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We put a boutique fitness Studio in your pocket. Take treadmill, outdoor running, and strength classes on your own time for a fraction of the cost.

Whether it’s at the gym, at home, or on the road we give you access to boutique fitness classes that pair NYC’s best instructors with killer playlists. Hold yourself accountable by competing on the leaderboard to earn Fitcoin with the rest of the Studio community. 1,000+ classes available on-demand and new classes added every single day.

“Gone are the days when you have to go to an IRL fitness class to get the same workout, and a new app called Studio is perfect for runners. “ - Popsugar

“It is truly a form of group fitness, complete with a leaderboard to spur competition and enhance performance, and contains a social component despite the individual only needing a phone in order to connect at home or at the gym.” - Forbes

“Studio's an obvious choice for runners. Its platform delivers audio-based group running classes with great instructors and playlists. So all you have to do is plug in and get moving.” - Women’s Health

“The best part of Studio is that it’s convenient, and each workout delivered—I broke a good ol’ sweat every time I hopped on the treadmill.” - Well+Good

BOUTIQUE FITNESS STYLE INSTRUCTION - Ever been to a spinning class or Orange Theory? Imagine the ability to take a class of that caliber focused on running, but at anytime that you wanted.

INSTRUCTORS FROM THE TOP INSTITUTIONS IN THE WORLD - Can’t make it to New York City? No problem, we have over ten of the best instructors in the world creating classes on Studio that can be accessed anywhere in the country.

KILLER PLAYLISTS AND MUSIC - Music is at the core of every single one of our classes. The change in intensity is matched to the music to give you that extra boost.

COMPETE IN REALTIME - Have an Apple Watch? With Studio, we grab your data and let you compete in real-time against everyone else. It’s all asynchronous, which means you can take classes at a time that’s convenient for you, but still compete against others. Our leaderboard gives you the extra push for the best workout of your life.

TREADMILL AND OUTDOORS - Whether you prefer running on a treadmill or running outdoors, we have classes for you. Our treadmill classes make use of both speed and incline. Our outdoor classes are universal difficulty, meaning one class is appropriate for all skill levels.

GET STRONGER WITH SCULPT - In addition to our running classes, you can take bodyweight and dumbbell based strength classes. Focus on the entire body or isolate certain body parts.

NEW CLASSES EVERY SINGLE DAY FOR ALL SKILL LEVELS - We release new classes every single day. You’ll never get bored with Studio as the content is constantly getting updated and we’re adding more coaches. Think of it like having your own boutique fitness Studio in your pocket.

EARN FITCOIN TO LEVEL UP - Earn FitCoin with every class based upon how long you run and how far you run. FitCoin allows you to level up over time. Now you can redeem Fitcoin to win prizes.

APPLE HEALTH INTEGRATION - We directly integrate into Apple Health to allow you to access your heart rate and distance during runs from your Apple Watch. We work with Health Kit and the Apple Health app.

ONE MONTH OR YEARLY SUBSCRIPTION - Subscribe for one month at 14.99 per month or one year for 99.99 per year. You agree to our privacy policy and terms of use when subscribing. Studio subscriptions renew within 24 hours before the subscription period ends you will be charged through your iTunes account. Manage your subscription in Account Settings. Subscriptions auto-renew at end of term.

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Studio: HiiT Treadmill Classes App Description & Overview

The applications Studio: HiiT Treadmill Classes was published in the category Health & Fitness on 2017-10-17 and was developed by Morsel Inc.. The file size is 101.22 MB. The current version is 2.0.1 and works well on 10.0 and high ios versions.

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Studio: HiiT Treadmill Classes Reviews


Awesome concept  KellyZuc  3 star

I want to love this app... I really do because the concept is awesome. I am a former OTF member who wanted something similar but that I could do on my own schedule so this was very appealing to me. Unfortunately it is very buggy and the sound quality is less than great. Oftentimes I can’t get the workout to connect to my watch and when it does it doesn’t always track properly. Also I wish the class descriptions weren’t so generic. If the developers can fix those issues it would be a 5 star.


Favorite workout app by FAR  Sophiee_gee  5 star

As a longtime runner, I am always hesitant to try any fitness app that guides me through my run-especially one that also chooses my music. But I am literally so glad I took a chance on this app (after hearing rave reviews from my friends) because it has changed THE GAME. Not only are the instructors so motivational, the workouts are challenging and fun with music that perfectly matches the pace. I can’t go to the gym without doing at least one workout on this app!


No visuals for weight workouts  djdjdbsjjsvdjdbdh  1 star

The instructor mics are really loud and awful quality and the music is really low. Also not a fan there’s no pictures or videos of examples how they do the weighted and free body workouts because the instructors aren’t very good at explaining what I’m supposed to be doing.


Great work out!  allibasterdoll  3 star

Excellent work outs! But I don’t pair it to my Apple Watch anymore because it doesn’t monitor correctly.


Why the F bombs?  rick4him  3 star

Some of the classes are good, but there doesn’t seem to be much of an order to the classes. They just sort of seem to randomly show up and there’s not any description of what the class is about. You have to just start a class and find out. Whine you’re running there’s no way to see where you are on the leaderboard without trying to fumble with your phone while running and scrolling around to try to find your name. The language on here seems to be inconsistent. Some of the instructors are pretty family friends and then others will just blurt our obscenities for no reason. I wish they would cut all of the cursing. I’m not about being prude, that’s just no reason for it. With that said, the classes do help you get a good work out in.


