Video & TV Cast + LG Smart TV App Reviews


Video & TV Cast + LG Smart TV App Description & Overview

What is video & tv cast + lg smart tv app? Watch any web-video, online movie, livestream or live tv show on your LG Smart TV with webOS and NetCast. Enjoy the show on your big screen with the no#1 web video streamer.

With Video & TV Cast for LG Smart TV you can browse the web and stream any web video, online movie, livestream or live tv show you want on your LG Smart TV. Mp4, m3u8, hls livestreams and also video-over-https are supported.

There is no time limit at all! You can watch videos of 2 minutes or 2 hours or even more. Just open Video & TV Cast, navigate to a website, wait for link detection and send the video with a single tap to your LG Smart TV. The discovered link will be shown below the browser. A tap on the link will start the show. You don't need to install a big media server like Plex or any other third party software.

>>> Important Notes

* To enable video casting please open the LG App Store (LG Smart World / LG Content Store) on your TV, search for 'TV Cast' and install the companion app.

* Please enter the ip-address of your iPhone/iPad by using the number pad and up/down/left/right keys on your TV Remote or scroll wheel on your Magic Remote. Just enter the numbers, no need to press the enter key.

* iTunes movies, Flash video and DRM protected videos like Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hulu, Vudu, DirecTV, Xfinity, HBO now are not supported!

* Please test your favorite videos with the free edition before upgrading!

* Please use the hardware remote of your LG for controlling the TV app and video playback.

* The app streams only the video part of a website and not the whole website content (No screen or tab mirroring!).

* Sometimes it is necessary to play the video on your iPad or iPhone first before it gets discovered by the app for streaming. It may also be neccessary to start casting multiple times until it works with specific videos.

* If a specific video is not working, please check the FAQ on the app startpage. If that does not help you, please drop us an email before leaving a negative comment on the App Store. We will try to add support for that website as soon as possible.


* Remote Playbar: Use the Playbar for advanced video control while browsing, including video scrubbing, forward, rewind, play, pause, stop. The playbar works on all LG Smart TVs.

* Local Videos: Cast your camera roll videos from an iPhone or iPad. Supports mp4, m4v and mov videos that were saved to the camera roll via Apples SD-Card/USB Adapter, iTunes Desktop Software or third party apps.

* Ad-Blocker + No Sponsoring Ads: The Pro app version has no ads and the Ad-Blocker blocks ads & popups on most websites that you visit. You can update, enable/disable ad-blocking at any time in the settings.

* Bookmarks: Save unlimited website bookmarks. Synchronize and transfer them between different TV Cast apps and iOS devices by using backup and restore via iCloud.

* Desktop Mode: Change the browser user-agent and cloak your iPhone/iPad as a desktop PC to load the desktop website instead of a mobile website. Please note that this will NOT enable video casting on websites that serve Flash videos in desktop mode.

* Change Homepage: Set your personal homepage in the settings

Disclaimer: This app is not affiliated with LG Electronics or any other trademark mentioned here.

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App Name Video & TV Cast + LG Smart TV
Category Photo & Video
Updated 24 February 2023, Friday
File Size 32.95 MB

Video & TV Cast + LG Smart TV Comments & Reviews 2023

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DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY ON THIS APP!. This app I paid $6.99 and it doesn’t even work like it is supposed to. Very frustrating and the app is not user friendly and very complicated. Once it is connected, you can’t cast anything from your phone as the connection drops once you are out the app. Absolute waste and wish I could get my money back. I highly DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS APP.

Never works.. Can’t even get the app to let m review it. Can’t see my typing so hope I am spelling correctly. Used the free version once, ever since have never been able to get it to load the whatever it is I’m trying to cast upgraded to the pod version still tried for hours to cast never worked

Exactly what I needed. Now I don’t need to take my Apple TV from another room to our living room because now I can just sync my iPhone directly to my LG TV.

Don’t Waste Your Money!. After you pay the $6.99, it prompts you to pay another $3.99 to cast from your device - to which it has terrible reviews stating that the sound does not cast with the picture. I am glad I read those reviews before spending more, but wish I had read these reviews before the initial purchase. What a waste. Can I get a refund?

I paid for this?. Not sure why I just paid $6.99 for this. It’s not easy to navigate and doesn’t even work for some apps. Waste. Works for personal media and maybe some web browsing but that’s not what I wanted it for.

Very misleading description. So I guess I am out whatever I paid for this. I should have read the description and the reviews. To play your own videos it has to ‘optimize’ them. Takes about 1/3 of the video length time to do that. When it’s playing, it keeps stopping to catch up. Can’t display your photos (as far as I can see) unless you pay MORE for screen mirror, but this will not transmit sound per the reviews, so I did not throw good money after bad. Don’t waste your time. I’ll see if I can get my money back from Apple.

