly you’d get less than a star. 9/9/22 update, I kept playing this game and enjoyed the jackpot quest playing it on medium or hard. turns out I’m going to be deleting this game for the same reason I deleted it last time. during the quest specifically the bingo piggy slot drains everything you have. impossible to complete the quest is an understatement. Unless I were to spend tons of money to probably not be still be able to complete the quest. after spending nearly 500,000,000,000 in coins, still fighting. This is a classic bait and switch… screen grabbed my experiences because I was going to do online streaming. But you have failed.

- Not Enough Reward

Alright, I’ve been playing this game for awhile. My current level is 4,243. Yes I know I play a lot. For as much as I’ve played and as much money as I’ve spent on this game. Probably over $250 due to the season pass and little amounts here and there. The game does not pay out as much as I feel like it should. It’s a game. Keep it fun, the only one making actual money are the creators so why not give bonuses and free games and extra rewards for playing constantly. I’ve been playing one certain slot game for a while now and I have not seen a free game at all. It’s about time to look for a new game at this rate. Overall, I like the app updates and the layout of all the games but the payouts and rewards are crap. 2 out of 5 stars.

- Purchases cannot be trusted

Buyer beware-there are multiple glitches and failure to disclose information within purchases. I have had multiple issues and none have ever been resolved other than to say sorry you misunderstood. I will never purchase again from them. The most recent issue-Their special dragon gold game allows you to buy special sword to beat cave. They fail to tell you anywhere will not work if within the cave already. Their customer service basically said “oh well”. Please stop giving them money. I have pictures and videos to document this time and they still refuse to correct purchase or make amends. In past, coins were given for bonus stamps not received or pet points not received. Any player knows no amount of coins can make up for losing completion of task.

- This app should be investigated

I started playing this and it was fun and I even put a little bit of money in here and there to have access to some extra features but now they’re requiring you to pay for some kind of package to use basic gaming features within this game I would suggest investigating to see if this game is following the TOS of the Apple App Store because I feel like they are ripping off the community and I wish I never gave them any money because of the amount of money that was put into this king I should not be sitting here bored waiting for freebies to take three and four hours to get a very minuscule freebie The game is not even playable and they barely let you win enough to sustain long-term playing I also feel that the majority of the reviews here are paid for reviews

- Game could’ve been great

After day 1 and earning 5 trillion in chips the game stopped paying and would get you with small $4.99 and $7.99 packages (DO NOT BUY) I went through 5 trillion chips in a day while betting 9 billion chips a spin. As a streamer that really irritated my viewers, they realized this game was very expensive as it took $350 I’m 3 days for me to learn. This game is like all other slot games on mobile they pretend it’s Vegas and they want all your money. So if you’re looking for a fun time don’t play this game it’ll bleed you dry! I know the 40,000+ people who saw this game take 5 trillion of my chips won’t be downloading this game. I am uninstalling and taking my business to a slot game that allows people to have fun on small amounts of money!

- Total scam

Look here’s the deal. These games are not regulated or monitored for fairness to the player. This game is set to steal(take) all your coins during times when people are normally active during the day. It will only pay out during the odd late hours of the day and changes it’s game rules for how the bonuses activate. It could take 5 spins one time and 305 spins the next seriously. I played this game and others these same scum bags put out it’s the same scam there also. The games are kinda fun, if you can accept that the spins aren’t random and instead deliberate and everything pre decided before ever even spinning. It’s setup to rob you blind and will try every second to do so. Up to you though if you have money to waste just to waste it then this is your game, good luck!

TransferWise 💸

Enjoy high maximum transfers into more than 20 currencies while saving up to 90% over local banks! The cheap, fast way to send money abroad. Free transfer up to 500 USD!

