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MORTAL KOMBAT MOBILE brings its trademark Fatalities to mobile, with stunning graphics, and over the top moves! Assemble an elite team of Mortal Kombat warriors now and prove yourself in the greatest fighting tournament on Earth.

Assemble a team of Mortal Kombat 11 console characters in mobile! The MK11 team is extremely versatile, packed with unique abilities and powerful team synergies to inflict pain onto your enemies. The MK11 kollection includes MK11 Raiden, Scorpion, Jade, Sub-Zero, Kabal, and Skarlet, and they are just as deadly as their console counterparts! They even perform the same Fatal Blow!

Create your own team of Mortal Kombat fighters and lead them into battle to earn experience, new special attacks, and powerful artifacts. Team up warriors with unique synergies to get an advantage over your enemies such as Team Ronin, Team Nightmare, and Team Day of the Dead!

Collect over 130 Mortal Kombat characters including veterans like Scorpion, Johnny Cage, Sub-Zero, Cassie Cage, Ermac, and many others. Discover the newest additions to Mortal Kombat Mobile such as the bloodthirsty Vampiress Mileena, soccer champion Kombat Cup Sonya Blade, mysterious Klassic Reptile, and warrior princess Ronin Kitana.

Prove yourself and complete a series of matches to bring new Mortal Kombat warriors to your roster! A new challenge begins every week!

Compete with other players in Faction Wars, an online competitive mode where players engage other player teams. Rank up in your own Faction’s leaderboard to earn weekly prizes.

Unlock unique character customizations in Feats of Strength. Win battles to show off your mastery with limitless combinations of action packed Victory Stances, insulting Victory Taunts, and champion worthy War Banners. Unlocking Feats of Strength also boosts stats for characters!

Mortal Kombat Mobile brings its trademark Fatalities to mobile, with stunning graphics, and over the top moves that will punch you right in the guts.

Send characters on epic Quests to earn special rewards! Begin your journey in Outworld and make your way to NetherRealm!

* Mortal Kombat Mobile features high quality visuals. Performance is not optimized on devices with less than 1.0 GB RAM.
* 64-bit devices are required to download from the App Store.
* Mortal Kombat Mobile is an online only game.
* A minimum of 1.1 GB of free space is required on your device.
Content is generally suitable for ages 17 and up. Contains intense violence, blood, and gore.

Mortal Kombat App Description & Overview

The applications Mortal Kombat was published in the category Games on 2015-04-07 and was developed by Warner Bros.. This application file size is 1.12 GB. Mortal Kombat current version is 2.3.1 and works well on IOS 10.0 and high versions.

Blood mage and Imperial Bodyguard MK11 Skarlet joins the Mortal Kombat mobile roster as the first Skarlet in the game and enters as a Diamond card! Reborn by Shao Kahn’s sorcery with an insatiable bloodlust and the power to feed it, her crimson cravings are rivaled only by her desire for Shao Kahn’s praise. She is his deadliest, most faithful creation. When MK11 Skarlet defeats her victims, she makes it rain blood to gain damage boosts. And while the blood rain is active, MK11 teammates apply Bleed on Combo Enders and gain Vampirism against bleeding opponents. Her thirst for blood is endless. MK11 Skarlet will be available through new packs starting on October 22nd.  

Two Kabals are better than one! Black Dragon Kabal’s elite Diamond card status, speed, and criminal ways make him a major threat on the battlefield. When at low health, Black Dragon Kabal has a chance for an unblockable attack and with the help of his Black Dragon teammates, Kabal can attempt an unblockable Fatal Blow! In addition, Kabal’s elite training has made way for Black Dragon characters to perform “Sneak Attacks”, making their combo enders and Special Attack impossible to dodge. Add Black Dragon Kabal to your Kollection this Halloween through the limited-time Tower of Horror event!

Cutthroat Kano just got upgraded to Diamond tier and joined the Black Dragon team! If you already have Cutthroat Kano in your Kollection this upgrade is free! Cutthroat Kano inflicts lasting cripple or weaken on Combo Enders with his new passive, Dirty Fighting. And he gains 1 bar of power at the start of the match for each Black Dragon member on his team. New Packs containing Cutthroat Kano will be available soon!

Unlock Diamond Black Dragon Kabal this Halloween by completing the new, limited-time only Tower of Horror. Earn daily participation rewards like the new Tower of Horror Equipment and Gold character cards to help you along the way. The new Tower of Horror Equipment cards provide exciting new bonuses that unlock all-new levels of play and team building strategy. Cheat death when equipped with the new epic Living Dead armor, and reanimate with temporary invincibility and 100% unblockable basic attacks! And drain your opponent’s power on tag-in with the new epic Wailing Spirit. Tower of Horror Equipment is also available in the new Tower of Horror Equipment Pack. Let the horror games begin!

View the complete game roster (over 130 characters!) in the Kollection screen – not just the ones you own!

We’ve made several bug fixes and performance improvements.

This update contains minor bug fixes.

Thank you for playing Mortal Kombat…now FIGHT!

Mortal Kombat App Tips, Tricks and Rules

Mortal Kombat Comments & Reviews

Advertorial    5 star

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Tuandoan154   5 star

Add New Liu Kang. I think it will be nice if u add Liu kang fire god to Mortal Kombat.

