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Spark Mail - Email by Readdle [Productivity] App Description & Overview

Spark brings the best email experience for professionals and their teams.
Effortless, beautiful and collaborative.

"Best of the App Store" - Apple
"It's a combination of polish, simplicity, and depth" - FastCompany
"You can create an email experience that works for you" - TechCrunch

**Beautiful and Intelligent Email App**
We are building the future of email. Modern design, fast, intuitive, collaborative, seeing what’s important, automation and truly personal experience that you love - this is what Spark stands for.

**Dark Mode**
We've carefully selected the colors to help you work better at night and save battery life. Select the Dark or a truly Black mode in Personalization settings > Appearance. It’s available for all iOS Spark users.

**Farewell to Busy Inbox**
Smart Inbox lets you quickly see what's important in your inbox and clean up the rest. All new emails are smartly categorized into Personal, Notifications and Newsletters.

**Discuss email privately**
Invite teammates to discuss specific emails and threads. Ask questions, get answers, and keep everyone in the loop.

**Create email together**
For the first time ever, collaborate with your teammates using real-time editor to compose professional emails.

**Schedule emails to be sent later**
Schedule emails to be sent when your recipient is most likely to read them. It works even if your device is turned off.

**Snooze That One For Later**
Snooze an email and get back to it when the time is right. Snoozing works across all your Apple devices.

**Find Any Email In An Instant**
Powerful, natural language search makes it easy to find that email you're looking for. Just search the way you think and let Spark do the rest.

**Get Notified About Important Emails Only**
Smart Notifications filter out the noise, letting you know when an email is important, saving you from notification overload.

**Powerful Integrations**
Integrate Spark into your workflow and take productivity to the next level. Supports Dropbox, Box, iCloud Drive, and more.

**Built-in calendar**
A full-featured calendar works right in your email to help you always be on top of your schedule. Create events easily using natural language.

**Create links to email**
Create secure links to a specific email or conversation. Share the link on Slack, Skype, CRM, or any other medium so your team can see it and collaborate around it.

**Sign Off With A Swipe**
Before you send an email, quickly swipe to choose the right signature for the occasion.

**Email with Emotion**
Quick Replies get the point across with just a tap. Love, like or acknowledge an email in an instant.

**Email Never Looked This Good**
That terrible mess in your inbox is now replaced it with a beautiful, threaded message design.

**A Truly Personal Experience**
Customize Spark to work as you do. You decide which swipes do what, what cards are shown, and how many emails you want to see.
You’ll love your email again!

If you need us, you can always find us at

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Spark Mail - Email by Readdle Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Much of the work in today’s update was focused on a deep dive into the internal stability and improvements to your Spark experience. Get your picnic blanket ready and enjoy the spring! If you need us, you can always find us at

Spark Mail - Email by Readdle Comments & Reviews

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- Has changed my outlook on email

THANK YOU!!!!! I’ve been using spark for a few weeks now and I’m in love. I knew what I wanted from an email client but I thought it didn’t exist. I wished I would’ve been using spark YEARS ago. So many emails were getting lost because of my lack of motivation for email and now I’m back in business. I’ve always wanted to be a zero inbox kind of person but the task was so overwhelming. Spark has made it easy and I’m much more focused. I love the snooze feature because before I sometimes needed time to think about a response but I inevitably the email got lost. I’m a business owner so I should respond to emails in a timely way so this has really helped me retain more clients and keep up with email tasks. This really helps me focus when I get interrupted with an email or just need a little more time to think about my response but don’t want to forget about responding (which is what use to happen!) I also love how I can schedule my emails to look more professional sending them more at “business hours”. Email use to be this scary and terrible thing that I had to do, now it really is fun and enjoyable.

- Snooze is Broken

Spark is generally great, when it works. However, snooze is perpetually broken. In prior versions, large numbers of snoozed items would lose their snooze date and revert to “someday”, forcing a periodic review of the snoozed folder to ensure nothing had gone AWOL. Now, snoozed items randomly appear at the top of the inbox immediately after being snoozed, labeled with their correct snooze date, or randomly appear in the inbox based on their original unsnoozed date with no indication they were ever snoozed. The latter is particularly bad, as there’s no way to know when this happens other than to keep the inbox empty or to remember everything that was snoozed and to notice when emails don’t reappear on schedule; if I could do that, I wouldn’t need snooze in the first place. Spark typically works well enough and often enough that my periodic reviews of potentially less buggy alternatives always lead me back to Spark, but the continuing snooze bugs are very, very frustrating. The bug appears to be correlated with having multiple devices running Spark and possibly taking Spark out of the foreground on iOS or closing it on macOS without first forcing a synchronization. However, religiously forcing synchronization doesn’t make the problem go away entirely. Avoiding using Spark on iOS while it is open on macOS also seems to help, as does avoiding using Spark on multiple devices altogether. It’s almost certainly a multi-client synchronization bug of some type.

- Spark was great - now it’s not

I’ve used Spark for the past 3 years. I have 5 e-mail addresses because I am a teacher at several schools and a law student. I turned to Spark to better organize my email. However, I now dread having to open the app every morning. My “flagged” emails are overflowing. My “seen” emails are overflowing. I can’t figure out how to unsubscribe from emails without having to physically go into each email to click “Unsubscribe”. The app does NOT sync between iPad, iPhone, and Mac which is frustrating because if you delete emails on your iPhone you can then expect to see them UNREAD when you check your email on your Mac. Email signatures that you create on your iPhone will not sync to your Mac or iPad. Also, if you do not use your iPad for a week (Spark installed) - you will be inundated with zombie emails that were replied to or deleted already. Additionally, there’s no option to create email lists/groups. This is frustrating because as a teacher I like to create email lists of my students. Aside from that my Smart folder is unorganized. Emails marked as spam still come through to my inbox. The added team features are just unnecessary bells and whistles. I’m in the process of transferring my emails to Edison Mail. Spark has become headache.

- I like this... mostly

Since my beloved gmail app turned sour, I’ve tried so many email apps for my phone. This one has some handy features, I like being able to view all of my new mail across multiple email addresses, it’s still sorted in handy categories. Customizable swipes, sharing features, it’s all great! The layout is simple and straightforward. My main complaint: if you’re a super multitasker like I am, every second counts, so the lag when I open this app, is annoying. If my mail is pushed, why do I have to wait for my inbox to update? If I don’t remember to wait for the app to load the newest messages.... that means the message I thought I was clicking is not the newest anymore and has been shuffled out of view and now I have clicked an irrelevant newer message and have to go back to my inbox to scroll to find what I’m looking for. It’s that frustrating feeling like I’m not clicking fast enough. Is it a deal breaker, no. But it’s annoying when you have limited time during the day to check email and now have to remember to mark the accidental email as unread so you remember to deal with it later. Not efficient for me... but I’m sure my issue is probably irrelevant to most.

- I Love This App

I’ve pretty much tried all of the email apps for iOS and while I use google business in chrome with a lot of plugins on my desktop, this is my new go to mobile email productivity booster. I was a long time user of Newton but when they “shut” it down I switched to Spark. It has enough features that I can duplicate much of my workflow from Gmail on Chrome. There is a subscription component but that is basically for teams and collaboration not for the email component. The basic free subscription to those features is enough for me but if I can get more of my team using this, I wouldn’t have a problem upgrading to the paid tier. At first I thought, “why would I want to take communication out of the email channel” but it actually works. I can pin the email, collaborate on the question/task without the noise of email. Think of it at a basic level like a Slack channel built into the email. I was over moving to a mobile email app and having the product discontinued or acquired (yes, I’m talking about you Mailbox). Readdle isn’t a one trick pony and has a broad app ecosystem. Needless to say, I highly recommend this app.

- This app has changed the way I deal with email.

I used to always feel the need to get my inbox down to having zero unread emails, going through each one (however unimportant) and deciding whether or not to sort it into a folder, keep it in my inbox, or delete it, and going through my emails became a big way for me to procrastinate and waste time. I now use Spark across all my devices, and I love that there isn’t that little red bubble displaying how many unread emails I have in the corner of the app icon – my “email anxiety” has pretty much disappeared :) I love how easy it is to scan through multiple emails at a time, and the search function is great (accurate and super fast). The only (very small) thing I wish were different is that I would like to be able to more easily permanently change if a certain type of email from a company or organization is specifically a Newsletter or a Notification, and that the system could learn from my preferences and improve how it organizes my incoming emails. But overall, fantastic and beautifully designed app.

- My Selected Mail App

I have tried many email apps as an alternative to a rather bland, but stable, Apple Mail. Purchased many; they looked so good. But every one developed one or more operational issues where I had to abandon them. I needed an iOS app which had a Mac app. When Spark came around, it just clicked. Features were great, functionality good, and was mostly, but not always, stable. This forced me to consider and then actually abandon Spark. Each time, I gravitated back to Apple Mail where the same blandness frustrated me. Communicated with Readdle and went back to Spark with numerous updates. Finally settled on Spark and it has mostly been wonderful to work with. An occasional quirk makes me wonder but still I stay. It is free but that isn’t the criteria which makes them my go-to Mail App.....I would gladly pay $20 or so for it. I do have other Readdle apps and find them all to be outstanding. Hope this helps. It isn’t perfect; nothing is. But its functionality has won me over with their increased stability and presence of a MAC app.

