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SkySafari 6 Pro [Reference] App Description & Overview

SkySafari 6 Pro will revolutionize your astronomical viewing experience. It has the largest database of any astronomy app, includes every solar system object ever discovered, offers unparalleled accuracy, flawless telescope control, Augmented Reality (AR) mode, and provides the very best experience under the stars when you depend on it. Discover why SkySafari 6 Pro is the #1 recommended astronomy app for serious amateur astronomers since 2009.

Here's what's new in version 6:

1) Complete support for iOS 13 and iPhone 11. We release regular updates.

2) Clouds and Astronomy. Two words that rarely go together. SkySafari 6 Pro will (optionally) back up all of your observing data in our secure cloud storage and make it easily accessible to multiple devices as well as from our new web interface,

3) We Have The Best Stars. Precise, modern and deep. We’ve updated our star catalog to use the latest and greatest, UCAC5 star catalog. If 25 million stars down to 15th magnitude isn’t enough for you, an easy in-app purchase gets you down to 16.5 magnitude and a whopping 100 million stars!

4) We Have The Best Galaxies. The PGC catalog includes galaxies down to 18th magnitude. Want more galaxies? How about 2.6 million more? An in-app purchase gives you access to the largest galaxy database available for your device.

5) Observers First. A redesign of our tools puts the active observer first. Quick access to features like your equipment, observing sites, lists, and observations make it easy and enjoyable to get out, observe, and record your observations. The observing sessions feature lets you collect your observations into groups that span a few hours, or a few nights.

6) Graph It. The completely new graph tool will give a quick visual representation of an object’s altitude above the horizon. Essential for planning your night’s observations.

7) Plan It. Make the most of your time under the stars. Our updated planner is a powerful tool that lets you create a list of targets for your observing session with filters like object types, specific time ranges, constellation, catalog, and more. Plan it and get more done.

8) Say It. Ever just wanted to just yell at your device and tell it what to do!? SkySafari 6 adds basic voice control for a wide range of operations. Say “select Jupiter,” “search for Titan,” “center on Polaris” and SkySafari will do the work for you. Yelling optional. 

9) Tilt It. Every old astronomy app these days lets your tilt and pan your device to show different parts of the sky, but who else lets you control your telescope that way!? “Tilt to slew” is an optional mode allowing you to keep your eye in the eyepiece, and, using the accelerometers in your device, gently translate the movements of your hands into smooth telescope motion.

10) Share It. SkySafari 6 is more than just a mobile app, it’s a new system to help organize and share your observing experiences. With a free signup, you can see and share your observing data from our web portal,! Affordable premium memberships add online editing, so you can not only view, but edit your observations, add new observing sites, manage your equipment and more. Finally, (coming soon) you can view, edit and manage your settings files with SkySafari Web, our fully functional web version.

If you haven't used SkySafari 6 Pro before, here's what you can do with it:

• Hold your device up, and SkySafari 6 Pro will find stars, constellations, planets, and more! The star chart updates automatically with your movements for the ultimate stargazing experience.

• Simulate the night sky up to 10,000 years in the past or future! Animate meteor showers, conjunctions, eclipses, and other celestial events.

• Control your telescope, log and plan your observations.

• Night Vision.

• Orbit Mode. Leave the Earth’s surface behind, and fly through our solar system.

• Galaxy View shows the position of deep sky objects in our Milky Way!

• Much more!

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SkySafari 6 Pro Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Fixes AR mode initialization. Performance enhancements. Fixes problem adding multiple Equipment to Observations.

SkySafari 6 Pro Comments & Reviews

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- Best You Can Buy

I received my doctorate in ‘86, and have catagorized this app as one that I can NOT imagine what I did without it. Granted that all information contained is open source and available, but not so in such a portable, credible AND provides highly accurate and VISUAL examples - with current (to the SECOND) data from the ESA, NASA, JPL, and TONS OF OTHERS. As stated previously, even time and distance figurations are provided and accurate. WOW. What an app! Now, having said all this, the practice of coming out (almost annually) with new versions without recognition of prior customer loyalty and purchases is OBNOXIOUS and ..., SILLY. I would beg the developer to revisit their release strategies, to include loyalty to prior customers purchasing the app (over and over again) to stay current. Thank you in advance for considering this. I’m sure it’s important to your doctoral customers, and well as students who are not as financially stable as others. I say this because I’ve seen students struggling to purchase this app. It’s just way too mercenary for me to recommend it - But I will give it FIVE STARS ***** because of its content. Please forgive typos, IF any.

- Useable, but with greater difficulty

This is an addendum to my previous review (revised) - Upon further review I was able to use LiveSky to input all of my equipment. It is very different from SkySafari 5 Pro. So there is a learning curve that could be improved with a detailed user manual for SkySafari 6 Pro. While the new app is useable, I believe it is more cumbersome than Using SkySafari 5 Pro. However I am changing my star rating to 3 stars since everything seems to be working, although I find it more difficult to use than SkySafari 5 Pro. I will give it 5 stars after it becomes as easy to use as SkySafari 5 Pro. Original Review - Unable to get my settings/equipment from SkySafari 5 pro. Tried the method given to a previous reviewer and after selecting share from SkySafari 5, there was no SkySafari 6 in the list to share to. Then I tried to add my equipment manually like with Safari 5 pro and could not find an option in the settings to do so. I thought maybe it was a bad install or something but it was the same on both my iPad 2017, and my iPhone 6. I joined LiveSky thinking I might be able to accomplish some of the above tasks and was able to input one of my telescopes. After that it it only listed that telescope as a recent telescope and no further option to add other equipment. I apologize if I have missed some important information on this, however, I am very disgruntled to think I just paid $20 to be a beta tester of this app.