Buffers all the time. Update: Developer sent a canned response with a list of things to try. Tried them. No change. Still doesn’t work. Original comments: Wanted to use this for beach body on demand videos onto my lg tv. I have version 1.07 on the tv and the app says 1.06 or later but it still buffers every 30 seconds or so. I tried all the different data rates. Doesn’t matter. Paid $6.99 for this app and I feel like I was ripped off.

Best app for LG TV’s. I’ve been using this app for 2 years. I should have upgraded to the pro version immediately but I was stubborn and waited. This is literally the best thing since sliced bread. If I could give 6 stars I would. It always works for me flawlessly.

Does NOT work for video casting. Very deceiving - paid for this to screen cast (it mentioned casting in the description) but then directed me to separately buy a different app video cast. Wish I had read description before. No idea what “ultimate” bundle this includes, but very deceptive. Why would anyone pay $7 to just cast photos then add another $4 afterwards to video cast? Lost my money…

Terrible. This is honestly terrible. It does not function how it should and doesn’t even load a video when following the instructions on the Tv. Wish I didn’t even own an LG since I can’t cast directly to it like I can with my Vizio. Terrible app and service altogether. Waste of money. Even as I type this the video is still buffering and hasn’t played. That’s over 5 minutes on a 800mbps plan at midnight with no one else on it. Ridiculous

Scam. It’s a catfishing app that provides limited functionality after initial purchasing . You’ll have to keep buying add-ons to get more functions. Just get the AIRPLAY app directly from the TV App’s menu and link the TV from that app using Bluetooth. *do not delete my comment*

Buffering but never any actual video casting. This is the worst $7 I’ve ever spent. It connects, I can load the video in the app browser, but when trying to actually cast the video to the TV, which is the entire purpose of the app, nothing. Just a buffering indicator and an occasional failed to connect message. Wish I could get me $7 back so that I can set it on fire. At least I’ll would get a some light and minute or so of warmth which is still more than I got from this app.

Doesn’t play who video.. I tried to play a couple videos from our family trip. It cuts off the first 15 seconds and last 10-15 but audio keeps going? Definitely not worth the money

Useless piece of crap. Forget about casting your workout apps or any of that onto your Tv. I specifically got this app because the tv told me to in order to cast from my device to the tv. Not only have the tutorial videos been taken back down by the provider but there’s ZERO talking between devices. Stupid thing does nothing. Oh I need the screen mirroring app - and other paid app. Another epic fail!!! The stupid things DO NOT WORK AND I DID EVERYTHING RIGHT

Worthless. This app is completely worthless. You pay money to be able to cast your phone to your tv, then when you want to mirror your screen, they ask you to spend another $3 on a different app!!! I tried playing just regular videos and they wouldn’t even play on the television either. Complete waste of money. Stupid stupid stupid app.

Terrible. Can only cast from within the app and it only casts pictures and personal videos. Can’t cast anything like Prime or HBO Max thru it. Don’t waste your money. Get a fire stick or something similar. Only figured out it sucked after downloading. Wish there was a way to get refunds to return utterly useless apps once you try them.

Absolute garbage. I’m extremely disappointed in LG. I’m very tech savvy. I’ve been working with tech and such for 20+ years and this has been an absolute headache to configure. I bit the bullet and bout this garbage app and every time I exit the app it disconnects from the tv. And the only reason I did that is because the “smart” features won’t stay connected to my wifi. At least the tv was free otherwise I’d be livid and return it yesterday!! Horrible!

Arggghh. one of the most convoluted app experiences I’ve ever had. Keeps sending me in circles, wanting me to pay for more add ons and doesn’t ever get to where I can easily mirror my screen. I don’t want to have to take multiple steps just to play content on my iPhone on my LG TV. If I could give it less than one star I would.

Waste of Money. There’s no sound. I tried the free version and paid for this and the screen mirroring. No part of this app is good quality. It was frustrating to pay this money for the sound to not work and the video feed to be slow. Wish I would’ve read the reviews before spending the money.

Do not buy. This app only allows you to cast photos from iPad ( using iPad Pro) to a LG TV. It says it includes screen mirroring but it doesn’t. I had to purchase the screen mirroring app separately for an additional $3.99 to be able to actually mirror my screen. Once I did, the mirroring is painfully slow. You cannot watch any sort of streaming or other video output from your iPad on the TV because it is so slow. It is reminiscent of dial up internet in the 1990’s in terms of pixelated and slow video. Complete waste of money.

Waste of money. Can't show photos. Can't stream TV. Can't mirror your phone. Oh unless you are willing to gamble more money on another app it says you need. You can show vids that are on your phone or the internet..but even that is a pain as the screen always resets. Then you have to wait for the new video to load and inset screen then grab the remote to expand to full screen. Next video wait again grab the remove to expand..etc can't just click through videos. Horrible app

Finally. Finally figured out how to connect to my older smart Tv. Used to connect with only one button. But this works. Just kind of cumbersome with my model. I can’t figure out how to toggle full screen.

