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iMissal Catholic [Reference] App Description & Overview

With over 4,000 5-Star Reviews, we hope that you will agree that iMissal is the #1 Catholic App. iMissal has been granted an official Imprimatur from the Catholic Church and is approved for use! You will not find a better Roman Missal app available.

In addition, iMissal is the only Catholic app of its kind that does not require WIFI/Cellular to access Mass Readings & Missal content! You get access to Mass Readings for any day of the year.

Considering what a printed Missal cost, iMissal is worth well more than charged and includes more than your standard printed Missal.

Visit for complete details.

See what others are saying about iMissal:

"This is the best Catholic App I have downloaded so far..." - Scrello

"Worth every penny! I am a very active Catholic, and this application is absolutely wonderful." - Spartagon

"This is one cool app if your a geeky Catholic like myself." -

"Worth more than charged..." - Lisurbi


iMissal is Catholic Reference Application for your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

Here is what is included in iMissal:

1) A complete Missal:

Liturgical Calendar: Full calendar displaying all of the liturgical seasons. The calendar is color coded based on liturgical season and shows Holy Days of Obligation, Solemnities, Major Feasts, Saints, etc. Calendar is currently available for years 1990 - 2050.

Mass Readings: All the Mass Readings for every liturgical cycle (A,B,C,I,II) are included! This includes First Reading, Psalm, Second Reading, Alleluia, and Gospel for all Sunday and Weekday Masses. Reading text is always available for every day, no WIFI connection necessary. Uses translations officially approved for Mass in the U.S. Great resource for Lectors and RCIA.

** The liturgical texts provided in iMissal are used with the permission of the Confraternity of Christian Doctrine and the International Committee on English in the Liturgy. They are the official texts approved for use in the dioceses of the United States by the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops. Beware of other applications which use other translations and cost much more.

Audio of the Mass Readings. Audio is only available for more recent dates (sliding window of aprx. 30 days). * WIFI connection recommended for optimal playback of audio files.

Order of Mass: Ever wish you could follow along in Mass and have all the prayers, responses, etc. available. Now you can. Great for RCIA candidates that are new to the faith. Version 3.0 includes many enhancements, now, fully complete!

2) Our Daily Bread:

Get a unique Bible verse for every day of the year displayed on 20 plus beautiful backgrounds.

These verses have been hand selected from some of the most popular. Also included are some obscure verses you may have not seen before.

* Save your favorite verses for later reference.
* Search on any word across all verses to quickly find your favorites.
* If you miss a day you can easily go back to view previous verses.
* Mix it up by pushing the random button to get new verse each time.
* Email any verse (w/o background) to your friends and family with a push of a button.

3) Prayers:

Over 100 of the most popular Catholic prayers are included. Save your favorites.
Email your favorite prayers to your friends.

4) Catholic News Feed:

Stay up to date on import Catholic News and events.

Thousands of pages of scripture. Buying the equivalent text in your book store can cost a lot more than the price of this application.

We have a lot of additional content planned for iMissal - stay tuned and God Bless.

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iMissal Catholic Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Fix for text clipping (margins) on iPad devices

iMissal Catholic Comments & Reviews

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- Good, but bugs have been introduced

For the most part, this is great. It’s been a useful tool in attending mass. There is a recently added bug, though: It is fixed on Eucharistic Prayer III, no matter what I try to select. Attempts to choose another either result in no effect at all, or a system crash. While you’re fixing that, it would be EXTREMELY helpful if you added the first few words of each EP to the number, so we can quickly select the correct prayer. The priests don’t generally tell us which one they’re using; they just begin. It’s tough to focus on the mass when you’re asking yourself which one it is, jumping back to the list because you guessed wrong, having the app crash in the middle of it all, etc. Thank you.

- Love it but there is app crashing under iOS 14

I’m New to this app and I truly love it. I think there needs to be some fine-tuning now for iOS 14 as there is app crashing with the Saints add-on. For instance when you go into the Saints add on and click in to find a patron saint the app crashes and you cannot access that portion of the app at all. It also crashed when I clicked to purchase the Saints ad on, the purchase did go through and the saint of the day is displayed but you cannot drill down into the rest of the information available in the app. I do see that there was some work done on the app as recent as one month ago so my hopes are high that you diligently go through these things regularly. Blessings to you all for a lovely useful app.

- Great for Ordinary Time...

But not so much for special Masses and Feast days. The readings and the Gospels have been very accurate for years. This past Holy Week illustrates some short-comings. So many things are missing: the presentation of oils and the washing of feet on Thursday, the veneration of the cross and communion service on Friday (iMissal provided a complete Liturgy of the Eucharist), blessing of the fire, the Christ candle, the procession with “Christ Our Light”, the Exultet, etc., on Saturday night. iMissal does provide all 7 readings for Easter Vigil. Still, iMissal is an excellent resource for the daily Masses and those on Sunday. It also has a great collection of prayers. I use it quite a lot, actually. And because it does not require a constant connection to the internet, iMissal is very convenient and easy to use.