- Excellent Product Features with Poor Support

I have very mixed emotions about SkySafari 6 Pro. It’s feature packed and a very capable iPhone/iPad planetarium program. The telescope control features work very well, and I’m able to interface to my Meade computerized telescopes through the Meade Stella wifi interface. But I had difficulty using the audio for the app, and discovered that the support for the product is very limited. When you try to call the company, there is no number to call for the iOS products. When you go to submit a service ticket online, you’re directed to the community bulletin board. So I submitted my problem online, and had no responses after 4 days. I posted a question (my second try on the forum) and have not gotten an answer after 7 days. If the company is going to direct people to the community bulletin board, they should certainly monitor the board and provide assistance when needed. I finally figured the audio problem out myself. My experience with SkySafari 6 Pro is that it’s a 5-star product with zero-star support. It’s a feature-packed program but you might be on your own if you have a problem. Further, you have to buy the program again each time there is a major update—running counter to other iOS apps. That might be ok if they supported the program, but doesn’t work for me if the company doesn’t provide support.

- Increadible

I’m using this app to control a Celestron 8” EdgeHD on an AVX German Equatorial Mount. The Network interface is via Celestron’s SkyPortal WiFi adapter. This app is a huge improvement over Celestron’s own hand controller. The alignment is process is faster, and the tracking accuracy has been excellent. The app has improved my entire astronomical experience with a wealth of data and having the ability to customize the “scope display” using the exact specifications of my gear. This is also great for simulating the FoV of various eyepieces and imaging equipment for possible future purchases, and for planning imaging session dates & times. The telescope controls are smooth and everything works great. I can certainly tell that some serious effort has been put into this app. The only changes I could suggest would be to enlarge the telescope directional buttons. With a hand controller, you can feel the buttons physically, and it’s easier to direct the scope without having to come off the eyepiece to look at the hand controller. Having these controls on screen makes it a little more difficult to make small finely-tuned adjustments.

- There Is No Other

The amount of information, calculations, and corresponding graphics output (or telescope control) being done (in the palm of your hand), is mind-boggling! And yet, the controls are well implemented and intuitive. Plus, for all this, its cost is amazingly economical! If only we had another “Einstein” to make use of all this technology, and take that next “giant leap” in our theories. I fear, though, that someone like him would never be heard in today’s science, which has become almost as dogmatic as the medieval church. Only one scientist, in all the science shows I’ve watched, has CORRECTLY said that “true science” is about being “wrong” as well as about being “right”! Almost every other scientist has said something like: And we sat on our findings for a year or two, and recalculated them over and over again, for fear of making a mistake and being “wrong”. Most common human endeavors are NOT competitions (especially science), as TV and the Internet would have us believe. We really do all live on this tiny “blue dot” together! Spend just a few minutes with this app, and you’ll get all the proof you need for Carl Sagan’s comment, said so long ago about the Voyager I photograph of the planets.

- Great but version 6 could have been better

I have been a SkySafari Pro user since version 3. As an amateur astronomer and astrophotographer, I consider this app an essential tool for planning targets for both outreach and imaging due to the convenience of having this powerful app on my phone. I consider this a 5 star app but am only giving 4 stars on version 6 for the following reasons and the upgrade experience could have been better. 1. I held off upgrading from 5 to 6 for a year. I expected most of the bugs to be wrung out by now but when I upgraded after taking advantage of the 50% off, I found an existing basic feature in 5 not working in 6 and one of the new key selling point features not working either. SC is aware of these issues and have already fixed one and will be coming out with a fix for the other soon in 6.6.3. 2. The new features since 5 did not seem to be worth upgrading. Augmented Reality is probably the most interesting one but I am not sure how useful it will be to me. The voice control is all but useless. The reorganization of the toolbar seems to be an improvement but I am still trying to get used to it. The planner and graph are fairly simplistic but may be of some use to me. The main reason for my upgrading is to get the latest supported version. I am still a very happy SkySafari user and am just offering my review as constructive criticism.

- Don’t Bother

There needs to be a way to leave zero stars. I cannot get this app to align my telescope and it works poorly on my IPad. When I connect to my telescope the app flashes between where the app thinks the telescope is pointing and where the scope is actually pointing. The rest of the app is interesting and useful. It is unfortunate that it will not align my telescope. I have SkyPortal, Starry Night and SkySafari 6 Pro. All are written by Simulation Curriculum and work poorly if you have a Celestron scope with a WiFi device, Wedge and Starsense camera. Good luck with this app. I give up! I had this apple on my phone and I had to delete it because the performance was too poor. I have it on my IMac as well. None of the three versions of this app would properly align my celestron CPC 11 inch deluxe edge hd telescope. The app remembers where you last had the telescope pointing when you shut it off. It will not forget that setting. I set up my telescope each night and have no need for the app to remember anything about where I had my telescope last pointed to. It routinely points to the ground when I try and align it. Support has not been of any help.

- First light -Sky Safari 6 Pro

Have tried everything BUT Sky Safari Pro for decade + (after finding great features across several different app’s, but never in one...), finally plunked down the $ - Sky Safari 6 Pro the best by far. Spend the extra dough and go deep get the Pro version-no regrets here. 17.2 mag. limit works for galaxy imaging. Little things like instantly creating observing lists, by category, with all the data will save hours and hours-great images in the database too. Every freakin’ little star-tap it, it’s got a story. Largest database I’ve ever seen. This app is the first step to iPad control of my GOTO LosmandyGM811 (C11). Have yet to control mount but the interface appears simple. Elegant and intuitive. Worth every penny.

- Essential tool of the trade

Been using it since Version 3. While not excited so much with Live Sky and observing lists setup (adds a bit more complexity vs previous versions), I have not used printed maps out on the field for more than 2 years and it has made star hopping a faster endeavour. I will be purchasing (as before) any new version that comes out as this app is by far the most important “accessory” in my astronomical gear. Plus when weather is not cooperating, spending time with this app is awesome. You learn stuff, stumble on new objects to observe and generally “compensate” for lack of actual observing to some degree - to work out the frustration of being indoors instead of out observing!

