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Looking for a new creative hobby? Play Design Home today - a relaxing, fun game that allows you to live the life of an interior decorator. Sharpen your decorating skills in daily Design Challenges and style visually stunning three-dimensional spaces with access to real, high-end furniture and decor brands. Unlock 'My Homes' to access bathrooms, kitchens and more customization options to bring your dream homes to life! It’s quick, it’s fun and you can connect with a vibrant creative community while learning about diverse décor styles - thus improving your design skills and gaining inspiration that you can even apply in your real life.

* Relax through play and express your creativity in daily Design Challenges.
* Unlock rewards as you polish your amazing abilities as an interior decorator.
* Level up to access 'My Homes' - with dream homes of your very own to design as you wish!
* Play with real life, high-end brands as you learn about different interior design styles.
* Vote on your favorite rooms from a vibrant, creative community.
* Share your creativity and borrow furnishings from your friends when you connect to Facebook.

Love the items in your favorite room? You can shop for them directly through Design Home! Click any piece you love and buy it for your own home. With new pieces added every day, Design Home literally puts the best home décor (alternative: furnishings) directly at your fingertips. Not only can you discover brands and trends, you can own them, too!

- This game is free to play, but you can choose to pay real money for some extra items, which will charge your iTunes account. You can disable in-app purchasing by adjusting your device settings. This game is not intended for children.
- Please buy carefully.
- Advertising appears in this game. This game may permit users to interact with one another (e.g., chat rooms, player to player chat, messaging) depending on the availability of these features. Linking to social networking sites are not intended for persons in violation of the applicable rules of such social networking sites.
- A network connection is required to play.
- For information about how Glu collects and uses your data, please read our privacy policy at:
- If you have a problem with this game, please use the game’s “Help” feature.

Terms of Service:
Privacy Policy:

Design Home App Description & Overview

The applications Design Home was published in the category Games on 2016-11-15 and was developed by Crowdstar Inc. This application file size is 227.30 MB. Design Home current version is 1.41.035 and works well on IOS 9.0 and high versions.

- Technical fixes and performance improvements
Don't forget that new real-world items from top brands and unique Design Challenges are added daily!

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Advertorial    5 star

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Tljorgensen   1 star

Stole my actual money!!!. I paid $4.99 to purchase diamonds which buy items in the game. Went to buy items and the app crashed. It took my diamonds but didn’t give me the items. Then it happened two more times and now I’m out $5 for nothing. So I messaged them for help and got no response. This app is like a bad vending machine. Do NOT take the risk. It’s money down the drain.

2721556960   1 star

The game stealing people’s money. I’ve been playing this game for a few months now. I have been making in game purchases for diamond and purchasing limited edition items worth $1.99 and 3.99. The app tells you that your purchase is complete but when they take the money out of your account they take an extra $1 and I just discovered this. The app does retract the past purchases history so you can’t go back and look what you had bought. Every time you purchase an item an extra $1 is taken out and if you have made multiple purchases it can add up. For example: if the cheapest diamond purchase is $1.99 they will take $2.99 and if the limited time item you bought is $2.99 they will charge you $3.99. The app is stealing your money!

nimmmaa   2 star

Issues after update. I have been playing this app for months. Finally updated it after getting an alert every day, and I seriously regret it. Quality of room images has been drastically cut, and all the items are much smaller and harder to see and select.

litdrop123   5 star

Mxghtynnyet. I love this app and it's fun but it is pretty hard to earn the money unless you actually pay for it. I'll sum it up: great app, hard earning

girlytatortot45   5 star

Love this game. I love this game I love how you can vote on others designs or you can design certain areas also you can pick which house or apartment or patio It’s super fun and it takes your mind off of everything so you can just sit back and relax I’m only 11 and this game actually entertains me so this game can be fun for kids or adults so it’s so fun I even got my mom hooked on it she said that when she plays it it’s like she on a cloud and I half to agree with her one time i was so stressed about this social studies test and I started to play this I played for a hour straight and I got all my social studies homework down in like 30 minutes I love this flipping game

Abnret   5 star

Really good 5 stars. Really fun to play I love it it’s so cool because all the furniture it’s so life like

gacha cookie girl   5 star

Fan of loving. So the thing is that when I was on color hole I had to watch a add and when I watched the video it was kinda different because it said that I could move the stuff but you just have to replace everything and it’s really annoying and I need the adds out of this game please!

Scc82   3 star

Not bad, not great. Addictive and fun but where did all the fun wall art go as of today?? And other decorations. There’s definitely a lot fewer accessories to choose from to spice up the room. I also feel like it’s impossible to design a great room when you only earn 500 diamonds a day and most art is more than that, especially now that items seem to have been discontinued. The $2500 daily is great but isn’t as helpful as Diamonds would be. I know it’s just a game and it’s still fun but it’s getting harder and harder to design good rooms.

MarylandCosgrove   5 star

Great app. I have been playing it for a year it is the best

Glam827   3 star

Addicting but.... Love this game. Play it all the time. As annoying as it is to earn cash and diamonds for each challenge, it is still not my number one complaint because I get it. It’s for marketing and advertisement. That’s how they make money. However, there needs to be a way to organize inventory. I have so much stuff and it is all over the place. I would like to be able to get rid of stuff and organize stuff.

Cassleigh   2 star

Sneaky rip off. Really enjoy designing rooms but very disappointed with my purchased items only being able to be used 5 times then you have to buy them again. That’s a rip off. I cannot use everything in my inventory, only what they let me pick out of a small amount. I won’t be using any real money on this app just for that reason.

Geeky Dino   4 star

You know what would be cool?. I’ve been playing this game for about a week and I’ve been pretty happy with it. I don’t like the idea of in-app purchasing, so I tend to lose money really quickly while designing (the furniture is quite expensive for the in-game payments you’re getting). However, I don’t know if this is even possible, but wouldn’t it be cool if there was a ‘sell-back’ option in the game?? Like, you have all this inventory that you might not even use again. Could it be possible to ‘sell’ furniture for just even a lower price so you can have a small additional revenue in the game?

BestPowers   1 star

Beware. This game does not give rewards that u go work to get .They say it is run from a different company so if u buy or work for diamonds u may never get them. Each company will blame each other.

rgdollmom54   2 star

Too expensive. I’ve played this game since 2017. Over time, I’ve seen prices soar and more and more items available only by using diamonds. It’s just not fun anymore and out of reach financially for me.

