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Halide is an award-winning camera app listed in Macworld's "Must Have Apps," The Verge's "Apps We Love," and picked by The Sweet Setup as "Best Third-Party Camera App for iPhone." Daring Fireball says, “This sort of maniacal attention to the smallest of details deserves to be celebrated.”

Halide is a groundbreaking app for deliberate and thoughtful photography. With high-end tools, and a beautiful UI designed from scratch for the latest iPhones, Halide is your go-to camera when you want to really take a photo rather than a quick snapshot.

Use gestures in Halide to change exposure and manual focus with a swipe. Halide’s professional tools include focus peaking, histograms, adaptive level grid, manual depth capture, and RAW support on supported phones.* Customize controls to adapt the app to your needs.


- Beautiful, intuitive gesture-based interface
- An intuitive and fast lens switcher designed especially for iPhone 11 Pro
- On iPhone X and later, a custom-designed UI that is completely usable with one hand
- Manual Depth Capture: Take portraits of pets and objects on iPhone XR
- Focus peaking and powerful manual focus*
- Full manual controls including shutter speed, ISO and white balance
- Live histograms for perfect exposure*
- Captures RAW, TIFF, HEIC or JPG for the best quality shots*
- Grid overlay with built-in level
- Quick-review of your last few shots
- Intelligent automatic and manual mode


The Ultra Wide camera on iPhone 11 and 11 Pro does not support RAW or manual focus.
Histograms require iPhone 6 or later. (6, 6S, 7, 8, X, XS, XR, SE, 11, 11 Pro)
RAW requires iPhone 6S or later. (6S, 7, 8, X, XS, XR, SE, 11, 11 Pro)
Depth Capture requires iPhone 7 Plus, 8 Plus, X, XS, XR, 11, 11 Pro.

Halide Camera App Description & Overview

The applications Halide Camera was published in the category Photo & Video on 2017-05-30 and was developed by Lux Optics LLC. This application file size is 21.93 MB. Halide Camera current version is 1.15.0 and works well on IOS 11.0 and high versions.

We're excited to bring you our Deep Fusion and Smartest Processing update! Deep Fusion will automatically become available when it launches with a future version of iOS. Smartest Processing is available today on iOS 13.1.

Our option to enable Smartest Processing will allow you to shoot with the highest possible quality image processing. This means extra dynamic range and quality when shooting with Smart HDR on iPhone XS or newer.

Note that our new Smartest Processing option requires an iPhone XS or newer, and Deep Fusion requires iPhone 11 or 11 Pro.

Unfortunately, iOS does not allow shooting with both RAW and this extensive image processing. Remember, if you want to shoot in HEIC or JPG, simply off RAW in the QuickBar by tapping the RAW icon.

If you'd like to shoot faster, or this processing just isn't your thing, you can always disable it in "Advanced Settings." This won't affect Halide's own Smart RAW.

What else is new? We have something for everyone: We've fixed issues with depth capture that appeared alongside iOS 13. With this update, we cut down its memory usage to avoid crashes, and tracked down when iOS fails to capture a depth photo altogether. That means faster Depth shots for all iPhones with Depth support and a more stable app. Hooray!

Thank you for supporting us. If you dig this update, consider leaving a review. If you have any issues or feedback, you can reach out to us at [email protected], or ping us on Twitter at @halidecamera and we'll see what we can do. Don't forget to tag your photos #ShotWithHalide to be featured.

Halide Camera App Tips, Tricks and Rules

Halide Camera Comments & Reviews

Advertorial    5 star

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DaveBarak   3 star

Offloading photos. Unless I'm missing something, it appears photos can only be sent to a computer (MacBook Air in my case) one at a time. I'd use the iOS photo viewer but it won't handle RAW files. Other apps let me select multiple photos, but not Halide.

TimMBCA   5 star

More than Just a Great Camera App. Halide is in my top 3 camera apps and is typically my go to app for photos. I not only appreciate the app, but I really appreciate the developers’ blog posts filled with substantive information related to iOS camera hardware, specs, and computational photography, how the Halide camera software embraces and maximizes that ecosystem, and digital photography in general. Crazy informative and absolutely helpful.

PHSHPC   5 star

Awesome. The shots are clear and vivid!