MachoGem   5 star

MortalKombat. This game is so addicting when you get good cards so golds are better than diamond cards but some are better

eduardo-solis   4 star

It’s really good but. I wish I can like 1v1 my friend

duan935   5 star

Love this game but. I really do love this game but can you please try to make it easier to collect souls I’m pretty sure we all would like it

ttvbigchungus   5 star

Best game. It is the best game on smart phone it is my favorite game rite on my phone it is so fun

fazezachary   5 star

Awesome. Sooo fun

sevenfacedsin   3 star

Pretty decent time killer.... But I’m experiencing sound crackling and distortion in this game, and this game only. It doesn’t happen in other games, music, movies or ringtones.

villvic   1 star

This game is fun but a rip off. This game is a rip off even though fun to play

Herculesmorales   4 star

Angel. Honestly I would rate this game five stars but when I deleted mortal kombat on mobile and I got it I could get my storage back but now I can’t just because the update that happend now am so mad bc now I can’t have all the good characters I had.i had diamonds and golds and now I have nothing really am really furious that I can’t get that back and now I have to waste money to get it all back bc I really worked hard on the account and that just went to waste really!

HomiePenguinreal1   5 star

This app is awesome. I LOVE THIS APP! It is so fun. I am very addicted. I play at least 5 hours a day. Very fun. Please download. I especially love faction wars. It is a very fun way to play against other people. At the end of each season, you get a gold character. VERY USEFUL!

kanefire04   5 star

Jordan jones. I love the game but it’s just very sad that it’s not offline anymore and my iPhone 6 just crashes cause of the graphics in the game I wish y’all separate the mk11 butsides putting it in mk 10 THAT way I can go back to playing it offline the old fashioned way i mean didn’t yall made injustice 2 game by itself butsides putting it in injustice one??

kazutoandme   5 star

Old school. I want the old game

Matt Bartolini   5 star

BEST MOBILE GAME EVER. IM ADDICTED, THERES SO MUCH TO DO IN THIS GAME!!!!. there’s so much to do In this game. And the game just gets better and better every day from the updates

acmunrah   5 star

Mkx. Dope mobile game!

Sweetsallday111   1 star

Ugh. I’m trying to get on it and no this ain’t my first time playing this game usually it works but it’s not this time which is weird

8754335566   5 star

Mkx mobile. Very very good

Yellow Dogg   1 star

Straight garbage. Game keeps shutting down can’t complete challenges or get high on faction wars, three characters you don’t need in store never who you need to build the character you want are yhall listening to these complaints or you done got your money so it don’t matter done messed this game straight up I keep sending reviews like you all stole my game under Yellow Dogg money and characters had start over under this name nobody over there gives a hoot I can’t do nothing I don’t even see my reviews in the reviews yhall something like now my game be down three days

Alondrii💗.   5 star

ITS AWESOME. I love this app😭 Especially since it’s free on the App Store!! Mortal Kombat is great it gives the same experience as the PlayStation or Xbox would except that it doesn’t do fatality’s or have story mode or have towers but other then that it’s great🙃 Once u download it u may get some WACK characters but once u keep playing you’ll have the best characters out there🤪 Like i used to have “WEAK” bronze characters but now all the characters I have are in Gold!! I’m talking about Millena MK11 Jade and more😱 Download this app you will not regret it.

fortnites stupid af   1 star

Don’t play this bs game. It’s so stupid your opponent can block hits after hits when you can’t even block it cause the stupid as mechanics and sht gameplay I regret buying something in this stupid game nothing but bs and dumb mechanics making you lose, fix your dog sht game

jeisjsska   5 star

Amazing. This is a amazing game. Even tho I redownloaded it about like 5 times

Any3uem12   5 star

Best game. I which it got more skin

heath brashears   5 star

Y why. I’m call

Huuh kicking   5 star

Mortal Kombat. Wonderful game, I mean absolutely awesome ‼️ but please let us get rid of cards and or also make it easier to get better cards. Thank youu for taking your time to read this 🙌🏾 ~ KinggBolden🔱™️

Senior Sadra   5 star

Move to android. Hi I have a question. How can I move this game with all data to android phone? I changed my phone and I have to start the game from begining?!

Dreb0   3 star

Good but not great. Been playing for years. New update doesn’t allow you to buy the characters you want. I’ve beat the story mode so there’s no other challenge other than faction wars. No chance at getting diamond characters without buying them. Getting bored with a game with so much potential and I love MortalKombat.

Vertable Serd   1 star

Hate the new shop. The New Store stinks! Hate the game now. You used to be able to buy any Character you owns and upgrade at any time. If I’ve earn Or pay for a Character I should be able to choose which one I want to update, not have it dictated by a random generator. Better Change this back or I’m gone! There are so many other games that require and challenge you with moves other than tap, tap, tap. It so boring and time consuming. The only way to win consistently is to strap yourself to a Chair 24 hours a day! Enough people are addicted to games without the creators of this game adding other. People get a life!

MEATMAN420666   3 star

What happened. What happened I used to be able to play offline now it need internet to play I don’t know about you guys but that depresses me

Alexa K. Tutor   5 star

It’s pretty good. I really like how smooth the game is and how they are constant with the challenges and they keep adding levels to the story mode.

Berlanga1111   4 star

I have a compliant. Hey I actually rate this game a 4 now , am really disappointed that I saved 400 souls just to buy a dimond pack and at last I get a gold pack which wasn’t what I really wanted....

mdmkfk   5 star

Askejeje. Mnendjejejjejdjdaweddjfjfjfjsomejfjfjjffjgame

Advertorial    5 star

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(jake_95)   1 star


pablito226   5 star

Anomalie. Ça marche pas sur les iphone 7plus c’est du n’importe quoi

hi🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇   5 star

Amazing game but....... Mortal kombat is a really good game it is challenging and fun but maybe a bit less gore other then that the game is really fun.

munyaaaaaa   4 star

Nice. Cool

jts_scott   1 star

Lost. Lost all my progress after 2 year damn waste not starting over i want it back then i will rate 5 stars

193739294   3 star

I have bad things. I see ppl with 30 attack like!?