SOFTBALL🥳   3 star

Great but…. So I’ve had this for a year, it is fun but I wish that it didn’t cost keys 🔑 to finish/enter EVERY SINHLE ROOM YOU DESIGN! also I wish that it didn’t cost 15 home points to design a room in your house, 5 is a reasonable but 15 is absurd! For someone who plays this everyday i only get to do about 1 ROOM IN 1 of my house every 2 WEEKS🙄! PLZ make it free to finish/enter into challenges, and WAY CHEAPER TO DESIGN ROOMS IN YOUR HOUSE! Also some of the prices on furniture are absurd:(

geijfn   3 star

Home points. I tried to design a room in my home and it took my 15 points and made a loading symbol then just went back to the room. When I tried again same thing happened but my room never opened for me to design. Now I log in today and all 30 of my home points are gone! And they only give you one home point per room you design so it’ll take me another 2 weeks to get those points back! The game was fun at first now just lots of glitches all the time. They don’t ever even acknowledge when they have glitches.

MobWivesFirstFan   3 star

Be ready to $$ to Play. Eliminate the Diamonds?? Why do you need to buy diamonds to decorate a room?You can’t do anything without buying a diamond, or a key.The game is kinda fun if u need a distraction,but the conversion of diamonds to keys to dollars is pointless, confusing & expensive. Game would be so much better if diamonds were eliminated all together! And be careful NEVER to put your phone away mid game!! I stuffed it in my sweatshirt pocket at the gym & bought the same bunch of unwanted diamonds several times in 5 minutes.

cruise00   3 star

Great game but earning diamonds UGH. I have been playing for so long and really enjoy the game and they are always adding and improving! The only drawback is earning diamonds to purchase items. It has become much harder to earn because I believe they want you to get frustrated and purchase them .

JJmuralist   2 star

Expensive and controlling. Taking advantage of people who love design. I started playing this game to buff up on my design skills as it has been years since I was a designer. However, this game is strategically planned so that you continually have to spend money to meet the criteria of each design. Except to spend at least $50 a week to be able to put together decent designs. If you can not afford to spend the money on a game... Don't download. It will be frustrating because it is addicting and you will never earn more than you spend.

Girl121711   4 star

Fun, But Hard to Earn Rewards. I love this game. It’s relaxing and addicting and fun. I love designing my own rooms and voting/looking at other designs. The only complaint I have is how DANG hard it is to earn diamonds. When all wall art, vases, and “extra” decorations for your home are required to be purchased with diamonds, it should NOT be so hard to earn diamonds. It’s very frustrating because you can’t design a “top” room without elements required to be purchased with diamonds, and if you don’t design a top room, you don’t earn rewards like furniture. 4 star rewards should be items you can only purchase with diamonds - pictures, clocks, plants, etc.

Lovepeaceearth   1 star

Rip-off! Beware!. This would’ve been a great game if they didn’t charge you for every challenge, & you didn't have to pay ridiculous amounts of money, not in line with any app game I’ve ever purchased from; & that’s not even my issue, I’d be fine with anybody in app purchases, even really high ones if that is the amount they actually charge! If it was the amount I agreed to! I was charged so much more than the amount shown. I just purchased 2 premium design sets for $3.99, which should’ve costed $7.98...I was instantly billed for $44.92. This is one of many times I made a purchase that was that an absurd amount different than listed! At first I didn’t realize the purchases was coming from this one app, thought other subscriptions was renewed, my CC even contacted me about the suspicious 3 days I’ve been charged over $160.00 from Home Design App! When I contacted the Home Design App about the additional charges, they blamed Apple for taxes, & surcharges!! Saying it may be due to where I live??? I live in the USA! I don’t know any Country that Apple would charge taxes, & surcharges like that! They are lying, because they don’t want to refund me. I might not get a refund, but hopefully I can save someone else from the headache they gave me...I took snapshots of everything, so they can’t call me a liar!

technopup   2 star

Money Trap. This program exists solely to force people to spend money in order to compete in challenges where one is always outclassed by tacky designs made by users who have unlocked items unavailable to new players. Unless you want to drop a ton of money, there’s no point in starting now. It’s a fun little game, but definitely geared toward people who want to pay through the nose to win meaningless challenges. Other than choosing pieces of furniture to place in a fixed arrangement, well, that’s all it is. Fun for about a week, then it gets incredibly tedious

QueenJai623   2 star

Please fix it. I haven’t been able to play this game consistently for a while now. However it keep shutting down on me

Jewelmkr   4 star

Open design technique. A few things. It would be nice to have the ability to change the color of the furniture to match the room. Sometimes the piece I want doesn’t come in the color I want it lwouldnalso be great to arrange the furniture to my liking sometimes I feel I could do a better job arranging the furniture the way I want. Lastly I’d like feedback on what I could of done better or what I did right. Thank youA few things

IrateKathy   1 star

Getting ripped off!. I enjoy playing this game, however I just found out that they’ve been ripping off my credit card every month! Same date, same amounts...I verified that in fact it is from Design Home and I’m furious!!!

lizardgirls   2 star

You’ve got to spend money to get five star rooms. I have been designing rooms for a year and a half. When I am voting I see what rooms are getting five stars and I know that personally my rooms are every bit as good as the rooms that are consistently scoring five stars. What I think is the issue, is that I don’t spend a lot of money on the game. Every time I buy a bundle of diamonds, it just magically happens that my room scores go up. Then if I go a few days without a purchase, my room scores start to drop. It also doesn’t seem to matter what they ask for in a room designs such as French or Mediterranean, people design rooms that don’t meet the criteria and will still score 5 stars. I’m really exasperated with this game and won’t be playing anymore.

Purple people pleasures   1 star

DON’T buy diamonds💎Kiss😘your💸goodbye. I have been playing this for several months & my diamond purchases sometimes show up but a lot of the time-THEY DON’T!!! After several attempts to contact them, NO RESPONSE!!! I have even sent them photos of my receipts. I’m not losing any more money & you shouldn’t either.

dotto770   5 star

What happened. I have been playing this game for a few years now and love it; however, a few days ago (I guess with the latest update), the inventory area at the bottom of the game suddenly got smaller. So small in fact, that it is difficult to see the inventory until you actually place them in the game. Please make the items bigger again.

ccanyon   5 star

Caution - Highly Addictive!. So much fun I can spend hours and hours designing rooms and learning about furniture brands. I have occasionally had trouble with the game doing various weird things. I also play Crowdstar’s other game Covet. Clearing the cache has always fixed the problem in either game. I did get a response via email from their customer service to which I was pleasantly pleased. I’m sorry others have had a bad experience. Clear your cache regularly and you should be okay.

jehzgz   2 star

Diamonds and Cash. Need to make it easier when it comes to the diamonds and cash.