Lovin’ it  bparish7  5 star

I am a Orange Theory Fitness member ... it has turned me into someone who can’t go two days without working out without a tremendous amount of guilt!! I saw on Facebook that if I like OTF I would love this app! I can not tell you how amazed I was to be in a lil hotel gym and motivated to not finish one workout but two in a row!!! I can’t wait till tomorrow morning for another workout!!!


treadmill workouts  anc5083  4 star

i needed a new routine to do on the treadmill and this app gave me that and so much more! there are new workouts every day and i’m starting to learn which instructors i love so i can look for more of their classes! this is a nice change from paying a crazy amount for in class options


Need louder volume to make it 5star  julieakiefer  4 star

I’m obsessed with your app...but if i were in an actual studio...the music would be bumping!!! I feel like I can barely hear it and that bums me out all the time!


Skeptic turned biggest fan  runnersav  5 star

Saw an ad for this app on Instagram and was really skeptic - but downloaded just to give it a try. I did the 2 weeks free and am HOOKED! I will gladly pay the yearly fee for as many workouts that the app offers. The workouts are fun, encouraging, and have great soundtracks. It makes me want to work out and go to the gym again and again. I can’t say or recommend it enough!


Love the workouts; would like more features!  lcarm  4 star

I have LOVED every workout I’ve tried. The runs are amazing and all of the instructors I’ve tried have been great. The runs go by so much faster than just running on my own. I did a 45 minute run yesterday and it flew by! One issue, however, is that the connection with my Apple Watch is pretty glitchy. It often takes multiple tries to connect and even then doesn’t always work. When I use the studio app AND try to track my run using the workout app on my watch, it gets wicked glitchy (this part may be more of a watch problem than an app problem though). Finally, I would love if they had class descriptions!!! Am I missing something? I’d like to know exactly what I’m taking before starting the class. Definitely worth the money overall!


Heart Rate FTW  ExtallKK  5 star

I couldn't afford an Apple Watch, but had a heart rate monitor available from my orange theory days. I love training to heart rate in both treadmill and sculpt classes.


Studio prepeared for me my 5k  Kellough1  5 star

I lost a bet to my brother and have to run a 5k with him as a result. That was bad news because I was 50 lbs. over weight and hadn't run since gradeschool. Justin is saving my life with his 0-5k program. Every day I run with Studio I'm more confident I'll be able to run this 5k without collapsing.


Buggy as hell - can’t log in  IrlTotes  1 star

I have never given an app a rating this low and was so excited to use Studio but their technical merits leave a lot to be desired. After subscribing, I couldn’t ever get logged in...despite countless password resets and 4 out reaches to customer support. Horrible experience.


Like the classes but lacks convenient options  dulongd989  2 star

I’m doing to 0 to 5k and I like the class and the coach. However there needs to be a search option. In order to get to day 1 workouts you have to scroll all the way through the entire program every time. Also can’t rewind or fast forward which is super annoying. The coach gave good tips in the last class and I wanted to go back and hear again but would have had to listen to the entire class again. Also accidentally exited out mid workout and had to restart a program I was half way through because it didn’t save my place or let me fast forward back to it. Love the classes but disappointed in the functionality.


Poor quality  Rls29650  1 star

Will not connect properly with Apple Watch. Workout will be going, then the previous one will just start playing on top of it and have to shut both down. Try to start over and have to start from scratch, cannot seem to move forward to where I was. Controls are too low to register on my phone.


Missing session preview text  RachelleSLP  4 star

I love this app, but I wish I could read a brief summary of each session before starting it so I can see if it’s a good fit for my ability level. (Example: 3 minute running intervals with 3 minute walking intervals)


Worst workout app I’ve tried  TryingToWorkout123456  2 star

So lately I’ve been bored with my normal workouts so I’ve been searching for that extra motivation. So far I have done free trials of 4 different workout apps, this one was by far the worst. The instructor was much too loud, causing me to turn the music down so my eardrums don’t blow, on top of that their microphone was loudly crackling the whole time, and lastly you cannot even see the workout ahead of time nor during so you have no clue what the workout looks like ever, and just have to blindly listen and hope that you don’t hate it... which after you do it for about 10 minutes... you realize you do and get upset. I strongly suggest not even utilizing the free trial of this app. Large waste of time and a possible descent workout.


I love this app!  rufusjbird  4 star

I am loving Studio. Lisa’s workouts are so good. It feels like I’m actually at OrangeTheory or a group fitness class. My one piece of feedback is that the workouts aren’t searchable. I’d love to be able to search by “beginner” or “sculp.”


Great workouts!  caluka56  4 star

I love this app and the workouts are fantastic. It was exactly what I needed to help motivate my treadmill runs! The only reason I gave 4 stars was because of the price. I may not be able to continue past the winter months as I won’t use it enough to justify the 14.99 a month.


First class and hooked  Alier10  5 star

Welp, I’ll be cancelling my orange theory membership. This is wayyyyy better and cheaper. Download it. FYI I never write reviews but swear by reading others reviews. The reviews are right! Love it

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