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A funny 2D infinite runner is coming, meet ‘Steve’, your new friend that lives in your notification center. A special dinosaur in a desert world, jump with the perfect timing for your freedom and avoid all cactus obstacles. Unlock new scenarios and characters for play in this endless running game. How far can you run and jump in this ARCADE GAME?

Feel like a TRUE RUNNER in this awesome endless jumping game! With a simple click on the screen you will dodge all obstacles in the way. Download this special adventure now on your smartphone or tablet completely FREE!

Play with ‘Steve’ anytime, anywhere, by just dragging down from the top on your screen to reveal the notification center and your new dino-friend will be there waiting for you! Thanks to an intuitive and easy touch control anyone will enjoy with our unique characters in this AMAZING WIDGET! Jump and jump with only ONE FINGER! Our challenging environments have been designed like the old school arcade games, do you accept the CHALLENGE?

‘Steve’ is thinking for real runner games lovers. There are a multitude of skins and scenarios waiting for you, are you ready? Compare your mark with your friends and see who is the BEST PLAYER in the online ranking! You have never seen before such a jumper game like this! START THIS CRAZY ADVENTURE!

“Steve offers a mindless time-waster of a game requiring little commitment on the user’s part. You don’t even have to launch an app.” - TechChrunch

“When I am watching a video I can play this while it buffers,” - Recode


Welcome to the new action game at top speed, are you addicted to JUMP and DODGE? You will need a real OLD SCHOOL reflexes to overcome the challenge!
Enjoy with this wild race, the best run and jump game!

Simple and intuitive control system, all the jumps with ONE FINGER!
Dragging down from the top on your screen to reveal the notification center and PLAY! Can you dodge all OBSTACLES?
CLICK ON THE SCREEN and fly over the blocks while collect coins in the air in this ENDLESS RUNNER!

You will find a lot of available skins to customize your character. What do you prefer? A WILD LION, a SLOW ZOMBIE, a SWEET DONUT, an ADORABLE PANDA, a FAST ANIME CHARACTER, a DANGEROUS DRAGON or a INFINITE NYAN CAT? Can you collect all of them ?
Each one of them have SPECIAL MOVEMENTS that you will have to discover while play this running simulator. NON STOP ACTION in this never ending jumping game!

Synchronize with your Facebook and challenge all your friends and reach the top of the ranking. Enter in the competitive mode and run past your high scores in the game and become the TOP RUNNER! Show them who is THE BEST in this INFINITE RUNNING GAME!

Very EASY to play and totally FREE, with its simple and intuitive interface, run and dodge with only one finger! You'll love this challenge running action game at full speed!

Do you like the PIXEL ART? Check out this gameplay video. There are thousands of surprises in this endless jumper game:

Start this entertainment jumping game, you won't stop running, dodging and clicked! Free download ‘Steve - The Jumping Dinosaur Widget Arcade Game’ and start this wild race NOW! GET ALL CHARACTERS!


PLEASE NOTE: 'Steve - The Jumping Dinosaur Widget Arcade Game' is a completely free game. However, you can also purchase some items within the game for real money. Just disable in-app purchases on your device if you don’t want to use this feature in the game.

'Steve - The Jumping Dinosaur Widget Arcade Game' was developed as a tribute to Chrome easter egg game without intention of plagiarism or attribution of authorship. Images created by great artist Sebastien Gabriel.

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Steve - Widget Game Customer Service, Editor Notes:

• How to install on iOS 14: 1- Swipe right from your FIRST home screen page to reveal the widgets on the far left screen. 2- Scroll down and tap the “Edit” button. 3- Tap the “Customize” area at the bottom • IMPORTANT • (If you can't find it make sure you followed step 1 carefully) 4- Look for “Steve” and add it to the displayed widgets. (If the widget is not showing up on the list, restart your device) Need more help? Contact me through Steve's Facebook Page :) _________________________________________ + FREE CHARACTER if you had the app installed prior this update! :D + New Steve Dark Mode for FREE! + Characters are now easier to unlock :) + Bug fixing and performance improvements Thanks for your huge support. If you have any troubles adding the widget feel free to contact me through our Facebook page! :D

Steve - Widget Game Comments & Reviews

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- Great game!

I just got this game last night and I have been enjoying it maybe a bit too much. I love the google chrome dinosaur game I have a top score of 8,000! I love the characters as well. After reading the bad reviews i still tried the game out but i had no issues. (Must be jealous of the idea). I only have one issue though. Crouching. It is essential to me in the dinosaur game I would love it if (I saw this idea somewhere else) if you tapped the left of your screen you would jump, and if you tap or hold the right you can crouch and will make you fall faster in the air. But as I said i still love this game and being able to play in my widgets. (Also one more thing is there any way i can put the widget on the top of my games page)?

- 😍so cute😍

This game is super cute I love how you can change the skin and do all that stuff but I do have some things that maybe you could do to the game. 1. If the character going fast make the background go fast with it because when I play the game my character goes fast but the background does not. 2. Let us choose the background for when we play because we might wanna be funny or weird and put the elf in donut land and the donut in I do not know the jungle where the ape is. 3. Make the game multiplayer so that we can like um we can see who can stay in for the longest without hitting anything and the last person to hit something wins and the first person to hit something loses. That is all I have to say😅

- Just one TINY problem

Hey there! I just downloaded this game and omg is it adorable. It is small and compact and easy to use and just wonderful. There’s only one TINY issue I’d like to bring up to the developers: can we have Steve run the other way?? I’m a right handed user myself and I don’t mind the talent of ambidextrousness but I do wish we maybe had the option? Instead of “tap to play” perhaps you can ask “right or left?”. Since I imagine the infinite running game has infinite options to run, I wonder if this would be a challenge to construct or not? That way people COULD become ambidextrous or not! Their choice! But I would love to see the option, at least. It’s hard to tap on the right side and not see half the screen of what’s coming. :/ Just a thought! Good luck chuck!

