Prime Sleep Recorder Pro

Prime Sleep Recorder Pro [Medical] App Description & Overview

Records your talk or snoring while you are asleep (automatic or manual sensitivity level, records only snoring using smart snoring detection), creates the graph of noise in room during the night, takes the total time of snoring down.

Snoring detection is based on artificial intelligence (A.I.) with the support of a new Apple machine learning technology. By using a large number of snoring samples, we can achieve high accuracy in statistics and in snoring detection itself.


For different sound conditions in your room (a quiet or loud environment).

Accurate snoring detection based on A.I.




Send recordings via email, iMessage or post to Facebook.



User can place factors (alcohol, coffee, stress etc.) to every night as well as the mood after waking up or add own notes.

Starts monitoring after a period of time.

Monitoring runs also in background mode. Alarm also fires from background.


Synchronization among your devices and between free and paid version.


If you buy SMART ALARMS then it will track your sleep movements and it can play haptic (sound, vibration) if alarm is set.
If you buy STOP SNORING then it will play haptic (sound, vibration) if snoring is detected.

* It is recommended to connect your iPhone (iPad) to a charger.
* Set "Airplane Mode" or "Do Not Disturb" on your iPhone (iPad) for undisturbed sleep.
* Place your iPhone (iPad) close to you with the microphone towards your bed.

Happy customers are our highest priority. If you have a problem with our app, please contact us at

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Prime Sleep Recorder Pro Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Improved recordings sharing: - Share as video (for supporting more social networks). - Share as audio. - Trim. Bug fixes.

Prime Sleep Recorder Pro Comments & Reviews

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- App and website accept feedback

In the instructions it mentions if you have an idea or problem, don’t hesitate to send feedback. I tried to more than once via the app and it didn’t work. Then I went to the website and my feedback was not submitted. Disappointing since I did pay for the app. Other than not wanting to get better and improve the app is pretty cool. My feedback/suggestion is below. Please remove gender reference from the instructions. Instructions tab Variant A2: Manual sensitivity: user adjusts recording sensitivity to different sound conditions in his room. Please change to: Variant A2: Manual sensitivity: user adjusts recording sensitivity to different sound conditions in the room.

- Super app

Been using now for a couple of months, and find more uses and analytics. Like the chart to keep track of sleep. This application charts your total time per night, as well as charting your time to bed. A solid 5.5 stars and growing. New comment. Been through some updates since first purchase and this app just gets better and better. Many in my extended family now using and we all agree this is an awesome app!

- It was outstanding at first

I had no complaints at first, and I’ve been using it for a few months. But recently, it’s just started recording HOURS of straight silent audio. It’s supposed to only save the parts with sound, but it’s been saving one giant 8 hour clip of nothing for the past couple weeks. At this rate, I will give 2 stars until this has stopped.

- Sleep

I usually never write reviews, but this app far exceeded my expectations.. all I can say is get this app you won’t be sorry.. not only does it catch your snoring but all other noises in the room .. interesting for sure ..I live alone but I know I have ghosts .. and they make noise .. I don’t mind .. lol like I said get the app ..

- App won't run

I bought the app and when I open it it freezes and I can't interact with anything on the screen. I'd really want to get my money's worth, can I please get some help, maybe it's my phone but I doubt it all my other apps run and work.

- A fantastically powerful tool

Amazing! Learn how to make it work for you.

- Didn’t work

I got the sleeping app yesterday premium and bought the extension of the app fir sleeping sounds and tired to record last night it turned on music and recording but when I woke up I stopped the recording and nothing showed up in my history for last night. I was disappointed but hopefully it works tonight the sleeping sounds help me sleep better though

- Trouble

Please check out my app it stops and starts and stops and starts and doesn’t have the right date I have been using it for five years and now it’s worse than it ever was please check it out thank you


I expected more in the PRO version. There needs to be backward and forward buttons so I can find what I want to hear without tapping in the general vicinity.

