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Love home decorating? Play Design Home today - a relaxing, fun game that allows you to live the life of an interior decorator. Sharpen your decorating skills in daily Design Challenges and style visually stunning three-dimensional spaces with access to real, high-end furniture and decor brands. It’s quick, it’s fun and you can connect with a vibrant creative community while learning about diverse décor styles - thus improving your design skills and gaining inspiration that you can even apply in your real life.

* Relax through play and express your creativity in daily Design Challenges.
* Unlock rewards as you polish your amazing abilities as an interior decorator.
* Play with real life, high-end brands as you learn about different interior design styles.
* Vote on your favorite rooms from a vibrant, creative community.
* Share your creativity and borrow furnishings from your friends when you connect to Facebook.

Love the items in your favorite room? You can shop for them directly through Design Home! Click any piece you love and buy it for your own home. With new pieces added every day, Design Home literally puts the best home décor (alternative: furnishings) directly at your fingertips. Not only can you discover brands and trends, you can own them, too!

Design Home App Description & Overview

The applications Design Home was published in the category Games on 2016-11-15 and was developed by Crowdstar Inc. The file size is 189.17 MB. The current version is 1.11.01 and works well on 7.0 and high ios versions.

• 5 unique design challenges added daily
• 2 new Elite Challenges available every week
• More than 10,000 real-world items to use in your designs. More every day!
• Technical fixes and performance improvements

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Design Home Reviews


Loved the game  Sezy  1 star

I really loved this game I couldn,t wait for the next challenge but it just got ridiculously expensive to play so had to delete. I don,t think this should be advertised as a free game it definitely isn,t.


Don’t waste your money!  Dddms  1 star

Played this for a long time but I completed some offers for free diamonds and they didn’t get awarded. Asked for support to award them and ended up getting told I have submitted too many support tickets and they have been denied! Totally not my fault the system is broken, save yourself the time and don’t download this app!


Ripped Off  Kazorford  1 star

Apparently I’m not the first to complain about paying for things and not receiving them. I payed for three lots of Diamonds over a week a go and still have not received them. Now waiting on Apple to refund my money.

Glen Fixit

This is a smart, user_friendly game but ...  Glen Fixit  1 star

I’ve voted five stars for you from day one. I run into a problem and you guys are probably reading every bit of contact message that I’m writing yet you ghost me? You shouldn’t hide behind the anonymity of the internet and take people’s money while not living up to your end of the bargain and actually helping me out. Kevin lied. I know he lied. What does CrowdStar have to say to that??????


I love it❤️❤️  izabellestafford  5 star

I have recently got on and it’s awesome. The only problem is that I have to wait until I get enough keys to submit my design. I just hate that because when you vote, you have to wait until the next one pops up which takes a long time. Apart from that, it’s awesome. Keep up the good work! From your fellow Australian, Izabelle


Scoring system is ridiculous  Purdyslick  1 star

People receiveing 5 ⭐️ when they have used incorrect furniture for that challenge, eg., traditional home with rustic furniture! not fair to the ones that put the time effort and money into it..what’s the point honestly!


Why????  81sassyrreads  3 star

Well I finished a living room it didn’t let me me submit my design and had to get out go back in and do it all over again then did the same thing

iLady Lashes

Expensive and crashes all the time!!  iLady Lashes  3 star

At first I really enjoyed this app it’s great. Then you quickly realize you have to spend a lot of money to keep up with the design demands. Also it crashes multiple times while in the middle of designing a room and I lose my design and have to start again, this has happened over and over again in the last month saying “there is a technical issue and needs to restart” as well as it freezes and also “can’t find items in the warehouse” error comes up when selecting already bought items. It’s very glitchy of late and frustrating to the point I don’t want to play anymore. Also it freezes when I purchase diamonds and charges me but doesn’t load diamonds therefore I’ve spent money and not received my diamonds! The rewards should be better especially if you score a 5 you should get 1000 diamonds instead of a stingy 125, you only get more if it’s a particular challenge. You need to give your players more of a incentive to stay as the furniture is expensive and the score rewards are poor and so low that it’s hardly worth the time or effort to play anymore. I really enjoy the game, however you need to review the reward system and also update the glitches.


