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Love home decorating? Play Design Home today - a relaxing, fun game that allows you to live the life of an interior decorator. Sharpen your decorating skills in daily Design Challenges and style visually stunning three-dimensional spaces with access to real, high-end furniture and decor brands. It’s quick, it’s fun and you can connect with a vibrant creative community while learning about diverse décor styles - thus improving your design skills and gaining inspiration that you can even apply in your real life.

* Relax through play and express your creativity in daily Design Challenges.
* Unlock rewards as you polish your amazing abilities as an interior decorator.
* Play with real life, high-end brands as you learn about different interior design styles.
* Vote on your favorite rooms from a vibrant, creative community.
* Share your creativity and borrow furnishings from your friends when you connect to Facebook.

Love the items in your favorite room? You can shop for them directly through Design Home! Click any piece you love and buy it for your own home. With new pieces added every day, Design Home literally puts the best home décor (alternative: furnishings) directly at your fingertips. Not only can you discover brands and trends, you can own them, too!

Design Home App Description & Overview

The applications Design Home was published in the category Games on 2016-11-15 and was developed by Crowdstar Inc. The file size is 206.86 MB. The current version is 1.08.05 and works well on 7.0 and high ios versions.

* Now available in French, German and Spanish
* 5 unique design challenges added daily
* 2 new Elite Challenges available every week
* More than 8,000 real-world items to use in your designs. More every day!
* Technical fixes and performance improvements

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Design Home Reviews


Too Expensive  Saveyourmoney$  2 star

I play every day and used to love this game but it is too expensive to play because to get anywhere you have to spend real money. When you purchase items with your money you should get to keep them forever, not 5 uses. You should also be able to trade in items you win for other items of the same value. What is the point of having 5 of the same looking sofa? The potential of this game was great but the fact you only get 5 uses out of an item is the killer for me. There are other design games out there where you actually get to earn money and furniture to play with so my advice is go play them.


Love this game!  Lovely_20  5 star

I am amazed at all the critical reviews for this game, mostly about spending money to get anywhere. I’ve been playing for over a year and yes, it takes time to earn money and diamonds, but I haven’t spent a cent of actual money on this game, maybe Its because I am a patient person and I don’t require instant gratification! I’m up to level 13 and still enjoying it. My only criticism is perhaps change up the daily 15 diamond game from a living room to a different room every once in a while.


Very entertaining  Ekaty7  4 star

Love this game, but agree with some of the criticisms that winning rooms don’t often follow a brief. Also seems that all the high scorers are either in the very advanced levels or are buying items. But you can still get a lot of enjoyment out of the free version, until you get stuck and bored of it


.....  Trinity00962  1 star



This is really good  Nghiemjas  5 star

This is really good because I am moving so I can design my rooms


Creators of the app don’t care!  Melsaf  2 star

They seriously don’t. All the reviews on here are saying how expensive it is and how the scoring system is so bad for the past year, yet the creators have had plenty of time to do something about it and they haven’t. They like that players are actually spending their money so that they can make a fortune off it. I have been playing this game for a year and a half and there’s hardly any changes, even with the weekly/monthly updates. I’ve been waiting patiently for them to maybe make items cheaper or at least increase the prize money of challenges or increase daily diamonds to 1500 instead of 500. However, I don’t think they ever will do it or listen to their players and fix anything. I have stopped playing.


Simpletons on the app  Tommy_GG  1 star

Most top Designs aren’t even worth 2 stars but anyway pretty good app, too expensive to play. I do not recommend for people that are impatient.


Design home  chipmunkfrog  5 star



Expensive & Unfair  KMCR81  3 star

Firstly, I love this game. But it's way too expensive! In order to properly complete rooms as required, you have to pay real money to get diamonds. Why are artworks and plants etc only payable with diamonds?? Most players don't stick to the room design requirements either and this is extremely unfair in the voting system. You have to vote to have enough points to complete rooms. You should automatically pass at least 4 stars if you completely follow the room design style. Otherwise it's impossible to keep playing without spending real money. Please think about making the game fairer as it's such a great app to use. However I won't be spending anymore real money, it's not worth the headache


Love hate  jessie4444janez  2 star

Love this app so much but like everyone else is saying it’s impossible to get anywhere without spending money and the fact you can only use furniture 5 times is just stupid. Sorry but this app could be improved so much and it would be awesome


No funciona  AmericaM3  1 star

No he podido abrir el app, solamente dice qué hay un error en el servidor


Too many issues ... will be deleting  Shaunsangel  1 star

I have used the Tapjoy to try and earn diamonds because it seems in order to get a good rating on my designs I have to spend diamonds ... well after completing a lot of offers I have yet to receive and diamonds. I refuse to spend an more actual money to get diamonds so my rooms have not been getting high ratings because I don’t have the necessary furniture etc Also, the voting is stupid. I personally think people are just clicking through... not even looking at the designs- just trying to earn those keys. And yes you have to design with whites and blacks to good a 5 Star vote. It’s just stupid. I really used to enjoy this game but now it’s just cumbersome and irritating.


