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What is mysynchrony app? Download the MySynchrony App today to securely manage the same private label credit card accounts that you manage on quickly and conveniently!*

You cannot access Synchrony Bank Savings accounts and some private label national brand credit cards on this app.

With this mobile app you will be able to:
• Log in securely using TouchID/Fingerprint Authentication
• Make payments to your account
• Check your balance and credit limit anytime, anywhere
• Review your transaction and payment history
• Make changes to scheduled payments
• Securely add multiple bank accounts that you’d like to use to pay your bill
• Explore savings, deals, and offers from our partners nationwide, online, or right in your neighborhood
• Provide us feedback on your mobile app experience

*Private label credit cards issued by Synchrony Bank.

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App Name MySynchrony
Category Finance
Updated 19 March 2024, Tuesday
File Size 47.42 MB

MySynchrony Comments & Reviews 2024

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Needs an update. I love the app. I use it frequently and it have never had any bugs or issues until this month. The only thing I would fix is that you can only see two cards/accounts at once on the app. Having multiple accounts for my Care Credit card that Synchrony finances, it would be great to be able to see all of my cards and accounts available on the app in future updates. Also, I’ve been having a lot of trouble making payments on the app for a few weeks now. I thought it was temporary but it’s becoming an issue for me now to have to log in on a browser to make payments there instead of on the app. Please fix, thank you.

Shady financial institution. This has nothing to do with app functions, but how the company functions as a financial institution. I’ve had a credit line with them for over a year now and completely dissatisfied with their handling of my account. I’ve never missed a payment nor have I made ANY late payments, payments also being well over my minimum requirement. I open my account app and they’ve deducted over $1,000 of my credit limit without any notice. This has now lead to a credit loss and credit usage increase that has dramatically decreased my score. I’ve read some reviews and this is typical of them. It’s not a credit rebuilding phase for me by any means, but I wanted to share what I’ve been dealing with using their services. In a nutshell they’re a headache and applicant beware!

My synchrony. At first I did not like to do business with big Sandy because making the payments were so very hard you could not make the payment at the big Sandy store in Maysville Kentucky it was very hard to get a hold of people over the phone it was just generally a hassle downloading the app was the best thing I ever did because it makes paying your bills so simple so easy and I just love the app that allows me to do this for payments and keeping up with my payment history login I can use even my fingerprint to login it’s just very very simplified and when you’re busy and you’re paying bills and I’m sure everyone does it makes it very very nice I rate The app five stars I think it’s fantastic!

Awful bank, awful app. Do not trust.. Mysynchrony is not only an app full of bugs and terrible lagging, and with back-end security vulnerabilities, but they will also CLOSE your accounts without any notice or warning, or even much of a reason. Their own app bugs caused the auto-pay feature to not work properly, and because of their own issues, they closed one of my accounts. This leaves the app completely useless, as it will tell you they cannot help you and you just visit the website. Not only is it incredibly inconvenient and infuriating, but as someone extremely familiar with the subject, I’m also heavily concerned with their security protocols and the ease of siphoning information from their servers. DO NOT TRUST. AWFUL APP AND BANK.

Horrible card. Worst card I have ever had. Reports to credit agencies on a different day every month. So you never know what day you have to make your payment by. They wait several days before requesting the payment from your bank. So your bank account is basically messed up until these people decide to do what should have been done immediately when you make the payment. No I do not recommend this card. And if you charge anything within the first week after they report to the credit agencies they then report against you again. I believe this card is designed to destroy your credit. Beware!!!! Stay away!!!!

Easy to use and navigate. The Synchrony app is easy to use and navigate. I’ve been paying my bill every month so I can continue to receive the no interest on my furniture I purchased. I wish I could get all of my Synchrony accounts on this app but it only seems to have my accounts which are furniture/appliances related. I’m sure if I call CS they can tell me if I can add the other accounts, they are very helpful when I’ve had other issues or questions.

App and web site needs major overhaul. Like some of the other reviews I too can’t access all my accounts possible due to different log in/passwords. “Chat” feature is poor-spent 20 mins only to be connected to a supervisor who gave me a “dedicated” phone number to merge all accounts under one log in. The rep indicated “he wasn’t trained” to do this. Was told each account has to be notified separately - I have six. Too cumbersome. Very poor service. Offer the user a way to merge ALL accounts under one log in-verify user by dob, phone, last four of social. They can’t or won’t. I’m paying off the accounts and won’t use. If and when they fix viewing all account one log in I will gladly change my rating. Terrible customer service.

Worst bank and app. I don’t know what kind of bank they are running. Are they running for consumers or for some billionaires. I have replaced my credit card like 3 times just because i made a purchase through Apple pay and thought it was fraud, one time when used my card they blocked my card. Recently i made a payment through the app and it shown as pending. When I opened after 2 days there is no payment transaction, I was confused did the payment was failed or something else. No email sent. I just applied this credit when have been with Rakuten now they have separated now I am stuck with them. Now I decided not to use this card anymore.

