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What is my konami® vegas casino slots app? The thrill of winning in Vegas is in the palm of your hand!
Join millions of Slots Players and start winning at My KONAMI Slots!
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Play top casino games at my KONAMI Slots anytime you feel the need for a little casino fun or a quick escape. my KONAMI features some of the favorite slot machines straight off the Las Vegas casino floor, like the MGM Grand casinos, the Aria, or the Bellagio!

Download our free slots app to play top casino games and enjoy free chips, huge casino bonuses, so many free spins, free slots bonuses, progressive jackpots, and working your way up in VIP Vegas Casino Player status.

Enjoy Las Vegas Slot Games on My KONAMI Slots
Free to play slots games, including:
* The beloved Dynamite Dash
* The popular slots of Jumpin’ Jalapeños
* Star Watch Magma!
* Many of the Vegas slot machines in my KONAMI Slots app are those you love playing on the Las Vegas casino floors. Enter our Royal Casino and start winning in social casinos!

Download my KONAMI Slots App, for free to play slots, Las Vegas Slots Excitement and Huge Casino Slots Bonuses!

Here are more reasons to play my KONAMI Slots app:

* Slots Daily Bonus Wheel
* Huge Casino Progressive Jackpots
* High Roller Room
* Authentic KONAMI inspired slot machines including Jumpin’ Jalapeños, China Mystery, Lotus Land, Lion Festival, Star Watch Magma, and many more
* Bonus Games
* Different Casino Events Every Day
* Free Chips Bonuses every Two Hours

If you like games that continuously update with new content, you’ll love my KONAMI Slots. This free casino game is constantly getting new slot machines, which means that you can continually find new favorites.

- my KONAMI Slots is intended for individuals 18 years and older.
- my KONAMI Slots does not offer real money gambling.
- PLAYSTUDIOS, the developer of my KONAMI Slots, is not affiliated in any direct or indirect way with any real-money gambling operations on other domains.
- Virtual chips used in my KONAMI Slots have no real-world value and cannot be redeemed for anything of value.
- Playing free-to-play slots games does not imply future success at real money gambling.
- In-app purchases available.
- PLAYSTUDIOS, the developer of my KONAMI Slots, is a member of the International Social Games Association (“ISGA”) and has adopted its “Best Practice Principles.” See more about the ISGA at For information, guidance, tips, and advice on social gaming, visit “Smart Social Gamers” at

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My KONAMI® Vegas Casino Slots Version 1.76.019 May 2022

Hey, myKONAMI Fans! Download the newest update for new slots and exciting ways to win. Plus, say goodbye to pesky bugs and hello to an improved spinning experience. Update today.

My KONAMI® Vegas Casino Slots Version 1.72.002 March 2022

Hey, mKONAMI Fans! A new update is here and it is all the rage! Download now for thrilling games, special events, and more of Nami's Signature Collection. Plus, our team has been hard at work fixing bugs to improve your experience. Happy spinning!.

My KONAMI® Vegas Casino Slots Version 1.69.017 December 2021

Hey myKONAMI Fans, Come see what’s new in myKONAMI Slots! We’ve added a LOT more and our team has been hard at work creating an optimized spinning experience for you all. Download the latest update now!.

My KONAMI® Vegas Casino Slots Comments & Reviews 2022


I had approximately 344 million coins left because I purchased the $99. deal! I played Volcanic Rock Fire betting 1.6 million and it automatically, while in spin, took away approximately 320 million away!! So now I only have 46,828,987! During the faulty spin, I won and when I checked how much I got into my amount is when I noticed a huge discrepancy! And it clearly showed the spin was $1.6 million!! I’m with my sister at her doctors office showing her this game and in front of her, it did this! My sister has an extreme amount of followers and wanted to post about this app! I told her let me contact them first! Somebody better fix this or refund my money!! I trusted this app! I’ve been playing this for a long time and loved it until this happened! A while back I saw someone else’s comment about almost the same situation but ignored what they had said thinking they were upset! Now it happened to me!! Until they fix this, it gets my lowest rating! I have contacted their support team about this and they have not responded!

- KatMc52

I love the My Vegas and My Konami games and the fact that I can earn real world prizes. BUT I hate all the pop ups that keep me from playing. After a certain “offer” pops up once and I close it, it should stay closed for the rest of the time I’m playing the app’s games. Why, why, why do I have to close it over and over again? If I need coins and want to purchase them I already know about the offer. Why can’t you just put a button at the top that you can click that says “offers”? Go ahead and show them right after you open the app, but don’t show them again without being prompted to do so! I’m so aggravated right now that I closed out of My Konami for the rest of the day. I’m just so angry that my blood is just boiling because I’ve had to close the same offers so many times! Also, I don’t like games in the portrait mode. When I open one of those games I close it right away. I play on my iPad and there is no easy way to prop it up to play in portrait mode. Even my iPhone is difficult to prop up that way. Why don’t you indicate which mode the game is displayed in so that I don’t have to waste my time opening and closing games? If I didn’t have to deal with these frustrations, I would gladly give this app 5 stars. As it is, I had to give only 3 stars.

- Typical and disappointing

Like other slot games, they start you off with greater win odds but as your level advances they dial back and tighten the slots. (Especially when you up your bet amount.) Most recently I saved up my coins for three days only to have them disappear in under two minutes of "play". (One of those minutes was spent in a bonus round in which I won 0 coins.) Sadly, this is another cash grab app that preys upon people buying fake coins that are too weak to simply delete the app. And if these games are truly authentic then what I learned is to stay away from Konami slots in the real casinos. The only good bet here is that most of the good reviews are fake! And worst of all, it's so loaded with pop-up ads for buying coins and bugs that nine times out of 10, it crashes before you can even get into a game. Most disappointing app I have EVER had the displeasure of "playing".Don't WASTE YOUR TIME OR MONEY!!!!!!! And seriously what a load of garbage that this app shows nearly a five star rating when you read the first 10 reviews and the average rating is 2 1/2 stars. Absolutely proves that the "App Store" is able to be bought off to eliminate low rated reviews. Absolute PROOF! I have tried posting this review a few times and never actually saw it get posted. All of these companies involved are completely crooked and I should contact my local news company

- Don’t expect a refund if a charge error occurs.

I would give them 0 stars if I could for their lack of customer service! I have been playing this game for over a year. Like other typical slot games you win but in time you end up putting it all back in and end up paying to keep playing. I have paid well over several hundred dollars in games over the past year. I have seen other reviewers that said they put in a payment for additional tokens but never received them. In my case, I was double charged twice this week when I paid for additional tokens under the same transaction. I only authorized one charge and after trying through several attempts to get a refund back to my credit card for the extra charge Apple support was of no help. The only message that I got back was “not eligible for refund”. Really? Isn’t that called theft of services when you are billed twice for something? And there is no way to contact a real person to resolve this issue. There are no contact numbers available on the Apple support page. So I am out an additional close to $30 and received no tokens for it. Personally, I’d rather donate that money to charity than to this website. They lost me as a customer! My advice is to be aware if you have any issues with this site. I’ll be playing on my local casino’s site from now on.

