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Christmas is coming again! Play this Christmas game with over 1500 levels of match 3 fun, filled with lots of new challenges! Light the candles, clear the snow to find the gifts, catch the jumping snowmen, fill the gift bags. Drop Santa down the chimney, ignite the firecrackers, fill the big sock and look what's in the fridge. All while taking care of the snow guns!

Christmas Sweeper 3 will keep you engaged until long after Christmas!
There are no lives to lose, and you don't have to annoy your friends to progress. Play as long as you want. This game will fill the long winter evenings with lots of pleasure!

Swap, drag and sweep the cute Christmas pieces, like the christmas tree, santa's hat, Christmas bells and baubles, gingerbread man and ice crystals. Make matches of 4 or 5 to create powerful bombs and power-ups. And use Santa's mitten to collect a single piece. You'll be rewarded with cookies and soda.

Be sure to share the fun with your facebook friends. Invite them and compete with them in the leaderboards and on the level map!

If you like holiday themed match 3 puzzle games, click and match, swap and match or any type of casual match 3 puzzle game then Christmas Sweeper 3 is just for you!

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Christmas Sweeper 3 App Description & Overview

The applications Christmas Sweeper 3 was published in the category Games on 2015-11-19 and was developed by SmileyGamer BVBA. The file size is 126.62 MB. The current version is 3.4.1 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

Important fix.

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Christmas Sweeper 3 Reviews


Great game!!!  SGS0311  3 star

Love this game play it daily. Get tired of all the ads. This is a game you can sit playing and then realize holy cow that much time has slipped by. Question though...just did the last update and when I try to open the game won’t open. Acts as if it’s going to then closes. Any ideas??? Tried restoring, turning off phone but nothing seems to work. Thanks


Freezing up!  msmax2  1 star

This game is constantly freezing up! I have to shut down my IPhone & get out of the game to get out of it! About ready to delete it, I’m spending more time, freeing up the app then playing. What’s going on??


Still get ads  Leighsaid  1 star

Paid for no ads. still tons of ads. Ripoff. Also contacted game support - they said it's not ads if it's ads for their games. No. An ad is an ad is an ad.


Love  Pocketchange48  5 star

Love this game so much I actually paid so I don’t get the ads 🤣 never did that with any other game ❤️

Christmas bell

Christmas Sweeper  Christmas bell  5 star

I love your game-Christmas Sweeper it’s so much fun 👍😄


Great game, questionable ads.  Loublu111  3 star

This game is a favorite because the levels are challenging but winnable if you keep trying. Not true with many other games where I am totally stuck on a level I can’t win, and therefore can’t advance. Those types of games get deleted. I don’t even mind the appropriate ads. So my reason for only three stars? The ads with scantily clothed women are offensive in my opinion. I hope your ad provider will allow you to specify “appropriate ads only” so I don’t have to look at them again. Thanks!


Beware  JBKNOXVILLE  5 star



Was there an update?  Caligirlintn  3 star

I loved this game until this morning 😔 I have been playing the little side games and already on two different ones, in the middle playing it freezes and when I get out of it and go back, I have lost a life ☹️

Gerrie Lou

What about diamonds earned???  Gerrie Lou  1 star

I get multiply diamonds at the end of a game, but the top right continues to say 4 and 9 gets you five more moves. Meanwhile I’ve earned over 150 and for what?? It’s very frustrating. Why earn any if you can’t use them?


Too much fun  Vic2west  5 star

It plays quickly and challenging too I very much enjoy this game

Poogy j

Christmas sweeper 3  Poogy j  5 star

A very enjoyable way to pass the time, and I like the little characters


Game keeps jamming up  kimsgh  2 star

Love laying it but annoying when it jams up and I have to restart again. Will give up as its to annoying.

Bummer 44662862

Christmas sweep 3  Bummer 44662862  3 star

Only just got this game and I like it not to easy and not impossible its great fun to play

thinking of a nick namr

Could have been much better  thinking of a nick namr  1 star

Themed music-perfect. Hint didn’t match up with actually passing a level- bad. Ads sometimes 30 seconds until I discover speeding them up- ok. Side games- really good feature - too many levels/ too short a time frame and didn’t actually help with main game- and only wanted money. Tighten up side games, so they help on main game within three levels. I’m sorry but could have been much better.


Colourful  gypsy_red  3 star

I found it too difficult to keep up with the game being an older person and not too dextrous. Very colourful and interesting.


Hpad  yojbhfh  4 star

Happy about the game I love this game (but it’s annoying when ya stuck on a level!)


Christmas sweeper 3  WoodynX  1 star

Very slow moving game. Way too many adds.


Excelente game  C.Meireles  5 star



Love it  JdBN17124  5 star

Play all the time. Absolutely love this game


Love Hate Response  Marshcourt  3 star

I get so frustrated at times as there is very little skill involved in this game. Results rely too much on luck. I have purchased the full version.


Awesome game  Roxygirl671  5 star

I really enjoy this game, it is a lot of fun. I like that you have unlimited lives and that you can keep trying to win. Some of the levels are hard but I eventually pass them. It takes several tries to win but I eventually do. I love this game so much better than the candy crush games. Those games make it impossible to win. I get so mad and delete the game.


Tee552  rojo552  5 star

Love it


Good, but...  toodles8201  2 star

Good game, challenging at times. But it’s been locking up and crashing quite often.


Christmas sweeper  o.o.p  5 star

Great game when you don’t have anything to do


Review  Seafordsue  5 star

This is my first year discovering this game - sorry I missed the first two years! The games are fun and challenging. I'm kind of getting addicted!


Christmas Sweeper 3  MaybellRn  5 star

This is so much fun!!!!! Thank you so much!!!!!


Fun with a holiday theme.  Sandycrush  4 star

Love the music


Christmas Sweeper 2  bootsNhats  3 star

It requires multiple plays to get through a lot of the levels without buying your way through since the app now charges you in order to collect points “earned” by patiently playing until you win a level. The first iterations of the game did not do that. Very disappointed with that change.

politics stink

Stop the advertisement for calling the president!  politics stink  1 star

I was going to get this game until it advertisement for calling the president pops up and then gets me angry I want to play for relaxation not see or hear anything political.

hasta la vista !

Boo Hiss!  hasta la vista !  1 star

Not exactly what I was expecting to find here! You have little to no time to function as a player—it’s all about the bells and balls and snowflakes and trees flashing before you can react to anything! If I could give it a ‘no-star’ rating, I would.


Yellow brick road  bellasndsasha  4 star

Relaxing game. I use it to wind down and because my name is Dorothy

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