- Please help, where are the voices

I’ve been a loyal user of this app since soon after it came out. There have been some ups and downs, for example the wrong days readings were posted or read. By far the bigger problem is the inconsistency of the function of a recording. This has occurred before but now, July 21, 2020 it has been going on (absent recordings) for weeks. I would like to reach a someone for help but I get a message that the people are retired. I hope these, now disturbing problems (for one of the only apps I have paid for) are fixed. At a minimum, please supply contact info for help. I know it’s not just me, but this is especially important given the times in which we live. Do NOT pay or download if you want the voice feature; it is NOT WORKING. It’s a great app when it is fully functional, but right now it’s consistently disappointing.

- Good, but...

Update: I discovered at today's Saturday Mass (which for us is an earlier Sunday Mass) that the Missal was very off. While some of the readings were correct, none of the alternate readings were correct and much of the Missal itself was just wrong for today/tomorrow(5/8/16). Can we please get an update that shows all the correct alternate readings? This app has everything a Catholic needs, almost. It has literary, responses, everything, except for when to stand, sit, and kneel. This may sound like a basic all Catholics know, but for people like me, who are converting, it doesn't help us at all when it comes to these basic things. Add that and I will then 5 star the app.

- Awesome app that has been Abandoned

This was a magnificent app that was extremely easy to use and made a difference in thousands of Catholic lives. Unfortunately I can no longer recommend its purchase as it certainly appears to have been abandoned. It has not been updated since OCT of 2015 and while it still has the basic readings, as other reviewers have mentioned it no longer contains any of the updated content for antiphons, Eucharistic prayer, etc. As such the app is rife with error messages. Their Facebook page went stale in May of this year. I do hope I am wrong and they haven't abandoned this project, but it certainly appears so. It was great while it lasted, sure hope someone else can fill the void for this app with a similar product. Thank you for the developers for the years you did support this app, it will definitely be missed.

- Love the app!...when it works

The is a wonderful app. I love listening to it in the morning as I drive to work with my daughter. I’ve had this app for over 5 years. However there have been several times where it stopped working for no reason I could tell. I tried everything, deleting and reinstalling; installing it on my daughter’s phone... the nine, to no avail. It just started working again on its own several months later. This has happened at least 3 times. Very disappointing. Especially because it is not a free app.

- Perfect Missal during Covid-19!

Due to Covid-19, we do not have missals to use at mass. This app is perfect for a missal. I didn’t have to jump from order of mass to bible readings like the other app I bought. This one flowed very well. It comes with notes to help you know how to respond, and what the priest is doing. And the readings were spot on! I have had this app for a long time but never really needed to use it for missal. I used it more for the prayers section and occasionally for the mid week readings. Now I use it daily and I love it! I hardly ever write a review on an APP, however I feel the need to let people know how good this one is!

- Audio readings don’t play, no support

Jan 2019 the audio of the daily Mass readings stopped working. The support/help is no longer linked to a working service so I couldn’t report it, and when I tried to submit a review through the app, their interface that links to the App Store is completely broken. It won’t let me tap into the review and once when it did the keyboard wouldn’t work (it’s not my phone). The other features of the app work but I really like the audio feature. There are other little things that could be improved—the overall design, the “WiFi needed” modal when you go to play the audio readings should have a “don’t remind me again” option. But fix it and bring back the audio (or remove the option from the UI).

- Great for daily use!

I use this app for daily scripture readings for Mass and Adoration. Combining it with the in-app purchased bible (New American Version) has worked great for reference to the readings if I want more depth. I have used the 'full version' option to follow along with the Mass and have not been disappointed with the accuracy, but I'm not looking for perfection, just an understanding of what's going on. For that purpose, this app works great. If you want a precise and totally accurate Mass version, I suggest buying a print version of the missal or subscribe to a monthly publication (Magnificat).

- New Audio problem

Oct 2020. Audio is out again. I think every time Apple does a big update this program needs to be updated. It takes months before someone does something. Please fix the audio. And please add a report problem (that works) on you app. Thank you. July 2020 the sound is out again. Has been out for several weeks and no one to contact. Very disappointing :(. Update 4/6/19: sing praises! The audio is fixed!! Thank you !! Older:) I have loved this app for years. Other reviews are confirming my fears. This app has been abandoned. The audio stop working several weeks ago. I have gone to the site and and social media links. No updates for several years. I am so disappointed. The audio was the prime reason I used this. The bad thing is I purchased the saint portion several months ago for my son, encouraging him to use the app daily to hear the readings as he makes his bed or goes about his busy morning. Huge disappointment that this app has been not maintained 😟. They could have let us know.

- iMissal Review - great but recent bug?

I use iMissal frequently and think it’s great. However, the most recent version may have introduced a problem. The Eucharistic prayer selector no longer seems to function, at least on my system, so iMissal is permanently stuck on Eucharistic Prayer II (BTW I recommend that the Roman Canon be made the default). I am using an iPhone 8 with the latest OS. If fixed this would be right back to a 5-Star review.

- Great replacement for paper missal booklet

Been using for maybe 5 years. App has markedly improved over that time. Easy to navigate with lots of options - mass readings, mass readings with notes, full mass with readings. A nice thing about this as opposed to a paper missal is how easy it is to share the text with family members sitting on either side of you during mass. My boy likes to read along and it's much easier to share the screen as opposed to sharing a paper missal.

