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We put a boutique fitness Studio in your pocket. Take treadmill, outdoor running, and strength classes on your own time for a fraction of the cost.

Whether it’s at the gym, at home, or on the road we give you access to boutique fitness classes that pair NYC’s best instructors with killer playlists. Hold yourself accountable by competing on the leaderboard to earn Fitcoin with the rest of the Studio community. 1,000+ classes available on-demand and new classes added every single day.

“Gone are the days when you have to go to an IRL fitness class to get the same workout, and a new app called Studio is perfect for runners. “ - Popsugar

“It is truly a form of group fitness, complete with a leaderboard to spur competition and enhance performance, and contains a social component despite the individual only needing a phone in order to connect at home or at the gym.” - Forbes

“Studio's an obvious choice for runners. Its platform delivers audio-based group running classes with great instructors and playlists. So all you have to do is plug in and get moving.” - Women’s Health

“The best part of Studio is that it’s convenient, and each workout delivered—I broke a good ol’ sweat every time I hopped on the treadmill.” - Well+Good

BOUTIQUE FITNESS STYLE INSTRUCTION - Ever been to a spinning class or Orange Theory? Imagine the ability to take a class of that caliber focused on running, but at anytime that you wanted.

INSTRUCTORS FROM THE TOP INSTITUTIONS IN THE WORLD - Can’t make it to New York City? No problem, we have over ten of the best instructors in the world creating classes on Studio that can be accessed anywhere in the country.

KILLER PLAYLISTS AND MUSIC - Music is at the core of every single one of our classes. The change in intensity is matched to the music to give you that extra boost.

COMPETE IN REALTIME - Have an Apple Watch? With Studio, we grab your data and let you compete in real-time against everyone else. It’s all asynchronous, which means you can take classes at a time that’s convenient for you, but still compete against others. Our leaderboard gives you the extra push for the best workout of your life.

TREADMILL AND OUTDOORS - Whether you prefer running on a treadmill or running outdoors, we have classes for you. Our treadmill classes make use of both speed and incline. Our outdoor classes are universal difficulty, meaning one class is appropriate for all skill levels.

GET STRONGER WITH SCULPT - In addition to our running classes, you can take bodyweight and dumbbell based strength classes. Focus on the entire body or isolate certain body parts.

NEW CLASSES EVERY SINGLE DAY FOR ALL SKILL LEVELS - We release new classes every single day. You’ll never get bored with Studio as the content is constantly getting updated and we’re adding more coaches. Think of it like having your own boutique fitness Studio in your pocket.

EARN FITCOIN TO LEVEL UP - Earn FitCoin with every class based upon how long you run and how far you run. FitCoin allows you to level up over time. Now you can redeem Fitcoin to win prizes.

APPLE HEALTH INTEGRATION - We directly integrate into Apple Health to allow you to access your heart rate and distance during runs from your Apple Watch. We work with Health Kit and the Apple Health app.

ONE MONTH OR YEARLY SUBSCRIPTION - Subscribe for one month at 14.99 per month or one year for 99.99 per year. You agree to our privacy policy and terms of use when subscribing. Studio subscriptions renew within 24 hours before the subscription period ends you will be charged through your iTunes account. Manage your subscription in Account Settings. Subscriptions auto-renew at end of term. Any unused portion of a free trial period, if offered, will be forfeited when the user purchases a subscription to that publication, where applicable

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Studio: HiiT Treadmill Classes App Description & Overview

The applications Studio: HiiT Treadmill Classes was published in the category Health & Fitness on 2017-10-17 and was developed by Morsel Inc.. The file size is 101.83 MB. The current version is 2.0.19 and works well on 10.0 and high ios versions.

We've refreshed the UI of the leaderboard to put more focus on you and give better context on the class. We also fully revamped Watch connectivity issues behind the scenes.

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Good classes/ bad app  1runningyogi15  2 star

Let me start by saying that the classes in the app are great. If all you want to do it take the classes and not worry about connecting to your Apple Watch go for it. Though, it’s a bit expensive if that’s all you are getting. The app itself is horrible. I’ve had it for 4 months and it’s been nothing but problems. Major problems, such as it won’t sync with my watch. I have to delete the app and reinstall it each and every time I want to use it. I’ve contacted support several times. They offer solutions (like delete and reinstall) that work once but never permanently. They promise to fix the problems with “the next update” but I’ve yet to see any fixes. The app can also be a lot more user friendly. You should be able to filter classes to find your favorites but the filter section always seems to show no results or show some but not include classes that I know are there and fulfill what I’m looking for. There are so many way to make this app great but they just aren’t doing it. A big thumbs down from me.


