Samurai Blitz

Samurai Blitz [Games] App Description & Overview

Tighten your sandals and sharpen your thumbs for an endless, action-packed slash nโ€™ dash arcade-style adventure!

Dash your way through 8 beautiful pixel-drawn environments whilst slicing and dicing as many enemies as possible. Chain together combos to receive bigger and better rewards from each enemy you slay, but watch out for the projectiles coming towards you, they hurt! The further you run, the harder it will become, although the rewards will be much more fruitful as chaining combos becomes a key element in staying alive.

Simply tap on the left side of the screen to jump and the right to attack, donโ€™t forget you can double jump to gain more height and to save yourself from them terrible pits.

Featuring over 40 challenging quests that will keep you coming back for more and more as they entice you with greater rewards the further you get. Once you've mastered and completed every quest, why not restart them in a tougher advanced mode that offer double the rewards!

Achievements are fun too right? Well for all you achievement junkies, there are over 30 in here to keep you busy for a long while, some of them even offer some neat rewards!

Buy new katanas, scrolls, pets and much more from the market (With in-game coins) to power up your runs in however you see fit. Losing too many hearts? There's a katana for that! Finding it hard to jump over pits? There's a scroll for that too! In fact there's just about everything you can think of to aid you for your perfect run, so choose wisely, equip smartly and decimate ruthlessly.

2 bonus games that reward coins and fancy equipment if you're lucky. Can you find and free poor P.B.?

-Addicting (one more run) gameplay
-Super simple controls
-Satisfying combo-chaining
-8 beautiful environments
-40+ exciting quests
-Challenging Bosses
-140,000+ player combinations
-A retro soundtrack fused with modern elements
-Compete against friends in Game Center


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Samurai Blitz Customer Service, Editor Notes:

This app has been updated by Apple to use the latest Apple signing certificate. Samurai Blitz 2.0 is here! Here is what's new in this huge update. PETS! -You can now equip a pet to run with you! Each pet enhances your abilities, giving you a unique run and load out. SWORDS! -Swords are no longer simply cosmetic, and they improve your abilities in a specific way. QUESTS! -Samurai Blitz is now full of repeatable quests for you to complete and grow your coin count. ACHIEVEMENTS! -There are a huge amount of achievements for you to work towards to get coin rewards and unlock secret items! CAT GAME! -The cat statue game has been rebuilt to include new goodies and better rewards. POT GAME! -You'll find a new icon in the market for the pot game. Test your skills for some nice coin rewards, and watch out for those pesky explosive pots! STATS! -A new stats screen has been made for you to see all your enemy slaying bragging rights. NEW STAGES! -Two new stages have been built with all new bosses to challenge all you samurais out there! BUG FIXES AND OTHER! -General bugs have been fixed -Two new in-app purchases have been added. One to remove the need to watch video ads for deluxe ramen and the pot game, and one to purchase the frog pet for a triple jump ability. Thanks for playing Samurai Blitz, we hope you enjoy this update! Support: @ThunderhorseCO

Samurai Blitz Comments & Reviews

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- Why 5 stars?

Hands down this game is a great endless runner with attention to detail. The controls are perfect. The gameplay is excellent. The IAP is reasonable. I suggest purchasing the no ads and the coin doubler so you continue without having to watch any ads and you get coins at a great rate. There's lots of things to do and explore. There's a lot of levels each with their own boss and attack patterns. There are permanent scrolls and pets and different weapons! The graphics are just fantastic. The developers are communicative and actually care about the game and will talk to you on Facebook if you message them. I know because I have talked to one of them. I purchased all of the restorable IAP to show my support. You really need to give this game a good try. You will understand. You will get your panda on! Absolutely no issues using the iPhone 5s running iOS 8.4.1 Thanks Whitehorse for a great game!

- The best game on the App-Store, by far.

Studio Thunderhorse, this game is outstanding. The environments and bosses never get old, and I will say that I haven't seen 1 bug in the game. I play it everyday, and it's so much fun. My only complaint is that Samurai Blitz is quite outdated. You haven't update the game in well over a year, and the neglect is saddening. Even though it doesn't look like it, people are still actively playing this game. I'm begging you to continually update the game once again. With enough effort, this game can climb the top charts in the blink of an eye. Other than that, the game is absolutely stunning. To any people wondering whether to get the game or not, I strongly suggest you do. You will be impressed. Thank you for your time, and strap on those sandals and run!