Can’t ever cast what you want. It never allows you to cast what you want, you always have to pay, which I get, gotta make money, but once you pay, you have to jump through hoops to figure it out. Granted there are like 50 videos you can watch for tutorials so def not user friendly. But in the end, you still can’t just cast what you want like you would on a simple cast TV.

Terrible. Does not work. The ONLY video this app will play on the TV is the tutorial. The free version forces a pop up in your face to upgrade to pro, then doesn’t give you any option to close the pop up just to try the app out. Desperate to find a casting solution and sick of getting stuck at the pop up, I stupidly paid for the pro version. I got rid of the pop up but every single attempt to cast shows “error” on the TV. Biggest wast of $10 on the App Store EVER. You people should be paying me for all of the hours I have wasted trying to make this thing do the simplistic task it is advertised to perform. This borders on fraud and if I didn’t already regret all the wasted time and energy, I would be inclined to pursue legal action. Seriously, it sickens me to think of the developers back slapping each other while swindling people $10 at a time.

Horrible. So frustrating! I’ve been trying to cast so that I could watch movies. I did everything that they explained on the tutorial. I got the ok that the connection was made but when I tried to watch a movie the connection ended! I haven’t had family around to help for obvious reasons. I’m at a loss.

Not what it used to be. Avoid until they update it.. This app used to be great. I upgraded from the free app and was very pleased with it. But the past few months it’s been getting stuck in a buffer about every 15 minutes and I have to start my streaming over in hopes of fixing it. I wish they would upgrade it to fix these performance issues. As of now it feels like a waste of money.

Too Difficult. I have tried to make the system set up and play. I am pretty tech-savvy, but I have not been to get what should be pretty simple work. It is impossible to get any tech support. The developer has been of no help at all.

Poor quality. When trying to play from an apple phone, the picture quality is horrible. It is zoomed in and you can’t see the whole video on the screen.

Waste of money.. I thought this would work on my lg tv the way it does for my chrome cast. I can run any app I want and cast movies to my tv. His thing as soon as you close the app it disconnects and you can only steam websites videos. Not in app videos like Netflix or showtime app. Wasted 7 bucks. Wouldn’t recommend this, the free version is better.

Can't stream what you want. This product is only for streaming web content. If you want to stream an app on your device, that's an upsell. I wasn't able to get it to work while following directions and the videos.

Buffering - buffering - buffering .... Pure junk. There goes $6.99 in the dumper. Have been waiting 15 minutes for a 56 second video to cast - just says buffering. Turned everything off. Waited. Back on. Tried again. Same thing. Cleared cache and tried AGAIN. Same thing. Made certain that both iPhone and LG TV were on same network. They are. Tried again. Same thing.

Hard to use. Never got it to work. While I could watch the desired link on my phone (college softball game), the link wasn’t accessible from app and so never got ‘cast’ to TV. Instructions within app were not helpful for me or my internet savvy daughter.

Pointless App. Not sure why the point to this application is. Bedroom TV is an LG, wanted to cast HBO Max, bought this, fail. Then bought the Screen Mirror app, fail. I really failed tonight but these products are horrible. Apple and Samsung are one click. This is many clicks and purchases and fails.

Idk. It seems like it should work fine but it doesn’t for me. I followed all the instructions and did exactly as it said and it kept not working until like 20 min later when the screencast app on my tv just went black. It has been saying “loading” when exited out of the app for over an hour now. And when you’re in the app it’s just a black screen. Idk

DO NOT BUY ! Screen mirroring to the app on your tv is an additional $3.99. I am not happy that now I have to go out of my way to request a refund for this app of $6.99 that said it was all you needed to screen mirror to your tv and that is not the case once you purchase and sign up it asks that in order to screen mirror you need to pay an additional $3.99!

No screen mirroring. I should’ve read the details and previous reviews before purchasing. I know they’re working on another app for that (sound doesn’t work), but that’s just another purchase... I’ll stick to connecting my laptop to my tv the old fashioned way.

Very disappointing. It’s not a true casting app in that it doesn’t work with many of the apps such AMC and others. I tried a work around and logged in to some of the sites via the web browser and did get it to cast what I wanted to watch, but then there was no volume and it was extremely unstable. At this point the app is basically worthless if you want steam actual shows.

Do not buy. I should have read the reviews. This app is not as advertised, it will not stream your tv or other apps. If it worked, at best it only would stream links you browse to through their app. I will not cast from your device they way you will want it to.

Bad. This app doesn’t work at all, I just wasted money for an app that doesn’t even work! Cast doesn’t work at all won’t even pop up to the IP screen to even allow to me put it in AND the whole tutorial is gone. Waste of money

Works great most of the time. I bought the ultimate package which has this and 6 other apps for various platforms. Overall this app works great, but sometimes thing’s stop working. That can be frustrating, but locally that doesn’t happen often. For ME the Pro version works better than the free version with the ads removed (they caused me problems with some streams)

Doesn’t Mirror. I downloaded this app to screenshare a movie to my tv since I don’t have anything to watch certain shows and movies on. I spent $6.99 to get this app just to be old I needed to spend another $3.99 for a whole other app that didn’t even work. The sound doesn’t pick up on the other app and the quality is horrible. I want my money back because I’m not gonna just let that moment go to waist when I could have been using a free app that actually worked.

