Halide Camera

Halide Camera [Photo & Video] App Description & Overview

Halide is an award-winning camera app listed in Macworld's "Must Have Apps," The Verge's "Apps We Love," and picked by The Sweet Setup as "Best Third-Party Camera App for iPhone." Daring Fireball says, “This sort of maniacal attention to the smallest of details deserves to be celebrated.”

Halide is a groundbreaking app for deliberate and thoughtful photography. With high-end tools, and a beautiful UI designed from scratch for the latest iPhones, Halide is your go-to camera when you want to really take a photo rather than a quick snapshot.

Use gestures in Halide to change exposure and manual focus with a swipe. Halide’s professional tools include focus peaking, histograms, adaptive level grid, manual depth capture, and RAW support on supported phones.* Customize controls to adapt the app to your needs.


- Beautiful, intuitive gesture-based interface
- An intuitive and fast lens switcher designed especially for iPhone 11 Pro
- On iPhone X and later, a custom-designed UI that is completely usable with one hand
- Manual Depth Capture: Take portraits of pets and objects on iPhone XR
- Focus peaking and powerful manual focus*
- Full manual controls including shutter speed, ISO and white balance
- Live histograms for perfect exposure*
- Captures RAW, TIFF, HEIC or JPG for the best quality shots*
- Grid overlay with built-in level
- Quick-review of your last few shots
- Intelligent automatic and manual mode


The Ultra Wide camera on iPhone 11 and 11 Pro does not support RAW or manual focus.
Histograms require iPhone 6 or later. (6, 6S, 7, 8, X, XS, XR, SE, 11, 11 Pro)
RAW requires iPhone 6S or later. (6S, 7, 8, X, XS, XR, SE, 11, 11 Pro)
Depth Capture requires iPhone 7 Plus, 8 Plus, X, XS, XR, 11, 11 Pro.

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Halide Camera Customer Service, Editor Notes:

In this update, we've improved flash behavior when shooting manually, which is especially awesome if you have a third-party 'Made for iPhone' flash! We've also squashed a few bugs, and fixed a few crashes. MANUAL FLASH Truth me told, most of you aren't using the built-in flash, and we're proud of you. But on-camera flash can be useful in a few rare situations, such as when you need a fill light to compliment your key light. Recently the iPhone added support for third-party external flashes that plug into your lightening port, opening the door to even more advanced lighting techniques. Unfortunately, when taking photos on an iPhone with Flash enabled, iOS really wants to pick your ISO and shutter speed settings for you. This is great if you want to just point and shoot, but frustrating if you've dialed in specific exposure settings only to have them thrown out. In this update, when you shoot a photo with manual exposure settings, we manage the flash ourselves rather than allowing iOS to control it. FIXES GALORE As always, we're adding fixes to every update. We discovered an edge case where Halide would fail to cleanup backup files, which could cause it to slowly consume disk space. This is fixed, and the next time you launch Halide, it should clean up any of these temporary files lying around. We've also fixed our top three crashes. Over 99% of all Halide sessions were already crash-free, but every fraction of a percent counts! FEEDBACK If you have any requests or feedback, please let us know. Just tap the support link in our bio, or reach out to us at @HalideCamera on Twitter. Happy shooting! -- Ben, Sebastiaan, and Rebecca (Sebencca?)

Halide Camera Comments & Reviews

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- Waste of money

Waste of money unless you want weird looking photos.


This app gives you total creative control. It has everything you need to take to the next level with just your phone. Gives you the option of shooting in RAW and developing them with its companion app Darkroom. ********

- Photographers must have

If you were taught to shoot with film and know your way around a darkroom this is the app for you. Total control of exposure, focus and lots of other handy settings. Best raw photo tool available for iOS.

- Average, not worth it

I then purchase another priced $0.99 only, but surprisingly better than this one!

- Not for me

For all the rave reviews, i was expecting something more. I’m sure that there are plenty of people for whom the manual controls offered by this app are great, but it doesn’t really seem to offer me anything that i can’t already do better with Apple’s camera app.