Peps1b0y   1 star

Error on iPhone X. Receive an error every time I try to share the RAW photo.. extremely frustrating Unable to make resource locally available: { assetUUID: 611FED82-CCC9-4D0A-A14C-F70BFB403148 objectID: 0x87407c4a37d295d7 resourceType: img-alt version: org dataStore: Primary (0) dataStoreSubtype: OriginalAlt (17) dataLength: 11252556 fileID: -1 localAvailability: none localAvailabilityTarget: neutral remoteAvailability: unavailable remoteAvailabilityTarget: unavailable isDerivative: NO unorientedWidth: 4032 unorientedHeight: 3024 orientation: 1 qualitySortValue: 2147418122 fingerprint: ASGrrrsUqKJVAhaCr/WYHwxEkrT2 uniformTypeIdentifier: com.adobe.raw-image codec: (null) sidecarIndex: (null) ptpTrashedState: untrashed cplType: OriginalAlt cloudMasterDateCreated: 2019-11-03 20:49:10 +0000 }

monroe chiller   5 star

Good. Good

Spinnaker093   3 star

Average camera that is more confusing and frustrating to use than fun!. Average camera that is more confusing and frustrating to use than fun! There are better options with the same controls they are far easier to use.

SendingOutAnSOS   1 star

Incredibly confusing... waste of money. How about some instructions other than when first opening the app?? Maybe a tutorial section, even adding video lessons??

Jim Artis   5 star

Halide to my Deep Fusion rescue.. I am fortunate this app supports Deep Fusion Computational Photography. Since the release of iOS 13.2, the Apple Camera App on my iPhone 11 Pro failed to take any Deep Fusion photos of the over 100 pictures I took with it. I spent a day with Apple, to include resetting my iPhone—all to no avail. Halide 1.15.0 takes Deep Fusion photos for me. They are sharp, with detail when zoomed in. I can see a slight delay in the thumbnail showing on the screen indicating “smartest processing” at work. I have been a long-time user of this app and have always been happy with its functionality. Very important to me now, is that this app allows me to capture images like those described by Apple in September—one of the most important reasons I purchased the 11P. I am a photographer... Cheers to the developers!!!

IamMrBTaylor   5 star

The camera app you should have. What a great quality app that ads pro features expected nowadays. Love that I came to ask about deep fusion support and there was already a banner saying that it supported it! Great job devs

Griffin Davidson   3 star

RAWs are blown out. Since iOS 13.1.3, I’ve noticed that RAW photos are typically blown out. Highlights are so blown out that they are not even recoverable on RAW photos. Either the entire photo suffers from this blowout or a large portion.

dalahäst   5 star

Depth issues fixed. Back to five stars you go. The latest update put an end to the glitches in depth mode.

Emma Stone rocks!   5 star

Amazing Application!!!. I have purchased and used nearly every photographic app and camera available for the iPhone and have never been more satisfied than with Halide. From the user friendly and intuitive controls to the final digital raw results that have been more than gratifyingly pleasing and just plain amazing. Even focusing on my subjects is light years more solid than any digital camera I’ve ever used as my eyesight is not as sharp as it once was but the quality and sharpness of my Halide driven photos is substantially improved! I cannot say enough good about this app! Thank you!!

sw.agn   3 star

Great app, but limited support for iPhone X?. If ‘Smartest Processing’ is supported on XS please also support the feature on iPhone X.

m_j_s31   2 star

Hmmm. Not really impressed. Updated to the latest and did some basic shots. Blurry on every shot. AF was on auto. Tested against iPhone 11 Pro camera app and they were all in focus. I am done with this app

Hank_A123   3 star

Needs auto-focus lock. Really like the app, except it is far too easy to accidentally tap it into manual focus with the result that the next batch of pictures are out of focus. Currently, I exit the app almost every time so it starts in Auto-focus. The app needs to require a long hold on the AF button to turn it off.

Le requin   1 star

Very good... when it works. About half the time, the app freezes when you try to take a photo using the depth option. Update: depth option STILL doesn’t work. Now instead of the whole app freezing, the image freezes. It’s so frustrating that an “editor’s choice” app is so poorly maintained.

jurepog   1 star

Got real buggy in the last month. You really need to fix the bugs that are occuring lately. I love the app and have been using it exclusively but in the past month I’ve missed so many moments, so many shots, that I’ve almost deleted the whole thing. Switching to depth mode almost never works anymore and just freezes my whole frame, this is extremely frustrating! When it actually works, the software doesn’t seem to get depth anymore and always greets me with an error. That would be managable if it would at least save my photo without the depth data, but no, the shot is always lost. When it does manage to get the shot, the depth effect is almost always terrible, non consistan mess of a blurr. Get your sh*t together guys. You had the best app on the market and you just let it go to waste!

