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Calendars 5 by Readdle [Productivity] App Description & Overview

Calendars 5 is complete re-imagining of what the best mobile calendar experience should be.
Calendars 5 is smart, excels in both tasks and events and runs on any iOS device you might have. It's the calendar app you have been looking for.

Three things you'll love about Calendars 5:

◆ Natural Language Input ◆
Just enter "Meet John at Starbucks on Sunday" and Calendars 5 will create the event for you.

◆ Task Manager ◆
Easy to use task manager that has everything you need to organize, track and complete your to-dos.

◆ First-class iPad calendar ◆
The first smart calendar for the iPad. Its large screen is great for managing your daily schedule and enables richer interaction with your calendar.

What makes Calendars 5 great in use:

◆ Interface focused on events
Elegant and easy to use interface makes it super simple to get a quick overview of the upcoming events and tasks. You always keep your focus on what's important; there is nothing to distract you.

◆ Day, Week, Month and List views of your events.
Calendars 5 illustrates your Day, Week and Month on a small iPhone screen the best possible way. Depending on the situation, select the view that conveniently unveils your schedule.

◆ Works online and offline
Create, edit and delete events or tasks whenever you need it. All changes will be synced back to your account once you are online.

◆ All the features you love
Create custom recurring events (yoga every Tuesday, Friday and Sunday), get reminders or set custom alerts, invite people to your events and more.

◆ Act as you feel it
Intuitively create events with just one tap in your calendar. Drag and Drop tasks and events, swipe to switch between days and weeks, return to your ‘Today’ schedule with one tap.

If you choose to subscribe for Interesting Calendars, you will be charged a price according to the selected plan.

$0.99 monthly, starting at the end of your one week free trial (unless you cancel during the free trial). Any unused portion of the free trial period will be forfeited when you purchase a subscription to Interesting Calendars;
$2.99 for 3 month subscription;
$8.99 one-time purchase.

Price may vary by location and will be shown in the app before you complete the payment. Monthly subscriptions renew each month unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24 hours before end of the current subscription period. Your iTunes account will automatically be charged within 24 hours prior to the end of the current period and you will be charged for one month at a time. You can turn off auto-renew at any time from your iTunes account settings.
You can get lifetime access to Interesting Calendars with one-time purchase. You buy it one time, and you can transfer them to other devices that are associated with your Apple ID.
Privacy Policy:
Terms of Service:

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Calendars 5 by Readdle Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Another "spit and polish" release, addressing many of the most common issues you've told us about. Please keep the feedback coming at And stay tuned! New features are coming soon!

Calendars 5 by Readdle Comments & Reviews

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- Best calendar/datebook ever used

I've been using this for I believe over 2 years my hubby saw it when it was free for a week since I was so frustrated with Apple and the other options out there for apps . Plus most of them where expensive and not good . Once I figured it out I loved it . For me it's easy and I love being able to set reminders up to 2 days . My only issue is the customizable alarm isn't realky at all customizable and if you use it I've experienced that you then lose the amount of reminder times you pick . So the most is really 2 days and there have been times when I wanted more available . It limits the amount of reminders as well . Also I can't stand how if you type in certain names it brings up someone/something not necessarily related to what key words you put into the title . So you can't necessarily say exactly what you mean or who . Please change these 2 things they are important otherwise as a busy mom and business owner this is the quickest, easiest , foolproof datebook to use hands downs . Even with these 2 flaws in my opinion . It would get a 5🌟🌟🌟🌟otherwise .Also I noticed that my Pilates times and dates I book sync with this however , not Zynn22 ( indoor cycle ) but this is NOT a flaw in the APP but a flaw in the program to book by Zynn just FYI .

- Love this App!

I love this Calendars 5 App. It seems to be the best one out there for my busy schedule. It has easy entry of appointments, a more informative monthly view, wonderful week and daily views. I like it a lot better than the iphone app. I did not like the spinning wheel to set dates it caused errors. So far no errors on calendars 5. To make it better though I'd like to have a Mac version and the ability to sink with the iphone version. I would like a second ring that is a little stronger when it alerts me of an upcoming appointment. And a more detailed task list where I could prioritize tasks by groupings/categories and like the franklin planner by A1, A2, A3, B1, C1, D1, etc. (And a priority marking of different colors like Outlook and/or priority mark by time sensitivity c1= critical item due now, d2 = do it within next 2 days, w1=do it within next 1 week, m2= do it in next 1 month, etc.) Also, the ability to print out daily and monthly appointment views from my Mac & PC computers would be more helpful. It looks like there is a printer app from the iphone but I haven't tried it yet. I hope it works well. I got it in the bundle purchase but haven't tried these other apps out yet. Peace to all.

- A native look. Premium experience.

Looking to make the best of my schedule, I sought different apps to meet my needs. And found it! Calendars 5 is a a combination of FANTASTICAL and THINGS. Where FANTASTICAL uses iOS native apps to port reminders and events, it lacks luster and customization. THINGS is pleasant to look at, but it forces you to work outside your native iOS apps, meaning you have CALENDAR events and REMINDERS and you get the pleasure of having a separate set of THINGS CALENDAR EVENTS and THINGS REMINDER TASKS. It’s a nuisance because events and reminders are not being synced through native apps so you are forced to buy a MAC and iPad version in order to be fully synchronized across all your devices. CALENDARS works with iOS. It looks amazing across iOS and Apple Watch. Plus, 1 app purchase gets you the iPad, iPhone, and the Watch app. And because it works with iOS everything syncs smoothly. I recommend CALENDARS 5 very much. It has a 1 week free trial before you have to do a full purchase of it. There are no subscriptions, and 1 purchase gets you all 3. There is no Mac version, but because everything syncs so well, whatever I add to CALENDARS shows on my Mac and iOS devices and vice versa.

- STILL Perfect: well-designed, comprehensive, easy to use even on small screens

Loving this app; still great with the new version. The title/subject line says it all. I held off rating this for a long time, as I wanted to fully experience it. I love it all: easy to create new entries, move them, and copy them to make new ones, just by swiping of hold tapping them. Works equally easily on the ipad and smaller screened iphone. Great choices for types (SMS, email, audible) and multiples (1st, 2nd, 3rd) of reminders. Integrates well with Apple's calendar types (I use their birthday and one holiday calendar only); downloadables such as national holidays; and multiple Google calendars, as well, all integrated onto east to read and select layouts. This works as well as Outlook's calendaring system, but much more easily and with so many calendars on so many platforms. Sharing events, and confirming events to which you're invited (a red-flagged number easy to notice at the top if the calendar display) is a piece of cake, as well, with no need to return to or refer to the inviting email itself. Thanks for a stupendous product!

- It Needs a Companion Computer Version

It's great to see all these colorful blocks on my iPhone because I can tell at a glance how my month or week or day are scheduled. However, since I can either select "all day" or a specific time with Calendars 5, and I'm accustomed to inputting the time AND being able to choose all day with my iCal calendar, it's challenging because it means that because Calendars 5 does not have a computer version but only iPhone or iPad versions, I can miss the event on my computer when it's buried down below in its time slot in my month view on iCal. I don't often have time to check week and day views when making appointments on the fly. This makes checking date availabilities in iCal's month view difficult as I can miss a scheduled appointment. It would be so much more helpful if Calendars 5 were also available in a computer version. If it were to be so, it would make iCal obsolete for me. I would rate the app 5 stars if this were available. But since it's not (yet???), it only gets a 3-star rating.

- Loading and refreshing times are a problem

App is frequently unusable for sometimes as long as nearly a minute (of course based on connectivity - I do recognize that - but I’m referring here to instances when connectivity is strong via WiFi and data connectivity) as it refreshes all data at every launch or open. Can’t view anything in detail. Can’t tap anything. Can’t stop the refresh. I’ve tried all setting combos: on or off background refresh does nothing. Additionally, interactions can sometimes be awkward at various touch and tap points leading to unintended views and items moving or shuffling around. These are deal breaker problems. If you are trying to check items on the go and need key info from your calendar quickly, frustration levels are high. Hopping from meeting to meeting and needing room, floor, or time info is critical for me. I’m often stuck having to stand and wait for the app to fully load before I can view any items. I rely on my calendar but cannot rely on this app. It’s a great app when fully loaded! However, these items kill the whole experience and need for a paid calendar app. I’ll have to delete this app and go back to default calendar apps until this is fixed.

- Worthy Fantastical replacement

Like many coming by here these days, I was a loyal Fantastical user for years, and never had a reason to look at other calendar apps. Turns out that while I wasn’t looking, Readdle went and made a nice one (I’m also a Spark and Documents user, so I’m not surprised). I’ve already moved Fantastical from the top left of my 1st screen to the trash, and haven’t looked back. Calendars 5 has the polish of those apps, and most if not all of the functionality of Fantastical that I loved. There are even things I like more, like the list view, which is a lot less jumbled. The iOS widget is also cleaner, and the Watch app, with only a little testing so far, seems pretty configurable. The week view is a little strange, but it’s not a view I use much. A comment below nearly scared me off, around problems connecting to work Exchange servers. Note that that user had issues with connecting *directly* to the server — in other words, entering the credentials directly into Calendars 5 to get items directly from the server, bypassing the iOS internal calendar database. Calendars 5 allows this in addition to using the internal database — in other words, if you can see a calendar on the native Calendars app, you can see it in Calendars 5. For what it’s worth, I can connect to my work’s Exchange server just fine either way. Readdle, please learn from Fantastical’s experience and don’t screw up a good thing!

- Update: Will now load and appears to be working properly.

Update: After deleting and re-installing several times over the last week, the app now seems to be functioning again. I did not receive any contact from the developer after submitting the crash log, and I was offered no insight as to why this happened. Changing the rating to four stars because I have used it for over five years with good experiences. In my mind, a five star app that I need daily can’t mysteriously crash for a bunch of people and be inaccessible for a week. Update: Developer responded with a generic response of sending the crash log. I had already sent the crash log a few days before receiving this response and have received no subsequent response. This has been a week without the calendar I’ve used for over 5 years. Very frustrating. How do I NOT choose a different calendar at this point...? I cannot even open the app since the most recent update. Crashes immediately. Please fix. This app is crucial to my day.

- Confusing lack of integration with Readdle's own Spark app

I've enjoyed Calendars 5 and it is quite nice visually, but I don't understand why there isn't any basic integration with Readdle's own Spark application, whose calendar is far weaker in functionality and usefulness. Forever they've existed as totally standalone apps but I feel like this doesn't make sense logically. On a separate note, I find Calendar 5's event creation area to be irritating. Specifically, I'm referring to where you enter in the event's title and it will use entered times to automatically calculate start and end times. If I'm taking a college course, I can't put "INFO 300", because Calendars will interpret this as a time, 3:00. To me, it makes this functionality redundant and it makes sense to enter the event title and times into Google. To me, this app is only useful for viewing my schedule, and not creating it. Finally, I think Calendars' limited support for multiple accounts is also quite weak, as forcing the user to rely on using the iPhone's internally added accounts past the one account you use to sign into Calendars is annoying.