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jamesgrvais   1 star

Unjustified evaluation. Design evaluation is often unjustified

guylou_1   2 star

Items trop petits. Depuis que les items ont été diminués, je n’ai plus envie de jouer. Pouvez-vous les remettre comme ils étaient avant?

samuh30   5 star

Pricey to play. Please bring back the tap joy games to get free diamonds..the game is nice but everything is expensive

KayLeaLukan   4 star

Great way to kill time. Love this game, just need more ways to earn diamonds without spending money! (I’ve spent a little too much on this game)

Jell-linc   2 star

Disappointed with money and diamonds. Love playing the game but the expectations are way to high and not enough diamonds and money given out. Don’t think I will continue with the app or recommend to friend as you can’t do much anymore great game but the diamond allowance is terrible and all the nice pieces and decor item all require diamonds without having to spend money out of your pocket

Waynenoo   5 star

I like this app!. I like this app because it has given me great ideas on my own home designs, combinations that I wouldn’t of put together on my own, I get to see if it works on here for my own inspirations.

em2061   1 star

Impossible to play without spending $$$. Fun game but truly terrible to play after like 2 days. There’s no way to earn enough money to decorate anything. I understand the concept of freemium apps but this app takes that concept too far. I understand including the diamonds and making something’s exclusively payable in diamonds, but where this game loses me is that it is impossible to earn enough money by playing to continue to play. You can only earn cash by finishing challenges but never have enough cash to finish the challenges. So this game is impossible to play unless you, very frequently, are willing to shell out a decent amount of real money. You would think the developers would make enough money from the products being advertised in the game to at least make it possible to play without spending money.

multi-media   1 star

Shysters. After a week or two, you will realize that they want you to spend your own money. It’s obvious. No fun. Saddened to see great designs when you vote and you wonder how much of their own money they put into it. Shysters.

candela2019   2 star

MONEY GRAB BE CAREFUL CANT BELEVE THE RATING. Nice game but you cant use most of the times items that has already purchased. going to delete do not recommend at the end loses more money than what you make

sugesting   4 star

It is expensive with coins and diamonds. But I really like the game

KathleenC79   4 star

Hmm. I highly suggest to think for a while before buying, it’s cool and good for a while, but then it just get’s so expensive, and dosen’t gove you enough

Hula ad. Every time a hula ad comes up when I’m trying to get bonus diamonds the game freezes as there is no exit on the ad.

sadassoup   3 star

Please fix the challenges page. Challenges won’t work ... all just a white screen. Please fix this soon as I am totally addicted to this game and have missed two days of it already!!! Thanks

trikamonkey   4 star

Great Game. I would love if there could be more items, especially RUGS that could be purchased with money not gems. Thank you. Love this game!

CherylmW   4 star

Review. Great game but items are too expensive to purchase

Virgillya   3 star

Pillows. Is there any way we can get pillow and throws to add to the furniture also I find we don’t get enough diamonds and that’s why so many of us have stupid pictures that don’t even match the room hung on the wall , I know you want people to buy diamonds but there are many of us that do not want to . Thanks Ps the last 2 days I can’t finish a room in my house it keeps going blank ???

abddyy   1 star

Terrible terrible terrible customer services. I love the game but HD some issues with losing my levels when I got a new phone and they just were unwilling to help at all. They basically stole my money and refused to help. So download this game but beware of money you put into it (and they basically make it that you need to spend money on it).

Cashmony76   4 star

Review of Design Home game.. This game is much fun, but much too expensive to play regularly.

chickenicken   1 star

won’t let me delete the app. it won’t let me open or delete it

suzzshaw   3 star

Review. I like the game but what t don’t like is that when toy purchase items you lose them after five uses. I think once in my inventory it should remain mine to be used. Otherwise, I enjoy this game very much!

Kelleye65   3 star

Review. It takes too long to earn money and diamonds to progress higher

Marie-Ange Daunais Simard   3 star

Grrrrrr. Je rentre sur le jeu je passe la démo et le jeu bogue direct osti......

Melissa12334578899743   5 star

Great. Really fun. Not impossible to earn diamonds

JillN10   4 star

Addictive. I love this game. Sadly, I can’t stick to a budget and play to win. Wish more items could be purchased with $ not diamonds. Diamonds cost actual money. Hard to justify a $15/month habit for a phone game. And yet, here I am.... 4 Stars for the enjoyment.

Mersizzlebizzle   1 star

Expensive. They just want to get you into the game. You'll have to spend a lot of real money to keep playing. A lot!

cnick19   3 star

Review. I don’t like all the good stuff is diamonds, but I guess that’s how you make your money. Yes to play all the time not now because of that!

crystalh3   4 star

I play for free!! Great, just needs a little improvement. A fun game to be creative and design rooms. I play it every day! Gives me so many ideas for my house and lets me design things I’ll never get to do in real life. I only wish we could have an option of either buying plants and pictures with the $ or have better way of getting diamonds. You only get a certain amount of diamonds and it’s always way less than what you need to buy the pictures and plants. If that could be better, it would be five stars.

BoomBoom1005   5 star

Jeux amusant. Beaux articles de décoration!

   3 star

Good but isn’t working. I can play challenges fine but if I try to open the master bedroom in my home it shuts the game off completely and I can’t open any other rooms.

cyfcctfcchgcgj   2 star

It’s bad. I found that it can be boring, When you run out of diamonds, you need to wait 1 day to just get 500 and you go through them very quickly. Also if you want more money or diamonds and don’t want to wait you have to PAY real money for game diamonds and game money. the first 3 minutes are fun. Unless you want to spend your hard earned money on a game, it’s not worth it.

Advertorial    5 star

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~OzTara~   1 star

Expensive and glitchy. Love this app but far too much $$$ spend required to do it properly. Plus update after update but still have to force close the app to receive messages. . 21/11 another update and still have to shut down app to get messages. . What’s the point of diamonds and cash? They supposedly represent the same value so I don’t get it. . Voting is ridiculous... design a girls bedroom - someone does boy but still gets voted 5 stars? Design a rustic room - someone does modern and can still get 5 stars. Why bother with a design brief when it can essentially be ignored?

Belbeauty   4 star

Good.... Buuuut!!!!. I really enjoy this game and the fact that the pieces of furniture your playing with come from real stores is fantastic! However, I have noticed that the ‘winning’ or highest scoring designs are the ones filled with the ‘not required’ decorations, like art work and flowers etc. To purchase these things you need diamonds (which you earn 500 every 12hrs when you come back to play the game), but the cheapest plant for example is 600diamonds!!!! You do get multiple of each purchase but 1 room could need up to 4 plants, a coffee table display, 2 floor displays, 2-4 artworks a rug... you get where I’m going? I’ve noticed to those that put the most ‘non-essential’ decorations get the higher scores... I sometimes will buy some diamonds but I don’t want to buy all the time... it should be the style of the rooms furniture not the coordinated decorations that matter most!... don’t you think???