- Problem

I’ve used iMissal for years, and especially liked the audio feature as the voices were diverse and the reading beautifully done. Suddenly, three days ago, the audio disappeared. I deleted the app just now and reinstalled it, to no effect. I went to the developer website for support, but when I clicked on that area (support) I received the message “the community you are searching for no longer exists.” So I’d really like to know what’s going on. The ap was just updated a month ago, so it looks like the company still exists, so what happened to support?!

- Too Many Gospels Read Rapidly

The iMissal application has provided me with a tool to assist me in bridging my journey from here to eternity. As an experienced lector for over 20 years I would rather read the scriptures myself. Too often, the Old Testament and the Psalms are read reverently by mature steady voices followed by the Gospel read by a younger jarring voice (too rapidly for elderly listeners and not reverently). Why are all the Gospel readers white males? Are there not any available men of color who read the Gospel? The Church is universal whole and accepting of all. Clearly, some men of color have read the Old Testament and Psalms, but not the Gospel. Why?

- Great Tool

The app is very straightforward and easy to use during Mass. I find it much easier to navigate through the app than flipping back and forth using the Magnificat. That being said its not always 100% on par at times, but it's still a 5-star app in my opinion as a user. If the developers of this app will read user comments and keep up with the technology it'll undoubtedly be embraced by more and more Catholics who use technology.

- This app needs updating

I would have given this app more stars if it had been updated, but the last update was two years ago! Today is the Memorial of Mary, Mother of the Church, a new feast decreed by Pope Francis, but one would never know that with this app because it’s not there. Even worse, there is no link to Feedback or Help. It’s nonexistent. As another reviewer stated, it appears that the app has been abandoned by Cancha, the creator. I don’t know why they even continue selling it in the App Store. Unless and until the app is updated, I can’t recommend it. Try using the New Missal app which is up to date.

- Great!

Since the update to iOS 11 the links at the top no longer work to take me to the different sections (liturgy of the word, Eucharist). It is a small annoyance but not one that makes me lower my star rating. I love this app. It is easy to use and full of resources. Being able to choose just the readings, full mass with notes, or in between is a great feature. Love that I always have it with me!

- App got really strange but fixed now

UPDATE. It is fixed with the 4.06 update. Once again it does everything I need it to. On my iPad, the app started behaving strangely on the last update. Rather than being a full screen, the readings show up on a split pop up—half calendar and half text. I can’t see all the text of the readings. Perhaps there is a setting that I missed?

- I love the iMissal App!

I have been using the iMissal app for over 3 years. I have tried other apps, but they don’t compare to iMissal. I like that you don’t have to go to a different page to get the readings. During Covid our parish is not using any paper missals. Many people who have seen me with my iPad ask what app I am using. I always tell them iMissal. Thank you for a wonderful product!

- Great but need audio back

This is an app I have used daily to listen to the readings and gospel through my car audio. IMissal is easy to use but the audio was a key feature that I hope is fixed soon. I am willing to pay for the app to get this service returned.

- iMissal

Some time ago, I saw how great this is for continuity. But I didn't sign up then, so lost the app. I was so relieved when I found it again! This app makes it so much easier to focus on the mass, not on turning pages or switching screens. How about a songbook now-- where the number is all we need to enter? :-). God bless your fine work for all of us!

- Sbm61

Update: Still getting message "video for this date either hasn't been posted yet or is no longer available " on any and all dates I select~ The mass videos will not work. They worked in the past. Now, no matter what date I choose, I continuously get message 'Error Loading' Content or WIFI connection is currently unavailable" My WIFI is connected. Very frustrated. Please fix. Update 1-6-16: Gives message no Video available. Again,no matter what date I choose. This has been ongoing for approx. 3 years.

- Family Sharing not available as advertised

Have been using for quite some time and wanted to share with my wife as I found it quite useful. Although they say Family Sharing is available that does not seem to be the case. I had installed on wife’s iPhone and wanted it on her iPad but apparently not possible without paying for it again. In this time of COVID-19 quarantine it would have been nice to have it on the iPad to keep up with daily Mass readings and live stream Sunday Mass.

- Peace of Mind!

Love being able to read the readings again and again to discuss with family over dinner how we each view the meaning. It’s truly a great app .... We hope they will continue to support this app since it’s been quite some time since the last up date

- Best app for daily readings

I have tried several different apps for daily readings and this is the best. Accurate, easy, intuitive interface and no advertisements. I use it daily. It is especially appreciated that no internet is needed so it can be used while traveling.

- Thank you

I'm a bit more traditional and worried about having my phone open in mass, but I've always been a fan of reading along, so I overcame the issue. Thank you for making it possible. It makes me feel good to be able to read along.

- Excellent

I have been enjoying this app for a couple of months now. The readers are excellent and the pace is not rushed. FYI: Today though, the readings were not the correct ones. February 22nd, The Chair of St. Peter. The reader is doing the correct readings but the screen shows something different.

- Heartbroken

This app hasn’t been updated in three years. Thus last iOS update put in the last dagger. It no longer plays, but can still be read. I played it and listened while I got other things ready. I’m so very sad.

- Readings need to be fixed

With the latest version, the text box for the readings cuts off entire words and so it does not allow one to read the entire reading. I changed fonts and font sizes ... but that didn’t take care of the problem. A great app ... but please fix the readings otherwise the app is not good for anyone to use.

