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Want to secretly capture photos and videos without anyone notices while your device can hide camera view and all interface buttons, here is the app that you need: SP Camera.

With SP Camera, you can record video, or take pictures without being seen while the device shows one of fake backgrounds.
Simulate that you are browsing the web, a blog or leave the device on a table showing a still image or a time clock while recording.
Automatically record and save video if any motion occurs on the scene with Motion Detection Sensor.
With built-in Photo Timer, this app automatically capture photos every few seconds without touching the capture button again.
Save your photos and videos in the password protected private folder.
Moreover, you can hide all the UI control buttons to simulate a real spy experience.

* Photo Timer: automatically capture photo without tap any buttons
* Photo Mode: capture photo at highest resolution
* Video Mode: record video and capture photo at the same time (snap 8MP photo while recording 4K video)
* Motion Detection Mode: automatically record only if any motion occurs on the scene
* Slow Motion Mode: Support high frame rate or slow motion video recording selectable between 60fps, 120fps or 240fps
* Timelapse Mode: record video in fast motion action up to 16x
• Manual camera control with focus, exposure, ISO, and white balance adjustment
• Do both capture photo & record video at the same time
• Save more storage with changeable video recording resolution between QVGA 240p, VGA 480p, HD 720p, FullHD 1080p or 4K 2160p
• Ability to zoom in & zoom out up to 10x
• Support dual camera lens devices
• Support wide color gamut capture
• Automatically boost low light photo & video visibility and quality
• Limitable video recording duration and numbers of Photo Timer photos
• Cinematic video stabilization support for shake-free video recording
• Adjustable auto or manual focus and exposure
• Support photo capturing and video recording with volume buttons
• Save photo and video in passcode protected private app folder or save to camera roll

• Automatic Mode: auto apply record action and other actions when app launch
• Easy Mode: easily tap any area to take photo and double tap to record video
• Screen is completely black simulate the device is turned off
• No camera flash or on-screen flash is appeared
• Fake other people that you're on other activities by using fake backgrounds
• Alternative image slideshow or animated clock or reactive web browsing fake backgrounds
• Ability to your own image fake backgrounds
• Dimmed screen with zero brightness in black background
• Adjustable the visible of the UI transparency
• Movable and resizable camera view
• Make sure you tap the correct buttons with haptic feedback
• Understand app functions with App Tips

• No one can stop your recording by secure the recording and lock UI buttons with passcode
• Support Touch ID and Face ID to unlock
• Advanced passcode system can lock app startup, lock camera UI buttons, or lock gallery viewing

• Built-in gallery for viewing photos and videos
• Easy sharing from inside the app or use USB cable iTunes files sharing
• Directly share photos and videos to cloud storage from inside the app

• Wireless Apple Watch Remote supported for recording control

• Please mute your device, or plug the earphone to remove camera shutter sound.
• Avoid zero volume or max volume to fix video recording without audio, and volume buttons action to work properly.
• To record 4K 60FPS on supported devices, please set slow-motion FPS to 60 in setting, switch video mode to Slow-Mo (select either Wide Len or Telephoto Len on dual camera lens devices).
• Motion Detection mode is limited to maximum 1080p resolution only.
• Built-in Gallery Viewer unable to play slow-mo video in slow motion action. Please save to camera roll and play slow-mo video via Photo app.
• Not all features available on older devices.

SP Camera App Description & Overview

The applications SP Camera was published in the category Photo & Video on 2013-02-20 and was developed by Ratha Sou. The file size is 26.24 MB. The current version is 6.0.5 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

- Fixed bug where haptic feedback is not working on some devices when app freshly launch
- Improve app stability during caching gallery thumbnails

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SP Camera Reviews


Help  ubuvubuvuvuvuv  4 star

All my videos were deleted how did that happened


About this app  hraidin  1 star

This app why when i go to main screen after I started recording goes off I don't like that because i need when i use this to use something else and i need my money back


Video stop when trying different things  Mark2t  1 star

Video recording will stop when open another app. Or doing something else. So what is the point using this app. iPhone camera does that too. I need my money back


Help  shutch  1 star

Ok I can’t find my videos and I have no way of accessing the controls. My screen is always black accept when it shows the tone and stating what type of recording it’s doing. Please help I need to find the gallery and other app features that aren’t accessible.

