Breeze for Patients

Breeze for Patients [Medical] App Description & Overview

Going to the doctor is now a breeze! Breeze offers a modern experience at the doctor’s office, at home, or on the go. Ideal for those of us that never want to fill out another paper form, wait endlessly to be seen by our doctor, or have no flexibility for when or how to pay for our care.

- Create a single account that works across all your doctors and care providers (as long as they are using Breeze)
- See upcoming appointments, cancel and schedule appointments, and manage outstanding payments all from the same app
- Enjoy a seamless, easy, and modern user experience throughout (finally!)
- Use multiple and faster check-in methods including using a QR code scanned right from your phone
- No more clipboards! Fill out electronic forms that make check-in and check-out faster: simply confirm that the automatically-populated data is correct, and edit only what has changed since your last visit
- Pay without having to wait in line, in the practice, at home or on the go (Yes, even with Apple Pay)
- Store your credit cards securely so you can pay faster
- Easily create payment plans and take the pain out of healthcare payments

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Breeze for Patients Customer Service, Editor Notes:

This release includes: - General bug fixes and performance improvements

Breeze for Patients Comments & Reviews

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- Dr. Francis

No personality, doesn’t listen to patients at all.

- Super Ease!!!

Thank you for the ease of this app! Will recommend it to all!

- Easy

Takes awhile but great


Very easy and quick

- Greatest

👍 good stuff

- Love

Helps to make life that much easier. Thank you

- Simply “Great!”

A great location. A great staff. A great doctor and a lot of great laughs! Thank you Adt. H!

- Tedious

I bet I still am going to be asked to fill out all these forms again when I show up

- Crashed twice / the calendars freezes

The Calendar part gets stuck

- Please put lists in alphabetical order

Hard to see and harder to use. It was annoying selecting a list of surgeries when they were in random order. Alphabetical would be better. Hard for older patients to figure out!

- Allow free form writing

When filling out patient information, certain fields won’t allow free form writing. The drop downs do not have enough choices to be complete. Also neither my referring doctor, nor my primary care doctor showed up when I searched for them. Under ‘ethnicity’, I am half one and half another, there is no choice for that. These types of issues and others made it frustrating. Other parts were easy, like taking pics of insurance card.

- Still needs improvement

Too confusing maneuvering through the app, and paying bills

- Emergency contact

I’m very confused as to why The ap requires personal info regarding the emergency contact. The only information that should be required is phone number and address. Birthdate? Seriously???

- Hard to use

Cannot read the screens and drop down lists impossible to use on app. Ok

- Nice App

Very good app, easy to use!

- What good is it?

I see no useful purpose for this App. The only advantage that I see is for Apple Inc. who makes money from each of the dozens of Apps that must be purchased in order to make this App at least minimally useful. Besides being difficult to install with the limited instruction given, . There is absolutely no information provided about how the App can be used to the benefit of the patient.

- Time

The Breeze concept is great! The ability to easily navigate this portal is the most difficult I have encountered. It is not intuitive in the navigation and I have actually given up when trying unsuccessfully to retrieve messages. Maybe getting users unfamiliar with the app to advise you on easy intuitive navigation would be an excellent starting point

- No cancellation facility

I made an appointment just after 5:00 on the wed before thanksgiving. About a half hour later, I learned that I needed to take my son to a college visit on that Monday. So, no problem, I will just cancel the appointment, right? Not so. I tried getting into the app and I learned that I only requested the appointment and I to finish installing the app yet. So, I figure that when I finish installing it, I will be able to cancel it. No such luck with that either, but now, I have not just requested the appt, but also confirmed it. And I am not able to cancel it. And it is we nite before TG holiday. Nobody will be back into the office until Monday morning and I will get charged for the appt because I didn’t cancel at least 12 hours in advance. Luckily someone worked on sat and cancelled it.

- Easy Squeezy

I found this program to be be easy once I got past the first screen. It seems to be thorough, especially the legal permissions in case of incapacitation. I filled this form out on my Apple phone and the questions were clearly written and easily understood. I did notice that when I changed screens I was at the bottom of the next screen and had to physically get to the top of the next screen. It might be a good idea for the next screens to automatically start at the top. Just a suggestion.

- Thank you

I can’t say enough about this practice. Thank you for helping me figure out two years worth of illness. You are the medical super sleuths!! Mrs. Parris is fantastic and she always remembers who I am. Her presence adds warmth to the practice.

- App

I did not know I had to pay for the app. I will be cancelling the app today. Unnecessary but I love the practice!

- Ease of Breeze

I found it easy to use and quickly got help from a live person, Ariel, at the doctors office when I had one small issue. I could list my medications accurately because I could use the numerous bottles to list them exactly as printed on the bottles. I’m surprised it was so easy for me. I can still get frustrated with computer “stuff”.

- Doesn’t work with chrome or explorer. Doesn’t access photos for pic of ID or health insurance card.

Filled this form out four times : twice from Chrome, once from Explorer, Once from I-Phone. Didn’t save any of the fields. Had to re-enter DL and SSN 4 times with culturally unacceptable choices for race and ethnicity race: Northern European and ethnicity: Northern European.