- Make email great again!! 😂

Ok so I was very skeptical of another email app. I have way too many emails coming in and in the matter of a week I’m over run with over 500 emails I haven’t cleared. This is truly a game changer. The way it handles emails from real people or emails from applications or emails from newsletters, is...BRILLIANT!! I’m once again able to turn on email notifications but yet get notified on only the emails that matter. If I don’t like the default categorization of an email, I can change it or perhaps just make sure I get notifications from that particular email sender. The “snooze” button is amazing and now that I’ve started working with the team function, this has opened up a new world for my business and co-workers. Thanks for making such a great app. All the complaints about sync issues and other features not working properly are old reviews. Look at how amazing it it now and I bet those bad reviews would be much higher now if they tried the app again.

- Almost there, but

The feature suits most of my needs; the interface is smooth and elegant. Spark has been a happier fit than Newton, which it replaced in my workflow and even than Mailbox, which Newton’s earlier incarnation replaced. I appreciate the coordination with Gmail labels, too, though that could be more robust. The two shortcomings that most affect me were both noted to the developers long ago. First, there is no starring system, only pinning. Pinning isn’t practical for more than a few items at a time else the folder becomes burdened with clutter. Starring makes it easier to find archived information when needed, without having to sift through dozens of emails containing similar subject matter. But the major nuisance is the storage bloat. It periodically creeps up to nearly a gigabyte in size, and the only way to clear the cache is to delete and reinstall the app. That in turn means signing back in to an assortment of other apps that are linked to Spark. Since I’m a digital artist, my iPad is chronically short on space as it is. A way to clear the cache from within the app would be most welcome.

- Love and hate it

I know only about two iOS email clients which support Evernote integration. Spark and airmail. Airmail doesn’t even display my work exchange mails and spark seems to have overall the better features. That is IF it decides to work. I deleted my email account numerous times and even deleted all data with spark and registered from scratch 4-5 times. Which is by the way the official support answer lol. Either emails cannot be sent, or the email body has a load error, or the calendar doesn’t work. Lastly I had an global calendar usage exceeded even though I am only messing with my gmail and exchange which on occasion works. When it works it’s fantastic. Then next morning suddenly my exchange account is simply not present anymore go figure.... I would pay for this (one time not subscription please) to eliminate the bugs. How the company can pull a subscription model off is beyond me considering all the bugs. Of I make the math of what a team would end up costing via subscription there should be almost no bugs here and if there are some they should be resolved quickly. This seems not the case unfortunately. Well I’ll keep searching for an alternative and maybe try another update later.

- Great app, just one thing...

I previously rated this app 4 stars, but lately I can barely even open my emails. It takes FOREVER just to load a single email, and it does that with each and every email I try to open. I’m using an iPhone 10 on WiFi, and no other apps are lagging, so I know it’s something with the app from when they updated, because it’s been like this for a while now. Please fix, I’ve been using this app for almost three years now but I can’t deal with this much longer. Previous review: I started using this app for my email and got my boss onto it as well. We both love it because with us being entrepreneurs it helps us to declutter the day and group things much more effectively. The one thing we've noticed however are we don't seem to get the notifications for our emails as easily. I'm not sure if Spark is just not pulling the data enough or what, but even when we do get the notification I can barely hear it with my sound all the way up. We both noticed we've been late on responding to emails because of this issue. Overall I love it and will continue to use it but I hope they try and find a way to make it easier for us to see our notifications.

- Post v2.0 Struggle

Prior to version 2.0 my rating was 4 stars. Spark is a solid app with a lot of great features that the native Mail app lacks. The Smart Inbox and notifications are great as well as the Snooze, scheduled delivery, bulk inbox actions, and app extensions. However, I have had a constant struggle with bugginess since the v2.0 release. Their support and dev team have been responsive and released several updates, but too many remain and more keep surfacing with each release. My exchange inboxes have stopped syncing across devices (even though they sync fine in Mail), emails show Subject details for other emails, Apple Watch app will not open anything, and sporadic ‘load message errors’ where messages will not display, among other issues. I experienced another eye opening quirk while traveling in an area with weaker connectivity where I could barely send or receive emails via Spark, while the native Mail app worked just fine. Apparently, your messages make an extra stop on Spark’s servers along the way where certain app features are executed. Privacy concerns aside, somehow the communication between the app and their servers is more prone to connectivity quality issues than the native Mail app. Back to Mail for me.

- Update-crashes when opening

Latest review: The last two updates have made Spark crash and unusable on both my iPads. I’m sad to have to go back to Apple Mail. At first I thought that my old iPad (which I keep at one remote location) was too slow or old to keep working with Spark. But the latest update shut out my iPad Pro. Yes, I’ve restarted and all devices have the latest OS updates. I can’t trouble-shoot because it won’t stay open long enough for me to see what’s going on. Too bad because I was looking forward to the calendar feature. I already use Readdle’s Calendars 5 and like it. I’ll check in with updates every so often to see if there’s an update that gets along with my devices. Spark still works with my iPhone 6 and Apple Watch but I really prefer something that works on all my devices. Old review: Love it—seamless. Spark is seamless across all my devices including the Apple Watch. It's clean, attractive, and the user-customizable interface makes it MY email app so I can use it the way I think. AND get this, I had a question which was answered correctly the first time by a friendly app representative. The problem was me, not them--I forgot to fill something in. Five stars for this program.

- Almost Perfect - Dark Mode Has A Long Way To Go

I love this, it helped me clear out thousands of irrelevant emails that have been haunting me for months. I love the search features and smart folders that let me combine folders from different emails together which was the main thing I wanted from an email client. But the dark mode is the worst of any of the half dozen or so email clients I’ve been experimenting with as part of a New Years resolution to get myself together when it comes to email. I didn’t realize how important dark mode was to me until I saw the results of how much battery it saves and now I think it might be a deal breaker for this app. I see most emails coming through as awkward bright white blocks against a dark background (not just newsletters, pretty much every single email I get which is just some plain text and a signature) and even when that doesn’t happen, black text almost never turns white against the dark background. It’s making dark mode difficult/awkward and the black mode practically unusable. I hope this gets better.

- Exchange calendar but Where has this app been all this time?

I am speechless. Before I started using this app on my Mac and iPhone I used the Outlook app. It was okay and it kind of got the job done. This app meets every flaw/bug the Outlook email app had except for one thing! I would really appreciate if you would make the app compatible with the Exchange Calendar on Mac and on the iPhone app but mostly on the Mac. I really enjoyed having all of that in one place on the on the Outlook app. It was seamless and very fluid. As an Exchange Calendar is the only Calendar I use I still use the Apple stock calendar app which to me isn’t all that great. If you could put your own great Readdle twist on your calendar in the spark app it would really help me and I’m sure some other people too!! There is one more suggestion, you should implement a voting system for what features you customers really want/need in the app but still keep the email services. I think it would lighten up your load on email reading and get the job done. Just a thought.

- Great app. Clocks a bit though...

I really like Spark. In particular, the smart Inbox feature is amazing. You can review your mail and then pin anything that is important to go back to later. This creates a good buffer system for items requiring additional action while letting you clean out your inbox quickly and effectively. Additionally, it identifies newsletters and displays those separately so you can mark them as read 5 at a time. My only gripe is that it pops up a message on my phone about a new email and then when I go into the app to actually read the message it clocks for sometimes a minute or more before displaying. A suggestion for further improvement would be to add custom or additional selections to “Pin”. For example, it would be great if I could categorize messages as needing a phone call, email, or research. These could be grouped into separate sections, just like pinned items and would prove an easy way to, for example, know who to call first when time permits.

- Sparks My Mailbox...

I have used spark for over two years now and it helps me a great deal with being organized. The features are awesome. I had never thought about how convenient it is to snooze an email and re-schedule it or to transfer it to my to-do list. Since a couple of updates, however, I am increasingly dissatisfied with three major thing that occur: 1) Spark always crashes when I try to open it from the “notifications” menu. So I can’t open the email from there. 2) Whenever I want to open a received file in an email, spark wants to prepare the download. But then, it never opens it. It’s annoying because when I reopen the app, it works. 3) When sending an email, spark needs to stay open. If I close the app after sending it, spark is not able to process the email further, ao it just stays in the outbox. I realize this is a minir problem but it happened to me a couple of times and it’s just annoying. So: three stars, with potential for 5 because I love the way the app is designed and I use the scanner program as well and the apps work very well together. But this is disappointing.

- The best mail app by far! But.....

Okay this is in fact one of the best email apps out there! I love the grouping of the emails by category and how it allows you to delete those emails with one swipe. Especially comes in handy when I get the newsletters with all these deals and sales from retailers and just want to get rid of them quickly. The UI is great, the ability to write up an email and have it sent at a predetermined time is fantastic, but best of all, the Snooze feature is awesome. Yeah I know that many other email apps do it but Spark does it better.... My ONLY COMPLAINT isn’t really a complaint. It’s literally the OCD in me. I hope I don’t sound picky but... when I read all my emails and exit the app, the badge number still shows I have unread mail. I go back into the app, see no emails, back out a second time and THEN the badge is gone. This app is a 9.8/10 for me. And I promise it’d be a 10/10 if that gets fixed :) still one of the best email apps... if not THE best

- It is very functional and organize

The application make me do my searches easy including using the filters to see the most interest, yes.., but when participating on live auction everything happens to fast on the last seconds that the process just make me be disorient and also something goes wrong with the time that I was out for near 5 minutes. The watch list is good, but not manage it. Removing items that are group by any of the tags suggested just make the watching list to return to the original stage reloading, what’s probably necessary, but uncomfortable. Finally, what makes me feel real bad of its is the reloading when you return back to it after changing for another iPhone apps or from lock screen. It just reload on its default home screen, which may be correct, but I lost what was looking before. Yes return to watched items may resolve the problem, but always. I am sorry, to put all of this here, it should goes to customer support or another place, but not sure where. Don’t get me wrong, I use it a lot.

