Polar Scope Align Pro App Reviews


Polar Scope Align Pro App Description & Overview

What is polar scope align pro app? Apart from the most reliable app for polar alignment (with or without a polar scope), PS Align pro has become the astronomer's swiss-army knife with all the tools added over the years. Remember, all features & updates are free forever, the only in-app purchases are donations (tip jar).

Polar Scope Align will calculate the position of Polaris or σ Octantis in your Polar Scope reticle for your location (using your phone's GPS or manually), allowing a quick and accurate polar alignment. It is one of the few programs that are accurate in lower latitudes by correcting for atmospheric refraction (so expect results to agree only with precise software and not most simplistic "polar align" apps - see the "Accuracy" section in help for details). In the settings you can select the polar scope reticle that matches your own, from a vast collection:
iOptron old & new, Astro-Physics RAPAS & PASILL, various versions of Takahashi EM-10/11/200/400/500, NJP, PM-1, P2-Z, the latest Orion / Skywatcher, the Classic Skywatcher / Orion / Celestron / Meade / EXOS2 / Bresser, the Telrad, Rigel QuikFinder, a couple for Astrotrac / Losmandy / Kenko / Avalon, the Vixen PF-L/Atlux/SX/SXD/SXP/AXD/GP/GP-DX/Polarie Polar Axis Scopes, a Konus and several Polar Finders: Tuthill, Explore Scientific 8x50, Meade 9x60, Vixen Polaris, Celestron 7x50, Carton Optical. PoleMaster help view for South Hemisphere users. If you have one not included, just ask the developer to add it!

Feature list:

-Accurate calculation of Polaris or Sigma Oct for any date and location, including effect of atmospheric refraction (and annual aberration, nutation). Most other apps do not perform precision calculations, so please only compare app readings to accurate sources (USNO, scientific software etc).
-Use device time/date/location, or enter your own, or pick from online & offline world databases via the Location Manager.
-Approximate daytime / no polarscope polar alignment tool. Great for visual use, solar imaging (inc. eclipses) and even limited short focal length astrophotography. Now with sun shadow calibration for more accuracy!
-Laser / Hop Align for nighttime alignment using a calibration star for obstructed or not visible polar star, or for improving laser align.
-Full app in red-color (or alternative green, white) night mode - tools switchable to daytime view.
-Deep Space Object (DSO) Database with 22000+ objects from several catalogs (Messier, Caldwell, NGC, IC, Herschell 400, Sharpless 2, Barnard), along with stars (Yale Bright Star) & planets. Search, apply filters, sorting, download DSS color images for all items, or get help finding them with your non-goto telescope with the Push-To function.
-Connect to and control WiFi-enabled iOptron mounts.
-Over 30 calculators useful for observing and astrophotography, from eyepiece magnification and field of view, to imaging resolution and reducers.
-Xasteria: World astro-weather report based on multiple sources, including 7Timer.
-Solar Eclipse Calculator / Simulator
-Water vapor satellite images.
-List of visible ISS and bright satellite passes.
-Moon phase & lunar Calendar with solar/lunar rise/set and twilight times.
-Wizard to calculate your reticle centering offset and correct or compensate for it.
-Zoomable reticle view and customized routines & tools: Alt-az alignment error display for mounts that calculate it after star alignment (e.g. iOptron iEQ45, CEM60), polar alignment when your scope is not in zero position (for mounts like iOptron ZEQ/CEM on which you can always access the polar scope), remember zero position on Celestron / Skywatcher / Orion etc reticles.
-Bubble level (using either gyro or accelerometer) and Compass heading, as well as magnetic declination reading.
-GPS accuracy & elevation data.
-Red/White/LED light.
-Dimming slider.
-iOptron, NexStar and Meade LX200 Star Lists.
-Support for iPhone & iPad from iOS 9 (and iPod Touch, except tools that require the compass).

