Spark Mail - Email by Readdle

Spark Mail - Email by Readdle [Productivity] App Description & Overview

Spark brings the best email experience for professionals and their teams.
Effortless, beautiful and collaborative.

"Best of the App Store" - Apple
"It's a combination of polish, simplicity, and depth" - FastCompany
"You can create an email experience that works for you" - TechCrunch

**Beautiful and Intelligent Email App**
We are building the future of email. Modern design, fast, intuitive, collaborative, seeing what’s important, automation and truly personal experience that you love - this is what Spark stands for.

**Dark Mode**
We've carefully selected the colors to help you work better at night and save battery life. Select the Dark or a truly Black mode in Personalization settings > Appearance. It’s available for all iOS Spark users.

**Farewell to Busy Inbox**
Smart Inbox lets you quickly see what's important in your inbox and clean up the rest. All new emails are smartly categorized into Personal, Notifications and Newsletters.

**Discuss email privately**
Invite teammates to discuss specific emails and threads. Ask questions, get answers, and keep everyone in the loop.

**Create email together**
For the first time ever, collaborate with your teammates using real-time editor to compose professional emails.

**Schedule emails to be sent later**
Schedule emails to be sent when your recipient is most likely to read them. It works even if your device is turned off.

**Snooze That One For Later**
Snooze an email and get back to it when the time is right. Snoozing works across all your Apple devices.

**Find Any Email In An Instant**
Powerful, natural language search makes it easy to find that email you're looking for. Just search the way you think and let Spark do the rest.

**Get Notified About Important Emails Only**
Smart Notifications filter out the noise, letting you know when an email is important, saving you from notification overload.

**Powerful Integrations**
Integrate Spark into your workflow and take productivity to the next level. Supports Dropbox, Box, iCloud Drive, and more.

**Built-in calendar**
A full-featured calendar works right in your email to help you always be on top of your schedule. Create events easily using natural language.

**Create links to email**
Create secure links to a specific email or conversation. Share the link on Slack, Skype, CRM, or any other medium so your team can see it and collaborate around it.

**Sign Off With A Swipe**
Before you send an email, quickly swipe to choose the right signature for the occasion.

**Email with Emotion**
Quick Replies get the point across with just a tap. Love, like or acknowledge an email in an instant.

**Email Never Looked This Good**
That terrible mess in your inbox is now replaced it with a beautiful, threaded message design.

**A Truly Personal Experience**
Customize Spark to work as you do. You decide which swipes do what, what cards are shown, and how many emails you want to see.
You’ll love your email again!

If you need us, you can always find us at

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Spark Mail - Email by Readdle Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Hello folks! This week we've made a few minor improvements here and there, so you can enjoy your favorite email assistant. Thanks for your continuing feedback. We love hearing from you! If you need us, you can find us at

Spark Mail - Email by Readdle Comments & Reviews

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- Great app

Great app, very robust. Two things would make it 5 stars for me: 1. Optional thread view 2. Customise preview lines (none, one, two)

- Really good, but with some small tweaks would be amazing

This is a wonderful email client, but it’s missing a few things that I use a lot - Big pet peeve here: When opening PDFs, it bypasses the native iOS viewer, instead trying to sell you on their app PDF Expert, at USD $60 p/y. No way to change it. I need to annotate PDFs infrequently, so locking me to this method of annotation is a dealbreaker. - does not support Edge as a browser option - does not have options to route particular link types to your choice of app, like addresses to your chosen navigation app - it won’t open .pkPass files in Wallet like Apple Mail, Edison and Canary does - When viewing a contact, it doesn’t show a backlog of all mail from that person - no easy way to see all attachments from a particular contact - syncing of contact pictures only works for businesses, while Canary get images from all contact user accounts too

- Works great, but no support for O365 with ADFS

The app works great for my personal email, but I can’t add my work email as we use O365 with ADFS. Selecting “Outlook” as a service on account setup loads the Microsoft sign-in page rather than redirecting to the organisation sign-in page (in this case, our ADFS server). Selecting O365 requires you to enter your password in the app. Adding support for O365 with SAML authentication would be amazing!

- Awesome software

I never write reviews. In fact in 10 years I haven't written one but this software is so simple and intuitive and a must have for any mac user

- Notification

Notification don’t work with any work/organisation email. I tried many times to add the email again and again, but still don’t work. Hop to fixing this soon.

- Best email app

Loved the user interface of this app, very easy to use and sync.

- Sorry - I gave up after many years of successful use.

Notifications are broken. I may check this app again when a new version is released. This appears to be a problem with any account with ‘’ or ‘’ (Telstra servers). I’ve tested this on multiple devices, IPhone & iPad, using different iOS versions (12 & 13) Push notifications sometimes work for a while and then you have to completely delete Spark and reinstall the app to get them working again. Sometimes multiple times. Sometimes you can’t get them working again at all. If you enable notifications during setup, ‘all’ or ‘smart’, they are immediately disabled once you save the account. If you try to re-enable notifications, you get an error, unable to connect to server ‘internal server error.’ A real shame as I loved using spark for many years without issues. Obviously this is not a widespread problem as others are not reporting the issue. It seems that every now and then they put out a version that works correctly, and then the next update breaks the accounts again. In their defense, ‘Outlook’ has exactly the same problem, where as ‘Edison’ seems to manage push notifications with the accounts fine. Telstra must have unusual servers that cause issues for some mail apps. The latest release has broken notifications again for me. Everything seems to be set correctly in settings, but you only get the counter displayed after you open the app. Maybe next release. Disappointed, as I’ve been using this app for years. Prior to the last release notifications had been working fine for some time!!