Misssuzanne23   2 star

Prizes. Wish there was better furniture prizes and not so many diamond bought furniture so it can be bought with $

when life gives ya lemons   3 star

Was good at first, but...... When I first got the game it was so good. I was having so much fun designing things. But the next day I ran into some money issues. I only had 321 dollars and 221 diamonds. And I was only on level 2 so I didn’t have much furniture. And I also didn’t have enough money to by anything. And there was also requirements I had to follow. So I just decided to wait until the next day to play again. Then the next day came (today). I went and did more designs. Then I realised that I didn’t have any money left over! And only 121 diamonds. So then I decided to re install the app. I got the app again. I went on it. And I realised I still had no money. ALL IM SAYING IS MONEY MONEY MONEY. EVEN MY SISTERS ARE HAVING ISSUES WITH IT. I HAVE SEEN OTHER REVIEWS ABOUT HOW HARD IT IS TO MANAGE YOUR MONEY! PLEASE FIX THIS ISSUE

Apprater899   1 star

App Update won’t let me open the app. Since updating the app last night I am unable to open the app as it keeps crashing. Is this happening to anyone else?

DailyRewards   3 star

Great app but leads to purchasing more diamonds. I love this app however the app leads you to making purchases as you run out of cash & diamonds too easily. It would be great if the daily reward was slightly more

Jaryn6   5 star

I LOVE THIS GAME. This gives you an insight into inner house designs, and you EVEN GET RATED ON HOW GOOGLE DIT IS SO YOU CAN MAKE IT BETTER.

JadeNation   5 star

Daily Fix. If I don’t get to design one home per day I feel incomplete! I love this App and couldn’t live without it 👌🏼💕

Crofty74   1 star

Support is atrocious. I like the game but I have glitches and don’t get support at all. The first two attempts was greeted with sorry we took so long to get back you here’s a few diamond. The third time has been going for over 2 weeks and I’m getting no replies. I can’t even log a new support request as the other one hasn’t been finished yet!!!

Ryan6455357535654   1 star

No IKEA Furniture. I went on twitch stream live to do a blind IKEA only challenge but there was no IKEA furniture. This game is an embarrassment to me and is not worth playing. If they add IKEA furniture I’ll come back and give it the game 5 stars but currently there is no point in playing it.

Braydenisrox   2 star

Stupid glitches. This game is so annoying not only is it glitchy in general but the whole reason I added this game was because I could decorate my dream home but guess what I've saved up tons of money and house coins and I can't even renovate my house because it kicks me out every time I've tried everything the support system has told me and it's hopeless this game triggers my anger issues like no tomorrow bc I just want to chill out and play not have to rush and stress to get a design challenge done as quick as possible before I get kicked off I barely play it anymore because of this just fix the glitches man other then that games fine it annoys me tho how we can't buy decor stuff like pictures or plants for money but diamonds and diamonds is the hardest thing to obtain in this game please adjust it

miss p68   2 star

Voting shows a lack of style knowledge. A bit like watching an audience voting competition where you know not always the best people will get through because of a lot of bad taste or sympathy voting, design home underwhelms when viewing some of the 5 star winning designs. A lack of understanding style and general bad taste makes this game somewhat disappointing if you actually have an understanding of good design practices.

Louloujez   3 star

Love the game but..... It’s such a fun game, designing rooms. But the accessories you should be able to buy with cash not just diamonds - it can be a very expensive game if you want to style a room properly.

designeeoz   1 star

Not the best game. Some of the rooms get poorly judged.

ColumbineCastle   4 star

Unlimited keys & cheaper purchases. Mhm Would be great if keys would be unlimited. Also making ichallenges available to everyone. Some purchases are too expensive we High means you can’t complete the design. Great but costs way too much money to enjoy & Thanks

+RA_RA+   5 star

Amazing!! It I have an idea.... I LOVE thins app, I have had it since August, and I ADORE it. Design Home is great and all BUT I think it could be better if you can sell different products! 🙃... I thought of this because today I bought the item, and then changed my idea... But now I have no money left. I think this app if the best!! But can be better with that minor detail... And don’t forget to make more great updates!! Hehe. Thank you!!🤪

Gongsally   1 star

Hopeless help desk. I love the game but if you have a problem with the app, don’t hold your breath for a reply from the techies. Not only slow but rude and unable to fix leaving me stuck without My Homes part. Disadvantaged in the game although they acknowledge the problem, they can’t/won’t fix.

Designer Denied   1 star

Unhappy. Frustrating that entire inventory is not available when undertaking a challenge. What is the point of buying items if they can’t be used?

katharine76   1 star

Too expensive. Too expensive to participate

Yo choney   3 star

Good But...... I love this game but once you do a few homes you don’t have any money or any diamonds and when you are like that and design a home it needs specific items that cost a lot it’s really annoying but I do love this game

Designs by ando   3 star

Tracey. I like the game but I'm sick of spending so many diamonds on nicknacks that are as expensive as some of the furniture. I'm also vary annoyed that you won't sort out the problem of the game crashing whilst doing designs.

tuzfarmer   1 star

Too expensive. Like other reviewers this game is ridiculously expensive. A $6.99 purchase of furniture cost me $19.99 aud. Total rip off, I’m deleting as soon as I use up my $19.99 with of furniture. Not getting sucked in any further, sorry!

TheTiara   1 star

Could be fun but so flawed. I actually really liked this game BUT it’s unrealistic to play for long or advance because everything is so so expensive. You have to spend your own money just to purchase anything that every other player doesn’t have as well. Which means most designs are just slightly different versions of the same exact room. Also, the developers aren’t incredibly helpful (or quick) when responding to glitches.

banannasrule!!   3 star

OK. This game is really good when you first get it but then after a few days you run out of money and diamonds. This makes it really hard to do anything. There is also a bug. It often happens when I am in the middle of a design. It freezes and then goes out of it. When I go back in I have to start that room all over again. Other that this is a really good game.

Sandipratt2   2 star

Frustrated. There is potential with this BUT it is expensive, limiting in the fun factor, not flowing like some games, AND the most frustrating part is the game crashes just before submission, over and over again. The keys required for the game are taken as is my money when the game crashes. I have emailed support but they haven't come up with a fix. I am defecting to another home design ap. unhappy customer

Mock Up   1 star

Reap off!. Don’t waste your time and more prominent is your precious income which is spent money playing this unworthy games. You only get false satisfaction but the real money goes to this silly games maker. They’re rich you’re poor. Therefore where is the real things you get from playing this game beside emptying your pocket? Get rid the game and uninstall then play real life buy use your time studying proper knowledge in decorating or in any form of house development. You will see how much valuable you life is beside getting paid worthy then spent to this bogus promised. Furthermore, you will not only help individuals but also entire community surrounding who have not yet the skill you have. That’s the satisfaction I’m talking about. Worthy time and money spent.

Sam9677   2 star

Keeps Crashing. You can’t play the game as it keeps crashing.....a lot! Someone really needs to look into it!

realebayer   5 star

Love. I am obsessed

prafatime   3 star

Expensive. While I like this game it’s costs a lot of money to keep in the game as you mostly have to buy new items for challenges , the judging doesn’t always make sense and the game cuts out a lot also the fact that you can’t buy wall art that’s available to higher levels makes this a little unfair in saying that this game is a little addictive

Vesnee   2 star

Better ones out there!!. Too expensive and the app crashes every time I’m on.

harjesjr   1 star

Ummmm..... Who in their right mind would ever spend more on a project, then they plan to make? Serious design flaw. You spend thousands to make $500. Game designers, get your head out of the posterior region of your anatomy.

