Prime Sleep Recorder

Prime Sleep Recorder [Medical] App Description & Overview

Records your talk or snoring while you are asleep (automatic or manual sensitivity level, records only snoring using smart snoring detection), creates the graph of noise in room during the night, takes the total time of snoring down.

Snoring detection is based on artificial intelligence (A.I.) with the support of a new Apple machine learning technology. By using a large number of snoring samples, we can achieve high accuracy in statistics and in snoring detection itself.


For different sound conditions in your room (a quiet or loud environment).

Accurate snoring detection based on A.I.




Send recordings via email, iMessage or post to Facebook.



User can place factors (alcohol, coffee, stress etc.) to every night as well as the mood after waking up or add own notes.

Starts monitoring after a period of time.

Monitoring runs also in background mode. Alarm also fires from background.


Synchronization among your devices and between free and paid version.


If you buy SMART ALARMS then it will track your sleep movements and it can play haptic (sound, vibration) if alarm is set.
If you buy STOP SNORING then it will play haptic (sound, vibration) if snoring is detected.

* It is recommended to connect your iPhone (iPad) to a charger.
* Set "Airplane Mode" or "Do Not Disturb" on your iPhone (iPad) for undisturbed sleep.
* Place your iPhone (iPad) close to you with the microphone towards your bed.

Happy customers are our highest priority. If you have a problem with our app, please contact us at

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Prime Sleep Recorder Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Improved recordings sharing: - Share as video (for supporting more social networks). - Share as audio. - Trim. Bug fixes.

Prime Sleep Recorder Comments & Reviews

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- Needs Update

Used this app for four years, but recently it records every three minutes as a segment. Tried to reset it and change the settings, but nothing seems to work or fix it. Has worked wonderfully in the passed

- records nothing

this app would randomly record for 10 hours or when nothing happened

- Mic not recording anymore..?

This was working really well until it wasn't. The app suggested that I update my ipad to the latest version, which I did. It worked for a night or 2 and then stopped working completely. :( Would give it a much higher rating if this wasn't happening over and over again, considering that I paid for the premium.

- Reliable data-rich health app - well worth it!

Excellent dashboard style charts are included in this easy to use data collection tool. Love the results! A quick glance at the charts or the history, and I can see clearly how well I sleep given different habits — like if I drink wine or if I exercise on any given day. I can see how long I stay in light sleep or deep sleep, which helps me understand my patterns well enough that I can make small improvements over time with great results. I feel better since I sleep better since I started drinking water an hour before bedtime and since I put up light blocking window blinds. I even tested taking melatonin (1 tab did nothing but 2 tabs worked great!). Earplugs don’t help but better airflow and a cooler room temperature does wonders! I like that this app empowers me to be my own detective and find ways to improve my health! It even has a great notification feature to remind me to turn it on... and I’m rewarded every morning with another bit of history informing me how to be happier, healthier and more at ease in my skin. In sum, whomever conducted the usability study for this software is brilliant! And so are the software engineers who brought the concepts into reality. Every person who sleeps better is one more rested sane calm soul living, working and interacting with others. Thank you for creating something so elegant and useful! You are saving the world, one better sleeper at a time!

- Needs to have a way to rewind

This is a pretty good app. You have to set it on 70 or you get too much static. What this app really needs is a way to rewind a recording without having to listen to the whole recording again. Usually there is one section that I hear something but it’s a 2 minute plus recording and there is no need to listen to the entire recording. I would give this app a 5 if it had a way to rewind individual recordings to listen to a certain part of the recording

- Pleasantly surprised

Works great, and I leave my phone next to my CPAP. Never picks up anything from the machine, and I left it on it’s normal settings. Crystal clear recordings each morning for my entertainment.

- Sketchy

Idk if this is a coincidence, but the same day I got the app my phone started telling me I had no SIM card and it was making my texts weird. I know others have had similar problems, leading me to believe there’s something wrong with the app. I never even used it lol

- Best app ever!