- Great app

Love this user-friendly app, thank you! Two feature suggestions: 1) Set up an easy way to search by same sender in inbox - this is how I bulk archive mail in my inbox, but it takes a few steps to do it and then to get back out of it, so could definitely be more streamlined. 2) Be able to attach a note to an email, so when it’s sitting in my pinned box I can see why I pinned it, e.g. register by 31st June, or, make this recipe on the weekend. Thanks for considering my feedback. :)

- Nice work

One change I really want to see is a different screen for the sidebar as opposed to the hamburger menu. Apple has never really embraced that particular form of navigation making its usage feel out of place. An integration similar Apple’s Mail app would be preferable. Minor gripe, everything else is eons beyond Apple’s default.

- Excellent to insecure

Hi guys For more then two years, you were my coveted go to app for email on IOS! I deleted the standard email app and rode your app to the rainbow on each iOS system I got. I was so impressed that I chanted praises to family and friends . Some of them loved it and changed there standard email app to yours too. Last few months , however, you app has not only made me feel vulnerable and unsecured but also disabled in many ways then one. Today was the final straw , your app has stopped responding to many touch and screen gestures . Importantly I needed to send an email to colleague , I couldn’t ! Delete and uninstalled, it was fun while it lasted! U have great design , flawed by some Uncharacteristic coding of some sort seems like!

- Very capable email client

I’ve been searching for a good iOS email client for a while and tried a few. I still haven’t found what I feel is the ‘perfect’ one but Spark comes pretty close. It has an easy interface to use, it displays even complicated HTML messages without trouble, and sorting & searching is a breeze. My favourite feature is how easy it is to set up and use aliases - it mystifies me why other email clients make this complicated! My only complaint is the inability to edit SMTP settings of an existing connection; for example, to change servers or update a password. The only way to do this is to remove and re-add a connection (unless I’m missing something...). That’s what stops me from giving it 5 stars.

- One feature away from perfection

Most of your rivals have a block senders feature for spam messages. Add this and Spark would be perfect!

- Awesome mail app!

A great mail app that I really enjoy. Being able to snooze emails and use the snooze feature as a reminder for to-do list is really helpful. Also having the smart inbox to filter the “noise” of newsletter and advertising from my email accounts is helpful aswell. Anyone reading this far into my review should definitely download and use spark. And for business use the features look great but I don’t use that. Enjoy! :)

- Great app but misleading updates

I’ve written to Readdle about this several times, but they don’t get it. As we see again with the May 13, 2020 update, it very hard to get details on what exactly has been included in the update. Either their language is vague or they simply repeat features mentioned already in a previous update. I find this unhelpful and lacking in transparency. Spark remains the best email client with Apple Mail a close second, both having pros and cons. I have found a little instability in the May 13 update.

- Apmost perfect

A great mail app. There's only one thing lacking: Labels for GMail accounts just like Google has. Currently, Spark simply lets you put a message in a "folder" which is effectively just the one single label. But *only* one. GMail lets you apply multiple labels eg if I get a power bill, then in GMail I can apply labels like "Bills", "Finance", "Electricity" etc to the same message and it will appear in each of those virtual folders but refer to exactly the same message. If Spark did the same, I could say bon voyage to the GMail app on iOS altogether. Oh, happy day! So PLEASE, Spark, do it asap and I'll name a grandchild after you!

- Great email client, horrible with threads

Spark is an awesome email client and I truly love its design and feature set, lets all the other competitors in the dust. However the deal-breaker is its thread handling. Emails are threaded (which is nice) bit any action you apply to an email (such as move or delete) is applied to the entire thread, with no ability to turn that function off. Bad if you want to delete a useless response, because it also moves your sent email into the trash, deleting pesky ‘out of office’ replies that you get when sending email to a mailing list, or just moving different responses to different folders. Hopefully they take feedback on that design in a future update and have at least the ability to turn off applying actions to entire threads, at that point I’ll be back.

- Great but

Was my go to email - however my work recently made all staff use the Microsoft 2 step authenticator app so now I can’t log in as this method is not supposed by Spark.

- Last update fkd up dark mode

The last update messed up with dark mode, my emails now have dark background and dark font! Please fix it!

- Fantastic developer

I use their document app as the best file manager, pdf editor as the name says and now this spark as probably on par with my pc’s outlook .....Nevertheless it is a iOS app but it still much more elegant and capable than some crappy mail reader.....these developers sure know how to make an app....i am big fan of their document app more than has everything like video player, music player, pdf editing, browser, addons, icloud, gmail , one drive integration. I would love to have spark included in the document app as well....spark is good as a standalone app but i also want it in documents app ss well....Document is like what itunes used to be in Macbook....all in one....However, itunes was cluttered and sluggish but this app is so butter smooth

- Good but could be better

I like a lot about Spark, but some minor tweaks could make it so much better.

