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Stay on the platforms and do as many jumps as you can.

Just tap the screen to jump and twist the platforms. Try not to fall off the edges!

Collect gems to unlock new balls and platform colors.

What is your best score ?

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The applications Twist was published in the category Games on 2015-11-11 and was developed by Ketchapp. The file size is 133.84 MB. The current version is 1.0 and works well on 6.0 and high ios versions.

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Twist Reviews

i like but its ok

Ads  i like but its ok  3 star

When i was playing the app I was about to get my high score and then BOOM a add came up and then it ruined it.


Hard  Crazyhq96  3 star

It’s to hard because you need to tap constantly and it could get to hard so you press hard and it could break the electronic

Don't play it I'm not joking

Boo  Don't play it I'm not joking  1 star

I can't even describe how bad this app is I mean come on know and I've noticed this through out all of the ketch app games. And I only put a star because the app wouldn't let me send it if I didn't rate it


Tilt of camera needs work.  JPar1978  1 star

Inside of the game it’s very hard to get onto the platform


This game is addicting  joey975  5 star

I got to over six hundred in twist. It’s takes time to get good and I’m good now.


Get twisty  Lazzo51  5 star

This game brings me happiness, fulfillment in life, and all around satisfaction. 5 stars every day of the week. I got a score of 103, please feel free to try and beat that. If you do Facebook me at stef


Meh...  ThisWasCrapWaste  3 star

This game has no music the shop has everything at the same price and the game gets boring ... easily, and then it plays an ad/ pop up WHILE YOU ARE STILL PLAYING THE GAME!


Lagging  #VideoGamesForLife  2 star

This is a good game but the lagging has made me lose at least 20 runs.


Why so many ads  Cvgnuni  2 star

So this game is really good and fun but the worst part is the ads let me explain so basically when you go into the game you instantly get an ad or sometimes for me I start right away so it kill me like three jumps into my run also there are little pop ads at the bottom of your screen there is a casino one that has a bunch of 7’s moving and after every 2 runs you get a another ad on behalf of ketchap I know you need to make money and your games don’t really have any in app purchases but just tone the ads down please I feel like you are just milking people for money by over putting ads.


It’s cool  Lizkat123  4 star

I think this app is very cool for people who want to be challenged not like me but don’t worry I still think this app is cool

Albert 805

Soooooo gooooood  Albert 805  5 star

Such a goooooood game DOWNLOAD IT!

take my advice*****

Take my advice****  take my advice*****  1 star

This game is rlly bad and glitches every five seconds. Also when your half way threw the game it comes up with a add and makes you die! It slows down your device and you have to go on it once , exit then go on it again just for it to work. DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS CRAPPY GAME!!!!


Love it  sssssssssssearl  5 star

This game is so addictive like soo addictive do not try playing it in the middle of class I will end badly very badly anyway apart from that this game is so cool how you jump from wall to wall my only recuest is that the flirt stays on colour


The first new version  Sandalinjkh  5 star


my m😱m

😍😍😍  my m😱m  5 star

I just started playing this game yesterday and I just fell in love!!!! Great game!!


Addictive  Boschhhhhhhh  4 star

Gets you hooked very quickly but it does need more customisation and also to allow you to keep the floor one colour


5 out of 5  Mcplaz  5 star

Nice as


Yes yea  dingoer  4 star

It's a very good consent for a game

Steven to the maximus

Ads  Steven to the maximus  1 star

Here's an idea... let's put ads in an app which show up just after you start a game so you lose the game and also open up and advertisement!!!!!! Stupid stupid stupid

Martika facinelli

Bad  Martika facinelli  1 star

This game is so bad it won't give me a chance


It’s cool but it constantly freezes up my phone  Shawna555  4 star

It’s cool but it freezes my phone where I have to press the home button a million times to get out of the app


Yes  Bowmaster25  5 star

This game passes time and never ends


Great overall but could use work  Worthy1678  4 star

A good concept but all the balls and floors are all the same price so there’s no need to work for the coolest ones. When I exit the game and go back in the game screen freezes but the game itself is still running. Also I don’t see the point of different floors because they change color when you get farther anyways if the floors were different textures or did something different I think they would be more worth getting. The last thing I would add is power ups and head starts that you could purchase before.