Regret Purchase. I purchased this app thinking that I could cast HBO Max directly from the HBO Max app, but I was wrong. This app will only cast from its internal browser. Trying to cast from the internal browser puts you in an infinite redirect loop to the Apple App Store to get the HBO Max app.

Don’t bother. There is nothing easy about using this app to cast. You have to constantly keep re-entering the IP address. Once you finally do get it connected, the buffering makes any it basically unusable. If you are trying to cast from another app it doesn’t work at all, and you have to go through this apps web browser. Just don’t bother.

False advertisement. The app so that you can cast anything and it does not you pay 6.99 to purchase the app to try to cash something and it does not work you can use HBO Max you can use Paramount+ or any other streaming apps that you have in your phone so this app is a waste of time

Works great when you figure out the “kinks”. Love to use it, not as easy for the not tech savvy kinda folks.

NOT LG software. Third party. Awful don’t buy. Complete rip off. Requires you to use their browser and then requires you to pay more to download other apps that essentially use their browser. CANNOT natively stream from iOS apps to the TV. Requires their software. NOT LG sanctioned software.

Good app. Crashes sometimes, freezes occasionally but works most often . Maybe it needs an update

Don’t waste your money. The first app you buy goes on to tell you that a second app is needed. Then after a cumbersome set of the second app you find out that this will only video from a web browser. But not from a app that streams video. I’m $10 in to this nightmare and I still can’t watch what I want to see.

Horrible casting app. I downloaded this in hopes that I could cast from my IPhone to my LG Smart TV. What a waste of $7. I doesn’t work is is very hard to use. It keeps asking you to pay even when you've paid for the full app. Screen mirroring is an extra cost?! Shouldn’t that be included? I’m so disappointed.

Horrible.... Doesn’t do anything more than what my actual smart tv does. It’s not user friendly at all. It was kind of false advertising to say I can play any videos when I can’t. The concept is great, and I’d like to be able to play anything from my phone, but I can’t. It is NOT worth getting this app...let alone paying for it. Pro doesn’t do anything. I just purchased this and I have already emailed to somehow get a refund.

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Money back please! Not happy! Where is the accountability!. Terrible app! Have wasted money on this and 2 hours of my time. Then asked me to download another app for mirroring. All other apps I’ve ever downloaded have never been this hard to use. Would of had more fun wasting my money at Timezone! Money back please! I have to give at least 1 star to post.

What a waste of money.. Could not stream a thing, how is it legal to sell something that clearly doesn’t do what it advertised to do? I want a refund.

Waste of money. A complete waste of money for an app which doesn’t work. Not been able to connect to a LG tv

Casting videos. It rarely connects! My settings are the same and my internet is the same on my tv and phone. Very frustrating! Emailed support and never got an answer!

Useless!! How do I get a refund ??. Does nothing it says it does. Buffering is pathetic as is the error every time it tries to load a video …Don’t waste your money

Want my money back!. This just constantly comes up with errors. Should be a mechanism to get your money back on apps like these that just don’t work

Junk app. Absolutely useless highly recommend you save your money and give to the homeless instead of waste on this app

Does not work. I purchased this and it doesn’t load this video. It keeps saying connection error. Incredibly frustrating as I paid money for this and no way to refund.

Rubbish. Doesn’t work just makes you buy multiple apps and still doesn’t work

I can’t believe I had to pay for this app. It won’t let me cast from an app … in particular Viki app, but even if it did let me I wouldn’t be happy. The video that is cast to the tv doesn’t take up the whole screen … it takes up less than a quarter … what’s the point? Might as well keep watching it on my phone …

Pay each month, but can’t connect!. Can’t connect iPhone to television. Last two months can’t connect.

Do not use. Absolute price of junk, waste of money, working out how I get my money back

Total Rubbish. After paying for this then found I had to pay for another app to screen mirror only to find the quality of the video was extremely poor as it continued to judder and buffer.

Cob7777. It won’t even let me cast kayo, and I also bought the screen mirroring app, waste of money doesn’t work

Casting app. I would like a refund please. I will be deleting this app and not using it. Doesn’t work! Interface is terrible.

A complete rip off.. Does not work anywhere near close to the level promoted. Save yourself your money and the embarrassment of being sucked in, like I was!!

Confusing and I cant get it to cast. Not happy when the tv I bought says I need this app to cast but it won’t work.

Difficult to set up. I’m finding it hard to set up. I’ve paid for the upgrade, because I did not seem to be able to get past anything without doing so and now I cannot get past the IP address part, it keeps toggling.