Room wins  cme1100  4 star

I love this game but can you PLEASE let us purchase wall art, floor plants and table art using cash and not just diamonds! Can you also let us win prizes of wall art, floor plants and table art!


I Get it...  Netballer26  1 star

Look, I understand this is a good game, but it is impossible to earn money. On my second level, I ran out of money. Then I deleted it wouldn’t recommend it


Charged double  bugmom101  1 star

This app has charged me double for in app purchases TWICE. The first time I was able to get my credit card company to reverse the charge. The second time was today and now I have to wait for my credit card company to allow me to dispute the charge. I talked with Apple and of course they say they can’t help that I’ll have to talk for eh app developers. The app help section says that I have to talk to Apple. Go figure. So they both want to blame each other while in the meantime I’m still out the money that was never authorized to be charged to my device. The app is good other than that, it’s a shame I’ll be deleting it as soon as I dispute their fraudulent charges with my CC company, AGAIN.


DO NOT USE YOUR OWN MONEY!  Caroline.Eva  2 star

Too many glitches! DO NOT USE YOUR OWN MONEY TO PLAY! Purchased items are often unable to be used or suddenly no longer in your inventory. Bad lagging even at high internet speeds. Too easy to click on item and accidentally purchase due to lags or frozen screen. Daily email received gives you a bonus item to purchase if you don’t get above 4 stars but often that item is suddenly unavailable to buy even though the email is brand new. Customer service is VERY POOR: they don’t read the entirety of email or solve issues or compensate with diamonds or refunds for all the glitches and system errors. The voting system is highly flawed. This could be an excellent game if the support was better and ALL the many glitches were resolved. Too frustrating to play as is, and feels like they just want to take your money and not help when errors occur.


Currency  churrochips  3 star

So the game is a great game and all, but you run out of cash and diamonds right away and you have to pay for more. All I’m saying is that I think the game should give beginners a little bit more currency or at least bring the prices down. The game is fun though, and I like it very much.


I love the game but have one or two problems with it.  AnnoyedPOTTER101  3 star

First problem: Why do I have to repurchase items that I bought ? If it’s mine then I should be able to use it many times as I want. Second Problem: If I won prizes then they’re mine and it shouldn’t be a limit on how many times I can use what I won. I enjoy playing but that’s the most annoying thing about this game.


Ok but...  G-Tooth  4 star

Ok. So I like the game but you would have to make at least one purchase 😭. Without that one or more purchase the game would be boring. The concept is a good one however, the way the game is was created good use some TLC.


Design Home retaliates!!  welowobbly  1 star

So going in to “earn” rewards you have to download apps and or make purchases and after giving them everything but your blood and thumb print...they don’t give you rewards,so you have to go back in and find missing diamonds and then go in and choose which offer you did that didn’t reward you and then after that you have to respond to their email or they don’t give you anything and since they hardly ever give you the rewards at the time you do it you have to follow through with emails and then they have the balls to say “you have turned in so many missing diamonds reports it’s concerning “ HA!! So after that they start grading your rooms and they start giving you scores under 4.0 so you want get the prize your playing for and if you do ANYTHING in black an white you’ll score better!! So: they don’t give you rewards for doing offers unless you complete the “missing diamonds “ and lucky if you do after that!! So: don’t complain you’ll be rated poorly! So: do all your design in black an white. So:I’m a paying customer and I mean at least 30$a month and they DO NOT CARE!!!!! Also when you do missing diamonds they only have about 7-8 offers listed, so you can’t even put in a report on them if you wanted to. ALSO THEY STOPPED TAKING MY “missing diamonds “ REPORTS AND KEEP SAYING I ALREADY FILED and IGNORE YOU COMPLETELY!!!! They’ve NEVER commented on my review....and after all the complaints, THEY STILL DO NOTHING 😔😖😡


Design home  debukgirl  4 star

Great game, super addictive!! I recommend it to anyone that likes interior design. I do have a problem with it though, out of 10 of the challenges is design a living room, then why do we enter challenge to win beds, dinning tables, etc if the only thing we are going to design are living rooms? Come on give us more variation it’s getting old only designing living room and having all this other furniture we seem to never use.


