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The Escapists, you’ve done the crime but can you survive and do the time? The Escapists is a unique prison escape sandbox game where you get to experience a life behind bars and barbed wire fences. You’ve had a life of crime but now you’re caught. With thrilling and immersive gameplay, you need to create an escape route in a world of other prisoners and ruled by routine.

From roll call to lights out, you’re banged up. There’s no get out of jail free card in this game, you need to break out. Are you up for the challenge or are just going to sit there in your cell? You need all your wits and skill to bust out. No walls are going to hold you, you need to escape!

While under the careful watch of the guards, you’ll need to get used to prison life while you use strategy and daring to swipe useful objects from under their noses. Make innocent looking items into useful tools like shovels for cunning escape plans or handy weapons to survive in a fight.

Escaping requires cunning, strategy, the right equipment and staying at least two steps ahead of the guards. Bribe and fight your way through the prison ranks. If your fellow prisoners like you enough, recruit them and create your own gang. You might even take over a prison! The guards are out to stop any escape attempts, so you’ll have to avoid suspicious behaviour by attending roll calls, working a prison job and hiding your stolen contraband.


● Addictive prison simulator game, steal spoons and forks, use them to dig a tunnel out of your cell.
● Over 6 themed prisons, try to escape from minimum security jails or fearsome big houses like Alcatraz
● Find, steal and trade items to create dozens of crafting combinations to aid your escape
● Use the exercise yard to increase your strength, handy for scaling walls
● Find other prisoners to trade swag with, you’ll need duct tape, a screwdriver or nail files
● Dodge contraband detectors. if you pass through one with contraband in your pocket, the heat meter rises to 99 percent
● Adapt to life behind the steel doors with prison routines and jobs and master the game's six penitentiaries, there are three extra prisons waiting to be challenged.
● Push yourself to survive and increase your strength, speed, and intellect. There are multiple ways to break out and escape, you just need to find them.

The Escapists is a thrilling sandbox strategy prison simulator that challenges you to bust out in a number of different ways. You want to break free but you're banged up and you need to escape! How you survive and do that is up to you, but when you’re out of your cell, a rigid daily schedule is designed to keep you in line. You're expected to work at one of several jobs during the day, exercise and showers are mandatory.

The Escapists is tough game, just like jail.
Can you dig a tunnel right under the walls of the prison? Or even steal a guard uniform to blend in with your captors? Addictive and tense, it’s a real challenge to escape your first prison. Commit a few inside crimes, there are dozens of items to find, steal and smuggle. Some are contraband you can sell or trade for more useful gear. Create clever makeshift weapons and tools, a bar of soap in a sock is useful in a fistfight.

Materials purchased or "borrowed" from your fellow inmates are used to craft tools and other items like wires, a bottle of bleach, a piece of timber, a bar of chocolate, a plastic comb, and much more. If you’re smart enough, you’ll figure out ways to make your escape. There are dozens of items to find and use to get out of your cell, including a pickaxe, wire cutters, zip lines and more.

The Escapists is an addictive strategy prison simulator game that challenges you to break out of jail. Don’t be a prisoner, be an Escapist!

Download The Escapists today, it would be a crime not to. You can’t check out and you can never leave, unless you have an escape plan…

The Escapists: Prison Escape App Description & Overview

The applications The Escapists: Prison Escape was published in the category Games on 2017-03-02 and was developed by Team17 Software Ltd. The file size is 401.64 MB. The current version is 1.11 and works well on 8.0 and high ios versions.

•Fixed an issue on London Tower with the electric fence.
•Fixed a crash on Escape Team when reaching evening free period.
•Fixed an issue where you would gain heat from guards for incorrect reasons.
•Minor bug fixes and optimizations

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The Escapists: Prison Escape Reviews

OPC Gawd

Your game  OPC Gawd  4 star

I’m excited to play this game, I’ve seen YouTubers play it and they enjoyed it! -Finally


There is a glitch  Wildman1114  4 star

In the first level it puts the fence there, but you can walk through it just like the glitch that happened on jingle cells.


Great! Suggestions and a bug!  DiamondPuppets  4 star

Ok so this game is amazing and everything but I have some suggestions and bugs. *Starred ones are the ones I really want. -During exercise time, sometimes the guards would yell at me and then beat me down when I wasn’t doing anything. -add a menu to tell you how to craft things -add hunger and/or thirst *-Add a place to make your own prison with prisoners and stuff


Game is great but one problem...  CatLover9146  5 star

Okay so I played this for like three minutes and I fell in love with it but the only problem is when I was doing the routine the guards yelled at me which made no sense and I don’t know if anyone else has this problem or if it’s just me but if you could fix it I would thank you in advance (Also I love your guys’ Escapists Games I have them on Xbox Pc and now on Phone!!! Keep up the great work also this isint a complaint just wanted to add this)


Perfect  AznPersuasionX2X0510  5 star

This game is perfect and I really think you guys did a perfect job on this. Super fun and even watch Youtubers play this game! I love it! Keep up the great work!