- Good, could be better

I’d like an Exposure Bracket mode, especially because we can’t shoot RAW for more latitude using the Ultra Wide lens. I’d also like a Pitch Level, not just a Tilt Level. Seems a bit basic for this price. The Histogram is tiny and almost useless. The one in Darkroom is infinitely better and would be a welcome addition to Halide.

- Amazing App

Honestly the best camera app I have ever used, if only there was a feature to change where your photos are stored or if you could make photos save to a specific folder that would just make this an absolute 10/8 👌

- Really happy with Halide

Brilliant app. Simple, powerful, and easy to use. The integration with Darkroom is the cherry on top.

- This should be the “standard iOS camera”

Sensational. Loves It!

- Almost perfect but...

Almost perfect but... Should have a slider or something to measure and customise white balance in my opinion. Maybe I'm using it wrong? Without this I'm using another app😩

- Great app, easy to use and focus peaking!!

Please add a video function so I can start using this instead of my default camera app, thank you!

- Exceptional

Polished, feature rich, regularly updated and easy to use. A testament to good app development. 10/10

- Crashes constantly

Have not had a god experience so far, would prefer a refund. App constantly crashes.

- Shutter speed maxes out at 1 second

I bought this app hoping to try my hand in astrophotography with my phone. The app is quite intuitive but it misses out on shutter speed, one of the most important manual settings. Not sure if it’s a feature likely to be released soon.

- Very reliable camera

As someone with only one working arm a camera i can rely on to get the pic i want without needing two hands and half an hour setting things for the shot is very important. No other camera app comes close.

- Xs mas not working

12.1.3 weird it was working before

- Hate it

I cannot find any to export images from iPhone to PC, I have both Lightroom and Adobe bridge. They support raw images but can’t find them in camera roll, some people do use Windows, perhaps you could offer an option to copy images from iPhone, I have wasted my money,

- The Best

I wish everything in life was as good and beautiful and easy as Halide is. ❤️📸🤷🏼‍♂️

- No zoom for my 7?

Read the overview and reviews.. looks good, paid and downloaded.. looking good and playing with controls.. no zoom?? Seriously??

- Doesn't do what it says it does

There are plenty of manual controls but the quality of the images is worse than what I get on the stock camera. 90% of the pictures I’ve taken look grainy in a fully lit room as well as outdoors and I’m using an XS Max so it’s not the phone that’s the issue. The stock camera actually takes great images. Editing raw photos on my phone is another issue. As soon as I transfer the image to either Lightroom or VSCO, it immediately loses all quality and looks like an overexposed, grainy mess. Am I doing something wrong?

- Excellent camera app

Easy to use with full auto or can set manually. RAW files easy to export for desktop editing.

- Awesome

This is honestly the most in depth and best camera app I have ever used. The UI is amazing and it has all the manual control you could ever want

- iPhone XS 2x zoom crashes app

Every time I try take a photo at 2x zoom the app crashes.

- Watch app is non-functional

Watch app shows black screen with misplaced controls and red corners on S4 44mm watch iPhone app shows a garbage yellow line on the lower right side on iPhone XS

- Serious iPhoneography X tool

I own the iPhone X and could be not be happier with Halide! Depth extract, portrait matte, cool 3D highlight when taking depth photo, this is one serious iPhoneography tool!

- iPhone app is better for the beginner

Just a beginner but finding the quality of images is less than the standard iPhone camera. Perhaps I need to learn more about using this app?? I’ll have a play but so far disappointed.

- Best camera app

Love the app. Super simple and straightforward.

- Neat, fast, very well designed camera app

Highly functional camera app, a joy to use with one exception: the update is displaying my preview images as dark and underexposed. 5 stars when this feature is resolved.

- To zoom or not that is the question.

Well zoom crash now fixed. So app seems good to go, but seriously apples now had multi years to fix its phone problems, and they seem to get worse. It is almost a trillion dollar company, so what are they doing with all the money.

