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If you enjoyed playing Balls Race then this brand new ball game is for you!

Roll fast on the platforms! Take boosts! Fly in the air as long as you can in order to improve your score! But don't fall down!

Sky Ball App Description & Overview

The applications Sky Ball was published in the category Games on 2018-03-04 and was developed by Ketchapp. The file size is 163.82 MB. The current version is 1.1 and works well on 7.0 and high ios versions.

◉ New balls.
◉ New perfect landing reward system.
◉ New jump platforms.
◉ UI improvements.
◉ Bug fixes.

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😬  rarah666  1 star

This game started out fun and I really liked it, but now there just too many adds. The game would be cooler with more levels and different obstacles or something like that. The game used to be my favorite game but now I barely play it.

Anlisia AKA Ann

Rolling sky  Anlisia AKA Ann  5 star

Its awesome


Awesome  4284710  5 star

It is sooooooo cool! 1 star review is the best.


This game is like heroin  Pegload  5 star

I have 300k coins


Very good, no use for coins?  Puglover111222333:)  4 star

Once you've gotten everything there is no other use for coins, and that's just annoying. There should be more things to buy, like power ups or something. Or they could just be one big thing that would take a while to save up for.


Didn’t like the update  Kk-llama22  2 star

I was really addicted to this game before it had the update after that it required you to land on a plank and boost yourself and go for as long as possible it was fun the first few times but after awhile it got boring. I would have definitely liked to have played the other version rather than this. And there is really no point to the game. I don’t think I would recommend this version of the game.


Sky ball  decemberdude  5 star

Love this game


Landing in the middle  @angel_zavala61  3 star

The thing that gets you the most points in this game are the middle lines, I also realized that if you don’t go for a “middle line streak” you get hardly any points. I could jump on those little platforms for 3 minutes and get less points than if I landed 8 middle line shots in a row, sometimes it gets a little redundant. My suggestion, have different game modes: 1. Game mode where you try hitting the middle lines, but instead of a counter going up depending on how long you travel for. A counter telling you how many times in a row you hit the middle line. This would be good for people that enjoy the aspect of precise and fast aiming (and the adrenaline it provides, guilty.) 2. Game mode where the platforms are thinner and move faster. There is no pressure to aim for the middle line but it’s still not boring. Counter goes up on how long you’ve survived for but also gains a certain amount for every platform you hit, giving player some satisfaction and goal while also entertaining them. There are a lot of other tiny details I would add but that would be a whole separate paragraph. (Optional) 3: Game mode where it’s extremely easy, this would be for people that really have no time, maybe they’re on the bus and want to play a little mini game in their phone. Jumping from platform to platform. I would add really nice graphics to this so it’s not as boring, something that isn’t repetitive. I have multiple graphical ideas that would work but like I said before, it would be another wall of text. A lot of these games have potential but I feel like they’re just coded in a couple days, sent to Ketchapp, then posted on their App Store account.. Occasionally they might fix a few bugs here, add a new sound effect there, add a nice cosmetic and call it a month. Not trying to insult the devs as this is the #1 played game on my phone at the moment, but I’d like to pitch some of my ideas, as a consumer and a business partner. Contact me if interested


Fun but please fix following  Jonah_Andrew  3 star

I’ve had it glitch through the block when you go fast I donno why it does it but please fix it thanks❗️


Very fun game gets boring  Zach88373783637  5 star

It’s a very fun and addictive game but once you get all of the balls unlocked you lose all interest the game which is what happened to me . I got a very high score and then I just lost all interest though if you are just looking for a fun temporary game . This is it

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