The app gives u trouble sometimes. The app is mostly straight forward except once u make a payment it will take 24-48 hours to update on your account and once I made a payment on the due date the next day I checked it charged me a late fee in that case there is something wrong with the app it needs a serious bug fixes otherwise u can manage everything from payment all the way down to the due date also the transaction history could use some work as well. Just look out for these things once making a payment don’t hesitate to check your account once in a while to make sure everything is in place

Not functioning. After week from calling customer service to fix their mistakes Once i hang up with them the application stop sign me in I did call customer service they transfer me to technical service dep. one of the worst service ever you can ask for help for them *all of us are stupid and they are the master of knowledge ………… (fill all bad word ) They think that we are Uneducated and we don't know anything What they know is troubleshooting and nothing else Delete the app and download the app again Not working Try the web Not working So ……. Your self Nothing wrong in our end Poor service, run it, don't live up to four-legged

Thrives!!!. I have a 1500 credit limit on my card and over a period of time I maxed it out because of a sick animal. Every month for a few months I would pay 60 on my account and then I’d get the statement saying my account was over its limit. I went to the bank applied for a loan paid it off and they sent me another bill for $32 and some odd change. I had forgot and paid it twice and they took my $32 credit. Then you can’t get anyone on the phone. If your trying to work on your credit stay away from any place that deals with SYNCHONY BANK. YOU'LL GET RIPPED OFF EVERY TIME. CAPITAL ONE IS A GOOD CARD and they don’t gauge you with interest.

Easy to Use, Easy to Pay. I’ve been waiting for a MySynchrony app for quite some time, and this is exactly what I was hoping for. It’s quick and easy to view all of my different accounts and their balances/due dates/minimum due. Making a payment takes less than a minute. Great user-friendly app. Just wish there was a way to view balances on promotional purchases, but that’s the only thing missing for me.

Bogus Scam. I have a synchrony credit card and bout the card security because if you have it and are wrongfully fired from your job they can forgive the debt. Not two weeks after i was wrongfully fired with proof and was denied the benefit. Now they wont let me remove card security and i have had to make payments on multiple occasions which have not shown up on my account but have come out of my bank account. I even had receipts of payment and offered the confirmation numbers and they refused to even hear them but continue to charge me and add fees for late payments and card security. I WILL NEVER recommend Synchrony to anyone for any reason and I will NEVER use synchrony again. This is the worst most BOGUS SCAM. Not only was my debt not forgiven when it should have been but now i am being charged for late fees on payments I’ve already made AND it has dropped my credit score 400 POINTS!! Absolutely UNACCEPTABLE!! If no stars was an option id choose that!

Very convenient. I’ve just opened a third credit card that is applied to this app through synchrony. It’s very convenient to have all three cards on one app, two of which I can request credit limit increases right in the app without a hit to my credit score. I haven’t had any issues yet but nothing has come up and I have paid everything on time.

App has many bugs. Today I had 70 dollars taken out of my checking account and noticed it left my balance negative ! While trying to check on the app why and what was withdrawing from my account the app keeps closing, funny enough I can check my savings account with no worries but as soon as I click my checking the app force closes. App is useless and have always had problems with this company for example I’ve set my phone number three times now , but when ever I try to log onto my account with the computer it asks me to verify my identity with two Numbers that are not mine!! I’ve done this process three times now where I call them and adjust my account numbers but it seems to always reset. This app has caused me more problems than solutions . Canceling my accounts very soon!

Very unhappy. This app has made me very angry. I signed up for estatements but can’t get through the app. Called customer service and was told click on log in within the email. Just tells me to open this app. It refuses to let me view my statement. The app also doesn’t tell you what your closing date is either so I accidentally made a second payment ahead of time in the same period now in order to be compliant I have to make another payment within their period which I just did. They lack all of the pertinent information. If you to know anything else you have to actually turn on your computer and sign in. What good is the app if it only provides limited information.

SHADY BANK PRACTICES. I’ve had multiple accounts through Synchrony Bank and all have had issues. Whether it’s insanely high APR or as of today one of my accounts being closed without my permission!!! Earlier this year my available balance decreased significantly which I assumed was because I’m homeless. But now I can’t use the app at all and as a homeless person without a computer I have NO clue how I’m going to pay my balance off now. According to customer service my account was closed due to a payment that didn’t go through. I’ve made EVERY SINGLE PAYMENT ON TIME SINCE 2018!!!! My last payment was April 5th and they closed my account on April 9th. I’m gonna let it go to collections because this bank does not deserve a single penny from me after putting me through more hardship. This weekend I’ll be moving in with my boyfriend and making a combined total of 60-70k yearly. Apparently that’s still not enough to keep my account in good standing. I’ve worked 60-70 hours a week for the past 6 months

Don't waste you time! Go online instead of.... Downloading this "App". This app USED to work. I was happy when I found this app and had wished I knew about it 2 years earlier when I had another retail acct. associated with this bank. Then before these "unprecedented times" occurred, I had applied for another cc account associated with Synchrony and I was happily and conveniently paying down my account until about 5-6 months ago. When I attempted to make a payment, there was an 800 number and a website, I think. I'm so frustrated right now that I don't even remember what was on there. I EVEN deleted the app and reinstalled it again and still to no avail.

Great App with one glaring problem.. I was totally pleased with this until earlier this year. Ai that time a store I deal with decided to discontinue dealing with Synchrony Bank. I was not happy about that. In any event, I really had no say in the matter. The problem is that the credit card in question still appears in the app after I sign in. On the website only the CareCredit card shows. I have called customer support several times and it appears that no one there can remove the closed card from B&H Photo. I can’t use it and I’d like to lose it. Thanks.

Make no mistake. I opened my no interest mattress firm account and payed on-time every month. I have another credit account with different due dates. I got the payment dates mixed up one time and payed mattress firm 7 days late. I put my account on automatic payment to ensure it never happened again. A few days after my payment my available credit was lowered by thousands of dollars, lowering my credit score 48 points. One month later Synchrony closed my account because now my credit score was to low. LOL. This lowered my credit score another 22 points. I was 7 days late ONE time. I have perfect payment history on my credit report but now have a credit score 72 points less. Be VERY careful with this company they are a predatory credit lenders.