Atticus Schelling   1 star


Chardonanae   3 star

Change isn’t good. The app is still fun but the new design makes me cringe. Everything is so small and it looks like a child version of the game. Less fun to be honest.

Alejandro Ramos   5 star

Excelente !!!. Excelente juego !!!

Mrs2KalEl   4 star

*UPDATED*No customer service, tapjoy not fulfilling offer requests. ********UPDATING AS OF 11/20/2019****** was contacted by the support team and forwarded all of my emails and screenshots over to them, within a week my issue has been resolved and my diamonds have been credited to me. Thank you crowdstar support team for handling my issue! To other gamers I would advise to be wary of certain offers from the tapjoy reward offer wall, I had issues with the offers that promised high value diamonds. There was an offer that I paid for and never received the merchandise despite contacting the company directly. -_______-__-_-_——-_-_-_-_—————- I have played this game for 2 years and have loved it. About 1 month ago, the structure for fulfilling offers for diamonds was changed to some type of verification format, which is fine...if it actually worked. I completed several offers that required me to spend real world money to obtain a high level of diamonds. The verification was usually them contacting the companies to verify email address and such and 3 or the 4 went thru within a week. The 4th one and the largest amount of diamonds (over 100,000) Is now on over a month and a half and no approval. I have for the now 4th time provided them with the verification info requested(Email address associated with account and screenshots to my email showing I purchased product). This has come from 4 different agents all different case numbers and still nothing. It always results in me getting an email that states they are going to close ,y case if I don’t reply ...I do and then nothing for weeks until the same email comes asking for the same information. If it has become a scam to get us to pay for advertisers service and not promise to fulfill I will no longer play this game or spend money with deceptive things like this going on. It’s very hurtful and scary

Aphani   2 star

I used to love this game. Everything cost to much

sureisjess   1 star

Update is awful. Why did you make everything so tiny?? Don’t really know what was wrong with how it looked before.

Jman2288   3 star

Fun game. This is a fun app, but they have recently changed the view and you basically have to squint to see your products to decorate. Not sure why it was changed but it wasn’t a good decision. It’s also hard to win diamonds, so I have to skip designing some homes.

Feema Gray   1 star

Stop the CHEATERS. Dear Owners and Developers of this great app, Please curtail the cheaters by not allowing those people who enter a design into a competition to also vote on the design. People with a design in the race will then vote against designs that are better than theirs.

jecheCkh   2 star

Too many items need diamonds to buy. I think the app should allow $ to be converted to diamonds. I never have enough diamonds to make purchases.

vvibez24   5 star

😊. Love love love ! But wish they would give you more money for the designs you do , I never can enter challenges everyday because of the requirements for each challenge ! I never have enough money to buy the required items for the challenges , very frustrating! But overall great game !!

vrycd   1 star

Disappointed. I’ve been waiting and I think I’m out of patience! I used to love this game, I spend pretty big money on diamonds because I wanted to design the best rooms ever, until I was charged twice for one purchase. I wrote to iTunes and got a response to contact the game producers themselves. So I did, few times and nothing. I stopped playing and if nothing will get resolved I will file a complaint. It isn’t much, because I’m asking for $20 but that’s the principle of caring about the customer! I guess they just don’t care, sad :(((((((

Gretchka   1 star

Fix it please. Rating is based on this issue otherwise is a 4-star After this last update, I'm unable to scroll for different choices. Even when trying to use filters to get around the issue- as I can't scroll down the drop-down box.... Please fix it I've invest time and money on this game! Thanks

Diamond Designs   3 star

Game Needs Rule Enforcement. This is a very good game with the exception of a few issues. As I have read some of the reviews many seem to speak to the concerns which I have...if a room is suppose to be designed based upon what the owner requests or a certain specific design element for example rustic, modern, traditional, just to name a few then that is what it should be judged on. I have seen rooms which are not even close to the requirements and yet they receive a higher score than those who follow the design request. Also there needs to be a description of what the room should entail so that individual voters know what rustic or traditional or one of the other categories is. As a design student if my assignment is not completed as per the instructions as in any other dynamic you get a fail! Also it is unfair to individuals who are just starting to play the game with little or no inventory to be pitted against people who have amassed a huge inventory either through purchase or winnings or level of play. It’s difficult to compete with someone on level 25 when you have just started to play the game. It would be more competitive if equal levels competed against each other. As it stands now the haves are competing against the have nots. Also if you buy an item it should be yours to reuse more than five times since most of the designs usually require that the item is used more than once in the design for example pictures, plants, lamps etc., and a higher diamond reward should be given for daily return play. If just a few tweaks were made, this could be a really great game!

sasisme00   4 star

Design home review. I love Design Home. It is however still a little expensive with some designers having very high amounts on their items. It would be helpful and a more level field if especially for beginners pricing was lowered. Also, as an appreciation to all players every holiday should start with a complimentary holiday/season package. My only other suggestion would be a faster way to earn keys, perhaps in the way to earn diamonds. Thank you for reading my input.

Kaylastar30   2 star

Annoyed judging. People do not follow judgement right on what each design challenge is supposed to be.

needhelpplease asap   5 star

Broken for a week!. I don’t know what happened to my App. I’m at level 28 now and it has stopped loading the main home page?? I don’t want to delete and restart the whole app but I’m so frustrated and I don’t know how to reach out to app support! The home page is just blank white and my App Store says it’s updated. Any help ??

lhgffg   5 star

use any item. I think you should be able to use any item but if not i think we should get coins after every home we create

cowdog1025   5 star

Design Home. Design home is SUCH a fun game! It spends time and it lets me use my creativity. It is so fun and I just love decorating rooms. One of the designs I made helped me to redecorate my room making it more fabulous then ever. Also everything is FREE can you believe that?! This game is great you should definitely get it

