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The most powerful, full-featured photo editing experience. One price, no subscriptions. Free new content updated regularly!

Afterlight 2 is a definitive overhaul of the original and widely popular "Afterlight", thoughtfully redesigned with ease of use in mind and an extensive list of brand new features.

Begin editing your photos using touch gestures with precision and control utilizing six new touch tools: Lighten, Darken, Blur, Sharpness, Desaturate & Saturate. Need to fix a dull colorless sky, lighten up parts of a portrait or use blur to create a custom depth effect? Try them out now!

New tools like Curves, Selective Hue/Saturation, Clarify, Tone and more help you get the very best out of your photos!

Now freshly updated with a brand new tool, Overlays! Try out this new group of textures including prism effects, real film light leaks, and dusty film overlays. Rotate and expand them freely to give your photos that extra bit of style!

Get creative after editing with new Frame Options, ranging from simple borders of any color to classic instant film!

Get creative and inspired using a fun list of hand-picked fonts + designs created by us! Customizable with useful tools like drop shadows, unlimited color options, masking and non-destructive layering. New fonts and designs to be added frequently, always free.

A regularly updated list of high quality filter packs created by photographers we love! Always free.

All filters are created using an advanced process that ensures a unique touch across a wide variety of photos. Customize existing filters to fit your needs or create your own as Fusions!

Blend photos together to create unique one-of-a-kind combinations!

Undo or redo any action at any time during the editing process.

Use multi-touch gestures to zoom into fine details for precision editing without losing quality.

No subscription, no in-app purchases, updates are always free!

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Afterlight 2 App Description & Overview

The applications Afterlight 2 was published in the category Photo & Video on 2017-11-02 and was developed by Afterlight Collective, Inc. The file size is 164.63 MB. The current version is 1.9 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

What's New in v1.9 —

— Filters
· One new Filter Collection created by the talented Nicolee Drake (@cucinadigitale)! In the new Bellezza Collection, Nicolee brings three unique styles, each inspired by different parts of the beauty and culture of Italy. [ Milano, Dolce and Azzurro ]

— Overlays
· The Color Shift tool can now be rotated radially (vertically and horizontally).

— General improvement
· Pinch zooming the image you’re working on now works more comfortably by staying aligned to the sides.
· UI improvements for the Save screen providing better UX for image sizes.

Thank you for using "Afterlight 2"! We're always developing new features / content and we strive to improve your photo editing experience in every update. Your feedback and suggestions are greatly appreciated and we're always listening!

If you have any questions or feedback, please contact us on -
Twitter — @afterlightapp
Instagram — @afterlight
Email us — [email protected]

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Afterlight 2 Reviews


Double exposure is poor  JamTab  3 star

It needs an erase tool as well as a re-apply tool.


Not the same filter  arjoo1992  2 star

The cascade filter from the legacy collection isn’t the same filter as the one in the original Afterlight please bring back the original!

one snakey boi

I’m don’t edit much... but this is cool  one snakey boi  4 star

Had a few bucks on an i tunes card and thought this looked cool. decided to give it a go and am pleased with results. wish it had more sticker features or piece selection however. good app


Afterlight 2—No Need 2 HESITATE  vfergus  5 star

So far, my experiences of purchasing this APP is hands DOWN FABULOUS 10 stars. I have purchased the 1st one, the upgraded features that comes with the 2nd version, there is only one word “PRICELESS.” Thank you APP Designers!

Altair Abdul Khabir (Kyle)

Afterlight 2, on par with the expensive PC based software!  Altair Abdul Khabir (Kyle)  4 star

I’ve owned Afterlight 2 for quite some time now, and being a iOS Camera App/Photo+Video Editing App aficionado, I thought it due time to write a review for this app. Now for someone searching for a simple, easy to use but also professional looking (results wise) iOS app, then look no further friends, as Afterlight 2 is truly the premiere App Store Photo Editing app! For $2.99 you can’t beat all the features included in this software for those looking to really add that extra kick to their photos. I also think this would be a great software for those not well acquainted with iOS photo editing software or maybe so far as to say someone who has no experience with any kind of photo editing software period. Now the reasons why I only gave it 4 out of 5 stars: As a semi-professional graphic designer and digital photographer, I find myself constantly pushing my limits and abilities to create better and more artistic pieces, and with the advent of smartphones, and especially iPhone 8 and up, these smartphone cameras and apps nearly rival even my Canon EOS T6i DSLR (24.2MP) in terms of photo quality and video quality (my iPhone 8 is capable of [email protected] at 12MP, although it cannot match the photo depth of my DSLR), and therefore I find myself needing top-notch Camera Apps (my favorite photo app is ProCam 6 and my favorite video capture app is Guerilla) and the best photo editing apps iOS has to offer. Afterlight 2 in this respect does get “most” of the job done, however I am lacking specific tools, which I end up having to export from AL2 into Polarr or Enlight or LightX Express especially for photo manipulation and pro editing, and the biggest pet peeve which requires me to always export to Polarr is the ability to have AL2 recognize custom fonts installed to my iPhone or at the least allow me to add fonts to the app itself. The limited supply of stock font styles and inability to install your own leaves this app, in my opinion, wanting. But overall I would never delete this app and would always reinstall on any new iPhone for it’s quickness, and ability to quickly and sometimes lazily produce amazing photo works!


Great app all in one  RangerAnger01  5 star

Most every need is within this editing app that is user friendly.