- Not happy

I have been playing and enjoying this game for quite some time and I don’t spend money on apps as a rule but I loved this so much that I have now spent quite a bit of money. In the beginning I was getting bang for my buck but the last three times I spent money on the wheel I got the lowest credits which didn’t even last me 10 minutes and that’s betting conservatively so I could just play. No free games or bonuses and if I was super lucky I got a little payout. In the last week alone I spent $60 trying to get credits just so I can play and I was cleaned out super fast. The higher you go in levels the harder it is to complete quests which I love doing or daily challenges. I would expect to play at least a week or two on the money I spent considering how much I have spent. If this isn’t fixed up I’m taking my money elsewhere. Such a shame as I really did enjoy playing.

- Enjoyable but rigged

It’s either rigged or extremely low odds of getting anything higher than major jackpot. I’ve pumped hundreds of billions through all the different slot games and never once won more than 15% of my average bet. It always teases that you will get the grand jackpot even with all odds in your favour, it still just stops at mini or minor 90% of the time and only once in all this time have I won the major jackpot on one game. Challenges and missions are very limited in that the rewards do not equal the amount you need to bet and win to get them. Then when you get something like a big level up, you’re rewarded with an amount that is less than 1% of your current balance. I’m past level 450 and still I will get level up rewards of less than 50 million when my constant balance is in excess of 20 billion. That’s not a reward but instead a slap in the face. I’ve enjoyed my time with the game and even spent a little money on it to enjoy it more, but when burn through your winnings faster than you earn them, it’s obvious the game is rigged. In plenty of instances I’ve burned through 25 billion in bets in less than a day. Ridiculous.

- Waste of time and money

I have spent easily over $800-$1,000 on this game Been playing for 2 and a half years so you can somewhat trust my review The games set so the more money you have the more money you have to bet, that way it’ll make you feel like even 100 trillion isn’t much (You won’t buy coins if you have money, so why would they let you always have money) “The more you win! the less you win!” Is what my sister said She has to stop playing when she wins because it’s nearly guaranteed you won’t win until you’ve lost what you won! My grandma said “Spend $10 to win $9” She stopped playing this game because it is common for her to spin all day and never win more then what she spends Which in my opinion is really honest! So my final thing to say is! Money on this game never lasts! go spend your money another way, buy a pair of shoes! Or go out for lunch! Don’t be like me who can’t afford his internet bill cause I waste money on this game! I’m level 5,000 and I have like 100,000,000 coins(100M) that’s not even 1 spin Honestly ive brought 7-8 $6 packs cause I keep running out money So before I buy more I had to uninstall the game Cause this is happening every week

- Not familiar with adequate customer service

On multiple occasions there have been glitches with in that game but it cost me actual money. At no point have they given me the value of money I’ve spent back. Normally when playing games and there’s a glitch you get your monies worth back or double what you lost because it’s not your fault the game glitched it’s the games fault. With jackpot world they don’t do that they give you a fourth of what you lost and that’s it, then they start threatening to no longer talk to you in regards to the matter. I’m really disappointed by this outcome I asked recently to speak to a manager and I have gotten no response whatsoever. I even gave them a concept like, I spend $500 on a bike, nothing anyway is stated buy as is. The bike breaks the first time you jump on. So you take it back and the store offers you $25 credit. That’s exactly jackpot worlds style. The won’t give you back $500, you’d be lucky to get $100. I don’t like leaving bad reviews but they’ve literally left me no choice

- Your in trouble fools

I’m a black hat certified ethical hacker and penetration tester for the Fortune 500 . Your uselees app stole 200 billion of free coins in less then 18 hours and I have never made a purchase not even once thank you very much . For proving your stupid i have hacked your app and harvested all your customer data including all purchase records and credit info from every player in the last 7 years . Your error logs are pathetic . Lol . Forget complaints I going directly to the ombudsman with proof your paid to play Real money thieving game is designed for a lawsuit waiting to happen ! Your server security is absolutely pathetic.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- Best By Far