- Heaven Above

I’ve always wanted a telescope to view the worlds beyond our own. Given I can’t afford my own Hubble...I’ve found lots of fun with SkySafari Pro app. I’m able to locate items and review information about them. I live less than 2 miles from the beach...providing a reasonably dark environment. SkySafari Pro lets me identify unknown objects by simply pointing my phone at the object and learn as much or as little about it as I want. SkySafari is a great beach party tool as well. When you settle down for listening to the waves and watching the glittering objects above...this app often replaces the campfire. Stargazing rather than listening to the crackle of a campfire.

- developer response to "Empty search result for Comet C/2020 (NEOWISE)"

The Simulation Curriculum developer responded quickly to my recent review of this app, "Empty search result for Comet C/2020 (NEOWISE)". Their response suggested that I run "Update Minor Planet Data" in Settings > Solar System. What he failed to say is that the program bug is not fixed and that I would continue having to "Update Minor Planet Data" every single time I open the app on my iPhone. The update completes normally on my iPhone, however, and the comet is then found but the bug also then prevents the Search results from being "remembered" from use to use. Poor. Oh, and contacting Simulation Curriculum directly means posting on their community forum ("All SkySafari inquiries are addressed in the Community Forums (Check the box to access).". Again poor, in agreement with other reviewers regarding app support mechanism.

- Alpha, maybe Beta - barely

Not happy. My first review was not posted because of bad language. Grow up, Apple. Not ready for prime time. Hangs permanently when a data transfer to or from LiveSky loses a connection. To use SS6 Pro again I had to restart the phone. LiveSky site uses WebGL, so doesn’t do well with Safari. LiveSky site is not ready, and has serious updating issues. SS6 has slewing problems with Celestron NexStar Evolution WiFi, just like the predecessors, and you just have Celestron pointing fingers at SS, and SS pointing fingers at Celestron, just like before. Sky Safari 6 Pro needs a lot of attention. Looks like it won’t be ready for quite a while. The developers need a better release strategy, because this thing will ruin their reputation.

- Unable to use augmented reality on IPad

I cannot get the app to connect to my camera on my iPad to use the augmented reality. I have checked the settings on my iPad to make sure the app is allowed to connect to the camera. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the app. I have swiped down on the screen while in augmented reality to change the contrast and nothing happens. It is obvious that the app is not connecting to my IPad camera to allow augmented reality to be used. I also have the Starwalk 2 app and the camera in that app connects to Starwalk 2 with no problem. I even deleted the Starwalk 2 app to see if that could be the problem with the camera not connecting in SkySafari Pro. Still no connection between my iPad camera and SkySafari to allow the use of augmented reality.

- SkySafari Pro is THE best

I have been using sky Safari Pro on my iPhone and iPad and MacBook Pro for several years. Each new release just keeps getting better and better. I also have Starry Night Pro Plus 7 and it has so many more features, but I keep coming back to SkySafari Pro because it works so well on the iPad. If this is the first time that you would be using Sky Safari Pro 6, then you won’t have to unlearn anything from a previous version. This is essentially a complete rewrite of the application with more useful features than found in earlier versions.

- Don’t bother...

...its a downgrade instead of an upgrade. They’ve taken away iCloud storage and want you to store you configuration settings on their servers for a FEE now. You guys are NOT telling the truth and I’ll be telling Apple to PULL this from the store. There will be a FEE now to provide the SAME level of functionality I have w/iCloud between my Mac and iOS. There’s no seamless way to move all your lists (equipment/observing) from V5 to V6. Your target audience is small ... and making upgrades unmanageable will result in an even *smaller* audience. I’m done with SkySafari due to these changes.

- Cool app - no support except through reviews?

Keep getting a zen desk rejection on site to get support. Stuck in a loop!! Frustrating. How does Comet NeoWise NOT make the “Tonight‘a Best” list? It’s been around since March. 😓 Wish meteor showers could be searched by “best dates to view” them... impossible to figure out their peak from data given. I’ll share more as I get into it. Love the apps overwhelming details. Would love to give it 4-5 stars once there is human contact and response... UPDATE: that link you provided is the exact same one causing the loop issues. Doesn’t work! NeoWise is on my iPad version not my iPhone version? And isn’t “Low on horizon” relative to where someone is at? In Canada it would not be.

- Good as always but with flaws

I bought this as an upgrade from sky safari 4, which I enjoyed. I bought it for the new features in this version, namely AR, voice commands and Celestron audio tours. Tht AR works well, but the voice commands don't work. They really shouldn't even include it until it works better because this is a source of frustration. Also, the audio volume is extremely muted and difficult to hear for several objects. It works fine and loud for some objects, but others are so soft you can hardly hear them. So I am disappointed that the upgraded features aren't working very well for me. I regret spending the money on the upgrade from 4.

- A learning curve over version 5 but I’ve come to really like it

Lots of issues with having used 4 and 5 over this one. Once I realized that the UI had been rearranged, I slowly started learning it. It still doesn’t import previous version equipment but with the new online storage model, that should be a thing of the past. I really love where things I add to the observing lists sync to all my other devices. It never did that before and I was perplexed because I was using cloud storage. Everyone who has seen it is in love with the app.

- Star dreams

See. I grew up in the foothills east of San Diego, California. The sky is often clear enough to see many stars most of the year. Sky & Telescope magazine makes it easy to explore the sky and follow the location of planets , stars, and comets. Now I live in Fresno where the sky is most often shrouded by haze, and now it’s worse with the Summer-long forrest fires. But with Sky Safari Pro I can follow the gems in the sky without concern for the haze, dust storms, or the occasional low pressure area.