Need to revamp  Stayathomenursemomof2boys  2 star

I’ve been playing this game religiously, I’m on the highest level that they have. I feel like lately the designs are getting more challenging, specifically requiring pieces of furniture that I don’t have, so then I have to “buy” it. My problem is, the prices for the furniture & accessories is so high, but our daily reward is still the same, which does not allow most of the items to ever be purchased. I think, the daily rewards should increase based on what level you’re on. And the “monetary” rewards for completing challenges needs to go up to reflect the cost of furniture/accessories. If it doesn’t change, I will stop playing, because it’s just not fun anymore, who wants to use ugly pieces because that’s all they can afford? Also, the tapjoy rewards are a joke, I never get rewarded anymore for completing the tasks and their not responding to contact.


Add Filter “Price: Low - High” Please !!  eeemankcinnn  4 star

I would love to see a filter “price: low-high” for furniture!!


Marrying  Maryava  5 star

I love to play this game very much I have no problem with any of the stuff right now it is not coming on on my tablet and it keeps running off I won't let me download it I have to delete it and then download it again it will not let me play it anymore I put money into this game I would love to be playing it so please take care of the problem for us thank you. Again having problems with it it will not download or stay download it what is going on we put money into this game so can your fix a problem or return our money something has to happen


Loving it  talk2jaafar  5 star

I love this it’s my opium


Technical error  temiey  4 star

I really enjoyed playing this game especially as it is very educative and enlightening as an interior designer but recently it’s been crashing a lot which is quite frustrating. I’ve had to download and redownload but still the same issue. Please look into this as I miss playing my game 😫


Bad Update  Zig03  1 star

Just updated the game to the 1.07.15 version and the app has refused to open - keeps saying something about my language needing an upgrade. Please fix. Thanks.


Amazing  Phbeaute  5 star

I loooooveeee this gaaaameee!!!


CRASH  Fabulous_arhi  1 star

I was so excited to download this game but it kept crashing and crashing and I couldn't even get past the beginner design. I downloaded it again by still facing the same issue and I'm really really frustrated. Also, I have enough storage space and very good wifi. PLEASE do something.


Fantastic Game  Lolaainag  5 star

Fantastic game!

Onyx 💁🏽

Love designs  Onyx 💁🏽  3 star

Great game❤️😘


Sad  rae_ot  2 star

It's not downloading to my iPhone 6


Best game ever  Tennycindy  5 star

Omg i love this game so much


Fantastic App  BabyboyMD  5 star

This is brilliant 👍🏽...


In-app purchases are way too expensive  Artisaxo  4 star

I love this game! My one complaint is that the in-app purchases are completely overpriced. I would be happy to purchase often if it were cheaper, but priced as it is I have only made three purchases in a year. I understand that the developers deserve to earn an income with this, but I think that they will find that revenues will increase substantially if they lower the prices substantially. Thank you for a great game, but for now I play it for free.


Getting way to expensive  Mobaleng  3 star

I loved the game, but you have to buy diamonds to be able to continue to design more rooms. It is frustrating that you cannot buy useful stuff with the “money” earned.

Fit girl Kate

Fun  Fit girl Kate  3 star

Fun game but would be great if you could sort furniture by price or alphabetically


Contact me please  KMeyet  1 star

I cannot get into my game as it gives me a “connection unavailable “, sorry we cant connect to your inbox” this has been going on for three days and just bought diamonds! Please contact me! Thanks


More ways to earn diamonds please!  Happygmolly  4 star

It’s a beautiful app and lots of fun to play, but at some point you are coerced into buying diamonds for the creation of any design worthwhile. Please find more ways for users to earn diamonds instead of buying. This will be a win-win in my opinion, as more people will play, and for longer. Plus, there’ll be prettier designs to vote for.