- Love it

Great app

- Excellent interface design

I started using cameras 35 years ago, and have never much liked the iPhone picture-making experience. But Halide has largely changed that - all the familiar camera tools are there, beautifully presented and intuitive to access. I never find myself fumbling for a setting: they just lie to hand, as they do on a good camera. One of the most pleasing apps on my phone.

- Great app with great updates

Getting an issue when swiping to favourite a photo. Photos are stretched vertically and only goes away when swiping to another picture. Hope this bug gets ironed out soon. Might I suggest allowing us to choose which photo editor we can set as a shortcut instead of defaulting to darkroom?

- Love using it!

A lot of needed controls, which the iPhone default camera app doesn’t offer. Being nit picky, but I would love the option to change the icon colour within the app which a lot of apps are now including. Thanks devs, love the latest update as well

- Add to control centre

So good you need to add to control centre!

- Brilliant

Photos taken through Halide are easily distinguishable. Controls will take time to get used to but it’s worth the extra minutes.

- Raw Camera

Great app

- The best manual camera

I love it for the iPhone 10, just wish I could slow down the shutter speed to 4 seconds.

- Kinda Average

Although I’m not a great photographer by any means so take my review with a grain of salt. Just found it a little to hard to learn/use. Apple Camera is easy and you can switch between cameras/videos (you can’t with this, which I really wish I knew before). Overall if u know photography and spend time with this it’d be good I think.

- Looks, feels, and is, super hi-tech.

Such a simple app, so beautifully thought through. Simple gestures, just the right amount of controls, and amazing technical features when you want them. The focus detector overlay (and the new depth detection feature) feel like science fiction. The level detection is another fantastic feature.

- Doesn’t work with my iPhone 8

Emailed the developers about constant error and failure to produce an actual image. A week later: no response. Don’t waste your money (as I have).

- Cool update

Now my little old 5s feels like it's part of the action. Great photo app - very user friendly.

- Buggy

The app doesn't let me see the photos I clicked. For a paid app the support needs to be better.

- Exceptional

I shot my current favourite image with this app. The image processing quality really brings out the best of the iPhone 6s lens. The only thing that would make it better is a cable release functionality with iPhone headphones or a self timer and more precise control over exposure with shutter speed and aperture. The UI (user interface) is easy to work with and well worth the money.

- Latest version fixed upside down photos

Provides manual control of camera especially for lighting. A good replacement for the IPhone camera

- Zoom Needed

Really nice app but lacking in that there is no zoom function. Only thing stops me using it without zoom I wasted my monry.

- Excellent! Add more special features plsss!!!


- Zoom for iPhone 7

Great app and good to see manual controls, would like to see zoom included in future updates.

- The DSLR replacement I wanted!

Precisely the controls you want to manually control your camera. Other apps don't compare to accuracy or ease of use. Would love a portrait bokeh feature for the iPhone 7 Plus but I get that that's actually really hard to do.

- Zoom for iPhone 6

Well it's a photo app and some features are really good however a zoom feature is part and parcel of a camera app. I hope it's added in updates cause for outside shots for me it's really something that is makes or breaks my usage of this app

- Superb

In a packed field, this app is outstanding for its intuitive interface. Well done.

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- Wasted!

I downloaded this app lookup for something a little extra and haven’t a clue how to use it. But if a wast of money if you’re a novice photographer.

- Decent pictures, terrible interface.

The app has the potential to take decent pictures but the interface is truly terrible. Whoever designed the UI and the icons has no idea about camera control, it likely it makes sense to them but nobody else. Lots of wasted space with a massive shutter button and huge preview of the last photo means the app has to hide a lot of the features and icons until you swipe to see them. In the end you just forget where various features are located. The icons themselves and their design make no sense, reinventing the wheel of iconic camera icons. Sliding your finger left and right in landscape mode to change the EV value also makes little sense as you have to take a hand off of the phone to do so. Same with shutter speed (which is in another button clicks, in another menu). The app always starts in auto mode, meaning you waste time switching on the manual features which the app was designed for. If I wanted an auto app I’d just use the iPhone default camera app. It could be a decent app, but it’s been created by millennial hipsters that think they know design. Massive disappointment. You need the settings and features at hand, not buried in a hidden drawer.