- Best calendar app I've found

I've tried lots of calendar apps and this one is the most seamless and easy to use. I've been using it since this new revamped version came out, what, a year & a half ago? It is so easy to integrate other calendars, to schedule, etc. I can easily track multiple schedules for personal, business, kids, etc. It's darn-near perfect, and if it were, I'd give it five stars. Right now, I'd really give it a 4.5. Here's what I really, really want: To be able to export all my calendar data, and to run a search for entries. Let's say someone wants to know the schedule for next year's board meetings. I'd like to just run a keyword search and get a list, maybe in a table so it can show and sort everything, and I'd like to be able to somehow copy/paste that info, whether or not that's through export or otherwise. I'd also really like a separate (maybe csv) record of my past schedule for separate record keeping.


I have been using this calendar for years. I maintain my entire family's busy schedules in different colors so I can keep track of my kids' college classes, so I know not to text or call while they are in class, my daughter's busy school and rehearsal schedule, because I am her driver, my husband's rehearsal and cycling schedule and everyone's Dr. appointments. This product also integrates with Google Calendars and all I have to do is import or find a public Google calendar, for instance a school calendar, and it instantly incorporates into my calendar. If I schedule an appointment or event for my family members, I can easily "invite" them to the event so they can also add it to their personal calendars. I can arrange reminders for days, hours, and minutes in advance of my appointments. The reason I rated it four stars instead of five is because the one thing it doesn't have, or I have not figured out how to do is search for an event on my calendar. If it had that, it would be perfect!

- Great app, 2 requests though

I really like this calendar app, lots of nice features and the interface is clean and intuitive for the most part. I do have a couple requests tho. I wish there was an easier way to switch between the different views especially on iPhone. Having to tap all the way at the top on the three lines and THEN picking the view, it’s too many taps, and it’s difficult to hit the three lines if I’m using my phone with one hand. Swiping side to side seems like it would be more intuitive. It would be awesome if you changed it so swiping up and down moves you through time and swiping side to side changes the view. This is 2018 after all! My other request is to have an option to hide completed tasks on the calendar. I know you can delete completed tasks in the settings, but I don’t want to have to do that each time I complete a task. An option to hide completed tasks would put this app above the rest. Thanks! Keep up the good work.

- 4.5 stars! Awesome!

4.5 stars! I love this app! I use it for everything! There is only one problem I have. When I need to type in the name of a business that has a number or weekday in the title, the app automatically goes to the day of the week or the time. For example, I type in 5 (or five) Guys Burgers and Fries, it will change the time to 5!!! I cannot leave 5 in the title because it will not allow me to chose my own time. Also, a business called Tuesday Morning, automatically schedules it for the next following Tuesday. I try to fix it but the app insists on scheduling it for Tuesday if that word is in the Title. It is very aggravating and if you are in a hurry it can really mess you up. Also if I want to put something like Christmas shopping it will automatically go to christmas day. Christmas shopping does not happen on the day if for this family! With all that said though, I really do love this app! It is very easy to use! I use it for shopping lists, party planning lists, etc.

- The best calendar app out there

I've been using it this app for the past 4 years and have seen it's improvements along the way. I have also gotten other friends, family, co-workers to use it's that's great. But...if there's a couple of suggestions I could make they would be 1) please make it possible to remove world holidays I don't care about? It's valuable space on the monthly view especially when there's mutiple events that day 2) Is it possible to add in a search feature? There's times when I want to look up an appointment or previous engagement and a search feature would be a fantastic help instead of scrolling through each month! Other than those couple of minor suggestions, I'm completely happy and love the newsletter update emails. Thank you for creating such great Apps!

- One of the Best

Besides Timepage, a calendar app that I tend to switch back and forth with Calendars 5, this calendar is nearly one of a kind. I love the functionality of the calendar, and how it looks like a calendar, and how you can integrate your tasks with it as well. It truly is one of the best calendar apps out there. With that being said, one bug that needs to be fixed is the tasks. If you don’t complete a recurring task on time, or forget to check it off, and you do so the next day or some time in the future, it duplicates the task. This is minor, so something I can look past on. Another bug I noticed is not being able to create calendar event if you include someone’s name in the event title and they don’t have an email address. The app glitches, and I can’t see/set any other information (such as time, location, recurrence, etc.) because the drop down menu for that person’s name remains on the screen. This needs to be fixed so that when adding someone’s name to the event title, you can bypass the email address insertion prompt. Lastly, one feature request I have is a “Time To Leave” alert, where the calendar can read traffic reports from, say, Google Maps or Apple Maps, and alert you for when you need to leave based on how long it will take you to get to your destination. Otherwise, this app is fantastic, and, as mentioned before, one of the best out there!

- No support for Split View.

First let me say that I love this App, as well as Documents and PDF Expert! Readdle makes high quality professional Apps. However the reason I am only giving this App 3 Stars is because when iOS 10 was released they said they updated Calendars 5 to be completely compatible with iOS 10. However they did not support Split View, one of the greatest features in iOS 10 for iPads! And now here we are at iOS 11, where we not only have Split View, but Drag & Drop as well. This means that you cannot have your Contacts, Notes, email, or any other Application open along with Calendars 5 to be able to easily input relevant information into your Calendar from these other Apps. I contacted Readdle some time ago regarding this issue, and yet they still are not completely supporting iOS, 10 or 11! Please Readdle, support iOS. Let me state yet again though that I love Readdle and their Apps. I would even be willing to pay them monthly to use them! Thank you Readdle, and I look foreword to being able to fully utilize iOS 11 with Split View and Drag & Drop.

- The perfect app for managing your days

After extensive testing with many calendar, reminder, and task apps (both paid & free), I've yet to come across anything remotely as great as Calendar 5. In addition to calendar events, it also is a one stop place with tasks and reminders integration. The view options are plentiful and all clear and concise - there will be at least one to fit your needs. The iCloud and Gmail account integration is complete, offering nearly everything except email. One of the most important features other apps are missing which started my search, is the ability to schedule events on 100% custom recurring time frames (e.g. every 30 days for prescription and appointment reminders). The natural text parsing when creating a new is spectacular. Type "Meet friends for lunch every other week on Wednesdays at Cool Restaurant on Broad Street". The app will create an entry called "Meet friends for lunch every other week", correctly showing it every other Wednesday, including coordinates to the restaurant if you need to pull up driving info in Apple or Google Maps (your choice in settings). There are too many other features to list in this review. Take my word for it, you will not regret buying Calendar 5... so do it now ! :-)

- Finally A Calendar App That Gets It

I've tried so many calendar apps over the years that I've lost count. I actually was considering just going back to a paper calendar. Most calendar apps just offer confusing and compromised UX experiences. So while each had different features I liked, they were diluted by other design and development decisions that left me scratching my head. Too bloated in trying to add excessive features or to minimalist in trying to avoid bloat. This is the first calendar app that I've experienced that strikes just the right balance. I can look at a busy week in one screen and immediately find whatever I need without tapping or zooming to see more. First time I've not dreaded opening my calendar and actually trusted that what I see is legible and reliable. Really well done.

- Latest update won’t allow single time event

I’ve used this app for years and loved it and now with the latest update when I put something on my Calendar for say Monday June 15th at 2pm it make an automatic time frame of ending the following day at 2am so that my monthly calendar looks like I have an event that lasts for 12 hrs when it’s just a Drs appointment. It clutters up my screen and when I try to change the ending time so that it all falls during the same day it automatically changes the start time. Sometime all of the automation app developers add doesn’t really help. It add something that I need to remove do what would be a simple task. If something isn’t an “All Day Event” that doesn’t automatically make it a several day event. It just means it’s an appointment for a specific time. An event that lasts several days should be the exception that I need to go a little further to do. Most events are a specific time not several days. Several days are for a block of time that I will be out of town for work or a vacation. It’s made the app a pain to use.

- Great again!

With this most recent update the functionality of the location field for events is back to working as it did a version ago. Entering/searching location data is a function that I use a lot and I was very disappointed when the ability to do this was changed to the point of being useless. Now that this functionality is back I have increased my rating of Calendar 5 from three stars to five. I thank the developers for listening and making Calendar 5 a great app. Highly recommended. Previous review: Populating the location field for an event is not as efficient or effective as with previous versions. Why was it deemed necessary to change this feature for the newest version? For my money this is a step backward. I am looking for another calendar app.

- Been Using for YEARS- still love it

I've been using the Readdle calendars 5 app for years now. My husband and I both have the app so we can share the calendar more fluidly. We each can view our own work calendars, but share our family calendar. It will link just about any calendar you have and any you sync into iOS/Google. The app is intuitive, but what I have always loved is the variety of color, how you can set all-day events and most importantly the way the month and week views look. It is so much easier to view than the iOS calendar that makes you dive in further to see what you have planned. I recommend the app to all of my friends who are looking for something new. It is definitely worth the expense so they will keep creating more useful apps and updating this one.

- A Really Great App, except...

This is generally outstanding (like other Readdle apps) and I've had the sad experience of trying too many other ones. Great app, syncs seamlessly with other iOS devices. Best thing about is that it's so easy to read. You can see everything at a glance, unlike the native app. However, and this is a big however, there's no way to schedule an appointment in another time zone. If you're in New York and want to schedule an appointment in London (or LA, or Chicago, or anywhere outside Eastern time) you have to know the time difference and enter that 2 PM appointment in London as 9 AM--or it will come up at the wrong time the day it's scheduled. It's easier to do that on the native iOS app--enter it there and it will come up correctly on Calendar 5. Pretty uncool, though, not to mention VERY clunky.

- Best app, extremely quick response

I resisted digital calendaring for years, but would now never return to paper. Intuitive and easy, with just the right amount of bells and whistles. Update—my green color was replaced by pink! I sent an email reporting my calendar was all pinks and purples, and I needed to have green back. Same day received response from Nadia S. from the Readdle Support Team—I was thinking I’d hear back in a week or so. She explained thoroughly and clearly how to put the green back into my calendar. I am absolutely delighted! I’m one of those that days of the week, numbers and letters of the alphabet have corresponding colors. Monday and 2 are blue. Thursday’s always been green, and 3 is orange, of course. Even appointments are red. Don’t you agree? I am indebted to Nadia S. for her amazing support!

- Great App!

I have used a LOT of calendar apps and find myself using this one the most. Really like the week view and the month calendar view. A couple of things I would like to see: search option from any view (why just the list view?), would like to increase font size especially on the week view. Font is tiny. Would like to be able to rotate from the week view to the month view in landscape. Selfishly I use the week view and the month view the most. Week Cal has a "rotate to" function which is great and you can change font sizes as well. Would also like to see a more detailed widget. Fantastical has this. I like Readdle products and find them to be quality IOS apps and support is good. That's important to me. Will stick with this calendar app. Would just like to see a couple additions to make this a 5 star.