Duck Step

Broken on 12.9" ipad  Duck Step  2 star

Looks fun; but all the text bubbles are halfway off the screen on the 12.9" iPad Pro so you miss a ton of info and it's just confusing.


Great Game!  Daddy "yo mama" buttucks  5 star

First of all, let me say that I love this game and I am addicted to it. The only thing I don’t like is when you are at dinner at any prison and the guards yell at you and add suspicion points. I always, always get 99 right away and when I have contraband items it is very triggering.

Max the pig's owner

Great Game  Max the pig's owner  5 star

I absolutely love this game! It is a cute pixelated game with a lot of action. Each jail I play just gets better! Sometimes I do wish there was a option for female characters. I love how you can name each cell mate. I always enjoy this game and find it super fun. I would also like it if we could save where we are at in the game because if you leave then it will go to the last load save which sometimes can make me lose progress. I would also like it if you could fix the glitch in Staglag Flutch where if you grab a trowel for the gardener job, the metal detector would not go off ( or just not include the shovel in general ). Thank you and good day to all! 💕

Allthe names are taken

Controls for IPhoneX  Allthe names are taken  1 star

I keep accidentally swiping the app up during normal gameplay because the bar for swiping up is over the inventory bar and the control are stuck in the bottom right corner. The control pad should move wherever your finger is on the left side of the screen. Don’t let it cross the middle but let you use the control anywhere on the left side or something. I don’t even want to play the game with these controls plz fix.


Love this game  Ethancooldude  5 star

So the support page wasn’t working kept saying missing CSRF token so here is my problem basically when on weigh lifting on Escape team map guard meter went up to 100 for no reason because three guards continued to spam tell me to go where I am supposed to be even though it was exercise time and I lost my nunchucks. Also when I am doing the box job guards say to get to my job even though I am at the truck. No pressure I was just really discouraged about the first one because my save point is as I am getting beat up so I can’t get my nunchucks back.


Super Fun Game  Brookiepie887  5 star

Just one problem. Sometimes when I name all the characters one name will change even though I never made their name that. And sometimes there will be one extra guard. Otherwise the game is awesome. 5 Stars.


Get it!  Avid452  5 star

This game is really good I suggest to everyone!


Good game but...  sarahandlocke  4 star

The escapists is a good game but sometimes at rollcall when a guard goes near me they will just randomly call me out and then walk away. And sometimes when lots of guards pass by I get beaten up for NO REASON pls fix this also I have some suggestions for updates: 1. Prison creator: so you can create your own prison 2. Deaf knife: an op weapon 3. Guard mode: so you can be a guard

godzilla legandary

One thing I hate  godzilla legandary  5 star

Why is it every time I escape a prison it’s harder too get buff


The best iOS game ever  Noahgamebro6  5 star

1 the best 2 the best And 3 the best


Glitches  BumbleBee443  3 star

So the showers glitch like when your not under a shower head you get in trouble and I went to sleep and woke up in the medical room so overall good game just a few bugs


Some bugs but AWESOME game!  Plututo  5 star

Edit: The bug has now been fixed! :D I completed this game on PC ages ago aswell as Fort Bamford and Camp Eplison. I stumbled across it again in the App Store and I saw that it was on a discount. So I decided to buy it. The graphics update was really good! I have just finished HMP Irongate right now on day 11. But one problem i have is for some reason at rollcall around 30 minutes in, the guards start yelling at me to get to where i should be, although I am there. So I have to move out of sight to any guard but I still have to be in close range so I can see who’s having the shakedown. Also I don’t like the fact that you can’t chip through boulders underground. San Pancho was a hard one to get through. I had to dodge boulders aswell as landmines. Other than that great game! I would also be happy if there was a Prison Editor like you added in the PC version. Awesome game! It really makes you think and it is definitely worth your while! I also love the characters and how you sort of made them have a “personality”, even though they have the same AI. When you first start out, you may be really confused. But if you watch some lets plays to get things going, then trust me, you’ll get the hang of it. The soundtrack is also legendary! Every single song fits so well with the period. Also I don’t know if this was intentional or not, but Alcatraz and HMP Irongate’s free period songs are switched around. Anyway, that’s my review. Scrolling up, I just realized how much I wrote about this amazing game! If you read this whole thing then have a good day! I’d definitely recommend it to you.


Why  GamingGod333  3 star

Geez, no matter how many people suggest it you still haven’t added custom prison to pocket edition, it’s really ticking me off... apart from that, team17 good game. ADD CUSTOM PRISON NEXT UPDATE!!!!!!!