So I thought I would he a weird sounds or weird voices. But instead it just recorded my dog snoring! It’s hilarious because my phone was right near her cage and she was snoring all night it was so funny.HAHA so funny anyway that’s all I had to say tell everyone that this app is amazing OMG so amazing everyone make sure they download this app.

- Bad

I have a loft bed so all I got was the sound of my bed moving when I went back to look at the recording. And I have to get the lite version just to hear thing for they most of the time I am asleep. So overall it didn’t help at all and I know from experience the lay I talk in my sleep but I thought it would be fun to see what I say and if I snore but this app does not help with that at all. I do not suggest downloading and I really wouldn’t pay for the lite version. Overall I think it is a waste of space and time and money.

- This app has the potential to be pretty cool but I’ve had some major issues with it

First of all this app isn’t worth it if you don’t pay the extra $3. So, understandable that you have to pay I guess, but I am currently unable to pay for that and also don’t know if I would want to spend that because all I wanna know is if if I sleep talk. Since I can only listen to the first 15 recordings all I hear is me rolling around or maybe a few of me snoring. I’ve adjusted the activation delay to 3 hours now so hopefully that will help with the rolling around. However, my biggest concern is that the app will record hours of a sound that is constant in the room. It will record a fan, or a sleep sound, or maybe something outside that’s going all night. Even if I did pay the $3 this is something that would be super annoying to me. I just wanna hear me sleep talking or a sound that is a once or twice occurrence that I wouldn’t have known happens. Instead I get a tonnn of recordings of this same sound throughout all of them. Basically my room would have to be close to dead silent to actually be able to pick up on just the sounds I’d want to hear. This is unfortunate because I think this app is actually a pretty cool one and will work for most people as long as they make the $3 purchase. I just don’t know if I’m completely sold yet because of this issue and I’d like to see the the app developer work on this issue past just having the option to lower or higher the sound sensitivity in settings which doesn’t compensate for the constant sounds one may have in their room. This adjustment will help but it won’t be able to pick out one sound from another and just show you the sounds that matter from my experience.

- First use

Was very informative I like it a lot

- There was a little girl laughing

I was going to bed and then I turn on my sleep recorder as soon as I went to sleep I live alone and all the doors were locked and then a little girl started laughing like hehehe~ and I got scared and I called my sister and she let me stay and I turned on the recorder again and still heard the laughing but it was a girl and a boy we were scared when we heard this please fix this.

- Coolest app ever !

I started out by downloading this app just for entertainment purposes, and ended up paying the 3$ to have no limitations because I loved it so much. I wanted to see if I was a sleep talker & If I happened to snore at all during the night to see what my future husband may or may not have to put up with!! Well to my surprise , I do not sleep talk much but I do snore pretty loud. It was really interesting to hear myself. I highly encourage you to download the app and try the LITE version for a night. If you like what you hear and are intrigued to hear more , buy the full version. It’s really affordable and only a one time payment.

- Great.

I have the free one. It works. Mostly it picked up on my cats breaking things but i got a few audios. Tried it for one night it and let me turn off my screen so i dont destroy my phone.

- Works great now

Have tried a few different apps for sleep recording and this one seems to be the best. Like the visual sound wave feature. That helps find the spots to jump to so you don’t have to listen to the whole recording.

- Great app

I used this on the first night I got it and figured out I make a lot of strange sounds when I sleep (so does my dog)and totally recommend it for you curious people.

- Great

this app is fantastic and very organized!


I bought the full version of the app for $2.99 back in December 2019. I didn’t use it for a couple of months and when I started using it again, it’s telling me I only have the Lite Version. I am not able to access all of the recordings there are even though I paid for it!

- Not great

First time I tried on lite version, doesn’t let you fast forward in a recording, so they expect me to listen to 9 hours of sleeping?? Pro version took me 3 nights for the recorder to actually work. Most it would record was 1 minute before stopping. Finally got it to work but still was not impressed with the functionality/capabilities.