- Fun game but can’t play long even when buying chips or others

The games are a fun time killer, my only problem is that if you want to play for more than a minute or two you have to buy chips, however I had bought that maybe after buying chips that the games would be a little less stingy, I was wrong. As an example earlier today I had around 400mil chips, I was betting around 500k per spin, I burned through all my chips and had only gotten a bonus (free spins) twice and one of the times the payout was only like 18k on an ~500k bet. and within about 20 minutes all my chips were gone, so as I said it’s a fun game just be prepared to either keep purchasing chips (I do understand they are in the business of making money by people buying chips so I do not fault the, for that) or coming back daily and only playing for a minute or two. It would be nice though if the machines weren’t quite as stingy, or if you could potentially purchase tickets, or have better values on the chips packages, they’re kind of pricey for as little as you’ll be able to play for.

- Favorite Slots

I have tried quite a few of the "free" online slot games and the Konami games I feel are the best. I really enjoy them. The only problem being that it is pretty impossible to gang on to your points. You can go for an hour, on any variety of their games and just not win anything g. I have ended purchasing their coins practically daily. Can have 30,000,000 and in a half hour , they can be gone. I know these free games, are not free, and they're here to make money. But at the Rio casino, when you pay money, you have a chance to win real money. You can't even win money on here, but you can certainly spend quite a lot. The worst thing is, it makes you wonder what goes on. If they can control the outcomes so definitely on these online games, what can they do in a real casino where their job is to make money? It has made me feel differently about gambling in general. Actually hopeless.

- Really really ruined this game

This game used to the bomb But they have changed everything and ruined it. This game is crooked. IT WILL CHANGE YOUR BET. it changed my bet from 18 million to 300 million yesterday when i checked the daily challenges. It also does this when you switch games, do the ticket machine or close a pop up. It has stole so many coins from me this way. It is now way tighter than a actual casino. When you open it your bombarded with 5-6 popups. I can deal with that except every time you switch games, go to lobby, check your challenges the same popups come up. Average over 400 in a gambling session. I am buying coins so why do i have to constantly close popups. They also are extremely slow coming up and often cause the game to crash. The daily challenges and events are a joke now. I spent 15 BILLION and was rewarded with 1.4 million. I only hit 3 bonus rounds out of that 15 BILLION betting 18 million a spin. 3 bonuses in 8+ hrs. None payed over 4 million. This drastic changes in this game make me think it has new owners. Ones that are ok with taking every penny you have and giving very little in return. This game used to bring me alot of enjoyment But now after playing you always feel cheated and depressed.

- Site has gone downhill.....AWFUL

This app used to be fun, however it no longer is. There are little to no wins, since they started giving coins instead of tickets it’s gotten extremely worse. The spins for your tickets are worse than ever! You can get 3 triple stack coins on one of the spins and only received 50,000 coins, really? Every spin when collecting your tickets is 50,000 coins. What is up with that? Your daily spin is ridiculous as well. Why even have such low amounts on the wheel when you can’t keep any money anyway? My husband and I used to love this app, not anymore… We will be playing other apps from now on. Those apps don’t treat their customers so poorly. A great big thumbs down.👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻

- Try it

PERFECT GAME for anyone who loves really, if ur a loser this is your can pump as much money as u want into this game and watch as your selected slot displays loss after loss after loss...and the great thing is that ANY slot will produce the same results....i know it sounds too good to be true, i mean who doesnt wanna buy 99,000,000,000 coins and watch them vanish in a matter of a friend thats a little cocky, big ego, overly confident? Well just open this game up and hand it to them and watch as the losses pile up and that ego gets a matter of fact, i give my 100% no money back guarantee, that for every dollar you spend you will get no money back and thats a guarantee....better yet, i give you my word, that not only will you never win, but if by chance you do win a miniscule amount of coins which will pale in comparison to what you play, you have my word that those cute little winnings will be gone before you notice your balance change......SO CMON LOSERS, WHAT R U WAITING FOR???

- Disappointed

I have 2 issues with this app. The first is that you have to pop the ballon in order to receive them. It is a constant distraction between big wins and balloons. If we have earned a reward, we should receive it not have to notice the balloon and pop it. There are times when it isn’t even possible to try to pop it as you are in some daily promotion and can’t access the balloon. My second issue is the the bet increases even when I am not increasing the bet. I lost nearly 300,000,000 chips on a couple of spins that I did not increase the bet. This occurred after purchasing them minutes before. This happens on a regular basis. Also, the bet button is too close to the bottom of the app and is in an area that I am using to hold my iPad. Possibly I unintentionally hit the bet button while holding it as it was on auto resin. In either case, whether it is increasing on its own or because of the bet location, I have lost nearly 600,000,000 chips. Getting real irritated with this app and will delete it when my chips are gone.

- Rigged

Konami slots is rigged. I’ve been playing it for about 2 years. At first I was able to get to the different vip levels and have made it to the emerald level. But I cannot go any further no matter how much I play, how much I bet per spin, and how much I spend to purchase points so I can keep playing. In fact, the more I spend to purchase points, the less points I get per purchase and the price to buy extra points keeps getting hire. Now, I’ve just noticed that the bonus percentage at the emerald level has decreased from 50% bonus to 30% bonus. Now, I also fear that I may not even be able to maintain emerald status as the rewards that one needs to collect to maintain one’s vip status is getting less. I am now sorry I spent money on buying extra points to keep playing. I am not spending any more money on this game. I felt I needed to submit this review to warn others who are thinking about installing this app. If you are be aware that it will lure you in and once you start spending money to purchase extra points to keep playing it will get more and more expensive to keep playing.

- Terrible odds

I felt obligated to inform that the all the negative reviews that state your money will not go a long way is absolutely true. I’ve been off and on with this app because I do like the games, however, making three purchases for 240,000,000 coins and to see no bonuses at all and only last the 20 minutes it took to go through the coins at 1.2 million a bet. I’m not looking for the boiler response that has been given to other reviews of “play our other slots as some are more volatile than others.” I guess you have to be informed that although you are not playing with real money you are paying to play with worse odds than the casino and the developer tells you to basically guess which other games will give you more bonuses to enjoy the entertainment of an APP. It’s your APP and you can design it how you wish but it is obvious that you take advantage of people and as you tremendously stack the odds against your customer and utilize the same psychology as the casino to lure players to spend money for the chase of the bonus or jackpot although it’s fake money.

- Fun to play but don’t spend any money

I actually enjoy playing the game but lose all my coins in a matter of minutes. Then wait until the next and collect the daily bonus to play again. Anytime I’ve bought coins they were gone just as fast. I thought maybe if I paid for some the game might reward me and pay out a little before taking all my coins but no. I’ve tried the higher bets, which is supposed to increase your odds but I just lost coins faster. The rewards are an absolute joke. Don’t plan on anything significant. I played for a year and earned enough reward points for a 2 night hotel stay, or so I thought. So many blackout dates that it’s not even worth it. And of course you don’t know when the blackout dates are until you purchase the reward. They will refund up to 5 reward purchases a month if it turns out it doesn’t work for you. I purchased 5 different hotel stay rewards only to find out that none of them worked for me.