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App Name Polar Scope Align Pro
Category Utilities
Updated 16 April 2024, Tuesday
File Size 27.83 MB

Polar Scope Align Pro Comments & Reviews 2024

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Does work in Southern Hemisphere. I am heading to Australia for the solar eclipse, and thought it did not work in the southern hemisphere… if you are actually in the southern hemisphere it works! Great tool for daytime alignment watching a total solar eclipse

This is a great app!. So many features. Just for the core function it is a “must-have” in my opinion. Add so many features and it’s that much more valuable.

Great alignment tool. I used this to align for the total solar eclipse and the mount tracked perfectly for the three hours I tracked it. It preserves your night vision, as you'd hope, and has all the features I could think of wanting.

Fantastic App. I don’t often rate apps but this one is so well thought out and complete I couldn’t resist.

Does it’s job and that’s it!. No waste. No bells and whistles that you don’t need. Just pin-point accuracy with details to help you align your polar axis and gaze or shoot away!

The polar scope isn’t even the best part of the app!. A polar scope alignment app is a Polar Scope Alignment app. It works, it’s accurate what more can you say? what I really enjoy and use frequently in this app is all the other features from the ISS planning chart, and the weather forecasting resources to the different tables, charts & calculators. Before I open skySafari, I open this app to see if it’s even worth starting to plan the night in sky safari. since I’ve owned this app the developer has released several updates with many new features that I use & appreciate.

One helpful tool!. I have been doing AP for a little over a year, and I have to say that this app has helpful with just about everything but imaging. PA works like a charm!

Keep discovering new uses for this app! Amazing!. New to my German EQ mount, this has helped with everything from polar alignment to being a big part of how I designed and use the dolly I built. The value of this app is beyond compare. Thanks for the insight to create this for us. Not sure how you can improve on it...but I look forward to what is to come.

Tons of features!. Not just a polar alignment tool, there’s also a wealth of information on for moon and sky. I use this app every time I observe, even if I’ve already set up and polar aligned on a previous night. Thanks for such a useful tool!

New to alignment/tracking. It is hard for sure to imagine any way that this software could work better. I've now spent two long evenings working with my Star Adventurer and the app makes that all work. The imaging work was tough but successful. The feature set in Polar Scope Align Pro 4.3 is quite stunning and very logically presented. First class work!

Fantastic tool!. I use this app every single time I polar align. It's a quick, easy to use, and intuitive tool that has become an invaluable part of my astronomy.

New to Alignment. Just recently downloaded this app. Haven't yet had a clear night to use it with my new SkyGuider Pro. But I'm extremely impressed with its many features and functions. Many thanks to the author for a truly valuable app. It just keeps getting better. Has all you need (except patience) to get a good polar alignment.

Exceptional!. By far the best app in class for what it does. My astrophotography is helped by this app and I'd gladly buy again. For anyone using RAPAS, I highly recommend: polar alignment is done well before astronomical twilight and in less than 5min.

Polar Scope Align Pro. I recently used Polar Scope Align Pro to easily and accurately polar align my new star tracker — every time I use the app I’m impressed with its support, its layout and its breadth of features. A great app for polar scope alignment with both backyard astronomy and astrophotography. Highly recommended.

Very Useful. I use the “un-inverted” view to visually rough-align my mount before using Sharpcap Pro for fine alignment. I have a small laser parallel to the RA axis and use Polar Align Pro to determine where the NCP is in relation to Polaris. It typically gets me within a half degree of the refracted pole which I then fine align with Sharpcap Pro for accurate tracking. This is a very useful app to me because it is so simple to use. There are of course many more great features.

Does Exactly What is Needed. Great tool that makes alignment easy, more important, replicable night after night. Well worth the price for the Pro version.

Don’t leave home without it. Even if you use another method to polar align your scope, this is an awesome app to have. The night-vision red default is perfect, the screens are easy to read and practically organized, and the additional info displayed is great.

Polar Scope Align Pro. Hands down in my opinion the best app out for astronomy. It takes the headache of polar alignment and gets you right to the point. Accurate weather predictions almost to the T. I highly recommend this App

Great app. Lots of information and the clear sky data is a huge plus.

Excellent app. I’ve had this app for years and have used it to successfully align my Move-Shoot-Move tracker. It greatly extended the exposure time well beyond what MSM says is possible. Easy to use, and the watch app works well if your phone is busy elsewhere. I’ve watched the reviews and want to point out the developer is very responsive.