Daddy lilt princess   5 star

Mortal Kombat rules. It’s sooooooooo gooooooood

I wanna play 1234   4 star

Almost perfect!. I absolutely love this game since the beginning. The game really couldn’t be more perfect for your mobile device. The only issue is greed. Prices for content is far too expensive. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind supporting things I like but I’ve already spent more than I should of on it. I’d buy more if I didn't need a second job to be able to afford enjoying it fully. $30 at a time for the good stuff is okay. But not $60-$170. The prices is the only reason it gets a 4 star rating and not 5. 👍👍👍👍👎 Keep up the good work!! Just consider lowering the prices so everyone can enjoy all it has to offer.

mjsnxuscby   5 star

Trade. In the game you should add trading so we can help and you should make clans or duets so the game is a bit better then befor.

subhanullah123   5 star

How awesome the game is. So the game is Awesome because some characters you can fantalty with and it is so cool

dianadunak   5 star

Something you should add. You should add when you get to level 50 with your character then you can fusion it

Stretchc2   1 star

Wow. Game is a lot harder and boring now

MkFanSince94   4 star

Glitches. It’s October and since the last update in Halloween challenges have have had enemies. I would have beat take no damage and I have lost the challenges based on this alone. This is really frustrating considering I spent souls to fight and lost only base on a glitch. This has happened over and over I do a finishing move and it does no damage. This glitch has almost killed this great game for me. Over all good game but these glitches are not okay cause I could have earned rewards from the challenges.

Z-Ram 2809   5 star

Awesome!. This is a really good fun game and I have a recommendation. You could add sai weapons to the game. There could also be a new character for the sai. If you don’t like my recommendation you don’t have to add it in, that would be fine, but I do karate and I got sai weapons and I just think it would be really if I could see them in the game. Goodbye

i love motile kombat   5 star

Mortise combos. Hi I love motile Kombat because. It is fun to play it now

Fix this amazing game   2 star

Add plz. I wish when you could play off line and when there was a character shop and you could buy any character without opening packs and it’s way too hard to find diamonds now. MAKE KLASIC AND INFERNO SCORPION DIAMOND

GuyWhoAsksSliritsAboutSex   4 star

Pretty fun. This is pretty fun especially with the free koins and souls at the beginning. I get enough souls from faction wars and battle mode for recharging my energy. The only thing that could be better is to make it easier to get souls for the card packs

kyle smith 4456   5 star

Idea. New idea for a future update: maybe set up a system where players can trade characters cards or souls/koins

P.H.Anselmo   3 star

No control of fatalities. Do not download if you want to do fatalities. Fatalities can only be done by a select few pre determined characters, and only in story/battle mode. But this is a decent 3 v 3 game to pass time.

peaceliver167894   5 star

Amazing. I love this game so much can’t stop playing it

GamerTń   1 star

Bruh What. why did u make cut throat kano a diamond card he was literally in the store before when he was gold and ur basically giving people a diamond card and people who didnt buy him are probably salty af and regret not buying him because of his trash stats before, I REPEAT MYSELF, TURN HIM BACK TO GOLD.

fortnite112233   4 star

Game is really fun. I enjoy the game

solisnavidad   4 star

Game is good. The game is good it still crashes tho when I’m in faction wars and I would also love to see the predator and alien in the game many for halloween

Mcbowmaster   5 star

Mortal kombat is the best game ever. Yes

Bcbg369   5 star

Update 2.3 Is better than 2.0. A-

Aria12432   3 star

It's a good game but it could be improved.. I love this game but I would like to say that it would be nice to be able to play offline because sometimes I don't have internet and it’s a waste of data while offline.

mathieug33   1 star

Encore des bugs la ses les carte d’équipement. Les nouvelles carte et je vien de remarquer la carte de karo fonctionne pu comme avant

plz fix this......   4 star

The game is amazing but.... When I try to update the game it never loads

cutsy19   5 star

Trouble updating. Is anyone having trouble updating the game. It won’t let me update my game as of October 17 2019 since I can’t update the game now it won’t even let me play it.. please someone help me.😢

de destroyer12   5 star

Bro srslyn it’s good. I see other comments about crashing it’s your device not the game

Advertorial    5 star

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3D sniper lover   2 star

Great game but won't open. This is a great game and i have been playing it for years, however this time round today the game wouldn't open up it would be stuck on the loading screen. My interent speed is fine and i HAVE restarted my interenet etc but it is just not working so if you can help me somehow open it please do. ~ Castleman

paula178   1 star

Why take characters away. Pointless having completed previous challenges as you can not use souls to level up characters as they have been taken out of your personal store with the new update

adriamaxx   5 star

Really good game!. This game is really good you can bye mk characters and you can level up characters this is a really good game try it out Thank you mortal kombat

Sudip Viper   5 star

Crash. Now the bronze card for the upgrade are getting piled up. I have already maxed out my upgrade for the attacks and if there could be some options for selling of all those bronze and silver upgrade would have been better. Thanks

