Model 15

The Moog Model 15 App is the first Moog modular synthesizer and synthesis educational tool created exclusively for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch.

Each facet of the Moog Model 15 modular synthesizer has been meticulously recreated in this application to ensure the power and transcendent sound quality of each module remains intact. The character, harmonic complexity and mystique of the Moog Model 15’s modules, from the legendary Moog 921–series oscillators and 904A Low Pass Filter, to the coveted 907 Fixed Filter Bank have been painstakingly preserved.

In order to develop the most immersive and expressive modular interface possible, the Model 15 App has been designed utilizing Apple’s new Metal advanced graphics engine. This ensures that all zooming, panning and modular patching throughout the application feels completely natural, something that would have been impossible otherwise.

The Model 15 App features both monophonic and 4-voice polyphonic operation is easily commanded via 4 seamlessly integrated controllers. Simple swipes and taps provide instant access to a traditional Moog keyboard, 1150 ribbon controller, 8-step sequencing arpeggiator and the award-winning Animoog keyboard with 22 built-in scales and polyphonic modulation capabilities.

Also included are extended features which expand the capabilities of the app beyond the traditional offerings of the hardware Moog Model 15. These include total MIDI integration, assignment for external control, use as a MIDI controller, dedicated Audio Bridge and MIDI Bridge modules, looping recorder module with overdubbing, a master ping-pong delay module and a new extension cabinet that includes additional amplifiers and voltage-controlled reversible attenuators that can be used for effects like ring-modulation.

Because the Model 15 App utilizes Apple’s Metal technology, only 64-bit devices are supported. Compatible devices include iPhone 5s or newer, iPod touch 6 or newer, iPad Air or newer, and the iPad Pro.

The Model 15 App requires iOS version 9.3 or later to work.

Additional Features
• Ships with over 160 unique presets
• Recreates the sound of a hardware Moog Model 15 modular synthesizer
• Easily share presets and recordings with anyone
• Tutorial patches to assist all experience levels
• Intuitive patching and cable coloring
• Support for landscape and portrait modes
• Voltage-controlled stereo ping-pong delay
• Expressive sequencing arpeggiator
• Moog 1150 Ribbon controller
• Real-time looping recorder with overdub and immediate sharing
• Up to two controllers on-screen (iPad only)
• Optional left-handed UI operation

• 3D Touch and Apple Pencil integration for after pressure
• Note-per-channel MIDI controllers
• Ableton Link
• Inter-App Audio and Audiobus
• MIDI Bridge and Audio Bridge
• 7 and 14-Bit MIDI
• MIDI Program Change
• Bluetooth LE MIDI controllers
• Typing keyboards for shortcuts and musical typing
• AudioCopy, AudioPaste and AudioShare

Model 15 App Description & Overview

The applications Model 15 was published in the category Music on 2016-05-03 and was developed by Moog Music Inc.. The file size is 196.42 MB. The current version is 1.1.2 and works well on 9.3 and high ios versions.

* Workaround for inter-app audio recording problems on iOS 10.3.2
* Updated Audiobus SDK to final 3.0.0 version

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Model 15 Reviews


Sick!  Victrola808  5 star

Very Sick!

the Nail

Major synth app  the Nail  5 star

Great looking - and more importantly SOUNDING - app by Moog, with outstanding functionality. No sequencer tho, although a nice arppegiator, ribbon controller and more controllers. Highly recommended.

Chaebol Fred

Access to real modular synthesis for $30  Chaebol Fred  5 star

First off, the real Model 15 is $10,000! Moog has given their actual modules and sound all on an IPad. The user interface, and functionality is A-1. BUY this App, it will change how you think about creating music.

Mayflies James

High quality sound, highly enjoyable  Mayflies James  4 star

Apart from a bug that confused me one evening, this app has been a joy and a pleasure to use (wiping the slate and starting over fixed the bug). What seem like a limited number of modules open out into endless possibilities once you realize the flexibility and power of control signals. I haven't even gotten to the advanced options or the MIDI control yet and it's already well worth the price.


I am all like...  SpaceCadet-528hz  5 star

OMG!!!!!! Moog made their Model 15 Modular Synth for iOS! Then I fainted when I heard the sound; I mean, this really sounds good. There are limits to what you can do with it because it is a fixed set of modules; but there is so much to explore and myriad applications to keep the fascination fueled for a little longer than a few hours. This little baby is a lifetime friend. :-)


So much for $30!  musicianjrbc  5 star

I owe you a thank!

Joe Wall

A masterwork of precision engineering  Joe Wall  5 star

I'm a longtime skeptic of the adoration for things Moog, and for the sort of subtractive lockstep that the whole feed-analogue-into-a-24dB-LP-filter thing, but Model 15 is just a flat-out work of design brilliance in which every detail just shows the level of attention and consideration went into its creation. From the navigation and responsive controls on my iPad Mini 2 or my 6th gen iPod Touch, it's just smooth and unobtrusive as you dig in to explore and play, and when it's hooked up to external MIDI control, either wired or Bluetooth, it comes alive. The sound is poetic and lyrical, raw and cutting, and shades between, and while I keep hoping that a few key modules will eventually appear in that conspicuous gap at the bottom of the simulation, I feel like I could concentrate on just this instrument for a decade and still be coming up with new sounds. It's got nuance where you want it, simplicity where you prefer it, and once you get your head around some of the old-school Moog oddball choices that were present in the original instrument that this app models, it's a very natural-feeling environment. I'd also plug the instrument I use as a controller, a Novation Bass Station II, which sends data at the high resolutions that Model 15 can use, as well as velocity and aftertouch, which was what took it from merely fantastic to amazing. Love love love Model 15.