- Very useful.

Even though I don’t need to write team emails this app is a gamechanger. Viewing emails and deleting unwanted ones is quicker and more efficient than with any other email app. The only drawback is inability to control Gmail Labels. I know you are working on it, but you but please enable attaching and detaching labels as a priority. Creating and filtering can wait, but using existing labels is urgent. Well done anyway.

- Great app

I like this app, use app since 5+ years, all the my requirements are available this app. Recommend to download for all.... signature can make different way what you prefer.

- No support for office 365 based accounts

App doesn’t work with office 365 accounts that require authentication by a token. App has claimed in Twitter and other places that O365 is supported but it’s not. Worked with support team to try and set it up but was given the run around. Do not download if you have office365 account that needs modern (token based) authentication.

- Great App

Along with all of the other Readdle apps I have, Spark is easy to use and reliable.

- Love it but...

Just moved to Spark from Airmail 3 (and Apple Mail before that) and totally loved it until I found I couldn’t disable the threads view. It’s really annoying and I keep having to go back to a previous email to see what the person is responding to (amongst other annoyances). I’ll give it a couple more days and then I may have to look for another app. Sad really because I thought I’d found my perfect email app for Mac / iPhone.

- Not bad

It is normal app, which can be relied but in terms of advanced features and upgrades are not really impressive yet, hope team at spark will make it more advanced.

- Below Inadequate

Abysmal. I marked an email as Spam, 20 minutes later I receive 2 more emails from precisely the same address straight to my “SMART INBOX”. I don’t know what makes Spam Filtering so difficult for these substandard development teams but, golly, this team have certainly not achieved anything but a pretty UI. Might I add, there’s no option to simply block an address. Yet another glossy waste of anybody’s time. 👍🏻

- Loading remote image broken

Hi team spark Just wanted to say thank you for a great email app. Just noticed on the latest update manual loading of remote images is missing when viewing emails. This of course is when turning off load remote images option in the security setting. Can we have this fix? Thank you.

- Good app, but....

A good app, but after some time, it takes forever to collect new mail. You wait and wait, so you go to another mail, then come back to retrieval again. Tiring exercise.

- Unreliable

It is not working as expected. It does cut the email list very often and I have to reset the app continuously.

- So far so good BUT......

This is a early impressions review. So far I’m liking it and everything it offers, very unique approach to inbox organisation. However for the iPad app there is no mouse support which is disappointing as third party apps like Edison mail do have complete mouse support despite the feature being relatively new to iPad os 13.4. So due to this the experience is a little inconsistent for me. So if there’s one feature request i could make to make this a 5 star app it would be full mouse support.

- I love this app

This app has helped me stop spam mail for getting into my in box. It’s easy to use as well. I just wanted to say thank you

- Not going good

Hey guys it’s not going good for one thing when I don’t have any emails in my inbox it does not say inbox zero or along those lines. Plz fix this it’s so deathly boring without it. Why can’t I be happy about not having any mail inside my inbox??

- Must have app

I have been using this app for a few months and it just gets better over time. Hats off to the developers for this.

- Disappointed

This was the best app for mails from like neo 2,3 months this app won’t work please develop team make this app better again. Thanks

- Calendar integration is a mess

Calendar invites are handled so poorly that it’s near impossible to use this for organising meetings or events. 1. I can’t choose which calendar invite should be assigned to. 2. Accepted calendar invitations don’t appear to be saves to my calendar. 3. I don’t know if my clients received a confirmation of my acceptance, or maybe 10 acceptances. The entire calendar process is just too buggy to use this for business.

- A mail box that keeps getting better

Every few months there are new upgrades, fresh ideas and innovative solution to a great app that keeps getting better!

- Latest Update has broken it

The latest update has broken the app on my iOS devices. It does not download emails and each refresh shows a cross at the top. The Mac app works fine. Please correct this. Spark is an otherwise excellent app!

- Reg FaceID

I was surprised to find that the face id has been removed and mandating passcode every time.

- Unstable app

This is the worst app I have ever used. It crashes every time... Don’t waste your time. Good concept but horrible product

- Major problem with latest update (of 12th Feb 2020)

From the moment update installed none of my three different devices using Spark can any longer download eMails or access my eMail accounts. Have re-booted the devices with no improvement. eMails still working fine via Apple Mail, and via Outlook on my PC.

- Finally

Refugee here from my.mail, tried gmail and Edison after my.mail developers broke with new update.. I hope to call this app my new favourite! So far everything has been great besides one small issue with putting pictures in my signature..

- This is what I need

One login sync everything across devices. As long as you don’t sell users personal information. I will use this app forever

- Overall decent but some bugs...

Overall a decent mail app, biggest issue I have with it it seems to have a mind of it’s own whether to show a notification on lock screen, some days it does and some days it just decides to show the badge count. Hopefully this little bug gets squashed.

- You broke it!

Sorry guys but your last bug fix actually broke the program. It opens then immediately closes again. Completely unusable. Hope you can fix it soon. Thanks Paul

- Terrible for office365

This might be a half decent email client if it weren’t for it’s atrocious handling of office365 emails, completely abandoning any attempt at scaling text, every email opens with a font size so small it just appears as a series of black lines.