Love it but connectivity frustrating  CP512  3 star

When this works it’s awesome and I love it. The running workouts are on par or better than Orange Theory or Barry’s but without the crazy price. Unfortunately I’ve been having connectivity issues with my Apple Watch since the last app update and the app isn't recording the basic data I love to see (distance, heart rate). Very frustrating! Also a couple of enhancement ideas: 1. Would love to be able to favorite a workout program to follow, not just an individual workout. 2. Would love to see the details of a sculpt workout before starting it. 3. Would love to be able to change volume of coach and music independently as a global setting perhaps. I consistently find the music too soft in the background but some coaches voices are rough on the ears when they’re too loud :) Thank you!!


Could be better  Anbright  3 star

I like this app, I paid for the whole year. However I wish there were descriptions of each treadmill workout!! I know there are beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels but a short description would help. Are there inclines? What’s the top speed? PLEASE GIVE DESCRIPTIONS


Love studio!  Lorij11  5 star

I am using it for treadmill training which can be boring. This has given me the energy and training I need for my 1/2 marathon.


Extremely glitchy and extremely frustrating  JLeehy  3 star

I want to give 5 stars but the app inconsistently works with my Apple watch. Hasn’t synced for my last 3 workouts. So frustrating!!!! Also, every time there’s an update it logs me out. Not a huge deal but once again annoying. Needs to perform better or I likely won’t be a long term customer. Please fix the Apple Watch syncing problem!


Love this program, hate the app tech probs  DTebon  3 star

App will constantly forget my login, automatically close and lose my data, and sometimes not able to go past one second of a workout once I’ve picked the right one for me that day! Super frustrating! Have contacted help and they just tell me to take off app and load back on. Not really convenient or reasonable for daily use. But love Cedric’s tracks!!


Love it but some flaws!  MissG7727  3 star

The biggest positive is I look forward to working out on a treadmill now. I love hopping on a treadmill and not having to think about what I’m doing. It’s fun, the music is great, and the time goes by so fast. The biggest flaw is you can only preview sculpting classes. You can’t preview anything else. It’s very frustrating that I have no idea what I’m getting myself into. Please fix this! Some other minor flaws is sometimes it won’t sync with my Apple Watch and I’m clueless with the fit coins.

Goffy lover

Fantastic exercise app!  Goffy lover  5 star

Variety is amazing!!! Coaches are inspiring! Ready to buy it for the year!


Love it!  kmc2kmk  5 star

I absolutely love the HIIT programs they offer! I am losing my baby weight and having a blast with it.

ca wine woman

Great idea, solid workouts, horrible sound  ca wine woman  3 star

I’m trying out the app for the free first two week trial to see if I like it— and I do, for the most part. Unfortunately, the sound mixing is horrible. The music is way too loud or bass heavy and you can barely hear the trainers. It would be awesome to give users the option of mixing vocals and music to their taste. Unfortunately, this issue may prevent me from committing to the app for the year membership.


3.5⭐️ Interesting, but way behind OTF  Zuzische  4 star

Solid workout (I took 45min intermediate class) Can’t judge if there are good classes for beginners, didn’t try them yet. One I took was high intensity one. Things that are not so good: - navigation between classes is very bad. There is no way to understand what are you starting. Only coach, length, intensity. No idea of music, style, etc. More info would be highly appreciated as well as some criteria search. Can’t even filter by coach or length... - live classes are not an option. Not sure what is initial time zone for it (NYC!?). But they are all 3am my time. I definitely lack motivation for 3am workout - sound quality not great. Music is ok, coach is way too loud if I want to increase music volume voiceover is turning into horrible cracking and squeaking... - and dear tribe, who says «I swap my OTF for that workout”.. this is just not enough. It is only interval run(even though a good quality one). And only 1/3 of what OTF offers as a holistic full body workout. So if you want you and abs and upper body be as strong as your legs don’t forget about other 2/3 your are missing focusing on only running ;) - probably rather issue with my equipment, but it’s really hard to adjust treadmill so fast sometimes, so often had to trade walking for jogging as it would not have enough time to get that pace change on short intervals - There are no stats at all. Only info I get is my Apple Watch for pace, recovery, etc. -Just in general feels like it’s very much underdone for good fitness app. Small things sometimes: you can’t change your photo, location is limited amount of symbols so good luck if you live in a place with long a name like me... Would love more thoughtfulness on product itself in addition to good quality workouts - sometimes things like absof*lutely come to play... somehow doesn’t appreciate it. Also almost philosophical at times “change your deeper self...” seriously, I’m just running, can we spare all that... - ah, don’t forget to warm up before jumping on this workout as you will start heads on into intervals, same for cool down