- Such a great UX

I really love this app! It has great features that I don’t get in the basic iOS camera app. Everything works smoothly and the UX is just great!

- Halide

I’ve purchased every camera available to get me to use my iPhone as a camera,Halide is the first one I enjoy using.

- Absolutely Brilliant!

This app is truly the best digital purchase I have made, no questions (their other app, Spectre, is up there too!) It is a wonderfully intuitive, well designed, well maintained and easy to use pro app. Big big kudos to the developers as this is no small feat. I would wholeheartedly buy it again if I could to support the developers as it has given me the opportunity to take pictures that really don’t look like they came out of an iPhone. 11/10

- Real nice aplication

I love it , good job guys

- Powerful camera app that shoots RAW

So far Halide has been my go to app to shoot RAW. It is simple out of the box but boosts enough controls to put your iPhone 11 Pro Max very close to an average compact camera (apart from the fact of having fixed apertures on each lenses).

- Great but there is room for improvement

The app itself is very simple, but it’s also the best for raw capture app in my experience. You can tell it’s made by pro photographers and not just some random engineer and that’s what most times makes a difference. The interface is very sleek and simple BUT, there is something really annoying that I thought I would share... the app won’t remember your settings and since I only shoot manual, every time I open the app I need to start tweaking it to get into full manual mode and adjust exposure with the ISO controls. It would be great if you could just chose wether you want the app to remember you last settings and also more options such as min and max ISO range and shutter settings.

- Easy to use but can go professional too

Awesome number of features, yet simplicity at the heart. True genius. Thanks so much.

- Raw won’t work

I have an iPhone 11 and raw photos won’t load and just comes up with message saying it won’t load

- Great manual camera app but....

I love the design of the app and ability to shoot in Raw. However, the processed jpeg looks amazing whereas the actual raw photo looks either way over-exposed or underexposed such way that it can’t be used to gain any detail back. When I take picture in raw format, what I see on the screen doesn’t really represent what actually being captured in the final image. May be I am missing something here? Raw shouldn’t look too different in exposure and colour. I shoot raw with my dslr so I am not completely unfamiliar with raw. Please someone let me know if I overlooked something here. I would love to use this app all the time.

- amazing

this app gives u the ability to use the entire camera of your iphone just the way u want period

- Crashes

Crashes almost every time I press Depth... and then I lose all my manual settings

- Photos permission or app won’t even start

If they’d said that anywhere on their description or website, I wouldn’t have wasted £5.99 Can I have a refund?

- Great app for my Xr

Brings portrait mode for people for the Xr , beautiful 👍🇬🇧

- not working

i installed it on my iphone 7 works ok i installed it on my iphone XS just open and freeze - all black need to chek this guys, seems like i paid for a black screen!!

- Simply the best

I have tried nearly all camera apps from the App Store and definitely all of the camera apps in the top 50 and this is the best I have ever used. Easy to use and great quality shots. Much easier to use and faster reacting depth mode in this app than the stock camera app.

- Not what I expected

Heard so many reviews and was hoping this would improve my iPhone 7 camera quality after iOS13 messed it up. But the pictures with this app honestly looks worse than my iPhone 7. Waste of money!!

- Good for raw but one major issue

Camera seems ok the normal mode isn’t as good quality as the apple camera but for raw it’s great and manual control however when it comes to depth there is serious issues. Works great on the front facing cam, image locks instantly when trying to use the rear camera... I’m guessing the sensor is still reading because as I move around the histogram moves however the view finder is locked on whatever it was showing before activating depth mode. Disable depth and camera works again.

- Very buggy.

Crashes and keeps showing me error logs that don’t really mean much. Nor is it Easy to send the error logs to anyone.

