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Love home decorating? Play Design Home today - a relaxing, fun game that allows you to live the life of an interior decorator. Sharpen your decorating skills in daily Design Challenges and style visually stunning three-dimensional spaces with access to real, high-end furniture and decor brands. It’s quick, it’s fun and you can connect with a vibrant creative community while learning about diverse décor styles - thus improving your design skills and gaining inspiration that you can even apply in your real life.

* Relax through play and express your creativity in daily Design Challenges.
* Unlock rewards as you polish your amazing abilities as an interior decorator.
* Play with real life, high-end brands as you learn about different interior design styles.
* Vote on your favorite rooms from a vibrant, creative community.
* Share your creativity and borrow furnishings from your friends when you connect to Facebook.

Love the items in your favorite room? You can shop for them directly through Design Home! Click any piece you love and buy it for your own home. With new pieces added every day, Design Home literally puts the best home décor (alternative: furnishings) directly at your fingertips. Not only can you discover brands and trends, you can own them, too!

Design Home App Description & Overview

The applications Design Home was published in the category Games on 2016-11-15 and was developed by Crowdstar Inc. The file size is 195.71 MB. The current version is 1.05.07 and works well on 7.0 and high ios versions.

• Designer Facts now available on your profile page.
• Five unique design challenges added daily.
• More than 8,000 real-world items to use in your designs. More every day!
• Technical fixes and performance improvements.

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Design Home Reviews


Money pit  lynner64  1 star

After purchasing several items you can imagine my dismay to realize you only get to use them a certain number of times before they disappear. A waste of money and time. I am deleting after I hit submit on this review.


Review and request  Jjbird13  4 star

I really enjoy this game, it is fun because as an adult I enjoy thinking of other ways to decorate my own home. This gives me a new perspective and something to enjoy while my girls are napping. I agree with other comments that things are expensive and I wish that if I paid for it id continue to have it. I realize in real life that if we pay for a couch or sofa chair or even wall decor that once it is placed it is placed and you can’t use it in more than one home. However, this is a game where we are only paying for things to spend money, there is absolutely no reward in it for us. So it is a waste. On another note, my request would be to have a nursery theme as well. So we could decorate a baby’s room!:)


Not really worth it  Brittknee24  3 star

When I first downloaded this game, I loved it. Not realizing the only way to actually play the game is too spend too much money. You can’t get far in the game without spending money.


Game lets people steal your actual money, Still needs work, space hog, object brightness issues  Stone804  3 star

Getting better, but... If you spend actual real money on diamonds for items and then people can “borrow” them from you but you then LOSE that item and all you get in return is a few lousy keys, it’s total BS. Not ok... Still takes up over 2GB on my phone... that’s crazy! Also color / brightness of objects isn’t consistent. Example: level 10 wall art, inventory shows bright color, once hung on a wall is dismal and too dark to see or be pleasant Some white couches show as blown out in some scenes, lamps appear one color in inventory and another in room. Voting scores don’t make any sense, can you explain? Wall art rarely matches, like one vertical and one horizontal of the same genre yet most room deigns call for sets and pairs of horizontal or vertical style items or wall art that matches in size which almost nothing does. Even the frames don’t match sometimes in the same level. For a Design game they sure don’t get how Design works.


Top 10 Simulated app if you’d listen to your players reviews...  Felicity0327  3 star

Everybody has the same gripes and this is a pretty popular game. As I write this, the App Store has you listed at #17 for simulated games. You’d be in the top ten if you’d listen to your players a little. Like everybody else has stated: 1. Wall and table decor: it takes forever to move up levels once you hit 13. Limited to the same decor which gets old and quite frankly, some is kinda weird. I have pieces I’ve never used because they’re ugly. When being judged against level 30 people we don’t stand a chance because a lot of times, those pieces are what tie a look together. Maybe some mirrors too, that’d be nice. 2. Room criteria: while I read it, I really have changed my decor strategy to make a room that looks nice in the half a second the voter looks at it. Can’t use any fun colors because those get boxed pretty quick. Nobody follows the instructions on what the customers want. 3. Diamonds: Every day I watch all the videos and download and open all the apps that offer diamonds - usually gets me around 3k which is better than just 500 from the daily reward but not enough to compete. I have signed up for a few of the offers you have and sunk about $60 into this game in the month I’ve been playing it. I can’t keep doing that, there needs to be more ways to earn diamonds or we can’t play 🤷🏼‍♀️ Also, this is just a side note but why are there so many mismatched ottoman chair sets? Those drive me nuts.