Run Away….QUICKLY!. This company is absolute pure TRASH! I’ve made my payments, on time, without fail for a year (even though my balance never seemed to get lower, but I digress). Then, suddenly, out of the blue and with no warning, they just randomly closed my account. My account was current, and the irony is that I only found out my account closed because I was logging in to make my next payment. Now they’ve sent me an email saying that since my account is closed the entire balance is due immediately. Literally the worst “bank” (and I use that term loosely) I’ve ever dealt with in my 51 years. Pure trash. Run away…you’ve been duly warned.

Bank help desk doesn’t even deserve 1 star. What many people have posted about the customer service at Synchrony is completely true. As a bank entity things work however when you have an issue and call customer service that’s when the issues begin. The people they hire to man the NOC are extremely rude. The supervisory staff is not much better. You call to get info on your account and you’re talked down to like a child all for the sake of trying to figure out what’s wrong with an existing account. I really wonder if this bank actually has people in charge that care about their clients and want repeat business or prefer to push people away to other competitors.

1 star only because 0 stars not allied. So after talking to Synchrony Bank today my nose was rubbed in the fact since I made an off cycle payment at the beginning of April it fulfilled my autopay that was and still shows as due/scheduled on April 22. When I spoke to the supervisor they said Synchrony doesn’t administer the App. So I should speak to the third party App administrators about why the App still shows the Autopay due/scheduled for April 22. Additionally I have 2 closed accounts that still show up on the App. Ironic that a bank with a name like Synchrony throws up their hands and says that’s not on us. Synchrony Bank and App administrator need to Synchronize their info and present a better product to consumers.

Worst Customer Service. My payment was due on the 13th even though they’ve never sent me a notice about when my payment is due, I went ahead and made a late payment on the 15th. On the 18th I paid off the account completely. Here it is on the 22nd and they had the nerve to charge me additional interest even though my next payment wasn’t due until June and the account was paid off prior to this. I paid the additional interest and closed my account today and will stick with more reputable creditors from now on. This was by far the most expensive and unnecessary credit card I’ve ever opened. Be warned, the high interest rate and poor customer service make this credit card company an inconvenient headache.

Mobile app needs some work. Got a new care-credit card, my old one is still displayed on the accounts page (which is fine) but flagged red which I don’t like. So when I hit payments it gives me an error message saying they can’t service my account anymore. Not user friendly when it comes to that. Also, I have a Lowe’s cc too, and it simply won’t add that to my mobile app. It’s displayed on the mobile website but I can’t see card or make a payment on it on the app for it.

Huge security flaw. Was very excited to open a Synchrony account but there was a major security flaw with account verification. There were two phone numbers automatically assigned to account for verification, one my cell and the other unrecognizable. So I called thinking I could just request them remove that number, but they said they couldn’t because that information was supplied by a 3rd party. Naturally, next question was ‘who’s the third party so I can contact them to resolve’ to which the bankers response was ‘we cannot provide the third party that provided the phone number’. What if someone that’s not me used the unauthorized number for account verification and I subsequently lost all money? I immediately cancelled the transfer and lost $35 for having to stop payment. So the agent didn’t assist with removing foreign number, canceling transaction, or providing information for third party. Save the $35 and security risk!

Since recent update, app works. I have always had good results out of the app for what I need. Just to pay on my card. No problems. Until the past month. It crashed throwing up error & I couldn’t sign in to pay on my payment so I had to sign in on the website to pay it. I was signing in with correct info. Website worked fine. In the past week they have finally provided update. It was still not working tonight until I updated the app. So with the newest update they have fixed the bugs that was causing the sign in not to work. Thank you for addressing that.

Easy to use and navigate. Been using this app for the past two months to manage a purchase with Musicians Friend Platinum card, which is hosted by Synchrony Bank. It’s quick and easy to get snapshot of your current status, and easy to make a payment by various methods. I’d give it 5 stars if I could find a way to make my monthly payment automatically. It’s not that much trouble submitting the payment, but since I’m doing it every month, I’d rather just have it happen. Synchrony phone support was wonderful when I applied for the card (Musicians Friend special promotion), so I could probably call and have them set it up for me.

App made it easier to pay. I like this app in making my payments. Use of this card has allowed us to buy furniture over a two year time with no interest. I just finished paying the rest off and hopefully it works out well. I have never had any problems with my payments being paid on time after submitting them. I do hope nothing negative comes around from my last payment. Still my husband and I were new to even hearing about this company, but we have noticed more businesses are using it. Appears to be more positives than negatives in reviews. Still it was the easiest app we have ever used in making our payments.

One or two thing missing. The app is easy to use and convenient but it is missing somethings such as in the settings I have no option to change my passwords or user name, that would be lovely. And I also have a problem with “message center”. It doesn’t work nor do I know how to use it or what it’s for. Other than that, I love the fact that you can request credit increase and that the customer service stays open until midnight but bedsides that the app has been good so far.

Synchrony is a Scam. I have a Care Credit card, unfortunately. I signed up for the insurance, in case you aren’t working, the insurance will cover payments for you. Well, two times when I lost my job, I “didn’t qualify” to use the insurance. Not only that, the insurance was charged to my credit card, incurring interest by Synchrony. Like all big banks, profit is the number one priority. Lose your income because of Covid? Don’t worry, they will call you 4 times a day, text you and email you to let you know you’re behind on a payment. They also won’t forget to charge you late fees and interest. Synchrony has been disappointing all the way around. DO NOT DO BUSINESS with them. Save yourself the trouble.

