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Who’s in your Justice League? Join your favorite DC Super Heroes & Villains in the best fighting game on mobile. Assemble a team of heroes like Batman, Flash & Wonder Woman to combat the forces against you. Master new combos and crush opponents in dynamic 3-on-3 battles. Upgrade your Super Heroes with special powers as you fight your way through the game. Become a champion by collecting gear for your characters and dominating your foes in PvP contests. Every battle will define you—join the fight and become the ultimate DC champion!


-Unleash epic combos on your opponents using Superman’s heat vision, The Flash’s lightning kick, Harley Quinn’s cupcake bomb and much more
-Take your battles to the next level—inflict massive damage using your favorite DC characters’ super moves
-Earn rewards from each fight to customize your Super Heroes with powerful gear, and collect special characters like Armored Superman, Arkham Knight Batman and much more


-Injustice 2 continues the story set in motion in by the hit game Injustice: Gods Among Us
-Immerse yourself in cinematics straight from the console—with the Justice League shattered it is up to you to pick-up the story and unite a team
-Experience the best graphics on mobile—play with Superman, The Flash and many more in high definition combat
-Become the champion the world needs—enter a contest of Super Heroes where only the powerful win


-Join the contest—enjoy daily challenges and rise up the leaderboard with every victory
-Enter the PvP arena and fight players around the world to become a champion
-Unite the likes of Flash, Supergirl, Batman and more to fight in epic PvP combat

Join now today and unite YOUR Justice League!

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Injustice 2 App Description & Overview

The applications Injustice 2 was published in the category Games on 2017-05-09 and was developed by Warner Bros.. The file size is 1.33 GB. The current version is 1.8 and works well on 10.0 and high ios versions.

To celebrate the launch of the Justice League movie, Injustice 2 mobile introduces Justice League Batman, Justice League Aquaman, and Justice League Cyborg! With Mythic Wonder Woman by their side, this league is truly unstoppable! During special Arena seasons, Justice League Cyborg invades your Arena battles and takes over a slot of your opponent’s team. Win the Arena battle and you’ll receive Justice League Cyborg shards in addition to your normal rewards!
• Justice League Aquaman and Justice League Batman are available through Arena Event rewards and we’ve included a special Justice League Chest to help you earn character shards!
• For those of you who can’t wait, we have a special offer in the store which includes all three Justice League characters plus Mythic Wonder Woman! 

Battle your way to the top with our favorite evil-fighting demon, Hellboy! Cause some serious damage to your opponents with Hellboy’s Right Hand of Doom. Available as challenge mode rewards and a Premium Chest.

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Injustice 2 Reviews

Big Spence05

Doesn’t work with iPhone X  Big Spence05  3 star

Can y’all fix the game to be compatible with the iPhone X


Just Terrible  rushfan2007  1 star

I don't even know where to begin. The game feels clunky and slow. This is geared to people that are willing to spend money to get characters stronger. The ability to get new characters during the events are ridiculous. They took what worked on the original injustice and mortal Kombat and made it worse. Done with it....deleted off my iPad.


No iPhone X support  christopher.ortega88  1 star

Not happy that I’ve spent money in this game and they have since released an update with no iPhone X support. It looks terrible with out it and hinders game play. I responded to them via feedback and got an email over a week ago and that they would email me back in 24-48 hrs. Never did. Plus new update hinders battle threat scores so you don’t know the true threat of the area opponents, and they nerfed some characters that you have spend time and money on. Used to have high hopes for this game, but not anymore.


Advancement stops too soon  Ltsolly67!  4 star

Love the game. But my motivation has waned since I have reached level 60 and can advance no further.


Great Game  23_savage  5 star

Love this game!!🤙


A whole lot of wasted time  jmgdod  1 star

Spend weeks building up a character, just to play the computer and have your character stand there unresponsive. Won’t block on command, won’t attack on command, etc...frustrating a** game. Spend your time elsewhere...the original justice league was better.


What happened?  Charli_G  3 star

3 weeks ago I enjoyed the crap out of this game. Then the update came and everything got harder. Not to mention I can’t beat Robin in story mode. It doesn’t matter that the Justice League characters were added. What’s the purpose of a combat game that was once awesome if you made the opponents even harder to beat. I originally downloaded the game in hopes of an online multiplayer combat mode but then got swept up in the fun of the game. Granted, the updates that were made to make the player come out of pocket to buy upgrades for their characters. Unfortunately this GIRL won’t be doing that. 3 weeks is not enough time to thoroughly enjoy this game before forcing me to spend money. After today’s wretched game play, I’ll just save the space on my phone, since I’m no longer interested in playing. Peace, GAMER GIRL


Cool  Al2k14  5 star

Awesome update


Injustice 2  Giako27  5 star

I can't enter the game with my Game Center,what's problem???