- Hey

Hey I’m sorry but I downloaded this yesterday and when I opened it today it would not let me exit out of any of the ads soooo idk what to so

- Creepy

I love this app and have had this app a long time. One night I was up with my friends and we were watching scary movies. After we all went to bed and I turned on this app on. When I listened to it the next night I heard giggling. All my friends were creeped out. I ended up moving and now I go back to my house sometimes and it’s always on sale but it’s an old vintage house that cheap. I used to be scared but now nothing scares me.

- Don’t buy this app

I bought the full version so i could listen to everything, and it won’t stop charging my card, and I deleted the app and it still has continued. I don’t recommend this app

- It’s great but has issues...

This app is great and I think it is really fun to listen to me talking in my sleep! 😂 but when I tried to pay for the full version (which is a one time pay and really cheap) it gave me issues with loading and wouldn’t go through. So I am hoping that is something they will fix as soon as they can.

- Paying to hear the rest

The app is pretty good but the app only lets you hear around 45 mins after recording but you have to pay to hear the rest of the night, I understand y’all guys are trying to make more money but it’s really upsetting for me you can’t hear the rest of the night, which is pretty much around 80%

- Bugs

It was pretty good at first, now I can no longer exit out of the adds that they give me. This is a pain and my only complaint but please fix it.

- Can I you turn off the phone when using?

Can you turn the phone off & it will still record?

- Lost it’s glory.

This app used to be great. Prior to early March ‘20, I would get anywhere between 50-100 small 5-6 second recordings every night catching actual snoring or sleep talk. Since early March, I’ve only used it a handful of times because it was frustratingly only catching 1-5 recordings a night and they would be for extremely long periods of time. @Developers, I’m not sure what you guys did but the app seems to have been ruined. It’s a shame.

- Liked for a couple months then it quit working.

I should not have to renew when I’ve already paid for full subscription. What is going on?

- don’t do anything

mine doesn’t work at all

- Don’t get

Picked up the fan and recorded all night long

- Don’t buy the premium version

Dont waste your time. This app stopped working an I deleted to re-download nut again it is asking for $2.99. What a waste of money got ripped off

- They charge to record snoring..

Come on they charge to record snoring goodbye!

- Has problems but worth getting.

I enjoy the app! Its great to use and I enjoy hearing how the night was while I slept. I paid the $3 dollars and there is one problem I run into. Kf I go to into the “Last Report” and find a recording I want to share it will say “Couldn’t Load Content, there was a problem loading your content please try again.” I looked into my setting to see if I needed to change anything and I don't think there is anything I can do to get my sharing to work. Other than that the app works fine. If I want to share a recording I just screen record it and send it to whoever, but it still would be nice to have the problem fixed.

- Great app but always freezes up!

I loved the app a lot but recently it has been freezing up when I try to open the app. It’s getting annoying so please fix this issue.

- Terrible

App malfunctioned on 5th day

- Love the app

This app is great, I love being able to finally hear that I talk in my sleep. People have always told me I do, and I’ve wanted to hear it for a while, so this is an amazing app to do so. I am sad that it costs money for the full version with all the recordings, but it’s definitely worth the $3.

- Waste of time!

The app states it will adjust to the current noise in the room but it actually doesn’t. So if you have a quiet fan going you will receive an 8 hour long recording that you can’t even scan through to listen to the spikes in noise. That’s right! It was recording all night and you are forced to listen to the whole thing! There isn’t an option to download it either so you can scan yourself. Being able to skim through my recording should be available when coming up with an app that is primarily based on audio clips.

- Regular

Es bueno pero no muy bueno. Grava solamente unos 10 al día y los demás bloquean

- ?man hacked my app?

idk what it is but the FIRST night i used this i only got one recording and i sleep y’all a lot. i wanted to know what i was saying so i downloaded the app. i only got one recording and it WAS NOT me. it sounded like a man creepily saying something but i don’t really understand what? i don’t know if someone hacked into it and put something there to freak me out, but i hope that it was something better.

- Does not automatically record you

It’s a waste of money. I talk in my sleep and nothing has ever been picked up.