- Good Astronomy App, but not X/XS Friendly

This is mostly a great app. I particularly like the wealth of information provided about various celestial objects. The interactive Hertzsprung-Russell diagram (an in app purchase) is fun also. That being said, at a $20 base price, I’d hope that the developers would be more responsive in keeping it up to date with modern iPhones. The app has not been updated to account for iPhone X/XS “notch”, which has been around for over a year now and isn’t going away. Text in the UI is constantly obscured by the notch. Come on, folks! Don’t allow this to mar an otherwise very good app.

- Requires another account, drops support for saving settings on cloud services

I was excited for the new version but disheartened to find out that the migration process for my settings from version 5 requires iTunes on a computer and a lot of manual copying. Not very convenient if you exist in the “post-pc” world with just a tablet. This version just about requires an account on the proprietary livesky service and drops all support for saving your settings on iCloud or google drive. One more account you need to keep track of, and the concern if it goes away what happens to your settings?

- Highly recommend

I have used SkySafari for years, actually, since it first came out. I use the wifi system (3 units) with a ServoCat and two Takahashi NJPs. I have done hours of observing and it has never let me down. I spent one night with a friend at the TSP going from object to object from sunset to dawn without a single glitch. Best night of observing I have ever experienced. Their product support has also been very good for me.

- Missing some options

Can’t figure out how to deselect an object, any object. One always appears to be selected. Would like to turn off those cross hairs around an object on occasion. Also would like to disable having the audio tour and pronounce buttons visible...they are taking up valuable screen space and are apparently locked in space, not scrolling out of view. Some of us know this stuff and don’t need/want it there. All in all, working as expected...just not quite as desired.

- New version bug

With the latest release, a bug was introduced with the time/date at the bottom of the screen. There is a separate character between the date and time. When the cursor is placed on the additional character it appears you are adjusting the hour. When you place your cursor on the hour you are adjusting the minutes, when your cursor is on the minute you are adjusting the seconds. It is workable, but was not apparent with the previous version and should be fixed.

- Tonight’s Best

SkySafari 6 Pro on IOS Could the developers improve Tonight’s Best listing to show objects that will be visible from my location and time of day ? Often times during a search one of Tonight’s Best is below the horizon never to rise. If the developers could go further could they list Tonight’s Best within viewing coordinates of my pointer or TelRad? Otherwise SkySafai has always been an excellent tool. 5 stars from me.

- Not good for scope orientation

If your buying this app to orient your telescope be aware the app is only as good as the phone compass, in the case of the new IPhone X it useless the phone often gives me the message phone can’t find true north and it’s pointing towards magnetic north is also out by more than a few degrees. Most of the time I’ll point it north and it tells me I’m looking south east. This version is a great disappointment as previous versions I’ve used worked reasonably Well. Sad!!

- Layout bug iPhone X (2017) and later (also support)

Search for a comet to get you to the screen I'm talking about. Try tapping the (i) button at lower right. You can't, because you laid it out against "Superview" (screen edge) instead of "Safe Area" (so it isn't blocked by the swipe-up-to-exit bar). Easy fix. I wonder if the last row of the table has the same bug. I TRIED to report this to SimC's support forum, but with both Safari and Firefox on iOS 13 the site balks over some kind of cookie voodoo I don't run into anywhere else. SimC doesn't make it easy to do it any favors.

- Learning Astronomy Day By Day

Great app to help me learn Astronomy. Very daunting app that is very comprehensive. I have noticed that the calculation for Lunar age is off by around 9 hours?! Not sure why? Maybe the makers can comment here. Also the synch with my iPhone compass seems very glitchy. I end up manually moving the sky. It is fantastic to have this amount of knowledge always at my fingertips! Thank you!! Roger

- SkySafari6 brings more improvements to Observers!

The cloud file share/file sync features are fabulous. Observing lists and equipment lists are now easy to access through this feature. The Observe menu better organizes the observing functions. The new observing Plan feature helps the observer create a plan for the night. New Measurement capability helps with astrometrics.

- A highly complete systen

I have found SkySafari Pro a complete yet basically straight forward tool. From driving my GoTo scope, to helping me plan observing or acting as a sky guide and educational tool to look at the wonders we see above in our own time and way. I would recommend the SkySafari system to any one seeking to understand the sky we see around us. Jim Cook

- Good but could be better

After 3 weeks, I’ve found some flaws. 1) I don’t like how much area the ground takes up when I hold the phone perpendicular, I wish it occupied less space on the screen. 2) I wish in the settings I could change km to miles. 3) when I tap the screen for a star I can’t get its name to go away without going to settings and resetting to original settings. SCC

- Essential Tool

Works best on I-pad. This software has completely changed both observing and object planning for the better. There is simply no better alternative for locating objects and for selecting which ones to view and when. No other app offers as many features' there is simply no comparison.

- Update problem

I updated the app and now it will not go into [AR] in compass mode does nothing. So now I’m using SkyPortal to view the sky in [AR] mode. Hopefully they will fix this new issue they created with another update very soon. The program is fantastic otherwise easy to use, I control my telescope with it. Jw

- Very Useful App

I'm new to astronomy and using the app with a Celestron Evolution 8HD. Connecting the app to the scope using wifi, alignment, & finding objects in the sky using the app is very simple. The app provides a ton interesting information for those wanting to learn about the universe. The app is well worth the money. My only complaint is the app seems to lock up when using it with Celestron's Star Sense.

- This app is fantastic!

I am a long time amateur astronomer and I have used this app for years on my iPhone, iPad, and Mac. It never disappoints in its abilities. It’s the only planetarium program I regularly use today, and I have used quite a few. There is simply no better option anywhere near this price.