- Potential, but I still don't use it

I'm a long time Fantastical user. Before that it was WeekCal. I'm always looking for the next great calendar app. This has potential if they will fix the annoyances. The main annoyance is that I use Outlook/Exchange at work to manage my calendar and tasks. When I do that there are extra spaces/fields that show up on this app that shouldn't be there. For example, EVERY calendar entry or task entry shows the the Notes field whether I put anything there or not. It is usually just blank but it shows up on the app and clutters the display and takes up space. I reported this bug 6 months ago and despite promising to fix it have done nothing. I'm disappointed and wish I hadn't bought this app. I'll stick with Fantastical. Update: It has been about a year now. I’ve emailed them several times about the bug mentioned above. I guess they don’t care. I’m giving up. I never switched to this app and now I never will. Fantastical it is!

- Random timing of notifications

This would be by far my favorite calendar app based on interface and usability but for the fact that it randomly sends alerts at the wrong times, sometimes days after the event has already happened. I have contacted the developer about this a couple of times, but the problem has persisted. If they ever fix this, the app will be close to perfect. I hope they will also release a Mac OS version. UPDATE: the app is still failing to send alerts in a timely fashion. A few days ago, I received an alert for an event that had occurred 3 days earlier. I again notified the developer. This is the only app of any kind that I use that has this problem, so I really don’t understand why the problem has not been fixed. I have lowered my rating from 4 to 3 stars because of the developer’s lack of responsiveness for well over a year in fixing this bug.

- I love your app!

I recommend your app to everyone bc they all see my calendar open and say, “ooh, my calendar doesn’t look like that, how’d you get that?” I won’t go thru my list of likes, I just feel like you guys really thought if anything and it’s much appreciated! Only feedback I’d have is something that came up today and may already exist, I just don’t know about it 😀. A search feature would be SUPER helpful..maybe include parameters for date searches (ie from this date to that date) My great example lol..I wanted to see how many times I got my haircut this year for budgetary purposes for next year. Kinda trivial, I know, but I can think of tons of other searches I could do with this feature! Just my two cents for whatever it’s worth. Keep up the great work!

- What the what?

I would give this five stars if it wasn't for the fact that I live in the USA but yet I have MUSLIM holidays showing up on my calendar and I have no option to change it!! I understand that there are other nationalities, religions, etc. probably using this app too, however, if it is not a United States of America, nationally recognized holiday, I do not want to see it on my calendar. There are far too many religions and beliefs in this world to put them all on the calendar! If you do not want to discriminate and leave them out, then fine, create settings that allow you pick and choose what religion or countries holidays to show on your calendar. As an United States, Christian, European descent citizen, I do not need or want to know holidays of those that think I am an infidel that should be converted or killed. Do you list every pagan and Jewish holiday? How about all of the Buddhist holidays? What makes the Muslim holidays superior to the rest that they are included?

- Older Version Was Better

This version won’t let you say a time in the title of the event, but set the event for a different time. For example, I can’t create a reminder event today with the name “Dinner Meeting Tomorrow.” The fact that the word “tomorrow” is in the event name, moves the event off of today, and on to tomorrow. Likewise, I can’t set an event that’s says “Meeting at 8am” and set it to show up as an all day event (for easier viewing at a glance). It forces you to put it at 8am. The previous versions of this app didn’t default to the times/dates in the event’s description. Since this new feature has no option to override it, it’s now less flexible/user friendly. I wish the app designer would modify it so I can set reminders on todays date that include the word “tomorrow” in the reminder!

- It works but could be better

I picked this planner because I prefer a monthly layout. You can get the monthly lay out when you first open which I love. I few things I don’t like - when you type in an appointment like for example I have a niece and her name is Wednesday so I tried typing “Wednesday’s Birthday” and it keeps reverting and making me put the Birthday on a Wednesday. There is no way around this. Also if you try to type like “bring 2 pens” it forces you to place it at 2pm and also removes the “2” from the description! I run into this issue more then I’d like. I like color coating my appointments which it does allow you to do but I wish there was a way to make set colors like blue is birthdays, green is days off, yellow is school etc but it doesn’t have this capability yet. Each time you have to try and remember what color is for what after you type in your description.

- Any calendar that keeps me from forgetting things has to be magical!

I love this app. It seems to puck up anything on ical so you don’t have to worry which app you are using—it will pick up all your appointment AND reminders. It lets you talk to it or type in it in English the way you speak and almost always understands no matter what order you put things in. It is easier on the eyes in month view (the only one i need) than i cal. I don’t use iCal at all but if you get a date in text or email you hold your finger on the date-link and it adds it to your Calendar 5 with opportunity to name the event. You can also add notes, repeat things in any time interval you like. Those are just the features i use. I have had it for years—a great app!

- 5 star love for years is lately a 3 - disappearing and duplicated events.

I don’t recall exactly how long I’ve been using calendar 5, but as soon as I saw that it would show events on my phone by the event’s name instead of representing them with a tiny dot, I was hooked. I have loved calendar 5 and recommended it for years. It’s easy to use, provides a lot of options for me to personalize events for each member of our family, invite other people to events and so much more. I haven’t had a single complaint...until just recently. Over the last month or so, certain events don’t show up at all and other events are listed more than once in the same day. I have several Gmail accounts, as I always have, so I checked those settings, even though it has never been a problem before. No matter how I adjust the settings, certain events won’t show up, and other events keep showing up as duplicates. My calendar 5 is now completely cluttered in addition to no longer being accurate. 😞 I am hoping that I am really just missing some super obvious fix, but if I am not, I am not sure how I can continue to use this app. After all this time, I am not ready to look for a new calendar app. Please help me, developer!

- Perfect for freelancer and busy mom

I did a lot of research before deciding on this calendar. Have used it for several years now. I love that it doesn’t use dots on the monthly view but rather lets you see the name of the actual event in the monthly view. I want to see all my freelance jobs and due dates at a glance, I don’t want to see just the dot and then have to click on the dot for more info. I do put a lot of information in the details field of each event, and it is very helpful to have room to do that. The app syncs with my Apple contact list and Maps very well, and works well from my phone to my laptop so going from device to device is seamless. I do not use any of the many other features of the app so can’t comment on those.

- UPDATE: get locations and some modern looks

Making an appointment could have a better interface. You have to select a time from preset choices and save it after each step, then go back and edit location, reminder, etc. However, my big problem is the lack of locations. I put a lot of concerts on my calendar and the app doesn’t have Nationwide Arena (an NHL team plays there, so it’s kinda a big place) but does have a 50 person mom and pop bar that’s in a back alley. How is that? If you’re going to have location as an item to add to an event then it should be like any map app and have common locations. Even entering an address doesn’t always work. I have to save it as a “Custom Location.” Finally, there is no date on the app icon. Yes you can turn a badge on that shows the date but in this day and age the app should easily show the date.

- useful app except for the automatic 'cleverness '

i like the monthly display with the appointments in text so i can see at a glance what's going on. i like the prioritizing of tasks and the color coding. i also like when the task is due, it shows up on the monthly calendar. what i DON'T like is when i put a number or a date in my appointment or task, it tries to be clever & moves it to that time/date. please allow users to TURN OFF that option. i've had to create workarounds by using the clock emoji for the time or writing the day in a foreign language or putting spaces in between the letters to make my notes useful. but i shouldn't have to take time to so that. otherwise, i would give this 5 stars.

- I LOVE this app!

I absolutely love this calendar app A LOT. It has really helped me to get my busy life together. I currently run a business, work part time at another job, AND have a family. Everything gets calendared and I mean everything. This app provides space for a description for each entry so it doubles as a daily journal too. If I didn't have a calendar with reminders and alarms then I would be a huge mess. I tried using another highly rated and very popular calendar for comparison but this calendar by Readdle is by far more superior. It has way more helpful features than the other one. I highly recommend this calendar. It is perfect for all my needs. Thank you Readdle!

- Happy customer

Love this app. The only thing that needs to be updated is when you type “Friday” or a day of the week into the description it automatically moves the date of the event and won’t let it be a different day. For example if I type “Family Christmas Party” it sets it to Dec 25th even if that is not the day of the party. I have to remove the word “Christmas” from the description. This can be frustrating. Also if I put something on the calendar for the 1st week on Thursday each month. If the week starts on a Friday then that month gets skipped altogether instead of just selecting the first Thursday. If it is not in the first week it gets skipped. Otherwise I love the app. Just wish those two things could get fixed. Otherwise I

- Calendars 5 Rocks!

Being such an anal, organized person, it has been close to impossible to find an app for scheduling on my phone. Nothing has been able to compare to my old-fashioned hard copy agenda or even supplement it properly. Even though I’m keeping the paper planner, Calendars 5 has become my primary agenda. It links multiple accounts and calendars correctly without duplicates. The colors are beautiful and allow color coding your tasks and appointments easy to do and easy to read. The ability to set up recurring events and have them portrayed accurately on a schedule for an infinite amount of time is a game changer! I love this app and you will, too!

- Hope to return to the previous date selection.

The date selection function is designed against humanity. The previous date selection is very convenient and intuitive, I don't know why it must be designed in the form of a scroll wheel. When modifying the date of a time period, the operation is very annoying. I just want to simply shorten the period of time. Modify the deadline. The initial date changes accordingly. A little carelessness will stretch the length of time to one month. It is very annoying to operate, and it greatly affects efficiency. Hope to return to the previous date selection. I have seen many other software’s date selections that have a scroll wheel that turns into a calendar shape. Only you, this software, gets rid of its dross and takes its essence.

- Excellent app all the important stuff the other guys ignored.

Very useful, efficiently organized and displays full day and week views on both pad and phone. This is the only calendar app I use on my mobile devices and it syncs nicely to my google calendar on my desktop view.. very well done . I do have to concur with another reviewer's comment that reminded me of this behavior. The app tries to be too 'smart' and parses out and clips references to dates and times from the event title. No, please. There is no way to dodge this, and I often want to build in a reminder in the title. It can be useful for those that want it, but at least make it optional! Otherwise, well worth the money

- The Best!

This calendar is my #1 app on my iPad and iPhone. I have used it for several years. Occasionally I've had questions about a feature or a quirk in the app and Support has replied promptly and in a polite and concerned manner. One of the nice surprises for me was discovering the ability to print a monthly calendar page from the pad or the phone, as I keep printed copies of each month past. I would like a PC version, but because I now use my Apple devices more than a PC, this is not essential. There is a learning curve to this excellent calendar, but it is well worth the slight effort involved. Thanks to the developer (and the excellent support department) for an indispensable app!

- Revert please

I have been using this App for years and recommended it to countless people. Please revert the Event creation changes you recently made. I HATE the scrolling time - it is exponentially slower and more frustrating than the elegant and creative one you had. And a Date slider? Who thought that was faster or easier? I can’t even see what day it is if I need to create an all day event from Friday to Monday. And now I have to tap Show Details to get all the things I used to have on the initial Event entry screen. And all the extra color options... it’s just too much and too cluttered. I loved this App for its quick event entry and simple elegant clean interface. If you really want to give people additional options then turn it into Settings changes where someone can toggle to a slider or toggle On additional color choices.