- Great time passer.

I love this widget, everything about it is amazing. The different skins/modes are good, I think it’s nice to change the gameplay once in a while. I also love the fact you can watch an ad for coins, I don’t have many coins so I think that’s great! One suggestion though, you should do more character themes like the Harry Potter one, maybe do an Alice in Wonderland, Cinderella, Star Wars, etc. Another thing is, I like how it’s in a widget form, but I feel like the screen is too tiny because I have other widgets and since it’s so tiny it makes it hard to concentrate on just that one tinyyy Steve the Dinosaur widget. Maybe try making it an app, also? Instead of just a widget. Overall, good game!

- This game is great but there’s a glitch.

Love this widget! just downloaded it yesterday and I play it a lot. But it glitches for me...when I’m playing sometimes the cactuses are to close together and it won’t let me jump again after jumping the previous cactus. So say my score is up to 1000 and I jump a cactus but then there is another cactus really close to the other and I can’t jump that one bc it won’t let me! Hope that makes sense XD. It’s great but I haven’t been able to beat my high score of 3357 bc of this! Just a FYI for anyone who is super serious about getting a huge high score it might be tricky! Other then that GET THIS it is so fun and something to cure boredom.

- Not Quite the Same + Laye is Bugged

When I first got this I was pretty happy with the app, it’s very similar to the one you find on chrome, with the exception of that the background colour doesn’t invert once you get to 1000 (which I very much miss and it’s almost like a goal to got the next inversion). The one thing that really got me though was Laye, the unicorn character, which is free with the download of Pix, another one of their widget apps. Its a great idea, however, as I already had the app downloaded, the game would not recognise it. I even deleted the Pix (rip my little pet) and even after redownloading (through the app’s pop up) it still did not recognise that I had downloaded it. TLDR: It’s overall okay, however the character screen needs fixing. Good if you just want to play (semi) classic Dinosaur.

- Love it! But...

This is a great game, really clever and interesting! With new characters, there is also a motivation to play so you can get coins. My only issue is, like everyone else, the sound control. I don’t know if this is just an issue with my phone, or if this is one with everybody, but the sound is kinda weird... you can only turn it on, but to turn it off, I have to go remove it from my widgets, then add it again. Oh yeah, one more thing... The sound is soooo loud!!! I turned it on when my volume was off, but it still was just too loud for me! (Actually it’s a possibility that it depends on ringer volume not normal volume, I’ll go try that) But overall, great game, worth buying if you want a quick fix for your games. Bye!

- The Game Works

Pros: - Works solid (no lag, glitches, bugs, etc). - Ads don’t pop up(you can watch ads if you want to earn coins). - Just like the chrome game. - Can earn different characters besides always playing the original Dino guy. - Instructions to play and how to install onto your notifications aren’t complicated. Cons: - Does not go to dark mode like the original. - You can only jump, no bird will come so you can crouch. - Might be hard to see if you’re playing on a small phone due to its size capacity on notifications. Opinion: Reading the other reviews made me skeptical on getting the game because of how they imply the game is glitchy and buggy, etc etc. I still downloaded though because it was a game I thought was pretty unique to be only a accessed on your notifications area. So far, there have been no complications or problems with the game. The developer must have made recent updates and changes to the game to fix the problems so if it works for me, I’m sure it should work for you too.

- Great game

So, at school when the computers are of line, we could play this game. I really loved it. I bet it would be great to play on my phone. So, what do you think I did... well, I downloaded it. The only issue I have is that I can’t play the game. I mean... if you download a game... don’t you want to play it? Like I said, I really like this game on other devices, and would really like to play it on this device. And, really, it’s not the games fault. See, I read the, “how to play” section, I’m not being stupid. When I swipe up, there’s no “today” button. So, I can’t play the game. Like I said, it may not be the games fault, but when you create a game, you should be able to access it through the game, so that there aren’t these kind of problems. Just for future reference.

- Annoying, scam and forced ads

I have spent hours playing the game and watching ads to unlock all characters. Even after doing so, i still receive ad videos about “free characters”. The app is not good. Once you have spent hours playing and watching all the ads, the app should be designed smart enough to stop showing false “free character” ads that you have to watch. App is a scam and the widget is annoying because every time you actually want to play the game from the widget menu, you are forced to watch an ad for a “free character” even though you already have all of them unlocked. Needs lots of work. Also, the widget would be better if the size could be adjusted. However, main reason i will most likely stop using app is because of the forced ads in widget of “free character” even after i already have unlocked all the characters. Very bad.

- Great game. Nothing wrong.

This game Is funny because it’s from google when you don’t have internet and I like the way that 1/4 of the characters are free if you have the patience to watch some ads. This game is great and keep up the good work. But the thing for the free characters is that you have to watch so many ads, I had to watch 15 ads to get just nayan cat!. I think you need to lower the amount of ads to watch to get the free characters, and coins are hard to get, so I think you should add a daily reward type thing where you get coins (15-40) every day, I wold love if this is added, but the game is still great!.