- App crashes on iPhone XR

I was hoping that this would be a great camera app but it does not do as advertised. On my iPhone XR the Depth mode either doesn’t work or the app crashes when I try to use depth mode. Hope they can fix these problems in an update. Until then I have had to delete the app from my phone.

- Can’t zoom

I just bought this app but it doesn’t let me zoom or choose my focus. Every time I try to choose a focus it changes to automatic and doesn’t do the close shot I want. It does not work well at all. I’d rather stick to my generic iPhone camera

- Excellent

Yes the Best ever pictures

- Great control

Using this app I’ve been able to take pictures that are just that little bit more interesting than what I normally achieve using the standard camera app. With the right white balance setting it’s also possible to take pictures with Fuji like colours :) It slows down the process a bit, but this also helps you consider your shots a little more. Very pleased

- The Best

Best Camera app for iPhone, hands down!

- It’s okay

I read a lot of hype surrounding this and decided to finally try it. I can only say I’m extremely underwhelmed. Yes it’s better at capturing detail than the stock app and it can capture raw. As I don’t have the iPhone XS I can’t tell you what the smart raw is like, it seems intriguing and although it is a fix for the inherent issues with capturing raw on that sensor it means you can really make good use of it. I would recommend trying it if you had an iPhone XS and the other apps weren’t good enough. Controls are easy to use but making them hidden means that functionality and usability are lost. My usual go to app Pro Cam has all the controls right there ready for me to use. I can set focus and exposure lock easily and dial each setting as I want. I set it up so it always shows a histogram and zebras and the manual focus gives me a loupe which I can place where I want to improve focus. Halide misses many of the features I use, makes it harder to use others and is only capable of mimicking the stock app with some extra features. Turn the app sideways in Pro Cam with the orientation lock on and the interface will still adjust. Not in Halide, now the sliding is side to side and the text is all sideways, pictures however are the right orientation. It’s not easy to see how much battery/storage is left within Halide. The styling feels generally outdated and clunky. I’m not sure why the only grid available is a thirds grid. It’s possible to configure the app to make it fairly good to use and the stock setting is quite easy to use as a point and shoot. But I didn’t spend £6 on a different version of the stock app that only takes photos, I want to use manual controls quickly and take great photos. Halide is more expensive than better competition like Pro Cam and even VSCO can shoot raw as a free app. If you want raw get a free app, if you want power and customisation get a fully featured app, if you want to feel like you are improving your insta game and have money to waste then Halide is the app for you. I should have paid attention to the red flag of a listed feature being the app gives a ‘technical readout’ of the cameras.

- Very useful app that accepts Siri commands

This seems to be a very capable app. Not only can you change metadata but you can customise the interface. Perhaps best of all, for iphone users, you can add Siri commands such as Fire Shutter.

- Not great

Several issues. Absolutely no help or response from customer support. don’t waste your money....it’s no better than the iphone default camera.

- Features needed

- Adjustable quality for lossy formats (JPG etc) - Save image file to Cloud location rather than Apple Photos - Save RAW + HEIF - support for gimbals such as DJI Osmo mobile 2

- Poor implementation of depth of field

I have a number of good camera apps. I only bought this to use on my XR as it doesn’t do bokeh on still life, but it doesn’t work as promised. Seems a rather over-rated camera app!

- I’m very disappointed

I just purchased this app and it’s no different from the free apps out there...they are way better apps that does much more than this one....doesn’t give you much options when taking photos...I’m very disappointed for wasting my hard earned cash on this app!

- Doesn’t work

Bought it because I have the XR and seen an article that said this app would allow me to have a depth of field with animals and objects instead of just people. Reviews said I could change my depth of field via the usual way but it would not let me. Will be getting a refund as app did not do what it said it would.

- Superb

I absolutely love Halide, it unlocks far better iPhone photos so I can leave my Sony compact in my rucksack more often. Great in combination with Lightroom CC for a full mobile workflow.