Not made for iPhone X’s max  DurryMcFlurry  4 star

Super good game, finished it but it’s not made for the iPhone X’s max. The screen gets stretched out. That’s my only complaint

Cat bluber

Great game and all.... But a few problems with other games  Cat bluber  5 star

This game is amazing. it is ingenious and challenges you I love the game it is great thou a few problems with other apps,I had Panarium and sheltered downloaded.when I uninstalled them to make space for an other game I tried to reinstall them and they weren't in the all games part on the AppStore. Please help it is quite annoying


Trash  zander729474  1 star

The controls for the iPhone XS Max are compete garbage, I can’t even move in and out of my sell correctly

Cole Biorkma

MAJOR problems  Cole Biorkma  3 star

The guards get mad if your just standing in roll call. Also, you can’t dig up


Glitch in third prison  bingobo25  1 star

In the game when they do the call thing I go there and a police yells at me

=BugTwin4u 55=

Good... but not good  =BugTwin4u 55=  4 star

So about the game I’ve been playing for a while, and I think its pretty good. It’s just that... I can’t play it anymore, as in when I get into the game, it just shows the title, and both happens, just the title. And if I wait for a while it crashes. And it will never let me play. Ever. So if your reading this do something, so I can give you developers a good review. So I hope your reading this and could do something about it.


Fun game, but crashes  Joobykaneshooby  5 star

I really liked this game, but it would freeze/crash every few minutes when playing most of the “extra” prisons. Still recommend it though!


Bug  neauxno  5 star

I have been playing this game sense I’ve got it and I’ve loved it, but there is a pretty bad bug that can lead to having you restart your day and losing all progress. When playing and you’re at a roll call, or most other places, if a guard who doesn’t follow the day with you sees you, he will tell you to get to where you’re supposed to be raising your heat by 5. If you have high heat or multiple guarded wall bug you, your heat and shoot up by 20 and you’ll have to fight or submit losing all progress. I love this game and hope the see this fixed. THANKS!

your trash gameboy

Bugs man  your trash gameboy  3 star

Fix some bugs it will go a long way but LOVE THIS GAME


Fun  Rotten2matoes  5 star

Fun but difficult but that’s probably the point

Big Peen Dean

Really good game, SUGGESTION!!  Big Peen Dean  5 star

This is a great game, but if you could sell items to the other prisoners that would be really cool (for money I mean). But I have a feeling that would make the game a LOT easier so it’s whatever. But I have wasted many a homework night on this game, so thanks for that!!


Great but with a significant issue  H24X  4 star

Although the game itself is an amazingly fun game of plotting and scheming your way out of what ever prison walls hold you back, there is a major issue with the AI of the guards. If you are where you are supposed to be, they will still tell you to go where you need to be. This can be especially problematic during role calls as it can raise your heat to dangerous levels through no fault of your own (it even got me killed once). I feel like this bug’s removal would easily make this a 5-star game.

I live in a castle

I love it but one problem  I live in a castle  5 star

The game in my opinion is great but for a weird reason guards tell me to hurry up when I’m at rollcall. This is the only time it happens. I’d also LOVE a map editor in this game but it probably won’t happen or be possible but if possible I’d love it.Keep up the great work.


Great game  Pheasantplucker1968  5 star

Great game I’m on top prison(that I finished)but……I would like more items and people and guard dogs like in the second one but out of all great game keep up the good work.P.S when will escapists 2 come out on mobile. Thx 😘


One problem  dylon4837  4 star

Well you have to spend like a half an hour just to get to intelligence 50 (you start at 30) and you expect us to wait like 2 hours strait just to get to the max! Other than that this game is realy good you have to find funny and hard and easy and dreadful ways to escape plz fix or remove intelect


Great  Rob.J.H  5 star

Great game good fun and makes you think

Star #18

When  Star #18  4 star

When will the escapists 2 come out on mobile any way love this game thank you for reading 😀😫

Mr creeps 12637460

Too hard  Mr creeps 12637460  1 star

This game is really really hard if you have problems do download this game Avoid this game and save your money not worth $4


The escapists  Yazaz186  5 star

When will the escapists 2 come out for mobile

Cpt. Planet

Great games  Cpt. Planet  5 star

This game is very very good i play everyday and here are a few questions Is the duct tapes are forever going to be 3.99€ like in the console additon or not This is going to be a great game for ios and it should be on top Like it already is


Epic  WilSAIN  5 star

Bought this on PC ages ago. Didn't know it was on here. Deadly game! Worth the buy 🤙🏻


So good  Hellhealer  5 star

I have been waiting for this game so long and it Has come and it is worth the money

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