- Audio stopped working a year ago

I love this app and used it a lot while driving. Then after some updates about a year ago, the audio stopped working. I’ve tried switching to Wi-Fi and uninstall and reinstall. It still doesn’t work. Please fix it. I really need to hear the readings while driving. Thank you.

- Update needed

I really like being able to follow the prayers of the mass with my iPod, but my parish seems to use other Eucharistic Prayers that are not available. Also, the app no longer jumps to sections of the mass. One has to scroll to the next section.

- I Love The App

I love using the App on both my iPhone and iPad I always have access to the daily readings anywhere I go I can use the time while waiting for appointments to stay on target and never get behind in my daily prayer life !!!

- Audio stopped working

Oct2020– Audio is out again. 😩. I love this app but there needs to be regular quality testing every time the operating systems do updates to verify that the app is working correctly Audio not working again and yes I did the update to fix audio yesterday. I’ve even uninstalled and reinstalled the app and it is still NOT working. Please fix again. Thanks

- Unfortunately this has been abandon...last updated 3 yrs ago!

It’s a shame no one has been able to maintain this app. I’m a lector myself and it was my go to app when i wanted to prepare myself. The audio was one of the best features and now it no longer works with the new version of IOS. Very disappointing but I will keep my faith that someone will pick it up and update it 🙏🏻

- Great for catholic daily mass

I use this while traveling or during the week when I'm unable to attend mass. It is a wonderful, easy to use app. Start your day with this app and the day will be better.

- Always 5 star however

The recent update on my phone no longer allows me to choose different Eucharistic prayers . The app always stays on Eucharistic prayer number 2 . Please fix this Thank you

- Audio is back!

So glad this beautiful app was updated. I thought it was abandoned. I was trying to find other solutions but there is nothing out there that comes close to this app.

- Good missal

For the most part,it's a great app. I use it at mass and watching mass on EWTN. The only thing keeping me from giving 5 stars is the readings for mass. On some feast days, it does not offer the alternate readings so I cannot follow along when they read scripture.

- Excelent, but now it doesn't work

What happen? It suddenly stopped working. I love this App I love this App too. The voices are clear. It makes me enjoy the word of God. But these days I can't hear the readings. Something is falling. Sorry...

- Very disappointed in app maintenance

I can no longer restore “in app” purchases with iMissal. As soon as I try to access certain areas of iMissal, it automatically closes app! Very frustrating. Granted, I bought app some years a ago and use it daily, it no longer has the areas I use daily. I deleted and reinstalled app a few times to no avail. I wish app developer would fix theses bugs. Please.

- Where Is The Audio?

I love this app for so many reasons, among them being the use of the audio. I could listen to the scriptures, etc. on the go. I can no longer retrieve the audio. I have tried everything on my part to correct the problem. The help/support is no longer available. Can someone tell me how to retrieve audio?

- Teddy bear

Ever since I downloaded the app, I founded it useful at my Catholic Church in West Hartford. I use it when I'm sitting in pew. Except using it when I'm helping out with the priest. But when I watch the daily mass on EWTN, that's acceptable too

- Eddie Castillo

Excellent app I have being using this app on my IPhone for quite a few years as I follow the mass at my local Goodshepard church Iam espiritualily guide tru out the entire mass I highly recommended this app to anyone great app..

- Can’t see prayer list in Night Mode

Absolutely LOVE this app and it’s list of prayers. Only issue I have is the list off prayers is not visible in Night Mode. The table of contents text becomes black on black instead of white on black. Please fix

- Audio Fix is available on update!

This is a great app. Get it, you won’t be disappointed. A complete missal at your fingertips for this price is a no-brainer.

- I recommend this App

Love this app. It is everything I’d hoped to be! Daily prayers and devotions. My iPhone froze the first time I tried to give 5 stars and only gave three in error, sorry.

- My Faith🙏

I absolutely enjoy iMissal. Each and every part of it, I read and enjoy! With my new phone my Saints didn't follow😢 I wish a purchase as that would.

- Very accurate

I go to mass everyday. Only saw a difference one time, out of the last three months. Helpful in celebrating the mass.

- No one to get help from

Well wish I would not have purchased. Nice concept but having problems with a portion if app. went to the web page and I get this message. Sorry, the community that you’re looking for has been retired and is no longer available. If you need help, please contact the company you're looking for directly.

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- Unable to read to end of line

Recently, the lines in the readings have truncated ... can’t read to the end of the line using any view type. I have been using the app for many years on my IPad with no problems.

- Fantastic!

I've been using this app for years now. Such a handy and reliable app. Working in church ministry, this tool is great for having a portable missal straight in your pocket. Prayers and audio function are great additions as well. Keep it up!

- Pretty good

I find this app quite useful. However, the difference between the wording if the readings in this app and our readings in Australia can be a bit disconcerting!

- Audio problem

Audio works well on my mothers iPhone 4 but doesn't play to the end and stops at random times on my iPhone 6 Plus when listening to the daily readings They should change some money for the app so they can keep it updated

- Fantastic app

Very useful app. Though readings are different version to Australia as I travel in USA it becomes very useful. Recently noticed that the News is not updating.