- I teach calendar workshops

I do time management mentoring and calendaring workshops, and I use Calendars 5 as my primary mobile app on both my phone and iPad. I recommend it to my attendees as a more comprehensive and functional calendar app than most, and I personally love how intuitive the controls are. I have 15+ calendars that I sync with it. No problems. Edit: after years of continued use, multiple phone upgrades, iOS updates, and use across tablets and phones within a family of 5, I still love this app. My kids use it on their devices and my wife and I do all of our weekly planning through this app. Highly recommend!

- Great app but...

I wasn't planning on purchasing this app but it came with the bundle, so I tried it. Love how it seemlessly integrates with iPhone calendar app. It also combines the reminders into the calendar so I can see my task list whenever I access the calendar. So far, the only things I am wishing for are an easier search access -I can only search under list view; and I wish today's date would display on the app icon - something the iPhone calendar does. I frequently click on my phone to check the date but I cannot see the date unless I load Calendars5 first. For me, seeing the date is more important than the search ease. I hope in the future that will be included in an update!

- Shows promise but...

I downloaded this app and played with it for a little bit and it shows promise. However, A big part of organization for me is the syncing that iCloud provides. I believe this app does what it was designed to do well. BUT, it contributes to clutter on my device because it relies on iCal for iCloud syncing. If I replace iCal, I want to be able to remove it as well. This app seems to make that not possible which is a HUGE disappointment for me. I only want & need one Calendar app on my phone. It also is not immediately apparent that this app does location based reminders around when you have to leave a particular location to make an appointment at another. A feature I've come to love.

- A Calendar Application For Those Want The Best Apps!

I’m addicted to trying multiple apps that accomplish the same thing. I just like using the best of the best. I have to say this so far has been my favorite! I gave it four stars rather than five only because there’s features I would love to see but nothing that’s critical is missing. In fact, this does everything I need it to. If you like a good user interface, easy management between different calendars, basic task management that's practical, quick and easy to manage without even thinking about it, this is it. Calendars 5 is definitely one of the best I’ve ever purchased and I'I've purchased way too many! I love it. Keep up the good work team!

- Best App When everyone around you uses different Calendars

This app keeps me sane: My partner is Google calendar, all the way, my kids use iCal (when they USE a calendar!), and my office uses Office 365 software. This app is a perfect “home base” where I can enter all dates and reminders. Tip: Be careful when you write dates/times in the event title if the event takes place over a series of days /times (ex: “vacation dates Dec 6-12”), because the last number you type may auto-populate as the start date -not the finish- and it can mess you up! My workaround is to type dates with finishing letters (ex: “vacation dates Dec 6th-12th”). Definitely close to the perfect app!

- Life changing apps but....

Hello! This app has been amazing. I really like it and it works very well. The one thing is I wish there was an option to turn on so your can see all the days in the “List view”. Right now if you go to the list view you can only see the days you have events on or something to do on your calendar. This really confuses me because I don’t look at the date all the time and I just want to see what I have the next day. I hope you can make this and option in settings. Otherwise a wonderful app!! Thank you Readdle! By the way I use most of their other apps too (PDF Expert, PDF Expert on iPhone, Spark for Mac and iPhone, documents, Scanner pro).

- Developer doesn't really ever do anything

Update: Still worthless and broken. Was why I deleted it a long time ago. Still can’t create a reminder! LOL Says I need to select a default calendar. Follow their instructions and there aren’t any calendars displayed under Default Calendars to choose one from. Deleted again. ——— It's been a year since I requested either adding a night mode feature (to counteract Apples stupid decision to make their iOS GUI color scheme boring and cheap looking all white (can you said headache inducing bright white) or to add background colors. Nothing...not even any fixes for reported bugs. All their updates are for stability and performance, which I think is their CYA for doing NOTHING. I'm tired of waiting. Changed this review to one star and am deleting their Calendar 5 app as they just don't care. Seems to be a common priblem with calendar developers.

- Pls fix the bugs and add more functions

Love the app but important functions are missing You cannot attach picture/photo to a reminder or event. You can create a task by inserting a blank space at the beginning of an event, but you cannot change a task to an event by deleting that blank space (the blank space cannot be deleted). If you have created a recurring event and set an alert for it, you cannot delete that alert for all future events. When you delete the alert, you are asked to choose whether to delete it for "only this instance" or for "all future events". But the latter doesn't work. When you turn on natural language input, you cannot disable that function for one time. E.g. I want to create a Tuesday event titled "class begins (following Monday schedule)". When natural language is turned on, the app automatically changes the time of the event to Monday, and you cannot disable that. You cannot create an event in another time zone. You have to manually calculate the time difference and convert it to the time in your current time zone,l. Otherwise the event will pop out at a wrong time. It has no windows PC version.

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- Best calendar I have found since the old sunrise app

The only downsides are - paying for it; that the months scroll sideways and not up and down like the sunrise calendar did; it doesn't work on my ancient iPhone which uses an old operating system - I just use it on the iPad. Generally, I wish calendar apps could have recurring entries that happen on dates such as 1st and third Sunday of the month. Also, I wish there was a function to print out each month like a calendar

- Both better and worse than the default app

Viewing the calendar is much nicer in this App than in the iOS App, but making new calendar events is painful. Natural language is not a fast way to create events (I don’t want to type full sentences) and the UI for setting the time/date is poor compared to the default app. Also there is zero support for changing the time zone of events (useful when you’re entering a events for a holiday whilst still at home)

- So much better than the basic iOS calendar.

We’ve been using Calendars 5 for a year or two now and love it. Maintaining appointment schedules, tracking events, task lists, it’s just great. My wife and I have family calendar that we share via iCloud to keep track of family events, doctors appointments, etc. seconds after creating or editing an event or task, the other persons phone is also updated. Looking forward to future developments!

- Just the BEST Organiser c/w alarms

I have been using this App for some years to record my Appointments plus my Medication which l require 3 times per day. Best App ever to keep myself organised and up to date. With the additions of alarms & long term reminders at my finger tips, l have no trouble keeping medical appointments and most importantly takes the stress out of remembering my Medication requirements, after having a pituitary tumour removed, it is my Second Brain 🐻

- Fix the Christmas bugs

Have used this app for a couple of years and still enjoying the functions except for one big bug bear where you type in Work or family Christmas Party or Christmas in July etc, it insists on going to Christmas Day. Then I give the date of the event and insists on it being all day, change to time of event n then it changes to two days. Grrr this frustration has been going on for years. Time to look for a new calendar.


Easy to use and functional. Top app, that was until the new version updated 18th April. Now I cannot get the calendar to stay open on my iPad 3. When selected the calendar opens, loads my appointments then immediately closes. What have you done to the best calendar app? Contacted Readdle and version .5 came out within 24 hours and all issues fixed. Great app, great service. Thanks guys.

- Excellent Program

The beauty of this program is not only the very intuitive layout on the phone, but the ability to update other peoples calendars on there phone like family members or groups of people at work who also have Calendars 5. If timings change one person can update everyone else’s Calendar quickly and easily.

- Best Calendar App

By far the best calendar app. Easy to use, stylish and functional. My partner and I use the same account so we can both add/delete events and/or reminders and can both view on our seperate devices. He can NEVER AGAIN imply that I didn't tell him that we had something on!!! The developers are easy to contact and quick to respond too.

- Best iPhone calendar ever

Best iPhone calendar ever, sure beats the one that comes with the iPhone. Easy to enter details. Common sense you can write something like “swimming at 5:15pm” and it will put the correct time and info all at once. Supports dark and light mode or override. Easy to use and well worth the money. Wish they made a Mac desktop app!

- Great app, but...

Been using this paid app for awhile, and loving every bit of it. Until recently the cancelled appointments from a subscribed calendar wouldn’t go away. Please fix this bug asap. Symptoms: on the iPhone calendar cancelled appointments appear with a faint colour & a line across it, it used to not appear in Calendar 5, but recent updates brought them all back with no indication that they were indeed cancelled.

- Fixed issue

I found an issue when creating a new task, I emailed it to Readdle and they responded that they had been able to duplicate the problem. I had a follow up email to say the issue had been rectified in current update that was waiting on the App Store. What amazing customer service!!!

- Good, but....

I’ve used this app for a long time, I like it a lot but one frustration is their poor reporting of details with upgrades. Every other app I know except those from Readdle let users know WHAT has changed. In fact Readdle is quite vague. Some updates have claimed “major” improvements when in fact they were quite minor. This needs to improve.

- Would be 10 stars if...

Would be 10 stars if I could write an entry and then select multiple random dates without having to re do my original entry. The rest is great. Having been using this as my primary calendar for nearly 3 years. Linking 7 different calendars has been perfect.

- Simple Yet Brilliant

I got this when it was the app stores free app of the week. I've tried so many calendar apps, and this one is the best. Every other one is now deleted. Simple, elegant and intuitive interface makes managing calendars quick and easy. Syncs perfectly with google calendar (and is infinitely more simple to use) and local calendars. Although I got it for free, I would pay the asking price without question. It's absolutely worth it EDIT: would love to see sync with multiple google task accounts integrated in the same way you can have multiple calendars to make this app perfect

- Best calendar app

I’ve used most of the major calendar apps and this is easily the best on IOS. It does everything that other calendars do, except it also shows a summary of events by month (ie. unlike apps like Fantastical 2). If you have to buy one calendar app, this is the one to buy.

- I like this calendar

I refer to this calendar daily, and enjoy the colour contrast available for different events. Generally easy to use, but I have been caught out a few time when adding/ editing appointment times. The app doesn’t seem to like the ‘edit’ function.

- Really functional

I really needed a month at a glance, easy access to items - ability to attach notes, documents etc to dates. This well designed calendar does exactly what I want : and when compared with cost of paper diaries is a steal. Worth every penny

- I use it constantly

I've got all the calendar apps. After a couple years of experimenting, I use this one only. That should say it all. Syncs with my phone and with Outlook on my work PC. Reliable. I recommend it. Everything by Readdle is top quality. My favourite is PDF Expert.

- Widget Improvement Would Help

Given widgets are becoming more of an important thing (iPad OS and whatnot) an improvement with the functionality of the widget would be great. Doing something like Anydo does with its calendar widget would be ideal. Other than that, best calendar available in iOS.

- Best calendar ever

This is honesty the best calendar app I have come across - it manages a busy family & I love that each family member can have a colour & that each colour links in with all mobile phones for alerts- couldn’t recommend more highly

- Love it!

I have used this calendar for years and would be lost without it. I only wish there were more colours to choose from when adding appointments and things to my days/weeks.

- Quite good, but a few additions would be good

This app works very well and looks great, but a few extra features would make it more useful: -templates, so a recurring but irregular event can be entered multiple times -multi-select, so a number of calendar entries can be selected and deleted or moved all at once.

- Calendar keeps me organized

Love this Calendar, so easy to use, sync with other calendars and setting up the reminder alerts are fantastic to keep you organised - had it for several years now and just love it!