DogeyDogeyDoge   3 star

No long exposure?. I’m deleting this for now, but if I notice that long exposure is added, I’d definitely redownload it and recommend it to others

stadscape   1 star

Manual mode not working. The app didn’t take the photos with chosen shutter and/or iso! What’s the point the manual mode? If it’s a bug, please fix it. In the meantime I will ask for a refund.

D4RKM3SSI4H   5 star

Love this app as well!! Have both app including Spectre. These app are making me get into photography. Thanks you made such a good camera app I will enjoy using. Plan on finding and taking good photo and tag y’all in Twitter and Facebook. Recommend these apps to anyone new or experienced in photography. Thanks so much!!!! Would give 10/10 if it would let me.

eikonas   4 star

Smart and (too) minimalist. Love this app. In comparison, Apple’s default Camera App is still a strong contender, but has gotten less straightforward and too often wants to ‘know better’. Two suggestions for Halide: give us square 1:1 format (and the option to make it ‘stick’: Camara App no longer allows to make square format the default; maybe that’s just an annoying bug). And please allow 10x zoom rather than the simple lens switcher. I know this sounds like heresy for the purist... but digital zoom has gotten more usable, is only getting better, and would make Halide perfect. In any case, thank you for this brilliant app.

miggy1729   1 star

Black screen Please help!. When I open the app I get a black screen.. I hope I didn’t waste my money please help! I have a IPhone XS Max

HomingSword   5 star

Great App, Recent frequent crashes using depth option. I love this app, but it keeps crashing recently and being unable to take a photo after using the depth tool.

1Roger That   4 star

Manual zoom. Tell me how to zoom aside from the two predetermined settings please.

manyunyut   3 star

It’s okay.. It’s okay. Nothing special. Lightroom Mobile is better because that has HDR + DNG.

Johnnyd2527   5 star

Portrait Mode. Great for taking portrait mode of pets!

Logsdca   1 star

Depth Effect does not work. Depth effect on iPhone XR is not working on rear camera despite being on latest versions of iOS and Halide. Depth effect on any object is why I got this app. Developer has stopped responding to my emails. Would live this app if it worked. I want my money back.

TRg____always   5 star

Really Greatest App!!!😍. The app have a great interface, very simple and clean. However, it would be even better with the future "tap anywhere on the viewfinder" for to get photo instantly.

DarthV95   2 star

No batch saving. I really like the app and what it offers but there isn’t an option to batch save raw images. Saving raw images 1 by 1 is very time consuming. I would pay a premium to have that option.

sitheris   3 star

It’s okay (iOS 13 woes). Before iOS 13 this app was amazing. With the new iOS 13 and updated app, portrait mode no longer works. When I take the photo in portrait mode the screen freezes and give an error message saying it could not take the photo. I am using an iPhone 8 Plus on iOS 13.2. Error: Cannot Complete Action,Cannot Complete Action

Advertorial    5 star

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Brettyyccalgary   4 star

Great except for one error. I love the app but I keep getting an error when I want to export RAW images to my camera roll. I get this error: Unable to make resource locally available: { assetUUID: 253E00AF-6F89-46EE-96DD-BB60D5DA2AEC objectID: 0xc6a1b70f624888b7 resourceType: img-alt version: org dataStore: Primary (0) dataStoreSubtype: OriginalAlt (17) dataLength: 11733459 fileID: -1 localAvailability: none localAvailabilityTarget: neutral remoteAvailability: unavailable remoteAvailabilityTarget: unavailable isDerivative: NO unorientedWidth: 4032 unorientedHeight: 3024 orientation: 1 qualitySortValue: 2147418122 fingerprint: Ac8PhaJvmLfM7DJ+zRqULXMVq+Q0 uniformTypeIdentifier: com.adobe.raw-image codec: (null) sidecarIndex: (null) ptpTrashedState: untrashed cplType: OriginalAlt cloudMasterDateCreated: 2019-11-06 15:31:52 +0000 }

Agaruppa   1 star

Don’t buy. I bough both apps this one and spectre in the bangle. What I would say, this apps doing nothing better than original camera on my iPhone 6s Plus. Quality pictures from those apps much low than original. Highly don’t recommend buy those apps, just waste money like me.