- Buggy right now.

I loved this app but recently, I look at my emails, either read them, mark them as read etc, then hours later they show as new emails again. It’s beyond frustrating.

- Easily the best email app!

It's literally faster than Gmail webpage when receiving emails. Love the customisation options and consistent upgrades.

- Overall good but so. damn. slow.

After being a die-hard gmail app devotee, have made a complete switch. The app is simpler and prettier, and more integrated with calendar than gmail. I just need a few things fixed and I’ll be a total convert: - reminders don’t sync - need an option to select/tick multiple emails - option to have multiple selected emails stay selected after being marked read/unread rather than having to reselect for deleting -last but not least, dear God it is slow. So.damn.slow. Sometimes it takes forever to sync and load new emails, other times it won’t do it at all, when other apps show new emails.

- Very slow to receive emails,

Very slow to import emails, and receive emails. So far it’s on par with iOS email app. Not very impressed.

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- Give us a choice

I hate conversation view. Dislike not being able choose that option. If you could switch it off I would pay for this app !!! It’s that good, however I won’t use it until I can eliminate it from my inbox.

- Slow to open

Not impressed... very slow to open at times Full of bugs

- Does Not Sync Across iOS/Mac Devices

After the last update Spark stopped syncing across iOS devices. If you delete or move an email on your iPhone, it still shows up it your inbox on your iPad. This makes Spark totally unusable.

- Near Perfect!

Only issue is Is there any way to clear the cache of the app?

- IPad

Great app, many features. I don’t recommend it for iPad use as the calendar can only be viewed one day at a time, There is no week view or month view, which renders it virtually useless on an iPad.

- this app would be perfect...

if you could select several messages at the same time to delete them Because if like me you have a lots of email adress, delete messages one by one, with all the spam I receive, it takes me a long time

- Attachments

I like Spark as an email client but every message that has an attachment takes a painfully long time to load on my Ipad as well as my MacBook Pro. Seems an unfixable problem.

- Still no Dynamic Type

I’ll wait for one more update. If it doesn’t support Dynamic Type, I’ll delete it forever. It just goes to show the incompetence of developers. The app we use for emails has to be the most reliable. I have been trying out Outlook as an alternative and so far it’s been great.

- Une gestion efficace dans un seul endroit

Je gère tous mes emails dans une seule application. Intégration des espaces infonuagiques super bien réussie. Bravo!

- Doesn’t Support O365 Emails

Cannot connect O365 work email.

- Great app

My go-to email app :) Perfect all around I always keep coming back to Spark. Love it. And a great development team behind it.

- Frozen

After the last update, on the starting screen appears the info “updating database” and the app is frozen:-(

- Working just great!

There were many crashes before and I am glad they are gone. Thank you for your great work and for making Spark the best email app ever!

- Spam filter needs work

Love this email app but the spam filter needs more work. None of my junk mail gets filtered. I get so much daily junk email and wish it worked. Now I just delete the emails because it never learns anything. I am searching for a better app.

- Signature for email forwarding

I am unable to automatically add signatures on forwarding email.

- Best app!

The BEST email app for iPhone

- Slow

Super slow ! All emails don’t update across multiple devices. Extremely disappointed

- Good App

It’s a decent mail app, but it has issues with connectivity to multiple mail servers. I’ve told the support team but they don’t reply nor do nothing,,,blah

- Excellent app, exactly what I have been looking for

I don’t normally write reviews, but the newest update has taken Spark from a great substitute to the “Inbox by Google”, to a superior replacement. Excellent work.

- Works like a charm

Just one iOS dark mode text is illegible as it turns dark blue and cannot be adjusted in the app setting. Thank you

- Why oh why

Did you change the UI? It’s so ugly and hard to read. Please bring back the old UI and colors!!

- Amazing email client

The best email client. I’ve used the default iOS mail client for years now and while it is good this app is much better. My only wish is that there was a version for Windows.

- Not so great anymore

The new update is buggy and lags, not as great as it used to be. Will be moving on.

- OmniFocus integration is killer

If you use OmniFocus this is the best email client. You may create from your emails OF actions with due dates and links between apps. The links go in the OF action item note field with the message. Been using Spark for over a year and haven’t looked back.

- Not working on iPAD !

A great app, but every time they do an update, the app on my iPad stop working ! Then its take 5-6 weeks to fix it !

- Parfait

Le pari est tenu : j’aime à nouveau consulter mes mails.

- BEST email app

It’s THE best, love it! ***Update*** Ok so I love this app even more after I reinstall my system. I thought it would be painful to re-setup everything, but I found that once I login one account, Spark was doing its job and automatically syncing all accounts in my device. Such an amazing but simple feature that’s most email app doesn’t have. It saves tremendous time for me. Thank you for developing such a great app!

- Crashes after latest update

Was great, now crashes every time I try and open it. I hope there is a fix soon.

- Personalization

I don't know where your noting choose personalization under settings. Sure isn't an option under my spark settings tab.

- Disastrous redesign

The new version of this app is unusable. Search results are insane. Seems to prioritize 5 year old emails. Lack of visual separation between emails is exhausting to look at. I’ll have to find a new app now. Why. Why did you do this.