Love the game but....  Chasethefoxx  3 star

I’ve spent way too much on this game and the last time it charged me but I didn’t get what I purchased 😢 NOT ENOUGH DESIGN CHALLENGES!!! Please have more design challenges


Fun but frustrating  Mg48246  1 star

I love the concept of this game but it has some major flaws. This game could be so great in my opinion with an update containing a few things: 1. Items are ridiculously overpriced in comparison to daily reward. I love this game but there have been many times I have almost said goodbye out of frustration of not being able to afford ANYTHING. I’m tired of my scores reflecting a hodgepodge room of old items in my inventory since I can’t afford to buy anything new. 2. Once you buy an item, you should not have to buy it again. 3. Who’s voting? Because I’m sure not. I don’t need to with receiving 25 free keys each day. There should be no daily key reward, replace those with diamonds please. It’s easy to earn keys, it’s impossible to earn diamonds. 4. It would be helpful if there was an incentive to earn diamonds by voting. Once max keys have been reached, you could start earning diamonds. Also, increase the diamonds rewarded by winning challenges and daily rewards for heaven sakes. 5. I would love if there was a sell back option. I have bought a few items by mistake which has been quite devastating because anyone who plays this game knows just how long it takes to accumulate enough diamonds to buy 1 item :( I also would like the option to sell back furniture won from challenges that I will never use. 6. How about a referral incentive? If I could earn a good amount of diamonds for each person I refer to this game, I would have all of my friends and family playing by now. This game has lots of potential, I really hope they take their players into consideration soon and improve upon some things.

Hi I'm Eli

Me  Hi I'm Eli  3 star

I want to move the furniture! I also want to keep the furniture that I buy unless I feel like selling it for like 1/2 off. I also think this game is too expensive it forces you to spend money or the rooms simply won’t be up to par.


Need to kick 5.0 rewards up a notch  Mi-gyrl  4 star

Fun game but winnings for a 5.0 are stingy: a mere 125 diamonds in addition to the furniture you already get for a 4.0. Why not kick it up to 5,000 diamonds?


The system to earn rewards is a total failure  Narda28  2 star

System to earn rewards is a total failure and is so hard to earn diamonds in the game, unless you want to be expending money a lots so money in the game


But of fun.  Cherylshere  3 star

I enjoy playing this game, a bit of fun to play if you have spare time. It’s just that.... A GAME! You don’t have to spend money if you don’t want to but the daily reward could be a little higher. What I have found I don’t like is when it says “awaiting results”, I have to keep turning my phone off in order to get those results. Thanks.


What happened?  Beereviews1992  5 star


Court May S

I don’t believe their app score is 4.4....... maybe a 2.5  Court May S  1 star

It’s a good, fun game but a few things: 1. It needs a price filter. Having to scroll through 200 chairs until you find one in your budget! 2. The prizes for 4.0 and above are usually hideous items that you never use. 3. The 5.0 prize is 125 diamonds... which doesn’t even buy you a vase of flowers or a lamp. 4. In order to actually buy diamonds you have to use real money. And $2.99 for 3000 diamonds seems like a lot but the most it will get you is a indoor plant and a basic lounge. 5. The rooms that get 5.0 scores never follow the design brief. They’re always white or black theme.


Very expensive app to use and no reply when you contact them for support  Bellae79  1 star

Well I would hate to guess how much money I have ‘wasted’ buying virtual furniture which then disappears once you’ve used it, so you have to buy it back AGAIN using actual, real life currency. Don’t even think about contacting them for support if you have an issue, if they take away a limited holiday package you have purchased, or if you have been CHARGED TWICE for a holiday package, because 10 messages, over 1 month later and STILL NO REPLY! 0* for customer service and 000000* value for money


Greed  boopberry11  1 star

Wonderful game if you are rich and part of the turquoise and white BORING club. Don’t bother playing. It’s a rip off and voting system is stupid. 5 stars go to friends who don’t even follow the challenge rules. Ridiculous reward system you can use the reward five times then need to by it if you want to keep using it. Wow developers congratulations you found new and improved ways of taking people’s hard earned cash. Must be nice to have no social conscience.


Relaxing, fun and addictive  cacauflower  5 star

Love this game. I play to relax and just be a little creative. I enjoy having friends and family on here too. So we can check out each other’s designed and give a hand to one another. If you are patient to wait for the adult rewards and not to fast to decorate every room available you won’t need to spend money on this game. Otherwise you can spend a little and make incredible designed.