- Great package!

Great how it groups mail by sender. Fresh look, easy to manage multiple accounts. Way better than other mail apps. Only to improvements I would like to see easy, male blocker to control spam and one or two clicks for deleting read mail, that's it! It’s hard to really come up with something that you don’t like about Spark. I was having trouble figuring out what they might be and read the comments above, I agree, mail blocker for controlling spam. I have a security system that sends me alert every time the sun goes behind a cloud. I can get 50 or 60 alert today and the mail delete feature from the smart inbox makes it a breeze. It’s fast almost, dummy proof and if you miss something, it’s not gone it’s in the trash file for a second look. Most of us Mac users appreciate all of the R&D Apple put into it, then you run into an app like this and think why did Apple think of that! Good job nice app.

- Good functionality, painfully slow sync

The syncing issue seems to be a recent one. I open Spark and can wait minutes before syncing is completed. For someone who wants an efficient email experience across devices this is not something I want to deal with. Developer initially asked that I remove my gmail account since that had been part of a known issue. I removed it, with no effect. So I added back my gmail account and removed my yahoo account, and suddenly the sync issue was gone. I communicated this to the developer and received a response that I interpreted as meaning that there was a known yahoo issue. I was told that they had to de-prioritize this issue since all attention was on upcoming release. It has been more than a month and I am on to another email program that is working well, and that does a good job of segregating important emails from other stuff. Maybe I will try Spark when there is a new release, but every day reduces my feeling of urgency to do so.

- So many great things about spark, but...

Unfortunately, it has happened again where I inadvertently deleted an entire thread when all I wanted was to delete an individual email. This time, though, it occurred far back enough where I couldn’t find the email I was searching for in the deleted items. There are a lot of things I really like about Spark, so I hope your dev team addresses at least these two very important feature requests: namely, fully-featured search capabilities, and the ability to archive/move individual emails even when they are part of a thread. I have submitted these feature requests, and have been told they will be addressed. Also, lots of issues with iCloud calendar integration, but that’s not a deal-breaker for me, as is it’s not business critical. However, for now, I can’t afford to wait for Readdle to make these changes while I keep using this as my main email client. I will need to migrate to a different client. I am on the Readdle mailing list; please keep me informed of Spark’s development. I hope I can get back on it soon.

- Simply the most reliable and bug free

I have tried for a few years a lot of mail app alternative to the ios native app. And Spark is definitely my favorite. I originally decided to switch from the native app because yahoo and gmail do not support push with ios mail app anymore. And did not want to fetch every 15 minutes for obvious reason (data consumption, battery usage and email arriving up to 15 minutes too late!) Spark was simple to set up, I have gmail, yahoo and icloud mail accounts. I was please that the app would remind me of app specific password when setting up my icloud account. For google and yahoo, setup was fast and easy. I did not notice any bugs... thumbs up! whereas other apps airmail in particular has issues with push notification, after a few days, I would, out of the blue, stop getting new mail notifications , I had to manually go into the mail server settings of the app (not change anything) just reconfirm and it would start working again. Other mail apps problem I have encountered is spell checking, they would not underline in red the spelling mistake... but if you over an obvious spelling mistake and highlight the word then you would get suggestions to correct it. very annoying. I would draft in other app spell check and the copy paste back into the mail app. So all in all spark is fast and reliable and bug free so far.

- great so far, two requests

So far, this is better than the stock Apple mail app. It makes it so easy to go through various email quickly to clear my inbox or save ones for later. I like that you can easily work on multiple emails simultaneously (which the Apple app can do but is really buggy about, with drafts vanishing and needing to be re-opened). I have two requests for the developers that would surely be very simple to implement! 1. Please adjust how the swiping mechanism works when there are different functions assigned to short vs long swipes in a particular direction. I had short-left as Pin and long-left as Delete. I had to disable the Pin function because when I wanted to delete an email, if I moved my finger too fast, it would Pin it, even though I moved it the full long distance. 2. Please include a function to search for text *within* the specific email I’m viewing.

- Great Email App!

This app has helped my email feel much more manageable again. Not only does the Smart Inbox feature split my emails up surprisingly well (only a couple exceptions), but the start-out tutorials helped me develop better habits with my email. I try to check it more consistently now rather than sporadically, especially since it’s not so overwhelming when I open it up. Spark makes it easy for me to see all the newsletters I subscribe to but never read, so I can unsubscribe and clean out my inbox. Also, the schedule to send feature is fantastic, and I’m honestly surprised no one else has included this in their email apps yet. Helps me send an email to someone right when I know they’ll see it. If you are scared of your inbox like I was, afraid to tackle the 1,000+ unread messages counting up on you notification badge, try this app! You won’t be disappointed.

- Spark — Great Email App, But Not Yet Perfect!

Spark is, as widely reviewed, indeed a wonderful email app. It supports all major email account types. And it has a password/PIN lock, which is necessary on shared iPads, because Apple stupidly still does not have separate user accounts and logins. HOWEVER: Spark is missing some very important and critica features, including: (A) Amazingly, it does not yet support the ubiquitous ActiveSync protocol, so if you use Microsoft Exchange, Spark will show you a blank calendar with none of your appointments!; (B) Spark does not have the usual option to turn off showing email as combined threads/chains, which many users find cluttering and very confusing; (C) there is no option to make the Spark font larger or smaller; and (D) there is no option to change the time delay after which Spark will require a passcode/PIN if you had switched to another app. When Spark adds most or all of these common and standard features, then it deserves and I will give it five stars.

- Brilliant but buggy

I really love the concept of spark and were spark is headed. I just don’t always love the reality. The integrations with Evernote and Trello are good for me when they work. Sometimes the things I’m sending to Evernote crasher don’t make it. Or they make it saying no because they were incomplete. Doesn’t make it very useful when that happens. Love it when it works, hate it when it doesn’t. I would love to be able to send multiple things to Trello or Evernote at the same time. But it’s one of the time right now. Finally I get emails stuck in my outbox that don’t get sent. It’s awful because the emails I intend to not reach the recipients and it causes problems for me. I mean seriously, I have all the settings right and it works just fine until it doesn’t. I love the smart inbox, I love the way that I can work in this application, but I just don’t love its execution yet. Willing to change my review as time unfolds and really hope that they’ll make the best of it

- Airmail Refugee

I’ve used Airmail for the best part of six years and it just kept getting more and more tedious to work with. So, I went hunting and re-found Spark. If you’re an Airmail refugee and reading this right now, I’d take a good long look at Spark. I tried Spark a few times right after it was released, but at the time it was just too basic. Spark 2 is out, it’s free, so far it does what it says it’ll do and after fighting with Airmail for so long it’s a real breath of fresh air. FYI: I’ve only been using Spark for about two weeks now, but my email load is very heavy and if I’m going to break a particular email client I can usually get that done in a few days. So far, Spark has taken it all in stride. And, as you can see, it’s a supper expensive app 😁 Between Airmail and Spark I did take some time to retry Apple Mail, but it’s just too elementary by comparison to either Spark or Airmail. Honestly Spark does just about everything, if not everything, that Airmail tries to do - And, it’s free.

- 2.0 is a great update!

I have been using Spark for several months and really like it both for iOS and Mac. My goal is to keep my email for transactional information only and clean it out as quickly as possible. Then I try keep information about projects. Including things sent through email, in a separate system where I can act on them according to my priorities instead of react to what comes in urgently in the inbox. I am using Evernote for that system. Evernote integration was terrific but the one thing missing was the ability to grab a link to an email conversation and put it in Evernote (or some other place for tracking projects). In 2.0 they added this feature and it is excellent! The addition of calendar is like icing on the cake. I have not figured out the use case for team collaboration on email but the other 2.0 features are terrific!

- I need a 2nd email app, but nothing matches this!

When I found Spark, I switched for good. It “learns” what folders I will move emails to based on previous moves. It’s clean, it’s beautiful, it keeps my Gmail accurate (whereas other Apple Mail and other programs have had delays when I delete and close the app — then the mail is there again when I open next time). Fast forward: I am using separate email for work and want to keep personal separate. (I find it’s a productivity thing: I’ll still check personal email from time to time but always checking work throughout the day. And I don’t want to be running through work email at night unless I chose to.) Because of awesome functionality (e.g. Spark has been the only email app I can find that allows me to BCC: a different email address for my CRM records) I need Spark as business — but now I am hating personal. The closest I found so far has been Edison, but I still get the delays I mentioned. Outlook was okay but I didn’t love the display, and outlook tags every contact in my phone that I don’t really like. Newtown is a pay model, so I haven’t experienced. Inbox has gaudy icons like Gmail. Astro is too unique and specialized to someone who wants that: I just want an email app as good as Spark. So.... as I keep slugging through, you can stop here and get the BEST email app for iPhone!