Waste. Waste of money. I couldn’t even use the app and had to delete it 5 minutes after purchase. This app requires tv and phone to be connected to the same wifi in order to work. This was not stated on app prior to download.

Regretful purchase. Can’t cast from other apps. The main reason I purchased this app. Disappointed to say the least.

Not work casting ITunes movie. App does not work casting a movie from iTunes on my iPhone to my LG TV. I understand this may be Apple being Apple but I didn’t need the App and I would like a refund.

Good but could be better. The app is great for streaming you tube video or movies I find on various internet sites. However could do with improvements: -1- To pause video there are no controls on full screen mode. Therefore if you have as an example have to answer a phone call while watching, you have to exit full screen mode, then click pause. Should have controls appear in full screen mode when mouse is clicked and then push pause (in my opinion) and a simple push play to resume - at the moment when stopping the video you have to exit full screen first then push pause. Then to restart the video you push play then enter full screen mode. (Ho hum) -2- For forwarding or reversing video, does it in about 5 minute “chunks” - there should be configuration to set the amount. You can use the phone app to go forward or backward but it is not good for say 30 seconds due to screen size of cell phone. -3- Would be great if the app was able to mirror the iPhone as well Apart from that I am pretty pleased. It has excellent control over pop up ads which plague you when trying to use computer to view them, but are no issue at all in this TV app. There is no lag because you are not really streaming from the phone to the TV What you are really doing is finding the content on your phone, then sending the TV the web address to view it. The TV browser does a good job of rendering the video/movie

Rubbish. Installed both this and the mirror app. Absolute rubbish, constantly buffering and can’t see the show at all. Waste of money, beware!

Won’t load video. I have tried to cast a video but it just keeps buffering. I have tried to contact tech for some help but no response. I will be asking for a refund

False advertisement. All i wanted to do was cast from my iphone to the tv, i would have been better off paying an extra $40 for a google chrome cast. I would love a refund thanks.

Do not buy this app.. This app is a complete rip off! The pro version does not even include the most basic function you would expect from a tv casting app i.e screen mirroring! No they want to charge extra for that…. Scam! I will be looking for a refund..

TV CAST LG app on phone and TV plus wifi. The best ever TV CAST LG pro version no ads clear on screen HD videos straight from your phone to TV via app And wifi. Gets even better as time goes on tv remote controls the app on phone and TV. I’d recommend it to everyone who has a LG smart TV can’t go wrong

Don’t buy. Doesn’t work. Impossible to contact and get refund for

Terrible app. Never rated an app before but this one deserves one star simply because it doesn’t work

No thanks. What garbage can’t believe I paid for this rubbish almost impossible to navigate just gave up and and bought another google chrome what a rip off🤬

No Sound. It’s easy to set up and cast but there is no sound when video is playing and no easy way to set up sound

Does the job. But the tv app could be a bit more professional.

Love it. The best app. I use it because my tv is bigger to view than my iPad, and my eyesight is not the best. Makes viewing so much more comfortable. Thankyou!

Wanted to cast my app movies. Seem with this app I can only cast their prescribed content and this is not what I wanted. I have the Good Tv app that I want to cast to my tv.

Terrible. Don’t waste ur money it does not work and after u pay it tells u to download another app to mirror ur phone

Useless. Terrible, I can’t believe LG doesn’t allow for free screen mirroring. You have to pay for this app to use a web browser and more if you want to do screen mirror and you can’t access streaming sites. Absolute money grab

Superb Application. Very happy with my purchase. This app superbly does what it is expected to do. I am experiencing flawless casting to my Tv with the help of this application.

Waste of money. I paid for this app and it won’t cast. I was taken to another screen to buy another app to screen mirror. I thought buying is app would cast to my TV. I want a refund. Absolute rip off

It's an ok app. You have to use the browser in the app to search for the video you want to watch. You can't pick any app on your phone and stream it to your tv. It's quite limited.

Absolutely rubbish. Downloaded this app to then be asked to download another app put my total of nearly $15 for it all not to work, tried to use their Facebook support didn’t work. Don’t use save yourself the trouble!

Myles. I don’t even see the point in the app, it was not useful to me at all to Chrome-cast anything to tv, it kept disconnecting. Wish I could get a refund

Don’t buy APP- it didn’t work. App didn’t link to the TV to be able to load casting. Very disappointed for the price.

It will only frustrate you. 3 years in and still have never been able to get any of these apps to work. One odd-on charge after the next and I’m finally deleting the entire batch and the extortion icons that have become my folder of shame.

Rubbish. Another rubbish casting app. Shouldn’t have to pay for this pathetic excuse for Technology. Save your money and don’t waste your time!

Don’t do it can’t play anything unless you buy another app. Total total rip-off don’t do it useless

Waste of money. You can only cast to your tv via this app on your IOS device from an internal webpage. You cannot use apps on your device like Stan, Netflix etc to cast from.