- Charming

Itโ€™s a charming game although fairly repetitive music, as far as Iโ€™ve played. Crucial question: Can I make the sound go away to listen to other things? Dunno. I wanted to think about trust for awhile before playing more, The main thing is... these devs have the misfortune of joining the Afterlight Collective and the developers of the photo editor came into my house and took a shirt they sold me. No? How is selling me the Afterlight photo editing app and then wiping it out of the App Store any different? I used Afterlight constantly. Any time I had a photo that was a poster or statement, something that was largely text, I added texture with Afterlight. Whoosh. Itโ€™s gone. I had to reset my phone to factory settings and lo! a single app is lost to me forever. Dare I buy anything from Afterlight Collective? Dare you sit through overly long ads for games youโ€™re well aware of to earn more in-game currency or spend real money for it? I trust everyone (well... not the GOP) and it really hurts me to not trust a company on the App Store.

- Unexpected hit! Buy the coin doubler!

The graphics and sounds are very nostalgic, paying a good homage to early 90s genesis games. I love the combo system, but sometimes I feel my own hit box is a little vague and getting silly hits quite often. You will be grinding a lot in this game, so coin doubler is almost mandatory. It is a game that's totally worth paying a couple bucks. New version 2.0 update added so much more. I decided to remove the ads just because I can and I recommend all to do so. Now that almost all the things you buy add extra perks to your samurai, it makes so much more sense to get the doubler for more coins. Great job, Thunderhorse!

- Fantastic Update

This is one of the best runners on the app store, with a dev team that is dedicated to this game. It's not a traditional runner, as there are levels and bosses to beat, as well as a full set of swords, tunics, flare - and now the addition of animals - to collect. The update adds TONS of replayability and customization as well. I can't recommend this enough. The coin doubler is a must-purchase, and even the frog IAP (that allows for triple jump) is a fantastic upgrade. Don't miss out on what is already a timeless classic, just made exponentially better via this update! ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป

- Awsome Update!

Very nice update, probably the best game I've ever played on iOS! Couple of issues (iPhone 6 iOS 9.1): 1- I see a little shift in objects placements after 20 or so stages, e.g. the bosses completely shift to the samurai's place when they come closer; for example, the first stage boss completely collides with the samurai. In the previous version this collision would reduce one or two hearts, but now it doesn't. 2- When I pick crystal katana for slicing through projectiles, all of them are sliced but some do not count in combo and do not spawn coins. 3- For some reason, when I run the game for a long time, and then close it, my device gets very warm and even after cooling down, for every other (simple) task, it gets warm again. When I restart my device, everything goes back to normal. I'm not sure if it's because of the game or the device. Awesome game! Keep up the great work StudioThunderhorse!


I love the gameplay and how simple it is to control but how difficult it can be to play. The art style is beautiful and very detailed. I only wish there were platforms like rooftops, tree branches, or stone walls to run on to give more of a parkour feel to it. Also maybe enemies like ninjas that throw shurikens that you have to jump over to kill the ninja or other samurai that charge at you and you have to jump out of the way. Please think about adding these in an update, it would be so awesome.

- Should I pay five dollars for the awesome stuff!?

To be completely honest I was bored and was looking for a fun game to play but no I didn't, I found a awesome game that has great graphics and a cool track. I felt for it when I saw it and I love it even more when I unlock the cat track it was well put. I am great full "you guys" (the developers) didn't put a swarm of adds everywhere, I have some good apps but they are infested with adds. I'm thinking of buying some stuff in games shop so yeah.

- 5 stars, butโ€ฆ

I would've liked if this game had iCloud or Facebook save your progress because during Christmas, I now have an iPhone 7, and this is an iPhone 5c, and I have a bunch of cool swords and stuff I would like to carry over to my new phone, so if this app were to get another update, hopefully soon, then please include an iCloud or Facebook save so I could continue to play on my new phone, because I can't keep this one foreverโ€ฆ๐Ÿ˜š

- Finally!

It took a month long delay but we finally got the update. I asked for cosmetic items to have an actual affect on the gameplay, in my last review, and now I got my wish. They added more music to unlock too, not that I dislike the main track, it's just that, that's all I've ever heard. Something I feel was changed to the gameplay, something with the sword mechanic idk, but something doesn't feel right.

- Amazing!

