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Sharpen your mind with a connect-the-block-style one-line brain training puzzle game.
A simple but addictive one-line puzzle game that’s completely free to play.

Your brain becomes more active the more you play.
During your commute, before you sleep… enjoy downtime with brain training.

The rules are extremely simple.
Just fill in all of the blocks using only one line.

Use hints for puzzles that are too hard to solve.
Hints are also free, of course.

4 levels of difficulty.
A whopping 2,000 puzzles.
Don’t get too cozy—the puzzles get harder as you go along.

One-line puzzles are mathematical problems with origins in the early 18th century. First posed in Königsberg, the original puzzle revolved around the town’s Pregel River.
Mathematical thinking is said to increase work efficiency and prevent aging.
Whether math is your bane or your forte, be sure to give this game a try.
You’re sure to get hooked on these puzzles!

Fill one-line puzzle game App Description & Overview

The applications Fill one-line puzzle game was published in the category Games on 2016-05-02 and was developed by MagicAnt LLC. The file size is 96.71 MB. The current version is 4.7.0 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

Thank you for always playing it.
We have carried out the following update.

* Add 100 new stages
* Improve performance
* Minor modification

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Fill one-line puzzle game Reviews


Game  dhdhdbeu  4 star



Review  juicewrldlvr69  5 star

This game is really good. Kinda tricky but you just gotta power through. Off to juice wrld #lit


Can you buy this game it’s so fun  ighjgu  5 star

And get it today


❤️❤️❤️❤️  ✨mangareader321✨  5 star

This game is sooo addictive and I love it and it is very fun and I am sure you will love it too


Fill Review  mfittz  5 star

Awesome game!!! The only thing is I wish there was a way to costomize it but that is very picky. This is an AWESOME game!!!


Easy  qwertyuiopfghbvc12-/.,  1 star

It’s too easy. No challenge whatsoever


make more levels  ryguyisaflyguy  5 star

i need more levels i love this game


😐  Raw-wannabe  3 star

I like this game butt gets boring


This game is AWESOME!!!😍😍😍  LCarney1  4 star

I Love It

whats up bro bro

Booooo  whats up bro bro  4 star



Boring easy and repepetive  zawanoah  2 star

This is an alright game but it is boring and easy and repetitive. I would rather stare at a blank wall than play this game. Warning! Do not get this game.


Great game more levels pls!  Kelpo_18  5 star

I have been addicted to this game for ages and it’s been really good so far. I was really upset when I finished the game at 2600 stages because now there’s no more to play. Please make more levels! Also the only downside to this game is the amount of ads! So many and almost every 10 seconds.

i. dont. hav. a. nickname

Fill  i. dont. hav. a. nickname  5 star

It’s The BEST Ever app I’ve EVER seen before

game rator2000

Good but could be better  game rator2000  5 star

Each time you finish one of the puzzles it does not give you points

Not that impressed 3019

Boring  Not that impressed 3019  2 star

Just reached level 100 in about half an hour. When does it get challenging???

covifirksu ob

Just too many ads  covifirksu ob  2 star

A lot more ads than necessary, and majority of levels are repeated. Fun idea, but obviously just a quick cash grab. Fun, but unethical developers


Great game  Goodsterzz  5 star

Not many adds you don’t have to pay for anything it gets your mind thinking and it gives you a break from what ever else you were doing.

Rose Quart

Fill  Rose Quart  5 star

This game rocks’😋connect the blocks right to the end.If you can’t get all of them to connect click the hint button.If you don’t have enough money watch a video. Try it you don’t know what it’s like if you don’t try it.🤣Believe me😉

suprized gairl

Umm  suprized gairl  3 star

The game is ok but there are so so many adds


Blocks and things  StrangeTamer2  5 star

I especially like the blocks. And the things.


I Iove every game you make  Alaina445  5 star

I love all the games you make I love you

Miss hie

Fill one line puzzle game  Miss hie  5 star

Fun !! Fun !! Fun!!


Meh  Maddycorgis  1 star

I don’t like this game because all I play I have to watch adds and its not fair

madelyn nelson

The game  madelyn nelson  5 star

Try to play it’s fun easy and acitive So much fun with is weird because I don’t like many thing try this game and see if you like it or not give it a try


Coins  YBN N/A  3 star

How do I use my coins??

little scalar

This is fun  little scalar  5 star

I like this game because it is like a puzzle game. And puzzle games are fun in my opinion. And also you can get coins. And that is like getting real money. So that’s why like this game and rated it five.

Gobu lives

Hope you like stupid cat video ads  Gobu lives  1 star

Because you’ll see them constantly while trying to get through the easy levels to the challenging ones, which are way above 100. I don’t do I couldn’t take it part 50 before I deleted it. I know ads pay for the free games but they are way over the top in this one. Pass.


I think I am addicted  obbesed  5 star

This game is great and doesn’t have much ads really I really like it and I am probably addicted


Good game, needs separate volume  Somecrazynameneeded  3 star

Good game, needs separate volume control or a way to mute the music.


No challenge  Blueship31  2 star

Fun for a few minutes but way too easy

Swanky Wankuza

Great.  Swanky Wankuza  5 star

Great game. Simple, relaxing, no time constraints. Ideal.

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