Excellent resource for the amateur astronomer!. I bought the pro version and use at least one of its many features every time I set my mount up in the backyard. I use the Astro-physics RAPAS reticle and I have found that the position of Polaris is very accurate b/c this app adjusts for atmospheric refraction. Clear Skies!

Great app. I’ve been using the free version of this app for several years and after just recently purchased the pro version to go along with my new mount. For the price of the pro version, it has a lot of great features. I would recommend getting this app for sure. However, what would make this app even better would be have it interface with a guide camera or even have its own accessory camera to get spot on polar alignment. I know there are electronic polar scopes already with their own proprietary software, but if this app offered a polar alignment assist using a guide camera and without being obligated to an annual subscription like some of the competitors, this app may very well earn 5 stars from me.

Takahashi mount accuracy. I use the app to visually check and get the mount on target every time. My mount was built in 2006, and thanks to this app , I am continually amazed by how easy the alignment process can be done ,visually. Fine alignment is accomplished using the Pole master finder app, as a redundant check. Using both, the NJP mount continues to acquire, point and track, any desired object in the observable night sky. Thank you for making such a useful product, All the additional calcs work beautifully as well , taking a lot of the prep headaches off the table for any visual or astrophotographers planning and executing a night under the night skies Cheers!

Just get the pro version!!!. I used the free version for 4years. Then I sprung for the pro version for the zoom feature. What a surprise to see all the other features. I use this app all night long at the scope. Even if you don’t need the polar alignment feature, the other features are a must have. Thanks for an awesome app.

A must have. Some features are good. Daytime polar slight does not work. Way off and the should just drop that portion of the app. I wish it worked better. Worth the money.

Essential Tool. For a guy who’s level of expertise does not even come up to that of amateur this app has made it possible to get some great photographs. Thank you

Not Sure about Usefulness. I recently purchased the Pro version of this app. I use it with and Explore Scientific iEXOS-100 eq mount and a William Optics Z61 scope. I have an extremely limited view of the northern sky (none at all — trees and other obstructions). Therefore I need a way to polar align with no view of Polaris. I tried over and over again to “align” my mount. However, I use the compass to get a rough setting for North. Place my iPhone on the mount head and, as I do so, it drifts toward the West. When it finally settles, it wants me to make a correction by almost 15-18 degrees. This is way off. I take the iPhone off the mount, open the compass away from the mount and it again shows the correct North. There must be a way to compensate for this aberration. If there isn’t, the app is worthless for my use. By the way, I do love all the positive responses but, for me, it has not be useful so far. Update: (3/7/19) Update: I’ve made some adjustments, including purchasing a five inch dovetail and an inexpensive smart phone mount. This gets my iPhone away from the core of the mount. I tried a few nights ago (3/3/19) and was able to do a decent polar alignment using just PS Align Pro. Now I am able to give the app five stars.

Keeps getting better. I've been using this app for over a year. It was great when I started it and gets better with added functionality after each update. I seem to find hidden gems tucked in the app quite often as well. The Pro version gives me the best ROI by far compared to any other app I have on my iPad and iPhone. The app is also the most used astronomy/Astro photography app in my arsenal. Absolutely, feature-packed TOP-SHELF app.

Don't even bother. Don't even bother trying other apps to align your polar scope. This app puts everything in reach and gives me so many additional features. Essential part of my astrophotography toolkit.

Awesome app!. This app has saved me both time and frustration when polar aligning my mount. I love the extensive help and options the developer put into this program, great job! Happy to support such a great, useful app!

Surprisingly Useful. I purchased the Pro version to give it a try and help me setup an Orion Atlas Pro mount. The app was surprisingly easy to use with great functionality. It can be as easy as opening it up to see what position to align your mount or dive into more detail about various objects in the sky and where they’re located. You can change the mount type being setup for a variety of brands that any backyard astronomer would be familiar with. Additionally, there’s an exceedingly huge catalog of information under the menu. Press the cog wheel and you open up the object list which was a delightful addition that justified supporting the app and purchasing the Pro version.