Annika Victoria

No pay to play if you’re patient...  Annika Victoria  5 star

Contrary to other reviews in here, I have been playing design home for a few months and have never paid anything - you can get quite a lot of coins from completing a challenge and diamonds for opening the app each day & collecting them. While it’s a challenge to then furnish a room with a limited set of furniture/funds - that’s what I find fun about it. That it IS a challenge. Sure, you can spend hundreds of dollars buying the perfect in-game items to furnish your rooms with, but then where’s the fun and challenge in that? Anyway, I love this game. It’s really chill, nice to open for 10 minutes a day to furnish one or two rooms, and it’s legitimately made me better at decorating the interior of my own home. Love it :)


Disappointed  Wozzzzzzzzz  3 star

I was really enjoying this game and was at level 13 then after a few days of technical issues I was suddenly and inexplicably back at level 1. What happened? I’m going to give you one more chance.


How expensive do you have to be  Minecraftmegatron  4 star

All of the prices for items are just OTT and I cant afford it so lower the prices


Fav. But Not.  Bradstreets  4 star

Ugh. Keeps freezing... like every few minutes while I’m trying to scroll endlessly for a sofa... One of the filter options needs to be ‘$$$’. Or the ability to sort the items from less cost to most cost or vice versa... Also - let me keep my inventory!!! Cheeky sods making me have to buy extra dining chairs... 😠 it’s unashamedly obvious when you’re doing an “inventory grab”. Otherwise - I like this this app. Just sort yo 💩 out!!

Lil Ice 123

Needs some work  Lil Ice 123  3 star

This game can be both fun and frustrating. It’s clear the designers keep messing with the voting algorithms. I used to consistently score above a 4.5 and then all of a sudden couldn’t get a design above 4.0 (it has since shot back up again). To test this I put the game with a different account on another device and started styling identical rooms and the scores were VASTLY different. I even had one that was a 3.72 on one account and a 4.64 on the other. If voting and scoring is this arbitrary then I’m not very motivated to even bother purchasing better pieces of furniture. I can just use whatever mismatched inventory I have and my chances are equally high that I’ll get above a 4.0. There should also be a better way to earn diamonds in the game, or you should be able to exchange game cash for diamonds the same way you can exchange diamonds for cash. It would be great if you could earn more by voting once you’ve earned your keys.


Love the game  Catsintheyard  5 star

I love this game, its HGTV, Better Homes, Country Living, Wayfair, Houzz, etc wrapped up in a game for me!! So much fun. I have some comments though: Some designs are not very good, or they dont match the description (theme) so we should have a way to to rate from 1 to 5 not just is one better than another. Please find a way to allow a rater to honestly evaluate others designs. The art work is limited and those joker's-horrible, wont use them. Need a wider range of colors for rugs! Burgundy, more greens. Categories are limited: need asian, country, farmhouse, boho,shabby chic, southwestern, etc. Also, the items are very expensive so I find myself budgeting instead of really designing for taste. How about a version where you can play unlimited monthly for a fee? Or like a game that you buy and you can use with free tokens you can earn.


Fun  AddysGrandma  4 star

I enjoy the game very much . I just hate that you have to use diamonds for plants decorations and such. It's hard to really enjoy the game without spending real money ( which my husband hates ) . It's a great way to o see what types of furniture goes well with other items . It helps with great ideas for my home life . Quite enjoyable to play.


Wildly Addictive - but Wildly Expensive!  llcreader  3 star

I’ve loved this app since I found it, just a few weeks ago. I’m not a professional designer or anything, but an avid HGTV viewer and I love to learn about interior design. So every challenge has been so much fun! Great concept, but, sadly, I have to say goodbye. Just too expensive to play well, and no fun to play badly! I agree with other comments I’ve seen, that the following improvements would encourage more players, and ultimately, a more successful app: 1. For the love of heaven, when we buy items, why can’t we keep them? Making your users buy the same items over and over again just seems greedy and mean. 2. Isn’t there some way to help or at least encourage voters to stick with the design criteria, rather than just voting for what they like? Maybe a daily reward for designers and voters who stick most closely to the stated criteria. 3. Diamonds need to replenish more quickly if you want people to continue playing every day. Obviously, the reason they don’t replenish is because you want people to buy diamonds. However, unless your demographic is limited to only the wealthy, your player base is going to disintegrate at some point, hopefully before they’re in bankruptcy and/or divorce court. Which brings me back to my decision to delete the app. I will miss it, but the credit card statement I received in the mail today is a powerful motivation. And I’d like to stay married.