Jay o'neill   1 star

Make game Easy. Game is to hard

bennyboya123   5 star

Good game. Omg this game is the best every thing is perfect but I don’t like how they took away the character adding thing because it was easier to get more characters but besides that for me it’s the best game ever invented please bring back character adding to please please please please please please

qazwsx987123   3 star

Honesty. Great game, however nothing but a greedy extortion to rip players off. You have virtually NO chance to win when you try to get Diamond characters. A sad joke as the game creators laugh all the way to the bank. May they all get Cancer and Suffer in Hell!!!

sdfbghhjk   2 star

Didn’t work. I bought the scorpion pack 😡😡😡

Rakesh reedy   1 star

Not very fair in store.. All the packs in store have a info on what is inside. So there was a Halloween sale today on day of the dead pack. This pack contained 9% diamond day of the dead characters and 91% gold challenge characters. I had saved up 56,000 souls and decided to treat myself on this special offer. I spent all 56,000 souls on this Halloween pack and got to open 280 packs. Out of this 280 packs I only got 9 diamond characters (1 Erron black, 4 Kitana, 4 jade). According to this pack I had 9% chance of getting a diamond card which means I should have at least gotten 25 diamond cards but instead I got 9, how is this fair? Even all the gold characters I got a low attack on Health characters which kept repeating over and over again. I must have got at least 30 Flaming fists Lui Kang and 30 Unstoppable Jason Voorhees characters. At the end of the day I spent all my rainy day funds and didn’t even Max out a single diamond character. so well done MKX for having such a good offer and ripping people by not giving what they are supposed to get!!!

Fireyfluff   5 star

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS GAME BECAUSE. This game is getting better every update keep it up!

azackus   2 star

Support 32bit devices again. When this new update came out my game told me 32bit devices no longer support mortal combat x and I had a lot of gold characters that took a long time to get and when I tried to get it back my account crashed all the phones I tried please make an update that 32 bit devices can support please and it was a great game until then

Flin pig   1 star

Make it better. Mk11 jade is still to powerful and I’m not seeing updates

Scary Time   5 star

Fantastic & immersive. Incredibly addictive and exciting the best mobile game out, immersive with graphics and level of detail is top notch all things considered overall fantastic game.

DMRoche9:   2 star

WHY DO U NEED INTERNET!!. I LIKE THE GAME BUT IT Required INTERNET. In the old version it didn’t even need wifi.I GAVE THIS GAME TWO STARS, I will give it 5 if you don’t need wifi to play. please change this.

bcv. bggv   5 star

The best. Modest game out

Dino manYT   4 star

Good but..... I love this game it is amazing but I can not install the latest update as it says it’s waiting even tho I have no other apps updating or installing plz help

musawer12   1 star

It’s the worst I can’t log in my account. Please fix this issue

bpato   5 star

Good but. Can you make it a non Internet game like it used to be

ahmadzz   5 star

Packs. I think you should make the packs a bit cheaper like 200 soles for a Dimond pack

iAmbossX   4 star

Fighting😑. I think you should add more fighting types like in injustice 2 ware you can have a ranged weapon or you can jump. But over all the game is pretty fun

DevilsChicken   2 star

Unplayable at times. Keeps freezing and force closing, when I use tremors 1st the game will force close. I’m on iPhone 7.

nikkynoonoo   5 star

Too good.. Amazing game, so many characters and possibilities. One character I would like to see in a Halloween update would definitely be Michael Myers. Just imagine, his ability could be like Unstoppable Jason Voorhees, he comes back 2 times and got knocked down and stunned for the rest of the match. But he would have to be a diamond character, no gold challenge character or pack character should have those abilities. Also, I have never been able to get klassic reptile EVER, but my friend has and I don’t know what’s wrong.

clints 351   3 star

Greed. Great game but there is a cheat factor applied by the deva where the opponents can perform special attacks whenever it suits without any power generation. The timing is always perfect (what a surprise) these kard packs are rubbish. 0.6% and so on of winning a diamond character? You guys are kidding yourselves. Iv spent plenty of soul on these packs and I never win a diamond character. Don’t waste your money on them, you’ll regret it

LostSliver12   4 star

Kabel. I love this game but it’s hard to get kabel. Every m11 character gold get a trail but not kabel really? I want a trail for kabel please! I will give you 5 stars!

moggabooga   2 star

This game is ruined. I use to play this 3 years back when it had a balanced amount of OP characters but that new mk11 jade is stupidly overpowered and unfair😡. Although I do like how getting souls is easier.

why did it do that   1 star

WHY. When I got it it did not let me get in at all I tried 100 times and it didn’t work at all

heidbudg   5 star

The game is awesome but. When I try and link it to my Xbox it says you have already linked it but my objective is not complete other than that the game by far the best mobile game plus the graphics are awesome better than any other mobile so that is a 5 star game to me

kevin piggybabs   1 star

Laaaag. Too laggy


Awesome and fun!!. Literally my favourite game and it has sick characters thank you for making this game👍

Badgerdog16   5 star

Good game but one problem. It’s a great game but I had a 96 percent chance for a quest and I lost three times in a row

MOBILE rating   5 star

Fun. The ability to move back and forth would be a massive upgrade. Also more mk 11 characters please! Great game worth download

Pre$ton1242   5 star

Best game ever. This is one of the best games iv played in a long time I definitely recommend that you install and play this game it is super fun to play definitely play this game if you whant to have fun when your bored definitely a lot of fun it is a f2p game Put its a p2w game have fun when you play you might fined this game boring at first but i will get fun as you play it

prodigy2313   5 star

Add friends list. Add friends list

buchinan   5 star

Packs. The card packs are trash I always get the same Person every time and I waiste all my souls

scpropion   5 star

MortalKombat. I love your game so much that I’m gonna get MortalKombat 11 sooner thanks🤗🤗🤗😇😇 i did now in 2019 thanks😀

Yosefyorr   5 star

Love this game. I'm so obsessed with this game, it's a challenge, but also so much fun!