Great For A Day  Spiritcoke  3 star

When you first get the game it is great. You use your game dollars and diamonds to buy furniture to meet the challenges (a certain amount of a certain style, color, or brand). This ads up! After about eight rooms, I ran out of funds and am stuck. I’ve waited until some voting has closed, but beginner’s rooms (limited choice of decorations) are up against those who have played a long time and have more/better items to choose from. Thus, there is little chance of rating well and winning ANY amount of money. This is a game, not real life. If they want to keep marketing these real life items that I can buy by getting me to see what they look like in a room, then they need to make it so I can keep playing it more than the first day. Ex. You get 500 diamonds every 24 hours. One decent couch or table could be 1250-3000 diamonds. Then there are like eight required items in the room and some optional (which you need if you want people to vote for you). You trade 5000 diamonds for 5000 cash, which is also needed to buy items. How can I play with so little funds? I’m not going to wait a week just to stock up to fill one room and I’m not going to pay because it is expensive for how quickly it gets used up per challenge. Even reusing as many owned pieces doesn’t work when you need certain challenge items. Fix this unfun issue


I find this app therapeutic  Jasmine_91  4 star

Every night before I go to bed, I pop open Spotify and listen to the Sims original soundtrack (Jerry Martin) mainly consisting of soft piano music and design away. I wish piano music was added, it would be so much better!!


This could be a terrific game, but...  Ironikwon  1 star

Update: After reaching level 18 with 432 entries, 399 prizes and 24 Five Star Winning Designs, I’ve decided to quit. This game is too expensive. The judging is skewed and flawed. The better designs ARE NOT winning— and I’m not referring to mine alone. It’s a joke to allow designs to win that do not fulfill the room design requirements. Also, inventory items that I have bought or won are disappearing before the five times allotted for each purchase or prize. I have decided to quit this game. It’s too expensive and the rigged voting is unfair. This game can be fun, but be careful about spending too much money. The items are priced too high for just five uses. The prizes are often strange and difficult to use in most designs. The plants, pictures and other accessories are limited and expensive. Often the painting choices ruin my room design not enhance it. Requiring stools and puff things for almost every design doesn’t work. After playing this game, I becoming frustrated with room design choices along with the expensive furniture. Stop charging 800-1100 for wall art.


Loved the concept but disappointed in the execution  katflantuo  2 star

I’ve had fun with this app but over time I see many flaws. Styles called for in the design have little to do with star rating, ie. design calls for traditional style and the most stars typically go for the more modern designs..etc. Also, should be allowed to buy all art regardless of experience points. That really makes a difference on star ratings. Prizes Awarded are typically something useless. The game has a fun concept but don’t take it too serious. You’ll be disappointed.

Beast cardinals win !!!!!!

Fun game but major bug  Beast cardinals win !!!!!!  3 star

I love this game. It’s super fun to design and see others’ designs, and there is a nice variety of styles to choose from. However, I have one major problem. My furniture keeps disappearing! I’ll have a table lamp, rug, or tree one day that will be gone the next! I will find it in the store, but then it will ask me to purchase the item again! I used to have two rugs and two table lamps, but now both are gone! This makes it extremely difficult as I only get 500 dollars per project but often have to spend a few thousand to purchase things I already had! Please fix this. ):


Awesome game but I do have a request  Xjrksoscndl  5 star

This app is hands down my favorite on the market not only because it’s super fun, addicting, and aesthetically pleasing, but there are absolutely no ads in my face every two minutes that interrupt gameplay (I understand this is because your game is essentially one big ad for real furniture in of itself). I do have one thing that I want to request, though. Would it be possible to add in the option to sort furniture by price, lowest to highest and vice versa? It would save me (and I’m sure many other people) a lot of time and scrolling. Other than that, I am fully satisfied with your app and I always recommend it to everyone!


It's fun but it could be more fun  Mamakit  3 star

If rooms were partly judged based on the direction given and how closely its followed or not followed. It would also be good to see the other room(s) you were up against and how many votes were cast. Also the daily allowance of gems is not nearly enough to offer your best design w/o in-ap purchases. This alone drops my interest.


Loading issues  DaisyRottie  4 star

I absolutely LOVE this game. It’s super addictive, fun and creative. Soooo many styles, and designs to choose from. It’s easy to buy things and earn money/ diamonds if you play a lot (which i do ☺️). My absolute biggest and only problem is it doesn’t like to load sometimes. Well a lot of times. This is the only app on my phone i have that problem with. Please find a way to fix this guys! Because i really enjoy this game and don’t want to end up hating it because i can’t play it


Do not play this game!!!  LiMa8579  1 star

Do not play this game!!! They take your inventory and put you back on level 1. And even if you spend real money they do not care. Their customer support is just ignoring people!!