Pathetic and a scam. After purchasing I still couldn’t get the thing to cast the video I wanted to share. In the end I went old school and connected my computer to the TV. What a waste of my money.

Waste of money. There are free apps that allows you to do the same thing, neither of the streaming apps can be mirrored.

Ancient app don’t buy. Terrible. It’s so slow. Not user friendly. This app was made before technology was even a thing.

Terrible app. Absolutely terrible to set up, extra payment required for screen mirroring and when you go to mirror a different app if just freezes up and doesn’t work at all.

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Garbage. Hey cool. Tbanks for making me pay 10$ for something that i can do free through youtube. What an absolute joke.

I don’t know how useful this is….. I was under the impression I could cast anything on my phone to the screen (app content, etc). However seems not to be the case

Very frustrating. I paid 10$ for this app in order to cast from my other devices onto my tv. But now it’s saying I need to pay another 5$ for ANOTHER APP. This seems like a waste of money. And time.

Crap app. This is the crappiest app in the existence of man.

Would like a refund. Waste of time and money

Doesn’t connect!!. Don’t waste your money.

Garbage. Don’t waste your money!

Sucks. My other tvs work off airplay this just keeps wanting money from me

I want my money back. I wanted to share my ipad screen on my TV - turns out you need an add on to do that on top of this app… Not impressed - I would like a refund!

Doesn’t work.. Does not work and is a waste of money

Garbage app.. Completely Useless.

useless. useless

Doesn’t work. It’s doesn’t show the IP address

Scam scam scam. Took my money. Doesn’t work. Tutorials are a joke. Stay away from this scam

Very unpleased with this Pointless cash grab. Downloaded this to stream from my tv- like it suggested it did- turns out on top of the 9.99 to download this app you have to purchase a second app specific for streaming for an additional 5.99. Not very transparent about the lack of access.

Worst. Worst

Not impressed. This seems like it like old technology and be prepared to do a few steps on a iOS device to play a video in lieu of pressing a button like AirPlay. You have to load the content on the app which is annoying and some videos do not have audio. So far, 50% of the time the audio works. I would like my money back as I am really disappointed and won’t be wasting anymore time with it.

Bad App. This does not work. Videos continually buffer. I would like a refund

Brutal. Doesn’t work for apps. Terrible app

Garbage app dog water. This is the worst app it cannot even process a simple demon slayer video don’t buy it waste of money it’s hideously garbage 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

This app sucks. I would like a refund this app does not even work.

Not working. This app is really bad I asked for a refund!!!

Waste of money. This is a cash grab don’t do it. Never worked at all - cannot cast any Netflix/Prime/ stream service apps from my phone to tv

Waste of money. Terrible. Can’t cast anything via this garbage browser

Marche pas criss de conchonnerie. Marche pas crise de cochonneries

This app doesn’t work. I just wasted 10 bucks on the app that does not work. Do not recommend!

Great App. I am using it with my TV and I am super happy with it!

Does not work. Absolutely frustrating. Cannot configure the tv app to work with this app. I would love my $10 back!

Garbage app. It’s just waste of money and useless app

Useless. I can’t do anything with this app, the only thing it does is ask me for more money…

Dosent work. I want a refund !

can be full screen on tv. the tv can not be able to full screen playing cast content

Total waste of money. I wish I could get a refund...

Not connecting. This is a garbage app, I would like a refund.

Absolutely terrible. Doesn’t work waste of 10 dollars

Ew!!!. PLEASE DO NOT PURCHASE!!!! DONT DO IIIITTTT The whole app is garbage!!!! I want my money back!!!!!!

Completely usefull. I paid 10$ for something I can’t use because the quality is cheap

Not a good app I want a refund. This is not good I want a refund I can’t do anything with this app. It simply doesn’t work well.

Don’t download. Stole my money and does not work. Do not buy this.

App does not work at all. I got the link for this from my LG TV, but upon installing and entering the IP address as instructed, the app still fails to connect with the TV on the same WiFi network. Requesting refund.

Poor casting. It’s rubbish. Don’t waste your money!

100% worthless. This app is useless, please refund me

Terrible app. Not intuitive. Connects, then disconnect repeatedly. If I could give it fewer stars, I would!

Waste…. Doesn’t do anything that I need

Total garbage. Don’t download this app or any app from this developper. It’s garbage

Garbage app doesn’t work as stated. My Lg tv showed this link and said it would cast to my tv, I paid 9.99 for nothing as it doesn’t work. I clicked feature I want to use and it loads another app for more money, waste of my time and money

Garbage. Been trying for an hour to get it connect and just won’t. Would love a refund and get rid of this app off my phone . Garbage .

Not effective and not user friendly. We found another app to use that was easier and more user friendly. The problem is you can’t use this app without paying for it. So I paid to find out it was crap.

Garbage app. Purchased the bundle through multiple transactions (from PRO to ULTIMATE to adding on the MIRROR function). Does not work and when I did get it to open, the video was horrible. Horrible app. Do not waste money in on this one. Feels like a scam.