CrAzYmAc369   5 star

Great game. This is a great game the graphics are really good and everything’s just great

Bob Sarfinki   2 star

Great game but.... Mortal Kombat is an excellent game to play. I think a lot of people should play this game but I do have one complaint. It takes forever to enter the title screen and for the past couple of weeks me and my friends cannot get in the game. It just says “click to to reconnect” I really hope you fix this because I want to play this game.

trinityclire   5 star

I love playing mortal Komnat. Ok now what

poimnop   5 star

Why. Why is klassic mileena better then klassic raiden

KatieBones89   5 star

5 Stars. Beautiful graphics, lots of characters, addictive. Been playing since it first came out.

lanLaserbeam   5 star

Amazing. It’s great you should download this game it is awesome amazing super amazing

Pavan563   1 star

Feats of strength customizations screen freezes!!!. The entire game freezes on the feats of strength screen. It doesn’t allow me to do on ipad pro 10.5. This is not a occational bug. It happens all the time. If by mistake i go to that FOS tab on main menu..that’s it! Restarting the whole freaking game is the only option. I Literally spent hundreds of dollars and lots of time on this game out of passion for past 2 years. And it pisses me off when you developers can’t even get the game to work properly. We don’t want f**cking 50% OFF day of dead gold pack or $9.99 soul packs...fix the f**cking game first!!!!

Bonkers12581   1 star

Good Game- Bad Idea. Really with the micro transactions? This game is almost impossible to play without them. Yet another game with two currencies and one being objectively valued much differently... Cmon people! One being very rare and the other one is basically worthless after playing for a short time. Just another game full of hidden costs and a pay to play strategy that just leaves the gamer feeling ripped off even for downloading. This game is a pay to play scam- at least make a version that is paid so people don’t have to deal with you nickel and diming every thing they want to do. Annoyed at the scheming.

Weswes714   1 star

All based on terrible chance. Nice game but it is the worst thing ever grinding to get a character you want just for you to get a completely different character you never asked for save yourself the headache and don’t spend money on this game it’s not worth it at all. I’ve been waiting for SKARLET to come to mobile and all you get is a 10% with $20 or 4% with 400 souls absolutely disappointing😔 UPDATE now you can buy her for $50 what the hell is that😳

VintageCarlos   2 star

DO NOT PAY FOR ANYTHING!!. This game is a rip off. The quality of rewards is not worth playing the game. Do not pay for prizes!!! You will not get any good character cards and this game is misleading when it comes to getting new characters. The computer cheats to avoid giving you prizes.

beastmaster0811   1 star

Don’t do this: In app purchases. Do not buy anything from this game. If you want to play for free, go ahead, but DO NOT purchase anything. WB Games does not fulfill purchases and will not response to support cases. They will however take your money and ghost your support requests.

BaconFeast   2 star

Question. How long does it take for the growth pack you have purchased to show up?? And where do you go for questions like these??

Favarato12   1 star

P2w. This game is for you if you like to save up for a month to get a gold character

Lilweezie122   5 star

Yes!. This game is absolutely amazing of course it’s a 5 star. The only thing it’s missing now is to be able to add friends and fight your friends.

pro beat   5 star

Mortal kombat. This game is cool because it has graphics and shows u what happens

jsmusiclife   2 star

Good game, just needs some refining. Sometimes my specials don’t work when I press them, at least not until after I get my butt kicked.

My gamer tag is SCOPION   5 star

THIS GAME ROCKS. When I first started to play this game I was not that good and powerful my cards were only bronze and didn’t have power in faction war but then when the MK11 update came out I was better more powerful and would appreciate if I could get all the MK11 characters and get them at least fused 4 times with 200 level up cards because I’m not that powerful but I got a little bit more powerful

Alberto42071   5 star

Friendly battles. This is an amazing game but I feel like they should put friendly battles in it that would be a fun addition to the game

ebdjdndndncknd   5 star

Yep I said it. It really is a good game the pvp is good and same with the story and special challenges and the game shows u everything u can get It’s just a great game

GÑD23   5 star

Un error. El juego no me deja entrar me dice que necesita una conexión a internet y si tengo internet en mi dispositivo me pueden ayudar

Badgie7   4 star

The ability to easily promote characters. I have no problem with the current character store. It allows the player to have a sense of patience. I just wonder that in the next update you could add a promotion option for cards you already have instead of having to wait in the store. I’ve been trying to promote my bronze characters and they are horribly unbalanced. Waiting to promote and only being able to do it once over time doesn’t work for me, and I’m certain others would agree. I just ask nicely if you could add this simple feature. Thank you

hectic_marz   5 star

MortalKombat. Best game ever on mobile tbh but I will really like to be able to have more then 3 teams

OGOPGamer   5 star

I lost my account. I recently switch from android to iOS. As soon as I completed the tutorial I login into my WB but when I logged in, my account got reset, I lost all my diamond characters, my souls and everything. Can you please let me get my old account back!?