- The email app that made me not hate email

I’ve tried lots of different email apps looking for one that could help me manage messages instead of them managing me. I tried Outlook, Sortd, Gmail, CloudMagic, iOS mail, etc but didn’t love any of them. Spark is awesome because of all the ways that it allows you to remind yourself to handle things. I use the Pin feature to keep all the email that I need to follow up on in one place. It becomes my TO DO list. Then I use the build in reminder clocks to set deadlines for others to reply to my emails. It’s great. I also really like the integration with the MacBook desktop version so I’m always in sync. Like many others the swipe left or right functions really speed up handling email but with Spark I can customize it to handle several different common tasks like delete, move, move to spam or lots more. Highly recommended!

- Best Email App I’ve Ever Used

I don’t write many reviews but this app deserves one. I was looking for an email app that can manage 3 different emails in the same all and I ran into Spark. The first time I downloaded the app, I was really confused of how it all worked, but after after 20 minutes of looking around and playing with it, I decided to replace it with my other email apps (Gmail & Outlook) for a week to test it out. I’m not even done with the week but I already decided to deleted the other email apps and use this one because of how good it is! It’s been my favorite app in a while and it even helped clean all the unnecessary junk emails I didn’t need. If you have more than one email, GET THIS APP AND THANK ME LATER. Note: There is a learning curve that comes with the app. If you get over the that curve, you will see how useful this app is.

- Can’t live without this app

I’ve tried many e-mail apps over the years and have been disappointed most of the time. And then by sheer luck I found Spark and decided to give it a try. It has been well over two years and I can say I’m absolutely addicted to this app. It can do things with my e-mail than no other app out there can. I wish there was a Spark desktop app - this is how much I liked it. The dev team is very good at responding to questions and fixing issues. I can finally enjoy my e-mail without being frustrated at managing it. I highly recommend that you give it a try. I also love their other app Calendar 5 - it has organized my calendars in a way that makes it so much easier to manage them while still being able to separate them, and the user interface is very intuitive. I highly recommend that app as well.

- One of the best

I think by now I’ve tried all the mail apps available on the App Store, but I keep coming back to Spark because there’s a fluidity and functionality about the way this app is designed that the others just haven’t achieved. My only complaint is that the badge notifications are not working for some reason. They’ve worked for me previously, but just stopped recently and I’m not sure why. I’ve checked my notification settings and they’re all turned on. Not a complaint so much as a suggestion, but one functionality I’d really like to see (that no mobile mail app seems to have) is the ability to forward another email as an attachment. I know I can save an email as a PDF and then attach that to whatever email I’m composing, but it’s a bit of a finicky workaround, and doesn’t give the receiving party the option to reply on the actual attachment.

- Great Idea..... Terrible experience

I’ve been using Sparks for a few days & I wish I could express how amazing it works... but unfortunately, as I do love the idea of its capabilities the issues I’m experiencing are unacceptable!! The MAIN Issue is the serious lag in my 6s iPhones performance! It started the day I downloaded it. If I leave it open in the background it slows everything down and randomly closes whatever I’m using and takes me to the home screen!! The App at times Can literally take 3 to 4 seconds when moving to the next unopened message or trying to delete one. It was a little slow at first but it’s progressively getting worse! Yesterday the app froze-up 2 times to the point I had to turn my phone off just to do anything! When that first started it would normally just freeze for a second then closes itself out. 😞 I have plenty of space available space on my iPhone 6s... I wish it would have worked out a little differently but not all that glitters is gold!! I’m sending this one to my app graveyard!

- Finally a clean inbox!

I love the versatility of Spark! I have several different email addresses and now everything is in order and each day I clear out all my inboxes. I used to be the person who had 5,000+ unread messages because I’d just scroll past the unimportant looking for emails that were important. But once I got spark (I also use the Unroll app to help manage my subscriptions) I was able to archive or delete everything and start fresh and now I have a place for everything and everything is in its place. I stopped all the mail forwards to my main email so now emails go into their own inbox in spark and i can put that hat on before I start dealing with those emails (where before i was forced to be scatterbrained as things from different parts of my life were all coming into the same place). Spark has been a game changer. Love it!!

- A bit buggy

It seems as if my phone is spinning in circles and will not retrieve new mail. However I do get pop-up notifications that I have new mail but I cannot retrieve them once I go into the application. I also have missed several business emails because for whatever reason on my phone and my computer, messages go straight to the seen section instead of staying at the top before they are read. So, several days pass before I actually see the email that was sent to me regarding business matters. This is very annoying. The other quirk with this app is that my signature for my business ends up on my other personal emails by default. I’ve checked to make sure that it is only specified for my business email and it is only specified for my business email. So I’m a bit annoyed with that because you cannot erase the signature once you were in the email itself. I’ve emailed technical support about this issue but have not heard back yet.

- Marginally Better than others

A year after reporting an issue with sending messages, no response from support and no fix after numerous updates. Simple Google account, attempt to send a message. Shortly after sending, close the app and a couple minutes later, the app comes back to say the message wasn’t sent and reopen the app. In general, performance is marginal and if you are a power user trying to go through hundreds of emails per day, the swiping to archive gets stuck and takes a lot of time. Additionally, searching is a litter better than other e-mail apps but nowhere near the GMail search capability. I understand the limitations, however, even a marginally better increase would be good. There is a lot of potential, but without the basic ability to send a message, this app is useless as a productivity app.

- I’ve taken a star off.....

First, the good: The intelligent sorting of emails into Personal, Notification and Newsletter categories is excellent. I can clean my inbox more quickly and focus on important emails better with Spark than any other app. This is the best app out there despite Two challenges: Search is poor particularly searches for subjects/words as opposed to people. Search also seems to be focused into the current folder rather than across mail boxes. Second, deleting threads is not handled well. Specifically, if you save one email from a thread with important information in a folder and also send one or more replies in the thread, then delete the thread from your inbox, Spark deletes what’s in your inbox AND your sent emails AND the email you saved. It’s hard to work around this other than deleting threads in Outlook or Apple Mail which don’t delete emails in a thread from other folders.

- Readdle? Is That You?

• I own every app that Readdle has made. You can read about Spark’s features on your own in the description of the app. But until you use a Readdle product and interact with Readdle’s humans, you can’t experience how much Spark is invaluable tool that becomes part of your digital life. • This update...she confuses me. I’m pretty dumb, so that’s not difficult to do. I just notice my writing space decreasing and a lot of new collaboration features I’ve never used in any app appearing. Follow your research if that’s where it’s taking you! •Still a solid app though. Spark’s visual communication is excellent and makes searching intuitive. Just please don’t turn into an abomination like that other app that people once knew as Evernote. EverN is like a rash that won’t go away and keeps spreading everywhere. I have faith In you, Readdle! • If you’re using Agile development, PLEASE STOP! Agile is a cancer. With the exception of middle managers (the cult’s core membership) it crushes employees and “templates” everything so untalented mid-mgrs don’t have to actually manage people—just templates. The machine-like mind of Agile causes people to cleverly hide their mistakes, lest they hold up a Almighty Sprint! • Agile uses workers like Stalin used the young and old men of Russia—cannon fodder. • Please love your Readdle employees!

- Best Email Program Available

I just love this app. I can keep track of all my email accounts in one place and manage them online in real time. So, once I file or delete an email, it automatically updates my accounts so when I access emails from a desktop application, I don’t have to duplicate my efforts. This app organizes emails in a very systematic manner, making reading emails easier to prioritize, read and respond. You can pin an email for later reference, schedule to read an email later, send emails on a schedule, identify spam easily and block further occurrences, and much, much more. I’ve tried many email apps before but this one is the best by far. If you have a busy schedule and need to streamline your email processing, I highly recommend this program. Trust me, you will not be disappointed.

- Used to be the best mail app, but became unusably buggy

Spark was, for months, the best mail app I had ever used. It allowed me to conquer my inbox easily and treat every message as something actionable. Unfortunately, since the beginning of December, it has become entirely unusable. Both on my mac, phone, and iPad, whenever I open the app, it looks fine and usable for about 10 seconds before every single email begins to disappear, and I'm told that my inbox is empty. Using the search box doesn't bring up a single message either. If this issue could be diagnosed, I would gladly come back to spark and start recommending it to everyone I know again (and give it 5 stars), but in its current state, it's pitiful. I have switched to Google Inbox for the meantime which, although similar to spark, doesn't even compare from a UI, productivity, and quality of clustering perspective. I hope to hear back.

- Love! One request!

Spark is a great tool for plowing through the piles of email. I can't imagine going back to life before it. I would however request one function that would allow me to specify exceptions from the bulk/newsletter grouping in the smart inbox. For example I'm on several committees that receive regular email updates. Spark sees those as "newsletters" and puts them in "newsletter" section -- 99% if which I wont read and will bulk swipe to delete. But because I need to read those that come from the committees, I have to comb through the "newsletter" group email by email and move those individually to the inbox before I can group delete all the rest that I don't want to read. This basically short circuits the best feature of Spark: the group swipe. If I could instruct Spark to treat certain specific sender addresses as "not newsletters" then I could save a bunch of time and effort. Thank you.

- Calender Integration

Spark, please improve the calendar integration. I have no problem with you inserting your calendar instead of using Apple’s, though the way it stands now, I much prefer Apple’s calendar inside the Spark app. The calendar integration was much better when you first brought Spark to us. Your stand alone calendar app is great, but the iteration that is part of Spark is horrible. I’ve mentioned this plenty of times before, and every single update that comes out is the same horrible calendar. Do you guys even care? I would hope so, because there is so much to love about Spark and the possibilities. I hate that when I select an event or appointment, it immediately sends me to edit it. Your calendars app doesn’t even do it. It brings up a preview of the event or appointment and then you can select to edit or not. Plus, I can’t even see the whole month, I’m stuck in week view. Please get these things fixed and make Spark what it should be, if you are serious about calendar integration.