- What the heck

I’m kinda freaked. I just downloaded this app last night and there was a recording that said, “put that down I’m still resting” then like 5 or so seconds later, “I’m so scared” in like a whispery almost “man” voice. Has anyone else had this? Then like a while later another recording caught... “so beautiful” and it didn’t sound like me at all? One recording did catch me singing that WAS me but I don’t think the rest was.

- Si

This app caugh my dogs fart

- Slept report

I just started this program seems to be working okay it catches my fan my sleep apae machine my dog in and out my bed and my daughter’s tv all night and only catches my snoring only when they extra loud not when I stop breathing in between snores

- stole my money

i downloaded this app and ended up paying $3 for the full version. I try to use it again a day later and the app is freezing. I try shutting down my phone and when i go back to the app it’s still freezing. So i delete the app and when i download it again i no longer have the full version. Very disappointed and quite annoying.

- stopped working

i used this app for months and it worked great, i even payed for the update so it would record the whole night, then it just stopped working all together and it wouldn’t record anything, then it would record the whole night all at once, just one big 8 hour long recording, which i obviously don’t have time to listen to all the way through so it was pointless.

- Neat!

This app is super neat! I downloaded it to see if I actually talk in my sleep. This picked up everything clearly. My only complaint is I wish you could zoom in on the noise timeline to select a spot to listen to more precisely. As of right now, when I tap on a spot, I have to wait a few minutes and listen to everything before the spot I actually wanted to listen to. A minor inconvenience. Overall, I really like the app!

- Don’t waste your money

Never records the entire night. Sometimes doesn’t even record the night at all!

- Delete report

If I tap delete report the app should ask ARE YOU SURE YOU WANT TO DELETE before deleting

- Has many problems

I believe this is a ok app but not great. I ran into many problems one being that when I wake up and try to listen back it’s a 8 hour long recording. It doesn’t split it up into different recordings so it’s impossible to listen for 8 straight hours. Also when I try and play the recording it freezes up at the top and won’t go past that point. Very annoying! If u have the time and patience for 8 hours to listen go straight ahead. I even tried to contact them for help on figuring this out and not once have they responded. Hope this serves everyone well and maybe saves you 3 dollars.

- New update opens as a menu you can’t do anything with

Updated today and app no working

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- J’adore

Cette application me permet de savoir tout ce que je dis pendant mon sommeil. Je parle souvent la nuit et quand j’écoute l’enregistrement le lendemain ça nous fait bien rire !!

- Really stupid app

It won’t delete off my phone. Every time it deletes at comes back.

- Very cool

Je peu entendre tout les bruit quand je dore

- Misleading

App doesn’t disclose that it’s a paid app. It will give you a certain number of recordings but anything past that you need to pay for the full version. It’s fine to charge money for an app, but I wish it was clearly disclosed prior. I’ve also noticed it basically picks up any and all movement so all the recordings I can see are me rolling over and it’s hearing the blankets, so the snore technology isn’t great. I’ll be looking for another app to show my Dr my snoring in hopes to get a referral to a sleep clinic.

- Fees

You have to pay if you want to listen to some the the recordings. Some recordings are available with the free version, but the reste has fees applied to them.

- I learned that I snore :(

Works a little too good :(

- Marche

Messages d’erreur

- Good app, new update sucks

Easy to use app and useful, but after the new update I can’t listen to music with my AirPods and use the app simultaneously

- Not bad, could be better

It’s okay, but it’s not amazing. Lots of wrong detections, changed the settings, and it worked a little better, but still not the best. Overall, it’s OK.

- Excellent app

Very intuitive, easy to use

- I think i found a glitch..

So I opened the app and the button screen is smooshed to the side. It’s like it’s temporarily opened the option bar and I can’t put it back to normal..

- Not good app

Periodically during the night I get this really loud ding sound that wakes me up. I even tried putting my phone on do not disturb like they suggest but it’s still happening. Last time I used the app it happened close to 40 times during the night.


Useless app promoted by Tik tokers. Will not let you listen to recordings and keeps asking you to log into Facebook then does nothing. Complete scam. Do not download.