- Great for taking notes

No need to get out of bed in the middle of the night to write down a great idea! Just speak up, and retrieve it in the morning.

- Finally just decided on this one

I spent a long time looking at reviews and different apps for sleep talking. But finally I just bought this one and I do not regret it. I go through a daily routine of laughing over my recordings with my friends and honestly it was the best $3 I’ve spent. If you’re having trouble deciding, here are my favorite parts of the app. - You can tell where you might have talked in the audio peaks - You can scrub through the recordings to hear those peaks - You can favorite the recordings you talked in to look back on the later This is all I needed with the app so I’m satisfied with this purchase.

- Wow

I’m so paranoid that someone is here in my house having this and not finding anything is a relief I hate having an anxiety disorder

- Time is off by 10-20 minutes

I purchased the full app so I could save and send my recordings. But I noticed this morning after a year of having it, the time set on the app is different from the time on my phone. For instance I got up at 6:04 today but the app shows the noise happening at 6:12. Or I got up in the middle of the night for water at 3:20 and the app shows the noise happening at 4:00? I’m not sure how the app tells time but if it’s supposed to sync with the phone it’s not doing it correctly. It’s not vital that I have the correct time for these, but it is strange and a little annoying.

- I......AM.......AMAZED!!!

This app is on a 1 1/2 year old iPad Mini. Listening to my snoring is certainly eye opening...gotta do something about it! App(and of course the microphone) is very sensitive. App is SO user friendly. Bought it at 1:00AM and it was recording my snoring at 1:45AM!! The wife says I talk and laugh in my sleep. Can’t wait to hear THAT!!!!!

- Good, could be great

I’ve used this every night for about a month. Pros: Great, easy interface. Really useful recordings, and some good metrics. Cons: not good at distinguishing snoring from sleep talking. Statistics not necessarily the ones you want. Too hard to categorize recordings (can’t tag or make folders; “favorites” is the only designation). I have to use the favorites function to mark which are sleep talk.

- Best Sleep Recorder App

Best app I have tried!

- Great

Paid for better version. Lots of information; when type of recoding, history, how factors may affect sleep.

- This is great for sleep talkers!!

I have been told I am an avid sleep walker and taller, so I wanted to test it out. The first night I got 2 clips of me talking and me getting out of bed (when I get out of bed my bed creeks so it is obvious) and stayed out of bed for 45 MINUTES!! I stood in my room for 45 minutes😂. I would recommend this app for people who snore a ton or for people who sleep talk! Like 10/10 definitely recommend!!! I also sleep talked 4 times last night.... in a different language!! I am not lying!! I talked 4 times in Korean so I mean maybe I have secretly been studying Hangul (Korean) in my sleep.😂😂👌 Anyway great app and does what it says which is good...

- Love this app

The microphone will stay on all night and will record only noises that happen so this app is very good if your trying to hear your self talk in your sleep or if you want to hear creepy noises.

- Life Changing

This app is simply incredible! A must have for anyone who sleep talks. My friend told me I sleep talk and so I downloaded this app and have not been disappointed. It makes waking up so much better because I can go on the app and see/hear what I said during the night. I have severe sleep talking and this app has recorded some of the most bizarre sentences and noises coming out of my mouth when I’m passed out. A definite must have!

- Easy to use

Downloaded this app for an appointment concerning my sleep and was intrigued to hear what it picked up. This app was easy to use and broke records down into sections by time and sound.

- Do I really Snore hmm

I love this app. It gives u true recordings that u cannot deny. As I try different on the market tools to control snoring I can actually know truly if they are working or not thanks to this app. Luv it!!!

- Wow

This app is awesome. Never knew how much noise we make at night.

- I was so excited!!!!

So I bought it yesterday and used it tonight but it said no recording even though I slept for good 7 hours. Disappointed big time.

- Really fun.