- Just spend the money and be happy

I used to use five different apps until I found this one. Now, I only have this one on my phone and IPad. It’s amazing what you can do with this app. I am so happy. I will probably never be able to see everything this app has. Very happy purchase

- Neowise Below Horizon and Above Horizon at the same time

Bought SkySafari Pro. Loaded it on iPadPro 4th gen and iPhone 11 Pro Max. Asked each install to show me position of Neowise. Each computer had identical default configurations. However, the iPhone shows it below the horizon while the iPad Pro shows it above the horizon. What’s up?

- The best Astronomy app for the blind

This app is fully accessible for the blind. There are other Astronomy apps that blind people use. However they are not as accessible as SkySafari 6 Pro is. Unlike the other Astronomy apps this app allows you to study the universe and even allows you to observe the night sky without sight.

- great app

I happen to be blind and really enjoy skysafari 6 pro. I'm impressed with the amount of information that the app provides on various objects in the universe. I like the fact that skysafari 6 pro has an up to date and large database. I highly recommend this app to anyone who is blind or sighted.

- Improved User Interface over Pro 5

After figuring out the non-trivial way to import settings from previous versions of Sky Safari, Pro 6 has a far cleaner user interface than Pro 5. Looking forward to trying the new telescope control interface.

- Best Astronomy Software for iOS

This program consistently impresses me. I upgraded from version 5 to 6 and am excited to use it even more. I do amateur astrophotography and this app helps me log my observations, plan my sessions, and is just plain cool to use. Thanks for the hard work creating this!

- So easy to use and it runs my telescope too!

I have been used Sky safari for 3 years . I like the “information” feature for use at public star parties when asked particular questions about what we are looking at. I also appreciate how easy it is to find out what is “up tonight” I have a Starmaster 14.5” dobsonian driven by Sky Commander and Startracker. I interface my scope with my iPhone and SkySafari Pro for a very efficient go to and tracking. Several years ago it helped me locate Pluto in a star field. I recommend Sky Safari highly.

- Awesome app, one of my favorites.

Amazing app that provides an unparalleled view and dataset for the night sky. One gripe is the compass: it doesn’t seem to auto-calibrate when app starts, and is often off by 30-50 degrees due to drift. I must first run apple’s compass app to recalibrate, then restart sky safari. Update: the compass feature continues to be at issue; now when engaged, the whole screen jitters.

- Sky Safari Pro 6 less than expected

Difficult to setup and transfer from Sky Safari Pro 5. Very slow loading on older ipad mini I Use for astronomy. Very laggy interface. Not as smooth as expected. Has already hung up ipad twice as I am trying to set up. I hope it improves. I am disappointed by the slow response as it significantly affects use.

- Glad I have this app! Please ignore first review

My first review of this app was a two star because I thought this app did not have what I needed. Boy was I wrong! When I took the time to explore I found everything I needed and more. Sorry for the first awful bad!

- Best astronomy app

Pro version: Very great tool for serious amateur astronomy. I love how you can see what the object looks like in the eyepiece. Great for Star-hopping if you don’t have a clock drive. I also think the AR feature is amazing! You can go deep sky with this app. Tons of options.

- Excellent tool for astrophotography

Easy to use. Has it’s flaws when used as go-to, understandable due to the complexity of algorithms that are needed for such a task, but if supervised carefully it works well. Intuitive interface easy to get along. Thumbs up!

- My first time

Just started gazing and I thought I would give this app a try so far so good but it’s obvious I have a lot to learn with app alone. Looking forward to the arrival of my telescope trying to get prepared for that day. Yes, I am enjoying what I have done so far.

- Changed rating - still the best!

Ok, I previously wrote a bad review.... but I was wrong. There is a big change/learning curve from v5 to v6.... they should do a better job of explaining the changes, but bottom line, this is the best app in its class, hands down!

- Don’t even bother, you can’t connect your phone to your scope

Get the free version - it’s the only one that actually works to connect to your scope. Granted this has great compass viewing while I’m sitting on the toilet, it can’t connect to my scope and is of absolutely no use vs a a $4 app that can also direct me to the universe while sitting on the pot. The free version works fine with the wi-fi module. The paid version can’t even find your scope to connect with. Total FAIL!

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- Crashes

It keeps on crashing after adding something

- Waste of time and money

Every time they update Sky Safari they remove something to later add back as an expensive addon. this used to be an awesome program but now its only aimed at idiots. Ifyou do serious astronomy it no longer works as you expect. For example the target information has removed all but one database so finding something by its catalogue number wont work because all regularly used identifiers have been removed. This means integrating exploration with other programs and common information sources is no longer possible. Tough luck if you want to ever automate an observatory with this tool. Its already and expensive program and used to be only just worth it, but their business model of removing functionality and offering it back as another expensive purchase or subscription on top of the paid app. If you can get a hacked version to test if itll work for now for you then try it, but under no circumstances give these holes money when they will take away the features you use at any time and disabling your current version with no rollback possible. Totally useless to me now. Want my money back or a way to roll back to the previous version which did work.

- Generally a really great app...but

Slightly disappointed that the Apple Watch app is a black screen with a little time in the corner. Tracing the problem has only lead to being redirected to support pages of a similar problem but with no fix. Happy to rate higher if this is fixed. The remainder of the app works as advertised and is really robust and feature rich.

- Starts fast unlike my Mac version

Works well and starts up fast unlike the macOS version which takes for ever to get going on my MacBook Pro ok once running. Doesn’t have everything but works well controlling my Azeq6 mount

- Great tool for Astrophotography

Well designed and easy to use, massive sky catalogue. If you have a wifi dongle you can even guide through it.

- It’s Ok

For upcoming visible satellite predictions I prefer Luminos, plus I prefer the What’s Up tonight button in Luminos and the accurate real world horizon for planning said satellite observations.... Its hilly towards my west and if they are going to be obscured, can just as easily stay indoors.