- Trial version

Would be nice to have full record

- 🤩

C’est cool et intéressant je ne pensais pas ronfler 🤪😅😂

- Fantastic App

Cool features and customizability and the app itself works way better than I expected! Well done to the dev. team!

- Tik tok

Whoever said that the guy farting in his sleep on tik tok brought you here. I relate 100%

- Life saver

So far this looks like the perfect solution for me. I’ve got central sleep apnea with this shallow breathing and laboured breathing that’s been hell. It’s Cheyne-Stokes respiration. This app is sensitive enough to detect when I begin these cyclical breathing patterns at various times through the night so I don’t suffer the next day. Amazing!

- I bought full version but it didn't give me full version at all

Kept asking me buy full version, only show limited recordings about 2 hours, other recordjngs are hidden.

- Amazing

Best app on my phone

- Exagération dans les paiements

J’ai déjà payer l’application et maintenant faudrait que je repaye

- Won’t recommend.

Used it for 1 night and had 164 recordings. There is no way to select multiple recordings and delete them. Has to be done 1 at a time which is a waste of time.

- Really good

This app has helped me so much with a better sleep at night

- TikTok brought me here

The guy farting during his sleep brought me here (seen on tiktok)

- Free

Make it free

- review + suggestion

this is a great app, i had no idea that i talked in my sleep! i recommend this app above any other sleep recording app. something that i think would be cool is if you added a forum type thing where you could post your own recordings and like and share other people’s, because right now people are only sharing on twitter. it would also be nice to have on my galaxy s10 because the mic is better than the one on my iphone 6s.

- Happy and not

Really think the app is amazing Not happy over I need to pay money to hear all recordings I just wanted to see if my house was haunted!!

- Long time user

The new update that you just put out. That automatic record DOSE NOT WORK !! Nothing works !!

- Don't use

Free app does not give convincing results. I deleted it the morning after. I won't pay for the full version, it's too expensive for a try.

- Not happy

I did one recording. Lasted just over half an hour and I could not even hear the whole thing. So I don't know what a bad room mate was doing!!! I'm not happy!!!!!

- Records these weird clicks

It only records small clips at a time and then plays them back and at the beginning of each one there is sometimes a click which is seemingly recorded but there is none evident in my room. Even though the sensitivity is moderate there is a lot of hissing noise.

- Why!?

Tried the free version, can only hear a few seconds of the recordings. Bought the full version. Can't recover the recordings from the free usage. Stupid. Uses memory to store something locked forever. I want a fix or my money back. Thank you.

- Great app.

I was recommended this app, it’s great! I didn’t realise just how much I snored! I use it every night!

- Not worth purchasing

It’s not worth spending the $ on the added version. I did it expecting to be able to pick up and record data Better. However, it still doesn’t identify any sleep talking etc. my partner has conversations I hear throughout the night and it hasn’t been recorded. I have followed all pro cautions to ensure the phone is in the correct spot etc. don’t bother!

- Good

So I thought this sleep recorder was alright but there is one thing that I cannot stand it’s how you have to pay to listen to the last ones.

- Best sleep app out there

Barely any ads and great outcome

- Can’t close ads

For the free version I couldn’t close the ads on my iPhone The tiny close button was hidden away in a corner and it seemed like they hadn’t considered how it would be displaying on an iPhone 11. Of course they could have made the close button larger, but not if the prime objective was to have the ads take up as much of the screen as possible.

- Sleep record

Recommend. Have found I do snore s bit .😮

- Scary snoring....

Used free version, amazed at level of snoring. App is easy to use, just brought full version so I can view more recordings ... will be taking to doctor soon. And no wonder I wake up with headaches!!!

- Doesn’t work

Doesn’t work. Keeps saying “issue with mic” when my mic is working perfectly fine with other apps. Needed upgrading for fixing

- Don't get this

It never works..

- A part of my daily routines

The drills and the way it recycles learnt words help with lexical retention and confidence building.