SHADY App. The App is deplorable, Synchrony does not support it, and won’t take responsibility for it saying “it’s a third party installation” and is not their responsibility. I have four different accounts Belks, Pet boys, Sam’s Club, and a Honda Dealership Card for repairs. ALL are paid off and one has a red exclamation mark against the ‘Sam’s Club’ account that I personally Closed. I have asked several times for the Sam’s Club card to be removed from the App, but it shows up on the App constantly and nothing the customer asks for is done, so I have decided to close all my accounts belonging to Synchrony, and from this point forward, will only use my Discover Card, and my Chase Card.

It’s just ok. I’ve accidentally made double payments several times because unless I’m totally missing something right in front of my face, it doesn’t tell you that a payment is already pending for the due date. So I panic, unable to remember if I already submitted payment not wanting a late fee and then see the double charges from my bank. I think sometimes it says $0.00 due, but no payment shows up in the transaction history and hasn’t gone out of the bank yet and it’s confusing.

Worst bank to get credit through. I have received cards from various banks with minimal to no issues but Synchrony is by far the worst to get a credit card through. My first card I received was for Ashley Furniture which I paid off in 6 months to get the same as cash price. The day I made my last payment they send me a letter that they are reducing my credit to $200 because of my credit score. My score wasn’t any lower than when they accepted me and who can buy anything for $200 at a furniture store? Three months later they send me another letter that they closed my account. Second card I get is for tires at Discount Tires. I paid off the $700 in 6 months to take advantage of the same as cash deal. Again, the month of my last payment they drop my limit to $250. I had that limit for a few months using the card at gas stations to show use and I paid it off every billing cycle. Today I get a letter they closed my account with the same lame excuses they gave me with my Ashley account. I can see if I paid late or maybe only made minimum payments and always kept a high balance but that was never the case. I will never get credit any synchrony backed card. Ever!

Frustrated by high rate for low tech. I have several synchrony accounts. The thought of having all in one app to track and make payments was extremely appealing. The app WILL NOT let me add an additional account for a one stop shop. I clicked to go to the main site online and it still won’t let me add an account. When I click Add Account it takes me to my profile and has forced me to update my info 3 times even though my info hasn’t changed. I keep going in a big circle. It’s frustrating and a huge waste of time. I won’t continue to use this app. It’s faster to log into separate sites to track and pay than to mess with this lousy app.

Helps me in my busy life. I use to be a stay at home wife, but after the little ones I babysat no longer needed me, I decided to get a job outside the house. Long-short, I’m not home much with my laptop, and paying bills on time that way has become a challenge. I downloaded the app, set up my account, and it’s literally a couple of taps to pay my bill. It helps me get stuff taken care of quickly, which is what I need. :)

Customer service doesn’t care and reported my balance incorrectly. I was actually very happy with the line of credit and rate that I got from this company since I was rebuilding my credit. However they kept reporting the wrong credit score. When I called to understand the issue, customer service was confrontational, when I got a manager on the phone, she was also confrontational. The fact is that my balance was much lower (for months) than they reported, and instead of taking accountability for it and trying to help me understand what I was missing as far as my score being wrong, they could not. And, they could care less. Asked for the complaint department and I was forwarded to voicemail. The saddest part about this is that I wanted to use the card for another big purchase and that’s why I was also calling, unfortunately for them, I will not.

Generally good. For the second time, the app has turned useless in my final month of interest free financing. As a busy person I just tried again another day and still useless. Tried again another day - useless. Until my interest free period was over and I got charged a bunch of interest. I’m honestly sick of being charged fees by companies who don’t pay me fees when they screw things up. I’m supposed to be able to login the app and make a payment. That’s part of the service every month, that’s what I’m used to. You guys messed up, you should pay me back my interest fees.

HORRIBLE CREDIT COMPANY. This credit card company's lack of communication and disregard for customer loyalty is beyond frustrating. Not only did they close my account without warning, but they also continue to demand payments as if nothing has changed. It's baffling how they could justify such a decision after I've been a responsible and punctual cardholder. Their actions raise serious questions about their integrity and commitment to customer satisfaction. My balance was $500 but now they made it $724, forcing to pay that and even lock me out of my account, when I called to find out how my balance went from $500 to $724, the customer service agent was being rude and not telling me why. Y’all need to grow up and be better

Broken app that is inconvenient.. I’ve had a Lowe’s card through this company for about a year or so. I’ve paid it off every month and had no issues with the credit side of things so I have no reason to criticize that portion. What I will criticize is the app here. It’s broken, plain and simple. Try to login with the opening prompt and it won’t recognize your credentials. Go to the help section to give other personal info to verify it’s you and it will still say that it doesn’t recognize you. Then it prompts you to their website where, once you’re off the app, suddenly it can become useful enough to let you access your account after several more prompts to find out which type of card you have with Synchrony. Please save yourself the trouble and only use the browser version of this site to access your accounts. This is the opposite of convenient and defeats the purpose of having an app to access your account.

The WORST. The Worst banking app I’ve EVER used there’s so many glitches in the app I made a 13$ payment on the DAY I got paid, 11 days before my due date which is on febuary 13th, now it’s February 21st & the app still is saying I DIDN’T MAKE A PAYMENT, now my credit has dropped & they added on a late fee & I still have yet to talk to a manager cause their customer service department is almost non-existent. And a HUGE portion of the customer service Representatives barely speak any legible English, then a representative that went by sam was VERY rude when I kept asking him “Can you repeat that” CAUSE I CAN’T EVEN UNDERSTAND A WORD YOU’RE SAYING!!! pronunciate better or maybe the English customer service field isn’t for you. I’m going to finish paying the card off & never look back at this bank it’s a nightmare.