Great Workout  jQue12480  5 star

Why go to Orange Theory when I have the Studio App? Former Orange Theory customer.


Love the HIIT workouts  brooke72  5 star

Convenient, energizing workouts. I wanted a Peloton at home for days I can’t make it to the gym but couldn’t warrant paying for that and my gym membership. The Studio app is a great alternative. I can do treadmill classes at home and do cycling and other classes at the gym. I wish you could see the instructor and the sound quality today was not perfect but with a $2,900 savings compared to the Peloton (including membership), I’m very happy with Studio.


I hate running but not with this app  Niesiemil  5 star

I hate running, but I need cardio. I struggle to stay motivated after ten minutes in my run. After using this app I have completed 45 minute runs with no problem. I think everyone should try it.


Two days in...  Bufdaddy  5 star

And I am obsessed already. As someone who works 70-80 hours a week on an irregular schedule, this is an efficient way to feel the burn.


Great App - Small tweets needed  vballchick915  5 star

I just started studio going on a week now and I am loving it so far! However, I do wish it would show the incline and speed we are at or changing to. I sometimes can’t hear the instructor over the music or I simply miss it. I found myself at times staying inclined and later realizing the instructor had said to lower during intervals. Same with speeds. Some instructors also don’t repeat themselves or countdown to speed/incline changes and I feel its crucial! Other than that the classes are great and really get me to push myself! Oh and I do wish there was a search option to find what you are looking for or to go straight to the classes you want to take.


Only recommend one improvement  Maienza  5 star

I gave this app 5 stars, because it is absolutely amazing! I used to hate the treadmill, but now don’t mind it at all. This is really improving my running. After my second pregnancy I was so frustrated at not making progress in running times and being slower! This app is truly helping me focus and work on speed and endurance! But........ can you please show me at the top of the leaderboard? I hate that I have to scroll to find myself as I move trough the workout! I want to make sure I am at the right effort suggested, but honestly it’s dangerous to scroll trying to find myself while running on the treadmill. That’s my only suggestion for improvement!


Great App! Definitely a good value.  whi38390  4 star

I’m an OrangeTheory member and wanted to try something similar for my own gym. Hands down this is the next best alternative. Good programs that are really challenging. Even after regular attendance as a runner at OTF, some were too hard for me. In the end I’m sticking with OTF because you just can’t beat an in-person community, but this is definitely on my radar as a more affordable option, I’d I need it. It gets really close for a fraction of the cost. The one suggestion I have for the developers is to increase access to personal data. I didn’t like that I only saw minimal stats on the leaderboard. I’d be interested in checking that out after, but was more interested in my status... it would be nice to be able to toggle between a full screen/detail view of your stats and the leaderboard. I kept losing myself as I changed positions and found that kind of annoying. I didn’t see any way to look at just my info during or after the workout. Otherwise, A+!


Could not love this app more!  kmilli018  5 star

I love that this app offers cardio and weight training classes of all types and lengths. It makes it super easy to push myself if I’m feeling strong that day or find a short class for days when I don’t really feel like working out but know that I should. I’m the kind of person who loves to workout but won’t push myself past my limits if I’m working on my own. That’s what is so great about the Studio app—I just listen to what the instructors tell me and do the best I can...and usually it’s always better than what I would do on my own. It’s like being in a group class without the trouble of making it on time somewhere. I hope they come out with other types of classes like Pilates or Yoga


Must pay  Cricketwhistle  1 star

You don’t get anything unless you pay. Sure you get a free trial but then charge you if you don’t cancel. It should be free and then canceled if don’t sign up. I hate having to remember to cancel.

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