Milton Crandall

Great for candid photography  Milton Crandall  5 star

I use this app for (still) subway photography and am happy with it. Developer has been responsive to bug reports.

Former Employee

Great app but....  Former Employee  4 star

This app is great but I can’t upload videos to Dropbox. I constantly get an error message saying “can’t upload file. There was a problem uploading .mov file” Please fix this. The app is great accept for that one thing. Another suggestion would be to block pop ups and notifications. I’ve gotten everything from 20% battery notification pop ups which don’t require a signal but still popup to notifications that do require a signal. Please develop a fix for this. The idea is stealth and having a huge pop up jump onto your completely blacked out screen is not very stealth. Thx.

T-Bird 77 1982

Really Awesome Tool !!!  T-Bird 77 1982  5 star

For the novice or professional, excellent tool to have. App developers respond to questions and have even added updates that I’ve requested to the settings. Wonderful app. Very pleased!!!!


Powerful app but a few issues lately  JP10019123  5 star

Quite an amazing full featured app, sometimes too complicated. I’d like to see a few features/fixes: 1. The ability to dumb it down even more and turn off any button. So if it auto starts in timer/dark, that’s the only feature I can toggle on/off with a hold-press. 2. With IOS 12 I frequently get prompted “attention please give this app permission...” when it has it and works fine. 3. Not feeling haptic feedback any more for tap photos, only video. I’d also like the haptic feedback in timer mode, but not necessarily for every shutter if possible. Maybe offer both or every number of seconds to conserve battery and know it’s working.

Annoyed lg user

Broken feature  Annoyed lg user  1 star

Nice app but cannot listen to audio/podcasts or music while in the app. Very strange.


Help  axe101  4 star

App runs great but while in motion detection video it will only record a minute or 2 and stop recording. How do I get it to record longer? I already changed in setting to infinite. Help


Freezes  funtohave35  1 star

It freezes all the time have to delete and reinstall, no volume, not wort the money

When can we?

App works well  When can we?  5 star

app works well as advertised. frequent updates


Mr  Lionpaws2  3 star

I used the clear camera for about one month ago and now the left top bottom to switch the camera to the hidden mode ( black screen ) not working ....anyone to help Can I re install the program again with no charge


Crashes  McG_00  1 star

Crashes immediately upon recording in iOS8.1 on 32GB iPhone 5S rendering the app non-functional.


Dimming  Error:success  1 star

Display not dimming anymore.


Keeps in falling full of bugs  Mark2815  1 star

I can't take any pictures it's not getting dark and also that gallery keeps and disappearing, it needs a good upgrade.


Best Spy Cam App Available  CBJacked  5 star

Awesome spy cam! Simple and does what it's intended too. People need to understand that the removal of the transparent/black screen mode is an Apple issue, nothing to do with the developer. Gets better with every update as far as stability. Good job!

Rogue Foe

Used to work great  Rogue Foe  1 star

I loved this app in their past, but the updates ruined it!!!! You can't dim the display any more. Needs to be fixed!! I want my money back!!!


Dimmer does not work  Jorgeiajshdll  1 star

Dimmer no longer works. Do not buy!


Terrible  akdjhka  1 star

If it had worked as adverted ... was gonna go five stars .. alas ..... this bugger is buggy as hell; trying to transfer photos taken residing in the app folder to the camera roll was nothing but a pain as the app glitched out numerous times; then went to delete that folder and had done so .... to find that the pictures were still there!!! And not to mention the other headache in trying to work with the IU. Sorry but this app is nothing but troubles. Five bills for this terrible app??? Should be more like five cents.


Needs an update.  Wordsemaj  4 star

This app worked great until the iOS 8 update. Now it doesn't work at all. Please provide and update and if possible an option to save video to a folder other than the photo library.


Wow this is just what I needed for my job.  guro2_25  5 star

I am a private investigator is a lot of times were like to use my cell phone to take photographs or video. But I have to be very inconspicuous and it is hard when people can see behind you that you're recording video or taking a photo. This app allows me to do the things I need to do an undercover fashion without being seen.


Great update!  Tendoformer  5 star

The ability to surf the web is a great addition. There is nothing else out there that works so consistently. I just wish it had high frame rate capture (60 FPS for iPhone 5 and 120 FPS for iPhone 5S).


Great app!  Don_Gustavo  5 star

It is necessary to add the motion sensor.

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