- Garbage

I’ve played this game for quite a few years. It was fun sort of mindless stress relief. I stopped using Facebook and lost my progress. Ok, fine I’ll deal with it despite having spent a good amount of money on the game. I started from scratch and my poor financial management and impulsive nature resulted in me spending actual hundreds if not thousands of actual US$ on chips within the past 8 months alone. And that would be fine! My inability to budget and control my spending is my own fault. But then I went to play today, like I do everyday, and discovered that somehow, for some reason, all of my progress had disappeared. I was back at level one with most games locked. I have never once redeemed points for real-life rewards. I literally just spent an ungodly amount of money to spin fake slots on my phone and all of the fake progress that money bought just...disappeared. There is no way to contact support or help unless you use Facebook. I feel like I have been scammed, conned, robbed, etc. Disgusting. Stay away.

- Difficult to move up in VIP status

I have had this game for a very long time. I have given this a two star review because it has my favorite slot machine. However, not only does it not pay out, if I happen to win something big, somehow it quickly disappears. I get that this is as close to gambling as possible and I am not complaining about rarely winning. I also lost a lot of coins when they did the big update. Now the bonus tickets are worth a fraction of what they used to be worth since the update also just a FYI. My only frustration is we are being forced to buy vip points if we want to move up in the tier. With only two games out of four that are able to collect tier points if you want to move up, then you have to pay. You will have to keep paying to maintain that status when you do reach it. I think this is such a shame. I used to love playing these games. I am now thinking of deleting all four games. Bye bye china shore.

- Loosen Up!

This would be a really fun game if it paid out a little more. I realize that the whole point is to get players to buy more chips, but I'm not about to spend real money just to lose it all in a few minutes of spinning. There's psychology involved, just like in a real casino -- people stick around and play more (and spend more!) when the machines pay out a little better. A decent win now and then is encouraging and makes the game more fun, and most players put it all right back anyway. As it is now, I save up my bonus coupons all day, get a meager number of chips for them, and I'm broke again in ten or twelve spins. I only started playing this to earn points in another game, but I could easily have become addicted to Konami if I could actually play for a decent amount of time without spending serious real money. As it is, I look forward to deleting as soon as I reach my goal for that other game. Also, sheesh, some of the artwork on the slots is cringeworthy and pretty racist.

- Great fun with great rewards

My friend told me to jump on this and it’s other games to start racking up gold coins for our upcoming trip to Vegas. This was back in Jan 2020. Before our Feb trip I made enough gold coins to get two nights comped at Excalibur and while there in Vegas I redeemed 2 free buffets during our trip. Such a great trip that we lan to do it every Feb (covid permitting :( ) so I’ve been back on the grind. Currently sitting on 277,000 gold coins. I see people whining about only playing for a minute and the being FORCED to buy coins with real money. Lol I’ve spent a total of $0 on all three games. My chip balance on Konami is 92,000,000, pop slots I’m at 83,000,000, and on myVEGAS slots over 550,000,000. Play smart. Log in each day. And you’ll never have to pay to play.

- Good Game Great Rewards

I have been playing my Vegas games for a while. For my 30th birthday I went to Vegas and redeemed a few rewards. The main one was a 3 night stay at a Vadara. Super easy to redeem all you need to do is create a M-life account. How can you beat playing a fun game and be able to earn an amazing vacation from it. I am still giving it 5 stars but one thing that I would like to see more of is 3 night stays and free flights again when it comes to the rewards. When It comes to slots I like the verity. It would be nice if there were challenges like myVEGAS slots. Overall a great way to kill time and get rewarded for it.

- Awesome game!

I’ve only been playing this game for about 2 weeks and I’m rackin in some money, I heard about this game through a friend of mine because I mentioned I was going to Vegas and to know that I can get pretty good coupons just playing this game is pretty cool. Haven’t seen anything like it. I have about 404m and I only bought a set of coins once, then only thing I don’t like about this is that it’s very very very hard to hit the jackpot. I haven’t hit one yet, but it just seems like I get so close but yet so far. I’ve invested a lot of time in this game and I would love to see some improvements but overall it’s wonderful and I can’t really complain about anything else, I love the 2 hr bonuses and the spin wheel daily. I would definitely recommend this game to all my friends.

- Barely ever win

The developer ABSOLUTELY missed the point of my message. Talk about there being an automatic response to every review. Guys this game is crap in every way. These are some of my favorite slots. And I like to play instead of spending all my money at a casino. I used to buy chips all the time. I RARELY ever do well. I don’t get it. It’s not real money. It wouldn’t hurt them at all to be a little looser or award more bonuses. I just went through 350,000 chips hitting only 2 8 game bonuses (on games that get 8 for every line). One I didn’t win a single chip. I finally hit the mini progressive a couple times, after lowering my bet bc I was on my last 10,000. This happens almost every time. The only reason I continue to play the game is because wasting $40 on chips I’ll lose fast is still better than losing the hundreds I can lose fast at a real casino. Although at least there, the money I can win is real.

- Just like all the others..... CHEAT, ROB, AWFUL PAYOUTS

As usual you just can’t find an honesty company who wants you to have fun playing their game but instead asking you to buy more coins cause god forbid you get to play a new slot game without losing all your money on the lowest bet. Yeah that’s right lowest bet was 6K and I started out with a million chips. Lost everything without ONE bonus spin or decent win. As soon as I lost the money the big add pops up saying buy more coins for only this amount!!!! You people are EXACTLY like all the other slots games. The algorithm is set in the games favor so no matter how much they rob you and take your money you will NEVER win the jackpot. Oh and let’s not forget this game is one of the WORST for payouts. It’s says you win but no you actually keep losing. Bottom line is keep your money cause you’ll NEVER be able to just play to have fun. They have managed to take that part out of it. GREED.

- Give me money, not comps or tickets!

I downloaded and have been playing this game for couple of months and I should have taken the advice of posted reviews and stayed away from the game. Only reason I downloaded the app was to play Konami casino games but have increasingly become disgusted with the game. I don’t expect to win all the time but I am fed up with roll after roll of useless spins and minimal bonuses. I also find it strange that this game does not give you total wins on bonus runs like most of other casino games. I don’t go to Vegas or go on cruises so comps are useless to me. You can trade in tickets for coins but no guarantee the ticket spins will give you coins. I’m fed up watching ad videos for coins. Just give us players money/coins and loosen up the slots. I haven’t deleted the game app yet but getting close to doing so.

- Not what you’d think. Get ready to spend money.