- Fantastic calendar

I love this calendar. It goes back in time with the search as far as you have history. Shame it doesn’t have Apple Watch notification as I would’ve deleted the stock calendar!

- Paid version

It’s not a bad calendar but when I tick school holidays to be allocated on calendar, it doesn’t stay there. I have to go into settings every time to tick the box. Really not good enough for the paid version.

- Great

So easy to read, even on a small screen, and easy to use a good sensible design, it is the only calendar app I have found that will give you seven days ahead of today's date in week view👍

- My favourite calendar

Love the blocks view. Makes events much easier to view. Love the week ahead always starting from today. Easy set up of events. Now my default calendar.

- Love it

Better interface and viewing options than built in iOS calendar. Love it Except it keeps asking me to do a review when though I have... That's getting annoying

- Easy to use, leaves the apple calendar way behind and works through all my products

Far better than apple calendar, great across all my apple products

- Lost all booked events

All the events I had put in my self were delete after the recent update... Now I’m freaking out trying to remember everything I had planned.

- Excellent App

I use this exclusively now for work and play. Takes a little getting used to but well worth that little bit of effort. Will not be going back to the Apple standard app.

- Could be better but still great

It’s an awesome app for someone who is as visual as I am and prefer my reminders to be in the same place as my calendar (for work and appointments etc). By I wish I could sync with my iCal so that iCal imports an appointment created in Calendar5 for my MacBook. Or is there a way to troubleshoot this without downloading Calendar5 on my MacBook?

- Still doesn't appear in slide-over

The latest version says it's fully compatible with iOS 11 but it still doesn't appear in slide-over or split view.

- More colours please

I really enjoy using this app but as much as i Dont use it to its full potential i will one day the thing i find annoying is there is not enough colours for task. I would like some darker colour or heaps more options. But overall a really good app

- Almost perfect

I would rate it 5 stars if the notifications / badges would also include new calendar invites. With the current setting I still need to use the default iOS calendar to get notified when being invited for a meeting.

- Search doesn't work

As a long time paid bundle user, I found the recent enhancements by Google has caught up with Readdle. Or in other words, Readdles functionality has started to show cracks. It's search facility has been unreliable for sometime now so I've switched over to Google.

- Colour options

Would like more colour options to make different things stand out easier! Such as pinks, purples, Fluor colours.... Would like to be able to delete public holidays etc that don’t relate to me as they take up precious space. Otherwise great!


I am an extremely busy Phys ed teacher who has trialled many different calendar/diary apps. This one is so super user friendly and miles ahead of any other app out there. If you want to feel on top of things-THIS IS FOR YOU!!

- Love it

It is easy and intuitive to use, with enough capacity to choose, but not too complex or overwhelming. It's the calendar I've stuck with because it works!

- Good calendar

Really good calendar. Except you really need to reconsider using Foursquare to power the location feature when creating an event. I'd say that my location is only identified by Foursquare about 2% of the times. Almost redundant.

- Excellent

Very useful, the best calendar app I've tried over many years and devices. Clear and easy to use. [REVISED] After many years use, still the best! [REVISED AGAIN] Can't improve a masterpiece.

- Great app!

An amazing app with a simple and minimalistic interface, making it very easy to use. It is worth noting that the smallest increments that one can plan events in is 5 minutes. For example, an event cannot start at 4:18pm and end at 5:56pm - it must be 4:20 to 5:55.

- Great app for productivity

Simple and very easy to access the information you need for a productive lifestyle and appointments. The readdle team are switched on and really seem to value customer support and relationships. Keep it up guys and thanks from us Aussies😉💨👍🏼

- What’s wrong with the notification

I updated and found a reminder this morning 20 of Aug for the photo day on 10th Sep, but no notification for today’s dentist appointment.

- Lost appointments

Why can’t you leave well enough alone lost everything second last update re entered everything this last update lost everything I entered but then asked to log in to my google account and the other entries re appeared waste of my time using this app. If you going to update make the update an improvement for God’s sake

- Readdle Calendar 5

An excellent tool but missing day and date on the app face which enables a quick view. Would be nice if an answer was forthcoming 😜

- Very handy tool

Have used for years, cannot fault - synchs flawlessly between mobile and desktop.


😩. No idea why but this app, which has worked for years, on my iPad Pro, iPad, and iPhone, will not even start up. It crashes and shuts down.

- Almost there

A dark mode would be good Among tasks calendar urgent reminders would really helpful At present I’m runningtwo apps Calendar + urgent reminders A after thought a health appointments section would make a great app greater

- Bug since update

Since recent updates all my events appear twice in notification centre. Havent changed any settings

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- Worth the learning curve

I've been using this for over two years and this calendar works and is reasonably easy to learn. Remember to use the excellent directions! You can schedule an appointment for 8:33, not just 8:30, just type the time next to your title. It also gives you the option of scheduling a time received in an email. Wonderful app!

- Easy to Use, Good Features

I tried a few calendar apps, this is the best one I’ve tried. Beats gmail imo. I didn’t really use the iphone calendar app (was it callwd ical?) so I’m not sure how it compares to that one; i think i gave ical a quick try and decided to go with Cal 5 (this app) instead. in anycase i don’t feel like switching now haha; im very satisfied Cal 5. To Improve: NO WEB-BASED APP -Sadly, Cal 5 does not seem to have a web-based app. But because of all the below, I think it deserves a 4.9/5 stars so I’ve rounded to 5/5 stars. Work-around: if you sync with gmail calendar, u can use the gmail calendar’s web-based app to view events in the Cal 5 app. The two sync very well. Things I like: -MULTIPLE CALENDARS: can create multiple calendars (color coded) to superimpose ontop of one another. can turn on and off each calendar. -MULTIPLE VIEWS: has great views: day, week, month. the fact that u can easily turn on/off calendars means each view is almost always manageable. u can move events around in the different views which is pretty neat. -SYNCS WITH OTHER CALENDARS: syncs with other calendars (eg gmail and ical/iphone calendar). syncs with gmail very well; i don’t know about the other apps. -SYNCS WITH GTASKS: syncs with gmail tasks -CAN COPY PASTE EVENTS!!! can copy paste events. u can’t do this on gmail calendar lol (or at least u couldn’t back when i used to use gmail calendar. never understood why.) -EASY TO MOVE EVENTS AROUND!!! Easy to drag and drop events aroound. Soooo useful. -EASY TO MODIFY EVENTS! eg you can lengthen or shorten the span without having to go into the event itself. u just lengthen or shorten the box that represents the event. -EASY TO REPEAT EVENTS: very customizable and easy to use options for repeating events. love this. -CAN CREATE MULTIPLE REMINDERS very customizable reminders. u can set multiple reminders. -“SMART NAMING”/EASY TO CREATE EVENTS: events are easy to create without the smart naming feature. but the smart naming feature makes it even easier. i dont really use this righr now, but it’s still a neat feature. what is it? well, the app has this smart naming system that can set a time and date and repeating interval for an event when u name it (eg “lunch with dave on monday at 12, repeat every week”). but i don’t use it so i’m not sure about exactly how it works or if u can specify the repeating interval.

- Love it!!!

I love this app. I really depend on it every day. A recent update caused it to crash when I tried to open it. I reported the problem. I was contacted promptly with a solution that worked. The contact was courteous, friendly and professional. I highly recommend this app.

- Easy to Use

I love the fact that I can see, at a glance, what’s on each day. It’s a great app that I refer to often each day. Fully recommend this calendar.

- Good but could be much better

Context: I’m trying out Calendars 5 after being a long-time Fantastical 2 user who is seeking a switch after their switch to an absurdly-priced subscription model. This review is based on the mobile app experience. PROS: 1) has Natural Language Processing: reliable and rarely produces errors; can even use it to add Repetition to Events 2) has Day and Week views 3) can see a lot of the Event name in Month view, because the text is condensed enough but without feeling cluttered 4) Colour-coded Event names in Month view 5) attractive List view that shows without needing to be expanded the Events’ Location/Info 6) supports GOOGLE MAP 7) Not subscription-based 8) Reasonable and good price 9) Works smoothly CONS: 1) Natural Language Processing is good but not as smart as I’m used to: doesn’t process event Times unless you preface the actual times with “at”; doesn’t process Repetition of events unless you write it in a very specific way e.g. must write “every 2 days” as opposed “every other day”; doesn’t process more specific Repetitions like “every 2 Mondays”/“every other Monday”; doesn’t process Location name unless you select on a suggested actual Location e.g. “at home” becomes part of the Event name rather than processed into the Location section 2) No vertical Week view when phone is held vertically: I really dislike the horizontal view because it doesn’t display the timeline for the days. It only shows the vertical view when I hold my phone horizontally, which I dislike. I have a relatively smaller phone (iPhone SE) so not sure how it is on the normalised larger phones, but other calendar apps still show a vertical Week view on my phone. 3) No Month view in Widget: a Month view—particularly scrollable—would be more helpful than showing just a list of today’s Events. 4) Not customisable enough: can’t create custom Default Event Durations, which already offer limited options; can’t have Weekends be highlighted in Week or Month view; 5) No view of a less detailed Month with list of Today’s Events 6) Limited and unappealing Alert Sounds that are either too jarring, lingers for too long, or sound too unsophisticated 7) No custom main keyboard with a numbers pad 8) Looks slightly dated It’s a good app with core features and then some, but I’m used to having more customisable options and very advanced Natural Language Processing, so Calendars 5 just doesn’t quite live up to my expectations. But given the very good and fair pricing and that it is currently the best alternative to the best calendar app on the market (Fantastical), I’ll try to adapt to it until I find better.

- Very good calendar app!

This app is really amazing. It’s very useful in many. I really like the different views. This app keeps getting updated and for the price it’s a no-brainer to have it. Only a few things I’d like to see updated: - turn week view into an agenda type of view to make it easier to read - improve the widget - offer ability to change font size Thank you team Readdle for such a great app.

- Calendar5

Facile et efficace.

- THE Best Calendar

This has lived on my home screen for years now. It has every function you could ever need, but is simple to use and set up. A great month view (you can see everything) a very useful week view and easy input (I’ve even hooked it to Drafts, so I can throw events in with a script). Now I just need a Mac version!

- My go to calendar

I love this calendar app. Sometimes I wish you could copy and paste events more easily, but I like the sleek look of this calendar. I use this for shift work and color code my shifts. I also think the colour palette the teals and greens are too close in colour. But it’s still my daily calendar app!!

- Best iOS Calendar app

Likely the best iOS calendar app. Coming from fantastical, which has gone down hill since going to an subscription model. The only this better in fantastical is the calendar widget.This seemed to be addressed with the iOS 14 update (pending installation of update).

- No longer my go-to calendar app

Was a nice app, but the recent version is pretty buggy. Recurring issues including tasks/details not being saved, due dates being deleted, the date/time wheel constantly reverting, etc. Submitted a bug report to customer service with explicit detail and videos showing the bugs and they never got back to me. Used this app for a while, but I’ve been experiencing bugs for months — going to check out an alternative calendar app with a more active dev team.