App created for the benefit of the developers not the player  NudgeV  2 star

You go and create a lovely simulation game, make its followers addicted and then con them into buying diamonds with real money in order to reap the rewards of a better gaming experience. Absolutely unacceptable!! 1) You need a high amount of diamonds to purchase the better accessories available 2) You only earn a minuscule amount of diamonds when getting over 5 stars which is extremely difficult as voters have NO taste 3) Daily reward is 500 diamonds. 1 decent accessory costs over 900 diamonds. I mean come on!!!! Fair play people???!!! 4) You can only use an item 5 times after purchasing it!!! Are you kidding me??!!! 5) Your accessories are kitsch and to level up, in order to unlock better accessories, becomes more and more difficult! I an deleting this app because the company behind it are a bunch of inconsiderate thieves!!! You should be ashamed of yourselves!

Caroline Q.21359

Great game with some down sides  Caroline Q.21359  4 star

I have been playing this game for about 3 weeks. I am completely addicted. It is brilliant. However... 1. It is a vey expensive game to play to compete, due to the high cost to acquire inventory to design perfect rooms 2. The voting system is poor. If you look at most of the top scorers rooms they are not “designer” - they lack style and creativity - in fact they are quite ugly - using the same colors everywhere matching carpets, sofas, lamps and the exact same art piece often used up to 4 times in a single room. With this in mind the game is becoming frustrating. One is forced to design boring rooms with no style and spend lots of real money in order to be competitive.

Pheebs Bee

Pay to Play  Pheebs Bee  2 star

I don’t have much to add to the other scores of complaints about this game being expensive to play. If the developers haven’t listened by now, they are not about to throw out the rules that are obviously making them MAJOR BANK. A few tips that I have learned- Don’t play every day. Let the 500 free diamonds that the game gives for every daily log-in add up and then use the 15,000 you get each month to design one awesome room instead of submitting 30 mediocre ones. Tips for a room that scores 5.0 - use white or monochromatic colors as they are the most popular for high scores. Check out the top scorers every day and then replicate the formulas they use on your future designs. Enjoy!


Starting  Ebie33  1 star

It took so freakin long to just start


All about money!!  grannysworkshop  5 star

Yes! We know that it’s all about money! Two thirds of your clients don’t play with cash. But have a fan/ friend base between 20/100. If all these friends join you will get one third of them playing with money ! That’s fact and stats! So give us plebs some diamond insensitive for winning, say our score goes above 4. We get 1000 diamonds!!!!! ???or for every fiend we invite we get 100 diamonds That will keep your app in the green and a positive growing fan bace. You already making 2 mill a year just add one third every year to that? That’s called printing money !! Basic accounting!!! ANYONE ELSE AGREE????


App keeps on crushing  Chicbad  2 star

For over 1 week the app is not able to open and that’s not the first time I really love it but can’t handle anymore, I have been using this app for over 3 years and once every month I buy about 200 usd worth of diamonds and this really tells how much I love this app and I wish you can post a video or photo here cause the app keeps on crushing and this time it’s has taken too long .. please work on it ..


I can’t do without it everyday  roototi  5 star

This is good to destress.. I stay at one place but my imaginations travel to hundreds of countries.. is like my imaginations and hands visiting places while my body stays right at one place..


Anera  Anerababy  5 star

I love this game


Love  Mario+Mendes  4 star

Nice apps


Good  meinkoom  5 star

I just love it. Especially great when I want to de-stress


Awesome  Delunique  5 star

Love love love it


Can't live a day without design home  afia.potentate  5 star

Afia yeboah from Ghana 😍 I can't live a day without design room I wake up everyday to design something new. You should try it.


Awesome  Empowermentlife2012  5 star

Great app, I love it


Awesome  Tuoyire  5 star

The best app for anyone interested in interior decor


Satisfaction  23Thapril1987  5 star

I'm very satisfied

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