The games themselves are good and fun. But the game play makes it so that you want to “buy” coins to keep playing. It keeps operating in a way so that you get close and then you lose all or most and they hope that you buy credit coins rather than earn the free coins. And when they realize that you won’t buy, “all of a sudden” your luck changes where you do so well that you have a great time and get used to being in the top bracket. But then just as quick as your good fortune came, it goes away. I had 45,000 bonus tickets and when I went to cash in to get more coins, not one time using the 1000 bonus slot did I get anything other then regular single coin? Really, you telling me that “random” rotations lands on the same single coin on three reels for 45 turns???? WTH, it’s worst than playing in the real casinos.

- Crazy for loving you

Konami just thought I would drop you a line I love your games on line and in the real casinos, slots are my stress relief from everyday life you might say I’m addicted I’ve been playing and purchasing chip from your app for over 2 years must say I’m frustrated every time I see a guest wins the big jackpot and that purchasing chips don’t go very far I’m pretty sure you know who the customers that are decadent to your app but I think that I haven’t got much in return as far as play goes loosen up your slots to retain your players or you may find many of us searching for other apps and passing by Konami slots in casinos I know that’s the direction I’m moving towards let’s not make this a bad divorce😂 just throw us bone 😡 hello Konami

- Fun games

I’ve been playing (and willingly paying for) these games for almost 2 years. Don’t get me wrong... I don’t mind paying something for entertainment. I do mind when a free (?) app doesn’t play fair. When I get a regular bonus (say 8 free spins) I consider myself lucky when I get my bet back... a bonus is when I can win enough to play 5 more reg spins. I play because it allows me some stress free time. I just expect a “free app” to be “freer than needing to be replenished every few days”??? My real issue is the games have a secondary ‘Jackpots’.... This past 70% or more go to “Guest Winner!” Really? No oversight there. Come on Konami.... play fair!

- Up date: Way to many pop ups.

It’s so completely rigged that I’m deleting it after I post this. DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEY!!! I can’t give them a better rating because this app has WAY to many pop ups that always bring you to their store to buy chips. When you do buy them you can go through them quickly with modest bets and never see a bonus Most of the time will be spent trying to X out the pop ups. Save your money. The gimmicks to add chips are a joke, you’ll never land on a decent amount. No matter what, the games hardly ever go into free game mode. It’s impossible to ever have a nice amount of chips because the bets always get higher. The daily free chips are stingy and last about 2 minutes. I’d rather suffer through ads and have more chips than deal with all the pop ups.

- Not receiving bonuses

I havent been getting my tickets for a couple days and I havent been receiving my bonuses for challenges either. I notice that its only giving bonus money every (2) hours, no tickets (not every 4 hours anymore) & its $325k however, no tickets attached, is this a change? Thats fine if it is, however, it doesnt explain why im not getting the bonus money from the challenges, it computes it, just doesnt update it to my account. This is an awesome game & I love playing! I shouldve received over $3million today and it ddnt update today or yesterday either.

- Money sucking app

This game has taken a turn for the worse after they started giving chips instead of tickets. Game always finds a way to not start for me. i find myself opening the app 3 times before i can actually get in. My gf also has a similar problem when she gets free games her game crashes. luckily for her she just has to reopen it once. The payouts however are not so forgiving. I usually save up 1 mil a day by collecting twice and play 30,000 a bet. every. single. time. i lost it all. no wins. literally nothing. Its like literally throwing my money away. But wait lets try to save for 2 or 3 days?? at one point i save up to 10 mil and guess what? 90,000 a bet and still zero wins. When i mean wins i mean anything over hitting 3 jacks. This app is literally garbage and just wants your money. I dont recommend. Go play MyVegas instead

- It is very addictive

I been playing for a couple of years. It is my only entertainment since I hardly go out and I have spent a lot of money but it just seems like I have to keep buying in order to play. The pay is horrible and today for example all I get in the balloons are 10 whatever towards rewards that I will never use since I don’t go to Las Vegas. No coins or xp. So I don’t know if it is a problem that needs fixing or what. But I’m ready to dump this up. It is no longer worth playing all I do is spend money and loose coins. And by the way there has been a few times I been charge for coins I didn’t receave. So I’m a very dissatisfied customer and if you are reading this. You should give me at least $25 dollars worth of coins that I never got. I was referring to Pop Slots. I’m sorry for this review.

- Fun game. Needs changing.

I enjoy playing this game. There is one item that I am wondering if it could be changed. Concerning “Gifts”. Currently, I can only Gift my friends once in a 24 hour period. And, the gift can only be a pre selected amount. My friends play this game daily as do I. Most times multiple times during the day. It would be nice to Gift them more of my points, cards and gold coins. I keep receiving a error when I receive a gift because, I all ready received a gift from that friend. I would appreciate if this could change. Thank you.


I’ve tried out many slot games for IOS and this one is 100% rigged. Don’t waste your time or money. Even the other slots apps by this exact same company are better. This app simply DOES NOT pay out. I’ve won multiple 6+ million jackpots and haven’t received any of them. They purposely give you terrible odds and switching games doesn’t help. In an actual casino, if a machine is cold, you switch machines and hope for better odds. With this game, it doesn’t matter how many times you switch games or machines, you will always lose money. The algorithms are purposely set up to make you lose over 90% of the time, with a very very small chance of a large win, so there’s simply no way to actually excel in the game unless you spend a ridiculous amount of real money. Just trash 👎🏻😷

- Good luck getting a bonus!

I’ve been playing this game for quite a while and it’s been a nice way to pass the time; however, recently the slots have been so tight! If real casinos had their RTP set this low, they’d be shut down immediately. I purchase chip packages here and there and usually bet a reasonable amount of my total bankroll (generally <<1%). The last few packages I bought were gone in a few hours. I think I hit a total of 3 or 4 bonus rounds betting between 7.5 and 15 million a spin and blew through over 7 billion chips. Biggest bonus was maybe 20-25x bet. Abysmal. Hit frequency has been noticeably worse since this last update. Oh well. Was fun while it lasted.

- Unbelievable!!

What is going on with this game? I’ve been playing this game for a number of years and over the last 3 months it’s gone straight down the tubes. I can see what people are saying who wrote reviews earlier. “Fun game, but wins are few and far between!” I just spent 3 million coins to get 150 spins on the Frenzy game. I used to try and get daily streaks of consecutive play up into the 200s but now I can even muster 100 wins. The daily contests are out of the question now and the interest level is dissipating. Get 22,000,000 coins! Seriously? People are home during this difficult time and looking for something to stay entertained and this should be a prime opportunity to promote your game. Severely disappointed from a longtime player. Whatever you guys are doing you’re losing your players.