- Perfect

Been using this app for years. Allows me and my wife to sync up our calendars and stay up to date with each others’s events. Would not recommend any other calendar app!

- Calendar 5

Hate the new update ,,, will be deleting as there is no way to add new notations ??!?

- Je trouve un peu complexe

Comment faire pour avoir une ligne de couleur au lieu d’un point de couleur Merci

- Events keep disappearing

All my events that I put in my calendar for some reason keeps disappearing, losing all my information!

- Best Calendar

Love the layout of this calendar. The dark mode just jumps on the page Editing is simple, date planning and creating files for tasking or agendas is also quite easy to do

- Paid for bugs

The tasks integration was the main reason for purchasing the app. The fact that it has a VERY annoying bug of duplicating tasks after it’s been marked complete is disappointing. I haven’t had much success using the natural language input to create an event. Another paid feature. This is less of a concern for me though as I don’t see it as much of a workflow improvement. It’s like I paid for something that doesn’t work. That’s not to say that it’s a bad app, I like it just fine. Another main reason for using this app was the ability to combine my iCloud and Exchange accounts on one calendar which works well. But it’s also a free feature. So is it really worth it for a customer to upgrade?

- Has everything

Month, day, week views. Works great in both orientations of phone - vertical and horizontal. Excellent place to see calendar and reminders. Worth the money. One of the best calendar apps out there. Hope they keep adding features and updating.

- Best Calendar App

Really the best calendar app in terms of features available. I especially like being able to see multiple events on a single day in month view and the options for scheduling recurring events.

- Pretty good

I’m still anxiously waiting for the view at the top of the day page to be able to display on the screen more than four items in one view. Not to have to chose “more”. Once that, five star all the way. Sorry for being demanding. Thx.

- Works great

I find this straight forward and easy to use. Like the time reminders. Great job

- Hockey Schedule

Able to add all 1496 regular season games.

- Natural language doesn’t work on reminders

The natural language input works well for entering events. Sadly, it doesn’t work for setting up reminders, unlike another popular calendar app. Hope Readdle would be willing to work on that.

- Visually functional and intuitive

Try it, it’s the way to get organized fast with little effort. Interlinking with your other calendars is the way to go. Then you will see the comparison. Life is short get organized!

- Excellent calendar app

Simple as it gets!

- Albert

This calendar works fantastic, all I need for reminder dates, alerts at your request so nothing is missed. You won’t be disappointed.

- My calendar

I like this app very much. It imports important birthday / anniversary dates from my contact list and keeps the number of years current. It is easy to highlight different occasions/ appointments to make it easier to see what type of appt I have without zooming in on the information. It also allows me to share appointments with family iPhone members. It is also reasonably priced.

- Amazing app

Love this app. I have one request. I would love to be able to add pictures to the apt

- La meilleure

App calendrier la meilleure, je l'utilise depuis 2 ans déjà, je ne changerais pas, et j'en ai testé plusieurs avant.

- One word

AWESOME !!!! Best Calendar app I’ve found .... This is the one you have to have

- Great App

Love this app!

- WOW !!!

Très facile à utiliser. Le visuel est excellent.

- Best Calendar!...when it doesn’t crash

Updated: When I click on the list view the app crashes. I love the ability to share calendars with my husband and the ability to sync between all of my devices. If you like clear clean visuals this is for you.

- Amazing !

Great app and very competitive offering to Fantastical. The only thing that puts the competition ahead is implementation of natural language in the Task input function. Having this auto populate makes workflow so much easier and better !

- Almost perfect (no day of week badge)

This is better than stock calendar because it has week view with tasks going horizontally (and not vertically). The only issue is that the icon does not let you know the day of the week. Recent update added the date (Eg 31st) bit iOS calendar badge icon also shows the day of the week (Eg “Sunday 13”). If they add that I’m giving it 5/5.

- Really disappointed with the glitches

I am a super busy business woman and I need a phone calendar all day long. This app makes me want to pull my hair out. There’s a glitch in it that when you are on ‘Month View’ and you choose the day you want to put an appointment in, it freezes and you have to cancel out of the app and reopen it EVERY SINGLE TIME. Even for back to back appointments. So annoying and time consuming. For someone who lives a fast pace business’s life. This is not the app for us, unless they fix the glitch. Please guys fix it!!! This has been happening for over 6 months now. Before that it was awesome. Don’t know why no one is fixing it. I’m up to date.

- Petit caractère trop

Bonjour , après l’avoir imprimé les caractère son vraiment trop petit

- Awesome app

I have used this app since 2012 and really love it. It’s been very stable with only a couple bumps along the way. It functions really well across all my devices. A couple changes I’d like to see is adding more reminder colors and adding the ability to delete holidays that don’t apply to where I live. An eg: August 5th this year has 6 holidays listed from across Canada which takes up the whole block in Month mode so there is no room to add any events that I’d like to add so I can see it.

- The best

This is by far the best calendar app that I have used. It’s easy, very informative and syncs to both google and apple. I would recommend this calendar app to anyone who would like to stay organized. My favourite thing about this calendar app is that at a first glance you can see everything on the calendar. I also like how you can take old events and copy them to a new date. If you don’t have this yet, then definitely get it.

- Most recent update (5.15) disconnects gCal

I found that after updating to newest version 5.15 my Goggle Calendar account was disconnected despite appearing to be still logged in in the settings menu. Solution was to log out and log back in. Not a huge deal but something to keep in mind.

- Issue with all day events and google calendar

In month view all day events don’t show the last day of the event at the moment for some odd reason

- Good

Been using this calendar since it launched with zero issues until the latest version. Now it is very buggy with sync. Also it randomly changes the event displays to show the wrong info even though the dates are right in the event. Very discouraging. May as well go back to google calendar.

- Almost perfect.

I'd give it 5 stars if it added the weather like Pocket Informant. I gave up on the latter when they went with subscription.

- Everything’s gone after updating

Just updated this morning then all my events, synchronized calendars and tasks have been deleted without any notice. So disappointed. Update** fixed!

- Best App! Definite go to!

This app I use more than any other! Excellent!

- Still good - but needs tweak please

Still one of my go-to calendar apps. Works on old devices and iOS versions likewise. But... desperately needs the ability to disable “all day events”. Every entry defaults to “all day” event, so you have to go into event edit to change. Almost all of my events are 1hr or less but with Calendars 5 I get an “all-day” event and have to go through the reconfigure with every entry. Just give us a simple toggle in the app settings to select a “default event time length” for all new events in the app, or to turn off the current “All-Day event” default setting. (Ticks me off every time I use it.) And while we’re at it, please implement another toggle to choose a “new event” Default Calendar likewise. Currently always have to change that as well as Calendars 5 selects it’s own default Cal, (which is not the one I need so every event has to be edited likewise). Please let us choose and set in settings. Please! (And thanks!)

- Great app!

Love this app! I only wish that I could get rid of some of the provincial holidays that don’t apply (ie from provinces where I don’t live). They take up space so I can’t see all my appointments that day at a quick glance.

- Messed up calendar sync

After resetting my phone, I reinstalled Calendar 5. It synced all my Google calendar entries twice. I had to go over the next 4 calendar months and delete all duplicates. Confidence in this app has sharply dropped. Giving it one more chance.

- Calendars 5

Couldn't live without my Calendars 5. As a grandmother of 7 grandkids, the calendar enables me to mark down all their activities, plus my appointments and social life! Also, I like the colour coding. Each of my children have a different colour, one for my appointments and husband’s appointments. Thank you Calendars 5!

- Use it all the time . Thank you!


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- Best Calendar App for iPhone/iPad

This calendar excels at ease of entry and range of info easily entered with each appointment. The display is optimized for each device you may use. Automatically searches for locations and maps them. Once a location is entered reminder will tell you when to leave. Siri can make entries for you. If an appointment matches anything entered previously, it will suggest you auto fill. Different calendars are color coded for ease of tracking. Sync's with the Apple calendar app if you want to view both. Highly recommend this. I have used it for three years I think.

- A not-so-great update

During all the years of using Cal 5, I have learned not to update this app before reading the most recent reviews since this calendar is crucial in my daily life, and many times the update sucked. This time, I am happy to report that it did not make a huge mess of my task list. But this is the only good news. As many reviewers before me, I am not thrilled with the scrolling date and time picker. What’s more, I can’t see why the placement of the Delete and Edit icons was switched in the Event window. Is this some kind of a cruel joke on the long-time users with the muscle memory??? Please commit to the certain setting so, after I get used to this one, I won’t need to “retrain” myself to the new one next year!

- Love this app

Our family has been using this for a couple of years now, maybe more. Love that we all have our own colored calendar, and can see each other’s, we can add events in plain English so easily, it sync’s with Google & Apple calendars. We can have as many calendars as we want. My ONLY wish (for now) is to be able to view the same orientation on iPad as iPhone - currently I have days/dates down the side, time across the top (portrait), but iPad only gives me the opposite. Tried to change but don’t see the option. Running latest versions & iOS. Pretty Please...??!!??

- Best calendar I've found thus far

I tried this app because I have had great luck with all the other Readdle apps. They make my production so much easier. What I like about the calendar app is I can set multiple reminders, I can narrow down a time to actual time instead with 15 minutes, I can place address in location and it will link to maps. One thing that I can't seem to find in any app - that would be fantastic in my opinion - is to be able to crest a calendar event after a phone call. Hang up and send that contact to the calendar event. From contact choose calendar event option (sort of how you can text someone from Contact).

- Doesn’t Support Multitasking on iPad.

I was using free app for las one year, then I decided to move to paid version for two reasons. 1. Ability to manage tasks 2. Single purchase for iPad and iPhone Apps as I use both devices daily. I am not satisfied because both these reasons are somewhat not achieved the way I thought app would. The task Manager pulls tasks from the reminders app, this is fine, but if you want to add a date to a reminder, it requires bit of a work, also moving tasks from previous dates is not as easy. Now the iPad, looks like app has not caught up entirely with iPad needs. It doesn’t support multitasking on iPads, I can not run his app and the other app side by side. This is a huge setback for me, as I often need my email, notes app open while planning the day & tasks. Hope they fix it soon. Overall, I like the clean and colorful UI of the app, it is still a great choice for calendars, but I a more disappointed because of the 2 reasons mentioned above.

- Loved it till it crashed

Loved it, but then it stopped working. After my last update of the app the app wasn’t working properly, got stuck several times till It finally got completely stuck, would not allow me to do anything at all. Was stuck on the month of July. Then after trying many things I deleted the app and downloaded again. Now it doesn’t even open. Gets stuck on the opening page with that calendar icon on it. I loved the app and used it a lot. By now I’m frustrated with it and have all my appointments gone. Work, home, etc.

- Love this app.