Waste of money. You can’t stream your own apps like Disney, HBO, crane and etc. Use your 10 dollars to buy a Chrome cast. I repeat don’t waste your money!

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Don’t waste your time. The app doesn’t work. I tried to get it to work for hours and it would not work without pausing and disconnecting. It will play their sample videos like a champ but not anything you would want to watch.

Too complicated. Definitely not user friendly. Try as I might, I can’t make it work. And I’ve purchased two apps. Do not recommend.

It does nothing. So you pay for the app to get a mirror image of you phone. Then in order to set up a mirror image from your phone. They want another $4 Save your money. Look for another app. This one does nothing

Do not waste your money!. Bought the app, tried to watch all it says is buffer and doesn’t connect, wasted 2 hours trying to program and nothing.

Don’t buy it. It doesn't work, and once purchased it offers you to buy more app and they never give you the expected service.

Scam beware. My LG (Oler) tv popped up this app to screen mirror and wasn’t paying attention, thinking it was free as an iPhone can already do this, and got charged 7 dollars. On top of that they want you to pay another 3 dollars to do mirroring. Nothing you can’t already do!

It doesn’t work SCAM. I’m trying to cast from my iPhone to my LG Tv and when I leave the casting app it disconnects won’t let me play “cast” anything. Even paid for the mirror app. No help or response from them. 24/7 help NOT!!

Doesn’t work As described don’t pay for it. Doesn’t work as described paid $10 for something that is normally free and the reason I paid for it won’t let me cast Apple TV plus videos

Couldn’t get it to work. After spending $10 for this app and 3 for the screen mirroring and going through too many steps I still couldn’t get them to work.

Useless. Won’t stream from my Netflix app on my iPhone, which is why I purchased it..🤨😒 I don’t have cable but have a smart tv, however, the Netflix app on the TV is not user thought this would help..useless

Can’t connect. This app does not do what it says been working on it for 2 hours and still can’t connect tv to my phone. Louc9870

Works like a charm!. Works like a charm with my iPhone 7 and my 2020 LGUHD TV. Get this happy won’t regret it… It’s great!

Still seeing ads. Fix it please

Horrible app!!!!!!. Do not ever buy any of these! Zero support, does it work! You have to buy the tv cast and it then makes you but the mirroring app as well. It’s downloaded like 10 different apps, and none working, no screen mirror! LG THE WORST!

Not what you think it is!. Acts like you can cast what you are streaming on your phone but that is not the case! Can only cast your own videos, photos, or music!

Not working. I have great internet connection and it keeps stopping and takes for ever to start again for a few seconds then stops again

Waste of money misleading. Waste of money $9.99 for 7 apps not easy to use and want additional money to purchase mirror - I want my money back the lg tv streams without it using apple and cast from iPhone and tablet just fine

Bought by mistake. My tv asked for this app. 10 minutes using it, what a horrible app. Don’t buy for any reason. Won’t refund.

Scam. Id doesnt let you stream your screen it asks you to download another paid app (after paying for this) just to stream your screen

A Scam. This app does not work. You have to buy another app to mirror your screen and that app does not work either. It would be a waste of your money. So are all of the TVs that require these apps. It is not a smart TV because there is no way to cast to it.

Not intuitive and disappointed. I guess I expect things to be a little more plug and play this one is not user-friendly the app seems outdated I’m just not happy with the overall performance… Wasted my money

Movie keypad freezing up. Keeps freezing up and video starts over and can't fast forward

Don’t buy this. This does nothing literally do not waste your money it only casts videos from your camera roll it doesn’t do anything else don’t waste your money on any of their apps like I just did

Lg magic remote has no enter button..... Wish I could put a pic of the remote which has no enter button for the app with no enter selection to confirm the iPhone address... thanks a lot for taking more money.

Do not buy. This doesn’t work on multiple apps. Try to load a video from phone and the phone defaults to the app. Complete waste of money.

This app is a joke. Won’t allow you to stream from other app. MUST use THEIR web browser to HOPEFULLY find what you were looking for. Terrible waste of time and money. Immediately deleted.

Not for actual casting.. You can only cast via app and the options are cast through a web browser or your personal photos

False advertising. It told me I would do a one time purchase for the ultimate bundle and then downloaded and app for each different device to connect to then required a charge for screen mirroring on each one.

Read the reviews. I wish I read the reviews first. It’s not a true screen mirroring app. I mean if you keep buying probably but I’m not going to spend more money on a maybe when I can’t even mirror after I configured it.

Impossible to use. I usually find apps like this pretty intuitive to use. Not this one. When it doesn’t work as expected they keep trying to upswell me on new apps. Kinda like phone sex in the old days.

Worst app ever. Waste of money. This would not work with my lg tv to allow me to stream an app from my phone to the tv and would only show on the tv if I was in the app not aloeing any streaming service to link

Can’t Screen Cast. If you want to screen cast your phone to your tv, you have to then buy another add on within the app. Not worth it at all.