Believe the hype  Strizbiz  5 star

So I've pretty much owned this since it came out, and I own a LOT of other IOS synths, and IOS music apps in general. A few of them fooled m into buying them by all the 5 star reviews, which I would find out later were posted by the developer or fiends of theirs, so when I see an app with almost all 5 star ratings, sometimes I can be a little skeptical. This is not the case with Model 15. If you are someone who wants all your presets made for you, this might not be for you, though it does have some great ones and some good expansion packs,but if you love exploring synthesis and making sounds that are yours, and analog hardware modules,imo, this is the best emulator for the IPad. Comparing it to Animoog is a disservice to both apps as they are both great apps but have 2 completely different approaches. I would say believe the hype about both. I would love to see this as an audio unit for iOS ,and also for MacOS so would could use it in Logic Pro, and be about to exchange presets between the two, and be about to control the Mac version with the iOS versions touch interface.


Incredible  Pangoat  5 star

This is the most analogue sounding synth I've ever heard on the Ios. Definitely an amazing tool for exploring modular synths and just an all around beautiful sound.


Fantasy realized  Gobbycoot  5 star

Wow, now I have some idea what was going on in hyper expensive recording studios with all that electric string and knobs. This app is beautiful, educational, musical, fun and inspires creativity. It's also very complex and requires a lot of time and effort to master, but with almost zero effort a beginner can access a multitude of fantastic sounds. Could it be improved? Yes. If I could sync the arpeggiator with my DAW (Logic Pro X).


RABBIT HOLE TO END ALL 🐇🕳s  transcendentalaccidentalism  5 star

No time for a review ... I'm going back IN!


Absolutely Stunning!  Maskers76  5 star

Worth every penny , buy it now :)


I can't believe it's not butter!  djresonator  5 star

This is the best analog emulation of all. Totally worth the price. I bought it when it was first released. Not sure if I paid full price or if there was an intro price. But it's worth every penny. So if you miss the Black Friday Sale this year, go and buy it anyway. You won't be disappointed. As a former analog snob, I entirely recommend Model 15.


The best  dechirico  5 star

It's the bee's knees and the cat's meow. It looks great. It sounds great. It's just gorgeous. So in love.

a e r o c

Proper  a e r o c  5 star

Of course it would be great to have the tactile experience (or buy a car with that amount of money). Moog nailed the sound quality and complex subtle interaction of an actual system. Simply amazing.


Highest possible rating I could ever give.  AutisticCrowComputer  5 star

I've bought many of the better synth apps, and while they are all OK, this one is so far above anything else. I've owned other Moog software, and it seems they have better presets in this one than ever before. Preset Stronghold alone is worth price of the app. If you have an iPad, this is one of the few apps that are an absolute must. Your iPad's value in your life will go up 1000 percent. Great job Moog.


Great App, needs improvements though...  TH1224  4 star

This is a great sounding app with great features, no doubt about it. I would have given 5 stars however the user interface needs some tweaking. If you have a complicated patch set up it is very difficult to see whats behind the patch cords...especially if you want to make a tweak while playing...maybe have an adjustment to make the cables transparent? Also if while scrolling and a finger quickly taps the screen in passing you can loose a patch connection. Considering that many cables go outside the current view you may not know what it was you disconnected. At lease have an undo....or maybe a long-tap to cause a patch connection to break?


Worth it  Hrduncan  5 star

10,000$ worth of gear on your phone. Buy it.


Very good emulator and relatively inexpensive entry into analog synths  SweeperAZ  5 star

Anyone who has ever been remotely interested in learning synth music will find the Moog Model 15 app to be a very good starting point. At a $30 price point, the cost is higher than similar apps in the store, but it offers two benefits that few others can match. The first is a list of tutorials on how to actually get started in using the software and the synth itself. This is a major boon for the absolute newbies such as myself who wouldn't have the first clue where to begin with it; and all too common place these days where the tools are readily available, but the knowledge is hard to find. The tutorials will give a basic familiarity on what does what and what can plug into where for actual use. It is also compatible with any iOS to MIDI plugs so it can be integrated with existing setups. And since the app recreates the actual synth in high detail, any knowledge gained from practice on the app will carry over to the actual Model 15 if you get fortunate to use it, which brings me to: The second benefit of the app is that, while the app itself if $30, the actual Model 15s are $10,000 plus shipping brand new as they are built to order by Moog itself. So it makes it even more worthwhile to check out. I have used this app on: iPad mini 4, iPhone 6s Plus, and iPod touch 6 and it has performed well on all three devices, though the smaller screens of the phone and touch make swapping patch cables around a bit difficult.


Stunning Sounds!  the_ronc  5 star

Absolutely incredible app with seemingly endless possibilities for sound creation.

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