Vivek579   5 star

Outstanding. This app offers a balance between functionality, and advanced features, which elegantly expands the possibilities of creative expression.

мегашоппппер   3 star

Nothing special comparing standard camera. Just wasted 9$ for nothing: aperture and time-exposure can not be adjusted, and that was exactly what I was looking for. Totally disappointed.

shrinks99   5 star

A more advanced camera app. I rarely need RAW from my iPhone but when I do there’s Halide! This camera app is great and is packed full of features for when you need a little extra control over your photos. The camera information is super helpful as well however it is only missing the sensor size in mm. Other than that I fully recommend this camera app!

Golden-one   4 star

Excellent app, just one thing...... This is a fantastic app One question though.....when I am in manual focus mode, and I turn the flash on, the app seems to acquire focus automatically just before the image is captured. Is this incorrect? Btw I like to use the app to take extreme close ups and I need a very specific plane of focus. I need to keep that focal plane, without the flash causing it to change.

adrian7550   4 star

It’s fantastic! But missing just a little something. It has all the controls and features to take amazing photos! With features like focusing length, lighting, shutter speed, raw support, iso changing, and more, I feel really in control in my photos! Something I would like to have had is an option to record video! And also the ability to focus on an object or simply lock the focusing by tapping the screen on an object in frame. Other than this great job!

ofaring   1 star

Curious.... Question: How does an app which offers marginally better performance (and I do mean barely) than the iOS camera get such high ratings? Answer: Users have come to expect mediocrity, or don't know any better. Try another app. This one is worth $1.25. Not $8. Unless you literally need raw and/or manual focus (and there are piles of camera apps offering raw/focus), you might as well just use the native iOS camera and go buy some nicer coffee instead.

MacGeek83   1 star

Features missing for XR and Apple/Halide won’t refund 30mins after purchase. The application is missing features on the XR which is not noticeably listed. I haven’t had the app for 30mins and tried to get a refund and I was told on the App Store that I don’t meet needed conditions. Is there no policy in place to protect the end user if an app is not meeting expectations and missing features due to the hardware but not listed?

lame43   1 star

Weird control and iso is broken. ISO control is broken in this app on iPhone 11 pro max, try taking photo with native app with high iso and compare with this one. Native app is at least twice brighter. Also shutter speed control is very inconvenient and not precise, plus each time you have to make those extra taps to get to “pro” features like iso.

B1TMAP   5 star

Easy and powerful. Often when an app is powerful, it means it has a complicated and difficult to use interface. Halide does away with that, giving you the control and customization you need without becoming cumbersome. You can still easily use the app to take snap shots, but it really inspires you to do more.

conniepoopoo   5 star

Game changer. Just thank you.

Unhappy with NHL   1 star

Depth ‘Portrait’ mode does not work with iPhone XR. Bought this app because it claimed to take portrait mode on the iPhone XR. It registers as a portrait mode shot but the background bokeh effect is no better than the stock camera. I wish to get a refund. $9 thrown away. Wasn’t expecting a miracle but also did not expect the same as the stock camera app with remapped buttons and interface. Disappointed...if I am using the app incorrectly please respond with detailed instructions how to get the portrait mode on inanimate objects and pets working.

matthewmacrae1985   5 star

Awesome. Great stuff

AppleFanCAN   5 star

A pro camera with pro results. Halide makes your iPhone camera function as close as possible to a DSLR as I’ve ever seen. If you take your photography seriously, Halide offers configurations, options and information once would want to get a great shot.

Leadarle   1 star

Will harm your phone. Waste of money. The app made my SE almost explode. No joke, even after deleting the app right away, my iphone was burning hot, had to put it in the fridge. And I thought the Moment app was bad.

SC Martin   5 star

Simply the best on the app store. I have bought and and used several different camera apps and they’ve all disappointed me in some way or another... all except Halide. It’s both intuitive and powerful and It’s photo browser is actually nicely implemented. I never write positive reviews but in this case I feel Halide deserves to be at the top of the charts for photo apps. Congrats Halide, you’ve nailed it with this app

myNougat   5 star

Stunning. Love this app

Victoria Alexandra   1 star

Not happy. This app doesn’t actually seem to do what’s advertised and honestly isn’t anything but user friendly. What a waste of money.