Infuriating but addictive  MomsterCrusher22  5 star

I can’t put it down

hellohi 😎🤓234

HelloHi  hellohi 😎🤓234  3 star

The game is super fun but if you close out of it it freezes whenever you try to get back onto it So I guess it just needs to be improved some. REALLY GLITCHY!


Could have improvements  zippy👍  4 star

This game is great but it could have improvements. There should be levels where you have to make it to the end. Also sense the floor changes what’s the point of buying floors. You should choose one of them buying floors or having floors change. This game is very well just some improvements are needed.


I have a concern  CookieFace06  4 star

As I was playing I pressed jump THREE TIME and I died. But this is a very good game!


Screen freezing and making me lose control of phone  noscoper420  3 star

Good game, but when I open it and try to play, it will freeze. The screen freezes and I cannot switch apps by clicking the home button and I have to mash the power button just to get off the app. It takes about 15 seconds until I’m actually able to turn my phone completely off after the game freezes. This is so frequent that I have finally decided to write a review instead of just deleting the app. I hope this issue will be fixed in an update.


Idk  _-.-  4 star

I love the game it is so addicting but the one main problem i have and pretty sure everyone has is that you can by different colored floors but I don’t understand why because don’t the floors change color in the game anyway. That is a little confusing i bought 1 floor and the other colors showed up and i was confused. Other than that I love the game and try to beat my high score everyday


Ok I guess  Em~boo$  2 star

It’s a very addicting game , but could use some more features . It gets boring after a while

Dulcie Hollywood

My score is 18967  Dulcie Hollywood  5 star

It is a good game you should get it and try to beat my score😁


Good fun to pass the time  Daithios  5 star

Easy to get into this game and improve your score and it becomes a really enjoyable way to pass the time.

Candy fools

So bad  Candy fools  1 star

I am so bored


Slick  ConalG2002  5 star


Kawaii Katelyn2008

Realy good but  Kawaii Katelyn2008  4 star

It is to plain like add in power ups like for example a power up that makes u go slower or a power up that make a lot of those pink things


Ok  LIV*2SWAG  2 star

This game is quite hard it is a bit frustrating at times I suppose you will get the hang of it after a while. But if you don't have lots of storage space then I wouldn't recommend it because it could waste memory fast !!!!

Lover girl 9😉

Twist lover #amazing 101😋😍😇😇😇  Lover girl 9😉  5 star

I love twist it is so challenging and enjoyable. A few bits from time to time but as I said I <3 twist😋😍😛😛😚😀😘😗😌😜🌞😊🙂😘😗😙😙😛😝😜😜😝😛😛🤑


Nice game.  Grace20050415  5 star

Nice game.


😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳  *pizza24*  5 star

AMAZBALLS 😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😨😨😨😨


By backgrounds  Ryan12322323243347384  5 star

I love the game . But it would be awesome if you ware able to change the background . I am just saying


Great  Byties  5 star


Zaeem aswat

Amazing  Zaeem aswat  5 star

This game is highly addictive, fun, exiting and much more. It's my all time favorite game. But the one thing that I don't like is the ads. At times they pop up even before I die.


Awesome Game  Mileh_Bae  5 star

This Amazing my friends are horrible at playing this game and that's the fun thing you improve every time you play. Great Fame Guys!!!! If you haven't installed this game your missing out!😜😜😜😜😜👌🏾👍🏾


Way to many ads! 😡😡😡😡  explotions  1 star

I don't like the fact that you allow these ads! WTF


Good but  [email protected]  4 star

The game has too many ads


Awesome but  Mattybodatty  5 star

The game is awesome and some what addictive, which is rare for me, but all the ads are irritating

Mbalentle Lande

Cool  Mbalentle Lande  5 star


Hums juju

WTF  Hums juju  1 star

Ads in the middle of the game...WTF

Vanilla Fashionista

Rocked it  Vanilla Fashionista  4 star

Awesome game


Flash  Sumerigusa  5 star


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