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Stay on the wall and do as many zigzags as you can!

Just tap the screen to change the direction of the ball. Try not to fall off the edges!

How far can you go?

ZigZag App Description & Overview

The applications ZigZag was published in the category Games on 2015-02-04 and was developed by Ketchapp. The file size is 114.77 MB. The current version is 1.2.1 and works well on 6.0 and high ios versions.

New balls to unlock!!

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ZigZag Reviews

Kady Lewis

Wow, it's so fun!!!  Kady Lewis  5 star

Btw it's kinda like dancing line (cheetah mobile)


Zigzag  ishfrisxo  5 star

Quite addictive


Not very easy  MommaLyney  1 star

Now I know I hate something about this game...... I can’t zig zag correctly! Make it easier to play or I’ll deleat the game off of the phone!

weirdness reveiws

Great app  weirdness reveiws  4 star

It’s a great app I love it but there is an ad every time I die and when I first get on the app


Email  lapagfv  2 star

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zig zag is a good game

It is not the best game ever  zig zag is a good game  4 star

I don’t like how it gets more diamonds like 100 them 200 like that but I love all the other stuff it is a good game to to play

layla loliepop

I love this game  layla loliepop  5 star

This game is so much fun it’s so intriguing! It’s a little hard in the beginning but like once u play it maybe 4 or 5 time u will get the hang of it. I have probably been playing this game for about a year or so. And you’ll never believe it my high score is 163 I just love this game and I definitely recommend this game!🤗😂


Fun but lot of ads  Mia.......  5 star

It’s good but lots of ads


Eh.  hotpotato778  2 star

How do u play this game? If you could actually guide the ball, it would be a 5 star rating for sure


Kind of boring  pirplequeen  3 star

I found it to be lacking. I couldn’t get the rhythm. You should have it timed to music, like in Dancing Line, which is my favorite game ever.

Super SoSi

Best Game (Zig Zag)  Super SoSi  4 star

This game is amazing it’s so much fun it’s one of my FAVOURITE games it’s so addictive after a ruff day at school it’s just so much fun to see what you can get to beat your high score but when you are so close to your high score adds just pop up in front of the game and then you die because of the stupid adds so If you know how to get rid of the adds it will be so much better then it is. But besides that this game is magnificent I don’t even know how to describe how good it is do what ever you can.

Aurora Sharp

It’s great but one little thing  Aurora Sharp  4 star

I love ZigZag but when you are playing ads come popping up and you just fall of! It’s not fair so I’m just saying people always wait before you play. P.S My highest score is 319!!

guinea pig 123

Please read this review  guinea pig 123  5 star

This game is amazing it is so much fun and it calms me down after a ruff day it is one of my favourite games except for all the adds that keep on popping up when you are so close to your high score so if you know how to get rid of adds please do so then it would make this game even better than it already was. Thank you for taking up your time to read this oh and also if you don’t have this game you download it immediately it is so much fun


Ads too often  critical.thinker.  3 star

Ads pop up way to much but it is a fun game to play maybe have less ads so people can enjoy it more


Amazing game but...  Krysia1971  5 star

This game is so much fun it gives me so much challenge. But games with so much tapping kinda dents my hand!


ZIG ZAG wow.💕🦄  McIntyrehouse  5 star

It is hard at first but when you get the hang of it is so much easier.so I say zig zag is a great app .


ZigZag  blossomcount  3 star

very glitchy!


Ads  Qwertiof  3 star

There are way too many ads popping up as I”m playing the game.... do something about this!

Ketchapp Games Rule!

Fun...but  Ketchapp Games Rule!  4 star

It’s a very addictive game and it’s very enjoyable but it always comes up with a ad on my first go, and it’s really annoying! It makes me lose the game! But apart from that it’s good! 😍


I love it but...  Djhcdbufjdfh  4 star

I love this game but mid-game ads will pop up and ruin my game and score. Please fix this!


Plz read!!!!!😊😊😊  Honestishottest101  5 star

I think I have already written a review for this game but I need to submit a suggestion. This game is awesome but when the blocks change color it's very difficult and distracting. Also if you catch a glance at the graphics of the blocks behind you, it's also a distraction. Maybe add a "No distractions" mode? And keep the current mode "Normal"?

yout mom trash at fortnite

Like it a lot but to many ads  yout mom trash at fortnite  4 star

Way to many ads



It literally glitches up all the time and it’s very frustrating. You will be IN THE MIDDLE OF A GAME and an add will pop up. Needs to be updated because I’ve gotten very angry..