An enhancement. I love this app. I have a star adventurer mount. The enhancement I would like is is the rotated reticle view, I would add an alternative input to the time where Oct31 is pointing to, and that would be the date ar 00:00 hrs (the top of the dial)

Very useful. Very easy to navigate and use this app. The app is always being improved and updated. I especially like the no ads feature thanks for your hard work and dedication.

Great utility for manual polar alignment. Shows you where Polaris should be for your polar alignment scope (inverted or rectified scopes are both supported. It’s been very reliable for me. It also has a mode for rough alignment to the celestial pole using just your cell phone. That’s only as accurate as your cell phone of course (and the compass on phones is terrible, tilt is usually a little more accurate). You can probably just eyeball it but I like it for just setting up. Lots of other random features.

Very Powerful Tool. I rarely review anything but this app is such an amazingly powerful tool at such a cheap price, I had to give it five stars. I wish I could give it more. My favorite part of the app, I think, is the daytime alignment tool which helps you get a pretty good polar alignment any time you can't see Polaris, day or night.

Awesome update. I had not noticed all the new features in the update. Love the very useful calculators and the green mode. This is the Swiss Army knife of astronomy apps! I’d love to see the app add a “Push To” option to the DSO objects. It looks like you have everything you need to support that with the phone held along the scope barrel.

Easy to use and accurate. This tool is very easy to use and provide accurate positioning

Indispensable -- and much more than alignment. Just keeps on getting more and more useful and incorporating features that I used to have to look up or go to other apps to find. --- Very well done app and indispensable aligning my tracker. This app is so much more than just alignment with multiple observation forecasts, ability to align in daylight. One can tell this app is put together by someone who uses it and is making it the app they themselves want in the field.

The Best Ever!. I’ve been looking for and using the best ways to Polar Align a telescope since 1975. There were some very ingenious methods along the way, but this is the best and most versatile aid ever, and nothing more than an iPod required. It even works with my old Tuthill polar alignment scope, which I gave to my nephew along with an old Meade 2080!

Outstanding!. Love this app, it provides so much information and makes my astrophotography so much easier! :)

All in one tool box!. This makes the arduous task of setting up my EQ Mount soo much easier. This app is just packed with features. The bubble level/compass is especially useful when getting my mount roughly orientated. Love the display of date/time/location all in one shot. It has weather/observing conditions.. really this has just about everything you need. So happy I found it. Thank you for creating this!

Essential app for Astronomy. Polar align pro is a fabulous application they is a tremendous help setting up my scope and mount. Along with the ncp alignment function, there is a wide variety of very useful tools. I especially like the multiple night sky forecast tools. Very accurate! Great app. Thanks!

What Else Could You Want..... This app is about as much information that you could want or use .. I use a German Equatorial mount and also a go to mount on different telescope. I can use all the information I need to set up and operate my telescopes. Great app. Dr. Dave

Must Have Utility. This is an excellent well thought out utility with needed services all in one place. It always works smoothly and is very logical. Very ingenious collection of necessities.

New to Tracking—Very Helpful!. I recently bought my first tracking mount, iOptron SkyGuider Pro, and found it much easier to find polar alignment with this app. Same for solar alignment—a little difficult to find a way to mount the phone (which is not the app’s fault), but kept the sun in my camera’s viewfinder at 500mm for more than an hour. Probably could be better if I worked harder on it, but I was able to get an ISS transit. I wish I bought this before the 2017 eclipse!

A one stop shop for everything you need right up to begin observation or photo capture.. Fantastic at all it does. Best polar aligning tool if you still use a polar scope.

Beyond Great!. I Love this app! It just works and is a joy to use. I'm always amazed at how useful and powerful it has become. Get it!!! You will Not be disappointed and wonder why you didn't discover it sooner. Thank you for a wonderful and useful tool.

Great app. All what I need to have my true North, bubble level and rough polar alignment in day time. I then fine tune the polar alignment in less than 5 minutes at night.