Wushane   1 star

Error message. “84093284-65A5-45DF-A54E-B5FDCD3517E8.jpg” couldn’t be moved to “tmp” because either the former doesn’t exist, or the folder containing the latter doesn’t exist.

aianc   4 star

Zoom function. Would love to have a zoom in feature in depth mode so that it could mimic the way the iPhone X/XS takes portrait mode photos

Leetneo   5 star

Best. App. Ever.. Get creative.

Shanthosh94   2 star

app is alright but lacking night sight. if it brings the equivalent of night sight in google pixel 3 then I will give 5 star to this app. not living up to what i expected it to be.

Ianburden2   1 star

Eats battery. If you forget to close it, it eats your battery. Apple’s app does not do that. Why does Halide? Otherwise it is good.

k1133   5 star

Best camera app on the app store.. This is by far the best camera app on the app store! A great alternative to the stock camera app.

canladdie   5 star

My favourite camera app!. Halide is my favourite camera app. I shoot RAW and use Lightroom for editing — or Darkroom (for depth-enabled non-RAW pics). I set my ISO to 22 (the lowest possible), and rarely go above ISO 100, beyond which noise becomes noticeable on my 7Plus. I rely heavily on the histogram to set exposure, especially the new coloured one, which helps me with the troubling reds of digital photography. I often switch to Manual Focus to take advantage of focus-peaking, especially for macro shots. All of the controls are accessible in a simple and elegant manner. I also admire the responsiveness of the developers, including their detailed yet clear descriptions of the background technicalities of working within the Apple iOS photography realm. I’ve tried all the other iOS RAW camera apps. Halide is the only one on my front screen.

B-rad93   1 star

Doesn’t work. Bought the app to have portrait mode with pets and objects but I still cannot adjust the depth on any picture taken with the app

TheLizardOfLarry   2 star

“Best depth cam” missing depth editing. Great camera app, but if you state “best depth cam” I’d expect to have depth editing capabilities (post aperture and bokeh), like apps such as Focos. I hope these features are added in the future. Thanks.

Felipe Correia   3 star

Below my expectations. I bought it to be able to take portraits photo (objects and animals) with my iPhone XR. It worked well for some photos took but for others I was not able to edit it and adjust the photo depth in photo app. The photos were saved as ‘portrait’ but edit features were not available. The last but not least, the app does not work on my Apple Watch.

mickees   2 star

Cannot edit portrait mode pics. The app advertises that you can shoot in portrait mode with objects other than humans. This is true, as the iPhone recognizes them as portrait mode photos. Unfortunately, once you try to edit, you’re unable to adjust the blur affect and the phone says the photo is an original, as opposed to a Portrait mode photo. A little misleading from the developers as this is one of its “claimed features” for iPhone XR users.

Advertorial    5 star

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AussieBoyAsh   5 star

Amazing App. Honestly the best camera app I have ever used, if only there was a feature to change where your photos are stored or if you could make photos save to a specific folder that would just make this an absolute 10/8 👌

NikSydney   5 star

Photographers must have. If you were talk to shoot with them and know your way around a dark room and this is the app for you

BinarySmurf   5 star

Really happy with Halide. Brilliant app. Simple, powerful, and easy to use. The integration with Darkroom is the cherry on top.

Dazzla1000   5 star

This should be the “standard iOS camera”. Sensational. Loves It!

kwonross   4 star

Almost perfect but.... Almost perfect but... Should have a slider or something to measure and customise white balance in my opinion. Maybe I'm using it wrong? Without this I'm using another app😩

RentColours   5 star

Great app, easy to use and focus peaking!!. Please add a video function so I can start using this instead of my default camera app, thank you!

CameronjMacK   5 star

Exceptional. Polished, feature rich, regularly updated and easy to use. A testament to good app development. 10/10

Jolumamo   1 star

Crashes constantly. Have not had a god experience so far, would prefer a refund. App constantly crashes.

sanatssk   4 star

Shutter speed maxes out at 1 second. I bought this app hoping to try my hand in astrophotography with my phone. The app is quite intuitive but it misses out on shutter speed, one of the most important manual settings. Not sure if it’s a feature likely to be released soon.

drgghuu   4 star

Very reliable camera. As someone with only one working arm a camera i can rely on to get the pic i want without needing two hands and half an hour setting things for the shot is very important. No other camera app comes close.

alan0104   3 star

Xs mas not working. 12.1.3 weird it was working before

JennyD1947   1 star

Hate it. I cannot find any to export images from iPhone to PC, I have both Lightroom and Adobe bridge. They support raw images but can’t find them in camera roll, some people do use Windows, perhaps you could offer an option to copy images from iPhone, I have wasted my money,

Ian Koker   5 star

The Best. I wish everything in life was as good and beautiful and easy as Halide is. ❤️📸🤷🏼‍♂️

Neetsi-ap   3 star

No zoom for my 7?. Read the overview and reviews.. looks good, paid and downloaded.. looking good and playing with controls.. no zoom?? Seriously??