Duffy_1958   1 star

Rip Off and they just get worse. Whoever is in charge of this game has the WORST business acumen! They SHRUNK ALL OF THE FURNITURE INNTHE GAME!!! What is WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE??? PUT THE FURNITURE BACK TO REGULAR SIZE!!! AND DROP THE NEXT TWO LEVELS!!! Design Home game is not user friendly. It’s a great game but they take advantage of players by not dropping the NEXT levels of the game. So those of us who have been playing for over 2 years are being DEFRAUDED the art work and plants which are rewarded for the million $ worth of designs to reach the next level. The developers are behind 12 levels in my game. There are more people who should be higher levels. WE ARE BEING CHEATED! DEFRAUDED! You need to fix your game Design Home. Not just release a couple of levels because someone complained. Release them all. Y’all are ripping people off. Dear Design Home Developers, Please let this be the last time I have to lodge this complaint. Please come clean as a serious game provider and bring the game up to date. Stop never rolling the next levels out without a huge complaint at the App Store. PLEASE DROP THE WALL ART, TABLE ART AND PLANTS TO THE GAME AND THE LEVEL A PLAYER HAS ADVANCED TO! PLEASE! As you can see by checking my game, I no longer play the Design Home game outside of the daily design. I do not appreciate the lack of cooperation by the developers of Design Home to drop the levels to the game. So the people who have been playing this game the longest, HELP BUILD THIS GAME to a MULTI- MILLION dollar level game - they do not reward them with the levels the player has earned. In my game it is behind TEN LEVELS! It’s more for some others. New aspects of the game have been introduced but the progression of the game itself has been stopped. Where are the next 10 levels of pictures, table and plant art Developers? I keep adding to this review. Why is my review hidden in the App Store? People should be able to see honest, CURRENT reviews. To the developers of Design Home: I will be contacting those ADVERTISERS who have purchased your games ability to advertise in 30 seconds so players can receive a gift of 15 diamonds. I will let them know of the inability to play their advertisements. My local people are Carmona’s Appliance and Redding School District. I will also contact those who are not local. I am making a list. Your business practices have gone from bad to worse. I won’t be spending another dime on your game. Do your advertisers know you are not allowing the ads for 15 diamonds to play? The ads we could watch and earn 300 extra diamonds a day? They are not playing so no free diamonds. Do your advertisers know this? Who is running this game anyway? Some sort of sadistic psycho who hates people? Or just the worst business head in gaming history? I have played countless games and spent $1000’s over the years. I’ve spent hundreds with YOUR game. (Check my profile.) I’ve NEVER had problems with other games. Your game? It’s just become one big problem. Whatever. It’s a loss for both of us but I will just find another outlet for my gamer self. It’s too bad because I’ve brought many players to your game. Now I wouldn’t recommend it to my worst enemy for punishment. You guys stink. Your business practices are POISONOUS so I won’t be doing “business” with you anymore. Dear Design Home Developers - What is the problem with dropping the next level of rooms? Is it to DEFRAUD your LONG TIME PLAYERS of COLD HARD CASH so we have to BUY ALL PLANTS AND ART WORK? Design Home Developers: You owe me ELEVEN LEVELS OF ART AND PLANTS! Or is OWE too self entitled? Should we BEG for the next levels to be dropped? Ummm not happening. It’s your business and BAD BUSINESS PRACTICES.

jazydiva   3 star

Update 11/19/19. Why did you make everything smaller?? Now it’s even harder to know what objects look like in a room! What were you guys thinking?

Gerberdeluxe   1 star

Latest update. Love this game and am at level 39. The update from today is awful. I can’t see my furniture! Please fix!

dasiykay   2 star

i loved it but now idk. i actually loved playing this game , but now when i try to get on it i just stays on the first page, it doesn’t let click on anything. i recently deleted the app multiple times and tried again it still stays froze on the same screen, please fix this i actually enjoyed this game !

Kdog54321   1 star

My opinion. Items should start cheaper and have cheaper options to assist with growth. Not everyone is born with a millionaire bank account... gotta start somewhere!

Spicegrl7   1 star

Last update. This has been a favorite game of mine for a very long time. I have purchased many diamond packages and furniture bundles. Unfortunately, the last update has changed the inventory to extremely small. I can no longer see anything well enough to make selecting furniture, etc. fun. Too bad you will someone who spends way too much on a game..but it was very fun while it lasted.

Dipp02   2 star

Design Home. I love the app! It allows me to tap into my inner artistry for decorating while meshing with the colors and different styles! However, I don’t particularly like the fact that while using my own money to purchase furniture there is a limit of times I can use each item before having to re-purchase again! I feel as though I’m getting robbed!!!

Emma Be Good   5 star

Good. Good job

lamp2345   4 star

Diamond aren’t a girl’s best friend.. I enjoy playing Design Home. It provides a respite during overloaded days. However, I am considering giving up my play due to the recent switch to using predominantly diamonds for purchases, forcing more frequent payments. I suggest that, should you want to keep your participants, you reverse this policy.

SenseiNatalie   5 star

Inspiring. Creative !!! It’s fun too!

915-16   4 star

I hate the update. I have loved this game for so long but recently they have had an update which is hard to see my furniture and I hate the update. I want it back to the original because it was so amazing. Please change it back.

ChristinaNicole84   1 star

Design Home. I truest love the game and have no problem spending some fun money on it. But my absolute most hated thing about it, is the voting. There needs to be another method! It’s deflating to spend money making something look beautiful and not won the prize! There needs to be a new voting/scoring system. I am not enjoying myself after almost a year of time and money. I will start to slow my game play if this doesn’t change. Future players beware. I will change my review when the voting system gets better. Very disappointed.

Piano girl 72   3 star

Prices and Prizes. I once suggested you give accessories, which require diamonds, as prizes if you get 4+ stars in designs. Altho idea was to be submitted, obviously it was rejected. The prices for bonus games are getting ridiculous. You brought your prices up so high, people now vote for the underdog. Hence, a good design does not get a deserved 5, and the design not matching or missing articles, like a rug, gets over 4. People like to help people and reject profiteers

morecoloursplease   5 star

Colours. I like the app but it makes the game less fun having such few wall pieces and decor to choose from. Waiting for different pictures at different levels almost makes it impossible to design really nice rooms with what the app gives you..

Cujo7171   3 star

Loosing Faith. As you get higher in the levels , you have to buy stuff to play. Waste of money !! I play games that challenge, what challenge? I’m ready to get ride of the game! No bonus for players that are consistent, no incentive , it’s loosing lister!

Mooseman65   3 star

Good but not gr8. Needs more explanation on buying, monies, borrowing, etc...

Ddonald44   1 star

Don’t spend money!. The judging is fixed, not random. You can’t win. VERY expensive if u really want to play properly. Needs subscriptions You need to Stop selling new carpets for Diamonds and not cash. Fix the colors of the furniture, navy is not black Offer more matching pieces....the list goes on.

me#34555257   1 star

Design Home. I hate that you have to buy things because all this app wants is Money, it’s horrible! It sucks that they don’t actually care if the consumer likes this app because like I said, all they want is money! Please fix this

daryatar   3 star

My Design Won’t Show up as Entered. The game is great overall, except there aren’t enough challenges available to play - especially if you’re really into the game. Also the game repeatedly refuses to enter my design in the daily challenges even though I received all of the rewards that you would if you were entered. But instead of being added to “my designs” tab the design just disappears and it says that I’m not entered in the challenge 🤷🏼‍♀️

Rvergrace   5 star

Furniture colours. Make items available in the colours we want. Like have a drop down bar that allows us to chose a colour that we’re looking for.