This game, had it come out in 2012 when endless runners weren't overdone, would have made the top of the charts. Because it's different than the rest of the endless runners these days. Sword attacks and special moves can be done, as well as the iap's in this game a very reasonable. You don't even need to pay if you don't want to because it's fair. Lastly, this game has a great art style and amazing music. P.s. There are a few secrets hidden in the game!

- Fun Endless Runner

Update: On older devices, game might crash. Try restarting or freeing up some memory (worked for me!). The new content, such as upgrades and achievements/rewards, make a great game even better! Original review below: A fun, stylized endless runner! Great controls, great design, challenging gameplay. The developer is committed and fixed the bugs that plagued the first release. Looking forward to more from this game and this developer!

- Leaderboards

This is a great game, one of my favorite games that I've played in awhile. But, I was just wondering how come I have not moved up in the leaderboards. A couple weeks ago I was ranked 80, but now I'm at 95 and no matter how many games I play, my kills stay the same. Is there anything you can do to fix this. Please get back as soon as possible. Still a great game all in all. Love it!

- Good, Needs touched up

I like this game a lot due to the inconsistency of how the monsters arrive. You have to be quick to kill them all; its not easy and I think thatโ€™s the kind of challenge games need. There are a few things like the inability to turn off the music and tutorial. There should be some settings to do this. :/ Still a great game in the long run.

- Great game, but suggestions

I love this game! The replayability is amazing but i have some suggestions. One is to put a preview for the flairs that the night merchant sells which will help in making sure to buy a flair i like. Also could you add a progress bar for achievements. Thats all i ask for, it would be a great addition.

- Love the game ,just needs more stuff

I love the game and itโ€™s really fun but it hasnโ€™t been updated in a while and I was wondering if you could add some more stuff to the game so yea, love the work on the game and itโ€™s really fun just want more stuff that adds to the game ,plus can you make it easier to get coins

- Even better after the update!

The game was already amazing, and after the update is even better, so much better and added new swords and pet

- Sound issue? Fixed!

Apparent the sound issue I had was due to iOS and not the devs. So here is that 5 star review!

- Crashes every so often

Have experienced multiple crashes in the last few games


I find it crazy how I pay to upgrade my swords and every time I'm coming down from slashing someone I get hurt, the flame sword should be easier not harder than the obsidian, can you please update it so that I can get my combos just right, this is messed up

- Good

Please make it easier to hit a 100 combo so I can get the objective and please add a special power up to the tunic

- Good

This game is awesome endless side scrolling action with combos boss battles new gear to purchase and the stages and bosses are all well designed reminds me of muramasa demon blade .

- ๐Ÿ‘

Very good game would recommend

- Cat pet is glitched

Saved up for the car pet but even with it equipped the cat tokens do not increase in frequency. Assuming it's a glitch. Really bummed. Probably will not pick the game back up because i saved for so long to get it. Shame


I love this game, but there is a bad glitch. I saved up 100,000 coins, then I bought the cat pet, and it did nothing, it says all drops = cat tokens, but I just got coins, just like normal. Please fix.

- ยฏ\_(ใƒ„)_/ยฏ

How can the pixels be real if our eyes aren't real.


Please update the game

- Great


- A really great endless runner

This game is generally one of the best endless runners I've played. The timing of your jumps and attacks must be precise for you to succeed. The background are beautiful and are what motivate me to get to the next stage. The coolest thing about this is the animation of your character. He doesn't effortlessly jump into the air, you can see him flail around and his whole body move around when he runs which adds to the game by making you feel like your actually doing something, instead of just controlling a super-powered puppet. My only complaint is that many of the "upgrades" not only are super expensive but also are purely cosmetic, but, what can I say, it's to be expected from a mobile game. 4/5

- A GEM in the Dark Ages of App Development

This game is reminiscent of why the world fell in love with app store years ago. It is simple beauty. The controls are easy to pick up and responsive. The in game store is attainable just by playing the game(a rarity in these times of greedy developers). The ads are optional(always a plus). The music... The music is PHENOMENAL. Music is what immerses us in these apps, and Samurai Blitz captures the soul with their magnificent 8-bit tracks. Even the Track that plays while in the Store menu captures the sleepiness of the interface perfectly. I NEVER write reviews but I had to say something about this incredible game.

- GG-NW.