- This app rocks!

isn’t even done loading and I am already giving it 5 stars because I have it on my MacBook and the interface is clean. I am still working to sync my iCal, however that is not the functionality Spark has full control over. The desktop version of this product is far easier on the eye than your average browser with gmail open. I am looking forward to utilizing the OneNote featured add-on. Curious how this application may evolve, its an excellent email work horse app so far for me. Currently I’m at zero in my primary inbox, organizing my mail is a big deal for me. I am not into spam, makes me curious if the consistency the application categorizes newsletters will be enough to support my needs or avoidance of capitalism via digital mail. I will update this review if I have a divorce with Spark, but for now we are hitched.

- Great product experience

You’ll find lots of praise on the product and I agree Spark is sparkilicious. I have been using the iPhone and Mac app for one year now and find the small things to add up immensely over the competing apps. Once you have your accounts and signatures and preferences setup, they sync once you login via new device. Also, I appreciate the integration with 1Password! And I enjoy the support from Readdle.... they are quick and they LISTEN. I was pleasantly surprised to get a meaningful response that gave me an idea of when I’d see the change I was requesting (cc: and bcc: options on the iOS app). I got another reply back to let me know the feature I had wrote about would be part of their next release. It’s what you would expect but so many other companies drop the ball on meaningful engagement. Keep it going!

- I do love email again!

I was a LONG time Mac Mail user until one day, all of my sort filters and search stopped working. I spent hours trying to fix it - everything from reboot to terminal commands. Nothing worked. I then read about Spark and gave it a go. After a solid week of use, I am in love with my inbox! I actually enjoy checking and sorting email! My only complaint is the threaded message view. In my work flow, I need to be able to flag/pin a specific email from a client which has information I need, not an entire chain of emails that happen to share a subject line. I now have to read through sometimes 4 or 5 emails of back and forth conversation to get one or two lines of information. If there was a way to pin the whole thread but highlight key information that would be helpful!

- Spark Email

Excellent app, great if you have multiple email accounts, handles them flawlessly, I have eight. Has everything you need, snooze your emails pin them so they are easily found, Smart inbox separates newsletters and other advertisements from your regular email, can remind you that the important email you sent to your boss or your client or even friends have not responded to you. The only item it lacks is the ability to notify you that a recipient of your email has been opened your email and what day and what time it was opened. A great thing for teachers or professors who rely on communication with their students and it stops the comment from students “well I never got your email”. “OH YES YOU DID STUDENT YOU My email program indicates you opened it at such and such day and such and such time, busted.” Provide that to us FREE or at a reasonable price, this app will receive ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

- So close to perfect!

Spark is a great email app. Just look at all the glowing reviews. But there's one huge drawback that keeps it from being best-in-class. I'm glad that Spark provides the ability to block all remote images in emails. This helps reduce positive pings from spammers. The problem is, with Spark, this is an "all-or-nothing" setting. If you have remote images turned off in settings, then you waste huge amounts of time clicking "Display images below" in every single email that you DO want to see images in. But if you turn the global setting off, then you're exposing yourself to spam. Spark needs to do what many other email apps have done, and that is to "learn" which senders I trust, and always show images for them automatically. This is easily accomplished by providing TWO options at the top of opened emails instead of one: - Display images ONCE for this sender - ALWAYS display images for this sender If ALWAYS is chosen, then this message would go away for that sender and images would always be displayed for all future emails from that person. In time, this whole process would fade into the background, and all interactions with trusted senders would become effortless, while still providing stellar spam blocking for all non-trusted senders. (This needs to be available on macOS and iOS).

- Truly beautiful and a pleasure to use

I’ve been a 3rd party mail user for some time now and couldn’t believe email could get any better. But then I retried Spark...oh my. I absolutely love using this app. Not only is it beautiful to behold, but it is so well designed to boot. It exactly fits the way I should be processing my email, and I never completely understood what I was missing until now. And the consistent feel between the mobile and desktop versions is simply stunning to use. Excellent work! One thing I miss from my other app though. When sending an email to another app using the Share Sheet, it would be great if the action would include a URL link to the email, in addition to the content of the email itself. This would make it easy to get back to the email from the other app (i.e. my task manager).

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- Very good app overall. A few bugs

Have been using this app since soon after the initial release. Overall it outperforms any other email client I have used for iOS, and is enjoyable to use. The layout and user interface work well, and updates have progressively improved the app (one recent example was the way emptying the deleted mail went from being a process with a prolonged continually refreshing icon (until complete), to an immediate process with background action from the server. The standout unique feature from my perspective is the predictive filing system, which automatically shows the most likely folders to choose from when moving items from the inbox to a folder. There is a bug with calendar events which extend beyond midnight - such as shift work - not displaying correctly (sometimes appear as two separate items in the wrong position on the calendar despite showing the correct time, or just displayed as all day events instead of correctly displaying as a time period). Still - having a combined calendar is useful.

- Did not expect to keep using this...

I've always preferred to use the stock app if possible, but with a very recent bug with Apple Mail in iOS 14 that resulted in my FROM aliases to be chosen seemingly at random, I had no choice but to try something else. Other mail apps don't do from-aliases well (including Outlook). Spark has really impressed me by keeping the experience very similar to Apple Mail, while providing some very convenient but subtle improvements. iOS 14.1 reportedly acknowledges the alias bug, but now I really find myself liking Spark! Some really convenient features include syncing all your accounts and changes between devices, showing tiny coloured markers next to mails from other accounts (I would normally never use the "all mail" view), saving a PDF of your mail, etc. I don't care about the team-oriented features, and this is still an improvement over Apple Mail!

- Exactly what I needed

I was very disappointed when Inbox left this world but luckily I found Spark. It’s a very powerful application and I am starting to love it (only used it for a week so far). It has so many customisation and I absolutely love it. Just one issue re push notification - when I get email notification and hard press it to delete/reply it - it actually try to load the full email which cause delay especially when I just like to delete the email. Some people will like this extended view of the email but some won’t. Perhaps a customisation should be offered in the setting so we can either have simple push notification (with sender, subject etc) or extended push notification with other details. Overall though, wonderful app - now will be installing on iPad and Mac :)

- Good but not for everyday use

Spark is a great tool to go through large number of emails quickly in organised manner. It categorises emails automatically first so that you can tackle similar types at one go, and then also offers vastly customisable filters to nail your niche needs perfectly. However the biggest downfall for Spark is that it isn’t fast enough for everyday use. Spark can take sometimes up to few hours to realise there is a new email in inbox compared to other email clients. Also even if the app knows there are new emails by way of notification, for it will not download the contents of the email until user opens and refreshes inbox - which can take up to a minute of your time staring at the spinning wheel. Even afterwards, Spark will frequently fail retrieving the email contents and all I get is the title of the email. All these add up to highly frustrating experience if you want Spark to completely replace your previous email client.

- Fantastic developer

I use their document app as the best file manager, pdf editor as the name says and now this spark as probably on par with my pc’s outlook .....Nevertheless it is a iOS app but it still much more elegant and capable than some crappy mail reader.....these developers sure know how to make an app....i am big fan of their document app more than has everything like video player, music player, pdf editing, browser, addons, icloud, gmail , one drive integration. I would love to have spark included in the document app as well....spark is good as a standalone app but i also want it in documents app ss well....Document is like what itunes used to be in Macbook....all in one....However, itunes was cluttered and sluggish but this app is so butter smooth

- Great all rounder email client for demanding needs

I've been using Spark for quite a few months now. I've found this to be quite easy to use and dependable - it displays the conversation threads beautifully so that it's easy to get the complete story quickly just scrolling up and down when one has only few moments to spare. The app can bring your multiple accounts in one place and can use a smart email box feature to filter out the important conversations for your convenience. Personally I have preferred to use the more conventional mailbox by mailbox view though but that was more of a personal preference. I used the pin function too so that I keep an eye on the important conversations. I specially liked one feature that was quite useful for me - it's the delayed delivery of your emails. I have used this extensively and it works like a charm. For my particular requirement, I don't want to send my recipients emails over the weekend however I generally clean up my inbox over the weekend (weekly review those of you are familiar with GTD). This feature is a lifesaver for me. Great job guys! Keep up the great work.

- Excellent email app!

Hey to the wonderful team working on Spark! You’ve done a magnificent job. Seriously. The sync feature is genius and it works smoothly with my iPad. Everything to reminders for certain emails that haven’t been replied to to undoing that email you accidentally sent... awesome. I do have one slightly issue that I’ve looked past because of how awesome and fluid this app is: In rare circumstances there seems to be a sync issue where emails will remain in the inbox as unread on my iPad, but they’re read on my iPhone. Of course I refresh the inbox and whatnot, but in the end it defeats me and I have to ‘read it’. Usually it’s just an email or two, but when it’s several because I haven’t looked at my iPad for a while, it’s just agonising to ‘read’ the emails already read on my iPhone! Otherwise, like I said, this app is incredible. Even with this teething issue that will one day be fixed (I hope!), I love it! Thanks again, appreciate your hard work and keep it up!