- Challenge is good! slightly harder than MyVegas Slots game

It's an amazing app. It just seems that the money is hard to come by and so easy to lose. Even when I collect everyday as well as using extra Facebook and email chips. Doesn't pay out as often as myvegas slots does. If all of them had the same win loss ratio across all of the play studios apps. They would have a solid 5/5 so I give it a 4.8 really but it's so fun and I love Konami. Just difficult to earn ,money. Maybe try and follow myvegas a little more. Only meaning by the win loss ratio/payout, it would attract a lot more users Best app ever 5/5 only tho god change is the waiting time between bonus links for daily bonus chips! Can be time consuming. FREE TRIPS TO LAS VEGAS?!? Talk about a "WIN WIN" scenario eh folks? Keep it up "PlayStudios" I've been a fan since day one and play all 4 of your gambling apps everyday! You guys are the best! Nobody can even compete with what you offer (: LOVE

- Player beware

I enjoy this game but it often does not add my big winnings (15 million or more) to my coin bank. I have won on several occasions and watched to see if it is added and my balance doesn’t change, it also happens if I have (1 million +) consecutive wins. This is a great game but there seems to be a glitch in the payouts. I also experienced having chips deducted from my balance but not as frequently as not having my winnings added. In addition my rewards have also had some deductions even before I have had a chance to use them. I still play but I don’t risk large amounts.

- Things that make you wonder

In looking at the stars compared to the 4.6 ratings it makes me wonder? I don’t have the time to really do it the math but I question it. If this game wants me to play more than 2 minutes per day something’s gotta give. The 2 hour bonus is less than the required entry for every bonus game. How do I participate without a purchase? I can’t. When I do purchase...let me count the minutes before my money is gone. And I’m done for the day. All I can do is accumulate the hourly bonus. Unfortunately/fortunately I’ve been at this for a few years and I’m about ready to cash in. I hope it lives up to what it says it can give me in rewards and not live up to it’s day to day crappy rewards.


I have been playing this game for over a year. For the past 2 + weeks I HAVE NOT BEEN ABLE TO CONNECT TO THE GAME 😤😡🤬🤬!!! When I try to connect..... I get a message that reads ......”check you internet connection and tap OK”. It looks like the game is loaded, but I CANNOT open any games or collect any bonuses!!!!! There is nothing wrong with my internet connection, 5 other games load perfectly. My Konami is the only game that DOES NOT WORK!!!! I saw your Corporate Headquarters as our plane landed at Las Vegas. I wish I could have driven to your Headquarters so that you could observe my FRUSTRATIONS trying to load the game. I have missed out on so many daily hourly bonuses and $350K giveaway bonuses. PLEASE FIX MY PROBLEM!!! I tried using the “Contact” us ...... it wouldn’t load!!!! This seems to be my last resort!!!!

- Love this app but

I have spent a great deal of money on this game because I love it. BUT NO MORE. I spun over 2 BILLION over the last 3 days and I have not now or ever won a jackpot on any game. It is always GUEST won billions. So from now on, I will only play with my free coins. Still love the app but it is not fair. Still haven’t won a jackpot. I have been playing for quite some time and I have never won. It does change your bet and it doesn’t return it when you ask it to restore purchase. What a joke. Save yourself some grief, play another game. Jackpot wins are nonexistent.

- Very Disapointed

The games are fun, but it’s next to impossible to win. I’m not against buying coins to play. I mean, they’re in this to make some money, but I just bought 90 million coins for example, and I played maybe 15 minutes betting 525,000 a spin. Very few wins that were more than my bet and not one bonus....and that wasn’t the first time that’s happened. It doesn’t matter if you bet less either. Doing that just allows you to spend more time to lose. It would be a lot more fun if going into it you thought there might be a chance, but I’ve played a lot and there really is no chance. Even if you do win a big pot, it’s just a matter of time (sometimes just minutes) before you’re broke again. Personally, I don’t recommend this one.

- Money’s Worth

This game gives you your 💰 worth! That Quick Pick Slots and Cashman Slots are thieves! They lock the games you like after playing! The button to press for Max Bet is right next to spin button so on a small I phone 📲 u accidentally hit max bet! Really wasted SO Much Money 💰 on those games! One time at 1 billion and picked up phone from A phone call and in three spins accidentally lost all my money 💰 but 3,000! This is why I don’t play either! Quick Picks won’t give you bonus rounds after 25,000,00 spent not one! Thank you 🙏🏽 Konomi

- Lost points 2x

Love the games, but a few months ago lost a lot of my points.. Yesterday was playing Sparkling Rose, Multiple Blast... I made it up to over a billion points....I was down to around over 7-8 Hundred Million....I spun a few more times, next think I know it’s showing just over 21 million....I closed the game and reopened it...then it went to 61 million points... I closed the game again thinking, when I opened it, the rest of the points would pop up.....but it remained at the 61 million.. Hopefully the new up grade fixed the bugs...because I am not buying more points, only to lose them.

- Rip off-buyer beware

I made my first purchase and got nothing. It was supposed to be 11,000,000 coins for $ .99. Can’t contact support unless you log in through Facebook. Once I did that, not only did I not get my purchased coins, I lost everything I had earned to date as far as rewards and status. Tried to contact support via website with proof of purchase and it will not submit. Message was like sorry something went wrong please resubmit. Have tried 50 + times and will not send.

- Awesome game with patience and dedication

I love Konami slots. I was like a lot that are saying it’s a waste, but in all honesty they just have zero patience. I’ve been playing this game since last year, and I have already earned multiple complimentary night stays at the hotels. Basically a Vegas vacation free (aside from flight and spending but regardless it’s still free). I have barely spent any real money on this game, and since I no longer live close enough to drive to Vegas, it’s even better because I can rake up points and make my next time in Vegas amazing.

- Nitpicks

This might be nitpicky, but I find it annoying that the new version plays the same tune for the same amount of time no matter how many chips you win. Same exact tune over and over gets annoying and I can’t stand to play as long. The older versions played different tunes and varied in duration depending on the size of the win. Also, the font of the numbers is not fixed in size like in the older version, so as the prize is counting up, the numbers are moving all over the place instead of staying fixed. bet amount is mysteriously going up all by itself!! Oh, and too many pop-ups.

- I have multiple Facebook accounts

I have used my My Konami for several years and have accumulated a lot of points. I got a new iPad and set it up but when I tried to login I accidentally used an old Facebook account and therefore my points were not transferred. I tried to login to my current Facebook account but I cannot do it; no matter what I do it’s still logs in to the account I first used on the new iPad. There is no option to switch to a different account using Facebook the login.

- Game changes?

I rarely give reviews, but in this case, I felt I should. I first started over a year ago and it was quite entertaining. You could play and receive just enough awards that you didn’t have to pay to play to enjoy Camino games, however the option was there. Recent changes have made it to where most days you can play for 2 min. before running out of free play. Then today, the deal claims that appear do not allow you to close out without paying to play. Since when did this become a true casino in house game? It is no longer free. Sign up at your own risk. The supposed rewards you generate by playing are worse than a travel web page generates or just daily deals a casino gives via a players card.

- My take on this. Take it as you will.

Don’t waste your money!!! I tried the games for about a month and although these are real Vegas style slot games, this is a great waste of time and money if you buy the chips. If you wait 4 hours you can get bonus chips and play for a couple minutes or collect daily bonus and play for a couple minutes. If you are really lucky you can win a big jackpot and play for awhile longer. You can unlock more games as you play which keeps you playing and you can get real Vegas comps which are way out of reach for me, but I only spent money once to recharge the chips. Great game play and real games, also real money to be lost with no chance of winning money.