- Won’t Work!!!

Every time I try to sign in my email it tells me to enable cookies (WHICH THEY ARE). Can’t get passed signing in. Rubbish

- Can’t attach file from Dropbox

There is an error everytime

- Backwards progress

The recent update completely ruined a decent looking UI. Now it shows about 50% blank, with empty lines and no way to control this. Really disappointed. Uninstalling now.

- Great update

The best feature of the new version is reliability. I used to have problems with syncing, app speed, and performance. Now, everything just works. Fast and dependable. Very good app.

- Pretty good BUT

It’s pretty good email app BUT why do it not show the red notification?

- Finally an amazing mail app for iOS

Spark is now the Best Mail app for iOS. Period! Airmail used to be my best, but lately they get greedy and lack in features and performance. Spark now has almost everything I wanted for a mail app. Keep up the good work guys!

- Phenomenal update

Amazing new interface. Kudos to guys and gals of Spark team.

- It gets better each time.

Nothing bad to say. It works well and efficiently. Totally user friendly.

- Ugly after latest update

Spark is a great app, but the latest update has made email more difficult to read. All the functionality is still there, but the dark mode look and feel is horrendous. Please put it back the way it was.

- Amazing

Absolutely love the new UI in this update. Please keep this for a while. Great job!

- Option to make font smaller

Love the app but would love the font to be smaller!

- This is the one

Long time user. Couldnt not leave a review after the last update. So simple and intuitive. So clean. Makes managing emails a breeze and perfectly optimized for iOS.

- Best version ever!

Really like the new interface. Great job!

- Best Email App Available

Spark is the best email app available, and continues to get better with every update.

- Best Email App!

I love this app and have been using it from the very beginning. Also love the redesign! One thing I did notice is that I have an HTML signature, and when composing or replying to an email the background behind my signature is white since I’m using dark mode. Is there anyway to fix that in a future update? Please let us know. Cheers!

- Gorgeous new UI

I really like the new main email list view. The use of white space is prefect! It always the messages to feel less cramped, and lets me more easily focus on a single message at a time.

- Great app!

Would like long-press to select multiple emails back though.

- You guys ROCK 💫 💫 🌟 🌟 💫 💫

This update is a blast , once again SPARK stand on its feet. Thank You for the update and squash bugs. Specially the notification glitch.

- Amazing

The latest update was incredible, I was looking how to use the smart folders and now we get if just as the desktop one!!! You Rock!!!

- Spectacular Email App

Brilliant design. So clean. So useful. The new update is extremely polished. This app wins email, hands down.

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- Frustrating

Emails won’t send unless I manually go to outbox, attachments don’t download - just the circle of death. All rather frustrating these days. Used to love this app.

- Spam

In a love hate relationship with this app. On and off I’ve always found myself coming back to spark, from customisation and ease of use it’s fantastic. But, recently I’ve had a huge influx of spam. Previously I’ve been told that I need to manage this from outlook itself. I kind of understood but then I didn’t. Why would I use another app for my emails if I have to use another app to stop something else? I assume it’s some restriction in place by the email company. But, it seemed odd to have email clients and apps to then need the original email provider to adjust and change things. I’ll update this if I can change anything about or find something new

- Useless spam filter

This app is useless, each time you mark an email as spam it still allows the sender to spam your inbox.... pointless.

- No support

The Spark app on my iPad only comes up as a black screen when I open it and despite 2 emails sent to the support team I have had no response- at the moment the app is unusable. It had worked fine previously and still works on my iPhone. Would appreciate a solution.

- Very good

I do like this app very good apps

- Responsive Support

A previous app update prevented attachments from opening. Contacted support who were initially responsive, but after sending all the diagnostics things went quiet for a while. However, after a short time a response was received to say the developers had identified the problem and were working on a fix. An updated app has just installed via the App Store and I'm pleased to say the problem is now fixed. Thank you.

- I want to love it but can’t

I want to love it but can’t It’s just so slow to load in emails on all my devices, can’t use yahoo calendars, and the swipe gestures I find are exactly out of the intuitive range for long and short. Uninstalled from all devices (for the 4th time, because I keep trying to like it ...)

- Search option failure

Thought I would try this as customer service do not respond, why, when you use the search option, you search an email from a company, it shows you all the emails yet when you click on the relevant email it always says nothing found??

- No notifications

Great app but in the last months i don’t get notification badges on any received emails, can you please sort this out, really annoying.

- Fab

Love it

- Started well

Started fine but when one of there tip emails was put into the spam folder I should have backed out. Some great features but it’s so slow. Notification badge appears. Open app. Wait 20 seconds for new mail to arrive. (I have 100mb download broadband). Read email. Close app. Wait 30 seconds for notification badge to turn off.

- Great efficient email app

This is the 2nd time l have rated this app as l now have it on my desktop Mac. This app is always improving and delivering all that l need for all my accounts on Mac and iPhone. They have got it right among so many others that have nearly got it right but don't have the total package. Hopefully it will keep on improving and making our email accounts a little more pleasurable

- Amazing, request an improvement

Hey guys, I really like Spark and using it every day, and the only thing which can boost productivity is to have translation feature. Do you have something like that in plans for development? I believe a lot of people would like to pay for such feature. Thanks

- A review.

