Plague Inc: Scenario Creator

Enter the lab and develop your own custom scenarios for Plague Inc. with this powerful yet easy to use tool. Create new plague types, worlds, events and more and then share them with friends and over 85 million other players!

▶ IMPORTANT - This app is a tool to create custom scenarios for Plague Inc. It is not a game! You need the original Plague Inc. game installed in order to play scenarios. To get the original game - go here:

The Plague Inc: Scenario Creator is a powerful yet easy to use content creation tool which lets players bring their deadliest ideas to life as they develop/mod their own custom scenarios for Plague Inc. and then share them with the world

◈◈◈ Push your creativity and imagination to the limit ◈◈◈
Want to make a cat pandemic, an infectious political meme or an alien parasite that makes people’s heads explode? How about a government that evacuates the population of Madagascar to the moon, a youtube star that turns people into zombies or a travel company that operates hundreds of flights to Greenland every day. Maybe you want to just want to accurately model how a real life disease might spread...

With the Plague Inc: Scenario Creator - you can do all this and lots more! Unleash your creativity and show the world your wonderful/twisted/weird/scary [delete as appropriate] creations.

◈◈◈ Access powerful developer labs ◈◈◈
The creator contains five labs, each with a specific focus. Choose which of them you want to use for any given scenario:

● Core lab: Edit core scenario information, write background narratives, set win conditions, edit translations and more
● Disease lab: Develop a bespoke plague with unique stats and fully customised symptoms, abilities and transmissions.
● World lab: Control country attributes, such as population, climate, health care budgets, and air routes.
● Government lab: Dictate actions taken by governments in response to your disease. Modify existing actions or create entirely new ones.
● Events lab (advanced users): Create game-changing events and narrative pop ups for your scenario using powerful scripting tools.

◈◈◈ Share your scenario to make it go viral ◈◈◈
Once you’ve made your scenario - choose who you want to infect with it:

● Share scenarios directly with friends by sending them an email (or link in Twitter/Facebook etc)
● Publish your best scenarios worldwide to over 85 million players with the press of a button then see statistics on how many people play your game and what they think about it. Make your virus go viral! :P


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▶ IMPORTANT - This app is a tool to create custom scenarios for Plague Inc. It is not a game! You need the original Plague Inc. game installed in order to play scenarios. To get the original game - go here:

Plague Inc: Scenario Creator App Description & Overview

The applications Plague Inc: Scenario Creator was published in the category Utilities on 2017-04-11 and was developed by Ndemic Creations. The file size is 169.22 MB. The current version is 1.0.4 and works well on 8.0 and high ios versions.

Hotfix 1.0.3 and 1.0.4:
A minor hot fix to address issues that squashes a few bugs (not the good kind!) that some people reported. Thanks for letting me know!
- Tech overlays now import automatically
- Minor performance improvements and enhancements

Get in touch to let me know what you want to see in future updates :)

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Plague Inc: Scenario Creator Reviews


PrimeAuthority Approved Review 16/06/17  PrimeAmbitions  1 star

I personally was awaiting this app for quite awhile, I've always wanted to craft my own plague in the game for others, and myself, to use. And despite it only recently having been released, it has some problems that NEED to be addressed and fixed before it will be a solid app. As of right now, I am unable to save any progress I have made in creating a disease. This is a BIG issue. An error will pop up every time, one that seems fit for a computer, since the text is so compact I can barely read it, and the words don't even fit in the box they are suppose to be presented in. I am unaware if this is just happening with me, or if others are experiencing this to. But as of right now, 16JUN17, this bug makes the app completely worthless. As long as this issue continues, it's price might as well be a charge for the name rather than the app. Not being able to save your creations breaks the entire idea of this app, and I can only hope this issue gets around enough for a patch/update to be released. Another issue I have with it is the event creature, it will allow you to create an event, but once you get into editing it, it will not allow you to edit conditions or outcomes. It only allows for creating them. When selecting the new outcome or condition, it would not allow for me to click the edit button to change it. I love the idea of this app, it's nearly everything I could I wanted in this type of app (despite wishing it had more in-depth editing, especially with disease active abilities). However, I'm going to have to give it a single star rating until these app breaking bugs are fixed.