I have tried every planner / calendar app there is and yet I keep coming back to this one. I manage a family of 5 and need a calendar that will keep up with everyone’s schedule. Although this app was not designed to be a family calendar, it is the closest I’ve found, and believe me I a have tried them all. I don’t want to pay a subscription fee, so this calendar is very affordable. Pros - tasks can show on Calendar - Syncs with multiple Google Calendars - easy and quick to add new appointments - multi view calendars (daily, weekly, monthly, list view) - shares between devices Cons - Limited to select 1 calendar per appointment. It would be helpful especially for families to be able to select multiple people (calendars) for one appointment. - limited to 1 reminder per item - no ability to assign reminders to specific people If they would added those few items it would be the perfect family calendar for me.

- Best most flexible intuitive calendar I've owned by far

Pretty much the review is what I put as the title. It's the best calendar app I've ever had. You can set a start / stop time at almost any time, e. g., 10:08 a.m. verses limited drop downs options. Same with alarm times, down to the minute. I am a psychologist and the app makes it easier to stay on time, I hate making clients wait. I love how easy it is to review daily, weekly events, and beyond. I've been pretty frustrated with other apps in the past, and too cheap/frugal to spend a lot more $20+ on the higher end ones. Just showed it to my 25 years old daughter. Her response was the same as mine - frustrated with the one's she has/had. Everything I showed her led to, "that's a lot better, I can really use them."

- Doesn‘t detect landmarks

I like the app a lot, but when I try to set landmarks as locations, it doesn’t always give me correct answers. Example: I live in Berlin, Germany, so I tried to enter the „Willy-Brandt-Haus“. It couldn’t provide me with an address, even though the place can be found when searching directly within foursquare. (There is also a bus stop by that name which didn’t come up.) Other issues: - It copies birthdays from the default iOS calendar but not the age that the person is reaching. And since the event doesn’t show the year of birth either, that’s pretty annoying. - It’d be great to have a little map for locations. Never thought I’d miss it from the native calendar app, but I do.

- Switched from Fantastical, got more for a lot less!

One of my biggest complaints with Fantastical for the last couple years has been the lack of a decent task manager. Of course, my newest complaint is their offensive subscription plan for customers who’ve already paid full freight for the app (on multiple platforms). I switched to Calendars 5 today and got BOTH a much more robust task manager, and a software developer not obsessed with picking my pocket. Thanks, Readdle! My one criticism is the UI is a bit tough on my eyes, but I’ll adjust, and I suspect they will soon, too, with all the new users they’ll be getting behind Flexibits implosion.

- Works Great - Want one more feature

This is the best calendar and task app I have found. I love that tasks show up in the weekly view, making it easy to see everything that needs to be done in one view. Integration with the native Calendar and Reminders apps works very well. One feature that I would really like to see is a tab for goal planning. Something where you can make notes related to your goals and add milestones and tasks related to those goals and maybe journal a bit. Tasks can be categorized into custom lists currently, which can represent goals, but a tab dedicated to goals would make this app top notch.

- Intuitive? Depends; Effective? Definitely!

I have used Calendar 5 for about 4 years now. You see I live by my calendar, plain and simple. And this app has made keeping up with my obligations, plain and simple. The hardest part was eliminating all of the extra calendars, holidays, and getting it to sync between iPhone and iPad. Now if it just had a PC version to work with my Toshiba laptop! My life has become simple to plan and to follow through on various commitments. I highly recommend this app to anyone. And if you want to "hi-tech" it, the options are certainly there for you.

- Best Calendar App (for me)

I use other apps by this developer and I can't complain. With that said I've used a multitude of other calendar apps in an attempt to sync all my day-to-day activities but I've stuck with this one through and through. It's taken some time to write a review and rate it but I had to be sure. I recommend this to anyone who uses other apps by Readdle or just wants an overall, user-friendly, colorful, integrated, and generally well developed calendar app to replace stock or the one your using - but really you have to decide for yourself. Good luck!

- Fails to compete with others who utilize technology

Seriously no Apple Watch compatibility yet?? I love Readdle.....Most of their apps I now have to say. I finally had to delete and go back to Fantastical 2. I like this one better mainly for their week view, but c'mon, it's been 2 years now and still no Watch app?? We are almost to WatchOS 4 now. 4!!! Back when it was Watch OS 1 I was told it was coming. How long does it take? There has been updates to this app since, and all their others. I am not the only one. I read the reviews and many want this. It's all over reddit as well...and many other app site reviews. They would get so many more downloads and buys if they would just add this. Maybe I will give it another try if we aren't to Watch OS 12 by the time it comes out.... if it ever comes out.

- Nearly perfect

I switched to Readdle’s Calendar after years of using a competing app, and am so far happy with the switch. This app’s interface is nice and clean, and the month view (and yearly view on the iPad!) is excellent. My only complaint is that I’ve been unable to locate where to select a time zone when creating a new event. If I am traveling internationally and need to schedule an appointment when I return home, it is frustrating to have to remember the time difference just to create the entry. If Readdle doesn’t have this functionality, it’s a major oversight and prevents the app from being a five star product.

- Frequently not syncing with Google calendar, not updating correctly.

This app used to work well, but there are many times that events are not being synced correctly - either from the Google calendar to the app, or the app to the Google calendar. Rather disappointing. Trying to find a new app if this is not fixed. Also, the recent update now requires 2 steps before being able to tap to sync. Recommend that it should just keep be just 1 step or just have an icon on the main screen.

- No advanced features

Seeing the ratings, I was very hopeful, but here’s he list of reasons why this is not a good app: - Doesn’t show tasks in the calendar view. Although the app understands that the tasks are assigned to a specific time, they are not showing up on the calendar AND just in order to see the tasks, you have to go 3 clicks deep. MOREOVER, the app badge shows a number of ALL (even future) uncompleted tasks for the day. Optimally, it would only represent the number of uncompleted past tasks. - The week view is completely useless, especially if you have all-day events. - The day view cannot be zoomed out - I like to see the entire day at once, not have to scroll to see all the events in a day. - Maybe other stuff I didn’t notice in the 10 minutes of using the app.

- Love the App, One short coming though

This is a great app that the developers have continuously been updating for years now. The only downside to the app is that it doesn't know how to handle Skype for Business meetings. Skype gives you two options to connect to a meeting, either through a dial in number OR for those with Skype for Business installed, launch the app. This does neither and inadvertently thinks the Skype meeting is a location which forces me to go to my native calendar to connect to my meetings. Aside from this one matter, this app should be considered as an alternative to the standard IOS calendar.

- Near flawless GCal integration, stays current w/ updates, a bit slow tho

Impressed with how they kept up with GCal's transition to HTML notes. Tasks in GCal are imported here, and editing on Calendar 5 syncs to GCal. Notifications in GCal are integrated here too! Only major complaint is it usually starts up with a delay as it syncs up. It's worth a few second's wait to use it, but sometimes that can stunt progress. Minor complaint: weekly and month view are pretty difficult to use in portrait mode, since I usually have 5+ daily items, so I use only Day view.

- Love it! But would love...

I love Calendars 5. It’s a GREAT app and I can keep track of everything going on in my crazy family because it syncs with google calendar which is what our family uses. The only thing I WISH the app had on my phone is a button that I can click quickly on to ‘go to TODAY” - I often put in events way out on my calendar and then have to scroll back through to get to this week or current day. If there was a quicker way to do that I would give this app 5 stars! Anyways - thanks for making a great app and maybe a today button would make it perfect!!

- Easy to Use But Wish It had a Search Feature

This app is SO much user friendly than the calendar that comes with the iPhone. I am giving it four stars and NOT five because it does not have a search feature. When I need to search for past or future appointments, I need to go back to my iPhone calendar. On the iPhone calendar I can view my appointments for a particular activity or person in one glance. Update: I received the nicest email from Kate telling me how to access the search feature. Yay! So, I’m updating my review to five stars.


UPDATES ARE KILLING THIS APP. Who is actually checking this before it's released to the public?!! Latest update fixed old problem that completely deleted your calendar but created a new HUGE FRUSTRATION. Thanks to the latest update/"fix" of the previous update, now when you add an event for 2 days only shows as one, have to make it 3 days to show 2, 4 days to show 3, etc.... throws your entire calendar off rendering it useless since you can't correctly input, schedule, track correct dates. If you add the events in stock calendar or other calendar app, they work fine. FANTASTICAL 2 - FAR SUPERIOR!!, their developers actually listen to their customers and don't push "updates" that are useless, provide no additional functionality and RUIN YOUR CALENDAR. Unbelievable!

- The Best Calendar

Have used a lot of calendar programs over my time through business needs as well as family. This one, by far, is the best I have found. With a visual of a monthly calendar that shows most all of the appointments for each day of the month ( up to five each day) and available to pull data and visually understand whether it is from work or home. As well, it can be shared by the family and everyone gets updated when a family appointment is entered or updated.

- Love it 100%

The user interface is beautiful, but under the hood it’s very well designed and powerful. After several years of use, I am still discovering ways to customize it to my liking. My favorite feature is the search. I can locate meetings, vacations, people, whatever, in an instant. I love this feature. The ability to easily integrate task lists with calendar views is great. It’s makes shopping or running errands a breeze. I like how I can check off items, but the app can remember checked items. This enables me to put things back on the grocery list, for example, each time I go. The few times I needed help, their support team was all over it. Also important is that the app is regularly updated, which makes me feel good that this is a great investment for the long term. I’ve looked at many schedule/calendar apps, but for me, this is the one that keeps me on schedule!

- I’m so disappointed

I did so much research before buying this app. I use this team’s app called Spark for my email and absolutely love it. So, I thought, “if it’s anything like that app, I’ll love this also”. Unfortunately, it’s nothing like that app. I’m a UI designer at a large software company and buy apps that not only function well, but look great. While this is not an ugly app, it looks dated to me. It looks like an app that has been patched over the years to keep it relevant while the team works on newer projects. I know how talented the Readdle team is—and because of that, I feel I just wasted my money. Sorry. I’m being honest. I want what you gave us in Spark! I actually want a refund on this one. Maybe an update will come soon. Right now, I feel like I’m using an older app design.

- Suggestion/Request

First, I’m loving this calendar. Thank you for all the work that has been put into this. Still waiting waiting on the MacOS version 😏😊... My suggestion/request is adding an attachment (I.e. picture, document, etc) option to an event. It would help to associate important attachments to an event and easy access to it. If possible, when an accepted invite is confirmed, they will have access to the attachment. The owner has the option to allow certain invitees access to the files for security reason. Thanks

- Best Calendar App Ever!

I absolutely love this app. I have a large family with lots of work obligations, meetings and family activities and this app has already made life a little less stressful. I absolutely love how easy it is to sync with the native iOS calendar and keep everyone in my family on task. I just wish I had gotten this sooner! My only suggestion would be to enable inviting people to view iCloud calendars you create. With that ability available I would never have to open my native iOS calendar again.

- Some features missing

I switched from Fantasical after it became subscription based. I wish there was a duplicate button for events. Little easier than the copy/paste approach. Also, I can’t add my Exchange account directly due to the enterprise SSO that my company uses. Why is there not a “Show As free/tentative/busy” option? This is critical and a HUGE gap. Finally, I don’t enjoy the narrative approach they take with event alerts. Would rather see the info listed out. EDIT: I really hate that the description of an event shows in Day View but not the location. Why would I need to see the description of every event in a overall view?