- Well worth the money and cheap for what it is

An incredibly good app and I have managed to take some amazing shots with my iPhone XR that really do rival DSLR quality. Main problem for me is when trying to export to raw and save images to camera roll. If I click the share sheet and save image as raw, once done this takes me back to my last picture again. Usually scrolling me right to the top of my camera roll when I’m editing photos taken weeks before. Also would prefer if the layout mimicked the camera roll with the newest photos at the bottom. Plus when I scroll to the top of my images, if I scroll too fast it takes me back to the camera. Also no way to zoom unless I’m being dumb. Last thing is for when saving files it modify the original instead of making a copy👌 However most of these issues arise for me because the app is so good and I use it on a daily basis.

- Much better exposure control on iPhone XS

Since upgrading to iPhone XS I’ve been suffering a lot from its camera. It is constantly trying to outsmart the photographer and its output looks like poor man’s HDR. Halide has literally made my iPhone usable again as a camera. Its exposure compensation works like a proper ev and not trying to recover shadows at any cost. Generally this app feels a bit cluttered and fiddly but I give it 5 stars anyway for giving my camera back to me.

- Lacking adjustable bokeh on XR

I’ve tried numerous times to capture photos using ‘Depth’ mode on my new XR, to then edit the blur or ‘bokeh’ within the native photos app on iOS, however the ‘Portrait’ tag appears but no adjustable slider appears when you press ‘Edit’. So for now I am still using the native camera app. Every time I try to reach out to the devs on Twitter, I get no reply. There must be a bug or something because the tutorial video shows adjustable bokeh. The app also can run very slowly, especially when adjusting the ISO or shutter speeds, it’s difficult to fine tune something when the latency seems to be really high. On a brand new phone with an A12 chip, there really must be something they should be turning their attention to, rather than pushing out a brand new app and ignoring their paying customers. Very poor service. If you have an XR, and want adjustable Depth effects for such things like Food & Drink, I would look elsewhere, at least until they get it fixed.

- Crashing on iPhone XR :(

I want to rate this higher as it seems to be a great camera app. But it’s crashing constantly on a very new XR with up to date software :( *24th March 2019 Update. I’ve tried to contact the developer over twitter and email and have not got a reply. Seeking a refund from Apple and dropping the rating to 1 star. iPhone XR users should avoid until this app is updated.

- Great camera app

Loving using Halide. For normal shots and manual control it takes a better pic than the Apple stock camera software. I’ve taken the same pic with both apps on several test shots and each time there is a bit more detail. Just a cleaner pic. And that’s with both cameras shooting in HEIF format. Halide has higher quality formats too. Then there is the manual control which proved invaluable on a museum visit last week. Snapping those exhibits that were behind glass is so much easier with manual focus controls. No issues with the auto focus locking into the reflections with manual controls. Only thing Halide doesn’t do as well is the portrait mode shots. The background depth effect isn’t up to that of Apple’s standard. But I don’t use portrait mode that often so it’s no issue for me to swap back to Apple’s software on the occasions when I do want to snap one.

- Photo is different to camera preview

When you adjust the exposure, what you see in the preview is different to what you see after taking the photo. This makes the app pointless as you can’t rely on the manual exposure which is meant to be the “most powerful” feature this app offers. Total waste of money. I’ll be asking for a refund.

- Very average app. Non existent support

I bought this app as it was an Apple recommendation and I needed a better depth facility than the standard camera offered me. There seems to be no live shooting in depth; Photos can't recognise the shots as portrait most of the time, but worst of all there is no support for the program. I requested a refund within 24 hours of purchase, but as there is no support, I received no reply. It's a shame. I would rather have received meaningful support than a refund. The company is doing itself no favours.

- Don’t waste your money

Does not work, have compared ‘portrait’ pictures with ones taken on my regular XR camera and they are identical. Doesn’t let you edit the depth. And customer service are very unhelpful. A scam

- Great idea; sadly doesn’t work very well.