Out of all the Slot games this has got to be the best. You actually WIN lots of coins and can constantly keep playing for hours, not like the other Slot apps where you log in every few hours just to lose straight away in a minute and have to wait for more coins. Theres also many ways to get more coins which is great like watching a 30 sec video, completing missions, bingo etc The only thing I do dislike which is why im rating this 4 star instead of 5 is the ads that pop up every now and then. Sometimes it will ask if I want to watch a video, I press the "x" and it still plays anyways or sometimes it will just randomly play a video. You can however remove the ads by buying coins? Havent tried it yet but when I do go to buy coins it doesnt work for some reason

- This company deserves a thorough investigation

We purchased a product but did not receive anything. We tried to get in touch with their customers service team. Similar to other players’ experiences and comments, it was extremely hard to talk to them. After we spent considerable time and efforts trying to get the paid product or get a refund, they responded that they would not give us the product we purchased but would instead give us something we never wanted. We read through the review pages across different forums and found we were not the first victim. This is a legal issue if a customer just would not get the product they purchased and the company said there would not be any refund. Please investigate into this. This game should be removed from the App Store until the company provides a reasonable solution to this legal issue.

- Friends and Fun!

I love this games app! Awesome range of games which a constantly updated with something new. Great team unions, lots of ways to earn free coins and lots of daily discounts on purchased coins, great people playing. It can be subject to the odd bug here and there but the team generally fix things very quickly and also release generous sorry posts with free coins. This is the best slots app you will find. Highly recommend.

- Jackpot World Casino

This is absolutely RIDICULOUS, VERY FRUSTRATING & VERY UPSETTING. IVE BEEN TRYING TO OPEN THIS CASINO, FOR THE PAST 2 WEEKS. It Just WILL NOT DOWNLOAD FULLY, So I Not Only Cannot Open it, But Off Course, I Just Cant Play in it! Its Bar, Fills up tp 98% And It STOPS. HOW ARE WE SUPPOSE TO PLAY IN THIS CASINO, IF, IT, WILL, NOT, DOWNLOAD, FULLY? It Doesn’t even Deserve 1 Star. I even Removed, Other Casinos & Photo, Plus other Datas, incase it’s to do with Space, But, It Still, Persists to Stop from Opening up! Very Frustrating. I found, that, a Couple of Casino that have Zorro in them, Do Not Work. Could this be the Case or is it, The App Store’s Fault? It has nothing to do, with My Device, Cause, I’ve Tried it, on 2 Devices & It STILL, DOES, THE SAME. It downloads up to 98% & it Stops. You’ve got My email. Please, I’ll appreciate your feedback. Thanking you. Yours Sincerely, Mary A Sultana

- Need some serious overhauling

I have been playing this app for almost 2 years now and it was fun and exciting up until the beginning of 2021. The games and quests have become more and more unachievable and then the amount of time spent collecting stamps, pink ores and other stuff that need collecting and then raise the goal posts makes me as a user of the app angry and not wanting to suggest my friends download and use this app. I mean don’t make it easy to do it but ensure your members walk away from the session they are playing somewhat satisfied that they got back what they put in.

- Great Games

I love playing these games and it is very entertaining with plenty of games to play. Unfortunately I really cannot see the point in locking a lot of the games as I have played a lot of the games which were unlocked before they were locked. It is really frustrating as you never know if they will be locked again when you go to play. I will never ever spend money getting funds or anything else as I just don’t believe you should have to so I am really frustrated when games are locked then unlocked then locked again. Please explain the reasoning.


I have been enjoying this for quite a while hence I’m on level 660+ however today I’m extremely annoyed as I had an excess of 758,000,000,000 which I’ve accumulated over the years as I bet very conservatively . Today side games came up okay no big deal, what is the BIG DEAL is when it went back to the slots game I was playing it had changed my bet to 198,000,000,000 unbeknownst to me and I lost 396,000,000,000 in 2 spins before I realised , this is absolutely disgraceful , it took me a couple of years to accumulate this and I feel very Robbed . Hope this is not a new marketing ploy so people have to buy credits . I’m also hoping that you will do the right thing and reimburse me the credits Many thanks Sharon