Unless you’re spending lots of money...  findamir  1 star

This game is boring. Too long to get somewhere, unless you spend exorbitant amount of money. No thanks.


Shattering gear  Henza03  3 star

It becomes a ridiculously long process to shatter gear and then to upgrade other gear, you have to shatter each gear individually, there should be an option to just equip the highest level gear, and shatter all unequipped gear.... seems pretty simple obviously upgrading gear should be a manual process


Email bug still not fixed  _(tefu)_  1 star

Always froze when you claim something in the mail box,please fix it And please update to support iPhone X screen


Great game  Mreyneke01  5 star

It’s a really fun game to play, awesome graphics with good campaign and story mode. Very challenging challenges that’s allows you to unlock iconic characters. Arena mode is awesome with great prices to unlock if you play hard enough, prices include characters like Dark Supergirl, Multiverse The Flash and Multiverse Green Arrow and soon to come Multiverse Supergirl. Just added the Justice League team which is awesome, but are still hoping they add Justice League Superman and Justice League the Flash. I know a movie version of superman is already added which is BvS superman, but this superman is really under threat level compared to Justice League characters. Where Justice League Batman is at threat 2332 but BvS superman is only at threat 1918. A justice league superman should be added with a threat the same as or higher than justice League Batman, the same goes for justice league the flash. Also the new way to unlock justice League cyborg is great, really creative and fun. Other than that it’s a great and fun game to play :).

Holz Jay

Can’t unlock cyborg skin  Holz Jay  1 star

Won’t connect to my ps4 👎


Injustice  dogbite2003  5 star

I love your game and I love how you made more people into the game👍😄😃😉😍


Unable to log in  Winston_C  1 star

Keep getting error 570. Unable to log in to play. What a waste of time downloading this garbage.


Has been fun, but now won’t open  D'sMay  3 star

Have been playing for a while - gets repetitive, and seem to waste a lot of gems for little of the possible rewards on offer. Keeps telling me there is an update required to play, but when it takes me to App Store, there is not update and it tells me to open - circular cycle of annoyance! Fix or I will stop playing...


Glitch  KSKSKSKSKM  1 star

Bought the new justice league pack and it said couldn't open so I tried to do it again but realised I didn't have enough shards because the pack glitched and took the 250 shards and I didn't get any chards for any justice league character.

DeiDei GiaBoi

Descent justice  DeiDei GiaBoi  5 star

I like the idea with the gears n random pick also the story is ok. Ps plz fix the update I can’t update

Chris Shanaz

Great Game  Chris Shanaz  5 star

This is a great game that has a bunch of action and lets us fight with our favourite dc heroes


Money grab  Mumakata  1 star

This game gets you eat tedious after a few days if you spend a lot of money. Deleted after the latest update due to more characters being introduced that you can only obtain and level up with real money. No thanks.


Fun to play but...  lilauqa  5 star

I played this game for a while BUT ITS HARD TO GET HEROS first you need shards ,you can get shard from a chest but is OVER 9,000 GEMS!


It’s butt  Kinghooper$#3100%  1 star

It won’t let me start it keeps saying network error


Can’t play  Trickz215  1 star

After the new update of injustice 2 I can’t play or even download it in general


Unreliable  Jackattackkkkkkkkk  1 star

They deleted all my progress and no it is making me start over. The game takes way to long get better to even try to start over. They aren’t doing well with the app


Zero Skill  JRTodd1  1 star

Talk about zero skill. Smash buttons and hope your energy bar fills faster lol. Pay to win big time!!! Completely broken arena system that makes you think you’re fighting someone with a ton less power, when they probably have almost double. Looks cool but needs a ton of changes to even be close to good.

Thimas M.

Complaint  Thimas M.  5 star

It’s not letting me do the update


Not fun anymore  Seanshadow-  1 star

Playing constant matches in arena isn’t fun... level 50 here and the new characters just aren’t enough for me to invest more time in this grind fest. Give us something like contest with champions has with a real story mode, clans, and fun competitive!


Good but I have an idea  for_the_corpse9  4 star

Please like in injustice 1 can you add a pack that Guarantees a gold card! And make it easier get gems! Sometimes I think this game is only about tricking people to buying in app purchases, oh yeah that’s right, it is!


Very Important Read Immediately  Aintmybaby69  1 star

I have already done a review about this and I thought with the update from yesterday this issue would have been fix. So the problem is now when I do a battle, there are so many rewards available to get but I only get the coins and one of the character shards. I don't get anything else except for the money literally and the peoples shard whatever. So yesterday after the update I check to see if it was still a problem l, it was fix for a while because I got gears and all of those other options. Afterwards after I tried again it went back to the same thing giving me coins and people shards and nothing else. It's absolutely a problem because I need the gears for the characters so I can play with it and upgrade them. And that's the case for the challenges to. So I looks like you guys to take a look at that and fix it immediately because it's annoying and I'm losing in the process. Thank you

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