So far it’s quite amusing. The recordings sometimes cut off before the talking is over, but it doesn’t bother me too much. I am amused though by the fact that it never fails to think that my husband getting up and getting ready for work in the morning is snoring somehow. It apparently thinks that a bunch of banging and loud noises sounds like snoring. Lol. But I’m still thoroughly enjoying it.

- So fun!!!

I love hearing what my husband says in his sleep. All the other apps are more for snoring.

- Great app!!

Using it to keep track of intake of food and alcohol; exercise, on my sleep. Very informative.

- Sleep recorder

I have only used this app for a couple of days but absolutely love it. It gives you a detailed report of the noise in the room, how many times it detects you snoring and what your deep sleep patterns are. Can foresee this as being very helpful to my sleep apnea doctor.

- Eye opening...when they’re closed

I never thought I snored because I sleep on my side. My family has always said otherwise. They were right. This has provided good insight into my sleep patterns and shows that, perhaps I need a sleep study as I hear instances where my breathing sounds stressed. I will now be able to provide some data to my doctor. They’ve been wanting to do a sleep study on me in the past. Now I see why. BTW, this app syncs well with the Health App on the iPhone which provides a nice daily graph based on the data.

- Works perfectly

Does everything it says it will do.

- Most useful sleep app for someone who snores

I've only used this app for a couple nights and I'm already blown away.. The interface is super easy and reading (hearing) the resultant data is mind opening. I have it set to record just snoring time rather than the entire sleep time. Last night I was talking and laughing in my sleep. I shared that audio clip with my wife. We had a nice early morning laugh. In this mode the app breaks audio clips into segments of about 25 seconds. Just touch the clip and you hear what you were doing while sleeping. Above all the clips is a vertical graph showing all of the nights sounds with snoring in a bright yellow to discriminate those events from other sounds. This is my first app review and I've been using these programs since the beginning of PDA times. I felt so enthused about this app that I was finally inspired to give a written review. Nice job programmers!

- First use, very surprised

Didn’t know I was this bad, no wonder why I’m always tired

- Awesome

What a great app. I say some crazy things when im sleeping. Worth the purchase!

- Good sleep recorder

Good recorder. Now I know How my sleep and snoring is like

- Ugh

The mic recordings sound like garbage. They’re muffled and sound like they’re coming from a tin can.

- Not worth $2

Yeah a sleep recording app is cool, but $2? Really? I tried it and it and it said it recorded all night, but kept telling me there were no recordings. Not sure how to get it to work.


Has an amazing range of decibels to adjust the sensitivity of your mic Also can be used for more then just sleep recording. Like I said amazing audio quality

- Doesn’t work

App either crashed overnight and/or doesn’t save recordings if it fails for any reason.

- Thanks

Awesome l like it.

- Great sleep recorder

Works very well.

- Great, well designed app.

I love this app. I just got it a week ago and I am completely satisfied. It captures high quality audio, and is pretty hilarious once you play it back. I strongly recommend this app if you snore or sleep talk. Definitely worth the money.

- Works well. Placement of phone is key

I like the ability to take note a track factors. Dealing with a snoring problem and trying different solutions.

- Honestly does what it claims can do and does well

Clearly record sound of sleep, while the phone is placed on end table. Offers great convenience to self diagnose sleeping problem.

- I highly recommend it

I needed to know if, and how badly, I was snoring. I couldn't ask for a better app to accomplish this. Excellent!

- Works Great

It's been a joy to listen to my sleep. I recommend!

- Decent app

I find it easy to use, and being able to save "favorites" is useful for allowing my doctor to listen.

- Really Good

It's good if you wanna know your sleep patterns so this app is great...

- Get it u will not regret it

I got his app it works really well plus the recordings are crystal clear u caught myself talking in my sleep it made a funny moments if u want to make some funny moments with friends and family get this app

- A good start, worth .99

The recorder and sensitivity controls work great. Not too many other features, not really interested in posting my snoring to Facebook-thanks anyway. Maybe some tools to measure sounds in decibels, analyze recordings, see larger displays of recordings, etc. those would be appreciated and move the app beyond a simple recorder to earn more stars.