- Not happy

I won 39,000,000,000 billion on the Cushing Vao and a collect stamps add popped up and when I went to collect and of course my winnings disappeared this was the second time the first time 11,000,000,000 went missing so I tried to contact someone and I was sent to Instagram ! I would like the money I won back but I know you will ask for a screen shot but funny how there’s no way possible to get you a screen shot because it was the end of my free spin feature and I press collect and the money disagrees so no chance to take screen shot really like playing this game but would like winnings back please

- Well we had a bad year and this is just as bad

It was a Great game, but wins are rare. Hours of watching ads in exchange for free coins and I get disconnected before I get the reward . On the rare occasion I get a win I'm holding my breath waiting to see if I'll get paid or booted frustrating and disappointing ,it was so much better than the rest . Well I tried the rest and it's still the best.

- The best casino slots app out there

I have tried a lot of slots apps and this is definitely the best one out there. The graphics are fabulous and spins are fast. A great selection to choose from and you can easily play without spending a lot of money like some of the other apps out there. Some of them are just money pits. The quests are awesome too...hard but not too hard. Absolutely love this app.

- Best slot game ever !

I love this game . Great features and ways to earn more coins . I can waste hours sitting and play this . The new look is great . My only gripe with this app is that it freezes a lot , which means I have to shut down my phone and restart the phone in order to continue to play. I have the i phone 11 and would Of thought there would be no hiccups . But other than that small annoying problem , I love it . I tell my friends about this great app .

- Best game ever 😊😊

I have been playing this game for a few months now and it’s not the only game I play All others have been deleted excellent bonuses and love the new games I’m addicted I wake up at midnight and collect coins just so I can play the next day 🤣😊

- Don’t bother

Great graphics, but incredibly buggy app. Games often freeze, payouts aren’t added to totals, make the mistake of purchasing anything and you’ll find the cost for the same item next day will go up by up to 800%!!! Bonus payouts change without notice and decrease constantly so no matter how much you play or spend, you’ll lose. Terrible customer service - rude, arrogant and generally non responsive. Will not reimburse if they are at fault, and become any dive if challenged. Move on to another app but don’t waste your time on this one.

- Replying to your customers

This game is so unbelievably awesome that they now BLOCK your email address when they have ripped you off with coins etc. they refuse to hear you when it’s been told about the game being hacked so your accounts are hacked and your card compromised. Don’t bother going through iTunes or google play for refunds on purchases you know you did not make as they refuse to help. Go straight to your bank and get them for fraud!!! Do not let this game fool you. Watch when you purchase how the name of the game changes!!!


Your game is meant to be for mobile phones as you can't play on laptop or desktop am i correct..? Yet your game does not even open on my iPhone on mobile data and yes i have plenty of data..if you can only play over wifi why not have a desktop version..what a disappointment and a waste of time.! I'm also running iOS 13.2.3 so why can't i load this game on wifi..?

- A little is a lot

I think this app needs to slow down trying to get users to spend their money. Using this app is like walking down the street in a third world country, except it’s guilt free when you don’t spend this time. I’ve played lots of games and I occasionally don’t mind spending money on in-app purchases if it’s a game I like, but if the app is pushing its purchases too much, I’m not playing or paying regardless of how much I like the game.

- This game is a waste of time

I have been playing this game for about six months now and at the start from about levels 1-150 I was winning decent payout but the second I got past that line then I no longer won anything other than small payouts I always play in a conservative way but no matter how many spins I do I have never in my (guesstimating) 3000 spins won anything more than a minor prize, so please devs fix your game because it was fun at the start but now it is a point of frustration.