Great App. The rotated reticle feature, the weather, the catalogs, wow . . . The list goes on. This is a well thought out and very comprehensive app. Congrats, you guys deserve a real pat on the back. Thanks.

So much utility from this app !!. I have been using equatorial mounts for celestial body photography for a little under a year now and this app has been a critical part of my workflow. It provides so much relevant information from polar scope alignment, night viewing weather conditions, light pollution maps.. and much more. If your star photography ‘lifestyle’ boarders on mild obsession, your going to love this app :)

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PS Align Pro. Excellent thank you very much

USEFUL. Most useful astronomy app on the iPhone!

Two years later and still using. Whilst my equipment has improved I am still unable to polar align via the mounts as there are trees in the way. This app gets me close enough then use drift alignment to finish off. Also use the app on my portable rig. Easy to use and accurate.

Best app ever!!!. Soooooo useful

Day time polar alignment makes for an easier setup. Think this is great app. It's now my preferred place for weather reports and the ability to setup the mount in the day time and get a reasonable polar alignment whilst it is still light makes things so much easier. Be prepared to spend time reading through the help screens and the web to get the most out of the app.

Very usable app. This is an excellent app with great extras that are not just gimmicks - well done.

PS Align PRO is the best. Top App. Words cannot express how great this app is 👍

Great App. I use this app every time I am setting up in the field. As my locations are varied it is invaluable.

Best app ever. One of the best apps I’ve ever used. My main tool for all my astronomy work. Highly recommended

Great tool. This app is a great tool for setting up your scope. It us easy to use and accurate. The astro-weather forcast is also a great feature for planning observation sessions. Highly recommended!

Fantastic app - thanks!. Thanks for making an app that is very useful for us amateur, and I am sure professional, astronomers alike! This has been incredibly useful for polar aligning my scope from the southern hemisphere here in Perth, Australia.

Polar align. This app makes southern polar alignment so much easier when you know where to look for those faint stars in Octans ,well worth installing.

Excellent App full of useful tools. Thanks for this App, I got it just for the alignment but the other tools make it even better than I first expected.

Great tool. I found PS align pro to be extremely valuable and simple to use when trying to polar align my Takahashi Teegul mount. I can sit my iPhone in the neck of the RA arm and have it lay back on the RA rotation point. The level bubble allows me to set the RA arm at the nadir point. I can then rotate the whole mount on the tripod to adjust for north alignment (magnetic deviation already allowed for) and then adjust the tilt for my latitude. Simple and quick. Accurate enough for visual tracking in less than a minute. Great tool

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Amazing app. Love this much. All info for watching the sky are in it. Getting polar location, weather, location of the moon, stars, and nebulas.

Ps align pro. Weather won't update. Please fix

Awesome little app!. I have an older Meade 2080 LX6 with a 9x60 Polar Viewfinder that I just took out of storage and this is exactly what I was looking for!

Don’t set up without it. There are so many useful bits in this app that you will improve tracking, imaging, and performance. It’s all there. Thanks for writing it and continuing to improve it.

Best polar app. I've used several polar alignment apps and this one is the best, in my opinion. It gives great results and is always being improved with new features. Highly recommended.

Very useful!. Very useful app.

Far more than a polar scope app.. This app is easily the best Astro app available. The App just gets better and better. There are so many functions that it’s almost the only app you need for Astro!! Some apps fade into obscurity without many updates, not this one, it keeps improving! Fantastic app.

Not sure I can trust it. For the iOptron reticle, this app gives a significant different location for Polaris compared to the actual iOptron app for the Skytracker...and I know this one is accurate with all my pinpoint photos I took...so I wonder about accuracy for the other functions as well... :/

Excellent !!!. Excellent app . Worth every cent you spend for it!!!

Very handy. I use this app to polar align my homebuilt astrophotography tracker using the daytime aligning tool and it works perfectly. Great app!

Really great!. If only the telescope makers could write software this good. Well done

Best App Ever Used. This is one of the most fulsome app I have ever downloaded, bar none! So many features, so little time, I could not be happier with all the useful nooks and crannies. Best App Ever Used - full stop!