- Slow to download

Have been trying to download this app for 3days now. Slowest download I’ve experienced so far. Not happy jan

- Disappointing update

Just updated this app and discovered all my settings are gone. All my views of my equipment is gone. It takes a long time to get all these settings correct and thus useful. Nothing was said that these settings were going to be erased. Highly disappointing and very frustrating.

- I do like it

I don’t really understand all the settings but I do like exploring the “night sky” with SkySafari Pro.

- Sky Safari Pro App

Excellent, wick easy to use. I have this app driving my large 45cm go to telescope. Works great

- Good

This is the best app for serious amateur astronomers.

- Very unhappy

Pay almost $40 for an app that will not allow me to connect to my SkyWatcher SynScan wifi device😡😡😡😡

- Great app

Love it

- Just one big problem

SSpro refuses point blank to connect to my Skywatcher AZgti mount. Can’t believe it.

- Skywatcher connection

Working ok stand alone but can’t connect to my skywatcher azeq6 in alt-ax mode with skywatcher wifi dongle. SkySafari help no help

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- Most Sophisticated Astronomy App

Sometimes overwhelming in its presentation of data and configuration options it represents the leading edge of all the other astronomy apps.

- Great

Great app works awesome. Love all the info can spend days reading. but I’ve had to buy it 3 times now won’t be doing it a third time.

- Excellent but

Please Please Please bring back the customizable telrad circles!!!!! They were enormously useful!

- Constellation du Verseau

Tous les objets sur la version 6PRO demandé pour la constellation du Verseau (AQR) indique celle du Poisson (PSC) dans dans les détails mais les coordonnées sont bonnes. Sur la version 4, ce problème n’existe pas. Il es grandement d’une mise à jour pour corriger cette anomalie.

- Amazing APP

I am going to show this app to our members at due to its unique features such as showing the orientation of a comet tail. It would be great to work together with you there are also some minor improvements I can suggest. You can contact me. Thank you

- SkySafari 6 PRO

Throughout all of this softwares versions and years does nothing but get better. Exciting, informative and educational.....

- Excellente application mais des erreurs pour toutes les étoiles de la constellation du Verseau

Quand on va voir dans information toutes les étoiles (ex. Étoile Skat dans Aquarius ) sont placées dans la constellation des Poissons. En attente d’une correction . Merci G St-M Lévis Qc Canada Skat Skat est un 3ème de magnitude Étoile variable apparaissant dans la constellation Poissons. C’est 161 années-lumière de notre système solaire. C’est un blanc étoile de la séquence principale de type spectral A3V. Sa température de surface est 8727 Kelvins - 1.5 fois plus chaud que le Soleil- et c’est une taille de 4.7 fois le diamètre du soleil. La production totale d’énergie de l’étoile, ou la luminosité, est 113 que le soleil, et il a une masse de 2.3 masses solaires. Skat est un une étoile variable éruptive de type . Sa magnitude varie entre +3.2 et +3.3, avec une période indéterminée ou irrégulière.

- Skywatcher Support

Crazy late!

- Great but audio doesn’t work

Good app, lots of details but audio doesn’t work on my iPad Pro.

- Doesn’t work on Apple Watch

The app is good but doesn’t work on Apple Watch with the last version of the OS :(

- Amazing App

Great astronomy software!

- Sky Safari Pro, in the field

The program contains a wealth of information. Sky Safari Pro is useful both for preparing an astronomical viewing session, and also for use in the field for public viewing. There are many images of planetary and deep sky objects built into the program which are handy to use and are often in real time. This really helps with being able to preview the position of the moons of Jupiter for example, or the ability to know in advance whether the GRS (Great Red Spot) will be visible during the viewing session. This comment also applies to other planetary phenomena such as shadow transits, features on Mars, and other things. However all is not perfect. IMO, the images could be better quality. Many of them are of low resolution, which really subtracts from the pleasure and usefulness of viewing features on your device’s screen. This causes issues if one uses those images to explain details of assorted astronomical targets to guests in the field. Better quality images of objects are available - but not here. One has to research and download such images in advance if high resolution is desired. Such images can look much better and more interesting if done this way, but showing images outside Sky Safari adds another step which requires time and searching to find and use, which interferes with the viewing session. Clearly, it would be far better if high resolution images were available within the program itself. Happy viewing to everyone, and clear skies! -Bob

- Good but highly detailed

Obviously excellent software, but the learning curve is large if you are new to astronomy. Still quite like the program.

- Awesome !

No better astronomy app than this. Really !

- Sky Safari 6 Pro

This is my main application at the eyepiece of any scope! From a 80mm refractor, all the way up to 20” light buckets. This application help me find Pluto, identify moons of Saturn, Uranus & Neptune and many other gems of the night sky — and come to think of it, daytime skies too. Are use the observation lists To keep track of what I have seen and other observational tools (ie: AstroPlanner) to keep track of the deeper details. Highly recommended and worth your money.

- Fantastic

This is the best astronomy app available. I've tried many but this is by far the most capable and enjoyable Astro app on the App Store. A beautiful UI that's fully customisable with all the pro features.

- Awesome software

One of the best planetarium I have used

- SkySafari pro

Best apps to control my telescope or just virtually travel the solar system and the stars in our galaxy. Louis

- SkySafari pro

Le meilleur des deux mondes!Je suis très content et très satisfait!👍😊

- Un must

Impossible pour un astronomie amateur de ne pas avoir cette application. Elle vaut son prix. La meilleure du genre.

- A must have / À avoir absolument

Superbe logiciel. Un must pour tous. L'outil par excellence pour initier les jeunes et moins jeunes à l'astronomie.