6352825   4 star

Great but unfeasible. I love this game but I sometimes will have to take long breaks from the game to save up the daily reward of 500 diamonds a day, and things keep getting more expensive. I have to restrict my designs so much because there’s not enough money, as a result, I design very few rooms because they’re so expensive to make and it then takes forever to save up enough house points to design a room in “my home”. Idk why they add more things for the users to do but don’t make it easier to make money. The only designs worth doing are the daily designs because I can’t afford to lose money on other ones.

Murchadh001   5 star

Awesome. I love creating rooms and Design Home helps facilitate that.

Lili270613   4 star

Good. This game is ok not so good but not tobad😑

BraGurl   1 star

Game keeps crashing, no customer service. This game is really fun...when it works. Since their “update” the game continuously crashes every time you load a challenge. Sometimes you lose everything you’ve done, sometimes you don’t. You go back in, and it tried to load your furniture and you try to add more to just get it done, and it crashes and boots you completely out of the app. Tried to contact customer service. They told me to do a forced close, which I had already done at least 30 times by that point. Told them that and they still haven’t gotten back to me. Only reason I don’t delete the app altogether is because it’s the only game I like to be play every day and have put money into, and I get would lose all of it. Think twice before downloading this game until they have fixed it.

musquesis   4 star

App. Love the app- spend way too much money on it ! Lol! But I would love it if you can search items via price /diamonds.

Angeldeppfan   4 star

Really fun game. I enjoy this game very much. There are a few things I'd change if I could. When you're searching for items to buy it would be really nice if you could sort them by price instead of having to scroll through everything, and it would be nice if everything could be bought with the coins and not the harder to acquire diamonds. I frequently run out of wall art, table art and plants and can't buy more for a while. Otherwise though it's good fun!!

N l461   4 star

J’adore avec quelques améliorations requises!. J’adore ce jeux. Pas besoin de dépenser pour vraiment s’amuser! On a moins de choix mais on peut se débrouiller! Ça aiguise notre sens du design et ça donne plein d’idées quand on voit ceux des autres. Toutefois la sélection des meubles est un exercice irritant, il devrait y avoir une liste de favoris sans achat. Retourner au premier choix devient fastidieux quand on en a essayé plusieurs.

justkickinback   3 star

I wish. ...that I could buy more items with cash. I was really enjoying design home in the beginning. I was addicted. But as time goes on it is nearly impossible to keep buying furniture that I want because it’s only available to purchase with diamonds. Too bad.

mandaxo87   4 star

Loveee the game, but keeps crashing!!. I absolutely love this game, but every time I try and go into the my homes part it closes down. I never had this issue before, but now every time I try and launch one of the rooms to decorate it automatically crashes no matter how many times I try and reopen it!! Very frustrating as I can’t advance in any of these rooms, or get the prizes, which I desperately want!!! I spend A LOT of money on this game, and I want to be able to enjoy ALL parts of it, not just some of it, some of the time!! PLEASE FIX!!!

G3131   5 star

Love it!!. Sooo addicting but love it!!!!

subwaysurfers4life   4 star

could be better. I love this game but it’s really difficult to get lots of diamonds which is really frustrating!! I thought of an idea which I believe would be extremely helpful to many players.The idea is that we could have the ability to sell products that we don’t want that are in our inventory. Even if you get half the $ in return that you bought it for, it would still be helpful to get for money or diamonds

Gloom poon   4 star

Great, however 3 suggestions.. I love this app it’s super fun, however you should absolutely be able to sell items in your inventory, even if it’s just for half of what they’re worth. Also, I think it’d be great if the challenges were a bit more frequent. Also, I’d love to be able to make a Wishlist of all of my favourite items I’d like to buy-in-game for whenever I feel like spending actual money (which happens about once or twice a week). Just some suggestions, but the game is lovely! Cheers!

egoisnotyouramigo   3 star

Issues with wonderland series. App keeps crashing every time I attempt to design a challenge in the wonderland series only … despite doing the update. Fun game please fix this bug. I have spent $$ purchasing all the new items but unfortunately am unable to complete the challenges

Tracyspendalot   3 star

Keeps crashing. Love this app,so much fun but crashes all the time on my iPad!

Italianna2000   3 star

No chance for people in low levels. Apparently people here just vote for the art on the walls and the rug; they don’t care about the original design concept (industrial, rustic, modern) if the design has the art work and e pensive rug just possible to have for high levels then it will have a 5 starts mark no matter what. Often I can see they are presenting a super modern design when the original requirement was a eclectic or industrial style... I considere that the game is getting bored because you have no way to buy more art if you are not in a high level, so why bothering in summit a design if nobody is voting for the right style or considering the level. I suggest the vote are for the level, I can’t compite being in level 21 with someone in level 50 is not fair... thanks VC

YaenaSK   1 star

Money grab with too many glitches. My problems with this game are pretty simple: You purchase items to use, and are supposed to get five uses but somehow, mysteriously, some items disappear sooner, forcing you to buy more. The prize items are the same things,over and over again. Other items cause the game to crash whenever you try to use them - and crashing is something this app does frequently. Certain challenges cause it to crash. The My Home feature causes it to crash nearly every time I load it. It’s probably one of the worst performing apps I have ever used.

whats up yo. doggy   1 star

I was hacked. This game hacked my phone and wrote a review for me

Maryse Lagueux   4 star

Recherche. Ça serait plaisant de faire des recherches d’articles selon le prix.

D Frowen   3 star

Great game. I seemed to having a lot of issues with the game closing on me. I have to reopen the whole app and usually end up starting my design again or losing items I had to purchase.

Hannibaloo   1 star

Crashing. Since the last apple update all the main rooms crash so I can't even play it anymore. Up to now all the rooms in my home were crashing and you've not replied to any of my emails. And now the main rooms too. Might be time fix that, don't you think?

kirswiz   5 star

Best design game out there. Love this game and the ever changing challenges and decor inventory! My favourite and longest standing game

Ciara paterson   3 star

Totally 🥰. I definitely recommend this game it’s the best gemein the country or even maybe the world this is the best game ever this game couldn’t be better but there is 1 problem once I complete 3 whole houses and I choose my 4th the game glitches and l have to restart the 3rd house it sooooooo annoying but either than that it’s good

Cozzibear   4 star

COZZI. This is by far the most expensive game I've played. If you don't continually spend money, then it is very slow and frustrating. If the designers of this game could make a few extras such as plants, paintings, etc. a bit cheaper, it would encourage more to play. Most plants are 600 to buy and you only get 500 a day "allowance". Ease up a bit DESIGN HOME and give us all a break!

Pebbles.53   3 star

Expensive Game. This a great game to play but sadly to get anywhere you need to buy decent furniture and accessories but they are way to expensive, I seriously doubt people will continue playing unless the owners change the format and the prices then their product becomes a once in a while game that doesn’t work for the avid player, I know I am fed up with the way it’s set up and the items in the arts are not well categorised and as far as the Mediterranean section goes, it’s a bit of a joke. The whole game needs to be overhauled to suit the gamer on a better level playing field.

