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Spark is the best personal email client and a revolutionary email for teams. You will love your email again!

"Best of the App Store" - Apple
"It's a combination of polish, simplicity, and depth" - FastCompany
"You can create an email experience that works for you" - TechCrunch

**Beautiful and Intelligent Email App**
We are building the future of email. Modern design, fast, intuitive, collaborative, seeing what’s important, automation and truly personal experience that you love - this is what Spark stands for.

**Farewell to Busy Inbox**
Smart Inbox lets you quickly see what's important in your inbox and clean up the rest. All new emails are smartly categorized into Personal, Notifications and Newsletters.

**Discuss email privately**
Invite teammates to discuss specific emails and threads. Ask questions, get answers, and keep everyone in the loop.

**Create email together**
For the first time ever, collaborate with your teammates using real-time editor to compose professional emails.

**Schedule emails to be sent later**
Schedule emails to be sent when your recipient is most likely to read them. It works even if your device is turned off.

**Snooze That One For Later**
Snooze an email and get back to it when the time is right. Snoozing works across all your Apple devices.

**Find Any Email In An Instant**
Powerful, natural language search makes it easy to find that email you're looking for. Just search the way you think and let Spark do the rest.

**Get Notified About Important Emails Only**
Smart Notifications filter out the noise, letting you know when an email is important, saving you from notification overload.

**Powerful Integrations**
Integrate Spark into your workflow and take productivity to the next level. Supports Dropbox, Box, iCloud Drive, and more.

**Built-in calendar**
A full-featured calendar works right in your email to help you always be on top of your schedule. Create events easily using natural language.

**Create links to email**
Create secure links to a specific email or conversation. Share the link on Slack, Skype, CRM, or any other medium so your team can see it and collaborate around it.

**Sign Off With A Swipe**
Before you send an email, quickly swipe to choose the right signature for the occasion.

**Email with Emotion**
Quick Replies get the point across with just a tap. Love, like or acknowledge an email in an instant.

**Email Never Looked This Good**
That terrible mess in your inbox is now replaced it with a beautiful, threaded message design.

**A Truly Personal Experience**
Customize Spark to work as you do. You decide which swipes do what, what cards are shown, and how many emails you want to see.
You’ll love your email again!

If you need us, you can always find us at [email protected]

Spark - Email App by Readdle App Description & Overview

The applications Spark - Email App by Readdle was published in the category Productivity on 2015-05-29 and was developed by Readdle Inc.. The file size is 140.40 MB. The current version is 2.3.5 and works well on 11.0 and high ios versions.

Use More Fonts When Writing Email!
The most recent update allows you to select various fonts and pick text size to compose the best email.
It’s a long time anticipated feature for personal and professional use.

Now you can:
- Use a variety of fonts and sizes in email composer;
- Set a default font type and size for all your messages. As soon as you change font settings, Spark will remember it and use for all future messages;
- Apply other formatting options like text color and highlight to new fonts;
- Tweak your signatures with variety of fonts available to match your style.

We hope you enjoy the update as much as we do.
Keep in touch with us at [email protected] and stay tuned for new exciting features!

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Best email app ever  Ceescornelis  5 star

Spark is the best thing that has happened to my email. It pulls all of my various emails into one spot, keeps different signatures for different emails, has quick templates for fast responses, and just keeps thing simple and easy across all my devices. It’s the freaking best.

A+ Support  5 star

I don't use email a ton for work, but I liked how beautiful the app looked, so gave it a try. The templates feature is super helpful in easily sending emails I send often - it will even auto-populate info! What I'm really impressed with is their support team. I was having an issue accessing the templates on my phone, and not only did they respond SUPER promptly, but they fixed the issue just as fast! I emailed them last night, and they had it fixed this morning, in less than 12 hours! A+ service, and the template feature was exactly what I needed to resend the same email to different people - a feature I couldn't find anywhere else. Thank you Spark team!


Sending mail  bross1983  2 star

Like the app, but why do I have to go in to my outbox every time I attempt to send an email and refresh it to make the email send? Why can’t I just hit send and the email send? Tried to contact support, got a generic email telling me they are too busy to respond....”in case of emergency delete app” apparently.


Awesome app EXCEPT  Trawal2582  4 star

I would rate a 5 ⭐️ if only it supported Microsoft Outlook calendar. Please add support!!! Otherwise, LOVE the app and all it's features. And I am a die-hard Microsoft Outlook fan!