- Very bulky

Very clumsy app that is not user friendly. Takes a long time for any page to load. But it’s what my provider chose so I have to put up with it.

- Why doesn’t every practice have this!?

Finally, I can walk into my doctors office and not feel like I’m being teleported to the past! This app makes it easy to check in, pay my outstanding balances and a bunch of other cool things too.

- Tedious and confusing

The living will portion was unclear. I don’t want to enter incorrect information due to misunderstanding what was meant. It was more tedious doing it this way. I would prefer a paper form.

- Breeze Analysis

Very satisfied after one weeks usage!!!

- Go back to UX design school or hire one.

Every page looks the same. There are tons of colors use them. Hard to select dates on a schedule range. When you select a provider you can’t see what offices might have an available opening either unless you try each one. I found out the app does not pick up many open appointments that the dr office has. What is the point of the app????

- User friendly so far

So far so good

- Looks promising but it doesn’t work

Looks like it’s perfect, if only you could use it. It doesn’t work.

- Terrible

The app is so slow and glitchy. Takes forever to get to messages.

- Worst Medical Portal App

With all doctors moving to medical portal apps, I’ve used a number of them. This is the worst. Lots of technical glitches. Phone support can’t help. Terrible experience.

- Trash

What it is.

- It’s absolutely NOT a “Breeze” to use. (Zero Stars)

1. App is not family-friendly. It needs to be enabled for use with multiple patients, especially for minors. My children and I see the same physician, however, the app is only single-threaded, thus rendering it useless. See the FMHMobile app. They know how to do it right. 2. There are problems with sending messages to providers: a) I receive an error message every time. “ERROR: The data could not be read because it is missing. ^^ ”What is this??!? ^^ Yesterday, I sent a message to my provider and got this error. So, like most people, I tried it again 2 more times with the same result. Finally, I gave up and called provider and left a VM. But... Guess what? Those 3 messages actually went through later. Frustrating. b) The method of sending messages is a UX design nightmare. I have to type it in like it’s an iMessage (1-line field that scrolls). Well...When communicating with a doctor’s office, messages are usually longer than a text message. The worst part about it is that there is no way to easily review the message before sending it (and then experiencing 2a above). This needs to be displayed in a paragraph form that is easy to edit if necessary (like the format of this app review).

- Scam: runaway, use anyone else

This software is unusable and they will take your money and run. Stay away if at all possible

- David

I down loaded this app over a week ago after my office visit and still no visit updates except for my drs name and the meds I take. Sometimes the fingerprint log on works and sometimes it doesn’t

- User-UNfriendly, not functioning right

I can no longer login online and this stupid app is not even working as intended — there’s no way to pull up old lab results. As soon as you go into history and press Visit Summary, the button goes gray and says “Professing”. And that’s it. Nothing else. It beats me why all lab results are not in the same place, easy to find, easy to compare old to new results so progress could be visible.

- Crashing

App closes out/crashes when I try to read the messages. Loads for a second then closes before I can read them.

- Useless

Tried to fill out our paperwork ahead of time but it won’t let me fill out the emergency contact portion and it won’t let me continue without it filled out. So this is just an enormous waste of time since I’ll have to go early to fill out the paperwork anyway.

- Where is all my information?

Not able to access all my information anymore. Wish Dr would have stayed with Carecloud. Very disappointed.

- Okay, but there’s issues....

Using this app because one of my doctors utilizes it. I like the whole idea and layout, but I have constant problems trying to view my appointment history and downloading my records. Anyone else having this issue???!

- Terrible

Not intuitive. Too much sensitive personal information available without adequate security

- I’d give it a zero

Terrible app. Crashes every time. Can’t fill out forms. FAQs are empty. Bad user interface. Unusable.

- No update

Cannot get the app to update on my iPhone.

- Seems pretty useless

My doctor apparently can’t download any documents so they are mailing them to me because they won’t email because of HIPAA. We are now back in the dark ages of snail mail because of this program!

- Patient

Need to be able to download ALL documents from visit. For example, visit summary is fine, but I already know my own demographics!! Need to be able to see/read/download all doctor’s notes for the visit.

- No bad issues

I use this app when I need to and have had no problems with it as I have had with others. The only thing is I do not see when meds are ordered or the results of tests. The Dr mentioned I would see those.

- App

I dislike this app so much as I now contact my doctor directly for anything needed. I work in technology and this app is one of the worst I’ve seen.

- Won’t let you make payments

Got a statement through the app but when going to payment options the screen is blank

- Can’t log in

I put the password that I literally just created, says it’s wrong. Try to reset it, says my email is wrong (the one I used to register)

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Breeze for Patients 1.4.12 Screenshots & Images

Breeze for Patients iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Breeze for Patients iphone images
Breeze for Patients iphone images
Breeze for Patients iphone images
Breeze for Patients iphone images
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Breeze for Patients (Version 1.4.12) Install & Download

The applications Breeze for Patients was published in the category Medical on 2017-04-11 and was developed by CareCloud Corp. [Developer ID: 431253949]. This application file size is 64.21 MB. Breeze for Patients - Medical posted on 2020-06-02 current version is 1.4.12 and works well on IOS 9.3 and high versions.

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