Like the Game, Scoring Process...Not So Much  Got2BeIng  3 star

There needs to be something in place for the design of the room to be at least 50% of the stated style. There are designs that a blind person wouldn’t use the items used and those rooms get outstanding scores. Along with special styles, which are 85% NOT designed to match what the style is supposed to be, i.e. the recent Mardi Gras room which the top scores went to rooms that were in no way designed that way but born & bred New Orleanians, who KNOW the style, received sub par scores for designing the room in the AUTHENTIC style. I also agree with other reviews on purchases, borrowing, diamonds, keys, accessories, etc. People, including myself, spend a lot of money buying diamonds or keys to play this “game”.


I love it, but....  ganes982  4 star

I love it I play it all the time but one problem when I'm designing a place I see something that I already own and it says I need to buy it or when I put more than one of s item it also I says I need to buy is it just me that it does it too?

A Ghra

Terribly disappointed  A Ghra  2 star

While the concept of and the game itself are a lot of fun, the technical issues are absolutely and utterly ridiculous. I’ve contacted support on several occasions and get the standard “turn off your phone and back on, uninstall the game, clear your cashe”. None of it has worked. I’m missing money, I submit a design only to go back and see it’s still there (not entered), not receiving diamonds after 4 completed offers. I’m still waiting on diamonds from yesterday. I don’t expect anything to be done about the loss of cash, diamonds or the other issues. My review will stay at a 2 because of it.


I like at first but it becomes useless later  Clai101  1 star

I liked this app because it lets me design living room and any parts of the house but the sad thing is that, I couldn’t keep playing because of the requirements. More often, those required items to be purchased are not even in the stores, so how can I buy them and start designing? Gosh, so very useless!! Besides, the items required are too expensive but you’ll only get a little reward but you lose a lot of diamonds.


Like but going to stop playing  allisonandamanda  2 star

I loved this game at first until my furniture started disappearing after 5 uses. If we pay for the items, I don’t understand why it goes away. It’s so hard to earn diamonds and cash.


Disappointing  Donquiholi  3 star

I spent lots of money on this app because I thought it was, more than game play, an opportunity to hone real-life design skills. However, it falls far short of that because of a vote system that unintentionally rewards mediocre designs. If you notice, the "best designs" are largely monochromatic and predictable, not innovative or interesting, and usually do not even meet the guidelines for the design challenge! That is because when the voting system casts two equally liked designs together and a tie vote is cast, neither receives a vote. The same happens when two equally UNliked designs are given a tie. Consequently, instead of rewarding two good designs, neither receives a vote, so they rate no better overall than the disliked designs. Why did the game designers not apply some mathematical logic and figure that out? It would be so much more realistic to offer a point system which would reward each design by true vote and ranking. In efforts to make a "fair" system, this flaw created the most unfair system of all...a totally irrelevant ranking!

Twinkle star123

Disappointed  Twinkle star123  2 star

I hate the fact that everything is so expensive and is gone after 5 uses but As iv noticed in many reviews im not the only one to be annoyed by this. I did like the game but its continuously crashing on me. Items like pictures and plants can only be purchased with gems which is really annoying as well as the fact u only get 500 gems a day if you buy 2 items your gems are gone. Definitely think the app developers need to look at making the items bought unlimited and not disappearing after 5 uses.


Don't waste time  Gjfufs  1 star

Bought a number of Christmas decorations including a tree costing 1,200 gems and the next day i could not use the items I bought because it said I never bought them even though I did buy them and wasted a fair amount of my savings on the items waste of time really annoyed by that please fix thank you.


Fun but irritating  Nanaammo  3 star

I liked the game at first but it’s so expensive to buy things the daily reward is way too small!! Also your ratings go up and down daily which is very frustrating!!!


Ok game  Bunnys2017  1 star

Game ok don't get much money on it scoring is shocking on this the last few months

Mk xxx!:)

Love it But!!  Mk xxx!:)  3 star

I love the game but I hate that the fact it's so expensive to purchase the items and you only have 5item and then you have to repurchase it. Also I hate the fact then when you don't win you lose your star rating. Why can't they just leaving your rating alone and only chance your rating when you win the design


Fun and creative  Cloud-less  5 star

I enjoy decorating and checking new styles. This app provides that and more.