!!!!!!! iCal SYNC PLEASE !!!!!!!  jsmartfart  2 star

I love spark. It’s the best email platform available for desktop & mobile. But I need to be able to sync information from my emails into iCal. I understand you have your own calendar function in the app but it’s forced me to maintain two separate calendars or manually upload all the info from spark into iCal and I’m missing meetings because of it. Hopefully you see this and add an easy way to sync with iCal or I’ll have to go back to the default mail app.


Notifications Should Disappear When Read  Mauricekp  3 star

I would use this app, but it’s lacking a huge “push” feature. The app should remove email notifications when the email is read/deleted on another device. This is a huge deal for me. It works this way with the native Exchange in mail, and the Outlook app.


Once great, now failing  DudeInDudesLifetime  2 star

App won’t update in the background. I’ve reached out to the developers about this, and they initially responded seeking surprised. But now I see hundreds of reviewers saying the same thing. Fix this, Readle, or we’ll go away


Subpar  Julielizabet  2 star

When I began working for a college that did not use gmail, I was forced to look for another email app. The gmail app was perfect for my purposes, so I was not happy. To my surprise, there are not a lot of high-quality email apps out there. After wading through the options and reading many articles and reviews, I settled on Spark. Although Spark is well-regarded, I find that it crashes almost daily and often inexplicably freezes. It is acceptable for me since I do not use it as much as perhaps some others might and because I hate switching “systems” with great frequency. I would recommend that you keep looking. Spark is a mediocre product.


Amazing when it works..  BehroozH  3 star

Almost the perfect email app... However most of the time the app struggles loading emails, attachments and bugs are all over the place... It needs a solid update to fix all the bugs and we have a perfect email app.. until then.. 3 stars.


Not working  Bopper4  1 star

I am deleting this app. As much as I wanted it to work, it never did with Mac mail. Contacted support and they answered requesting more info. Info provided but after a week of waiting, haven’t heard from them. I have no time to waste on this.


Slow and unresponsive  Tuannnnn.nnnnn  3 star

I love Spark but its often very slow and unresponsive. Sometimes would crash and stop my Mac from shutting down. Please fix it. Thanks

Leo Perkins

Good start but.. not working on new iPhone  Leo Perkins  3 star

I love this app and my Mac based workflow has improved significantly, I loved the unified email signature. But when it stopped being able to compose emails on my iPhone, it become a big issue for me. I contacted support and 3 weeks I later I received an email back asking me for screen shots which I responded in 15mins if the email. Now it is too months later and it is still now working. So I am having to move all devices to another email client setup. Such a shame. :-(


Love Spark  SodaXtra  5 star

The best email App so far...


My favourite email app  Darkstar_traceur  5 star

It's an excellent email so with great features


Trouble opening attachments  ShaonR  3 star

Good app, has lots of features. But falls in one of the most basic functions: opening attachments. Every time I try to open attachment be it docx or PDF, it says “preparing“ and I have to close out of the app. Disappointing...


Time for update  Jamscar  3 star

Please ad darkmode and support for brave browser


Like Google Inbox, but 1000% better  JamesMForward  5 star

Downloaded it because I wanted an alternative app to keep my work and home emails seperate, now I want to use for everything. Super simple gesture controls, looks beautiful on phone, iPad and Mac. Love it, awesome work!

T0m W

Best iOS mail app I have used  T0m W  5 star

Intuitive, clever & beautifully clean. I especially love the “pin” function for emails I should return to later.

Boris Biskupic.

I like it but ....  Boris Biskupic.  2 star

Spark has a lot of great features “gimmicks” that other programmes have, they are great addition to a base email programme. However, at it core - emails are not automatically pushed to your phone, you have to open the app to get them. Spark does not seem to work well with office 365, seems like a double sync process, once with outlook, and then with spark servers. I am also concerned about having my data on spark servers as well. Many times I have to shut down spark and restart the app to get emails. The text size cannot be adjusted. I have seen comments as far back as 2 years on this yet no option to adjust. Makes reading emails hard with out glasses, and impossible at night. I am not the only one on this. The iPad version is marginally better than the phone, I am windows based so I use outlook for desktop. The features are great, bu the core job of getting important emails has let me down on several occasions by not loading straight away or just too slow.