Brycelego1   4 star

Good. Fun but sometimes repetitive, and feels like a casino at times

Whatttt?????   4 star

Rework. Please can you rework the damn jade mk11 please? Too broken, unless you starts with a 1 or 2 bar of power, you cant fight her because she dodges everything and make it worse by slow counter attack them, the character it self is already strong. Can you at least makes so that her chance of dodging the attack lesser or at least decrease her abilities damage ? My jason voorhees with 5 stars cant even beat a jade 2 stars because she dodges and counter all the attacks! Too unfair please fix.

huirandgt   5 star

sweeet. great game love it !!!!!!!

Go dame   5 star

OMG. Dammmmnnnnn what a good game eh!!!!???!!!!!

GlobberMan   4 star

Rip-off. I saved up 400 souls for a MK11 Diamond pack and when I opened it I got a gold Erron Black, you should word your packs more wisely, still really fun game though

TrueTypeMedia   3 star

Fix Faction Wars Matching. Faction Wars are getting boring with all of the hackers. It only encourages further hacking. Either, you fix this, or more and more people will leave. Why do you reward cheaters with rewards, but those that play legitimately we suffer?

fuhfhbrhuffuhdf   4 star

Multiplayer Mode. You should add a mode were you get six online players and put them on teams of three and they pick there character and fight

Soroush12345678988   5 star

Best game but.......... I love this game I sponsored it to all my friends and they’re playing it but one dumb part of the game is the character named Jade!!!!!!! She’s so over powered and I’m tired of losing to her and her dumb slow down abilities!!!!! Please get Jade out of the game!!!!!

200lol   5 star

Great. Its a easy way to play mk where you whant

I support Donald trump   4 star

Give us another story mode to play levels again. Good game could use new story mode or what ever it’s called when you play at first and go to each castle to defeat.

wade128   5 star

Best game ever. It’s the best game I’ve ever played on mobile device!!!

Light Bulb on a stick   5 star

Aadicting. Bufedfubsufhsfihsfihhisfncgvdfuzi,.kfgzdvhj.fzsgg.uiragssfiif.zvss? ???hkrgeuilefgzgzukregjkfgebkjfgebfjkgebgjfkbgsfj,bffsjkbfsfjkbfsvkjbvkjdvksbjvdskgfxvkjhjdgjknfvnjlsvfjknvjkcjvkdhfifjmxc. Hdjdshjsdbnsdhdufysfihfkfkhfiufdincksfukssnfjbjsfbjdvviuoseghuilshuigfshlkfjgsbjk.fgjk,fbfu,kbrvzjkbvfze,jkbfvzejk,fbvekj,zsffbk.jdzevbk.jrfzh.rhrkugGRuie.hgzergfugzrlihgvdghfdbhfbfhvbhfdbhdfguruhfgugfvhgfruhfvhjefjhsvlfjhdsfkjbfsJk.bzdfjklvhuklfdhguxibxfuifsdhgusfkeh

Deehz Nuttz   1 star

Obviously I was right.... Why is it that my reviews get deleted or trashed to the bottom? There’s things I point out that obviously the public is not to also know.

AlexL_C   1 star

Offline mode. I need offline mode back it was so much fun

Nicholad Emmons   5 star

Mortal Kombat Mobile is amazing. I love this game and it’s cool money system fighting action and all its beloved characters. Following the mortal kombat franchise for a while now I am obsessed with it and this game makes it so much better

Merantz   1 star

Pure BS!!. Caught scorpion and all he did the whole time was....get over here!!! I couldn’t stop him at all and then he has his finishing move at the end. I managed to get 3 punches in with all three characters against one scorpion. Pure BS!!!! Couldn’t block, couldn’t fight, could do anything. Game makes you have to spend money to get past a certain stage. Rip off!!! WB is just as bad a Disney now.

mucmukw7kus   1 star

Won’t reload my profile. I signed in and it won’t work and I’m not starting all over again

hdhagehdj   3 star

Good, but good luck. The actual game is great, it’s a fun action game and lives to the title “Mortal Kombat”, but the bosses in this game, hoooly f#%k are they difficult, first one is decent but when it comes to “Ninjitsu Scorpion” it’s bull crap, he has at least 15,000 health, but activates a buff to where it does bonus damage, has 50% damage reduction and recharges ability’s faster. The reason I wrote this is plz fix this, he gets in a loop of “Spears” and just automatically kills you. There’s no chance of surviving. And good luck.

Jrock531134   1 star

MY PROGRESSSS!. I lost all of my progress and I just beat Kotal khan with a diamond kold war scorpion! How can I get my progress back.

rogers is terrible   3 star

Not bad. Game is ok but don’t bother buying any card packs, you never get the ones you need. Just spent 2000 souls on diamond pack and didn’t get a single diamond card.

Savage X-Gamer   5 star

Awesome Game. This Game is awesome Well if you like fighting then you should try it

Bwatty777   4 star

Great game. I love the game. Just one piece of advice, the elder difficulty in challenge mode is crazy. Why is it like 4X the amount of matches as normal and hard? Why not just make it the same amount of matches but have the opponents be at much higher levels.

TheBigDaddyo   5 star

Great Update. I believe adding an elder tier to the challenges makes the game more interesting. I really like the refreshingly new requirements for each tower. I would like to request for an additional option to the filter when editing team in challenges/towers that would allow display of only eligible characters for that fight. So if the tower requires Scorpions or females only, then clicking on the option will list only Scorpions or female characters, respectively. This would really save time for older players who has a lot of characters.