- A used car salesperson must be in charge of promos!

I love this slot game EXCEPT, I HATE constantly being sold to! It’s so annoying when chips start running low or when just trying to start the app up, that I’m BOMBARDED with promo ads to buy chips! I play this game of the MyVegas series less than I do the others solely based on this annoying game feature! I’ve heard the same feelings towards this game. Please slow down the ads, maybe just pop up one here and there instead of 2-3 each time. Feels like the marketing/advertising director spent their past life as a used car salesperson! You are ruining this app, please stop it! #insanity #TooManyAds


I had 98 million chips last night. When I logged in this morning I only had 98k. I stopped playing when I noticed that my MyVEGAS points were locked and not going up. I want my chips back please. This THEFT HAS HAPPENED TO ME ON KONAMI AND other MYVEGAS APPS!!! I have lost the equivalent of $100+ through your digital tampering of my account!! This is not ok and I will be recompensed. If you do not return my credit to me then I will flood this review forum with the truth and I will do this across all the MyVEGAS forums and platforms among other things. Your choice....... Also There is no way to contact you to get my chips back!!! Where is the accountability??? I will flood this review forum with negative reviews if you do not return my chips to me ASAP!!!

- False offers! Why bother lying?

The game is meh, I’ve enjoyed other slot apps significantly more. This one feels like really tight slots and I run out so fast it’s not worth buying any more chips. I knew I was going to give an average review or no review at all, but today there was an update. This update promised chips for the effort of updating. Well I updated and when I opened my app I was greeted with a message saying that the offer had expired (we are talking 2 minutes after it was offered...). Why TF are you offering anything for updating if you’re just going to withdraw the offer? This is so frustrating. Here I was thinking the tight slots were just the ones I had unlocked and it might be worth unlocking more. Turns out that it’s the horrible devs that are tight.

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- Great game could be better

I love this app .. the only problem I see with it is that there is no gamble feature .. like being able to double u on wins with choosing red or black or quadruple by picking suits .. u know like a real pokie machine .. is there anyway you could add this feature to the game please

- MyKONO wins

Downloaded this when first released, been a loyal user,payed for chip packages more Along the way even, (would not recommend) know a lot of other users. Which none including myself have ever come close to winning any jackpots,(not sure if even real) can spin consecutive amounts with no wins at all, example.. just spun 330 spins at 250k per spin after lossin all cashed In 350 tickets gaining a further 13 or so million gettin lucky on a 9 million bonus spin ( which is rare) ,,,, u think I’d get a free spin..... not even,,,, took over 2 weeks in collecting bonus An tickets, an gone in less then 20 mins,,,, apps cool concept great but with most play studio apps this being the worst for a win lose Ratio.., very unforgiving Such a shame 👎

- Gotta lay if your planning a trip

Joined up this one with the associated games, my Vegas etc and as they are all linked , loyalty points grew. We got our MGM card at no cost when we arrived in Vegas and claimed our free meals, show tickets, tours to Grand Canyon and even had a special night in one of the hotels. Planning another two weeks there in 2019 and will still play to gain those points. Thanks to all

- Purchase not credited as displayed.

Made a purchase in a sale or a deal, and got the credit but not the Bonus Spin wheels to multiply the credit. Clearly in the help section mentions someone will reply within 24 hours and haven't heard from anyone or any signs that there are any one working as CSR . My first ever purchase in the IOS App Store and truly terrified now as to what could go wrong and you can do nothing else than to watch and see your $$$ loose. What surprises me most is that Konami are very reputable and if a company like Konami cant follow what they said within 24 hours, I can only imagine with other App Store purchases. May be the problem doesn't happen often as its automated but a glitch or error and then your $$$$ is in drain I'd say. Can some one look into it and I will give it a 5 star cause the bonus and game play is not that bad but CSR is very bad.

- Stolen credits.

I have been playing this game for years. I have been playing Classy Roses and finally won the gold jackpot, over 700,000,000 credits, thins was about four days ago. Today when I went to play the game all my credit are gone. It is not the first time I have lost credits after winning a jackpot. It absolute stinks when it takes forever to win a jackpot and then it “mysteriously” disappears a few days later. Not good enough. I would not recommend this game because of this. Can I please have my credits back?

- What’s up?

The new version is great ,however , it stops every afternoon at the same time and is only available the next morning. Any ideas as to why? Technical fault? All the bonus points emails disappeared if not collected or if you try when game has gone down(unknowingly while you click on a pop up) you loose the bonuses.

- Worst than the real Poker Machine

Installed this game to aim to just pass time, i had fun with the free coins, then I lost it all, purchased some coins and lost that too only in like 30 mins. The second time i bought coins and just played the minimum bet like 120 i still lost 13mill in like 30 mins. Free games you get doesnt even let you go back up to what you’ve started with. How can you have fun with this game? No more for me. Thanks for the free coins though, I had fun the first time. Delete......

- Real world prizes

I’m a free to play player and have earned enough points to have a handful of free beers in real life, great concept would be better if there was more real world locations you could use your points at.

- Five Star

Excellent game. Lots to choose from and plenty of free coins plus great specials to buy if you wish to. Updated regularly. Been playing since it was released and it improves all the time

- Not loading since updating

Starts to load and then freezes.

- Don't be scabs!

Games ok black rose and Vikings revenge would be great. Don't follow other apps and give more frequent wins and larger bonuses Not many people pay for tokens any more so keep us happy

- Latest update is a massive fail

The games are OK, just have to be patient as the big wins do pay quite well. But after the latest update, the app will not load in the evening in Australia. Obviously not tested and more emphasis put on the annoying pop ups when the app is first opened up. I’ve given feedback on this in the past and all the response is we will pass it on to the developers!!

- Dragon fury

I like playing this game however, the green circular symbols on rows 2,3 and four should be red , because it would be easier to identify the bonus. Also, it is extremely difficult to get the 5th or 6th bonus symbols. Please guys adjust the algorithm on this game to make it more enjoyable.


Hey here I go again Julie here thanking you for the SLOTS of fun and relaxation it really has been a bonus for my terminal conditions. Keep SLOTTING them in I love it. Many thanks Bos06still enjoying roll eminyeh

- No stars - don’t download. Money grab!

No free spins, no decent payouts. You’re better off at the real pokies where the free spin ratio is 1-60 where as here it is 0. Total rip off. I cant say enough bad things. Apple should be ashamed supporting developers like this. I bought a decent amount of credits and not one feature or decent pay out the entire lot. Have deleted.

- Review of app regarding privacy

My privacy is being invaded due to 3rd party spam on Gmail Main reason why it Asks for tracking I just Decided to decline it And privacy risks associated with 3rd party apps owned by Company who runs my Konami slots Also lost lots of credits Thxs to scams on slot app I requested a refund on Apple no resolution given

- My Konami - Real Slots

Terrible spin to win ratios. I reloaded 4 times and purchased credits only to be ripped off with no clear explanation about the double credit charge. Despite this, I received no free spins after dumping over 2 billion credits!!! What an absolute ripoff and the team has no idea of providing real feedback in these instances. Stay away from this game!