- Widget Screen

From my initial impression of this game, I felt it was very difficult to play considering how small the surface area it is to play the game within the widget screen. However, it is clever and convenient to play the game from the widget screen, I find that I end up failing over and over because I’m not hitting the screen precisely enough. It is quite annoying since I’m not only missing this small screen once or twice, but almost every time. It’s very difficult to play for this reason. I like that you can have customizable characters and that I can just pull out my phone and play this game at any time without even having to open up an app, but it’s going to take a lot of getting used to even be able to play the game with less than a fourth of the screen to play off of.

- Weird problem...

Hi I usually don’t write reviews but I have a problem I’m hoping you can fix. The app what a good idea at first but when I downloaded it-it had some weird problems. I thought it would be cool but it had something weird happen. I downloaded it and I thought it would be fine but when I tried to move the apps placement on my IPad it had some kind of other app that was the same come out of it. It sounds confusing but this is exactly what occurred. I’ve deleted the app and tried to delete the app that came out of it but the new app wouldn’t go. Is there any way you can help and I don’t think this app is bad but this second app is a problem. Please if you could comment on however to fix this problem it would be greatly appreciated. Please help this is a big problem


I play it all the time and though it may seem like you can get bored of it easily, it’s actually very entertaining...for me anyway. They have a lot of other characters that you can be other than Steve, but I like plain old Steve the best. I just hope in one of the later updates that they add in a girl version of Steve or different color Steves and maybe even a way to customize the outfit with a bows, shirts, hats, etc. But I don’t rlly mind the average gray colored Steve 😋. (P.S. This game does not require WiFi so no need to worry about loosing gigs or if your parents are like mine and put a limit to how long your can be on the internet! 😉)

- Pretty fun

This game is, like the title says, pretty fun. The mechanics and gameplay are simple, the game is nostalgic, and I like that it’s in widget form. Plus, the unlockable characters are a cool objective to work up to. I do have a few gripes, though. The first problem is that half of the time, jumping doesn’t even work. There seems to be a jump cooldown, which can make certain parts of the game impossible, such as when you have two sections of three cacti right next to each other. Second, getting coins takes way too long. I’d really prefer if coins were more common, instead of only one spawning per like 15 cacti groups. Besides these things, though, it’s a pretty fun game.

- Steve... MY DINO!!! 🦖🦕🦖

First day of getting the game. I have been looking for a balanced fun offline game for decades... and I found one! This jumpin Dino jumped form google to here without ANY CHANGE!!! Srry srry srry. I sound like a bit. I rlly do. But there is ONE issue I have so far. Where are the bird and the duck action? The screen should be split vertically. The right side makin u jump and the left making u duck. This can be changed to the left side making u jump and the right ducking. This isn’t so big but it lost a star. If u haven’t got it and r looking for fun this is it! It’s kinda confusing and needs work to set up but when u do? Awesome! I also love how u play in the Notification Center. Great game all around :)

- Love it, but please read!

The game is very responsive, and missing obstacles is always just me missing the timing. However, certain obstacle placements may be difficult to clear sometimes, like a smaller obstacle just after a large one. I love being able to earn my way up to characters without paying real money, and if I ever get bored ads are there to let me earn quick money! But I'm disappointed; I bought the character Aros. I liked how it was so cute and fluffy, and it looked like a little armadillo-dino! I even loved running past huge mountains and jumping over trees! But in this recent update it has COMPLETELY changed, now Aros is this husky with a dark, icy background and rocks to jump over! Please add the original Aros animation and scenery again, even if I have to earn coins for it again! Really, this is an awesome game, but I'm disappointed that I suddenly lost my favorite character - and the 500 coins I spent - and instead got something I never wanted.

- Fun, but has problems

I am in an iPhone 5s and I love this game. It is fun and nice to be able to open up and play for a minute or so. But for some reason after about an hour it started freezing up, starting a little bit then going to unplayable. I can restart my phone and that fixes it but I don’t why it does this in the first place. This is the only reason I am giving it 3 stars, as it deserves 5. (P.S. to all those people who can’t put in on your phone, you have to slide down to pull up the Notification Center, then slide right, the scroll down hit edit, add it to the widget list, then do the same to play. You can also on your home screen swipe right a couple of times to do the same thing.)

- Its so fun and cute!

The game steve is super fun and cool. I love how it is in your widgets and that you can play it whenever you want. It doesnt involve internet and you can play it on the go! But there is one thing I don’t really like. In my opinion, I think the game is too small... for the people who have it in their phone, I bet it is way too hard for them to play. Next thing I would like for it to have is a setting where you can change the background. Since the ios 14 update came, I and most people have designed their phones. Because of this, I want to make the widget the same color and pattern as my background. Overall, i think this app it amazing!

- Cute but not that good

It’s a cute idea to replicate the google dinosaur game as a widget, but the screen is so small it is hard to tap and stay on the widget without covering it with my thumb so I can’t see and anticipate, especially as a right handed person, it would be more comfortable to tap on the right side of the widget, but I can’t because that’s where the cacti come from so I have to be able to see and there isn’t enough room to reliably tap underneath. I would rather play in an app, even if most of the screen were blank, so I would be able to tap. The reason the game on browser works so much better is it is much easier to hit the keyboard than have your fingers on a touchscreen competing with your line of sight.