I am pleased to say that like the many other reviews you will find here, I can assure you that this mobile game is aesthetically pleasing and insanely simple. However, there are bugs that should be fixed in the next update. The first of which is obvious - the lag. I can easily get to level 3, but level 4 is an instantaneous crash. And it always is. I end up losing 1,000+ coins because of this. Second (minor compared to the first), when you press the Twitter button to follow for coins, if you just exit out, you get the coins regardless of if you followed or not. Fix these simple bugs (if you can make the game this good, I have faith you can fix and maybe add something special in), then I will give you your well deserved 5 stars.

- Best Free Game On The Appstore

This is hands down the best free game on this store that I have ever played: The pixel-art is wonderful and well-done, the way the character moves and his animations are very nice, the gameplay is tight and addicting, and all the purchases use in-game currency. Truly this is a masterpiece of a mobile game and is wonderful; however, with everything there is a downside. I'm not sure if it's just my phone or what but this game has crashed on me many times during gameplay, I would be very grateful if you all could please fix that. It's the only thing keeping me from giving this game five stars. Over all though this game is amazing and I defiantly recommend it.

- AppStore Gem

I'm happy to say that this game DEFINITELY deserves a re-visit. I previously wrote a pretty harsh review, and with time, I have discovered a hidden AppStore gem. When I playing I figured out that my previous gripe with the combat was caused by bad timing during my combos. I LOVE the customization options and their descriptions. It leaves me wanting to see the developers put WAY more in future updates. My only suggestion is to maybe add some bonuses to katana and tunics like the scrolls do except the bonuses are different than the scrolls of course and then to maybe rebalance/refine the combat gameplay to be even smoother and fun. P.S: ADD ANOTHER MINI GAME/BOOST LIKE THE LUCKY CAT CHEST GAME TO THE GAME... THANKS!

- Definition of Fun Pixelated Games

Samurai Blitz is a really good game and everyone should consider playing it. It offers many features like different swords, different capes and power-ups. It's simple, yet difficult to beat. The creators of this game hits you a sense of nostalgia and adrenaline. With each boss you defeat, you enter a new stage in which you face different enemies and a new boss. I haven't yet tried the new update, but I know I won't be disappointed. Samurai Blitz is the first game I had ever written a review for, and it is definitely worth a try.

- Great Runner But......

Samurai Blitz is overall 1 of the best endless runners games to date, running thru these amazing levels reminiscent of a 80's platform game. However with all the weapons, tunics and scrolls u can earn ur character doesn't get stronger. Doubling up on ur coins is pointless katanas r just for looks not power and there 4 scrolls r worth buying to actually make a difference in ur combat kunai knives scroll, gold scroll, phantom scroll and invulnerable scroll that's it after u earn them it's pointless to closing the game would be more awesome if my character and weapons could become more powerful.

- Fantastic game

An excellent endless runner with variety and detail unseen in most others. The beautiful pixel art and animations is only a small part of what sets this apart from other endless runners. There are unique bosses in each of the environments and a really fun combo system. You rarely feel cheated and you feel like you're truly learning the game as you go. To top it all off there aren't any intrusive ads bringing the game down. Who knows if that will change once the game picks up steam. One thing's for sure, this game is a must play.

- Huge bug found...

first of all, excellent game. reminds me of old-school strider. anyways, i did find a huge bug: during one run (equipped with invisibility bubble), i collected some cats. i died, used my cats, and got a +200m bonus for the next run. i tapped retry with that bonus applied, and throughout my entire next run (which ended by falling in a ditch on the 4th level), i had an invisibility bubble activated 100% of the time. it never died. The bubble icon was "tappable", but never touched it. This is a severe bug that needs to be fixed.

- Excellent game

I love it. Addicting, simple and just plain fun. The pixel graphics are excellent and the backgrounds breathtaking. I do have one gripe with the game, and it's that the character looks NOTHING like a samurai. I mean, I would prefer if he used kinonos instead of that poncho. And the hat looks kinda chinese but what do i know. Also more weapons, different characters and daily bonuses are welcomed too! Great game 5 stars. Hope it becomes even better~

- Great Game and I Really Enjoy but Crashes Alot

I love this game a lot and i just bought double coins but the game crashes a lot like sometimes ill be in the middle of a run the game would crash. If you can make an update for this please try to fix the crashing and if you can please add some more scolls and other things because i really enjoy all of it. Also the prices are reasonable too. 1,000,000 coins is only 5$ which is reasonable because most games make 1,000,000 coins 99$ which i don't understand buy anyway i love this game

- Simple and Sweet

This is the best endless runner that i have ever played. The graphics are great, the animations are smooth, and it's challenging as well. But the game would be much better if there we're collectables, and a slow time scroll. I also think that the items are way too expensive. It takes like an hour of non-stop good runs in order to buy ONE flair. But overall it is a great free game.