- Won’t load game

I’m from Australia too and I’m having same issues as suerue! Since last update it won’t load game it’s gets to a certain point and stops but says still loading! Apart from that I love the game!

- Latest update keeps freezing

Am about to delete permanently if things don’t improve. Since downloading latest update 2 days ago game won’t open and freezes. Only way to get it to work is delete & reinstall and even then sometimes it won’t open. Dry frustrating.....

- All the fun in a smaller version

It's great to have all the games I love in the palm of my hand, keep up The good work!!!!!!!!

- Don’t purchase

Don’t purchase you’re lining others pocket, just play an once’s you’ve used you’re credit leave an come back when you get your next bonus, these are just games, you all work too hard to hand your own money over a game,


Do not bother with this game.....bought chips and in 250,000,000 chips did not get one feature!!!! Constant bugging to buy chips even when u have just bought chips.....rewards make me not want to associate with the venues as they will likely rip me off too if they are associated with this scam..,,

- What’s going on???

Since updating the myKONAMI slots on my iPhone the game won’t load unless I remove it from my phone & then re add it. I’ve done the delete & re add thing 4 times but it takes so much time so I’m not doing it anymore. That also means I’m no longer making purchases.

- Way too much ads!

I understand designer aim to make money but far too much ads for purchasing in game currency, impossible to click on something without seeing some form of ads. Sometime game lags or freezes due to number of ads.

- My kononi

Ever since last update takes forever to load sometimes it just doesn’t and the spin/win ratio is a lot less all it wants you to do is buy buy buy

- Do not buy packages!

When I buy money packages, app pays nothing and ask me to pay more and more.... this is ridiculous and such a shame.... play it for free and do not waste your money on this app... App stopped working after update too, 7 of 10 runs app cannot be uploaded...

- If you want lots of unwanted ads. Download this

Where to start. The game is so focused on getting people to buy the overpriced “credits” you are forced to click through 4-5 ads in a row before being allowed to play. Apple should do more to clamp down on this blatant rubbish

- Another winner from PlayStudios

Konami is an outstanding app by the same folk that brought us MyVegas. Amazing graphics.

- Latest update fail

Can’t open game on iPad since last update. Please fix and don’t release any more updates until they are fully tested. Tired of this now. Jackpots are fake.

- Hahahahaha

Super realistic, just like the real slots. You never win.

- No enough wins

I recently downloaded again remembering why I deleted it in the first place wins are very far and few between daily bonus isn't enough if you fix these things maybe you'd get a lot more happy consumers

- Terrible slot game

Easily the worst slot machine game I’ve ever played. Had to purchase coins to play, I bought $400,000,000 worth and did not get a single feature at all. Also general wins don’t even pay as much as your bet. Complete waste of time


The worst slots game there is, played for 3 days in a row and even bought some coins but didn’t want to drop a single feature but will always come up with pop ups to buy more coins. THIS IS A SCAM DONT MAKE THE SAME MISTAKE THINKING YOURE GOING TO HAVE FUN PLAYING THIS. Needs to be taken down immediately !!

- Terrible game. Money Grabbing morons

this game won’t give any space with it’s advertising to make you spend money on the game, then proceeds to give you 1 feature a day of absolute garbage just to make sure you have to pay for coins, garbage.

- Greedy

Always asking to output money for coins.. better slot games out there that gives you more of a chance to continue playing without having to pay 👎

- Unhappy with this

No impressed at all. The games are hard to get features on and you barely get any free coins so you literally play it for two minutes on minimum bet and your money is gone. Stupid to be honest

- My Konami

Great game hours of fun betting and receiving rewards every one will enjoy this app. My Konami

- Update ??? ........ Loading

Me again Still on "loading" Will it ever be playable???? Yes I'm from Australia and it all sounds great - IF WE COULD GET INTO THE GAME Loading ................. ------------------------------- Last update was useless I can't open the App at all It shows that it's loading but it never completes it download Again ? Why ? Can you please FIX this new update It's useless at present I'm unable to play and all my "points" have disappeared and I can't access anything PLEASE FIX THIS PROBLEM

- You would be lucky to get a feature

Terrible app getting features or jackpot you would think they didn’t have any I’m only playing to keep my link points up

- How good is it?

How do you win from the start, even with the free bonus credit you provide. A few short play and you are done. Buy more credit please??!!! Is even worse than real poker machine. Not worth it.

- The gun

Great game I want more coins though very addictive

- Won’t load

The App won’t load after 6:00pm aest every day for over a week now. Ever since the last major update it won’t load in the evening when we would normally play it.

- Need to loosen the games

Came here to see what others said about the game. Feel better at least I am not the only one who kept on losing. Lost 7 million without 1 bonus game. Disappointed.

- The worst slots game available

Well done for inspiring me to write such a negative review. You really deserve zero stars for your rip off games and dead spins. I don’t mind paying but you won’t get another dollar. Enough said.

- Worse pokie app ever

Had 1 billion coins spinning at 2.4m spins not even 1 feature , rather spend my money on real pokies the return to player is higher than this app. Wish you could give -5 star ratings

- Super aggressive advertising.

Constantly forced to view ads for casino chips. Even when you have millions left. Completely turns you off playing

- Boring

Lots of games to choose but not a lot of big wins. Getting more pop ups before you can play. Daily rewards have been reduced. I will delete this game. Don’t waste your time!

- Please fix it

Please fix the bug in this game. It keeps opening an event after each spin. Very annoying.

- Jumpin jalapenos.

Love this game. Used to play at casinos when interstate and brings back fond memories. Great fun. Regards lulu

- Love the new look!

Easy to navigate, brighter, love the app!

Payoneer 💰

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- Love the slots!

Love the variety of slots.

- Don't bother

Very hard to win and too many pop ups trying you to buy credits

- WoW

Funand Prizes

- Banner notifications

Playing on my iPad mini I’ve allowed banner notifications for myKONAMI but most times, the coins are not collected because the game freezes. Please fix! Thanks

- Purchase

Resolved! Thank you for the assistance.

- Disappointed

Keeps loading and won’t open. Just downloaded latest version and won’t open. Can’t collect hourly coins. Frustrating

- My Konami slot game

Have downloaded this game, have credit built up, can open the game but it shuts down before I can play. This has been going on for about 5 days. I have deleted and down loaded the app a couple times but the same thing happens every time I try to play

- Good games

Enjoy this is so. Just started

- Not bad but...

The app freezes almost every time I click on it. I have to swipe up and start it over to get it going..... frustrating to say the least

- Several games not to play

You cannot win any coins. Small amounts only. Bonus features are. Rare on most games.