Love this App!  Aleurrrrr  5 star

I absolutely love this app! Definitely worth the money!


Stickers.. why do you delete 😩  Stephaniewellness  4 star

I used this app mainly for the cute little Stickers and the butterfly and other ones are gone 😢

su baxter

GOOD UNTIL CRASH?  su baxter  4 star

This app is awesome for photo editing for me. I was able to create my own preset and there are tons of great features to apply to projects. The only critical feedback I have that I would REALLY like to see a solution to is that after a couple edit applications, the app freezes, and then crashes without warning sending me back to my home screen. If there was a feature to save a project in progress or have a studio of projects in the process of being edited (think VSCO gallery but with Afterlight) that would be incredibly beneficial. Getting really frustrated not being able to just apply four or five edits after my preset to my engagement photo and just have it in my camera roll. Resorted to applying an edit, saving... repeat until done. Which is lowering the quality I’m sure. Please fix this crashing issue. It is getting really bad.

Poetic Medium

Revise my review  Poetic Medium  5 star

This is a great solid app that I have used from the early days. Resolution is just fine and these are good people to work with. My sincere apologies to the developer team for a bad review! Many thanks!


Up to scratch  Sword4769  5 star

Really impressed. After working with expensive PS express on their free trial I was feeling like I would need to pay to get the features I wanted. I love that you can do selective touch ups, that the tool box is comprehensive, and that I can save filters to use them again (and again). I still am having trouble finding exactly the filter I want to match what I put into PS express. Would be great to have more community filters or ways to sort them! Thank you for making such an easy and up to date tool. Please continue to add new features!

moonlight sunlight

I loved it  moonlight sunlight  5 star

L loved it It makes me happy too she want I can do


Poor image quality  jakemetz  2 star

My images from the iPhone photos app are perfectly clear before using Afterlight 2. However, after simply adding a frame and then uploading to Instagram straight from the Afterlight 2 app they become blurry or degraded. Very unfortunate.


Great app  wendy-js  5 star

I have tried so many photo editing apps that claim to do what this one does and is easy to use. This app is excellent highly recommend


I’ve never had an issue with this app  resident_emu_kid  5 star

It’s just great, I’ve recommended it to my friend, and we both use it, like, religiously. Worth the money, it’s the only (non-collage) photo editor I’ve ever needed.


Crashes EVERY time I open it through Photos  VivelaVieve  1 star

Despite having the latest update this app crashes every single time I open it through the Photos app (primarily how I like to edit my photos as I’m going through them). I have waited for this problem to get fixed through updates for months and it is still unusable. Given this is a paid app it’s unacceptable.


Jam packed with features but still some improvement needed.  adtyj  4 star

This app has so many good features that are missing in many other photo app such as H,S,L and colour/gradient overlays and curves; however I would like to see the ability to do selective local edits (possibly similar to Snapseed), a slider similar to Adobe’s “Dehaze” and to have to option of plain/chosen colour frames rather than default texture ones. Also the Hue sliders seem over sensitive and hard to make subtle changes. Good job on the developers to committing to no in-app purchases and the continual roll out of filters is nice. Just not sure how the filters are sorted or organised...🤔 Overall almost a full photo editing package. Well worth the price and great for most changes and more available in other apps.


Overcharging money, want a refund  TailaMay  2 star

I have purchased this app, while it lives up too what I wanted, I’m very disappointed that I’ve been charged twice in less than a week. I would like a refund, as this app is expensive and not worth the money if this is going to keep happening.


LOVE IT  Danibm1612  5 star

Afterlight it’s literally all my others apps in one!!


Keep crashing  Calvinstefanus  1 star

Just bought it, but apps keep crashing in the middle of editting Please fix this asap


Great app  spyderz  5 star

I really like this app! Super user friendly and lots of options to make your iPhone photos look pro


AMAZING  JassyJ00  5 star

This app made my pictures 10x better!

Janee Lookerse

Literally incredible  Janee Lookerse  5 star

I’ve been using Afterlight for years, but this new version is a whole new ballgame. It has every editing feature photoshop desktop has. It’s amazing. Highly highly recommend.

Queen of indie

Favorite app for quick and quality editing  Queen of indie  5 star

I’ve tried nearly all photo editing apps and have yet to find one that is worth its bang for buck. This one came recommended by someone from Instagram after I saw their great quality photos. I took a leap and purchased it right before a vacation. It changed the game! Easy to navigate and use. My photos look incredible after I’ve spent some time on them with this app. All I wish that they offered is a resizing option similar to VSCO. I don’t mean cropping, but an actual option to reformat the shaping for instagram sizing. Overall- worth every penny and then some!!


Creative Control  pyoneer  5 star

Love this app, gives you many options


Amazing  jasmin7032  5 star

One word amazing, no wonder people hype this app up so much it gives such a natural high quality look! Loveeee it! My new go to app!

Jesu Sapphire

Wow  Jesu Sapphire  5 star



Blending  GFeline  4 star

I like many of the tools in this app, but the blender needs some work. There is no eraser and you can't resize your foreground images. That's the main reason I bought it. I'll look around to see if I've missed something.


Layering?  Fha203k  3 star

Looking to layer photo on top of photo. Am I missing something or is this not possible with this app?


No Free Crop  ItzTina  2 star

I’m very disappointed in the lack of a free crop feature, even the free picsart app has that!

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