- Great email client, horrible with threads

Spark is an awesome email client and I truly love its design and feature set, lets all the other competitors in the dust. However the deal-breaker is its thread handling. Emails are threaded (which is nice) bit any action you apply to an email (such as move or delete) is applied to the entire thread, with no ability to turn that function off. Bad if you want to delete a useless response, because it also moves your sent email into the trash, deleting pesky ‘out of office’ replies that you get when sending email to a mailing list, or just moving different responses to different folders. Hopefully they take feedback on that design in a future update and have at least the ability to turn off applying actions to entire threads, at that point I’ll be back.

- Good, with a few glitches

I've tried a number of email clients and I always go back to Spark. It's got a ton of features however there are a few issues that need to be sorte: 1. On some occasions, the badge may display unread emails even though there are no unread emails. You will have to open the app, sync and then close it again 2. There is a significant lag when trying to look at new emails. Spark will notify you of new emails, however for some reason the email doesn't download until you open the app. Once the app is open, you will have to wait for anywhere from 30 seconds to a few minutes for it to download the new emails 3. I'm absolutely hating the new update with the layout of the cc/bcc option. It makes typing an email address very unintuitive

- Very capable email client

I’ve been searching for a good iOS email client for a while and tried a few. I still haven’t found what I feel is the ‘perfect’ one but Spark comes pretty close. It has an easy interface to use, it displays even complicated HTML messages without trouble, and sorting & searching is a breeze. My favourite feature is how easy it is to set up and use aliases - it mystifies me why other email clients make this complicated! My only complaint is the inability to edit SMTP settings of an existing connection; for example, to change servers or update a password. The only way to do this is to remove and re-add a connection (unless I’m missing something...). That’s what stops me from giving it 5 stars.

- Good, just not great

Spark has been a goto for me for a long time. There are heaps of features that make it a fantastic app, one of the best. There is unfortunately one feature that will occasionally cause me to uninstall it and use something else, and that is when the badge shows you that you have unread email but when you open the app and there is nothing there. This is because you then have to refresh / download the new mail, something g other apps don't force you to do. It's only a small thing, but it frustrates me every time. If Spark would download unread emails so they are ready when I go into the app, then display the badge, I'd be giving it a 5 star rating.

- So many great features. Better than gmail app for gmail

There’s a lot of positives. Snooze is awesome I can’t imagine email without it but there’s one thing that’s been getting to me. The app is about 65MB but it uses close to 1000MB all up on my phone? Why? I have a 16GB iPhone and I’m really annoyed. Wish there was a clear cache button or some setting to choose from speed up search or use less space. I did not get why it needs to use up so much friggen space! Still a 5 star app even with this issue. Used mailbox before this and I doubted this app could become better but it has.

- Best email client, period.

Wow where has Spark been all my life! Honestly, best mail client I’ve ever used and I’ve used a lot. I’m so impressed. Top 3 things. First, I legit only get notified when actual people email me nothing else (first app which has done this feature successfully). Second, I love how it splits up the inbox into different sections to separates the garbage from the actual emails I want to see! Like holiday photos from my family! Lastly, it’s just such a clean interface. It just works. And that’s amazing! So clean, fresh and works with dark mode! Only suggestion it would be nice to see a clearer spot for the reply button cause it took me like 10 minutes to find it 😂 but that could be my own silliness. But it’s great, best email client out there! All apps from Readdle are fantastic, worth the money for the brilliant quality you get! There is not another team of developers I could recommend more than these amazing people.

- Functional but lacking

Like far too many iOS apps significant functionality is missing compared to the desktop version which contains features that make organising email very effective. The iPad version is clean and simple, but simple to a fault. It’s slow and cumbersome to label emails and archive them. The iPhone version is even worse in this regard. It brings next to nothing to the party. As many others have noted, the app is incredibly slow. iWatch functionlity is non-existent. When notified of an email, you have next to no chance of previewing it in a reasonable amount of time. The only reason I endure Spark is compared to most other GMail clients, it’s slightly less painful and annoying. If not for the desktop version, I simply wouldn’t bother.

- Great email app

I have been using Spark for about a year and have found it very good at handling a large number of email accounts easily. I currently have 12 email addresses set up and it manages them all well. I have been impressed with the fairly regular improvements over the last year, adding lots of new features. I like the easy customisation of the layout and that you can set up easy swipe options to quickly deal with emails. Overall I have been very pleased and will definitely continue to use.

- Have to wait too long for emails to load

Readdle says that Apple Mail for iOS have access to certain API's that third party developers don't have access too and that's why Apple mail can load emails instantly and Spark cannot. But then I don't don't understand how I can see an entire email in a Spark notification with 3D touch but then I have to wait for that same email to load once I open the app. Also, the design isn't that great. Not bad, but I wish it was more like the Mac version. It's much prettier. But hey it's free right?

- Great! One improvement.

Love the app! Use it everyday and it helps heaps. Only one small complaint/ area of improvement...... Having badges for the amount of unread emails in a folder of emails that are automatically directed there, (kind of like the way the Gmail app does it). This would be super helpful as I will often look at my list of folders to see which folders have emails and hence which ones I need to read/ which ones I need to check up on later.

- letdown for me, back to the Mail app

As much as i’d love to say better this email let me down, i’m on an iPhone 7 and this email app is very ‘buggy’ while i’m typing an email around every 5 seconds it’ll freeze and i need to wait 3 seconds for it to come back and catch everything i was typing. I remember having a few issues on the desktop version too where it was changed the colour of my email and signature so the whole email was white and signature was black.. doesn’t look good when people receive an email they can’t read. Although i wish i could use another email app i’m going to stick with the original mail app. Disappointed.

- Fantastic

This (and its macOS companion app) is by far the best email app out there. It's worth every cent. The only things that are missing - in my opinion - are the option to track emails (eg inserting a HTML tracker that lets the sender know if the recipient has received and read their email) and the option to block (or automatically delete) emails from specific addresses. I understand an upcoming update will include Evernote and Trello integration. These will be a huge help to my workflow. I can't wait!

- It’s like having an iPhone that doesn’t make phone calls

A number of great features and possibly the best email app available except it’s let down by how slow it is. More frequently than not you’ll know you have emails however it won’t download. It seems really hit and miss about whether it’ll download or not and it’s not related to the source nor the email size or network coverage. Big failure that’s been raised for a long time but the updates seem to focus on adding more features without addressing this basic problem. Not much use having all of this text formatting when you can’t actually get emails.

- I like it but ....

Spark has a lot of great features “gimmicks” that other programmes have, they are great addition to a base email programme. However, at it core - emails are not automatically pushed to your phone, you have to open the app to get them. Spark does not seem to work well with office 365, seems like a double sync process, once with outlook, and then with spark servers. I am also concerned about having my data on spark servers as well. Many times I have to shut down spark and restart the app to get emails. The text size cannot be adjusted. I have seen comments as far back as 2 years on this yet no option to adjust. Makes reading emails hard with out glasses, and impossible at night. I am not the only one on this. The iPad version is marginally better than the phone, I am windows based so I use outlook for desktop. The features are great, bu the core job of getting important emails has let me down on several occasions by not loading straight away or just too slow.

- Real smart mail app

I’ve never wanted to install any other 3rd party mail app. But, I have a trust to readdle apps which didn’t failed. Spark is an owsome mail app, smart enough to recognise date info to add on calendar automatically. (Seemless workflow with calendars 5) I like the new mail alarm sound. Simple but most effective user interface. No longer need to travel between gmail-outlook-mail for any specific feature on their own mail. I’m happy to give 5 stars.

- Slow to open and crashes while archiving

I manage three email accounts with moderately high email traffic. Spark will regularly give me a new notification but opening the app takes several seconds to fetch, update, and display the email list. Opening a notification directly will almost always display an blank email view and closing the view after 10 or 20 seconds will take me back to my last app forcing me to open Spark again and wait for the emails to be fetched again. Attempting to archive an email is a coin flip between whether it will succeed or crash the app. I can wait a few seconds after opening an email before archiving to improve the success rate but this is a slow process when I have 20 emails to read and file away. I like the managing my emails with Spark, but this experience could be dramatically improved with better performance and fewer interruptions to my workflow.

- Awesome mail app!

A great mail app that I really enjoy. Being able to snooze emails and use the snooze feature as a reminder for to-do list is really helpful. Also having the smart inbox to filter the “noise” of newsletter and advertising from my email accounts is helpful aswell. Anyone reading this far into my review should definitely download and use spark. And for business use the features look great but I don’t use that. Enjoy! :)

- Really good, but with some small tweaks would be amazing

This is a wonderful email client, but it’s missing a few things that I use a lot - Big pet peeve here: When opening PDFs, it bypasses the native iOS viewer, instead trying to sell you on their app PDF Expert, at USD $60 p/y. No way to change it. I need to annotate PDFs infrequently, so locking me to this method of annotation is a dealbreaker. - does not support Edge as a browser option - does not have options to route particular link types to your choice of app, like addresses to your chosen navigation app - it won’t open .pkPass files in Wallet like Apple Mail, Edison and Canary does - When viewing a contact, it doesn’t show a backlog of all mail from that person - no easy way to see all attachments from a particular contact - syncing of contact pictures only works for businesses, while Canary get images from all contact user accounts too I’ve downloaded again following the iOS 14 updates and the above is still valid.

- Pretty awesome app!