- Wow

I just got a new SkyWatcher AZ-EQ6 GT mount and ordered the wifi receiver for it cause I heard I can connect it to this program and drive my mount. Well this program is crazy good, it tells me of up coming events, where everything is and controls my scope and allows me to control my camera all together. I am a noob, and this seems to make me a pro. I am so excited and looking forward to becoming an amateur astrophotographer, right now I am just an amateur or noobie, but I hope to get lots better and I think this app will make me just that. I also just bought a Nikon P1000 with 500x zoom for taking great shots. It’s all new to me and so much fun. I hope in the summer to by a new telescope and really see the deep night sky. Seriously if you are on the fence, do get this software it really is terrific and fun.

- Great !!

Works well, easy to use.

- Having a hard time connecting

Having a hard time connecting to my celestron nexstar 6se. Not much information on how to connect. Tried manual and still it’s saying that it can’t find my telescope.

- Fantastic App

I use SkySafari to run my telescope over WiFi. The voice activation is fun. The program is easy to use and the interface is well thought out. This version has the audio descriptions of objects which is nice. You can observe the object and just listen to the audio to learn more about it. You can add your telescopes and eye pieces and the program will calculate your fields of view. I recommend this program to anyone who is interested in astronomy.

- Great product

Sky Safari 6 Pro has many new features that greatly improve usability. Well worth the upgrade.

- The most powerful apps

Simulation Curriculum hit again! the new layout interface is awesome, it give to us a better way to control thing. The new way to share the list and the equipment is brilliant! thanks for this must to have apps!

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- Great App - my favourite astronomy software.

As an amateur astronomer I have tried several different star chart app and while they all work this is my favourite due to the appearance and the ability to control my equipment directly from the App.

- Pro 6

Sky Safari Pro 6 delivers the BEST charts in this format. The charts and information are accurate. Display is extremely customizable streamlining observation sessions for any level of experience. This app is an indispensable tool for the amateur astronomer!

- No Starman!

They advertise that they have the Roadster, but when you go to it it has the roof down and you can’t see inside. It is pointed away from the Sun, so the only part you see well is the back. No Starman or anything. But I give it three stars for anyone who is first buying the product. It is otherwise quite good.

- Sky safari 6 pro

Had it for a couple of hours now and it keeps closing itself after a few minutes! Hope it gets better and if it does I'll redo this but right now I'm thinking 20 bucks down the crapper!

- Nice app

Well, thank you for the reply to my review! Unfortunately I’ll not be able to search for anything via ra. or dec. since I don’t have that kind of scope. Now I know the way to ask a question and get a response is through a review.

- What’s not to like?

Long time Sky Safari user, decided to go to the pro version for the additional features... didn’t need it, just really really wanted it!

- SkySafari 6 waste of good money

Purchased as an upgrade to ver 5 pro. No settings or observing lists transfer over. The info button has disappeared and you have to search through submenus to get to object information. Just what everyone needs to be doing, pushing more buttons on a cold winter night. Really like version 5 but 6 is a waste of money. Would not recommend this app to anyone; stay with version 5.

- Comet 289p inaccurate data

This comet currently has a magnitude of about 18 and Sky Safari Pro 6 is showing -1.6 magnitude. Not even close! Also, tried to use the “measure function” to measure the angular separation of Jupiter and Saturn on December 21, 2020. All I was given was 4.9AU and no angular separation data was supplied. Come on man, you can do better that that!!

- Makes Skywatcher HEQ5 Pro go nuts after a few slews

This absolutely makes my skywatcher HEQ5 pro go nuts after I slew to 4-5 locations. If I was not watching it I would have crashed my camera into the stand leg as it attempted to flip my scope out very with weights pointing straight up. Absolutely zero direct support and a online community form that gets no responses. Mac version does same thing. Went back to using my hand controller.

- Poor Support

The program is now crashing when AR is selected in IOS 13.3. No direct support from the vendor. You have to create a login for the Community Forum and submit a report there. Direct Email support would be much better. Also positioning of stats, moon, etc. is never accurate for me.

- Beautiful fact packed app!

It you love the cosmos then this is a great app for you! Detailed information for every kind of celestial object is embedded. Practical features let you use the app while actively stargazing.

- Fantastic

Sweet update and thanks for the half off for owners of version 5 hope you keep that up the update is out of this world your hard work shows.

- Fantastic app, but no Starlink satellites. :(

This is one of my favorite apps ever! It easily and reliably controls my Celestron Evolution through the telescopes wifi. Wish it would show the SpaceX Starlink satellites though. Otherwise 5/5 A+++

- Not as nice as SkySafari 5 Pro

I’m sorry I bought this. The moon doesn’t have any surface detail, just a black and white disk. The time controls are messed up. You have to pad in the wrong place to get minutes or seconds. I don’t want to control a telescope so don’t need those features. I’ll just keep using SkySafari 5. The sky is fine. And why don’t you include my award winning panorama of Honolulu? I wish the ‘Now’ button was not right next to the forward and backward arrows. In trying to watch a future event and making small adjustments to the time, I keep touching the ‘Now’ button by mistake and going back to the current time. Very frustrating.

- Everything at your fingertips.

Keeping up with the latest. Information when you need it. Identifying sky objects. Great.

- Forgot neowise

I had located the comet 2020 neowise a few days prior to 7/14 in SS Pro. Upon upgrading to the latest version as of 7/14, it deleted its comet cache (the bug that is listed as fixed in said version), and I had to waste time downloading a different app over cellular. Very disappointing for such an expensive app that they constantly try to up sell addons for. It is also still inept at controlling Astrophysics mounts. Sigh.

- Not aligning correctly

It appears the content of this app does not align with reality. For example, the sun as a point of reference is way off: for example, the app shows the sun as significantly below the horizon where in reality, it has not yet set. Time and time zone seems correct.... this is a very expensive app. Seems orientation would be spot on....