- Game play

Love playing this game but it would be good if the games paid out more money they seem to take a lot and pay out nothing especially the jackpots always the mini hardly ever anything bigger. I’ve spent heaps of money on this game too. Also everyone should have the ad bonus

- Can’t connect

Guys I don’t know any other way to contact you , I love your game , but today it keeps coming up with a connection error 009. Not only on my iPhone , but also on my wife’s Samsung. Is there an issue? I have also asked my neighbour and he said same thing. Nas

- Not happy

I have this game on my daughters iPad and I absolutely love it and then I brought up on my son‘s iPad and he has a different name altogether someone has hacked my account and uses it I have gone to Apple Pay I have gone to everyone I can think of to try and help me with this I know I can help me I cannot get her off of my sons iPad game I’m hoping someone can help me because it’s costing me thousands of dollars because she can pay money on my card and I can’t do nothing about it

- Terrible service. Take money but no responsibility

Terrible customer service. Play continues to be faulty after spending a considerable amount on the app. Customer service request screen shots and even when provided refuse to acknowledge complaints or compensate you for constant glitches. No responses from the company have been provided. My husband also had won a considerable amount of coins and they have taken coins from his account without explanation. When this was questioned with screen shots they simply added bonus stamps and a fraction of previous coins to his inbox without any correspondence or acknowledgement of his complaint. I will be reporting to the authorities today if this is not rectified appropriately and would appreciate a response from a customer service manager.

- Great graphics

Impressive games and lots to amuse the player. Certainly recommend this app. Hope many players join in and play and have as much fun as I am. Great graphics and has never stalled on my iPad. Some others do freeze and quit

- Rip off

I have spent more and more real money on this game and in the end it just take and takes and takes it doesn’t even give you a little bit of fun it just takes it all… just another app taking money off hard working people and yes I’m one of the silly one that have given my money away making them richer and me poorer so if anyone reads this please don’t give your real money to this app…..

- Sad

The games are fun to play but they charge way toooo much money to play and achieve certain tasks and when you win jackpots they don’t get paid!! And also the game sometimes has days where it doesn’t even load so you miss out on your rewards. Didn’t even acknowledge the review. The game might be free to play but in store purchases are encouraged and the game is unreliable. Also the supposedly easy challenge is unattainable unless you purchase credits with real money.

- This is now my favourite game

I have played lots of games, and all they seem to do is make you lose thousands so that you will buy more. The game simply stops paying. This game is a lot of fun and you don’t seem to lose all the time.

- Still the best slots game!

I have been playing this game now for months! Love it! Really good pays if you are able to persevere! Bank always seems to replenish just when you are thinking of giving up! Just hang in there! 👏👏

- Game glitches no help

Had numerous problems with this game and then on playing it the game ups the bet to maximum using three quarters of my coins ! On complaining I get from the support team oh you need to be more careful so they say they gave me compensation which I never got ! They could see if they looked into properly what happened to me! Don’t expect help or a response for at least a week ! Total rubbish!

- Lost coins

I love this slot game. But often loose coins because I forget to lower the bet amount. I lost 1.5T today :( it would be great if the starting amount was at the lowest when starting a new game. I’m sure I’m not the only one that has fallen in this trap.

- This game site if fantastic

I have to say that this app is definitely the best by far. Great graphics, fast spins, fantastic variety of games. But above all they pay, not like some other casino apps that only take. Highly recommend.

- Awesome fun game

I’ve been playing this game for a while now and I’ve enjoyed playing it. There’s no reason to spend money as you get plenty of free coins to keep you entertained all day

- The Best There Is!

I’ve been playing these games for years now and I must say for sheer quality, superb graphics and great odds which of course leads to so much fun over many hours every day and night. DAFU wins hands down over the rest. There are fun daily missions and quests to give you purpose, satisfaction and enjoyment. But hey don’t take my word for it, Download and try for yourself— A word of warning though. The games are loads of fun and very, very addictive! Go ahead and enjoy, you can thank me later.

- Why doesn’t it work

Ever since I updated from my iPhone 8 to an iPhone XS my app refuses to work. I’m very sad about this as I loved this game and I had built up a lot of credits.

- Pop up ads

To many pop up ads now, that keep playing even when you press the cross in top right corner that is supposed to close it?? It was the best but now it’s going down hill like all app, get you on them then change it, update are supposed to make it better not worse.!!!!

- Mobile Data

Happy About the game but why does it not work while using mobile data?