No notifications 😩  jay.parmar  1 star

Excellent app but what’s the use of it when you don’t get a notification when an email is received. Poor stuff. PLEAST FIX IT


The best email app  Nebur3302  5 star

Thank you very much Readdle team. You are always delivering the best apps and spark email is simply the best of best. I use it everyday.


Best email app out there. Just one big problem  Bbear84  3 star

This is the way email should be done. Only problem: it’s not reliable. Sometimes emails will show up in the preview pane click to open it and it will never open. Other times I can’t find emails in Spark that exist in Seems to be problematic only with Exchange email (iCloud account loads fine). I wish Apple would buy Spark and make it their default mail app — and fix the glitches. It has all the features you want in an elegant, minimal interface. Makes outlook look like the cockpit of a 747 with all its buttons everywhere and layers and layers of menus etc. Just, Please, make it work reliably.


Wins out over many other email apps.  dyan007  4 star

There’s still some room for improvement, but I have pitted Spark against many other email apps I’ve tested, and this is the one I keep coming back to. It’s feature rich but simple and straightforward. This app offers more features than any other, but there are a couple of features I’d really like to see them integrate that would make this app perfect. Several others offer one touch unsubscribe and focused views, but I personally don’t find these features especially helpful. (I can create these filters/folders if I really needed to in my gmail).) From what I can tell, the unsub button in other apps doesn’t really unsubscribe me,...I think it just marks those messages as spam so they default to spam from then on. The calendar built in here is pretty limited so it won’t replace your main calendar app, but nice to have when adding events from email and seems to sync up with my more comprehensive calendar app. I’m really just missing a few things for how I personally use email. 1) read/write access to my folders/tags and filters. The Gmail app offers this so I keep it on my phone for when I need it, but I don’t like using this app for email as much. The other things I’m missing are both present in the Yahoo app, which is otherwise very UNimpressive...2) I’d like more visual customization like yahoo has with more colors and a clean crisp look, and 3) I really like the dated brackets that yahoo has. When I search or navigate to a folder in yahoo email, it breaks up the results by date: last week, last month, 3 months ago, 2018, 2017, etc. and gives me an option to select all below that bracket to move, delete, or whatever. That’s a really helpful feature when needing to cleanup and reorganize that no one else seems to have. So if Spark were to add more aesthetic theme options, dated brackets with clustered select, and read/write access to folders and filters, this would be THE PERFECT app. It’s a pretty clear winner overall and I’ve been with Spark long enough to see steady enhancements and staying power. Hopefully they’ll continue to refine and add some of these feature I find helpful.


Images  RoyceCDS  3 star

Image download and upload are terribly slow and the UI on them isn’t great. The bulk swipe feature is wonderful and why I started using this app but the poor images functionality makes it almost unusable.


I thought I loved this app until....  PsyDChichi  1 star

I was looking for a job recently & the interviews had been going better than normal-i just knew I had the job, but no contact-this was over mother's day weekend and I was crushed! Evertime this company wrote me I wd pin the Communications. Only to find out that I got the offer Thursday night but this crappy app didn't highlight it for me & I had no idea Id received it! I immediately got rid of this app & could never recommend it!

Radioescucha t 13

Perdí muchos correos  Radioescucha t 13  1 star

Elimine la App de mi iPhone, por falta de espacio de almacenamiento, y perdí meses de correos de mi cuenta de gmail!!! >:-(


Reviews of Spark  AJ_Reader  5 star

No doubt, this App really is a true charm that works with the flow. I enjoy it's great speed ☝️😃


Solid cross-platform client and free  markbyrn  4 star

As a cross-platform Newton Mail user, I think Spark is a great alternative although it's not on Windows as of yet. It does work smoothly between my Mac, iOS, and Android devices. For wharever reason, Spark doesn't allow AOL accounts even when I set it up manually. Also, I would prefer for my read mail to be completely unbolded. Overall though, very solid and free without any adverts is sweet although I wonder how long they can sustain that; let's hope they don't pull a Newton.


Great App-BUT  Muttart  4 star

Why does there always need to be a BUT. I have used almost all email apps, and this one combines most of my favorite features. Unfortunately, you can’t see birthdays or holidays from your iCloud calendar. This is a big miss.


Create Folders  DT169  4 star

Seems to be an issue with the creating folders. The majority of the time now it will not let me create one.

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