Awesome. I love using the app! It’s faster to login in and submit payment through the app than the website! Hopefully I’ll be able to retire the app once my two credits are paid this year. But definitely will want to do business with synchrony again! Because of them and me paying on time, my credit has gone up up up! Good customer service, in the chat, haven’t don’t the customer service on the phone. I recommend Synchrony to friends and family because it’s secure and the payments are easy to handle! Just good things all around!

SHADY BANK. I bought a mattress with Mattress Firm, and they told me I could spread into several payments without any interest. I selected the 12 months installment. When I accessed the bank to make payments, they never show you the payment plan you have. They lead you to pay the minimum payments, and that’s where they get shady! They don’t show you the 12x installment amount due, they show you a very low amount as a minimum payment. If you follow them, you will end at the end of your 12 months installment more than 75% of your total due. That leads the customers to an absurd amount of debt. When you ask them to set the minimum payment due as your agreement of 12 installments, they say they cannot do that. They lead people to debt by not being clear about their installments, amount due that would pay the mattress. They give you a total amount due and minimum payments that does not equal the total amount due on the time agreed. If you use this bank and you do not pay attention, you WILL end up with a lot a debt. Totally NOT recommend this bank to anyone. They even tried to blame Mattress Firm, saying that the deal was signed with them, but who provides the loan is the bank, or their credit card you sign for. SHADY BANK, SHADY PRACTICES!

Dissatisfied. This company is the worst. They do not care about their customers or their business. I have used my Ashley’s Furniture Account with them now 3x. But without warning, or notification they closed my account. They said despite the fact that the 2 times I had paid my account off early that my account was closed due to my credit score (medical billing and insurance issues not even my fault). They also did not care at all that literally my account WITH THEM. Has always paid over the amount due monthly and again paid off early. None of that matters at all to them. The app is now trash just like the company.

Cut our credit during pandemic. I've been making the effort to make sure everyone knows this. The pandemic was hard on us as was with a lot of people. I would be laid off some weeks due to not having parts at my workplace and unemployment would never pay me as my state had one of the worst unemployment situations in the U.S. with millions having to go months without receiving benefits. My wife and I both had a card through Synchrony. We were late at the most two days on making payments and it only happened TWICE. Synchrony sent both my wife and I letters saying they had canceled our lines of credit and we were still due for the balance (and of course interest.) Never had a company treat its customers like this. Anyways just watch your back with this company, I know I will never do business with them again.

Not a fan.. The app works just fine but why do you guys wait so long to take a payment from an account. I make my payment as soon as I get paid on Friday and you guys don’t take the payment until Wednesday. It’s like you purposely do this as an attempt to make more money on fees. Definitely not customer friendly or oriented. Once I’m paid off. I will never do business with this bank again. All other credit cards come out by that following day or Monday. I’m just bugged. It’s makes it hard for normally everyday people with busy lives. And it just seems that synchrony takes advantage.

So much trouble. I had gotten this card for a very good reason. I had been paying my payments on time sometimes extra. I went through a time when every single time I tried to log in on the app or on the website it would tell me that i couldn’t and to try again later. So many attempts and nothing. Eventually i was able to log in but only to see a 300 dollar fee for no reason then like 40 dollar charges every few days. I had been patient about this and asked for a few weeks now to get those fixed so i can continue paying the account off. But while I get emails just saying “we’re so sorry how can we help” over and over again after I tell them exactly what my problem is but i get the same answer. I told you guys how to help me why am i being charged and asked the same questions again and again. I do not know how to fix this. All of a sudden the card is up hundreds of dollars than when I was able to log in. It’s ruining my credit score and just stacking so much debt on me. I need this fixed ASAP. And I really loved this service but now it’s just caused me so much stress.

Kick em while they’re down. I’m leaving this comment on here because I can’t get an answer from anyone on the phone. How contradictory is it for me to open the app to make a payment and I’m instantly hit with a message about how you’re doing your part to be there for your customers during this pandemic BS then continue on only to find out that my account (which is not close to its limit, is current on payments, and has a good payment history) has been closed without even a notification? And as I write this- without an explanation as well. Of the almost 2 years I’ve had this account, NOW is probably when I would need it most. Seems completely opposite of being there for someone- and I’m not even ASKING for anything! Even when society runs ‘normally’ your business actions here are ridiculous. There’s still a balance on the card that you’ve closed- should this be some sort of credit score issue or anything unrelated to this account - I could imagine it being hard to collect on it. Just sayin. I hope during this time of uncertainty, you all aren’t blowing flowers up everyone’s a__ while you close accounts from anyone that’s unfortunate enough to feel the repercussions of government shutting down the economy. Thanks Syncrony- thanks for nothin!

PayPal uses Syncrony, And they are cool!. Now I’m new to Syncrony however since I’ve already had history with them through PayPal, I was able to get another syncrony account with 2+ years of interest free credit. Now I don’t know the history with the other customers but quite a few have given Syncrony 1 star on their app which I don’t see fair. Syncrony is an amazing service and their app is very “straight forward and get to the point”, And that is exactly what I need to do to make sure my payments are made on time in an efficient manner. The app also lets you download your statements and payment history for records which is also very important if something wrong happens, Which in some cases it does happen including if you don’t have control over that scenario. I love all of Syncrony’s services and I’m also very happy they are apart of PayPal, If they are teamed up with PayPal then I’m always in their books! Love you guys, You’ll always have me as a customer!

User friendly. I like this app cause of it ease of use. Compared to other apps I would like to see an update that could possibly offer more detail purchased information such as what was purchased in other words in the transaction history show a recipe.... how many of us keep or lose recipes and forget what was purchased. Sometimes the app loads slow but that’s with all apps really. The design is nice for a basic interface. Over all I like the app and would recommend anyone who has synchrony to use this app.