Great Game  DracotheGreat35  5 star

Fave game luv it


Fantastic  IzzyChumi  5 star

Still fantastic


Good, but still needs work.  Nonomo4  4 star

The scenario creator gives a lot of freedom when it comes to creating your own scenario. Once all the bugs are fixed, it will be worthy of a 5 star rating.


I wish I could play others' scenarios  Gamerguy8383  4 star

The app is great, but you would expect to be able to play other players' scenarios if you had already bought the Scenario Creator. I'm annoyed that I have to buy the scenarios pack in the original game, when I should have unlocked custom scenarios from the moment I purchased this app.


Awesomeness  gaterzrule  5 star

They sent me a e-mail saying thanks and I said no thank you for making a amazing game

Andrew'sFT Vlogs & Gaming

Very Good, But Just A Little Room For Improvement😄  Andrew'sFT Vlogs & Gaming  5 star

Overall, this app is great! It's looooong overdue, but I absolutely LOVE it!!! There's a wide variety of options you can use to change up your scenario and disease, each more diverse than the last! However, there is just a little bit of room for improvement. The Events Lab is quite confusing, and I can't figure out how to configure the custom events, but that's probably because I've only made one scenario so far. I highly recommend this app to anyone looking for a fun game designing app! 😄😄😄

Ekroth 66

Good but needs a quick update  Ekroth 66  3 star

Every time I exit the game and come back, the game resets.

Dg 93

It would be awesome  Dg 93  3 star

So I created a plague and then pressed save and exit. It didn't save a dang thing....


Pretty good, but  👾thevideogamegur98701  4 star

Amazing app for plague inc, but dose it really have to cost money, y tho


Amazing!  Gagshxicoekhsidis  5 star

I love how you can edit everything you can possibly imagine! I am right now creating the base for a new scenario and it is going so well! It is incredibly easy to make hard, easy, or just realistic plagues to kill the world. I love the way everything is set up, and you can add air ports to Greenland😜 thanks endemic creations perfect app!


Great game  Acktucus  5 star

This game is great. The only problem I have with it is that sometimes when I save what I've done in the scenario data it's unsaved the next time I get on.

Skelton Air Conditioner

How do you use this  Skelton Air Conditioner  1 star

How do you even download the scenario??? This is bs. It doesn't even tell you how to use this.


always crashes  TheAppComplainer  1 star

This creator is always crashing. Do not recommend this at all. You can not make anything, because the game always crashes, leaving you with no time to create.

ProPlauge player

Awesome  ProPlauge player  5 star

This is an amazing game. I wanted to be able to create plagues on mobile, now I can


Great!  trumpsevil546  5 star

I haven't done much in the creator but already I can play any plaque for free using a feature, even special plaques! I have saved about 15$ and I get the scenario creator! Thanks, ndemic!

Little C4298

Great!  Little C4298  4 star

It's great! Everything I imagined it'd be it is. I've never used Plague Evolved so I'm just excited I could build a Plague and share it. If you don't like the app maybe it's just not for you, because it goes super in depth.


Amazing  Dicks🚟  5 star

The creator is very easy and very fun to use. I have been waiting a long time for this creator and it exceeded my expectations.

Eraser Maniac.

Awesome... but one slight problem  Eraser Maniac.  5 star

I was so hyped for when I heard this came out that I immediately bought it. It works great but the problem is that when I add an airport it says it has been added but when I play it's not there?


Pretty ok  37747638384747  3 star

Very good; all festured from the PC version are here, but when i added airports to for example greenland, it did not show up. Also, it seems that newly created scenarios disable active abilities?? Please fix this. Besides all tje bugs, very good!

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