Simply beautiful software. Best one there and free.

- Crashing all the time

There is no stability and it is a joke. It constantly crashes. No support and it is certainly not for any enterprise just a game. I banned it in my company!

- Keeps getting better.

I love spark. How it augments my mail without messing with the source is fantastic. The developers have been consistently adding and improving features without them detracting from the core of the app. My fave bits - quick reply! I can be polite and quick in saying thanks - snooze ... receive mails again later (sounds way lamer than it sounds) - swipe customisation with loads of options - integrations - pass stuff between every to do app I never stick with! As with any workflow tool - to get it *just right it pays to dig into the settings... luckily these seem to sync between devices! All very clever!

- Great app - across Mac & iPhone.

If you want a consistent writing and reading experience across all your devices, this is a great app. The way it formats emails, brings in your full email sig - receivers can not tell any difference between a phone, iPad or Mac email. There are a few features I’d like to see, some more integrations, some more tuning options, but generally it’s my go-to. Good job.

- Going to bin

Used for a long time now, many months, but just about to scrap. Use it with Gmail account and the important search for email which works perfectly in my Gmail app, does not work in spark. Reported with diagnostics and logs as requested but no response to spark

- Messed up dark mode dumb iCal

So many good things rendered unusable by poor design. 1. If you open an email with an ical attachment it shows the attachment not the content. Why? 2. It has some kind of weird dark mode where some emails become unreadable. Grey text on black. Oh and why is the desktop app always synchronising?

- Still needs a little more work but is great.

This email client is brilliant. The amount you can customise is really useful. I do have a few issues. Firstly, there’s no way to configure that after deleting an email, it shows the “next” email. However the next email is just the one below, more accurately, the older email and not the next new email. I always have to swipe to the newer email after deleting one and it is just not intuitive to see which direction you’re reading mails from, either new to old or old to new. This is something that Apple’s Mail app already does. The second issue I have noticed is that as an Apple Watch user, the email content is never shown. It always says to view in the iPhone email client. Apple’s Mail app for Apple Watch displays the whole message. These are the only two issues I have found that really stop me from using it as my default Mail client. However saying that, Spark is a brilliant Email Client, if you don’t mind the above two issues I am facing. You won’t be disappointed.

- Looks great but scrap privacy, only stock iOS mail app!!!

I did read terms and conditions about privacy, I am not stupid to use this app, good luck people 😂

- Auto forward email

I love this app and can’t wait to make it my default in iOS/iPad OS 14 but what would be great is to do auto forwarding of emails from a certain address, just just like you can do with iCloud email.

- This is the one

Really good mail app with a clean UI and good, plentiful options. Can’t wait to make it my default mail app in iOS14!

- Best there is

Spark is the best email app on the market. There ate lots if others you can waste your time looking at others but Spark is the best. Now we need a Windows version. 😁

- Badge icons finally working

A great mail app I use on both Mac and mobile / tablet devices. My only gripe was that the badge icons to indicate new mail wouldn't appear for love nor money . Something in the recent update has kicked the badge icon notifications into action. All good now.

- Hard disk greedy / no option to offload or clear cache

I just had to delete Spark again and reinstall (and then configure mi account again) because Spark won't bother to add a way of deleting the cache or offloading the app, so used space keeps on growing until it chokes your iPad. There's a twitter request of this feature that's more than 3 years old, and no news on such a ridiculously easy to implement feature. It's time to start voting negative on every version until this feature is implemented, and I suggest you to try other email clients in the meantime.

- Decent, plenty potential

This is a beautifully designed app, and currently used as my default mail app, One thing I would like to see though, is a trigger that allows quick unsubscribing (ie background launch of the web URL for unsubscribe)

- Calendar & sounds

The calendar is absolutely useless, it sticks on gmail & I can’t change it to outlook, it would also be nice to have a selection of sounds to choose from, I really don’t like the one sound it comes so I have it turned off & have a second mail app running alongside & Use the sound alert from that one !!

- Love spark - but VERY unreliable

Spark worked amazingly until a few months ago when one of my email accounts stopped receiving mail. Today, there are several important emails that don’t come through on three of my email accounts... this unreliability in such a crucial area of work life makes the platform unusable... Spark customer support we’re unable to find a solution

- Really want to like it but...

I’ve been using Inbox / Gmail for years for the ability to snooze emails but have been reading great things about Spark so decided to give it a go. Had a quick run through and loved it - seemed to do everything I wanted - so I committed and set up all my email accounts. Using it for a few days now though, issues are becoming apparent. So far, my iCloud calendar won’t appear despite various attempts. No issues with Gmail calendars but my main calendar is iCloud and I’m not willing to migrate just for this. Also I’ve snoozed emails until ‘tomorrow’ and later found them actually snoozed to ‘someday’. I’ve not been able to reproduce this consistently or figure out what conditions make it happen so far. ‘Someday’ isn’t in my list of ‘snoozes’ so I’m reasonably confident that it is not fat fingers / user error. I really want to like Spark and what works works great but so far there’s a few issues that may end up being deal-breakers. Time will tell. Update: gave up after just over a week. Back to the Gmail app.