- Stop reading and get it.

This is truly one of the best endless runners in the app store. The gameplay requires precise jumps and attacks for you to be able to succeed. The presentation of the game is perfect; the pixel graphics, animations and music are all phenomenal. The in game shop uses only one currency and lets you customize the look and feel of your character. Den outta den

- Stop reading and get it.

This is truly one of the best endless runners in the app store. The gameplay requires precise jumps and attacks for you to be able to succeed. The presentation of the game is perfect; the pixel graphics, animations and music are all phenomenal. The in game shop uses only one currency and lets you customize the look and feel of your character. Den outta den

- Stop reading and get it.

This is truly one of the best endless runners in the app store. The gameplay requires precise jumps and attacks for you to be able to succeed. The presentation of the game is perfect; the pixel graphics, animations and music are all phenomenal. The in game shop uses only one currency and lets you customize the look and feel of your character. Den outta den

- Amazing

This is my favorite game on the App Store. I love the art, and the music is great. It's challenging, but also very satisfying. If you're a fan of endless runners, or retro games definitely give this a look. My only gripe is that sometimes when I try to revive the ad won't load which forces me to restart from the beginning.

- Great!

Been playing for a while but ever since the recent update I feel like you guys increased the rate of the Samurai dropping, it just doesn't feel the same way anymore. But I absolutely love the game! In any case of it being an item bug I use the ebisu scroll, navy and blue tunic and the fire sword

- Actually really good

For an app that I found randomly, the lack of ad's or paywalls made helped to let me give this game a small time investment lol, the game play is addictive, if not a little repetitive :), the special scrolls spice things up tho, I'd say give it a try ๐Ÿ‘, there is a learning curve btw

- Fix landing hit boxes

When I'm doing a combo and can't finish I get hit by the back of a stupid head making me lose a heart which is dumb I lose my heart because I barely touch a monster and can't hit because it's placed awfully other than that games great never mind just played another round fix the hit detection

- So fun! But...

This game is Awesome with a capital A! It's fun; it's addicting, the whole package! The only thing that NEEDS to change is the fact that it constantly crashes! I mean, you can play it for a decent amount of time without worrying about it, but eventually, it will happen! Other than this minor bug this game is SUUUUPER DUPER! I HIGHLY suggest it!

- Great Game

The music is great, the art is awesome, and the animations are smooth, however, this game crashes way too often. I can't seem to be able to play for more than six minutes without the game crashing and I have lost around 25,000 to 30,000 coins because of this problem.

- Really Fun, but Really Buggy

The game is wonderfully made, a must-download. However, stability is a major issue. As far as I am aware, the game will crash while browsing through the in-game stores or right after you beat the first boss. Highly saddening, but I'm going to keep it til an update comes along.


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- Fun

It is an alright game, might be slow at the start but it will most likely become addicting later on

- Pure samurai Game

Best samurai addicting game. Cut whatever and whatever. Amazing Game

- Awesome game

I love this game! Itโ€™s so fun and the art style is beautiful and unique. The sound tracks are retro and groovy. The quest system is effective and I love the bosses. Easily one of the best runner games out there. Deserves way more downloads.

- I Love This Game

I love this game, the game play is easy and fun while still being challenging and the Japanese folklore seems to pretty accurate. I just wish that the crashing would stop I think the game would be better if you could buy Revival Ramen. And this is just a personal thing but I wish the shop sign was ยฅ (the sign for Yen) and not $

- Brilliant

This game is absolutely brilliant. It is well polished and doesn't bombard you with adverts. It is challenging to begin with but once you get the swing of it you can get most of the game. The scrolls feature adds a new level of replay ability because as you unlock more you can really change how you pass the levels. I would really recommend getting this game and giving it a try. Especially since it's free, not liking it won't cost you anything.


Great game, cool art style and very addicting. 5โญ๏ธ

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- Superb!

the simple gameplay and graphics surprisingly keep me coming back; developers are constantly updating the game; for all the new players, just get good at it and it will pay off; I have put in too many work hours into this game

- Great game but...

The devs no longer really support it. Itโ€™s a great game thatโ€™s easy to play and burn time. I donโ€™t think anything is too expensive, you just need to get good and you can get 10,000+ coins per run.