- Jack pot world

Hi there I have been playing this game for about 18 months and loving it but for the last two weeks I have not been able to open the game site up can you tell me how to get it done cheers

- Jackpot World

I am enjoying this game quite a lot! Some good wins as well as some losses but have been playing this for quite a while and still enjoying!

- Poor customer service

Don’t make any purchase because you don’t get according benefit out of that. They have mini bonus games but increase to a very hard level once you are in high levels. So many technical issues during the game such as lags, missing free games and bonus. I tried to reach the customer service for 5 days, multiple message but didn’t reply at all.

- My Review

Very nice games and amazing graphics you can play for hours and not get bored and the payouts aren’t too bad it’s worth downloading and checking it out

- Best casino app around

I’ve played many other games but Jackpot World is by far the best. Graphics are first rate Bonuses and missions are fun Highly recommend

- Another player deleting the game

I did enjoy this game, but over the last couple of months the developers have become money hungry and made it almost impossible to play the game without cash outlay. It isn’t a free game by any means. Missions are set too high to be completed, win ratio on slot machines is very low. Not fun to play anymore. Good bye I would rate it zero if I could

- Best ever game

I’ve only been playing this game a short time but can see I will be playing it for along time to come. The graphics are really lovely and the payouts generous so far. Developer doing a great job.

- Jackpot World

Awesome!!! Very exciting. There’s always a price every few spins. You never have to top up. Try it out you won’t be disappointed A++++++++

- Deciever and thieves

Do not buy anything from these developers. They are cheats and thieves. They say if you pay x you will get a bonus times 10, then when you have paid they change it and the bonus is no where near what they said. Does not even deserve 1 star. Plus it constantly does not load and hangs. Better games out there who don’t cheat you out of your money.

- My favourite game except...

Love this game, but always seem to have trouble opening the app. It begins loading and about quarter of the way, sometimes even reaches 100% but then nothing, Such a shame as I love this game

- Money sucking app

It seems all I do is pay for coins and they disappear within minutes and in order to continue playing, you have to spend more money. I thought it may be a glitch and wanted to find out more so I have contacted the support team numerous times about this and I’m have never received a response.

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- Sevens

When you win you win big but they are few and far between. Free spins are seldom but are usually good when you do get one but you have a number of fun games but to hard to get ahead

- Having fun, and easy to win

One of the best slot machine game

- Jackpot Mania

Fun games.

- Billionaire slot

What is with the Billionare slot ? Spun 522 times and only won safe play once for 666 thousand, and yet spent 35 BILLION during these spins ??? Never once had the 6 coin extra spin during all this This was a good lesson on why I do not spend actual money on slots I used to enjoy jackpot world slots but my, oh my

- Not Worth It

Don’t waste your time or money on this app. When you win big it’s amazing how suddenly the game starts to freeze up and when you request assistance from their supposedly customer support system, you loose everything. Just because they do updates does not give them the right to take away everything you’ve accomplished by playing especially when you make purchases.

- Fun Game But...

It’s a great game and lots of payouts. Free play lasts a long time. Time well wasted. My only fault is that the bonus for Double Thunder is not random at all. I have picked 1 extra spin every single time. I have picked 32 times (since I started counting). Almost mathematically impossible.

- Do NOT get this game!

This game is brutal. I was a loyal player for years and have finally deleted the game because you can never get ahead. Rarely do you win big and the challenges are so hard you can’t complete them. They need to realize if you give a little you get a lot. Do not waste your time or money on this pathetic game. If I could give it -1 stars I would

- rigged

games r rigged fake app keep out

- Faker

So I put it to the test. The first thing the guy says you will hit a jackpot in 10 spins. Nope not true nice try!!

- Jackpot world

Great games and quests

- This’s my first time Learning

Seems interesting

- Terrible

Would give 0 star if I could. As soon as you bet below the minimum for grand jackpot you don’t win anything. No bonuses no lines even close to your bet. The price to buy coins is way to much and not even worth it. If you do they would last 5 min if that even. Deleting app.