- Great app - best available

This app is great for both iOS and Mac, highly recommend. I went back Mail for iOS and OS X after Mailbox was sadly discontinued a few years back but Spark is everything I loved about it and more! This app makes it a breeze to quickly organise and action your email and dare I say is somewhat enjoyable to do so. (With the number of email accounts I manage, that statement is not made lightly.) One feature I feel is lacking is the ability to be alerted if you have mentioned an attachment in your email but nothing is attached. This is standard on most other clients today and I’ve been caught out a few times with this. So I’d love to see that in the next update. Otherwise, does everything I need and recommended this app to everyone.

- Crashes every time on select all email

When you select all mail within your inbox it strangely only selects 49 emails. So when I scroll down past the selected 49 emails to the unselected ones the screen crashes/ freezes. I have to go back to the iPhone home screen and close down the software swiping up. This bug happens every single time.

- Don’t use this app your emil will get blocked

My all email started getting blocked since i started using this app. I had about 5 email liked tp spark , and all suddenly started getting blocked one by one . Which is never happen before in last 9 years . I have deleted this app . Don’t use it

- Some bug

great application but would still need to fix one bug. copying text is not OK. jams when scrolling.

- Nice app but not compatible with other email apps

Lots of great features in the app to quickly respond to emails and smart inbox is really handy. Like some other reviews mention I have an issue with the threads. When you pin an email (similar to flag in other apps) it seems to pin some other emails in the thread, not just the latest one you have received. So if you use another email app or browser, there are loads of flagged emails which shouldn’t be there.

- Spyware

So, no matter what the devs say, as soon as I started using this app a whole flurry of data sucking ad companies appeared on my Facebook ad settings. Ad categories coming from my mail contents appearing in my Facebook ads. Avoid like Covid.

- Very good


- Calendar needs work. Lots of it

i I’ve linked my iCloud account and the email works but the calendar is empty, yes it’s toggled on in settings. It keeps reporting this error when I try to add an entry. “ERROR : can’t create an event. Please go to calendar app and create at least one event.” - my calendar's full of events! Have to say I’ve found the calendar section of this app the most complicated so far of any app installed in the last 10 years. Really needs some user interface ‘care’. Can’t believe I’ve had to reach out to you to get it to work!! Help??

- Problems since last update

I have been using this app for some time now and have been very happy with its performance. However, since the last update this app now randomly shuts down! I use this on my mini iPad and up until the update I had no problems. Has anyone else had similar issues? Unless this bug can be fixed I will sadly have to uninstall it and try something else.

- Difficult to set up

OAuth2 support still unavailable for Office 365 users.

- Good at a few things — bad at some basics

I’ve used spark for years and it’s more or less as good as everyone says it is. There are a few features that are super handy; like colour coded email accounts, send later function, snooze. But the problems I’ve found with it aren’t with that stuff — but with the much more basics things. One of the simplest things is very unreliable syncing between mobile and desktop. Reading and archiving on mobile is often reflected on desktop, but the other way around can be extremely slow (sometimes days). Refreshing the inbox shows a perpetual loading wheel and means I can’t really refer to my mobile inbox as accurate. The other things is the search function and being able to read older emails. Consistently — while I can search and see that older emails exist, trying to open them lags and eventually serves an error. These are usually emails that aren’t that old (one from 6 months ago) and this is something that, when I gave up and tried the gmail app, took less than a second to load. Overall I want to recommend it but I want to see some of the basic functions fixed and streamlined. I’ve used spark for years with two different phones (very old and very new) — no updates have fixed these issues in that time.

- Email how it’s meant to be!

Firstly, the new RED delete icon feature and positioning is a game changer... Amazing. Love that. Love everything about the app apart from the following: The app icon is dull and boring. Maybe add a ‘change icon’ feature that allows total customisations. I would prefer a black instead of the blue. Have the plane but maybe add SPARK in miniature letters below the plane or create a new logo. Another feature, forget multiple undo and just allow the last action to be undone. Allow full colour customisations of pin colours, you allow it on email so why not on pins? Your fee is way to high. Take ‘Canary’ for example, $20 for lifetime app. That’s more reasonable to me. I would pay you that. Nobody wants to pay your monthly premium fee. I can’t imagine you having many sales in that area when there are so many cheaper alternatives available. That’s it form me, I hope this constructive criticism finds you well and you are all keeping safe. Like MJ once said... “Make that change”... Jag

- Great

Best email app out there.

- Great app!

Had an issue after an update but was very quickly fixed with help from their support team, using the app on both phone and PC and absolutely love it

- Latest update crashes

Normally a five star app but today’s update crashes on starting, hope it’s fixed quickly!

- Review


- Lost calendar function

Has been a great app but unsure if latest update has affected the ability to add calendar entries from emails to link with apple calendar. Please investigate. Thanks

- Great alternative to default Mail app

Spark is the first email client I’ve felt is robust enough to replace Apple’s default mail app, on my iOS devices as well as my Mac. It’s much more feature rich and I especially love the ability to work with templates and the way it handles attachments. It’s pretty fast on my iPad Air 3 and iPhone X, but slow on my older iPad mini 3. In fact the only reason I’ve deducted a star is for speed. If it handled syncs as fast as Apple Mail App it would be excellent.