Love this app. I have been using this app for a while now and I love it. It makes polar aligning my scope so easy. Take a few moments to accurately match the position of the alignment scope to the onscreen graphic and you will enjoy very good polar alignment and the good base for taking excellent astrophotos.

A Truly Fantastic Tool. A must have for me on the field, and super accurate. It’s helped me double my exposure length compared to the app I was using before.

Has more than I thought it would. Does what I needed it for and more, good instructions along with some humour.

Excellent. Light, well thought, useful, cheap Indeed!!

Great with my Star Adventurer!. I use this app every time I go out with my camera and tracking mount. I can’t imagine polar aligning without it. Tons of different polar scopes supported, great built-in help and lots of extra tools and calculators. The developer is responsive and friendly. Great app!

Great app to have!. Being using this app for quite some time now and it has never failed me. Very helpful and useful.

Lovely product at a great price. Highly recommended

Awesome app. Using this app for astrophotography with Star Watcher Adventurer mount. It works great and it's easy to use - even for the "astro-newbie" ;) Lots of features, often updated, runs smoothly on iPad mini. Could not ask for more. Worth every single penny!

Excellente app !!!. This is the best app for serious guys in astro ! :)

Amazing. Invaluable!

Best app to date. Lové this app. Very easy to use

Really amazing!. This has everything, from lunar calendars to weather forecasts and much more. This works great and does everything I need it to do!

Excellent. Best app for the amateur astronomer that only has the availability of portable setup. I use it every time I have to setup my equipment. The daytime setup works great and is very accurate.

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Must have app. An excellent must have app for anyone with a telescope.

Mount Support. I’m a new user of this great app. I own the Sky Watcher Star Adventurer 2i mount with built in wifi. It seems your app doesn’t support the Star Adventurer’s polar scope.

Astro-Physics Polar Alignment. App looks great and easy to use. Lots of help available.

Exceptional. A great app! Most helpful!

Must Have. Takes the work out of getting that perfect polar alignment. Great app

Best astrophotography app. This is the best or one of the best tool apps for astrophotography.

Polar alignment perfected. What more to say: this app makes polar alignment as easy as crouching on your knees under your scope on a cold night will ever get! It is an absolute must get for anyone with an equatorial Mount. Fantastic app.

Great App. Great app, helps to quickly polar align without having too get the setting circles set. Also the day time polar alignment feature is nice to have!!!

Compass isn’t accurate. I’m trying to use something to help me polar align during the day for the eclipse and I tested it at night and Polaris was well off

Good Stuff. Thanks for the time put into this App, definitely a very useful tool, with continued support.

Very usefull. Great app, invaluable to me.

Great Addition. This app saves time and is very accurate for “ mobile” observing and photography. I highly recommend.

Great app. Although I really only use the polar scope function I still love the app an think its completely worth it.

Awesome and keeps getting better. Totally worth getting, lots of info, great tools for polar aligning.

Fantastic App. I don’t often rate apps but this one is so well thought out and complete I couldn’t resist.

Use this app every session. This is a fantastic app. I use it every imaging session to polar align my SkyGuider Pro. It is super easy to use.

Indespensible. Cannot imagine doing night photography without it.

Bl@@dy marvellous. What a load of useful stuff all in one app

5 stars. One of my most used astronomy apps, packed with useful tools and information.

Nice. Very useful, even if you do not have a polar scope.

Love this app!. Must have APP for polar alignment. Day or night it’s the best! The alinment tool is the best ever! Love it!

Perfect for Polar Alignment. I purchased this app for use with the iOptron Skyguider Pro and could not be happier with its simplicity and convenience. This app is excellent for polar alignment and much more!

Align Pro - Use It. If you have a polar scope (I have the iOptron iPolar), you need to have and use this app. Best - Michael

Great tool for Astrophotogs. Very well designed. A must have for astrophotog in the field

Excellent app for much more than just polar finderscopes. I originally downloaded this app for polar alignment of a classic celestron/vixen 8x50 finderscope. What I discovered is an app with an endless amount of useful information. Here are my favorites features: 1. Polar alignment 2. Weather and light pollution 3. Ability to save favorite locations 4. GPS coordinates 5. Time in LTC and UTC 6. Star and DSO catalog 7. Astronomy calculators I highly recommend this app.