- Was Good but no audio

For Some reasons they list audio but fix it but now it has no audio again not sure why but try read the text some of the readings can not read 😞

- Audio not workin

Audio doesnt work on iPhone XR and XS Max. Keeps asking to connect to WIFi /Internet but already connected.

- Awesome daily missal in my pocket

Been looking around for a great Sunday missal to replace the book version I carry around. This is great for daily readings on both my iPhone and iPad . Love the multiple option of straight to the reading or whole mass with great variety. Also great prayers , news and much more. Very fast app and very polish and user friendly. Love the calendar view. A gift to myself for Lent to spend more time reading the bible and prayers to improve my knowledge of the Gospel. Thanks . Highly recommended.

- Great app!!

Thanks guys for this great app. Very useful. Not sure if anyone else has experienced this but when playing back the daily readings over 3G, the voices lag or stop for 5-10 seconds and keeps going(as if the voice is muted and the reading keeps going, the the voice picks up again) Will keep trying but app is great. God Bless

- IMissal - heaven sent.

Since downloading this app I have used it everyday. It is on my iPad and iPhone, so I can always use it. I love reading My Daily Bread - inspirational! The Missal which includes a calendar as well as Mass readings is fantastic. The Prayers are a valuable reminder when I have that tiny mental blank. 5 stars hardly do it justice.

- Mrs

This is so handy - easy to use and in addition to the options of readings only the daily word and random selection of the daily word including selection of scripture by topic is great. I don't know how I managed without this before. Thank you

- Very good app

Very good app. The only downfall is that some words in the readings are not the same as the readings at our parish which are more modern day, same as in the Missal app I have. So I'm constantly switching between both during Mass Cheers Nick

- i missal

Beautifully presented, compact, easy to use and enjoy Mass readings and prayers wherever you are located. The audio link is a real bonus. Thank you for your effort in making this app available.

- I missal

Great app when I am running late for Holy Mass or even miss Holy Mass any day. It is also great for daily home reading, to be able follow the Church seasons and especially to connect the Old and New Testaments.

- Fantastic

This app is so good!! My only difficulty with it is how to let others know that I am following the Mass on my phone, not sending texts or playing games!!

- Fantastic App!

I've had my iPhone 4 for a year & am just now discovering Catholic Apps, & it's fantastic! This App seems to be quite outstanding. I would recommend it to other Geek-Catholics, definitely :-)

- Very nice app

Very useful for at home, and for getting the kids involved with the Mass and with The Bible. I love the Daily Bread feature, for having a quick verse to think on each day.

- Wonderful

This is good because I will go prepare for the Mass. It has all the Mass everyday throughout the year. Thank for developing this app. This app worthy. As a Catholic am happy to have Mass reading at my fingers tip.

- Great app!

Look I'm a person who never usually buys apps. I'm stingy. But this was honestly the best choice. It's simple, well designed and quick. Great for the daily Mass goer. You won't regret it!

- Love this

This is such a great app. I'm new to Catholicism so it has been an invaluable guide to the Mass. I also have the readings everyday and various prayers which are really building up my faith. Totally worth it.

- My daily bread fills me up :)

A great way to spend my time wisely while commuting. I am spending more time with our Lord everyday because of this app. Thank-you.

- Bernice Excellent app always up to date. Love the catholic news section

Excellent app. Keeps me up to date with liturgical calendar and encourages me to pray more and cherish the faith.

- iMissal

Highly recommended especially for those who are not privileged to attend church services. My favorite is the streaming video of the whole mass, daily.

- Truly Awesome come join us!!!!

This app is a very good tool for us to enliven our faith most especially in our modern lifestyle. I recommend it and let the Holy Spirit touch your life.

- Number. 1

I start my day w/mass readings only audio That helps me to think and head in the right direction Thanks to your team well dun Graham

- It's beautiful and always with me.

There are all the prayers and daily Saints to help me through the day. Many many thanks

- Catholic missal

Excellent and with its diverse categories most helpful and very useful. It is very easy to use and very good value. Highly recommend.

- Imass

Fantastic apps! I use it everyday. Very helpful and easy to use. Perhaps you can also include the preface later.

- Great Ap

Here's hoping one with the translation used in Australian churches will come out soon. Until then, this is a truly awesome ap.

- Review

Very good daily readings translation slightly different in Australia however used to keep up with daily masses.

- A real treasure

Great app! The only problem with it is the weird looks I get from folks for using an iPad in Mass!

- Happy!

Wow! Thank you! Been looking to replace my old Sunday Missal Book and my prayer has been answered. Best app I've ever bought by far! Merci!

- I use it daily, but iPad app needs Saints

I use it daily to prepare for Mass, but iPad app needs Saints function in it to help us with preparing homilies. And why fonts cannot magnify using finger actions?

- Great way to stay in touch

Great, helps me to stay in touch with daily readings, daily bread, mass at home. Love it & recommend the use. Stephen H

- A must have for Catholics!

Access to the daily readings anytime, anywhere - so convenient - what a blessing!

- Can even use it at mass

Good app for daily verse and for following the mass. I hope that there will be a version for Australia soon.

- Extremely handy and inspirational

This app has been great for my work. At my fingertips I am able to locate prayers, readings and inspiration.

- Good

I hope there would be an update for Australia. I do not want to buy a hard copy prayer book anymore.