AimanPolly   3 star

Design Home!. I absolutely adore this app! It’s just that money goes so quickly. I really wish that when items cost less or you get money on a 7 day basis. Just really money is my problem with this game and that’s really big to me so I would like some changes!

Lindanonononpnapplenfamd   1 star

It’s not me, it’s you.. Expensive. Voting is a joke. Fun to use and design. Disappointing when you actually have a degree in interior design and people’s dump rooms score higher than your well thought out rooms. Rewards should be much higher than they are...

Angbg1090   3 star

More space and rewards. I really love this game ! Design has always been my hobby. However I think the daily reward should be higher . In that way players are able to collect more diamonds and money easily. I think it would also need to include kitchen, bathrooms designs , Pool . There are soo many more spaces to explore. !

bshndjjr   3 star

Expansive and bugged. Besides you need money to do it all the app new is never loading well and I need to close it everything to work, when it does works. If it wasn’t those 2 things it would be such a great game

Nexald   1 star

Barely worth a star.. Waste of a download. Everything about this game screams pay2play.

anitarickmelcher   1 star

Suck. Ok suck. I never write bad review about any game or app, but this one is really suck. Full internet connection, keep on telling me that my connection is bad. Every item very expensive, I think the creators very rich never understand poor. Never ever experience a Beautiful app and suck like this one......

amazig wok   5 star

Good Job!. I love this app it is one of the most fun apps on earth! Thanks so much for making this game a awesome adventure!

Tisjustmehereagain   1 star

Not enjoyable anymore!. I used to really enjoy this app, but it’s stupid how you can only buy accessories (pictures and pot plants, etc) with diamonds, with no real way of earning them. I would be happy to watch a video ad to earn 20 or 25 diamonds like other apps do. You offer 15 free diamonds for watching a video that takes several minutes to just load (more often than not it doesn’t load) let alone the 30sec ad itself. This game was fine at the beginning because each time you went up a level you got given quite a few items to use but by the time you get up to level 14 where I am, the points required to go up to the next level gets bigger and bigger each time. So you run out of pictures to use. And then my other big issue is that you only getting to use a purchased item 5 times which is ridiculous. All I’m asking is make it a bit fairer, I enjoy the challenge of designing a room on a budget. But even that has become too hard now. So basically only people who are happy to spend real money will keep playing this game after a certain point. Fix these things and I would continue to play regularly.

Lorikeet by nature   3 star

Too much emphasis on wealthy mansions. An occasional mansion is okay but needs more ordinary housing. Also furniture siting turns its back on stunning views - what a waste! Voting favours the ordinary run of the mill room designs. Rugs not suitable for outdoor settings without roofs.

Joie007   5 star

Fun and creative. Enjoy interior decorating . And the competition and voting is also interesting.

jak design   4 star

Home Design. This is an addictive creative program which I very much enjoy

Rara89   4 star

Great Game. This is a great game and highly addictive. I do recommend that maybe there should be a sort feature - example sort the furniture least expensive to more ect

Hftdchijjvyyvc   3 star

Good idea. It’s a good idea but we need to be able to sell items

rachy_pachy   4 star

possible improvements. so, i’ve been playing this game for about 3 weeks now and i love it. i’ve been binge playing which is difficult to do if you run out of cash and diamonds (just wait for the next daily challenge for $2500 cash). however, i’ve noticed that there are some areas that could be improved: - the cost of artwork and plant is always in gems, is it possible to make some prices cash? - looking for items in a low price range is difficult, is it possible to add a price range filter to make it easier than going through every item - there are 5 turns of each piece of furniture and accessory, however, for the table art and plants, this makes it very difficult, because when you go up a level you only unlock one, and they cost gems not cash to buy and you tend to enter more than 5 challenges before you go up a level. is it possible to have more turns with the plants and accessories or give out more of them when you go up a level or just make them more affordable but overall, a great game and i love it

Pam_11   1 star

Poor technical support for and expensive game. I gave it two star, because they have very poor technical support. If you buy some designer bundles or diamonds and it charged you twice or wrong; they don’t get back to you for ages. I have issue with one of my home rooms, it won’t complete and gives an error. I have been contacting them for more than a week and no one has got back to me. Tried everything for troubleshooting info given in the app. Now my home points are at maximum and I can’t open any new rooms. They have designed this game to make you spend money and rating system is so poor. People with worst design can win if the paired against another poor design submission. Or you can get low rating because you are paired with very good design. Just a general observation, when you buy something in app you get better rating on your design, even if put minimal effort or accessories in.

Ni17142   1 star

Used to be great but now the app crashes following update. App crashes resulting in loss of designs and in-game money.

duchessse   3 star

Biased results. I am quite sure that the scores are tied to the amount of money you spend and how many purple dots you fill. Just to let the greedy operators know at least one of us is awake up to your methodology

user Koalah   5 star

AMAZING APP 👌👌. Love it 😭👍✌🏾

Piebradd   5 star

Money Pit. Great concept and enjoyable BUT you’re constantly spending money if you want to participate in the game. The monetary prizes are appalling small and not enough to decorate one room. Really disappointing

slicer123rt76   4 star

Good but................ This game is awesome but when you complete offers the diamonds never come

Blackjacq   4 star

Enjoyable But.... I love playing this game and seeing what I can achieve with what I’ve got but it peeves me off that you can convert diamonds to money but not the other way around. Also the fact that all tableware, plants etc can only be purchased with diamonds. It would also help if the surveys were updated more frequently. Also people on the lower levels don’t stand a chance of getting a top design award with people on higher levels being able to purchase etc top of the line articles. Maybe if there were top designs for particular levels it’d be fairer.

nattoly   5 star

Good. Good

gemkins💎   1 star

Costly - far too expensive for people. Great game and enjoyable- but I think it’s far too expensive if you want nice furniture and accessories. I hope you go broke for ripping people off..

grannyDaly   3 star

Too long to move between levels. It takes too long to move up the ladder to the next level and way too expensive

katmato8   3 star

Confused. It’s a good game but you can’t save enough money to buy good things unless you do the daily room and no others, you get low votes on nice rooms and high votes on ones you did ruffly for the money and you can trade diamonds for money but not the others way around and anything nice is at diamond price. Unless your will to pay real money which I’m not. I did one of the servays to get diamonds filled out all this stuff about myself and never got the diamonds.

hddhvfg   5 star

Hey. It’s so super fun

Neenykin   5 star

Expensive. I love love love interior design. But these pieces keep getting more and more expensive. It should be that we get 10 or more of each piece we buy. And I agree with another person who said why is the art work table art etc only available with diamonds? Please guys can you make it more affordable for us all. Broke!!

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