IOptron SkyTracker. Looks like a perfect match for my iOptron SkyTracker. I was looking for something to replace their tool and foud this

Excellent app for skygazers. Well thought out design, good selection of polar scope reticules, and useful calculations.

Daytime Alignment. Love the daytime alignment feature. Polaris is not visible from one of my favorite sites for viewing south...blocked by trees. After mounting the iPad to the mount via a dovetail bracket, this app allows enough alignment for visual GoTo observing.

Best $3 spent. This app is the best $3 you will spent in your astronomy endeavors. It’s many features will find use in your Astro box. GREAT APP

Doesn't work at all. The app is easy to setup. It finds location quickly. Tho the do-dads work, the app itself did not work at all in terms of centering the main screen. I also could not find a home page for the app to inquire further. Save your money; there's other apps

Rifle scope. The Generic Rifle Scope should help a lot, with my homemade tracking device. Great app. Thanks! Dean

Excellence. Excellent app. Very useful, accurate and easy to use that produces great results. Great work.

Just fantastic. It is extremely useful

Best alignment aid, hands down!. Numerous beneficial tools beyond alignment. The best!

Impressive. A great app!! I bought the bundle. This app is so well done and comprehensive! An amazing app, thank you!

Best polar alignment app. Just get this app and it has everything you neeed for Astro! Simply superb

App. Great app use it all the time.

Good stuff. Works as it should

Useful/Practical APP.. I always find something new when I open it.

Fantastic App. lots of great stuff and helpful works gréât with my Nextstar

Great app for daytime setup. This worked great for establishing polar alignment during the daytime.

Great help. Polar align works very well, and all of the additional guidance like star hop and star locations are great.

Indespensible Tool. This app has been indispensable to me, particularly as a novice. Once I slowed down and read the help files, everything “polar align” fell into place.

Great tool!. I use for my wide field photographing and my Ioptron Sky guider pro and Nikon camera. This is excellent app!!

Extremely useful. Extremely useful app. Very good.

Perfect for Astrophotography. I used this app every time

Incredible app for telescope observation. The Pro version has so many tools, tutorials, and calculators as to be helpful in any situation.

Simple, easy, and acurate. I've used this with old vixen polar scopes, new ioptron mounts, and real old Tuthill ones. Flawless.

Great with my iOptron. Quick and easy to use, and has helped me get polar alignment that makes my mount track spot-on.

Love this app!. Thanks for making such a great app! I use this with two different mounts and I use the level in the app as well. Love it!

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Polar Scope Align Pro 6.8 Apps Screenshots & Images

Polar Scope Align Pro iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Language English
Price $3.99
Adult Rating 4+ years and older
Current Version 6.8
Play Store com.kechagias.ps-align-pro
Compatibility iOS 12.0 or later

Polar Scope Align Pro (Versiyon 6.8) Install & Download

The application Polar Scope Align Pro was published in the category Utilities on 04 March 2015, Wednesday and was developed by Dimitrios Kechagias [Developer ID: 970157964]. This program file size is 27.83 MB. This app has been rated by 268 users and has a rating of 4.9 out of 5. Polar Scope Align Pro - Utilities app posted on 16 April 2024, Tuesday current version is 6.8 and works well on iOS 12.0 and higher versions. Google Play ID: com.kechagias.ps-align-pro. Languages supported by the app:

EN Download & Install Now!
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Polar Scope Align Pro App Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Please support the app by reviewing or rating! You will never get annoying popups asking you in the app. What's new: - Added Alt-Az Field Rotation calculator. - Barlow/Reducer option added to 6 calculators (Eyepiece Magnification, Eyepiece Projection Focal Length, FoV for Imaging System, Actual Size of Lunar View, Eyepiece Field of View, Arcsec/px for Imaging System). - Updated Sat24 and Clear Sky Chart locations for Xasteria Weather.

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Find on this site the customer service details of Polar Scope Align Pro. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the digital toy company.

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