Crashes out  DominikaB28  2 star

I realy enjoy playing the game but the game is constantly crashes off and thats is so annoying. I use to play this game year ago but i stoped playing because of that. I tried to reinstalling a game cause i ve been thinking it might be the problem with my app. That didnt help at all. After a year i installed the game again and it is still happening. It is happening every time I am scrolling down to get into a different room or after putting few items.

Mia ❗️❤️😜✌🏻️

I love ❤️ it but............  Mia ❗️❤️😜✌🏻️  1 star

I love this game but before I can even finish the room it crashes this is sooo annoying 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡 please fix it asap 😩


So much potential  VickSkywalker  3 star

I was so excited when I found this game! I used to be a big Covet fan (and a paying player) until I got tired of it. It wasn’t the dev’s fault, it was the other players (ball gowns to a rave anybody?). I was so looking forward to this one, but in this case the problem is the game, not the people. I don’t like that you can only use the items a few times, it makes me not want to spend real money on the game if things are going to disappear! Some items are expensive, yes, but if there were no limits to the number of times you can use them, I would gladly spend money to build a decent collection. This way I don’t see the point in spending real money on something that won’t even be there for me to use after a few challenges. I almost got my husband, sister and mother to play, but discovering this (and that it really does have a negative impact on the playability) was such a disappointment, I told them to forget it! So 5 stars for the concept and -2 for the execution.


Meh kinda not good  Sour_Pepper  3 star

I will give this 5 stars when you make things completely reusable bot just keep buying again and again AND make everything less EXPENSIVE!! :|

Twinkle star123

Disappointed  Twinkle star123  2 star

I hate the fact that everything is so expensive and is gone after 5 uses but As iv noticed in many reviews im not the only one to be annoyed by this. I did like the game but its continuously crashing on me. Items like pictures and plants can only be purchased with gems which is really annoying as well as the fact u only get 500 gems a day if you buy 2 items your gems are gone. Definitely think the app developers need to look at making the items bought unlimited and not disappearing after 5 uses.


Don't waste time  Gjfufs  1 star

Bought a number of Christmas decorations including a tree costing 1,200 gems and the next day i could not use the items I bought because it said I never bought them even though I did buy them and wasted a fair amount of my savings on the items waste of time really annoyed by that please fix thank you.


Fun but irritating  Nanaammo  3 star

I liked the game at first but it’s so expensive to buy things the daily reward is way too small!! Also your ratings go up and down daily which is very frustrating!!!


Ok game  Bunnys2017  1 star

Game ok don't get much money on it scoring is shocking on this the last few months

Mk xxx!:)

Love it But!!  Mk xxx!:)  3 star

I love the game but I hate that the fact it's so expensive to purchase the items and you only have 5item and then you have to repurchase it. Also I hate the fact then when you don't win you lose your star rating. Why can't they just leaving your rating alone and only chance your rating when you win the design


Frustrating but addictive  PhylHolmes  3 star

I LOVE this App. Have spent quite a lot of $$$ paying for items to progress through the designs. Lately however, there have been many problem with the App freezing or a sign saying NOT AVAILABLE IN THE WAREHOUSE even though I already own the product. Also the App isn’t downloading completely every time. I have considered leaving the App as it is getting too expensive to make great designs.


Expensive game  skylilly  2 star

This always was one of my favorite games. But a lot of technical issues, game doesn’t load or items doesn’t load. This game is very expensive. You need to buy diamonds in order to buy art work to get a good rating. The art work is very expensive and you need a lot of it to do all the challenges. The voting is also crap.


Fab101!  [email protected]  1 star

Not happy today!!! After installing the update, the game is not working well Keeps saying it needs to reboot !! Please fix this


New challenges taking too long  J4nineb  3 star

I love playing the game, but the new challenges and voting takes too long and then it gets boring!! Also taking part for free diamonds and doing what they ask and you don’t get any!!


Inventory  Regtig?  3 star

It would be so much easier if your inventory could be sorted according to type similar to the ‘shop’. And a wishlist fuction would be great!


Buying items I already own is rubbish!  EsmeBG  2 star

I don’t understand why the items I’ve bought or won is only available to me 5 times to use? How am I to build up an inventory to decorate other homes? If I can use it 5 times I can use it a kazillion times... money making scheme? Pity though as its a lovely addictive game to play...sadly until developers have decided to change the game to accommodate value for money...I’m uninstalling


Irritating Issue  Shel_mac  2 star

I have played once it bombed out saying the language files are out of date please restart game. I have done so, deleted, reinstalled and still the issue continues and I can’t play the game???!!!


Love it!  kwinkat  4 star

Love this game. Definitely a stress reliever. Only improvement that could be made is if furniture could be filtered according to price, but overall great game


Complaint  Tabby59  2 star

Just love playing this game it is quite expensive if you want to get good scores and beautiful furniture and decor. Decor is to expensive! Getting a lot of error messages all the time and must restart the game constantly language out of date error? Please help!


The game won’t start  deeeesigner  1 star

It keeps saying “the game’s language files are out of date. Please restart the game”. But whenever I restart, the same message pops up and I have no idea how to update the language files.

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