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Sharpen your mind with a connect-the-block-style one-line brain training puzzle game.
A simple but addictive one-line puzzle game that’s completely free to play.

Your brain becomes more active the more you play.
During your commute, before you sleep… enjoy downtime with brain training.

The rules are extremely simple.
Just fill in all of the blocks using only one line.

Use hints for puzzles that are too hard to solve.
Hints are also free, of course.

4 levels of difficulty.
A whopping 2,000 puzzles.
Don’t get too cozy—the puzzles get harder as you go along.

One-line puzzles are mathematical problems with origins in the early 18th century. First posed in Königsberg, the original puzzle revolved around the town’s Pregel River.
Mathematical thinking is said to increase work efficiency and prevent aging.
Whether math is your bane or your forte, be sure to give this game a try.
You’re sure to get hooked on these puzzles!

Fill one-line puzzle game App Description & Overview

The applications Fill one-line puzzle game was published in the category Games on 2016-05-02 and was developed by MagicAnt LLC. The file size is 84.80 MB. The current version is 4.3.0 and works well on 8.0 and high ios versions.

Thank you for always playing it.
We have carried out the following update.

* Add coin bonus
* Improve performance
* Minor modification

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Coins  eve10900  3 star

Love this game but can’t figure out for the life of me what the coins are for in this game, they just want you to buy them when they can’t be used for anything.


Coins????  Coons001  3 star

Where are the rules? Am on Level 11 and have no idea what the coins are for and all clues are used now.

fill is bad

This game is bad  fill is bad  1 star

The only way to get coins is to buy or watch videos but only one a day and it’s so frustrating don’t play while upset will get u mad I promise you


Good brain teaser  vanwingentho  5 star

It’s true that it does seem kind of easy, but that’s just because you are learning the algorithms and everything. I’ve already completed 600 of the 2000 levels and they only seem mildly challenging, but when one of my friends tried one of the levels I was on it took him maybe 5-7 minutes before he gave up. I finished it in 20-30 seconds. Get this game if you want a mild brain teaser to pass the time and keep your brain active.


If there are too many adds, turn on air plain mode  987654323456789334567890g  5 star



Heck yeah!?  fruitgarland  5 star

I’ve never written a review before cause I think they’re odd but here I am! I LOVE THIS GAME SO MUCH I’ve gone through 611 levels as of right now and I got this game 2 days ago! Thank you creators I’ll update when I’ve finished


Boring game to many ads  GetAbetterApp1038374737  2 star

Some make you think a little most are easy though. There are also to many ads.


Good math and logic game  Wonderlustwarriors  5 star

Was super easy for me at the beginning but then it got harder. Once you figure out the algorithm you can just cruise through the levels. Definitely a good brain teaser so play this if you want to keep your mind active. Good way to kill the time LOL


I want to like this game  Hime84d  2 star

I would like to give this game a better review but it’s not very challenging. And I’ve noticed they repeat the same puzzles over and over sometimes even back to back and sometimes just flipping it. I’ve wasted a lot of time on this game thinking “the next level has to be harder, right?” I believe the ads for this game said it was a challenge and most people can’t pass level 100.... my 4 year old passed it in no time.


Thirsty  Number1AppRater  1 star

You spend more time watching ads than playing the game. I understand ads make them money but plenty of other free games are far more reasonable with the ad to play time ratio. Do better.




Mano (Pryde meats)

Always frozen  Mano (Pryde meats)  1 star

The game never loads. Always frozen. Started off great. But now it’s always frozen.


Ads and useless bonus coins  Neiwar7  1 star

Collect thousands of bonus coins to be used how????? I reckon there are more ads than levels almost, or that’s how it seems. It was a good time filler - mainly watching ads ... but don’t waste your time with the free spins to collect points you can’t use... maybe the developers could let you use gold coins to stop ads or buy hints (not that you need them) ... hint hint. Overall I would describe this app as .. meh!

Zehra Mohammadi

From your new fan  Zehra Mohammadi  4 star

Hi I just got this app and I got on level 1-51 in 6 minutes! That’s how much I love this app Thx and goodbye Pastel (not real name)


Can’t put it down  Snozza  5 star

Such an addictive little puzzle based on such a simple premise. . . I love it !

John Adriaan

STOP THE BLINKING HAND!  John Adriaan  2 star

This is a game of concentration, so ANNOYING flashing details are bad. You earn hint-credits, and to highlight that they’re available a pointing hand blinks at you. IT DOESN’T STOP! I tried tapping the hint button, and wasted a hint. THE HAND KEPT BLINKING. So I tapped it again. THE HAND KEPT BLINKING!! STOP IT!!!!!!


Adds  Gammy121  4 star

Far too many adds. But is a good game


Ridiculous number of ads  henry_syd  1 star

This app is just throwing the same annoying game ads at you all the time. Uninstalled it.

sparkle face💖💖💖

Adds Adds and more ADDS!!  sparkle face💖💖💖  3 star

The game is great and I love to play it but I would sure play it more if it wasn’t for all the adds!!! Usually it’s a game when I have a few spare minutes and I jump on it but those minutes are taken up by the adds!!! If the game had not so many adds I would get on whenever I could!!!👍


Cool 😎  PinkUnicorn_Lover  5 star

I like this game, it's entertaining and awesome 👏🏼, it's a great game! 👍🏼


Ad too long  user+++  1 star

Hate it.


Umm...  game.vlk03  1 star

It’s a very addictive game but... 1. The Ads are ridiculous. 2. Sounds are annoying. 3. They literally used the same exact puzzles, just in different directions like flipping it upside down or something like that. It’s good but gets very tedious.


Make it like it was before you updated  SharpShot039  3 star

I liked it when I first got it because I i can choose any level but not any difficulty until I Meet the 250 star requirement. Now I can play any other level until I beat the level previous of it


Nice concept but too easy  HaviesBeagles  2 star

As others have stated the game is too easy and the boards repeat often and don’t expand fast enough. Overall nice simple concept but not challenging enough.

nickname me lol

Hooked  nickname me lol  5 star

Love this game I got hooked right away but they give you coins for complete so many levels and I am not quite sure what the coins are for there is nothing to spend them on otherwise I think this game is awesome

The Midey B

Thanks  The Midey B  1 star

This app is so easy at the beginning and then it gets SUPER hard and I don’t like it so I think you should make the app better


Update Removed Progress  mynametio  5 star

I had finished all 2000 levels and was awaiting new ones when the new format update arrived. Now, 75% of my completed levels have been eradicated... I know good ratings are important, so the rating reflects how i felt before the update. Please try to fix and give back the lost progress !


Night mode  Byrd214  5 star

Please please please do a night mode making the screen darker it feels so much better on eye straining


This game is so bad  gfggrgcfdww  1 star

It trying to download apps on my phone and kept on on opening the App Store


Ad bug report  Tbrjcefhyc  2 star

After the update the app is unplayable and continues to open the app store up for ads










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