Great email app, it’s got great functionality and love the versatility with notification/badge counts, ideal for someone who may manage more than one inbox for work (or uses this app for both personal and work use). Gave it 4 stars because there were two features missing or needs improvement: 1. Provide the option to turn of conversation view (this is mainly personal preference) 2. The Apple Watch complication doesn’t seem to reflect the iPhone app’s badge settings. I have two inboxes I manage for work and I wish to only see a count on my watch for one of the inboxes. I turned off badge and notification for the other inbox but the Watch complication shows a count of unread emails for both inbox. No way to tweak that which is disappointing. Hopefully this can be implemented in the future and it’s not due to watchOS’s limitation. All in all, very good app. Thank you and keep the good work up.

- Love this app, but there is one thing.

I have been using the Spark app for a couple years now and really love it. The best feature for me is the ability to snooze emails until a given date. The reason I can’t give it a 5 is that there is one thing I wish they would fix. That is the inability to view emails full screen while in landscape view. The email list takes up a third of the screen. I want the email list out of the way like portrait view. Other than that, 5 stars.

- Best email app + + +

Readdle has added even more features into this beautiful delight to use. As well as handling many types of email accounts, it gives access to secondary iCloud accounts without hassle. Feature-rich, customisable, intuitive. Choice of browsers and great sharing. Clear privacy principles. Quality in keeping with all Readdle apps. Desktop app equally wonderful. I would like to be able to turn off conversation view.

- Best email app

Best email app, but new widgets are not updating, would be good to be able to see the new emails on the widget without having to open the app, widget only seems to update once you open the app... so I can see there are new messages on the app icon badge but widget on Home Screen says no messages, it only shows what the message is once I open the app to check the new messages, but then it's pointless to have the widget...

- Email Management Lifesaver

I have only been using Spark to manage my emails for the past 2 weeks but it has already proven its awesomeness so much so that I've already deleted Outlook from my phone! 🙌 I'm currently managing 6 email accounts with ease and look forward to seeing what new features are added in future. I'm even recommending it to my business friends which just shows how awesome this app really is! A+

- So far so good BUT......

This is a early impressions review. So far I’m liking it and everything it offers, very unique approach to inbox organisation. However for the iPad app there is no mouse support which is disappointing as third party apps like Edison mail do have complete mouse support despite the feature being relatively new to iPad os 13.4. So due to this the experience is a little inconsistent for me. So if there’s one feature request i could make to make this a 5 star app it would be full mouse support.

- Suddenly buggin

Please fix the bugs in the new update! Have never had an issue with this app until now. I can open the app but can not interact with my emails at all as it crashes! I dont want to change to any other app for my emails as this is the best i have found so far To add to this review. The latest update seems to have fixed the bugs which were crashing it! YAY 🎆 thank you!!

- The best got better

Now let's start with the latest update - templates! I'm wholly going to claim this as my doing as I emailed them over 18 months ago and every other month since suggesting this feature. So readdle, you're welcome. Aside from this, gestures, UI, scheduling are just some of the features that make this the best email app out there. It even handles those atrocious Gmail labels system better than Gmail itself.

- Update works great

After not being able to get accounts added, I was impressed with how quick the Spark team resolved the issue. Also, thinking it wouldn't be so quick, I searched and searched for an alternative in functionality, ease of use, price etc; there's nothing comparable to Spark. Hoping for many more years of use with my go to email client

- Good start but.. not working on new iPhone

I love this app and my Mac based workflow has improved significantly, I loved the unified email signature. But when it stopped being able to compose emails on my iPhone, it become a big issue for me. I contacted support and 3 weeks I later I received an email back asking me for screen shots which I responded in 15mins if the email. Now it is too months later and it is still now working. So I am having to move all devices to another email client setup. Such a shame. :-(


I love the fact that all emails save as on the normal mail app only a certain amount of emails load. It’s frustrating when you need to access an email from a while ago. I love this app it cleans up my inbox very well. I would love to see a dark mode however as in the night I get an email and the screen it white and it’s such a pain. I love it tho keep up the great work!

- Excellent Alternative to Airmail

I was on Airmail for a while, invested in both the IOS and Mac OS apps. Worked for what I needed but started becoming a bit bloated and buggy. When they moved to a Subscription model AND made basic features “Premium” that was enough, and thankfully I’ve found Spark. Much nicer and neater interface (but Airmail users will still feel at home). Less bloat and more responsive. Love it.

- For business owners on the go

I work my day time job while trying to get my business going and Spark allows me to do that. Small things make a massive difference - able to have my email signature on the phone app to look professional to clients, selecting multiple files to attach in an email, the smart inbox, plus much much more... surprised it’s free to be honest.

- Loading remote image broken

Hi team spark Just wanted to say thank you for a great email app. Just noticed on the latest update manual loading of remote images is missing when viewing emails. This of course is when turning off load remote images option in the security setting. Can we have this fix? Thank you.

- Great app

I find it easy to use and navigate and the ability to schedule emails to be sent at a later date negates the needs for a lot of other apps like calendars, reminders etc. The snooze function is also great! Receive an email and don’t want to look at it for a month, hit snooze and know it’s coming back at your nominated date. I love it.

- Best Email App By Far!

I’m super impressed with Spark so far. It’s fast, clean design and so, so easy to navigate. I find it far superior to the Mail app and no longer use the Gmail app or webpage for my work email. I love that I have the same app for my iPhone, iPad and MacBook. They are synced across devices and there is a lot of customisation available to make emails more manageable. So happy I found this app!

- Loving email again

Spark is a fantastic email app. Cleaning out spam and deleting unwanted emails is so fast. It’s just as easy to move the ones you want into folders so my inbox is now manageable again. Only Suggestion for improvement is to enable folder maintenance within the app. I’m really hoping Spark will be ported to PC so I can replace outlook and use it everywhere!

- Pretty good

Not bad, can I make a suggestion to the developers. When sliding right to delete an email, I have to wait for the animation to finish before being able to delete another email. Can you make it so you don’t have to wait? Makes it painful when deleting many emails quickly. Thanks!!

- The best Mail app I’ve ever used!

I never really write reviews on apps but this app deserves a huge round of applause to the developers of Spark. I work in digital marketing and have used many email clients out there. I never thought I’d love one as much as Spark haha. This app is awesome, super powerful and great for small business or people on the go managing projects.. I love it! Please let it stay :-)

- Crash several times for the last couple of months

I’ve been using the app for almost a year now, everything was good before, but for the last couple of months it keeps crashing and I need to close and open it again multiple times

- Best mail app handling of OWA

Apple and MS have nothing on spark when it comes to owa. Works seemlessly. Still there is room for improvement - mail rules would be great and support for calendar needs work. Nonetheless, this is still the most superior mail app - it's archiving, snoozing, deleting are all super intuitive and help deal effectively with large volumes of emails quickly. Great app.

- Great email client

I love using this email client. It is very easy to navigate through and the functions within the app, e.g. moving emails - even between different email accounts - is fantastic. I also like the style and various settings you can play with. For me it would be difficult to go past Spark and use another app.

- Very useful.

Even though I don’t need to write team emails this app is a gamechanger. Viewing emails and deleting unwanted ones is quicker and more efficient than with any other email app. The only drawback is inability to control Gmail Labels. I know you are working on it, but you but please enable attaching and detaching labels as a priority. Creating and filtering can wait, but using existing labels is urgent. Well done anyway.

- Slow

I have used this program for a number of years and have loved it - until recently it worked very well, I am now finding the Mail app on my iPhone is outperforming this one - sometimes I have to wait for 30 mins after I have received the email on Mail to receive it on Spark.. it certainly isn’t as user friendly as it used to be.. not able to move emails to folders like I used to be able too either - just a bit disappointing...

- Best Email App for iOS

I’ve tried many email apps. I left Spark briefly and dabbled with Airmail and even (dare I say it) Outlook - but Spark just keeps getting better. Now with direct integration with apps such as Things, PDF Expert, Google Drive etc., Spark strikes a great balance between a beautiful, minimal UI and power-user functionality. Keep going Readdle, we will ‘love email again’...

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- Spectacular spark!

I really like that merging email accounts is easy to do and all of your email shows up in one spot & you can tell what account it's from!

- Easily the best email app.

This is by far the best email app for iPhone and macOS. It has great exchange support which is mandatory for me to be using. Love it!

- Great app but

This is a great app but PLEASE enable unthreading. It should be up to the user to decide if they want to use it - and I don't, but can't disable it. Irritating. Otherwise great mail app.

- Buggy

1. Like several previous reviewers have mentioned, this app freezes quite often, especially when entering the app by tapping on a notification. Unacceptable, especially when I’m running your app on the latest iOS devices 2. No option to swipe from anywhere in the message view back to my inbox. I shouldn’t have to do a long, slow swipe from the left edge of my screen just to get back to my inbox. Unintuitive UI. 3. Tapping on new email notifications sometimes doesn’t even bring me to that new email, it goes to the inbox and takes another 5 seconds to load it. I hope Readdle is working on addressing these.

- Developers Don't Know Rule 1

The developers don't know rule #1... if you add a feature, you must add an option to disable it! There is no way to disable conversation threading, which I absolutely hate! When I submitted the feature request, I was told they have no intention of ever implementing an option to disable it. X! Wrong! The correct answer is “We will add it to the list of feature”. Other than threading, I really like this app, but can't deal with the threading. Every other app, including the stock app has an option to toggle threading. Who does Readdle think they are to say they have no plans to ever implement an option to disable it?! Will have to find a new mail app cause I can't deal with threading. EPIC CUSTOMER SERVICE FAIL!