- Dead spins


- Changed jackpots so you win less

Terrible recent changes. The more levels you pass, the more you have to bet to play the bonuses. Which punishes long-term players for their loyalty by putting bonus rounds out of reach. Worse, if you do increase your bet and get a bonus, it takes your AVERAGE LIFETIME bet, so you get royally screwed. Bonus rounds should be at the amount of the CURRENT bet. It’s just so disgustingly greedy. I’m not going to pay for anything more.

- Fun or frustration

Don’t get this app. Not worth it

- Booted

Can’t stay in any games. Has continually booted me completely out every time I try to play any game. There was an update today, and it doesn’t help.

- Fun game but way too busy of a screen

Hard to keep track with far too many pop ups.

- This Game is Rigged!!

Yes you win but...... doesn’t matter they will drain your coins back to ZERO in no time. Daily challenges are next to impossible and the prices for coin packages are not worth it.... $1.99 for less then 20B coins? That’ll last you like 5 min if your lucky!! This game has gone from enjoyable to frustrating. Don’t pay for anything on this game!!! It’s not worth it!!

- Can’t play

Great game if I could load it. Did not have any issues with the game for a month or so, all of sudden it well not load, has been about 5 or 6 days now. I have done everything suggested and still no load. All of my other apps are working just fine, my device is up to date and got plenty of storage... guess I wait for an update. What would have been 4 stars is now 1.

- Not Random play

I noticed the scam that this gambling operation has programmed, I picked the jackpot feature over 80 times and the mini came up 100% of the time,, Major 0%, Minor 0%, and the Grand 0% Those odds aren’t even at a real casino, that my friends is definitely a scam, don’t ever give up your real money to coder who mathematically code in the odds just to rake in revenues of real cash. These coders know exactly what they’re doing, there’s no randomness to this app whatsoever and should be banned from running an illegal gambling operation.. period.. 😡 update! I’m 97 levels of play and there’s still 75 games locked 😹 that’s ridiculous, the app is riddled with dead spins that outweigh all other spins “wow” I couldn’t even imagine someone buying coins for these odds 😜 👎 👎 I give the app a very generous one star rating!!

- My gift

I must have a special talent for always picking the lowest prize in the bonus round. Either that or the game is rigged. Hmmm

- Average

Today (March 19) I literally was at 350 billion coins. Then the game freezes again. I’ve had to delete and reinstall the game at least 4-5 times a week. This latest install took me right back to the beginning. No 350 billion. The coins always remained when I reinstalled but not today. And there are TOO MANY ads. WOW!

- Garbage

Game is getting to be so predictable ! Every time there’s a “new” slot added all it does it rob all your coins!! Over 3 billion spent at 90 million a spin and not ONE single win to equal or better my bet !!! If I could I would give this less than one star !!

- Technical error needs fixing

When I first joined this game I really enjoyed it. After a while I noticed every win was actually decreasing coins. Instead of a win. This was on the auto spin feature. Please be weary and watch that you’re not losing coins after a win.

- Worst game ever

This game has caused trama, betrayal, money loss, arguments and ptsd for every slot machine that i touch. Don’t play this it’ll ruin your whole life right in front of your eyes.

- Ridiculous

Ridiculously low rate win. 100b gone in spins. No jackpot. So mad waste my money here. 10 spins on jackpot? You’ve gotta be kidding me.

- Jackpot Wrong

Il nous oblige très rapidement à augmenter la mise pour répondre aux différents défis que nous impose les jeux pour avancer. Trop rapidement justement. Les jeux et les défis deviennent alors ridiculement inatteignable. Le découragement s’installe et l’ennuis. Il veulent ainsi nous inciter à payer pour avoir d’avantage de monnaie virtuelle… mais ils échouent. Ce que l’on fait c’est fuir ! Dommage.

- Buenos el juegos

Muy buenos

- Holly& Karma

Where are the jackpots? Did not see what your adds are claiming to be. Where is my 100x compensation

- Fun

Lotsa coins

- Fun forever

Great all day 24/7 all the time. Join in play well and repeat for best gaming experience.