- Finally!!!!!

I have tried soooooo many calendar apps and subsequently battled to figure out their laborious and confusing quirks. This is the first one that is actually comparable to the speed/ease of picking up an actual calendar to quickly jot down an appointment. I LOVE that you can just tap on the day you want to write a note on and love that you aren't forced to fill out a bunch of useless stuff about an event in order to get it into the calendar. Thanks for the great design and this makes me want to look at more of your apps too 🙂

- Terrible Location Database

There’s only one reason I dislike this app, and it’s that they use the totally worthless “FourSquare” database for entering locations instead of Google. The FourSquare database has NOTHING in it. It does not know any location anywhere, not even the nearby chain stores like Home Depot and Walgreens that have existed for years, no names of parks, no government buildings, no schools, etc. Every time I try to enter the name of a nearby business, it comes back with something completely unrelated thousands of miles away. Garbage in an otherwise excellent app!!! And Readdle support has admitted for at least 2 years that this database is flawed, yet they keep using it instead of switching to Google. WHY?!?

- Still awesome

I’ve been a long time user of this calendar app. I use to test and ‘try out’ other apps, but always came back to this one. Other apps may offer other views or customizable calendar colors but this app is best suited for busy people. This app is my go to for adding events and tasks and viewing my schedule. No unnecessary clutter. Viewing minimalistic, yet very effective in fulfilling its purpose. If I want a special color for a calendar or task, I just use the app awesome calendar for full customization.

- Not a fan of latest update

Scrolling dates -what a pain to use to set a single appointment which always ends up as a day long thing. NOT. Big mistake on your part with the programming. It used to be more intuitive but not anymore. Disappointed that setting appointments is now an issue. This was supposed to make my life easier. First Fantastical went south and now you are following suit. Make things work please! Calendar 5 was my favorite but you can’t rest on your laurels and just throw in wacky stuff. Do you even test the stuff you put out practictically in real life?

- THE BEST!!!!

Been using it for a while and i really love it. It is very user friendly, so helpful and works perfectly fine (doesn't crash). I can link it to my google calendar or iphone calendar and it will directly marked itself. The one thing that this app did that gets to me is I can schedule my classes every week without going to day by day of every week and month. Just type in the start and end date, then it will ask you if its repeatedly monthly or weekly.

- Recent updates = loss of one star

Please bring back the color blocks! As someone with impaired eyesight, it was incredibly useful to see large colors on my calendar at a glance, and then zoom in for text details only if I needed to. Also, with the Apple Reminders problems that came with the ios13 update, I’d love to have a recommended third-party reminders/to-do lists app for integration with this app. I have been a fan of Readdle for quite some time and want to continue using it, but must have that integration that used to exist with the native Reminders app on my phone.

- Top-notch Calendar App

Readdle just always seems to do things right. This particular Calendar app is another great example. The description speaks for itself and is accurate. I’ve tried a minimum of a dozen calendar apps for iPhone. One other app gave this one a run for its money but recently switched from version 2 to version 3 and instituted a terrible subscription model AND managed to ruin its UI in the process. With that move, this app is now my solo and best calendar for iPhone. Great job, Readdle!

- Locations and time zones horrible!

Locations use Foursquare search, but it simply does not work. I’ve sent a ticket into support and they acknowledged the issue but haven’t done anything to fix in the past few versions. You can put in a location and it will either not find it or give you an arbitrary location (try a Starbucks - it gives me the only option as one that is 700 miles away) Time zones are also ridiculously cumbersome. You have to memorize the short form name (eg PDT, EST) - as a frequent traveler with meetings globally this simply does not work. Apples native calendar handles this much better. I love the way the app looks - but function over form wins and unfortunately this app just does not function well.

- I have used this calendar for many years

To be honest I have forgotten how long I’ve had it because it’s been that long. It continues to be a clean, efficient workhorse. I’ve tried many others but I always come back mostly because the 30 day view shows enough of the event title that I don’t need to look at the week view. Week views don’t work for me. My only qualm (and it’s relatively minor,) is that I wish it somehow synced with OmniFocus. If there is a way I haven’t found it.

- Wacky change

I like the ability to glance at my calendar and tell by the colors what activities I have planned. Unfortunately, updated to this app have made it harder to use. When you want to add an event if you place a number in the title of the event the app automatically thinks you want this to be the time or date the event starts!!! I now have to write out in letters a time to avoid having the app delete the time from the title and move the event to the “time” it thinks I wrote. It’s even worse when it thinks you wrote a date; your event is saved to a date it thinks you wanted. Good luck finding your event...

- Best calendar app except...

... bring back the quick 1-press option for event start times!! Events typically start on a rounded time (I.e. top of the hour, quarter after, 30 mins, etc). I HATE having to scroll thru the 0-59 number wheel every time I make an event for 8:30, 9:30, 10:30. I’d prefer to have some kind of quick 1-press menu to opt from where all the rounded numbers are right there (instead of the number wheel). Bring back the quick press menu!!!

- Very easy to use

I really like how you can see the text for appointments in both weekly & monthly views. I find the calendar easy to edit and the weekly view is the best I've seen. I can see everything I have scheduled in one glance. Only drawback I've found is that when you click on invented in the calendar, you don't see all of the text for that particular event. You have to actually click on edit in order to see everything.

- No Joy - Again, and again...

and again..., and again... I honestly don’t know what you’re “improving” or what bugs are being “fixed”. You have important features that have been broken for years. The custom reminder feature has been broken for YEARS. I had hopes, high ones, that someone in development would take the initiative to fix this ongoing bug with the release of iOS 11, but on it goes. Another smokescreen update of “bug fixes and improvements” with the latest release. I’m a Readdle fan, but they’ve pushed me off their calendar app with broken features and lack of development. Disappointed with the blasé approach to improving this app and fixing broken features.

- The only calendar you’ll ever need!

I’ve been using this app for just over 5-years. In that time I’ve thought I’d be fancy and carry a paper planner around at minimum once a year. It never fails, I keep using Calendars 5 and continue to acquire stacks of paper planners that get used for a week before I give up on them. There is no other calendar I’ve found that comes close to the level of productivity I achieve with this app! So worth the initial investment!

- Exactly What I Was Looking For....

After Apple did the IOS 11 update, my calendar was all messed up. I no longer could view my appointments when looking at the month and this paralyzed me. I downloaded a different calendar APP because I hadn’t seen this one. The other one didn’t work. Then I happened upon this one. It’s perfect for my uses. Two questions/comments: 1. How do you put the calendar on “split-screen” that was just introduced (excellent idea by the way) 2. Can you put the date on the APP before we open it up. You have the company logo instead. Many times I need the date. I used to switch to my main desktop to get it. Now I either have to leave the Apple calendar on my first screen or open your calendar to get it. A minor detail I’m thrilled that I found your calendar

- Watch app promising, needs work

Considerable thought has gone into the look of complications on the Watch app. I especially like the Center Events complication, which shows how much of the current event has been completed. But behind the complications lies a work in progress. I would like to see: - Tapping on the Event complication takes one straight to list view for the next several days. It is unusual to need to go *into* the current event, as currently happens when one taps on the Event complication. - Inclusion of today's tasks in the list view. Force pressing to get to tasks is a hassle. The Watch app should mirror the phone app in showing events and tasks on the same screen. - Folders for Today's tasks (and perhaps Upcoming and Completed tasks) in Task view. I need to be able to find today's tasks in one place. Oh, and the iPad app needs keyboard shortcuts. Thanks! Keep up the good work. Hope to see these changes soon.

- Love this calendar app

This app has worked well for me for over two years. I keep mine in the "week" view and it lets me see each day's events as well as the whole week. I like the color options and alarm-set options. I also like how I can set things as one time or recurring. Overall very functional and keeps me organized on the go! It even replaced my wall calendar at home which always used to be my most up-to-date.

- Calendar 5 is a great app!

The Calendar 5 from readdle app work well and syncs well with your email and calendar. Also the app can syncs with Calendars from readdle app and the calendar on your iPad or iPhone. There is so much you can organize your day week month or years with this app. There are in app purchases in Calendar 5 app but once you purchase the pack were you don't have have buy them any more. The Calendar 5 app from readdle is easy to use!

- Latest Update may make me quit this app

The latest update is so frustrating. All appointments default to “all day” to start with. Then to set an apt you have to scroll through the each minutes to set the right time. BUT it also moves the beginning time or end time after you’ve set them because of the default appointment length. If I set a start of 8:00 and an end of 8:30 the app will change my start time to 7:30. I then have to go and set the end time AGAIN. So to set one appointment I will have to set the beginning and the end TWICE. It takes me too long to make a simple appointment. So disappointed.

- My go to Calendar

I usually cycle through apps and Calendars 5 is the one I have settled on. Everything works. Even with my Google account. I'll go as far as to say everything that Readdle makes - appears to work flawlessly. I'm really impressed with Readdle. I like the ability to use colors for certain types of events - and I like that I can see my overdue reminder listed on each current day - just for that - a reminder.

- Terrible

I've used this app for many years, however concerning this version: What a piece of crap. I should have never bought this upgrade, and will not in the future. This app cannot do the most basic tasks: create an event and name it, then go edit the name. Find the system does not display the new edited name saved - it truncating randomly to a new name AND it changes the appointment date (for the appointment name object just edited) to an entirely different date! The above is one of the more basic functions of managing a calendar, forget all the other bells and whistles.

- Best Calendar App

I use the monthly view of this app religiously. Took me a few days to adjust to it, but actually being able to *see* all of the events I have in one month at once on my phone is invaluable. Other apps don’t show you events at all at a monthly level (Apple Calendars) or make you guess which events they are, despite color-coded dots (Fansastical). The monthly view plus natural language input makes this app #1 for me.

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Calendars 5 by Readdle 5.18.5 Screenshots & Images

Calendars 5 by Readdle iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Calendars 5 by Readdle iphone images
Calendars 5 by Readdle iphone images
Calendars 5 by Readdle iphone images
Calendars 5 by Readdle iphone images
Calendars 5 by Readdle iphone images
Calendars 5 by Readdle iphone images
Calendars 5 by Readdle iphone images
Calendars 5 by Readdle iphone images
Calendars 5 by Readdle iphone images
Calendars 5 by Readdle iphone images
Calendars 5 by Readdle ipad images
Calendars 5 by Readdle ipad images
Calendars 5 by Readdle ipad images
Calendars 5 by Readdle ipad images
Calendars 5 by Readdle ipad images
Calendars 5 by Readdle ipad images
Calendars 5 by Readdle ipad images
Calendars 5 by Readdle ipad images
Calendars 5 by Readdle ipad images
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The applications Calendars 5 by Readdle was published in the category Productivity on 2013-09-12 and was developed by Readdle Inc. [Developer ID: 285035419]. This application file size is 116.6 MB. Calendars 5 by Readdle - Productivity posted on 2020-08-05 current version is 5.18.5 and works well on IOS 11.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.readdle.Calendars5

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