- Sound

I absolutely love this game!!! But I only have one problem with it... there is a sound button in the top left hand corner. You can only access it when you first open the game. But after you click a button you can not press or control the volume anymore. I have sort of found a way out of it but it is a hassle. You have to turn off your phone for a sec, lower or raise the volume, then return to the game and to remember clicking the volume on or off. But Besides this one problem I love this game and I can play anytime and I can also switch it off with my friends if we are all bored. Thanks for making such an awesome game 😐👌🦖

- Kinda Confusing

I first read through all the comments and it was pretty discouraging but i thought i would go ahead and give it a shot. I downloaded the app and i opened it and it was pretty simple and straight forward. What frustrated me was that the instructions were kind of miss leading. When you go to add the widget it says to swipe down and open you notifications but what you have to do is swipe down and then right and scroll all the way down and it will have a little box that should say Dino on it. It will say edit and you can edit your widgets on there and it’s really simple but they forgot to give the other step.

- One of the Most Iconic Things Ever

One of the most iconic things in computers is the no WiFi Easter egg game and my friend told me that they just yanked it off of a normal app game I denied it but after I saw this game I got embarrassed but then I read that this is a copy in sorts as in the way that it was made as a sort of tribute to the game this game is amazing and you should definitely try it out especially if you enjoyed the og dinousaur game in laptops and computers The only part that is really a hustle is added the game to the only place that you can actually play but other than that this game gets a ten outta ten from me

- Awesome!

I love this game it is just amazing and so fun but there are two things I would like to tell you that I don’t exactly enjoy. First, can these guys please make getting coins a little more fun because you can only get them on top of cacti and it’s really boring but if you put the coins in other places it’s well you get what I’m saying. The other thing I don’t like is that you don’t get to play it in the real app you have to play it somewhere else and it’s really wired. Any way I love the game I’d rate five stars or ten out of ten plz fix the problems and thanks for reading this review, good bye!

- So fun

This game is so fun you can even play when your phone is locked I think this isOne of the best things that happened in the iOS 14 update I just love it it’s awesome to play and it’s not glitchy at all and you can download another app to get 500 coins and then you can delete it if you want or keep it and play I just deleted it but I still think this app is totally worth it it barely takes up any space in your phone and you can earn coins to buy new characters and new characters come out with every update apparently so definitely recommend

- ❤️❤️❤️❤️🖤

i love this app a lot, you can just swipe to the notification center and play this game! I would have given this all stars but I have one problem with it. whenever I try to play the game, it drains my phone's battery a lot more than any other game. if I play it constantly full charged it'll be dead in around 10 minutes, opposed to my phone regularly lasting a lot longer than that when I play other games. I don't know if that's just how widgets work but for such a simplistic game id expect it to take even less battery life than other games, not more otherwise, this is an awesome recreation of the google game!


Hello. Thank You For making This Game. I LOVE IT 🥰 I just Got it This morning And i played it all day. Im lucky this app actually loaded because My ipad rarely downloads apps. This game is unlike the others Because it is in computers When you dont have wifi, i discovered it at school once and i was playing it the whole class and lied about doing my work. Then i found it here and i was Confused, because i tought that it only was inculded in computers when you lose wifi. -Thank You 😉 ❤️ It makes my heart sing. ❤️

- Love, Love, Love This Game!

When I wait around for a video to buffer or something to download, I can easily access this game from my notifications without loading anything! This app provides instant fun without any loading screens which is perfect and unlike any other apps because by the time the other apps load, what I’m waiting for to buffer or download is already completed. Highly recommend this game to anyone of any age, there’s so many varieties because Steve and you get motivated to play this app for long periods to earn a reward of a new character by collecting coins!

- Great but......

Well I got this app and I have a question... Well the question is what is the game about?! Like I'm saying I'm not trying to be rude but (I'm sorry if I'm mean to you) what is the whole point about this game?! I'm asking this because I unlocked every characters and is this app all about jumping or collecting characters and coins???? My little sister likes it anyways... Also I hope the updates come faster like this is my first update in such a long time. Well that's it!!! Thanks for reading!!!! (If you are) Bye! And I hope y'all have a nice time playing this game!!! 👋👋👋👋😉😉

- Thank you for this

It’s games like this that give me faith in humanity. I appreciate it more than the dev could ever imagine. It’s such a nostalgia trip to the beginning of phone games where everything was quirky and unique and explored the new frontier that was touch screen devices. The fact that someone found a way to stick a game into a little box on my widget screen where the only input it can sense is “is the virtual button pressed” puts such a smile on my face that can only be understood by those who experienced the start of mobile gaming. Thanks for this game!

- Great game! A few suggestions.