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Avoid this bank !!!!!!!. Terrible rates and policies. Horrible payment options. Only accepts limited payment options from limited usa banks. What absolute garbage company i got forced to use

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Pitiful predatory company. Synchrony is awful. For no reason at all - literally my s ore is better than ever - they closed my credit account and I have never been late. So now I owe more than my available credit and it’s reflecting negatively on my credit score. Plus I cannot cancel the “account protection plan”. You call and it just hangs up on you before you get to a real person. They obviously make it impossible to cancel so they can keep getting your $10 month. I will never again support this predatory company. Disgusting.

Happy user. Making payments for Room 2 Go is so fast and easy with this app. It saves all my information so all I have to do is just hit the pay button and that’s it. I don’t have to insert anymore information. The only time was when initially setting up the app. Love it. No issues so far. I’ve been using it for 3 months.

Stick to Ally Bank's customer service!. Waited over 12m on hold because my login information wasn't working on the app. Ended up resetting my password on my desktop and logged out and back in to make sure I had everything for my new account. I tried my same credentials on this app and it says I have the wrong information! I switched from Ally for the better interest rate — but now I know why. Ally spends time/money to make sure it delivers a good customer experience. Synchrony can’t even get its app to login customers!

Blonde over 60 and happy with app!. I have had absolutely no problems with paying my payments with this app. I even pay a couple a month and have no problems with it! Most bank apps won’t let you pay twice in a month and you have to call on the phone to do it. I wish my regular banks app was as easy!

Useless app - error message after error message. New credit card added to existing Synchrony account. Enroll in estatements? Oops! Something went wrong. Enroll in autopay? An Error Occurred. We are unable to complete your request at this time. Please try again later. Sure but how much later as I’ve tried to sign up for these two services on four different days (multiple attempts each day) over the span of 2 weeks and the same error messages over and over.

Discussed. My husband and I always try to pay our bills a head and on time. Well with this company you can’t do that. One month we paid our bill at the first of the month then paid our following month. Because they said we were late one the that month they were going to charge us a late fee. Now our payment is around 400.$ we always pay 1000. I couldn’t believe that they were going to charge us late fee. We will never use them again. Very disappointed!!!

I could be lost.... I love this app for my CareCredit credit card. It tells me basically everything I need to know. If there was one thing I could change, I wish I could view my FICO Credit Score... and if that is an option, please make it easier to access, because I feel like I’ve searched everywhere for it but can’t find any luck. That’s the only reason for a 4 star rating.

Don’t use synchrony!!. I’d give it zero stars if I could! Synchrony is a scam! Do not use synchrony!! They reduce our credit limit every month after we make our payments, even though we are paying on time and well above the minimum payments. This reflects negatively on our credit every single month as a higher usage rate where it should be acting as a positive for paying down our loan. We will never again use synchrony! Don’t fall for their advertising! Very unprofessional!!

Appears popular with… retailers. Not sure if I would have them as my bank but a lot of retailers seem to use Synchrony. I just sign up for 2 cards recently from 2 different retailers and I can only add one to mysynchrony to keep track? The other one doesn’t seem to be supported by the app 🤨. Doesn’t make sense. Other than that issue, I haven’t had any other… yet.

Needs work.. The app is better than the mobile web site but, needs work. The description says it works on my iPad but it is not useful for me if it only works in portrait mode. So many iPad users use their iPads in landscape mode these days attached to a keyboard. The amount of work it takes to add a landscape view is minor. Please add it in the next update.

Only works for some accounts. App can only be used for certain card or account types which the App Store description doesn’t explain in any detail. I spent ages on the phone with a customer service agent who couldn’t explain why I can’t log in to the app, so I can only assume my card account isn’t supported. The bank policies are awful too - ex: not letting you access your full credit line in some cases for more than a week after the balance has been paid. It’s paid off…why??

Stay away from Synchrony. I have 3 accounts with. I have zero late payments on my credit report from any of their cards and any of my other lines of credit. I received a letter today that they were lowering my credit to the amount that was owed. This hurts my credit score because not it puts my usage at 100%. People warned me about them with their Sams club card but I didn’t listen because I had the Brandsmart with no issues. I now see that they are not people friendly and I will be closing accounts as soon as I pay them off.

Don't bother. This company is a joke. They make things needlessly difficult and seem to take pride in being as unhelpful as possible. They strung out my balance transfer on purpose, canceled it without warning and said 'whoops' after I called them out for delaying it past my intro period. The app rarely let's me log in, says it's an error, so I have to use my laptop which is unfortunate when I'm not home. The live chat shows fake wait times and it kicks you out as well. Negative stars across the board.

Satisfied Customer in Alabama. I thoroughly enjoy paying my bill with this app. Very convenient and easy to access without the hassle of trying to get through to customer service. You can keep up with everything with one click of a button. Thanks for making my life much simpler by creating this app. Thanks Tate Furniture in Phenix City Alabama for your continued business and maintaining the best customer service. 👍🏽

It’s an awesome app. It’s incredibly helpful in many ways! Saves time gas energy and money.. you literally get to pay anywhere anytime and it’s so easy to use! Everything is simplified and I don’t have to leave my home, get in line nor drive my car etc! Love the way I can get my bill paid!

Good interface. Good first impression. Logging in works, the information is displayed so it’s easy to tell at a glance what is going on. I haven’t processed a payment through the app yet but I expect it to be painless. Overall the presentation is sleek and organized. Whoever they hired to make this did a great job. Hopefully they keep it updated and provide actual support .