I was really disappointed to discover that the XR can only produce editable Portrait mode photos on people, so I was really pleased to find out about Halide which widens the scope to pets and objects. Sadly, it takes the photos but you can’t edit them for depth (even when I followed the suggestions in the reviews here) which is what I primarily wanted. I have an old iPhone X which can take un-editable photos so that’s what I’ll stick to. There are also some bugs in functionality. When you try and send a photo, an error code pops up instead. In summary, this app is fine if all you want to do is take portrait mode photos but as this app is £5.99 I think you can probably find a cheaper app that does that just as well.

- Crashes too often

Halide was once my go-to camera app. Especially for depth photos. However it now crashes after every depth photo without saving the result. Hope the developer can sort this out soon.

- Just awful

This app does nothing, I feel like I have been mugged I mean it’s not cheap is it, it’s terrible, I will be pursuing a refund

- Got an iPhone 10r, don’t bother

A total waste of £5.99. The so called depth on the 10r is barely noticeable and as for adjusting it in Photos, forget it. Don't waste your money.

- Blue effect not good (XR user)

I bought this as wanted to take lovely portrait photos of things other than people. The only missing thing from the Xs. This claims to do it. However it does not do it well at all. Just a waste of money.

- Alex

The same outcome as you use standard (build in) iPhone camera app. I want my money back

- Halide Portrait mode on iPhone XR review

It does work. You can take photos of anything through Halide in the Portrait (depth) mode. But the trick is not to actually use Halide for the final result. Use the depth button to take the photo in Halide, save it to your photos. Then open up the photo in the iPhone photo app, press edit and adjust the bokeh in the iPhones built in app. Halide clearly builds in metadata into the photo which allows the photo to be adjusted in the regular app. The Portrait button is active from photos made by Halide. Hope that helps.

- Brilliant, bar a few tiny details

Great camera app, gives so much control and raw capture is great. Could use some optimising for XR screen still though, UI elements go into the notch in landscape - particularly in the gallery. Love the Darkroom integration, however I’ve had a few crashes in landscape mode moving between the two apps.

- iPhone X 2x camera issue

Looks to be a great app but what’s got me wanting a refund is the apps inability to focus on close up objects with the 2x camera of the iPhone X. With the default camera app if you focus on a close up object you can get an even closer macro shot with the 2x camera which keeps the focus. With this app you change to the 2x camera and the subject is out of focus and you have to move back twice the distance just to get focus. So for close up 2x macro shots you’re actually better off with the default camera app. Great otherwise but not for me.

@johnsundell: Last week, I had the true pleasure of speaking to the entire team behind the award-winning camera apps Halide and Spectre,…

@johnsundell: Last week, I had the true pleasure of speaking to the entire team behind the award-winning camera apps Halide and Spectre,…

Now I know why I never use other camera apps like Halide etc regularly. I think shooting on iPhone is different. I…

@johnsundell: Last week, I had the true pleasure of speaking to the entire team behind the award-winning camera apps Halide and Spectre,…

@johnsundell: Last week, I had the true pleasure of speaking to the entire team behind the award-winning camera apps Halide and Spectre,…

Last week, I had the true pleasure of speaking to the entire team behind the award-winning camera apps Halide and S…

[Question] How to change camera app to Halide using Evil Scheme

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Halide Camera 1.17.1 Screenshots & Images

Halide Camera iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Halide Camera iphone images
Halide Camera iphone images
Halide Camera iphone images
Halide Camera iphone images
Halide Camera iphone images
Halide Camera iphone images
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Halide Camera Photo & Video application apple watch screenshots and images not ready...
Halide Camera Photo & Video application apple tv screenshots and images not ready...

Halide Camera (Version 1.17.1) Install & Download

The applications Halide Camera was published in the category Photo & Video on 2017-05-30 and was developed by Lux Optics LLC [Developer ID: 885697371]. This application file size is 21.81 MB. Halide Camera - Photo & Video posted on 2020-06-01 current version is 1.17.1 and works well on IOS 11.0 and high versions.

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