- Deirdreau

I love IMissal. I have the Saints as well which is so interesting. Catholic news is superb. I would recommend it to any Catholic

- Great easy app

This is a truly excellent app. It's easy to use and seems to be fairly accurate

- Excellent

Thank you for making the iPad missal available.

- Good, but not as good as Universalis.

However, it is cheaper than Universalis, and still quite useful. New Mass translations are a great help.

- Great Mass Companion

Love this Application as it allows me to follow my daily mass proceedings. I wis it will have the Australian version one day with the NJSV translation.

- Great App

It is so convenient, I take my IPod to church with me,and use it for Mass Well worth having

- Update Wonderful

Thanks so much for the much anticipated 2011 update. Love it. Use it often. The best app on my iPhone/iPad.

- Must have!

If you're a Catholic and iPhone owner, this is an essential app! No need for a missal or prayer book! Love it - 5 stars!!!

- Great with the new mass

Thanks for the new mass update!! Excellent app got even better!!

- Wonderful

Thank you for your wonderful work.

- Well worth it!

Fantastic app! Use it for daily readings

- I missal

Great app I can follow the mass even when I am unable to attend mass.

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- iMissal is great

I wish that there was a Canadian version, too. Please consider this!

- Avoid

This app supports iOS 7 but doesn't work well on Apple's latest devices. No support iPhone 6 or 6 Plus resolutions. I guess the 7% that still use iOS 7 matter more than the 93% who are trying to use this app with updated software.

- Any new updates?

Maybe it’s time to update it again. Please and thank you. How about the audio? I really like meditating while listening to the readings and it would nice if the audio will still continue even it lock my phone. And also, how about continue option or I can simply listen again to the gospel and not stating all over from the top. Thanks and more power. God bless

- Frustrating

I find this app very frustrating when the priest does not use the recommended prayers for the day ESPECIALLY the Eucharistic Prayer. The link give you no idea if it is the correct prayer or not. In my paper missal it gives the first line of the prayer and it is very easy to flip to. Also iMissal only lists 4 possible Eucharistic prayers where their is a possibility of 8 or more. What gives with that? Also bring Canadian this doesn’t always follow the Mass readings we have and I find that really frustrating. Could be a really good missal option with a little more work from the developer. Until then a low rating from me.

- Tech support

It was working well in the beginning but later on the voice reading no longer works. The bible should be added free for references since you can get it free all over the internet.

- Essential App

This app is exactly what every Catholic needs. It uses the American lectionary [slight differences in the Canadian lectionary], but still an excellent app.

- I missal

Not quite word for word with Living With Christ but still a five star

- iMissal

Easy to use. Audio readings are excellent. Works very well on my iPhone 6s.

- Canadian version required

Great app but it does not offer the Canadian readings (different cycle from the US). Would be an easy update...

- Wow!

While this was always a fantastic app, the new version surpasses all expectations. Having the option to listen to the daily readings is convenient and being able to watch videos of daily mass is fantastic, especailly if you're house bound (as I am now) or if daily liturgy is not available locally. I watched Sunday Eucharist from Notre Dame when I was stuck in bed - almost felt that I was there.

- Great app!

Love being able to see the readings and follow during daily mass!


Thank you for producing this app. Well thought-out and surprisingly thorough.

- a must for catholics

Never miss a mass. It's now included with video but understandably needs connection. Daily readings have audio as well. You can just play it on the bus or wherever. I just hope that they add a rosary prayer with audio. Having random scripture readings in between stations for reflection. That would be fantastic!

- So Great to have mass readings at my fingertips!!!

Recommend for everyone! Makes prayerlife on the go easier.

- Most Complete Christian App - Not just for Catholics!

This is truly a one of a kind app. I find the Daily Bread Bible verse helps me to be mindful of what I need to practice each day. I really like the fact that you can "Search" within the app. (Bible) which makes this app not just for Catholics but for any Christian who reads the Bible. If i had to I would give all other apps up just to keep this one. Thank you for making this app available.

- And with Your Spirit

Good, but it needs the new translation. I can't use it at Mass.

- Canadian Version

Agree with other reviewers, great app but needs a Canadian version.

- VG

Very easy to use I love the option that it can read back to you and big font. However at time it stop reading in the middle of the reading

- Excellent

Works great! Only thing that would make it better for me is if there was a Canadian version. I still use it at Mass. I get both translations at once.

- Recommend this!

I use this app on my iPhone 5s everyday, it was recommended to me and it's something I'd buy again.

- iMissal Catholic Newest Version

When I updated my app to the newest version on my iPod Touch Version 6 it crashes and does not open. Will there be a fix to this problem?

- Almost perfect

The only thing I wish it had would be the Latin translation of the prayers used in the Novus Ordo Mass.

- Imissal is excellent

I find it very helpful. Thank you

- Too many errors

Unfortunately I still cannot rely this e-version of the missal for accurate readings or order or service on Solemnities and Feast days. The new version updated Oct 4/13 now has all the readings for week 10 of ordinal time for the next many weeks. The developers do not seem to properly check what they are publishing is accurate. If I can't see the actual daily readings because they are listing the wrong weeks, then what is the point of the missal. This missal would replace my print version if and when I could ever trust it. Has potential, but they need to ensure their before this app can ever be taken seriously. I have had the app for 2 yrs, and the ongoing issues remain the same despite heads up to support. Not worth paying for something that's not accurate.