I love this game! It is easy to play, and a fun way to pass the time. I do think it would be nice if you could have Steve duck like he can on the Google game. Maybe by holding both fingers on the screen? (Like under the birds and stuff) Idk, I don’t know how well that would work, but I think it would be neat. Also, if you could make the widget bigger or have the option to play on the app, that would really make it a better experience. Over all though, this is a super awesome game and I would totally recommend it! 👍😃😜🥳🤩👏

- Yasss

I just love this best game EVER!!! It is so much fun and you can just keep going and going! #1 GAME ON THE APP STORE!!! But all I would like is for people who don't have Facebook to be able to put in characters or so. Like with an email link. AAAANYWAYYS this is the BEST GAME EVER! And if the Facebook thing I said doesn't happen I don't mind at ALL! Keep it up!! And also it seems easier to use another character if it gets too hard I can switch characters and that kinda works, because using Steve I could not jump over the 4 cacti buuut with panda it's easier

- The free characters

I love this this game and really only have just one issue with it. So you can get free characters but watching an ad which is cool and all but I don't have an option to click out of it so I can't use the widget half the time because it has the free character slot when I don't want a free characters because I personally like the old fashioned dinosaur. If I then chose to watch an ad and get the character just so it's goes it away it's still does not go away and I just wish we could decline it. Thanks so much for readings do I think you had a really smart idea making this game.

- Hard

This is pretty hard because I forget to actually tap the thing because wen I see a cactus i try to jump but I don’t press the actual little game thing Here is how to get it up if u r struggling 1.go to the very first page on your I paid or whatever and will see these tiny(not really)with boxes if u see them then scroll down and u will see a circle that says edit press that and u have to press the little dinosaur That looks like Steven and then go back out of that go back to the white boxes and u just have to find the cover app thingy for Steve the jumping dinosaur 😁hope this was helpful

- 🍑

I CANT PLAY MY NOTIFICATIONS JST SAY yes OLDER NOTIFICATIONS THIS IS SO HARD TO FIGURE OUT IF YOU CAN HELP then plz respond I gave it 2 cause it seems good but it’s hard to figure out edit I know how to use it know it took a while for I to add here’s my storyI first downloaded the app and I pressed on it for a while and then I said add to widgets and then I saw the directions and I swiped up on the Notification Center And it told me to edit but there’s no edit button and never said to swipe left please change that and then finally after deleting it and re-downloading it it added to my widges Also it doesn’t get five stars because it’s really tiny

- Great but a few things

I love this game and I was so happy when I got it. But what I don’t like about it is that it is not really like the Chrome game. It counts faster and I don’t think there is an ending. But I do like there is other characters as well as the t-Rex Steve. Overall I think it’s a great game if you want to play the chrome one but you can’t like if your on a phone or iPad because there is no arrow buttons. This app allows you to play it on these devices and at anytime you can play it in your notifications center.

- Amazing!!

This game is an amazing to play when you don’t have internet/wifi or just in general. The abject of the game is to jump over cacti, and you are a dino. I always used to play this game when something was wrong with the wifi at school.. And now I can play it on my phone!! There is only one complete... Once the dino picks up speed, It really hurts my eyes. I don’t know if it’s just me, or if everyone has this problem. You see, when the cacti come closer to the dino, the pixels kinda collide and it really hurts my head and eyes. But to be fair, this game is really fun if I’m being honest. -A person ❤️

- The game is great

I love this game and like I said about my pix review I play it when I’m bored I do have some suggestion like lowering the prices like is you’re bad at the game make it 250 to 300 or if you are good then 400 to 500 and if you’re a pro then 600 to 750 I know that keeping track of how we play it is to much so I suggest levels I get it if it is to much work and you might have made this game just for entertainment when we’re bored but I usually plat it for fun and I am not forcing you to do it this again is just a suggestion.

- For people who don’t understand how to use it.

It works amazingly and I see that some people don’t understand how to use it. If you don’t understand how to use it then come to this comment. First of all you have to swipe down from up. Then swipe from left to right. Scroll all the way down. At the very bottom it says edit. Press that, then it will take you somewhere. Scroll down until you find the app Steve. There should be a green plus. Press that. That’s how you get to play it. 😀

- Problems PLEASE READ!!!

So I love Steve but It was going fine...then when I went to play again 5 minutes later it would NOT LET ME PLAY so I tried deleting it and getting it back but IT WAS SOOOO STUPID CAUSE I COULD NOT GET BACK ON AND I LOVE STEVE!!!! Gruhhhh SO IDK HOW U COULD FIX THIS BUT DO IT SOON!!!! AND BY DOING MOST OF THIS IN CAPS THAT PROVES HOW MAD I REALLY AMMMMMM!😞😐😡SO DO SOMETHING STUPID STEVE PEOPLE!!!!! I HATE THIS GAME NOW IT WONT EVEN LET ME PLAY!!! SO PEOPLE I HOPE MY REVIEW HELPS YOU!!!! SORRY FOR THE CAPS...teh heh 😏 LOL I’m a nice Pearson it’s just I really like Steve....Ok you get the point I have problems with the game...hahahahaha sorry I’ll go now...😅................MY NAME IS JEFFFFFFFFFF. OMG IM SOOOOOO SORRY I JUST SAW ANOTHER STEVE GAME I THINK YOU HAVE TO HAVE BOTH SO HEH I GLFRRL AKWARD...THIS IS A LOT BETTER NOW

- Honestly better than the original!

This is an amazing game. I wanted to read the critical comments, just looking to see what their problem was, and it was just common knowledge to know some of the stuff. Like this one person said “Can’t jump over three cacti” but I have done that multiple times, and it just means that they are bad a at the game. Other people’s comments just made no sense. But it is a awesome game and I highly recommend it! I just got my friends playing this and they live it too. <3

- Cute!

