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Stack up the blocks as high as you can!

◉ Simple & Beautiful graphics designed
◉ Compete for the best score in the world

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The applications Stack was published in the category Games on 2016-02-17 and was developed by Ketchapp. The file size is 110.94 MB. The current version is 3.1 and works well on 9.2 and high ios versions.


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Not so bad  sofirangerle  3 star

In the beginning I loved this app but now there are better apps to play and I haven’t been playing it much. I only really play it for when I’m really bored.. but it can be fun sometimes!! Not a fan of the ads though.


F&$$&& too many adds  Vzgoyesem  1 star

When you load the game for the first time you’re expecting to see the menu not a effin ad. The greed of mobile app devs is getting out of control. Specially voodoo and you! It is expected to see ads in a free game but not get gangedb*^%# from the bottom of the screen from the side and center. Jesus.... Never downloading this publishers games again...


It’s fine  Bmachock4  3 star

I can think it’s mediocre

Ter Boss337373

It’s ok  Ter Boss337373  3 star

When I first downloaded this app it seemed fun but now I’m reluctant to play it. Every now and then I play it though.


MY GOD THE ADS  warman....  2 star



Chill with the ads!!!  Vmprsqud  2 star

What is with all the ads, I get it’s the way to make money on free games but to take a game with no ads then push 200 ads a second to us unless we pay 3 bucks.. cmon it actually makes the game unplayable. they are incredibly intrusive to gameplay


Adds  bdbsjsjsjddbcsj  2 star

The Games fun to play and really challenging but at the same time there are so many adds that interrupt me in the middle of the game or when I push revive it makes me watch the add than starts me over or crashes my game and doesn’t even save my score it’s stupid and you guys should fix those bugs than it would be enjoyable to play


This game has to many ads and not enough time to play  AbbyMae2007  4 star

I got this game 2years ago and it is so fun but it is over loaded with ads


Scam as usual when it comes to games  TheHuff109  1 star

This app shows family sharing abilities. Under the fine print they say in-app purchases can’t be shared. I Bought the app but they consider that an “in app” purchase. So I have to buy the app for every one of my devices. F’ing ripoff. So what exactly am I “family Sharing?” It’s “free” to download so why would anyone need to family share it?? Apple needs to change this policy. This is NOT a “family sharing” app

Super player the best

NOOO  Super player the best  1 star

My gosh!!!!!! So stinking annoying! One all you do is stack! Do some fun stuff people!!! And the fun skins are soooo expensive. It takes you so long to unlock them I mean it’s like UGG and it takes like 200 coins which Takes FOREVER!!! I hate this app!!!


Great but....  thevoter12334555  3 star

I love this game but it can get super boring after time, also if you get the blocks perfectly on the other ones like five times it makes the blocks bigger and it just throws me off so maybe pause the game and then make it grow but besides those things it’s a great game 😍😍😍


Aggressive ads in middle of level  raiden337  1 star

We all know the game type, this is a stack game and it does that aspect well however it’s ads are aggressive. The app will show a full screen ad in the middle of building a tower, there is no warning it just interrupts your level and breaking any rhythm you had built up.


Points  KittyCatIceCream4  3 star

I think when ever you get let’s say 69 you should get that many points. But instead they give you 6 points. I think it is a good game except for that bit.

Squishy Writer

Ads  Squishy Writer  3 star

Hi... I see you like holoverse


Garbage  Chris6102  1 star

The game isn’t to bad but the developers are greedy cash grab developers cramming ads into every aspect of the game, just died? AD! wanna skip a mission? AD! wanna play the game in a functional way? AD!


Ads  Lolamaner  5 star

I love this game but the reason why I hate it a little is ads but I play it offline so there is fun in it so I would still rate it five 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟


Why so many ads  Gameslover101900inthehouse  2 star

Okay so I just downloaded this game and as soon as I had opened it an ad popped up. this was before I had even played the game.


Really good  BemoreSLOTHlike  5 star

Great game


really addictive but...  ⓖⓘⓝⓖⓔⓡ_88  4 star

this game is so fun i play it ever time i go on my ipad but...there is literally a add every time you loose a game it is really anoyimg but still really fun👍😊


Ads  [email protected]$;:9  3 star

Ads randomly pop up and you can’t click anything to make the ad disappear, please fix

Dave Smith II

Ads are over-achievers  Dave Smith II  1 star

This game is great. It's addictive, but the ads are so invasive that they actually affect the outcome of the game. I understand that they're trying to sell an ad-free, less annoying version, but the full-screen ads popping up during actual gameplay makes me not want to buy it. Or have this app installed on my phone.