This is the worst app. I can never just put in my email and password and get in. It makes you jump through hoops to get to your account. Sometimes it’s like just forget making a payment! Who has the time for this. Customer service is a joke just goes round and round with recordings never anyone to be able to get to the bottom of what’s going on just “I can take your payment!” That’s not what I want! I want access to my account whenever I want. That should be easy. It’s easy for every other banking app!

Great for Payments!. I will update my review as I use the app More often. First, I gave it 4 Stars because it serves its purpose and allows me to pay my bill through the app, which I LOVE! As for giving it 5 Stars, I will review and use the app a little bit more often to see how versatile it is to get that 5 Star rating. Nonetheless, if you have an Account like I do with Lazy-boy, it’s total worth a download. 😎

Excellent. App is very easy to use. I have a few Synchrony accounts, and I’m able to look at them both at the same time. No logging out and then back in. Paying your bill is even easier. Great design of the the app.

Error. I’ve been using the app for a couple of months, and until today I would have given it 5 stars...I do love that it’s easy to move around through the app. But lately as I’ve been getting on it, the statement balance and current balance don’t match up, and doesn’t make sense why it’ll tell me I owe my last payment amount more on the statement balance. Also, today, I tried making my payment multiple times, and it won’t go through on the app, I had to make a phone call to get it to go through.

Alert #Be careful. I was the synchrony customer from years never check statements everything was on autopay . yesterday by luck I open synchrony website I saw a monthly card of $60/- on my each statement in the name of card security which I never signed for and now guess I was synchronized for 8year for $60 a month that’s totally hidden charges. I will call them tomorrow to reverse all the money they steal from me in the name of card security and let see how they respond.I will keep posting in regards

Easy and convenient. The promotional balances for no interest are a plus and also it is very convenient and easy to set up payments. Also it is very convenient that there is a tab for promotional balances where you can follow on your payments and see how long and how much there left

I can not pay my bill!!. It started as a good app when I first got it. First month was able to pay my bills , easy and fast . I have 3 separate cards . So it was very convenient! For the pass two months , I have not been able to pay my cards . So I have to call to pay . I wish this would get fix soon . I really enjoyed the fact that I can pay all 3 cards in 15 sec vs calling it in and take 30 min because the recording doesn’t understand me when I say a amount.

Don’t trust auto pay. I set up my card with auto pay which would deduct on the due date but when the due date came it would process the payment and take the money out of the bank (sounds good so far). But several day’s after the due date passed it would refund my money with no notification and charge me a late fee. I would than have to call in they would apologize refund the late fee and charge the payment. This happened again and now they closed my account! Don’t go anywhere near this bank no use when there are plenty of other good choices out there.

Horrible company. They manage so many different companies! I spent a good year raising my credit score over 60 points. They did a review! Closed 1 card and dropping available balance on another! Destroying my credit! Slowly over a few months, I was making my way back up! Then they closed another one with zero balance, dropping my score another 20 points! Every card has been paid on time every month! Their excuse? We will give you a 100 reasons and you will have to figure out which one it is and deal with it!!

Useless. This app is only helpful if your account is open. You pray you can make all your payment before your account closes or else you have to call in to make you payment every month. Completely useless after your account closes. Inconvenient for the user and for the representatives that have to answer all the phone calls every month. What a great way to clog up your phone lines!

Great app. Such a great app. Really easy layout to understand how much you owe on your bill, there’s even a tab that tells you when your promotional date is going to end. I recommend downloading the app the pay your bill instead of the website

What a Relief!. This app makes paying my bill so simple it’s bonkers! It’s like I’m seeing the future of how paying a bill will be! This is the easiest & fastest app to use. Every month I pay my bill I always wanted to write a review & today I have the time to do it. If you try this app you WILL wonder why all your payments aren’t this easy. Seriously!

This is app is never accurate for me!. I don’t know why it seems so many people have such good luck with this app, because mine is horrible! I’ve made payments on accounts that even after confirming the payments never went through and making payments on multiple cards and they all get applied to one synchrony account. I have ended up with three late fees because of this trashy app. If the software designers can not guarantee a payment will be made than they need to add that at the payment screen! I will never use this wretched and inaccurate app again!

Makes paying easier. It was always a pain trying to make payments through the website, especially when I was using mobile data or another WiFi. As it would not allow me to, now with the app. It doesn’t matter where I am, I can make a payment quickly and leave out a few steps then going to the site.

App login issues. Every time I try to log in to my synchrony app I get an error message stating my login information is incorrect; and every month I have to reset my password. It’s not even recognizing my user name. I have all my login information in my Norton vault so this should not be happening! Please fix this issue! I’m about to cancel my card because this app has made it impossible to sign in and pay my bill!!

Good Work. This application is very easy to use and its structure makes it very easyvto read, understand and manage my account balance. I maintain my records and also monitor my account in the computer, and the phone application makes it easyvand convenient to make paynents and manage the account when a computer is not available.

Good Functional App. Been using the app for a couple of months now and have been very pleased with the results. I have not had a issue with it. Being able to sign with Touch ID has been pleasant and my bills are being paid correctly at the precise date I intend for them to be. Just hoping for future updates to make the app even more better.

Love it!. Synchrony card has made it easy to buy furniture and pay in payments not having any interest rates! Having the App on my phone is a Plus because it will show you when the next payment is due and how much left you have to finish on your pymnt. As well as your payment history.

Payment Account missing. My payment account has been removed and the App Will not allow me to re-save my payment account. Was charged a late fee. Customer Service rep took payment over phone but was nonchalant about my issue.