- a fun and beautiful game but why does my game keep going into slow mo and then back again??

like really though itโ€™s tones of fun and looks amazing and addicting and all that but itโ€™s kinda hard to play when it keeps switching back and forth

- Very good !!


- Brilliant

Man Iโ€™ve had this game since it came out , in the beginning wasnโ€™t that good , too repetitive but after 2.0 this game has me playing it non stop!!! Not kidding the best retro style runner!! Being a fan of Japanese culture and a veteran sega gamer , this game fulfills my needs to kill off spare 5 minuets or so, easy controls good soundtracks and great graphics of Japanese folklore. Itโ€™s quick easy and nicely done ! If developers are reading this , please please please make a samurai blitz 2 , more pets more outfits and two swords ( long sword and short samurai sword would be amazing combo ) more modes and levels and this game will do amazing on the market ! Well done guys !

- Wow

Why is this not way more popular?

- Best Runner on the app store

The controls are simple and great, the sprites are really well made, the music though lacking without music discs is fantastic and the best part of all Ads arent shoved in your face though you'll want to watch them since they give the devs well deserved cash plus it keeps you run going AND everything feels obtainable in a reasonable amount of time. This game is fantastic and I love it's one of those games that are so good I would put money down on it (if i could) but I don't feel like I'm obligated to if I actually want to unlock anything within my life span (unlike other runners). To put it in perspective for people who are on the fence about unlocks I personally get 1000-3000 gold a game. Items range between 10,000-150,000 runs are short too so you can get 10,000-20,000 within a small amount of play time ( also items usually work like 50,000 you get a coloured sword that let's you cut through projectiles but the 100,000 version has a little animation on the sword and cutting through projectiles now continues your combo nothing big or unfair) another great thing too if your worried you can get some good items just through the bonus mini game or the cat slot (you get free tokens there's no premium ones and you get good payouts often)

- Great

Good soundtrack, awesome art and fun gameplay.

- Simply AWESOME.

I recommend this game, challenging, fun and addictive. I just don't like the little video we get to see at every single game's start.

- Amazing

Coolest game ever in all a really fun game with really cool graphics would love to see updates containing different clothes and and swords!!๐Ÿ˜

- Recommended

Fun game to waste time on. No annoying "energy" levels that stop you from playing, very rewarding and has a good difficulty for the casual gamer. Only thing I'd suggest is to buy the double coins. I only do this for games I find are worth the money and I would gladly pay a few dollars to support this game. The double coins make it a little less grindy but even without it you'll do fine. Over all I enjoy it and would strongly recommend it for anyone who needs a little time to waste.

- I like it

It's a really good game I play it to waste time in the car and stuff but it be cool if the robe or whatever it's called changes color in the cut scene with the robe you have equipped so it not blue when I have red equipped

- hard to Control

It is easy to die and its hard to an enemy while you're jumping

- Crash issue

nothing to say about the gameplay but the only issue here is if i play too long the game or i tap too much fast on the phone while playing it il crash, just fix it ffs...

- Prone to crashing

The further into the game you play more likely it is the game will crash

- Great but....

The game is awesome, but there's an annoying glitch with the boss fight, whenever i beat the boss and go to the other map, it kicks me off the app.

- its good but...

its a good game but its very hard to get money in the game so the OP BUBBLE is more like THE UN-GET ABLE BUBBLE. make it easier to get money or make items less expensive plz

- Can't Play

Always crashes in the beginning.

- Crash

It crashes a lot every time I get long into the game

- Crash

Would rate 5 but crashes ;( but really good game other then that

- Fun to little game

Some aspect ratio that bugs me but overall pretty little game


pay to win game the weapons r super expensive


pay to win game the weapons r super expensive

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- Honestly Great

This game is amazing so far. I have a few recommendations for the next update: Add a hat feature. Yes there is a hat on the character but I mean we could buy new hats like a top hat or bowler hat for example. Another cool feature is add new weapons. Instead of just having a sword is cool and all but we could have something like nunchucks. Or maybe a magic hand thing or something. It doesn't matter but would make the game so much better. Please take the suggestions into consideration. Thanks!

- Great game. Slow progression and expensive upgrades for a mobile game.