- The stars are matter

I am an amateur astronomer, and this app is the best investment that I've made in terms of educational resources. It's an app that I use every day. Nothing better in the universe, at least this one.

- This is the app to have!

Like most, I have several astronomy apps however this is without question my favorite and most useful.

- Lacks reliable focuser control...

Overall good software, however it has such a crappy control over the celestron motor focuser. Cannot rely on this, absolutely NOT! Please fix it. Every time I need to focus it goes back and then forth, always passing over the desire value. Don’t tell me that thats the correct implementation, because focusing via the HC does not have this issue!

- First rate support and creativity

I have been a beta tester for Simulation for two years now. The leadership of the company is fully engaged with its customer base. They really care.

- A Great App

It takes a bit of experimentation to discover the amazing range of capabilities. It takes a bit more effort to use it effectively to control a scope. But the outcome is ultimately phenomenally satisfying.

- Thanks for removing the advertisements!

This is a great app. Having the upsell ads for your web service might be appropriate in a free app, but not in a premium price product. Love the more uniformity in the menus and the AR horizon.

- Very good app

If customer service is needed, you have to go through a forum. Finally the principal designers contacted me and guided me through the entire process. This is a very good app.

- SkySafari Pro 6

Excellent. Pro 6 has amplified observing sessions. Fast preparation and reference in the field. Comprehensive and versatile. Take the time to learn it’s extensive capabilities and you are well rewarded Fun to use.

- Fantastic program !!

I like this program lot , I use it at star parties to control different types of telescopes. One I use at the star party is a 25” Newtonian telescope using nexus dsc and severo cat.

- What happened to Display option?

Please include the Display option where a user can input their equipment to get their FOV. It was there in the previous versions.

- What happened to Advanced Search?

Advanced search was one of the most useful features (at least for me). Is it gone or has it been replaced?

- Astronomy program

Enjoy this program very much, as good or better then a lot of programs much more expensive.

- Dude totally get it!

It’s totally awesome I wish the measurements where more accurate but in there defence I’m not the one that’s having to measure all those distances.

- AR does not work. Now fixed!

App crashed every time AR is turned on. Has now been fixed! Great job by the developers

- The delta update didn’t work this time?

I’m not sure what the cause was, but this update forced the full redownload of the 2GB app. Delta update not working for some reason?

- Pro

Very confusing to use. I cannot recommend this to a beginner or medium user. Our club members have added this software to the do not recommend list. Just to confusing for most of the membership some with many years of experience.

- Pretty

Nice app w/ good info but beware of default setting lurking about; how thoughtless of the developers. The HR diagram upgrade ism’t worth it and the stars upgrade is likely only useful to those serious about very deep sky astrophotography.

- I phone

This is my most favorite app and what my I phone 8 does with this app man it’s not only educational but so interesting and here’s my favorite fun

- Best planetarium app available

I use SkySafari Pro exclusively for mount alignment and objective location for my astrophotography projects. Much simpler than using the Celestron hand controller. Love it!

- Features

I enjoy having all features... ability to support connection to Celestron 6SE , Celestron WiFi and Celestron StarSense using my iPad.

- Going back to Sky Safari Plus

First thing I looked at was Ursa Major and this program has Dubhe so far out of alignment that the constellation was unrecognizable. Tried different things and definitely not a user friendly program. Still have Sky Safari Plus loaded so will continue to use it.

- Pro or Amature

Amateur astronomer who loves this app. So easy to use with tons of info. Even got my niece interested in space. Must recommend

- M ensuring feature

I like the measuring feature. I can measure from a primary to a companion star in a triple star system and confirm it by comparing it to the Lit.

- Telrad

Love the new features, biggest thing I miss is the use of a Telrad overlay when showing groups relative sizes of moon, Andromeda, and other objects.

- Upgrade??

I hate when “upgrades” remove features such as the ability to store settings and overdoing lists in iCloud. This version forces you to use their proprietary cloud service (free for now but with a premium version). I don’t recommend upgrading unless you like paying more for less.

- App Suggestion

Love this app. A suggestion to make it better, could you include an iOS 14 widget that gives quick information like moon or planet rises or phases?

- Why pay each time for upgrades

Although I like sky safari pro and use version 5 a lot, I resent having to pay for every upgrade. This is the opposite of almost every other piece of software. Upgrades should be free. I will not get the next version if There is s charge for it.

- Great app

It makes it easy to work with your telescope. Really saved a lot time.

- SkySafari pro

This app is great, I can spend hours looking forward to learning more about astronomy.

- It’s simple

If you like the stars. There is nothing better in the store. Period.

- Great update

Celestron starsense auto align now works perfectly. Focus motor control is awesome to hand in phone. This app is fantastic.

- Latest SkyPro 6.0 Works Well

It works well but make sure you check your settings and setup skyfi, if you use it

- BH

Use this app all the time and is reliable. Telescope use through SkySafari app difficult with Celestron go-to scope.

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SkySafari 6 Pro 6.7.5 Screenshots & Images

SkySafari 6 Pro iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

SkySafari 6 Pro iphone images
SkySafari 6 Pro iphone images
SkySafari 6 Pro iphone images
SkySafari 6 Pro iphone images
SkySafari 6 Pro iphone images
SkySafari 6 Pro iphone images
SkySafari 6 Pro iphone images
SkySafari 6 Pro iphone images

SkySafari 6 Pro (Version 6.7.5) Install & Download

The applications SkySafari 6 Pro was published in the category Reference on 2017-12-22 and was developed by Simulation Curriculum Corp. [Developer ID: 791341744]. This application file size is 1.88 GB. SkySafari 6 Pro - Reference app posted on 2020-09-10 current version is 6.7.5 and works well on IOS 8.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.simulationcurriculum.SkySafari6Pro

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