- Sleeping alone

As I am alone I have no idea how I sleep except I wake at 2 am and always tired in morning. Wow discovered I cough all night ! So have been able to mitigate by cough medicine, vapouriser in room. Great improvement. I am hooked.

- Free version waste of time

You can't listen to the recordings that were me on the free version.

- Needs update

I upgraded to the full version however every time I open the app there are ads and my recordings are locked like in the free version. I have to go to buy the full app again in the App Store and open the app that way to get it to work. Please update as its getting very annoying. Five stars if this issue is fixed.

- Missed the most important time frame

Well it recorded stuff all.. Missed the crucial time frame and I will just find another app now..

- Hard to read

Would love it if I could read blue on black type

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- Doesn’t word

So I downloaded this app as a good way to track my sleep progress I bought the full app because I wanted to see how long I slept if I snored and if I talked. It worked great for the first month but after that I have had some problems. So whenever I turn it on to track my sleep it records me but when I wake up in he morning I look at the recordings and there from a couple days before. Then I tried going to the next day and it wouldn’t let me. So I wanted to fix it and I was gonna delete it and re download it but then I would have to pay again. How can I fix this problem ?

- Loved this app until the ads got uncloseable

I used this app for three days now, the first two days the app worked perfectly fine, however since last night I can’t close the advertisements (Candy Crush) anymore. All the app does is redirect me to the appstore, more specifically the Candy Crush page. I tried to reach out to the company through appsupport, but got a notification stating ‘the message had NOT been send succesfully’. I hope the company can update the app and get rid of this advertisement bug.

- Works very well

This app is amazing! It works very well to record my sleep talking. I would HIGHLY recommend!

- Unpredictable recording

I have had this not record at all even though I know I hit the record button before falling asleep, other times I woke up to only three 2 seconds recording, yet the graph showed much more noise and activity throughout the night that wasn’t even showing up on my listed recordings, these issues completely defeat the purpose of the app to me, I was excited about this app but feeling pretty let down

- Used to love it...

I used to use this app a lot and I just recently paid for the full version but now my recordings don’t last longer than 30 minutes. It used to record my entire sleep but now it doesn’t. If I would have known it wouldn’t recorded longer, I wouldn’t have gotten the full version!

- highly recommend

So far so good the app is AMAZING

- Good app

So I have this app downloaded for awhile and everyone in my family told me I talked in my sleep so I downloaded this and it works great but I’m convinced there is a ghost in my basement so I’m sleeping in the basement tonight I’m scared

- Amazing!!!!

This is a great app to use even though it has it problems. It catches the smallest sounds- it caught my cat snoring and purring in her sleep! It turns out I don’t talk in my sleep or snore which is good to know. I originally used it as kind of a ghost hunter app because I hear some really messed up noises sometimes at night. The only problem is that you can’t use it if you have music playing or a fan because it drowns out other sounds but other than that, great app! Would definitely recommend it to others!

- Loving this app

This app is AMAZING! Very much worth the $3 and it's hilarious! I'm a sleep talker but I never knew what I was saying UNTIL NOW! I'm hilarious 😂😂

- Cool app

It’s cool but it is kinda annoying when you can’t hear everything. Like I want to listen to everything. I don’t want to pay for the full version or whatever. But other than that it’s a cool app


It use to be great until an ad starting popping up that try’s to get you to log into Facebook everytime you try and view your sleep history. Don’t get it.

- Waste of time!

I gave this one star because after I downloaded it and started recording my sleep, it crashes with a pop up ad and wont let me see what happens when I sleep. Very disappointed!!

- Ugh

This app is awful I try to click onto the previous night to listen but an ad pops up and it will never go away. I clicked on the add and tried to scroll through it but nothing worked.

- Good and Hell

I’ve moved this open other than the fact these stupid ads always pop up and never go away cause it never lets you press the x and I thought that deleting the app and reinstalling it would help but it didn’t save anything if mine and the stupid adds are still there

- Best App

I think this is the best app I’ve ever had. Some people told me I sleep talked but this brought it to another level of hearing my self all night. It’s amazing how many recordings of me sleep talking there were. 100% would recommend.