- Great but slow

I moved from Apple mail to Spark a year ago. I liked some features especially the Quick Reply and "send and archive". However, the syncing is slow, especially sending mails. I finally got fed up and moved back to the Apple mail.

- Was almost perfect

Used to love it, but lately it’s been playing up. Emails don’t display properly. Started using Apple’s mail app and it’s greatly improved and actually better than spark. Sad.

- I can’t respond to mails

Thanks so much for this app. I am enjoying the app so much. And it has made mails less of a burden to me. But I’ve got an observation. I find it difficult to respond to mails using Spark. Especially mails with attachments. Pls help resolve so I can enjoy it more. Thanks

- Simply the Best!!!!

This mail app is just the best. Bar none. Nothing comes close right now. Simple and feature packed. It’s just the best!!!

- The best

Literally the best email app

- Great app

I swear down, this is the next free maul app

- Impressive

I’m really impressed with this App. It’s very easy sensational and itch free. I will recommend it to all business owners having a private mailbag

- .

It’s hard to find some things such as inbox and outbox but overall, it’s pretty awesome. It’s easy to use and it arranges my emails perfectly, esp as I’m using it for educational purposes

- 10/10 would recommend

Title says it.

- Great App!

This is probably the best app for emails on iOS. It's user-friendly and smart. Great work by the team.

- Great App

It does the work fine.

- Perfect

Definitely a must have. Renders the native mail app basically redundant.

- My thank you to the developers

This app is so so good! The smart inbox option is apt! Interface sublime! And the functions as well are all really good! + you can attach files right from iCloud in your mails! That sealed the deal for me. If you wanna get this, don’t hesitate to. It’s really well made!


Makes Sharing of emails to other Apps for recording and other purposes extremely easy!

- Review

An excellent app, but it doesn’t push notifications on my iPad Air would really like you to correct that

- So lovely

Spark is great and a better way to use an email. My experience with it so far has been nothing short of wow, but I most say the initial display when the app is launched is not encouraging. I would have preferred if it launched straight into my mails since I already know the app is called spark and it's great at what it does.

- Email is fun again

Reminds me of the early days of discovering email. It's fun and it makes me feel like reading my mail again.

- Fantastic Email App

User friendly app

- If Chuck Norris had....

If Chuck Norris had an iPhone, This would be his mail app!

- Better than any mail client out there

Was not satisfied with any one until I saw spark

- Best Email App I've Used

I've tried a few email apps and always got frustrated with them but this one is a keeper.

- Simply amazing

It has a very nice interface and very functional too.

- Deleted my Gmail after this App

I deleted my default Gmail app after downloading this app. It just did so much more for me!

- Barnes 🕴🏼

Great app ! You need to download it and you won't regret

- Very nice email client

This app is a wonderful email client on iPad. More email providers like Aol e.t.c. should be added.

- Powerful email app

Very efficient app. Performs the job as required . Please keep it light and effective. Good presentation. For instance, It is easy for me to show someone or send a screen shot of a particular email without that person seeing other mails in my mailbox.

- Very good email app.

I love using Spark. It's easy and user friendly. Presentation also good and enhanced readability. You are good. Ok.

- Amazing!

Somehow the team at readle found what we have all been looking for. This app is a must. Waiting for the Mac version please!

- Awsome

I have never seen a wonderful mail app which is awesome and productive as sparkle. Frequent enhancement and improvement . Keep it up.

- Awesome app

Email has never looked so good.

- Simple and intuitive

My mails are intuitive again.

- Liked

They are 100% right. You get to like email again!

- Awesome

The latest version is amazing.

- The Best Email Client! End of Discussion!!

This is the best email application EVER! I say this with so much confidence and scarification because I have been searching for over a year for an email client that can be very user friendly, intuitive, efficient and easy on the eyes (yeah, I know that's asking a lot but I finally found it and more). Thank you Spark. Keep up the good work.

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Spark Mail - Email by Readdle iphone images
Spark Mail - Email by Readdle iphone images
Spark Mail - Email by Readdle iphone images
Spark Mail - Email by Readdle iphone images
Spark Mail - Email by Readdle iphone images
Spark Mail - Email by Readdle iphone images
Spark Mail - Email by Readdle iphone images
Spark Mail - Email by Readdle iphone images
Spark Mail - Email by Readdle iphone images
Spark Mail - Email by Readdle iphone images
Spark Mail - Email by Readdle ipad images
Spark Mail - Email by Readdle ipad images
Spark Mail - Email by Readdle ipad images
Spark Mail - Email by Readdle ipad images
Spark Mail - Email by Readdle ipad images
Spark Mail - Email by Readdle ipad images
Spark Mail - Email by Readdle ipad images
Spark Mail - Email by Readdle ipad images
Spark Mail - Email by Readdle ipad images
Spark Mail - Email by Readdle ipad images
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The applications Spark Mail - Email by Readdle was published in the category Productivity on 2015-05-29 and was developed by Readdle Inc. [Developer ID: 285035419]. This application file size is 395.23 MB. Spark Mail - Email by Readdle - Productivity posted on 2020-08-03 current version is 2.8.2 and works well on IOS 11.0 and high versions.

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