- great features, but unreliable

its very slow to load messages and often has to be force quit to get back into a working state (pretty much daily)

- Cool features but...

Can’t seem to eliminate the conversation view which I despise. Second, fonts don’t scale with iOS font scaling so very difficult to see the emails as composing. Gotta get that resolved.

- Crashes when tapping on notifications and overall poor performance

Updated: on top of the wonky notification handling (which still isn’t fixed) now the app hangs for a long time when I open it. Not sure if you know this or not but routing on notifications is broken.

- Dark Mode

Now that IOS has updated 13 and all Apps should be following suit. Will give 5 stars when dark mode has been implemented. Come on and implement Dark Mode!

- Unacceptable security

This app does not merely store your login credentials on the device, which is all an email client needs to do, it stores them on a remote server as well. Considering the number of "secure" servers that have been hacked for stored login credentials, and considering the the danger of hacked email, this is not acceptable.

- Read its privacy policy

Read its privacy policy. You’ll end up saying no to this app ... and will thank me later

- Changes don’t sync

If I archive a message in this app it’s still in my inbox on webmail. If I send, it frequently tells me it’s sent but it hasn’t and I later have to open and go to the outbox and force it. This app is broken.

- Parfait

Le pari est tenu : j’aime à nouveau consulter mes mails.

- Spam filter needs work

Love this email app but the spam filter needs more work. None of my junk mail gets filtered. I get so much daily junk email and wish it worked. Now I just delete the emails because it never learns anything. I am searching for a better app.

- GEO keywords ranking

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- Missing Dark Mode

Add dark mode please. The Mac version has had it for over a year.

- No need for this much tracking in an email client

Bloated from the hockeySDK. Back to Apple mail. Big privacy concerns.

- Mr Garcia

The app has revolutionise the mail experience, yet it can be better by embracing the changes and keeping up with the tech innovation and add more integrations! 👍👍👍

- Best Email App

Simply the best email app ever! Just give it a try and you’ll fall in love with it!

- Used to be Amazing

Have loved the app for years, but recently all my outgoing messages are converted into a nonsensical version of Greek characters that can’t be read. Have reached out to support multiple times but have not helped.

- Awesome

What used to be a great program is now no longer. Emails no longer delete nor stay read. If I move a message to another folder the next time I open the program they’re back in the original place. It’s almost unusable now.

- Logins disappeared

All of my logins were deleted randomly one day

- My used one of the best app

Very quick notification process. Liked it.

- Bien mais ... Manque de quoi

Bonne application dans son ensemble. J’ai eu un peu de mal à ajouter ma boîte courriel sur un domaine privé, mais cela fonctionne au finale. On aurait toutefois aimé disposer des fonctionnalités suivantes : - Filtre lors de la réception d’un message - Réponse automatique personnalisable par compte (En permanence, date déterminé, selon l’expéditeur ?!) en utilisant un modèle de courriel existant - L’activation d’un « Touch ID »

- Side-Bar

Give us the option to remove and recall side-bar by swiping left/right to have full page access to messages in landscape mode, otherwise the app looks the same as Apple’s e-mail app for iPads, till then, why switch...!

- Best app for email

We love Spark. The collaborative tools are something we can’t live without as a team. The way email should be.

- Improving all the time

I stopped using Spark for a while because I felt it had become cluttered and convoluted. But over time it has recovered a lot of its previous elegant simplicity, while still continuing to add useful features.

- Fantastic App!

I am finally able to reconnect to Spark after many months of being unable to connect to I am very happy with Spark and having used it for quite some time previously, I can thoroughly recommend it. It is excellent.

- Do not sign up for this!!

Right after signing up for my email with this app I started receiving an insane amount of junk mail it’s like they sign you up for a bunch of spam and it doesn’t go away even on my new mail app now it’s much less but I still get the odd one. I’ve never received spam before downloading this app. I wouldn’t risk it.

- Great app!!! except for one thing

I think spark is a great email app I really like that you can schedule emails to be sent later that’s a really handy feature that a lot of email apps don’t have. The problem with it and it’s the reason I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 stars is there is no option to turn off email threads i read on your site you have no plans of adding this option and I can’t understand why. Gmail has threaded emails and has the option to turn it off. I find it easier to find emails when there not threaded and I think a lot of people feel the same the same way.

- Really good

Yes, I like it and easy to use . Mini iPad 5 and iPhone SE

- Good while it lasted

I enjoyed using the app but then it constantly crashed upon opening on my MacBook Pro. I sent the info the app asked for, but never heard back. So deleted from all my devices and went back to Apple’s mail app.

- Notification not working.

The notification has not been working. I have to open the app to check my mail or else I wouldn’t know when I get new mail. Fix it please.

- Bugs and annoyances

Problems syncing. When I move a message from the inbox to a folder, everything looks fine but the truth is when I go to my webmail on my computer, it appears the message is in the spam folder. My guess is it was initially in the spam, but Sparks put it on the inbox instead and then I suppose I moved kind of a “ghost” message. The thread that we can not unable is a real annoyance. Since I installed Sparks, my data usage went up like crazy. It’s as if even if I don’t click and read a message the app loads its full size. That’s not what happens with other email apps, i.e. attached files and images are not loaded until I decide to actually read the message.

- Simply the best

Added features better design than native mail app.

- Beware!

I loved this app for a long long time, but one day I was moving some important emails to sub-folders on my iPhone and they disappeared. Hundreds of important emails! Not in deleted. Not in archived. No where. Just gone. I contacted Spark immediately to see if they had a back up they could restore them from, and despite multiple requests for urgent help, I never heard back from them. I will never trust this app again and I will miss it, but you just can’t do that to people’s valuable data! I am blown away that this happened to me. Destroyed!

- 5 stars

Simple, clean layout with excellent functionality

- Great app but...

I like the interface, but up to now I have no idea when I get an email. No sound, no indication on the app showing the unread email...I have to continually check to see. Have had emails go out where recipients say the message was blank? Either its me- or there are a couple of bugs to fix

- Spark is spectacular

Spark is an amazing email app. No annoying reminders to subscribe or pay for pro.

- User-friendly, feature-rich but slightly flawed

It has all the standard features one could ask for esp. aliases. How it handles swipe actions is also easy to use. However, it is not possible to swipe to go back to the list of e-mails. It takes one to the previous e-mail. There is no option to change it. Other annoyances include the inability to quickly select multiple e-mails and moving buttons when trying to delete an e-mail from its notification.

- Spark email

The app seems to be doing a good job for the long time I’ve been using it on my iPhone and iPads.

- Best Email App out there👍


- Great email platform

Works like a charm!

- Smart Inbox is a Hindrence not a Feature

You do not allow the ability to disable Smart or Unified Inboxes. At any one time I may have as many as a dozen email addresses active for different purposes and having them all jumbled together is not only *not* helpful, it's annoying. Every mail app I've seen offer these 'options' with no way to disable them, just like Spark. *** Update *** It's been months and yet zero response by Readdle. Is this customer service? The LEAST you could do is add a feature to remember last position so I'm not automatically dragged back to the Unified Inbox everytime I open the app.

- Privacy Concerns

I like the interface of their app; but I have learned they copy all of your personal private emails and security credentials onto their servers. Additionally, they share your personal behavioral data to big tech companies such as Facebook and Google.

- Love Hate

I love the idea of the app; however, it's glitchy AF! The teams portion is too expensive also.

- Issue Report - Apple Watch

Hello, I am trying to use the Spark app in my Apple Watch so I can view my emails in a handy way. It’s really frustrating though because every time I open the app it says “Please run Spark on iPhone to Continue”. What’s the purpose of having the Spark app on the Watch, if I have to carry my iPhone around with me all the time just to activate the app on the Watch? The Watch app should be able to run independently without having to open Spark on iPhone every time. Please fix this soon! Thanks

- Good, but...

Please fix the app to synch sent emails across devices.

- All my emails disappeared!

After an update all of my logins and emailed disappeared! I open the app and asks me to set up my email as if I just installed it. Pain the ——!!!!

- Notifications Repeat

When I open the app I receive a barrage of notifications including audio alert for each and every email that came over night or while I was away from my phone. The app is notifying twice. When the mail comes in, and again when I open the app, sometimes hours later. Very annoying. Searching in vain for a way to stop the repeated notifications. Otherwise it a good app.

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Spark Mail - Email by Readdle 2.9.22 Screenshots & Images

Spark Mail - Email by Readdle iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Spark Mail - Email by Readdle iphone images
Spark Mail - Email by Readdle iphone images
Spark Mail - Email by Readdle iphone images
Spark Mail - Email by Readdle iphone images
Spark Mail - Email by Readdle iphone images
Spark Mail - Email by Readdle iphone images
Spark Mail - Email by Readdle iphone images
Spark Mail - Email by Readdle iphone images
Spark Mail - Email by Readdle iphone images
Spark Mail - Email by Readdle iphone images

Spark Mail - Email by Readdle (Version 2.9.22) Install & Download

The applications Spark Mail - Email by Readdle was published in the category Productivity on 2015-05-29 and was developed by Readdle Inc. [Developer ID: 285035419]. This application file size is 415.97 MB. Spark Mail - Email by Readdle - Productivity app posted on 2021-05-01 current version is 2.9.22 and works well on IOS 11.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.readdle.smartemail

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