- Unless you wanna Pay it’s a waste

So I’ve been wanting to sleep record for a while. But unless you wanna Pat for premium every week or month is basically useless. It will record everything but you can’t listen to it without paying. And you can only listen to the ones of you moving around and I slept a little late today and a thunder storm moved over our house that I missed (I live In a place where they never happens) and I was hoping it recorded it. But it did. I just had to pay to listen to it. So yeah unless you wanna Pay it’s worthless.

- Good


- Weird Things

I recently downloaded this app & i'm afraid it may have malware attached. the first night i used it one of my friends received a FaceTime call from me that i did not place because i was asleep. Also the call did not show up in my call log, only in hers. Some old pictures also appeared in the bottom of my camera roll as recents. just please be careful because i cannot prove if the app caused this or not.

- Users beware!

I downloaded the lite version for fun and decided to give it a try, when I woke up my flashlight had been turned on, and that my phone had a bunch of nonsense text messages that were attempting to be sent! I know it was this app and not a glitch in my phone because when I opened the recorder app, there was no recording (despite my having pressed the start button) and under “sleep factors”, there were a bunch of emojis attempting to be typed and it didn’t quit until I deleted the app. Super creepy! DO NOT DOWNLOAD!!!!

- Decent but crashing a lot

This app is alright, I purchased the full version and now it won’t record whatsoever. Once I press the start button and let it run when I hit off button it force crashes and doesn’t save the recording. It also isn’t recording sound even with all permissions. It worked the first night but I had it set to automatic, once I changed it to manual it won’t work on either setting anymore. Try it on free for a minute to make sure it works for you and that you aren’t on iOS beta, it may compromise the compatibility with this app.

- App chooses when to work and not work

This has happened multiple times now.. I start the recording and see the red microphone icon pop up so I know it’s recording.. went to check the app the following morning and nothing was recorded. Can you please fix this glitch??

- Frustrated

I can’t even listen to my recordings because when I go to it an Ad pop up and no matter what will not closd.

- Scam.

I purchased this app on my old phone and paid to have the full version, I got a new phone and it’s saying I have to buy it again. Scam.

- It worked!

I downloaded this app because I sleep talk and I wanted to hear what I was saying. I didn’t rly think it would work but it did! And the audio quality is pretty clear even though I wasn’t that close to the phone.

- Love it

This is a good app I found it on Tik Tock and decided to download it

- What the heck. It erased everything!!!

So I’ve been using this app for almost a month now and was very happy with the results and I’ve been using my recordings in my therapy sessions for my extreme PTSD that makes me have night terrors. I went to open the app to find EVERYTHING had be ERASED off of my history, including my favorite recordings. I tried to contact the support with the same message saying my request was not successfully sent through. I just want my recordings back. Watch out for this app.

- Amazing

It a great app

- What a crappy app

First night recorded but didn’t breakdown recordings and I’m not listening to it for 8 hrs, second night didn’t record, third night still nothing. This app is hit or miss, mostly miss. I paid to upgrade and I want my money BACK. If the app isn’t ready to put a price on it, THEN DON’T!!

- I’m


- Fan

It just recorded my fan for over 6 hours. Don’t even bother trying to use it unless you sleep in complete silence.

- Sometimes works

Sometimes it works great and then other times doesn’t record my boyfriend very loudly and clearly talking in his sleep. I don’t get it.

- I like it

I like it it does what I want it to do

- App

This app is wonderful....Gives the tracking pattern of sleep

- Ads are glichy

Has ads that wont let you exit out. Makes you pay to use

- Wow! This app is fantastic. Required download.

Everyone should at least try this for a week. You might call your doctor after listening to your breathing and how long you are holding your breath in your sleep. Find out if you are getting real sleep at night.....find out why you feel like you haven’t slept for days! Do it now, DO NOT WAIT.

- Stole my money!