- Sensitive

The recorder is so sensitive it even picks up when the central air kicks in. I've been able to find out that I snore mostly at night. It's an awful noise.

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- Brilliant App!

I just started using it to track my snoring and figure out if I might have sleep apnea. It works amazingly well and shows you all of your snoring episodes for the entire night in a simple chart that you can analyze minute by minute. It barely uses up any battery while it is doing this and you can turn your iPhone to the sleep position and it will still work.

- Its the perfect app to track your sleep


- Very well made

Best up there is for this

- Great App

Great app for reviewing your sleeping habits.

- awesome app

works great! Use it every night. Nice clear sound and only records if there is sound. Doesnt take up barely any battery power. Love it! Super funny to hear what you say in a night. Youd be amazed! Emailed customer service with a question, they replied within minutes. 5 stars for sure!

- Interruptions fréquentes à l'écoute

Bonne application quand même pour la clarté d'enregistrement et la facilité à utiliser mais lors de l'écoute, on fait face à plusieurs interruptions, c'est à dire que tout se ferme à toutes les 2-3 minutes d'écoute...très très désagré décevant 😟

- Really works

Suspected i have sleep apnea - used this app and in the morning i reviewed my results. The lite app is limited but still records plenty of incidents. Im keeping this app and will be recording over a few weeks to take info to my doctor. Very easy to use.

- Crapy app

This is the one that never has worked the lite one does but this is a waste of your time and mo

- Fantastic....

This app is great, I use it all the time. Easy to use and Works a treat.

- Doesn’t work on iPhonex

Was great app, but no longer works on iPhone X. In fact it crashes the phone with an error -50 and a hard reboot it required.

- Works beautifully.

Works beautifully.

- Great

Love the ability to correlate factors with the nights sleep

- Doesn't work anymore

Not working after the latest update, will be on all night but only records 1 minute recording at the end in the morning. Attempted 3 nights in a row and always the same thing, will have to buy a different one.

- Just what I needed

I use this app to record when my dog barks. I then export the recordings via a zip file in my email to my computer. It might be easier if you could transfer the recordings via a cord to the computer, that being said, I don't think most people will use it like me. I have used it for 30 days and I think it could be useful for a variety of functional purposes, not only when you snore. You need to keep your iPad plugged in if you are using though, just in case

- Stopped working

App has stopped working. Won't record. Waste of money.

- Very disappointed

Downloaded ok but first time I tried to use it there was a 'try our upgraded version' message that I can't get past. Won't delete, won't load upgraded version, won't load free preview. Not what I expected!

- Ms

Now I know what everyone's talking about, I do snore ALL night! Lol

- Bump in the night

I do use this app for fun and to Actually see how I do sleep normally! It's a great all rounder.

- Very good

Was looking for an app to record snoring. Hard to find any with decent reviews so thought I'd write about be for this. This one does the job. Simple to use and easy playback options. It's sensitive to small noises so picks up a lot when you're sleeping like movement. Worth the price.

- Works perfectly

Have found the app very easy to use and has worked exactly as described. Great product.

- Love it

Didn't think that we slept talk much till we got this app!! So funny to hear clips of things we said during the night in the mornings :)

- The answer to my dreams!

Works well. Especially like only recording when necessary with graphs you can chose to play from - and sensitivity options. Now I really know what happens when I sleep!!!

- Deleted my history

This is a great app but with today's upgrade it deleted all my history and favourites. Not happy, as I had some real gems in there I wanted to save. Don't ever let this app upgrade!

- Brilliant

Tried the free version, then bought the app. Best thing I have done in ages. I now know that I sound like the tardis.

- Easy to use

This app is easy to use and does precisely what it claims. It's helped me.

- Doesn't work properly

Keeps closing when trying to access recordings to listen to and when trying to access settings....don't down load this!

