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Easily search for songs by their lyrics! If you only know part of the lyrics for a song but can't figure out the title or artist, simply enter the lyrics you know and hit search! A list of matching songs will be provided. Just tap on a song and you will have instant access to open the song in the iTunes Store, YouTube, or Spotify.

*** Please note: This app is not affiliated with Spotify. You will need to have the Spotify app installed and a Spotify Premium subscription in order to open and play songs directly in Spotify. All other app features will work fine without Spotify installed.

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The applications Premium Music Search was published in the category Utilities on 2014-07-08 and was developed by Appmosys. The file size is 2.06 MB. The current version is 1.3.5 and works well on 7.0 and high ios versions.

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I hate it  Livy(Olivia)  1 star

What a waste!!!! This app stinks do NOT BUY u can't even listen to music in this


Terrible app  mattyfred  1 star

I bought on accident, this is the dumbest app ever if you want to look up a song use google for free


😡😡😡😡  Court_bug  1 star

Hate it


Bad  ArcangelBello  1 star

Es una lástima esta aplicación me duele haber pagado


Not good  3:3333333333333  1 star

I wasted my money for nothing.


Please refund  Zomiepic  5 star

I didn't mean it to purchase

dis pleased for now

I didn't buy this help me  dis pleased for now  1 star

Please help me unpurchase this so I can go back to my free apps this messed my whole account up


Awful  Bella124!  1 star

This app didn't work for me at all. I spent five dollars on an app that makes me search up something on another store to spend more money. I want a refund! 😤


You app  Why!...  1 star

Your app is a rip off it makes no sense and glitches me out I thought this was for the app almost to search it up o van to it on the regular ok so thank you for that.😀😀


Awful  ldprice  1 star

Doesn't even have all songs


Buy Software Apps BuySoftwareApps 3 star

Premium Search for Pandora - Component Studios #Itunes #Music #TopPaid -


iDeviceFull idevicefull 3 star

@1alfredo0: Escucha e identifica canciones con esta gran App, además comparte sus letras🎶📱 ∞-music-search-7-6-2-…


1alfredo0 1alfredo0 3 star

Escucha e identifica canciones con esta gran App, además comparte sus letras🎶📱 ∞-music-search-7-6-2-premium-android/

Sam & Issy

Horrible  Sam & Issy  1 star

Do not buy this app it is false and a waste of money!!! I want a refund ASAP!!!


🎈😍🎤  saysay21  5 star

This app is so great! Easy to find songs based on lyrics. Thanks!


I thought it was Spotify premium but it wasn't  Bunch.katlyn  2 star

This app is horrible. It was suppose to be Spotify premium with no ads and no internet needed but all it does it tell you what songs are Called and who they are by. You can't really play the music on it. I do not recommend this app. I want my money back now !!!


Confusing 🤔🙄  Menace_45  5 star

I just got it today and I don't get it. It's confusing.

Don't fall for it!!!!!!!!!

Seriously?! This app is Pointless. I want my money back  Don't fall for it!!!!!!!!!  1 star

Doesn't find anything exclusive and just refers you to other apps.. such as iTunes YouTube or Spotify which already has its own search capabilities. It must be a scam making people pay for this I want my money back!


Led Zeppelin  dcm1754  5 star

Greatest rock band of all time!!!


Love ❤️ it  xSparrow82  5 star

Works great finding songs every time! 👍

magician named GOB

Works great!  magician named GOB  5 star

It finds every song just by the lyrics!!!


DONT BUY  DMS5433  1 star

No good


Hate it  Noelialuze  1 star

Would like a refund please. Someone contact me. ASAP

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