KK_Brunet   5 star

Cool. Good game. Fun

mkwrp   1 star

Was good..... Was a great game. New update is a complete miss. AI is impossibly better/stronger/faster and almost impossible to win. Another game that evolved from awesome to a money grab.

mrdoodlebig   5 star

Best Mobile game. This is the best mobile game ever made in the world

AlphaWolfieRD   1 star

It wont save. Its dumb how this game wont let game center save your progress and it only saves by making a WB login i had to delete and install the game again cause it wasnt working and when i played it again my progress was gone....

Kenroken   1 star

Terrible update. They’ve done terrible update. No more fun. Waste of time. It deserves to have one star.

peepeepoopooarmyriseup   5 star

Great game. Easy to get started, and overall great graphics and fun game.

Crappy panties122   1 star

Update it please. Online matchmaking is unfair I can’t win no matter which characters I use

Dont Evony   1 star

Mortal Kombat X. Developers completely ignore players. Faction wars NOT playable now since update. Do not download this game. This is the worst Mortal Kombat experience you will ever have!

Vorn66   4 star

MortalKombat finishers?. I love this game it is a very fun and entertaining game, and it takes quite a while for it to get repetitive I mean a long time. The reason I give this a 4 star is, where are the FINISHERS if your gunna make a MortalKombat game you just have to have finishers, why aren’t there any finishers apart from tutorial. But other wise love this game

rapt3r   4 star

No fatalities?. I love this game, would defiantly recommend it, but there are no fatalities, so for people getting this game and want fatalities there are not are only 2 that I know of. Would still recommend.

DesVibe   1 star

WOW!! You wrecked this game!!. Completely agree with Shadioactive Faction wars is now a complete joke. Unable to get through due to the poor matching. One of the best aspects of this game so you need to fix ASAP. I can no longer complete the daily objectives due to uneven matching. New version 2.2.0 is not an upgrade in regards to faction wars

Akif, username soul hacker   3 star

Attention, payment done but got nothing. Hi team, i just purchased 250 souls from the soul booster in the game for 4.49$ but i did not received any single soul however the payment went through instantly. I have been playing this game for a very long time also had recommended and referred to lots of friends. Kindly send me your feedback in that regard i am anxiously waiting to hear back from you. Thanks

mr pee pee poo poo   5 star

Great. I love where they give u the %off like the revenet pack I got really luck and it is good but not 17+ I think 10+ or something besides EPIC

MKRams1   2 star

Immortal Kombat it is now.... Hi I had already written a review saying the game was good but had a few things to address which...hasn’t been addressed. 1) Bronze/silver special attacks I keep receiving I keep getting bronze/silver special attacks but I have maxed out all both coloured characters. I have 121 bronze and 96 silver attacks that I can not use and just sit in my upgrade collection which is quite annoying. Suggestion - by adding a trade section to this part of the game, say 10 bronze attacks for 1 gold special attack card may be useful. 2) Character fusion If you have fused and maxed out a character and then get additionals of the same character you should be entitled to the value of that amount. For example I have maxed out a Shaolin master Kung Lao but when I chose a kard pack it only gave me 30 souls and $15000 koins which is unfair. You should be entitled to the kard pack amount of 150 souls. This provides fairness on an even playing field. 3) Diamond Kards The new diamond in the rough pack is absolutely ridiculous for $160 and 3200 souls whilst for the same amount you get 5000 souls so to sacrifice 1800 souls for a diamond card when you get a diamond kard pack for 400 souls with a chance to get a diamond- this pack makes no sense at all.Nobody is going to spend $160 and if they do are just stupid period. My suggestion here would be to raise the amount of souls to get a diamond kard say 1000 souls for a diamond kard in a pack. 4) Online experience Just a suggestion here but I would consider an online trade for all accessories in the game ie characters you don’t want to use or equipment/support cards you don’t need- you can charge an admission of certain number of souls to enter the trade which you can swap with other online gamers to further enhance the experience. Also it will be good to chat to people online in a forum in the game or a chance to replay players in faction wars. 5) New update 2.2 The challenges are good and also new battlegrounds which makes the game experience better. The faction wars is ridiculous however and can hardly win a game now where I used to win a lot before. Always playing people higher than me stats wise and I can’t block after an attack and I get countered right away in faction wars or normal challenges this is the same regardless. It’s making it a lot harder to win which will deter people from playing the game if nothing is done about it quickly. The new packs have to go (level up pack is ridiculous and diamond in the rough is even worse) and new packs introduced immediately. The elder packs I don’t understand as it’s basically a gold pack but charging 100 more souls for it. This has to go too or modified as people won’t get this pack either. Overall the game was good but the new update has made the game experience worse I found in terms of wins, packs etc.. graphics are good but it’s not about that. It’s about what the users want and right now they want changes made otherwise it will be immortal kombat very quickly!

Nightster1980   5 star

Awesome app. Not as good as console but pretty damn close. Awesome game to play.

NYANCAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   1 star

No Enjoyment. After the recent update, the game no longer feels enjoyable to play due to the broken matchmaking system, where every match, and this isn’t exaggeration, you are faced off against a team that is better than yours in every facet. It feels as if playing the game is a chore now, which is unfortunate because before the latest update this game was great. Faction Wars and Challenge events had a great mix of difficulties but at the very least they were doable. Now, every match it seems like you need to do everything perfect to even have a chance at winning. In my opinion this update was just to grab more cash from the players, and I don’t believe NRS or WB games are listening to us, or care.