- not winning

not winning at all i've been playing this more than 6yrs now and i don't even win a jackpot even i tried to buy some coins so 1 star

- So much fun

So much fun , feels like Vegas! Plus the rewards system is awesome you can’t go wrong!

- Missing a real casino selection

Good app but it’s missing most of the games I play at the casino so I’m never tempted to buy coins. I might be if these games were added to the list: -Winner’s Shot -Kabuki King -Lady Butterfly -Masked Invitation -Fists of Fire -Sparkling Riches -Parisian Pleasures -Sekmet Mysteries -Rapa Nui Riches -Fortunes Ablaze -Graceful Lotus -Wealth of Dynasties -Electrifying Riches -Roman Tribune -Money Blast -Rhythms of Rio -Enchanted Mermaid -Red Fortune The current selection is good but adding these games would make this my number one, especially since we can’t go to the real casino at this time.

- The best!

I have been playing it and all MyVEGAS games as they were developed. I’ve earned free rewards (and used them in Vegas) had a blast playing the great variety of slots and other games. Love the free chips and collect them as much as I can. Thanks for all the effort you put in to keep this available for us and 4unning as smooth as possible.

- Konami

My game has been locked for 2 days now..... this is after I have played it for more than 200 days...what gives. If you can’t fix it then Delete the game

- Glitchy

The app glitches a lot and pops up ads

- Not happy

Slot game is fun but they allow ads from sponsors that lie about what they deliver!

- Hi


- Love this app

Love this app lots of fun good games.

- Coded by morons and tested by idiots.

The number of issues since they updated the app have been unbelievable. I have to open the app multiple times on different platforms just to be able to click a single button. It’s garbage. Don’t bother to download. The “deals” and prizes are all junk too.

- Interruptions

Their are too many interruptions during this games

- What happened ????

My Wordscapes is no longer accessible due to your game Disappointed

- Good games but don’t hit bonus enough

Use 30 million coins to win 4 million. It actually gets boring quick spinning and never winning.

- Lots of fun

Lots of great games. Just wish the pop ups would not come up all the time.

- Bugs need to be fixed

After the newest update I now cannot open anything in my dropdown menu with my messages and account etc.

- New phones lost data

Love etc.the only problem is every time I change phones (2 years) I have to start all over again...loose everything I’ve collect for years

- My Konami.

Cannot get into account, messages etc. It is frozen. Have no other way to contact you except this way. Please fix.

- Redonne timon

Bonjour. Depuis le dernier update de KONAMI, le jeu me demande régulièrement (1 sur 4) de me reconnecter. C’est très frustrant. Pouvez-vous m’aider?

- Hard to win

Very hard to get the bonus on all games not enough chips

- Not worth it!

I used to really enjoy these games but over the last few weeks something has changed. Payouts are abysmal. The last three times that I hit Lava Link (a rare feat in itself) I got no more than the amount that qualified me for the bonus. Bonus credits are useless as the bonus games pay next to nothing. I just played a bonus where I had 508,000 credits and after 10 spins won a grand total of 15 million credits. It cost me 300,000 million credits to get those 508,000. Not worth the effort. Just played the new game on Konami, Silent Hill. Another piece of crap game. Spent 50,000,000 credits and got nowhere. A couple of 3,000,000 pays but mostly less than you bet. They also appear to have stopped offering extra credits for watching their ads. If that is a new ongoing policy I won’t be on this site anymore as they don’t offer enough daily credits to make it worthwhile.

- Rewards

Can’t spin for the rewards. Every time I attempt it ‘reloads’ This new update is not great

- My Konami slots

This is disgusting, it keeps shutting down and won't allow any play!

- So much fun

Best games ever played aged for fun

- The app is not working

Two days ago my app stop working, i deleted the few times and still not working,and advise me how to make it work.

- Unstable

Crashes repeatedly

- Used to be much better

What happened to these games?? It used to be that there would be lots of good spins and an occasional jackpot, but no longer. I guess I made the mistake of signing in with Apple, as that was when everything changed!! Also have bought some chips, and since then they are gone sooner than before. The VIP points earned should be able to be put towards chips, as piling up points when you won’t be able to use them makes no sense and I would rather see more incentives for getting chips instead. This is unfortunate as the slots are good, but not much point if you can’t play for long without spending money!!

- My Konami

I play this game .it was fun and I enjoyed.thanks l suggest it to every one .it is better than others casino games.

- No free games

Waste of time if you think your going to get free games Most games give out none at all

- Terrible

No free games. No bonus rounds. Not fun when all your money goes straight through and you don’t get anything. Don’t download you will be disappointed

- Rating

Too many pop ups, Very frustrating . Very hard to get a good bonus game. No big payouts. Games are very greedy

- ....

I like the site, but I hate the pop ups. When I change games I have to go to the store first, why, if I want to buy I don’t need to be reminded all the time...gets annoying

- Don’t buy credits

Bought 2.7 billion credits. Did not even get one game played 5 to 10 million credits per spin. Makes me not want to Vegas

- Would not recommend

No free games. Too many pop ups to buy. No winnings. Total scam.

- Poor

Log in everyday to play for 5 minutes and be out of coins. No fun at all!

- Best slots I have ever played.

Try them and see for yourself.

- Fun to play.

Addictive free fun

- Latest update messes with iPhone swipe up

I’ve been playing this game for a while and have enjoyed it but the latest update has messed with the iPhone’s home swipe-up function. Now you have to swipe up twice to get back to your home screen, and when trying to swipe sideways to your last-used app, you now have to swipe up first, then sideways. Of all 3 of playstudios’ games, the only other one to mess with the swipe-up was pop slots. If this even has to be a feature, it absolutely needs to be a user-controlled option rather than being forced. It is extremely annoying. I don’t know why it would ever be acceptable for any app to override the basic functions of one’s phone, especially when it’s the only way you can get back to your home screen on newer iPhones without the home button. Downgrading rating.

- I love this game


- Honest review

Money hungry app developer! Pay to lose

- Lynn

1 star is way more than you guys deserve. My Konkani won’t play at all on my iPhones. Help me fix it. Please.

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My KONAMI® Vegas Casino Slots 1.76.0 Screenshots & Images

My KONAMI® Vegas Casino Slots iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

My KONAMI® Vegas Casino Slots iphone images
My KONAMI® Vegas Casino Slots iphone images
My KONAMI® Vegas Casino Slots iphone images
My KONAMI® Vegas Casino Slots iphone images
My KONAMI® Vegas Casino Slots iphone images
My KONAMI® Vegas Casino Slots iphone images
My KONAMI® Vegas Casino Slots Games application iphone screenshots and images not ready...

My KONAMI® Vegas Casino Slots (Version 1.76.0) Install & Download

The applications My KONAMI® Vegas Casino Slots was published in the category Games on 2015-12-23 and was developed by PlayStudios [Developer ID: 624795774]. This application file size is 424.35 MB. My KONAMI® Vegas Casino Slots - Games app posted on 2022-05-19 current version is 1.76.0 and works well on IOS 11.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.playstudios.mykonami