App absolutely does not work. I want my money back. This app doesn't work at all. Don't know how to get a refund but I'll keep finding ways to post bad reviews until somebody contacts me.

The app literally doesn’t work. This is a rip off - app does not work. Multiple add ons - paid $6 then $3 and still can’t mirror my screen. Save your money.

Doesn’t Function Properly. Spend money on this thing and doesn’t even work properly. Why are there so many apps that download as well? Should offer a trial for things like these, I’m disappointed.

Bad. This app doesn’t work at all, I just wasted money for an app that doesn’t even work! Cast doesn’t work at all won’t even pop up to the IP screen to even allow to me put it in AND the whole tutorial is gone. Waste of money

Pro ruined it. I was able to use the app with the free version. Ever since I bought the pro version it doesn’t work at all. So frustrating

Doesn’t Work. I’m not new to casting or screen sharing. I have an older LG TV that directed me to buy this app. Big mistake. Couldn’t get anything to cast, screen mirror almost worked a few times but eventually I just gave up. DO NOT BUY. You have been warned.

App is trash. App does not work to stream anything and then to top it off you get charged for everything else you need. 7 dollars down the drain rip off.

Doesn’t work, Rip-off. Charged & Non Refundable. Doesn’t Work - what a rip off. Downloaded the App, charged $6.99, tried to connect to the LG TV and notified needed to purchase yet another app. Zero disclosure of prices in App Store.

Doesn’t work. This doesn’t work at all from my iPhone 12 Pto plus to a 2 yr old LG smart tv. I really feel cheated that I paid to find that out. Don’t buy!!!

not clear!. honestly it's hard to navigate and it was not clear on how casting would work which is basically not able to work with any of the apps such as HBO and such.

Don’t waste ur money. This app doesn’t allow you cast “any content” from your phone.. only specific content and usually from other content providers that have a monthly fee..

Don’t buy. Waste of time. Buy a smart tv that actually comes with screen cast for free. $6.99 plus $3.99 for screen mirroring is ridiculous, especially because it doesn’t even work. It only shows a black screen.

Wonky app. Not very well designed. I’m used to Apple products that are easy to use, so using this app was a disappointment. Sharing one video at a time, has to load, takes forever. Waste of money for this app.

Doesn’t work. I have tried and tried - ok I’m not the most knowledgeable about electronics but seriously, you need Jesus or a doctorate to use this app - I even paid $6.99 for the fire app and then $9.99 for the “bundle” still not working!!

Waste of money. Terrible app. It cast to the tv but when you play the video, what’s playing from you phone don’t match up to what’s being played on the tv.

Limited. We wanted to cats paramount + from my iPad but you can’t streaming anything that is not already on your device or uploaded to this app. Waste of money.

Synced Bookmarks Across Multiple Devices. One of my most frequently used apps. Love it! But I would really like to see Synced Bookmarks Across Multiple Devices.

This did not work at all. DO NOT PURCHASE.. This is not worth $7. DO NOT PURCHASE. Does not work from my phone. Does not work from my MacBook. Does not work from my PC. Did not work. DO NOT PURCHASE. They pushed me to Apple to request refund. Apple requires 24 hours to let the pending purchase to complete before you can request a refund. Most apps offer refund within 24 hours of purchase. This App pushed me to Apple. DO NOT PURCHASE. Go buy yourself a small coffee from Starbucks; it’ll be $7 better spent.

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Video & TV Cast + LG Smart TV Tips, Tricks, Cheats and Rules

What do you think of Video & TV Cast + LG Smart TV app? Can you share your complaints, experiences or thoughts about the application with Kraus Und Karnath GbR 2Kit Consulting and people?

video & tv cast + lg smart tv iphone images 1
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video & tv cast + lg smart tv iphone images 3
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Video & TV Cast + LG Smart TV 3.4 Apps Screenshots & Images

Video & TV Cast + LG Smart TV iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Language English
Price $6.99
Adult Rating 17+ years and older
Current Version 3.4
Play Store de.2kit.cast-browser-lg-pro
Compatibility iOS 9.0 or later

Video & TV Cast + LG Smart TV (Versiyon 3.4) Install & Download

The applications Video & TV Cast + LG Smart TV was published in the category Photo & Video on 2016-06-23 and was developed by Kraus Und Karnath GbR 2Kit Consulting [Developer ID: 477998014]. This program file size is 32.95 MB. This app has been rated by 2,836 users and has a rating of 3.1 out of 5. Video & TV Cast + LG Smart TV - Photo & Video app posted on 2023-02-24 current version is 3.4 and works well on IOS 9.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: de.2kit.cast-browser-lg-pro. Languages supported by the app:

EN Download & Install Now!
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Video & TV Cast + LG Smart TV App Customer Service, Editor Notes:

- Bug fixes

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