This is such a cute and unique little game! I love not having to open up an app just to play, and the options to earn or watch ads to earn coins instead of just buying them. I will say it gets a little frustrating but that doesn’t stop me from playing lol it’s great to pass the time! And to those complaining about it being too small of a play area, it’s a widget game! Of course it’s small. It looks like there’s also a full-size screen version so just download that instead.

- I’m confused

I downloaded this game because I have this on my chrome book at school but when school got canceled I decided to look this game up for my phone I found and decided to download it. But when I downloaded it you had to do all these ( only 2) I did the first one and the second one but it didn’t work I kept trying still didn’t work then I redownloaded and then tried again but it still didn’t work So I will rate this a five because on my chrome book it’s an awesome game!

- Steve Widget

This game is so fun! There are so many skins, and maps that come with them. And you buy them with coins that you get from playing, or you could watch an ad for them. All you have to do, is jump over whatever thing you have in the character/world you bought. Example: I have the Siamese cat and the normal world, and I jump over cacti like the usual dinosaur. And I love the game. But when you played for awhile, you get a little bored, but that should be normal, but I don’t know. Well, that’s all I have to talk and tell about Steve. Bye, and thank you for reading!

- 11/10

I don't even know where to start... I LOVE this game!!! I have an iPod generation 5 (I know, I know) and most apps I get crash the instant I open them. But this game works well and is extremely addictive. The only problem I have though is that sometimes, when I've been playing a lot, it stops working? Like I start the game, don't even tap, and then Steve gets stuck in a very long jump and eventually hits an invisible floating cactus. Other than that, though, I love this app so much!! Thanks for reading :)

- ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn

The most merciful thing in the world I think, is the inability of the human mind to corilate all of its contents. We live on a placid island of ignorance in the midst of the black seas of infinity, and it was not meant that we voyage far. The sciences, each straining in its own direction have hitherto harmed us little but some day the pricing together of disacosiated knowlage will open up such terrifying vistas of reality and of our frightening position therein that we shall eaither go mad from the revalation or run flee from the light into the peace and safety of a new dark age.

- Racist

The app itself is a good game. I like the consent. I unlocked two characters one was a white character wearing a red hat and the other was a black character wearing a green bandana. The white character was running on luscious green grass with nice houses and big trees in the background. Meanwhile the black character was running on dirt with trees with no leaves and wire fences with small sized, very spaced out homes. I couldn’t correlate either characters to anything I’ve seen before so correct me if I’m wrong. I assume both characters and backgrounds were made by the game. I dint understand why they are placed in such different settings based on the color of their skin

- Needs to update a little...

I think the game is cool and the whole widgets thing is a nice concept, but they need to update it a little. I am on an iPhone 7 with the widgets to the left of the home screen and not on the top of the drop- down, (Which is the Notification Center). And also I hope they can make the characters cost a little less like 50 to 100 coins because it takes a while to get a lot of coins to buy a new character. Maybe I am just not getting far enough, I don’t know but just lower the price a little bit, thanks.

- Really cool game

It’s a really cool game, it must have taken a long time and a lot of effort to make it. The only issue I have with the game is that on the IPhone 11 sometimes the character doesn’t jump if you click/tap on a certain area(the far right of the screen for me). I don’t know if that has to do with my phone being dirty which it isn’t or if that’s just a bug not accounted for. I would rate the game 9/10, it would be 10/10 except for that not jumping issue

- cute and fun!! 10/10 do recommend

At first, it was a bit confusing on how to add to the notification center (for those who are still confused, swipe left from the notification screen, scroll down, and itll say something like +1 new widget. click that and you’ll be able to add it from a list of widgets!) Its a fun game to play when youre in class with no wifi and trying to procrastinate. 10/10 mire options w characters that are super cute you wont regret the download

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Are you looking forward to get this app but don’t know if you will have any troubles or not so that’s why I will tell you. It is an AWESOME app just like the on on you computer or laptop when the internet runs out. It costs $2.00 if wanted to buy extra characters but it is totally FREE AND WORTH IT!


Although this game is simple, it’s simply amazing! The game is addictive, fun and I have been playing for hours when I just want to fidget and have fun in the afternoons, after school! This game makes time fly and although it follows a simple pixelated landscape, avoiding obstacles and jumping over cacti, there is a range of characters to play as, free or at the price of playing for a couple of minutes, that go past so fast that you couldn’t even say jump! The simpleness, the addictiveness and the great times that I had with it, are the key factors that are needed in a game that you can just sit down, earn and discover new characters and this game definitely ticks these key factors off in my books!


When I saw Steve on google my mind was “I have to get this game… IMMEDIATELY” and so I did and here it is. So this game is a simple game which means simple is the key to heaven. When I come home from school and I do my homework I love just going on my phone and swiping to the left and just have some free time playing Steve and I absolutely LOVE this game, Steve is actually my new favourite game and mobile legends is my second. VERY WELL DONE and how you can change characters is amazing, also did you know that watching the score go up is kinda satisfying? Anyways that’s my review

- Genius 🙌

Have you ever downloaded google on ios JUST for this game, I have, it’s just so simple and straightforward that makes it very attractive. I love how it’s just sitting there on the side of your screen, instead of opening google you can get it right there... next to your screen! When your standing in line at the mall or in the metro, you can just swipe left and enjoy a simple game. Love 💕 keep it up.