The game is fun, nostalgic and well animated. I enjoy it a lot given its simple goal: keep running and kill boss. However, for a mobile game, i find it very hard to progress and to purchase upgrades. It is true that you can do it with game money, but it is VERY slow to the point that you feel pushed to purchase game money with real money (in-game purchases), which I don't see myself doing since I am against it. But there is noway for me to keep playing this game consistently for months to do few upgrades. It is after all a casual game on a mobile platform. I hope the dev see this fault.

- I Love It!!

I absolutely love this game!! It's a great way to kill a little time and have some fun!! The controls are great and the 16-bit style is awesome! I just hope you guys put some more content into this game so I can waste more time on it!! hahaha ๐Ÿ˜‚

- Go ahead and download it

I was surprised as to how great this little endless runner turned out to be. The music on it's own deserves five stars, but the gameplay itself is also charming and fun as well. Great job

- stability/performance issues

Crashes and lags, especially in the first few seconds of a run. Art, animation, and sound are all gorgeous. Hope they work out the kinks soon, could see myself losing lots of time to perfecting this.

- Game is amazing

I never found a runner where I can really appreciate the art style, the music, the store, combo system. Everything for me is astounding and this game will always be in my phone

- Samurai Blitz

It's really laggy after you go to the store or buy something but the gameplay makes up for the ridiculous lag super fun game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And they have pretty cool cut scenes like when you get boost from raimen

- Great! But crashes are terrible!

I love the game, but almost every time i beat the first boss, it crashes on entrance to second level. If it doesnt crash then, it does if i use a revival ramen. It also is laggy in beginning of levels. If these bugs were fixed, itd be five stars hands down

- Cool but bad bug

Today my friend told me to get this game and I finally got the first scroll but in the middle of a game by phone turned black then went to my home page and when I get on the scroll isn't there and is lost the money to it so I was soooooo mad and upset so plssss fix then a 5star and thx for the no-add LOVE THAT

- Great app, needs bug fixes

This is a great, simple 8-bit style game. Please fix the bugs though! At level 2-3 it always glitches and turns off suddenly.

- Almost there!

I love this game! It's addictive. You get three stars because you still need some working to do. I hate the fact that I have to start from the beginning when I lose in the second or third episode, that you guys need to change!

- Good game but crashes a lot

The game is pretty good, but it crashes sometimes, usually after I pass by the white tunic in the store, sometimes randomly. Otherwise, I like this game.

- Crashing and lagging

The game itself is a great endless runner but the game doesn't won't let me jump or slash due to the lags and crashes at random (mostly when I'm about to get money for a run). That aside, I would recommend this to anyone since it is not a pay to play game.

- Awesome

I love this game a lot but my only problem with it is that it takes way too many coins to buy accessories that's my only problem with this game

- Punished for using Scrolls?!

It's a good game but I hate the fact you get punished for using scrolls arguably the best and coolest feature in the game. The scroll points should be cut in half if you use it.

- Fix it!!!

Love this game. Would give 5 stars if you guys fix the lag and stop it from crashing 95% of the time. Whats the point of buying from the inside store if you cant even play. ๐Ÿ˜ก๐Ÿ˜ก

- Five star But Crashes

Crashes a lot for me, around 2nd level. Usually the sweet spot when you get over 550 coins for me. Please fix crashes. Excellent music, love it a lot. Fun gameplay, I wish I could fight all the bosses...if it lets me.

- I love it, but...

It consistently crashes, when I press a button to another menu. Every single time I get past the first level boss, I get into the second level and then it crashes less than a minute in. I can't really play.

- Samuri!

This game is awesome and immersive! Great casual game that does not require wifi so you can play on the bus, at the store, in a waiting room, etc. This game is so crazy fun i give it a 10/10.

- Does not work

The game does not work!!!! Every time I open the game, I can't get past the title screen!!!! Every time I tap the screen when it says "tap to continue", it crashes!!! I've tried this 5 times!!! It crashes every time!!! Please fix this

- Beautiful

Some of the best game artwork I've seen. I seriously can't get over how fluid the animation is. It feels like watching a Studio Ghibli film. I love the witty item descriptions as well.


Yea it is a good endless runner but why TF does it crash so much I have a iPod touch 5th Gen good game when it's not crashing but I'm connected to the internet and my internet is actually extremely slow so if that's the problem I will get off the Internet will that work but it's just so slow

- Great but.... Suggestion.

This game is so good and addictive but I wish that when you lose a heart you can gain another one of you collect 100 coins or 500 ..etc . Generally it's a great game, simple, and really fun but I hope you will consider my suggestion.