- iMisal app

I love this app it every day. Easily to follow, great job! Thank you

- I Massal

With i Missal my family keep connected to power for living in today's world - the word of God

- Great but needs Canadian version

We have changed our wording in our masses. It would be nice I have this updated in a Canadian version.

- Great

Use in mass all the time great app, now if only it has the hymnal.....

- One of the best aps

Use this quite often and to make it perfect an addition including the Canadian ( the NRSV rendering ) would be a welcome plus.

- Canadian

I like but wish you had a canadian version

- Imissal

this is an amazing app. it has truly helped me grow in my faith

- Great app

I really enjoy this app

- Great !

Amazing app. Beautifully done and the audio makes it a real winner. I use it every day.

- I missal review

Excellent app perfect for daily mass prep. Could make version for other countries to follow . Not sure if the readings are the same in every country.

- Excellent app

Must have by a christain

- Missal

This is a great addition to my iPhone and ipad. The daily readings are always at my fingertips and I love the audio feature. Also came in handy on the top of a mountain in Medjugorje.

- Love The App

But readings are somewhat different than from the Bible here in Canada. Nevertheless, it works for me at home or on the road.

- Great App

I luv it, very handy

- Review of app

I like the app but live in Canada and the readings are not from the same version of the Bible. Could we have a Canadian version. Also include collect and others prayers missing

- Fantastic so far. ..

Great tool for prayers and daily readings. Not sure my church is ready to accept people staring at their phones throughout the mass! ;)

- Awesome App!!!

This is just too awesome! There's no better word to describe it, will keep sharing it with my friends! Thanks for this app! God bless!!!

- Excellent app!

Great app for daily readings and prayers! The catholic news section is cool too!

- Awesome

A tried trusted and true tool for all Catholics

- Best mass app ever

Anything and everything you need for daily reading. Audio feature is great if you prefer to listen. Perfect for lectors!

- Excellent

Love this app, top to bottom. Must have for Catholics.

- Great!

Defiantly helps me better prepare for Mass!

- Imissal


- iMissal

Excellent and easy to use!

- Ing

Excellent App

- Mr

Great App. Has everything a devout catholic would look for.

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- Very good but not perfect

For example this year the collects starting Jan 2 are off by a day. Usually doesn’t happen and I am generally very happy but this sort of thing really should never happen.

- Refund please!

I paid for this app and think I deserve a refund due to the fact it no longer does what it says it does and has done for me in the past. Audio is no longer available is the biggest problem. Very disappointing! I can no longer recommend what once was a beautiful avenue of prayer. Anyone who purchased this app deserves a refund.

- Good proofing is a lost art!

It's great when the readings are the same as the readings for the day. Today May 1, the first reading is from Genesis. My Living Faith booklet says it is from Acts. I believe that it is from Acts. Proofing appears to be a problem!

- Sound

For the past few weeks I have not had any sound. Is there something I can do on my end to fix this. Please let me know, I miss hearing the readings. Thank you!

- Great app

I greatly enjoy this app and start my day with the daily scripture Only thing is I began enjoying being able to use the play option and being able to close my eyes and listen to the scripture being read to me. I very disappointed that this feature stopped working a few weeks ago and still not fixed Please consider correcting this wonderful feature/option Thanks you Cheryl

- Comfort every day

Being disabled I love being able to read the mass everyday even though I can't be in church.

- Imissal

I agree with October 11 post. In addition sometimes data is missing. There are times when there are optional readings. I have to jump to the EWTN site to get them, inconvenient. I try to get to daily Mass, so I’ve been using “Give Us This Day” monthly.

- Used to be great, now missing content

Have enjoyed this app for a long time. It is very helpful when I travel overseas and can't attend a Mass in a language I understand. However, the app is missing current mass content, showing various error messages ("Varies, content coming soon"). It was especially bad during Lent and Easter of this year. In the past, an app update was required to fix this issue. The only email address on the publisher’s website is their info address, which has been non-responsive. Can not recommend a paid app that is not supported properly.

- No audio

Plz fix audio before I can push to read now it won’t work can u guys fix it ASAP thank u

- Broken in last update

Doesn’t work on iPad as of last update.

- Not up to date

This missal is incomplete. The Communion Antiphon is often incorrect, the feast day readings are not always available, etc etc. Sometimes, parts of the daily Mass prayers are missing. If possible, I would like a refund. This app should be sold as INCOMPLETE. No updates in a while.

- Great app!!! Specially "Mass" while overseas

I live in South Korea and this app helps me follow the mass while listening it in another language. Great prayers to build a daily praying routine. Thank you!

- Audio lost

I lost the audio of this app and want to have it back because I use this everyday and I’m just so disappointed the main thing I want this app is gone. How do I fix this or get it back. I’m desperate. Thanks.

- Miss the audio

I used to listen to the daily audio readings. Sadly, that feature no longer functions. This was a favorite app that I used daily. Now its developers seem to have abandoned it.

- iMissal is Great

This is a wonderful tool for any Catholic to use when they find themselves without guidance while on the go.