STOP HATING ON THIS GAME!  soccercaticorn  5 star

Thus game is the best ketchapp game EVER so if people want to hate let them hate because they don’t know then creativity and puzzling challenges that were put into this. So my point is haters gonna hate so let them hate!

princess 🤪

super fun, but  princess 🤪  1 star

this game is spectacular. it’s super fun and challenging also addictive. however, there are so many ads. when you click to start there’s an ad and you usually end up clicking it which takes you to the store and then you have to get out of the store and go back into your game.


so upsetting  123dre6  3 star

I am writing this because when I am about to die,I tap and it just ignores the tap!So that is why I give it 3 stars.


BOOOOo  pepepepepepwpep  1 star

This game is awful. My thumbs cannot concentrate hard enough to make the ball move. Thanks A LOT

Nature dragon

Too much adds  Nature dragon  1 star

In the middle of the game suddenly an add pops up and you loose.Is a really good game but that the adds make you loose is really bad


AWESOME  JCYoHomie  5 star

This game fun and addictive!! That's really all I have to say about this game.

haha monkeys

No do not get  haha monkeys  2 star

It dose not let you tap at most of the turns it the worst game ever

Logan Dent

Amazing  Logan Dent  5 star

I've never been hooked on one game for so long in my life


Beautiful  Ngwaaa  5 star

A game that requires precision I love it


Interesting  AllyDu  5 star

Soo much tapping 😂 soo addictive and amazing


Addicting  Adoradiva  5 star

This game is so addicting but I love it so much


Madly addictive. Excellent puzzle.  Dottbass  4 star

Sometimes graphics obscures your view at critical moments.


Good  DaniellaGirl300  4 star

It’s really good I just downloaded it and already I love ❤️ it!!! 🤩😎🤪


Shake Shake!!!  Natalie065  3 star

Whenever I play this game the screen shakes so it's really hard to play it!


Good game but some glitching  Chiggins2112  4 star

I love this game except for one thing kind of glitches sometimes but besides that it was really good if you’re bored and you have nothing to do it’s very difficult but it’s a good game and I think that it would be a great game for someone who has a lot of patience


Fix to your problem  Charlee3233hooya  5 star

Well a fix to you're problem so when you guys say " adds keep popping up" or something you don't realise there is a fix just turn off all the internet and boom 💥 there you have it because they can't pop up if there's no internet so good 😊 day and bye 👋🏻 (hope you're problem is solved thank me later (or thank me now))


Best Game Ever  rk IRELAND  5 star

when i started playing this game i loved it so much i wanted to marry it !!!Its so good and really idictive!!! Ketchapp games are best! BUY ALL


I 💜 this game!!!  elliehyland12  5 star

I love this game it's very addictive the only thing is there is a few adds but that's the only thing!!! Other than that I think this is very addictive and very fun!👍

Patrick Larkin

Good game  Patrick Larkin  5 star

Good game

Cool 224

Not good  Cool 224  3 star

There's as ad in the middle of the screen so I can't play.

Americas star

Awsome💞💞💞😀😀😀🇺🇸🇺🇸  Americas star  5 star

This is the absolute best game ever. Everyone is saying there far to much adds but I don't experience very many you are missing out if you don't download best game ever


Excellent game  Cumpoka  5 star

This game is excellent and fun but very addictive and there is quite a lot of adds but overall I do recommend it👍


Ads  zyzzzzzzzzzzzzzz#zyzzzz  1 star

They put ads in the middle of the game so you just die. Fix you game mahn

Lex Cartel

Trippiest game  Lex Cartel  5 star

Enjoy it better when stoned


Fun but too difficult  PhotoMixer22,/  3 star

It's too challenging which makes one frustrated. You might make a high score once by sheer luck.

Bra Zondi

Pop ups  Bra Zondi  3 star

The game needs to stop the ads while playing. Otherwise a good game


Adds popping up  Dgvnju  2 star

Game freezes and adds popups

Marren Miss Daisy Lover (:

Good but has glitches  Marren Miss Daisy Lover (:  3 star

Sometimes the game lags and stuff and it's really irritating. Also, the ads pop up whilst I'm playing? It's stupid. But the game is fun and quite aesthetically pleasing


Meh  Yayayaysysyaysy  3 star

It's nice


ZigZag is love, ZigZag is life  JazzMCFLY  5 star

I was 6yrs old...


Adverts  Jdksloan  1 star

I understand that the game needs to generate revenue with ads and I have nothing against that! Just don't enjoy an ad popping up while I'm the middle of the game and dying because of it! Fix this I will give it 5 stars


Awsome👍😃  Ojxhciwdbchiefbciefncuned  5 star

Very cool addictive and fun


Real Game  MrSnave  3 star

This so good and really enjoy it when alone


Great app  iyaani  5 star

It's a nice game, I love it


Great  Jewishmartini  4 star

Great app

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