Bit mundane  Vockelly  3 star

Interesting to begin with but loses interest as items bought are lost and furniture is expensive . Get bored of the same palette's after a few designs

Three silly men

Okay  Three silly men  3 star

Games good but slow


Cash and diamonds  Teena09  3 star

Love the game but very expensive to play and very annoying that I can only use my items 5 times and then have to buy them again


Great game but....  Ella91x  3 star

I really loved this game at first but after a few days of playing I really started to dislike it. I hate the fact that you only have a couple of uses of items and then they disappear. Some items are really expensive and I don't see why we have to keep repurchasing items over and over again!! It's completely stupid! That's why I deleted this app.


☹️  KRAIT1919  4 star

Amazing,addictive and enjoyable but I can’t update. When I open the app it says go to App Store to update but when I get there, I don’t get that option to update,it’s really frustrating! It’s the second time it’s happening. Has anyone experienced the same problem before?


Design Home Addict from SA as well  avejeff  4 star

I really agree with Another South African Lady’s review. I love this app so much am really hooked but things are expensive and her ideas on selling unused furniture for discounted prices is a wonderful idea. Also give a little cash for 4.5 and over as well as the prize. Also the accessories are very expensive, perhaps if we rebuy certain items they could be reduced as well. All in all this is the best.


More Money or Diamonds?  B3RNIC3  3 star

I really do like this game but can’t really play this game if you don't have money!?!? Can you pls find a way to give more money or diamonds that would be nice.


Not great  Karenholman0710  2 star

App constantly has to restart, even when purchasing. That means starting designs over. Extremely frustrating


At times frustrating  Wvdberg1953  3 star

I really enjoy the game, but here are some improvements to discuss with developers. 1. Please can we sort by price. At times I have a little money and instead of wading through everything it would be nice to filter by price. 2. Could we sell items at half price when we did lousy purchases. 3. Could you have a sale room where your out of date items can be sold like the online websites do. 4. For a 4.5 design win I would love some cash instead of furniture


Can not open App after update  belatrixi  1 star

Updated to newest version in App Store, but it keeps telling me I need to update when I own the App.


Great App, if you have money to waste  Emmburgs  1 star

Don't get me wrong, I have thoroughly enjoyed this app. But if you don't have money to throw down the drain, it's a lot harder to enjoy your designs. I spent money on the "starter" pack and have managed to keep afloat without spending extra money. But it's tough. And frustrating. If it was the only way the app made its money, then sure, go for it. But guaranteed they are making big bucks by featuring actual furniture stores and their products. So yeah, I love the app, and I'm addicted, but it always leaves a bad taste in my mouth when I can clearly see that a company is all about the bottom line. (All companies are, some just hide it better) Edit: even though I have already reviewed above, I keep getting asked to write a review. I've taken the time to read some other reviews and see that most people feel the way I do. I do have some additional notes though: 1. Only 125 diamonds for getting 5 stars is ridiculous. It should be at least 250. 2. When someone borrows my things, being rewarded with keys is not great. Some diamonds would be great. Or some cash. 3. Is there a way to make voting more accurate? I myself am guilty of just rushing through just so that I can get my keys.


Furniture is expensive  Ms_Robot  1 star

Not worth it👎🏾

DesignHome  4 star

Fun game and all but how do I reset the game?

2003rats sekgonyana

Never got past begin  2003rats sekgonyana  1 star

The app was really a disappointment, right after downloading, it kept closing just as I was getting started with it. What a sad disappointment.


Love  Mario+Mendes  4 star

Nice apps


Good  meinkoom  5 star

I just love it. Especially great when I want to de-stress


Awesome  Delunique  5 star

Love love love it


Can't live a day without design home  afia.potentate  5 star

Afia yeboah from Ghana 😍 I can't live a day without design room I wake up everyday to design something new. You should try it.


Awesome  Empowermentlife2012  5 star

Great app, I love it


Awesome  Tuoyire  5 star

The best app for anyone interested in interior decor


Satisfaction  23Thapril1987  5 star

I'm very satisfied


Great App  Waltross  4 star

Very educative


Fun  Batoson  4 star



It keeps logging me out  Kafmil  1 star

I hv bought a lot of items and they hv gone waste because I was timed out. It's frustrating cos it keeps telling me data out of sync or system restarting. Please fix this for me to enjoy my game.

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