- Fun

In class me and my friends always get bored and we are not allowed on our iPads until we get told and are not allowed on games. The teacher also has a classroom app where he can see what we are doing but he can’t see when we are playing this. This app is great for boredom and you all should get it

- Just some suggestions

I love this game i just think you should also be able to play it fullscreen as well as in the widget menu. If you can do this i think it should be bigger in the widget screen because sometimes i click the background instead of the widget. Besides that this is an amazing game!

- Great idea

Creating a widget game is a great idea and is really handy to have when you have an iPad for school and are bored because you can play the game while doing work with split view. I wouldn’t say that this is the best app, but just the idea of creating a widget game is a great unique idea. It is quite simple and addicting

- Good game

I like how it's free and its not to hard to get if you know what your doing .all you have to do is get the app go left up to the part were you see songs go to the bottom and it should say edit and + the app and you should see it some where.

- why this widget won’t work

hello! just wanted to let everyone know that this game WILL NOT WORK as a widget unless you have an iphone 11, or an iphone 8 with the iphone 11 processor. any generation of iphone/ipad that has been brought out from 2018 and previous will not work with this widget

- fun game but just an idea

i really love this game and brings back good memories of fun times. but i think it would be really cool if you could make it like a widget to put ok your actual home screens, like the things people have used since IOS 14. would look good and be fun

- Make more games like this

This is probely one of the BEST games out there and I mean best I love when u can play games when ur tablet is turned off cause mine is my mums and she knows the password and I don’t so when my mum doesn’t turn my tablet on I can just play Steve so thx soooooooooo much!

- I think it’s great but I need help

I love this game because I think it’s really fun and really cute but in the pictures on the app it has photos of like other themes that you could do and I’m wondering how to do that because I like one of the themes thank you!


I LOVE this game! I do it during school (hehe) and it’s super fun AND a the teachers don’t catch u playing it cuz u can just swipe and pretend u are going on another app! I love this game so much and it’s great when u are bored on online school or on real school! It’s simple but also very creative!

- This doesn’t work with iOS 12

If you frequently update your iOS device, I don’t recommend this app for because you can’t play this game. This game works in the Notification Center, which is great because you don’t need to unlock your device to play. But, with the new iOS 12 update, you can’t edit your notifications, not that I know of anyways. So why waste your storage by downloading this app on the new apple iPad when there are plenty of other, ‘T-Rex Runner’ games. Then again, this game might make itself compatible later, in the future but when I am writing this review on the 7th of October 2018 so don’t call me stupid. Thank you for wasting your time reading this.

- Fun but boring

Fun little, simple game. I look forward for this to be available as a homescreen widget. I would like the ability to mix it up a bit though, I’ve collected all the characters and kinda over it now. Would love to see new games and things to do 🤷🏻‍♂️

- Good

This game is very interesting but it is kind of copyright of dino game. The reason I am not giving this game 5 stars is because it lags all the time

- Just a few problems with Pix

Pix is good but I just LOVE Steve. It’s an amazing game to play when you have no computer or Laptop. The problem with Pix is that I don’t know how to buy or help my Pix. So if you could write back and help me here Pix it would be awesome!!

- I’m obsessed!

I was confused about this game before because people in my class were talking about but one of them showed me and I realised what it was me and my whole class have it now we love it!🦖🌵

- Great game

You play a sort of fun game with out even doing your password just swipe and play the game you can stranger things character also trump Obama the grinch sonic and all sorts of other people the game the games the best

- Great but

I love this game but it did copy Trex run from google and I think it needs to be able to make it full screen because sometimes it’s hard to know when to jump when your finger is to big but other than that it good but next don’t copy other people’s games.

- Great!

My sibling calls it the no internet game because when you have no internet on my parent’s laptop, it pops up! When i saw this, i said to my self, “i have to download this game”

- Meets every expectation

It is exactly as advertised, and helps pass time. I’m not rating five star because it’s my favourite game or anything, just because it’s exactly as advertised and hardly any thing is

- Steve

Thanks for your great game I got inspired and I have great time playing this game I have aurtizem and 80hd this game is great for me when I have stuff happening p.s I play this game for hours i have aurtizem this game helps me to get control of my self

- Please make a update for iOS 14

I love the app but I really hope that you make a new widget for iOS 14. It would be really cool to be able to play the game straight from your Home Screen. Thanks.

- This game is awesome

This game is awesome but there is one tiny problem the screen is a bit small and should be made bigger but besides that the game is so fun. P.S if you read this get Steve and pix made by the same people.


This game is good for people who don’t have a computer and for people who like games with skins. And this game needs is the screen to be bigger because you get so little space to tap on the screen and so you can see better. And also make there power ups to as well (e.g super speed, shields, jump boost, etc) and also add computer features (e.g the game getting dark at 800 points, birds and ducking)

- Do me Steve

When there is a jump and then a jump right next to it it doesn’t let you jump and it pisses me off and I am getting suicidal thoughts


This game is SO FUN! I don’t have a computer but I love playing this game so when I found it I was like OMG MY FAVOURITE GAME! You get so addicted its crazy! I one hundred percent think you should download this app I live for it!