I used this app one night and thought it was really cool, so I bought the full version in the morning so I could listen to all of my recordings instead of just the first 15. Worked great until tonight, I go to turn it on and it reset back to the lite version and no money was refunded back into my account! I thought I found a really cool sleep recorder app and now I just feel scammed! It may have only been 3$ but when you pay for something, you expect it to not just disappear the next night. This app really had the potential to be awesome but turned out to be just another SCAM!

- Good app

Very useful app

- Doesn’t work

Three nights in a row I’ve set the alarm and turned on monitoring. I wake and there is no recording in the history tab. I have tried to send a message to app support and it isn’t sent successfully.

- Rip off!!

I’ve already paid for the app and it rescinded, even after funds were taken from my bank account! And NOBODY is answering my emails!!!!

- I want to love this app

I want to love this app but I sleep with the fan on and it catches everything so I end up with 200 recordings to go through in the morning. I’ve adjusted the sensitivity a few times and made sure the noise never exceeds the red line but it still records every sound. The sounds are anything from 7 seconds long to 1 minute and thirty seconds long. I’ve been trying to play with it, but I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong.

- Needs improvement

I used the free version and caught my husbands sleep taking the very first time I tried it, and laughed so hard I cried. So I bought the full version. Since then I’ve gotten a lot of great recordings- however it definitely needs improvement. Some of the recordings cut out when there’s still noise happening. And sometimes there’s like 29 minute recordings. My room is dead quiet at night- other than talking and snoring. I don’t use a fan or white noise machine, so I’m unsure why I’m getting these crazy long recordings.

- Great Sleep APP!

This APP is an excellent tool to monitor your sleep quality and to record sleep sounds and other noises in your sleep environment. I highly recommend it.

- I phone user

Great app 👍

- Listing to how you really sound like after the lights go out.

This helps me to try to adjust so my wife can get her sleep

- Naw

You only get to listen to the first 15 min free

- More time

Okay well this only records my snoring because it does not have long enough time , because it won’t record my sleep talking , It does not have enough time to get to my REM cycle and that is when dreams occur

- Great app

I love this app. It’s amazing what you do in your sleep. The only thing is I wish is that it had a way to advance or rewind. Other than that I think it’s great

- Sleep Recorder

While this app is well-made with a cool concept, half the app is pay-walled, and even though it’s cheap it still is annoying to have to purchase things when the makers are already making ad revenue off a free account.

- Meh

I don’t really snore so I downloaded it mostly for my sleep talking. Seems to catch everything BUT the sleep talk. Roommate heard me one night and wrote down what I said with a time stamp but the sleep recorder couldn’t catch it. On another night I caught my roommate sleep talking and once again the app didn’t get it. But apparently it’ll catch my quiet snores and the cars passing by our window so guess it’s mostly optimal for snoring.

- Noise preference would be nice

Every time I turn on my fan that’s all the app records and I end up with 4 hour long clips of just my fan. I think it would be nice if the AI automatically deafened it and prioritized spikes in audio. Aside from that one flaw, the app is worth a try. I talk in my sleep so it’s fun to hear what I said

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Prime Sleep Recorder 6.3.6 Screenshots & Images

Prime Sleep Recorder iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Prime Sleep Recorder iphone images
Prime Sleep Recorder iphone images
Prime Sleep Recorder iphone images
Prime Sleep Recorder iphone images
Prime Sleep Recorder iphone images
Prime Sleep Recorder ipad images
Prime Sleep Recorder ipad images
Prime Sleep Recorder ipad images
Prime Sleep Recorder ipad images
Prime Sleep Recorder ipad images
Prime Sleep Recorder Medical application apple watch screenshots and images not ready...
Prime Sleep Recorder Medical application apple tv screenshots and images not ready...

Prime Sleep Recorder (Version 6.3.6) Install & Download

The applications Prime Sleep Recorder was published in the category Medical on 2015-05-13 and was developed by Apirox, s.r.o. [Developer ID: 490081296]. This application file size is 91.42 MB. Prime Sleep Recorder - Medical posted on 2020-05-25 current version is 6.3.6 and works well on IOS 11.0 and high versions.

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