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- Wow

Thought it was legit gonna be bad it's incredible!

- 👍🏼

Worked very good:)!

- Best

Best app for monitoring sleep and curious noise during the night. I use it for sleep apnea, talking in sleep, noise in room during the night, etc. its amazing.

- Does what it says

Does what it says it will do.

- Love this tool!

Great app to monitor your snoring. Easy to use, with plenty of options and settings for sensitivity.

- Great!

Loved the app!!!

- Why isn't there a setting between low and very low?

'Very low' I have to speak very loudly to get it to activate, and everything else is so extremely sensitive I have a million recordings in the morning of my fan whirring. Come on people.

- Recorder

I love this app. Now I can listen to my snoring and talking and know what my hubby has been complaining about. I'm still not clear on what sensitivity level to put it on. I have my tv on all nite. I have sent two messages and have not heard back.

- Great Improvement over Handhelds

Love this. No fumbling for a recording device in the night. I just speak, and it records. Found a few surprise dreams I did not remember speaking. Straightforward device, uncluttered. Someone thought through the user experience.

- The earlier version was better

This app is great but sometimes it has a mind of its own and goes really fast through the recordings I wish that I could share my recordings on twitter

- Can't post to Facebook!

This app is great, except for the fact that it won't let me post to Facebook. Why give the option if it doesn't work? So sad :(

- Great app

This is a great app. As a frequent night talker I've always been curious as to what I've been saying in my sleep. It's great to laugh and share recordings with friends. Unfortunately some nights I will hit record with a timer and then go into another app to read or watch a video. If the sleep recorder app isn't the last one before I put my phone down, it won't record that night.

- Earlier version was better

I would have given the early version 4-5 stars. But since they changed it it has been very poor. They did an update to fix bugs but it still is not working as before. The recording is still good but trying to review is difficult. Sometimes it seems to take on a mind of it's own and runs really fast through the recording. If that's not bad enough it is very unresponsive when trying to review recordings. Please bring back the earlier version.


Overall I love this app, I found out that I talk to my cat in my sleep and that I laugh in my sleep I also Moan a lot.

- Hilarious

I never realized how much I talk in my sleep. Records only talking and not a ton of other noises which is nice. Worth every penny of $.99!!!! I have recordings that could win competitions👌🏼

- Snore

I knew my snoring was getting worse but didn't realize how bad until I found this ap. Definitely will be getting a sleep study.

- Works great

I love this and it works fantastic. It even records if you have sleep background music on

- Fun app

I talk a lot in my sleep. I really like that I can hear what I say. It can be interesting and amusing. I do wish that the app could work with Dropbox though, or that there were more options for how to save the files.

- Very cool app !

If you've ever wondered why you wake up tired or have curiosity about late night alien or spectral visitations, this app is for you. Was it a dream or was it not? You'll find out with this.

- Simple and easy to use.

Perfect for tracking sleep training/night weaning progress!

- Easy to use!

You can see where the audio is by the graphs, so just play it until it gets past the graph, then click the next bar. It's faster to get through the recordings that way. Or just "Play All" while you do something else. I love it!

- Ok, needs more features

It always seems to capture other noise and not my snoring. Would like to see a record of total time snoring and some measure of how loud it was overall.

- Good at recording - lacks feedback on quality of sleep

It is pretty good to record and hear the snoring noise and all the other noises. It does lack feedback such as Rem sleep etc.

- Works great and efficient, too!

I had another sleep recorder that became obsolete. I had picked that one over the others for one option that most others don't have: You can keep the pieces you want and delete the rest. Others allow you to only keep all or nothing. When I was looking for a replacement, this one won for the same reason. The added bonus of putting the data directly into my cloud is time saving, because I don't have to go through my recordings just to free up space on my devices (an issue with my previous app). It picks up all important noises, such as the dog pacing, airplanes, the neighbor's noisy truck at 1 am followed by my restless movements(now I know why I don't get a good night's sleep). I have just started using this app to record while I am away from the house as I suspect certain people are going through my stuff when I'm not here. If you have the devices and need, this can be more than just a sleep recorder!