- Best game! Other than minecraft

It is super simple! The different level types are awesome! If you could build levels that would be cool

- Hi

It was a good game Unti I died and then I hated it and so I deleted it but I feel in love with it it had that special spark so now I am going to give a 5 star and also don’t tell him I am going to be engaged with 😍😍👰🏼🤵🏻


Absolutely worth it it even helps when you are on iOS 13. I just updated my iPhone to iOS 14 and it still works. absolutely worth buying!! I LoVE IT 🥰

- Amazing

So convenient, amazing and like the best! I just so happened to have the internet drop out yesterday, I nearly lost all hope but Steve saved me! 🥰😅😂

- Sooooo good

I love it so much totally recommend. It’s great if you have an iPad and cant access the dinosaur game on the computer when there is no WiFi 😃😃

- Great game!

This game is amazing but you can turn internet off on chrome and tap the dinosaurs that pops up...., but this is better

- confused

how do i get the free skin? i already downloaded the PIX animal app thing but every time i click to purchase the unicorn character for steve it keeps taking me to the app store although it’s already been downloaded

- Oof

The only thing wrong with it is when u don’t have any notifications

- Semi semi

It is a good game but it doesn’t work like my notifications don’t Have today in them so I can’t play

- Real good wiget

Great Dino but I think you should make the actuallike playing like a bit bigger like the one on my Chibi which is pretty good to

- Much good

It’s great cause you can play it either with or without internet. Also a classic for me

- Great!

I first thought it wouldn’t work or something but then I found out how to do it

- I cant play???

When i go to notification centre i cant see today orr edit...?

- Very fun

This game is really fun but I only want one thing and that is for the screen to get bigger Like if u agree

- Love this

Now I can play this in school and my teacher won’t suspect a thing ;)

- Add pause button

This game is sooooo hard yet the screen is tiny there's no pause button it gets extremely annoying too. 😡😿👎🏻

- Worst

This is the worst game ever don’t download it. I made this now I don’t like but can’t create any

- Can’t play

So I pulled down the screen but the game didn’t play

- Awsome

No problems at all every girl and boy at our school has this game it is so fun and addictive

- 👍

This is simple but so amazing and addictive Yu can just casually play whenever your bored

- Great game

So I watched around 200 ads to get every character in this game and I have no regrets

- Great

It’s a really good app, just lower the prices and higher the coins found

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- How to Open Dino Game if it’s not Appearing

How to open Dino Game if it’s Not Appearing, Exit App Swipe Left <- that Left then if it’s not there Go to the Bottom of the list and Press Edit then Press Steve :p then Find the game then Press Show more then start Playing! TADA!

- Widget

Anyone else getting this for a widget? 😂

- Please let you play in the app

Please make it so you are able to play when you go into the app

- Confusion

Doesn’t seem to work on iPhone 8-no “today” or “edit” in Notification Center. Help please?

- Good

I like this game

- Excellent widget game

But I wish I can move it from my search screen to my actual Home Screen

- Yes!!

This app is better than it said it would be and you can customize your Dino by spending coins collected in game.

- He the best

Love it

- Very fun game

It is a real good game

- Bruh

A widget game... Noice 👍🏼

- Awesome

Great widget game but when you jump it stops counting the distance while you are in the air

- Fun

Vary fun to play

- People can access your phone without a password

The ad feature unlocks your phone without a password

- Steve

It’s fun it’s just a bit confusing

- Kinda good

They should make it playable in the app because sometimes when you jump it exits the widgets

- I can,t even play

When I press how to to play it shows a iPhone iOS 13 idk AND I HAVE AN IOS 13 IPAD

- Perfect lil game

I love this so much and that we can also use it when the phone is locked. Also I don’t have an ios 14 and most stuff like this doesn’t work but this dose. ^-^ It also matches my home screen perfectly BEST APP I have got in a while ❤︎

- Steve

Very good


I have an iPhone 5s and it works

- This game is amazing

I like this game a lot, I mean I like it too much

- Good

The only problem is that i wished it would allow you to put the widget in your homsescreen rather than just putting it in a widget section, awesome game though :)

- 𝔻𝕠𝕨𝕟𝕝𝕠𝕒𝕕 𝕟𝕠𝕨!

𝕋𝕙𝕚𝕤 𝕒𝕡𝕡 𝕚𝕤 𝕘𝕣𝕖𝕒𝕥! 𝕀 𝕝𝕠𝕧𝕖 𝕚𝕥 𝕀 𝕡𝕝𝕒𝕪 𝕚𝕥 𝕖𝕧𝕖𝕣𝕪𝕕𝕒𝕪! 𝕃𝕚𝕜𝕖 𝕘𝕖𝕥 𝕥𝕙𝕚𝕤 𝕣𝕚𝕘𝕙𝕥 𝕟𝕠𝕨 𝕓𝕖𝕤𝕥 𝕔𝕙𝕠𝕚𝕔𝕖!!!!!𝔾𝕖𝕥 𝕥𝕙𝕚𝕤 𝕒𝕡𝕡 𝕘𝕖𝕣 𝕥𝕙𝕚𝕤 𝕒𝕡𝕡!!! 𝕀𝕥'𝕤 𝕒𝕞𝕒𝕫𝕚𝕟𝕘!!!

- Free?

Where’s my free character prior to the update

- Help I’m only 3

How the truck do you play, I’m just at the character select

- Add more characters

i absolutely love this game. whenever i’m bored and have no games to play i’ll swipe over and play this. it’s super fun to play and i love it. about the characters; you should add a stitch character from “lilo & stitch”. it would be so cute.

- I’m in school 😀😅

Wish it could go on screen