- Excellent game despite its crashes.

I absolutely love everything about this game. However, it frequently crashes on my 5th gen iPod touch. Also, a hat/mask store would be a great addition.

- Please fix this

This in general is a super spantacular game but this happens to me a lot like one time I beat the first boss and it crashed and all the coins I had were lost so please fix this Thank you

- Best Endless Runner I've Seen

This game is great but it crashes whenever I go into the store. The game also freezes during gameplay once in a while which really throws it off. Can't wait for the updates.

- Fun but

Should have a first person mode where settings is.

- One problem.

This game is AMAZING. Pure excellence. The only problem is that the game crashes at very inconvenient times: such as when I die, not allowing to actually receive the money I earned, and occasionally when I buy a revival ramen.

- Fix the bug

Thanks for fixing the bug. But the game stills lags a little right after the round starts. The lag gets noticeable when the samurai has his first strike. I lost couple of lives for this reason.

- Great game but...

It's a near perfect game but it crashes every time I get to the second world could you please patch this.

- 100% Pure Samurai Crack

A lot of love was put into this addictive runner. The scenery and enemies are vibrant and colorful and the customization is decent. Definitely a game worth picking up!

- Add music shop

You guys should add tracks we could buy from a shop

- Cool game!!!๐Ÿ˜ฑ

I thought this game was was one of the best endless runner I've played ever but I would like there to be more to do in the game

- One Problem, but Great

It's a good, fun game, but the problem I have with this is that everytime I use the Revival Ramen, the app crashes and I'm back to my home screen. Plz, fix!

- Thoughts:

The game is very fun, colorful and entertaining. The pixel style is nice as well, micro transactions are in the game but they never feel needed. It's much more fun than other runners so, try it out.

- Amazing

This game is one of the best I have played in awhile. In a new update you should add quests. But overall great! ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

- Great Game

Good game It's a great game old school classic style,and thank's for fixing the bug,for that you get 5 stars.

- Good and bad

I love everything about the game but the bad part is that when ever i play for 5 min it will crash and sends me to home screen. Plz fix it

- A breath of fresh air!

It reminds me of that really beautiful digital art and animation from 'Shovel Knight', yet with a very fun and simplistic side scrolling hack and slash samurai adventure!

- Beautiful

As much as fun it is to play, the gameplay itself looks beautiful, and with a catchy theme music.

- Lacks features, boring.

The game was about as entertaining as flappy bird. You tap and hope you tap at the right time. Everything costs too much and upgrades are pointless, they do nothing except scrolls. Needs improvement!

- Blitz is the Best

By far the best app game in existence... Challenging and engaging Samurai Blitz is the definition of fun. Art and design is good and it can engage the most reluctant gamer.

- Fix please

Fun game but keeps crashing in the second level for me

- Good but has flaws

Not a fan of how the different swords and tunics don't do a anything. 100,000 for a sword that just looks on fire?

- ๐Ÿ˜Ž

I love this game but the items are too expensive

- Only the most freshest pixels were added

So fresh n so clean!

- Whoops, looks like you crashed.

Let me say, this game is phenomenal. However, I am very disappointed about how unstable this game is. I'll be fighting the second boss with a few lucky cats and over 1,000 gold, when suddenly, the game crashes. All progress from that run is lost. And it crashes a lot. Not kidding.

- Good but

The blades shouldn't be so expensive because it is hard to collect coins on this game fix that then totally 5 stars for sure๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

- Freaking great but big problem

I love this game but It crashes a lot. I recommend waiting for a bug fix.

- Crashes

It truly is an amazing game. I just only wish I could play it because it crashes so darn much.

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Samurai Blitz 2.0.0 Screenshots & Images

Samurai Blitz iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Samurai Blitz iphone images
Samurai Blitz iphone images
Samurai Blitz iphone images
Samurai Blitz iphone images
Samurai Blitz ipad images
Samurai Blitz ipad images
Samurai Blitz ipad images
Samurai Blitz ipad images
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Samurai Blitz (Version 2.0.0) Install & Download

The applications Samurai Blitz was published in the category Games on 2015-07-02 and was developed by Afterlight Collective, Inc [Developer ID: 573116093]. This application file size is 77.85 MB. Samurai Blitz - Games posted on 2015-10-29 current version is 2.0.0 and works well on IOS 7.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: us.afterlight.samuraiblitz

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