- Easy and Accurate

Excellent app to baseline and compare sleep apnea treatment.


I was srsly talking about sausage and grapes I was saying oh crap and I could hear it (and my dog dream barking) it's awesome I love getting to hear it all!

- Love it.

This app is great. I love waking up in the morning and listening to what I sound when I sleep. Lol. I always to forward to turning it on every night before I go to bed. I am quite entertaining at night. LOL

- Very helpful

More so than any sleep study I've done.

- Works wonderfully

Finally got confirmation of all the talking my girl does in her sleep. Unfortunately she also got proof of the snoring I do :-)

- Works Great

My son sleep talks and we have captured some classic comments from him using this App. Works great but wish you could share on Twitter too

- This is a great app!

I spent the $.99 to get this app. The very first night using it I caught myself talking in my sleep at like 5 in the morning. My bf told me I was talking in my sleep a lot so I got this app to see what, if anything, I was saying in my sleep. Well this app caught it and the recordings are super clean and clear. This is a great app and it's going to be so interesting to see what I say in my sleep. I would defiantly recommend this to anyone who wants to record themselves or someone else talking in their sleep. The user interface makes it so simple to use and the recordings that it picks up are as clear as can be. This is a GREAT app worth every penny! 👍🏼👍🏼🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

- Very good app--recommend it

I've been using this for five nights and it has worked each night. Much to my chagrin, I now know that I snore. My doctor asked me weeks ago if I snore and I said "No!" His response was "How do you know?" Well, I downloaded this app for 99 cents and discovered the snoring. How embarrassing! I'll keep using it to catch the times when my husband says I frequently talk in my sleep. BTW, it recorded a thunderstorm I slept through. Great recording quality on my iPad mini.

- Interesting

Pretty cool!

- Sleep Talk App

Have used it a couple of times and really like it.

- Good but not great

Certainly worth $0.99 but it's clear there is some coding that can be cleaned up. Most clips will end mid-snore even when it exceeds the sensitivity setting (I use very high). It's impossible to know if I'm snoring continuously or in bursts because of this

- Sherry

This app is amazing. I'm watching how my mind and body worked during the night. I'm floored by my results.

- Bonding

Fun to hear me and my husband talking in our sleep!

- Excellent App.

This app exceeded my expectations. I needed to record audio clips automatically when someone started talking. This app does that reliably and elegantly.

- Really funny

Funny app.

- Deleted my recordings- issuing a refund

Used the free version, had to pay a dollar and download a whole separate app to hear all of my recordings. after trying to figure out how to sync them, I opened the free app and all my recordings were gone. I would give a fairer review but I cannot because the most important factor of this app does not work well,

- Good one.

I found out that I am snoring during the night. busted.

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Prime Sleep Recorder Pro 6.3.6 Screenshots & Images

Prime Sleep Recorder Pro iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Prime Sleep Recorder Pro iphone images
Prime Sleep Recorder Pro iphone images
Prime Sleep Recorder Pro iphone images
Prime Sleep Recorder Pro iphone images
Prime Sleep Recorder Pro iphone images
Prime Sleep Recorder Pro ipad images
Prime Sleep Recorder Pro ipad images
Prime Sleep Recorder Pro ipad images
Prime Sleep Recorder Pro ipad images
Prime Sleep Recorder Pro ipad images
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Prime Sleep Recorder Pro Medical application apple tv screenshots and images not ready...

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The applications Prime Sleep Recorder Pro was published in the category Medical on 2015-05-13 and was developed by Apirox, s.r.o. [Developer ID: 490081296]. This application file size is 89.12 MB. Prime Sleep Recorder Pro - Medical posted on 2020-05-25 current version is 6.3.6 and works well on IOS 11.0 and high versions.

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