This Bank will hurt you. Are used this bank to purchase a sleep number product. I made all payments on time. When I had paid off half, the pandemic, created hard times for us. I paid every single payment on time 100% of the time. But because my overall credit utilization rate was temporarily high, credit line by half, which raised my utilization to near 95%. This bank will hurt you no matter if you pay everything on time do not recommend anyone use them for anything.

Worst bank. Worst app. I made a $300 payment which was not acknowledged even after three days and I was giving a late fee so I went ahead and made another $300 payment which they then decided to except the full $600 I contacted customer support they couldn’t help me I went to my bank they got me my $300 back because of this synchrony has closed my account. Which by the way only means I can no longer pay through the app I have to now pay through the website or over the phone. Worst bank never would recommend.

Great Beginning!. I was thrilled to see that Synchrony came out with an app that is very user-friendly especially when it comes to seeing balances and making your payments. Making payments or breeze, as well as switching between the different accounts you may have with Synchrony Bank. I look forward to any future enhancements that they plan on releasing.

Predatory Creditor - beware. Like many other users, this bank offered me a generous line of credit, and after I had been making all my payments on time for more then a year they closed my multiple accounts and reduced my credit limit to lower than my balance, charging me extra over the limit fees and interest and lowering my credit score. I want to pay them off as soon as possible but for your sake do not use this company. They are fraudsters. The should be investigated. Class action suit. Who has time for that?

Autopay doesn’t work. I’ve been getting charged late fees, but I’ve set up auto pay 2 times already. Every time I go back into the app after the payment should have been posted, i notice that it kicked me off autopay. Now they don’t want to take off my late fee charge. I also noticed that I never got a confirmation email for autopay. My credit score is close to 800 so I have no issue paying off a $161 balance lol. Something isn’t right and I will report this to someone higher up.

Payment screen broken. I love the convenience of managing and paying my bills using the app however the payment screen appears to be broken. It’s not connecting to the server so I’m unable to add a new payment method and make a payment. Please fix ASAP!!!! When the app works, it’s great! This is frustrating.

Great App, Room for minor improvements 😁. App seems to run smooth with transactions, request for increase pretty user friendly. Like how it connects other cards connected with Synchrony, just wish you can remove unused or deactivated accounts, also wish devs would add a automatic payment option. Would recommend app for ppl using America Tire, Care Credit accts.😊

Easy to use :). Very satisfied with MySynchrony app, easy to use and understand. It just makes me excited when I make payments through the app because it’s literally three touches to make a payment. So if your reading this review go ahead and install it to your phone, you won’t regret it! - Thank you MySynchrony

Thx. This is the bank card connected to TJX and sister stores. I was a bank officer for years in the leasing industry for one of the top 5 banks. This bank is the worst credit card company with un knowledgable customer service. Beware and watch your statement closely. I have spent more than 5 hours talking to folks this week who don’t understand how to read a statement. I have over$800 credit for reruns and was denied payment process on a purchase. I plan to report to FDIC —-Beware.

Great App to make online payments. I bought a mattress at Mattress Firm and the Synchony app has been a great tool to make extra payments towards my principal amount. I had it set to autopay and then payed extra amounts on my phone when I could. The app is pretty straight forward and user friendly. I paid my mattress off a year early with extra payments and I feel like the ease of the app helped me accomplish that.

I am glad you made this.... I always dreaded paying on my Guitar Center account because you have to go through so many steps to log in. Online would never remember any information. This makes it so much easier to manage my accounts. The only thing is Lowe’s card for instance is powered by you guys. Is it possible to get it in the app to? Or is Lowe’s proprietors of their card process?

Quick and easy bank account app for payments. Great app for making your payment they also send you notifications in your email and on the app at least a week before your due that your payment is coming up so if your just like me that you forget when your payment due dates are on then you will love this app great looking app overall

Too simple. I generally use my phone to access this app and for that usage it’s ok. I now remember why I don’t use it for my iPad and it’s primarily because it doesn’t change to landscape and it’s not practical when using a keyboard. I feel it’s a simple programming fix and I can’t be the only one that has complained about this. The other issue is that my new Ashley furniture account shows up only through the web access and it hasn’t linked over to the app. You can do better. Thanks.

So simple to use. Love the app! Love being able to see everything about my account and make minimum payment or pay a larger amount if I wish to do so. Also, like the fact that I can see when my Promotional balances are due to make sure they are paid in full prior to Maturity Date so I don’t have to pay any accrued interest.

Worst Financial institution. Synchrony Bank has to be the worst financial institution I’ve ever had to deal with. I will never open an account with Synchrony. I’ve had 3 accounts with Synchrony in good standing and always paid on time and due to a short financial hardship which lowered my credit score all 3 on time good standing accounts were closed. I have 7 credit cards from Cap1, Discover,Amex that are in good standing never lowered my spending limit. Due to Synchrony closing these accounts randomly this affected my consumer credit score. I will never choose this institution neither will my family and friends.

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Language English
Price Free
Adult Rating 4+ years and older
Current Version 3.4.0
Play Store com.syf.mysynchrony
Compatibility iOS 16.0 or later

MySynchrony (Versiyon 3.4.0) Install & Download

The application MySynchrony was published in the category Finance on 03 October 2017, Tuesday and was developed by Synchrony Financial [Developer ID: 989262152]. This program file size is 47.42 MB. This app has been rated by 14,472 users and has a rating of 4.5 out of 5. MySynchrony - Finance app posted on 19 March 2024, Tuesday current version is 3.4.0 and works well on iOS 16.0 and higher versions. Google Play ID: com.syf.mysynchrony. Languages supported by the app:

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MySynchrony App Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Thank you for using the MySynchrony app! We've made improvements to enhance your account servicing experience. Download the latest version to explore the new features.

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