DA B O S D   3 star

Meh. Look the gameplay is the same kinda but I hate how there’s a character cycle it’s pointless a new player or returning player aka me who can’t get their old acc back will have such a hard time waiting for which cards will appear in the shop. If I’m being honest when I first got back into the game ( a month ago) I quit straight away please add the option to pick whichever character you want to buy, go back to the old system.

chimichangawonton   3 star

Good game but obvious flaws. The game is good but in later difficulties like hard mode on character towers the A.I constantly abuses windows in between combos and special attacks and this can get very frustrating quickly and honestly ruins the fairness and enjoyable parts of the game

Fjfthrggbrdfjfj   4 star

Great game one issue though. I think this game is great and rewards grinding well. But since the new update it feels like I get punished for hitting someone I could land all of my hits and still be punished and have a special used on me it just feels like the ai is impossible to beat.

jye dickens   4 star

It’s good. Its good but you get bored after a year or 2 or if your a you tuber never

Shaddy1002   1 star

Update destroyed the game. “Improved matchmaking”. Honestly the game is just not fun to play anymore. Plus 150 bucks for 1 diamond card! Wow brilliant job guys. Thanks ! This is no longer fun to play.

DESTROYERZX34   2 star

All my stuff is gone. So basically I had spent real money in the game in with that money I went and bought spec ops scorpion And some of the things from fraction more like equipment which was fully maxed out is gone kintaro is gone and many other challenge characters are gone as well I spent years grinding on this game and now it’s all for nothing because all my stuff is gone I begin to think whether I made a mistake reinstalling it

jaiGanticTank   3 star

This game is kinda good. But the problem is I keep getting the same character and I’m getting sick of it every time I get a Mortal Kombat 11 card I don’t get anything out of it but the same character from Mortal Kombat X What’s the point of getting the same car in the same character what’s the point of that it pisses me off

Shadioactive   2 star

Improved? More like Ruined!. What did you do to Faction Wars? Every now and then before the update I was challenged by a set of characters that bested me in Faction Wars, this was fine, despite this I still had a chance to complete a 7 match challenge. Now? I have no hope, continuous matchups that you call meaningful and informed I call unfair and unbeatable. I used to be able to complete a 7 match challenge but now I can barely survive 1 fight and if I do I don’t make it passed the 2nd fight. I have no chance beating even the single match challenge. I keep getting opponents that receive little to no damage with ‘Basic Attacks’, when dealt damage to my fighters from ‘Basic Attacks’ I watch my health plummet, we are no match. This was my main possibility for levelling up my characters. I played this game every day however, playing it today, I’m not sure I want to come back and play tomorrow. I enjoyed this game before it was ruined with the current update (2.2.0). I’m disappointed. If this isn’t put back the way it was I will be putting all my concentration back onto Pokémon GO. How do you feel Pokémon has dethroned Mortal Kombat as my favourite game on my phone.

SuckA_FarT   1 star

Stealing money. I keep getting notifications saying purchase complete, even through PayPal when I haven’t made any purchases at all. I’m the only one with this account and only person to access my device. Have contacted apple, they can do nothing about it, which I don’t know how that works. I’ve had around $50 taken from my account for no reason at all. Sad but definitely going to uninstall this app before I get robbed again. Which is exactly what’s going on here. Check you accounts people, I bet it’s not just me it’s happening to. Update: Just wondering if this is safe to play in the new update without money mysteriously going missing from my account from in app purchases I never made to begin with? Money I work for and haven’t gotten back? Huh? Yes? No?

Fix it ea sports   1 star

I lost all my characters and levels. I was a very high level before this update and now I’ve lost it all

PrincekingSingh   4 star

FIX THESE ISSUES FIRST. I have a question regarding this game what should be fixed first 1. Game crashing or 2. Giving more rewards or 3. Making game more hard to play If these issues are fixed then I believe it’s the best game in the world

Al121#9   5 star

AMAZING!!!. Great game the best

leaffgarden   5 star

I lost everything. I lost everything excluding my characters and progress that’s why I’m giving this a rated 1 star. This game needs to be UPDATED

please can you add   1 star

I had an old account. Awhile ago I had an old account and spent $60 bucks on it and then I changed iPad same Apple ID and same iCloud which we pay extra to have more storage and it made me restart and I had really good stuff😭

Binasdad   3 star

Needs more in game information.. I changed faction wars team during the season and I lost all my progress rewards, I did not know that would happen and I would like to warn other players that the game developers do not have enough warning for this. This is like starting again which is a reason people stop playing this game. I also noticed opponents do special attacks without even having full power, how is that even fair? And the damage they inflict is too powerful on a high leveled character. The percentage of chances of getting a diamond character doesn’t make sense because of duplicated gold characters are way more common and therefore stronger.

cole 0117   5 star

I love it!. This game is perfect in every way, I can always get a new gold character every day, unlike injustice 2 and even when I get duplicates they actually improve my character again unlike injustice 2. The gameplay is sooooo smooth and fun, great job nether realm, I loved the game soo much that I went and bought the console version thanks for the hard work

Christoclear101   1 star

I hate this game. No restarts !!!

Foreverkyle   3 star

Story mode. Can you please bring a free story mode for people who don’t know about the story of mortal combat and it will be more fun that the same 3v3 combat because I used to play these ga,e for about 3 months and then got bored because the same 3v3 combat every time.i hope you guys read this and reply to me thank you.

Candiz_vallery   3 star

This game is no iOS YAY!. This game is soooo fun I like the killing in the game!!!!❤️

Killer90k   5 star

Mk11 jade trial. I have just received a message saying that the final trial for mk11 jade trial is going to finish soon yet I cannot see the trial in the menu

humanisahuman   5 star

Love it. It is a fun game to play in my free time

fgtjgu   5 star

They ripped me off. Fu

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