- layout bug with new version

The text layout no longer wraps properly, and cannot be read as the text is cut off by the right screen border. Very annoying as I have relied on this app for several years.

- Love It but...

I really love this app. I get to read or hear the readings and the gospel before going to church. But audio when you play the readings is not working anymore. Please fix this. Really very good feature to not have.

- Love it😊

I love this application. I use it always. The only issue I wish it can be fixed is that there is rewind or forward action in the readings.

- Thanks for returning FAVORITES & BROWSE, but

I can’t give it five stars because of the typos/spelling mistakes in some of the prayers (e.g., sentence five of PRAYER FOR HEALING). I’ve commented on this before, but nothing’s been done in any of the updates. :-(

- no more sound

hi, please fix the sound. Audio is not working. thank you in advance.

- Don’t spend your $. App appears abandoned by developer.

I have had this app for years now. With the last update, I am not able I play the audio version anymore and the text is full of typos. I’ve tried to contact support but there is no contact anymore. It appears to have been abandoned.

- So sad

So sad to see this app abandoned. I use this almost daily but have been frustrated with the audio not working for weeks now. I’ve given this app 5 stars in the past because it has been awesome to have this resource available audibly. Now I can’t use it as I’d like. I do hope someone can rescue it.

- Thank You

Thank you for consolidation of my daily devotion to our Holy Mother and the Trinity. This allow me to carry and practice devotion anywhere.

- Full & Accurate

Reliable and complete, all masses and prayers at your fingertips. Best electronic missal available, great value for the cost.

- Love It

Very easy to use still can't decide if should actually take to church or not

- With me wherever I go

A great app!! Get this app - you won't be sorry! I do my daily devotional on my phone using this app.

- Audio

Unable to receive audio with imissal app

- In App Purchase “Saint A Day”

I love the entire app however I really enjoy in “Saint A Day” app however for the past few months when you click on “patron” to view the saints by name or by patronage the app shuts off. This is such a bummer. What is the deal with this...

- Time for update- Readings and Gospel not Accurate

I have noticed recently that the readings and Gospel are not always accurate. Needs to be fixed. No update for a year.

- Great app for Catholics

I use this app every day to read the daily Missal. As a traveler, it would be nice to see the St. Christopher prayer added to the list.

- Really enjoy this app

Thoroughly enjoy this app. Would appreciate adding a separate rosary section, not just the prayers.

- Audio not working

Love this app. Half screen shows, Not working iPad.

- App doesn’t not work right

This use to be my favorite daily app but in the past four months the sound does not work!! I have googled and nothing helps. In the app there is support BUT it doesn’t work

- Awesome

Wonderful to have the Mass n Readings at your fingertips. To be engulfed in God's word whenever u need it or just want to be refreshed vcb81

- Excellent Way to Follow Along With TV Masses

Due to COVID-19, I have been live-streaming Mass, and the iMissal App allows me to easily follow along with the entire liturgy.

- Easy access

I enjoy having the readings at the tip of my fingers.

- Thank you

Excellent - now include choice of Spanish or other languages!

- Keeps going down hill.

Constantly loses sound and one has to wait for a fix. Now its wonderful prayers to saints by need section is completely gone. Was the best around but now useless to me.

- Audio is Disruptive

Anyone having issues with the audio? I normally listen to the daily readings while I drive to work but the problem is - the audio stops midway through. My device is iPhone 6S Plus. Any fix on the horizon?

- Stop working correctly

Over the last several days, when I try to open and read the daily readings, the widow is only part size and the words are cut off on the right and it is not readable.

- Help Sound Doesn’t Work

Does anyone know why the sound isn’t working on the APP. We’ve tried deleting and re download, updating. There contact developer link is expired. Any ideas?

- Great app

Thank you for creating this wonderful resource for active Catholic.

- Works really good for me. 👍🏼

Never had a problem. I can follow w/o any problems.

- Excellent!

This app has help me become more devoted with my faith. Best thing I ever came across.

- are they still supporting this app?

i used the app every day but miss the Mass reading that no longer work.

- App does not work

I paid 4.99 and the text is all jumbled together. When I tap on a word it says there’s an error loading data. I tried app support but there’s no link or space to text about my issue

- Not happy

I read the other review and I loved this app ..they have been no updates and know I can’t get an audio of the readings of the day .uggh

- Suggestions

It’s great. Fix hang up on prayer 3 and add first lines and you’ve got it

- Readings not complete

You need to offer the choice of the different readings available on a given day

- Abandoned by Developer

This app was and still in many ways is amazing, but Is no longer being updated. Not since iOS 9. What a shame.

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iMissal Catholic 4.06 Screenshots & Images

iMissal Catholic iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

iMissal Catholic iphone images
iMissal Catholic iphone images
iMissal Catholic iphone images
iMissal Catholic iphone images
iMissal Catholic iphone images
iMissal Catholic iphone images

iMissal Catholic (Version 4.06) Install & Download

The applications iMissal Catholic was published in the category Reference on 2009-03-27 and was developed by Cantcha, Inc. [Developer ID: 307312437]. This application file size is 32.2 MB. iMissal Catholic - Reference app posted on 2020-08-20 current version is 4.06 and works well on IOS 8.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.cantcha.iMissal

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