Love the new update  selsel01  4 star

I’ve been with this app for a long time, and before, it was pretty decent of a game for me to play. Not the most exciting, but definitely time consuming and enjoyable. Now, this new update boosts the creativity level by a lot, because of adding missions and new features overall. Also, I really like that you can watch a video to revive after the block has become too small and, whereas in the old version, that’d end the game for you. However, with the new changes, it makes it much easier to surpass high scores if you want to continue. I, of course, believe that there will be even better updates in the future, which is why I rated this app a 4/5. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to play a game that’ll really get you focused on it and involved. Love the new update!


Crash  Pokemonfangirl  4 star

This game is very fun and addicting to play. I normally play it on my brother’s phone and we compete for the highest score. Things can get hilariously intense. I decided to download it myself today and all it did was crash after playing an add. Love the game, but I can’t keep loving it if I can’t play it. Please fix this if possible. Thank you


Dishonesty  Myth045  1 star

The newest update never said anything about adding video and pop up advertisements that load even with no internet or cellular, causing massive lag spikes and making the game unplayable as a result! Please remove video advertisements for free. Image ads that load quickly should be ok to help you make money.


Loved it  booooooooooottttttttyyuy  5 star

I loved it this game helps me consentrait and helps my brain get stronger

nockname is taken try again

SO. MANY. ADS.  nockname is taken try again  3 star

The app is really fun. It just really frustrates me that there is an ad nearly every time you lose. I understand that they have to profit somehow but I feel as a consumer that the amount of advertisements would make me delete the game. I hope they fix this because it is getting annoying.


Adds  keniemads  4 star

I love this game but the only thing I hate about this app is that a add with pop up when your playing. That annoys me the most about it.

Mr. Juliana

it’s just ads now  Mr. Juliana  2 star

used to be a neat game to binge play, but there’s a 5 second ad in between each round you have to go offline for it be actually be tolerable to play , if you don’t want to pay for no ads


Great game, too many intrusive ads  Jitaroo  2 star

I got this game a while ago and haven’t played it for some time. I noticed an update out and now there’s way more ads then there were before. Worst of all they come up on places where you’d tap to play the game making you inadvertently open the ad! Very poor practice.

Corey Blaser

Bad form...  Corey Blaser  1 star

Fun game, but if I upgrade to an ‘ad free’ experience, don’t double down on the ads. I want my $2.99 back plus the time I wasted. Dishonest and disappointing. I’ll never buy another app from this developer.


Love this game!  Eva_6  4 star

Stack is a very good and addictive game to me!But I would of gave it a 5 stars if it doesn’t have adds popping up while your playing the game.It makes me lose when I try press X of the add.It really bugs me.But other then that I absolutely love this game.I would defiantly recommend this game!


Oh  Donnyoz  4 star

Rj by nnoon B.B. go jump dx


Adds are annoying  Dropletsabovetrees  2 star

The adds are annoying cuz they really put u off when u nearly get a high score. It's an OK game other wise. When the brick gets bigger it's super off putting too. Sometimes it's kinda glitchy. Which is annoying. :-(


Good but.....  irishlad23(lebron)  5 star

Great game but I have 816 diamonds 💎 and I am not able to buy new bricks Apart from that great game , my high score is 79 😂😂 If my “problem “ is fixed I will rewrite this review and give it 5 ⭐️ Problem fixed new high score 93

Sarah Joice

Great fun..well depends  Sarah Joice  4 star

I know it’s only a game but to be honest it’s VERY annoying when you get the brick on the brick the same way 10 times...and when the brick gets’s VERY hard to keep going on...and I usually loose the game...I have recommended it to other people and they have said the exact same thing!!! Other than’s a great addictive game.


😍😍  Abigail❤️🖤  5 star

This is a great game I love it it’s kid and family friendly it’s a great game anyone can play and it’s so addictive


Class  Tomjshan  5 star

Unreal graphics,great game


Addictive but glitchy  Gymgym11  3 star

It's a good game in general and very addictive but every time I try play it glitches and makes me start again😡 But I do really like it in general👍🏻

Emm Pop Cake

Love it  Emm Pop Cake  5 star

I think this game is great but if u have enough diamonds don't click the thing that comes up on the screen click onto the levels and pick one


Brilliant game  Adammaher321  5 star

Brilliant game 👌👌

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