- hi

I’m having fun with this game

- Crap

Used to be a fun game. Every time you get a bonus or free games, which for a free game should be more often, it crashes. I was told it’s because my iPad was too old. Not buying new equipment to play a game that doesn’t even give fake rewards.

- This game from China

It is a Chinese game

- Not winning

Not winning jackpots in ten spins rip off

- Ron


- Trashy ahh game

Bro you have no father bozo

- Interesting game

It’s ok to use up time. Unfortunately you do not win real money. All you do basically is spend money to keep playing. If your looking for a game to just have fun, then enjoy. But if your wanting to win real money, then don’t bother. This game is just a money grab. The game is nothing like any of its advertisements. If you want to win REAL cash then go to a different game which I also caution you is also pretty much impossible to find due to all the fakes in the App Store.

- Bout average!

Played the “one-armed-bandits” in Reno and Vegas! Thankfully I’m not playing with real money! It’s fun though!

- Huge losses

Lost 71 billion in 25 minutes betting 180 million. Never played a game that took 40 spins to win what I was betting lol. Lost 45 billion the. One million saying super win then showing a stupid ad.

- Disappointing

The game doesn’t even open and if it does it freezes

- Garbage

Don’t waste you time!!!!

- No more revenue from ads

I bought a package of blue gems and haven’t had an ad since.

- F hires nootklmbvhuds.

Fun so far

- Silver

This game was fun at first but the missions have gotten stupid. This is same reason I quit Slotomania. I am only level 751 and the fun is dwindling. Money money money

- Retired

Awesome game, great graphics,exciting sound effects!!!!!! Well done. Kudos to the designers for their excellent creativity. great fun playing the games under the Umbrella👌🏋🏿❤️😎🤘🦍

- Same as the rest

You win a ton at first then you lose it all! Fun for 2 days then delete!

- Terrible

It was working good until I paid 2$ for 160,000,000. Now the app won’t even start. What a bunch of scammers

- Avoid this game 100%

So many ads. Go play cash tornado lol. CT has a lot of popups but atleast they don’t trick you into watching ads that don’t even give good bonuses.

- Where the heck are my coins?

I am a long term player and have spent and embarrassed to say spent 1000s of real dollars! I had 24+ trillion and went into the quest to finish one of my flaming challenges by betting 80 times! Well I had a ad pop up for my kitty bank and I’d shut it and it’d pop up again and again so I left the room and went to another game. When I got there I know have 1 trillion!! Where are my coins? You took them all! I had even lowers my bet from 45b to 36b to get the spins done! Like seriously you need to fix this! I can’t get a answer from support it takes 2 weeks sometimes for them to get back to you! My husband and I spend a lot of money there on jewels and coins and deals…If you don’t correct this than you guys are just robbers who don’t care about your players at all! This is beyond ridiculous and I’m crushed! This is what I do everyday and now I can’t play at all!! Plzzzzzz fix this!

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Jackpot World™ - Casino Slots 8.2 Screenshots & Images

Jackpot World™ - Casino Slots iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Jackpot World™ - Casino Slots iphone images
Jackpot World™ - Casino Slots iphone images
Jackpot World™ - Casino Slots iphone images
Jackpot World™ - Casino Slots iphone images
Jackpot World™ - Casino Slots iphone images
Jackpot World™ - Casino Slots iphone images
Jackpot World™ - Casino Slots iphone images
Jackpot World™ - Casino Slots Games application iphone screenshots and images not ready...

Jackpot World™ - Casino Slots (Version 8.2) Install & Download

The applications Jackpot World™ - Casino Slots was published in the category Games on 2018-03-16 and was developed by SpinX Games Limited [Developer ID: 1545873689]. This application file size is 258.48 MB. Jackpot World™ - Casino Slots - Games app posted on 2022-11-08 current version is 8.2 and works well on IOS 11.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: slots.games.vegas.night.casino