Arrggghhhghhh   1 star

Doesn't do what it says it does. There are plenty of manual controls but the quality of the images is worse than what I get on the stock camera. 90% of the pictures I’ve taken look grainy in a fully lit room as well as outdoors and I’m using an XS Max so it’s not the phone that’s the issue. The stock camera actually takes great images. Editing raw photos on my phone is another issue. As soon as I transfer the image to either Lightroom or VSCO, it immediately loses all quality and looks like an overexposed, grainy mess. Am I doing something wrong?

onepluszeroequalsten   5 star

Excellent camera app. Easy to use with full auto or can set manually. RAW files easy to export for desktop editing.

Justmeboowho   5 star

Awesome. This is honestly the most in depth and best camera app I have ever used. The UI is amazing and it has all the manual control you could ever want

Gfdsat   1 star

iPhone XS 2x zoom crashes app. Every time I try take a photo at 2x zoom the app crashes.

Timofey K   3 star

Watch app is non-functional. Watch app shows black screen with misplaced controls and red corners on S4 44mm watch iPhone app shows a garbage yellow line on the lower right side on iPhone XS

enzyme69   5 star

Serious iPhoneography X tool. I own the iPhone X and could be not be happier with Halide! Depth extract, portrait matte, cool 3D highlight when taking depth photo, this is one serious iPhoneography tool!

Kitacooch   1 star

iPhone app is better for the beginner. Just a beginner but finding the quality of images is less than the standard iPhone camera. Perhaps I need to learn more about using this app?? I’ll have a play but so far disappointed.

Jono Tran   5 star

Best camera app. Love the app. Super simple and straightforward.

whaleshark writes   3 star

Neat, fast, very well designed camera app. Highly functional camera app, a joy to use with one exception: the update is displaying my preview images as dark and underexposed. 5 stars when this feature is resolved.

Who knows what when   4 star

To zoom or not that is the question.. Well zoom crash now fixed. So app seems good to go, but seriously apples now had multi years to fix its phone problems, and they seem to get worse. It is almost a trillion dollar company, so what are they doing with all the money.

IphoneHome.AU   5 star

Love it. Great app

bashosfrog   5 star

Excellent interface design. I started using cameras 35 years ago, and have never much liked the iPhone picture-making experience. But Halide has largely changed that - all the familiar camera tools are there, beautifully presented and intuitive to access. I never find myself fumbling for a setting: they just lie to hand, as they do on a good camera. One of the most pleasing apps on my phone.

FlxTp   5 star

Great app with great updates. Getting an issue when swiping to favourite a photo. Photos are stretched vertically and only goes away when swiping to another picture. Hope this bug gets ironed out soon. Might I suggest allowing us to choose which photo editor we can set as a shortcut instead of defaulting to darkroom?

aeviar   5 star

Love using it!. A lot of needed controls, which the iPhone default camera app doesn’t offer. Being nit picky, but I would love the option to change the icon colour within the app which a lot of apps are now including. Thanks devs, love the latest update as well

John 5425   5 star

Add to control centre. So good you need to add to control centre!

Teo Kıral   5 star

Brilliant. Photos taken through Halide are easily distinguishable. Controls will take time to get used to but it’s worth the extra minutes.

SamuelsReview   1 star

Waste of Money. Extremely underwhelmed with the depth of field software. “Best depth camera”, quite an over exaggeration. The portrait mode on the iPhone XS Max camera app is much better, and free. Don’t waste your money.

Hogunlana   3 star

Portrait issue. The portrait mode has not been working on my phone since, try fix i uninstalled and reinstalled still the same problem

cowspeak   5 star

So much control. If you are serious photographer this app is for you.

Me6363647579392   5 star

<3 this app!. I love this app. The developer is quick to update for new hardware and iOS updates. This app takes amazing photos. It blows the stock camera app out of the water. I’d give 10 stars if I could.

jonaqsdesign   1 star

Not worth it. Another day without being able to use the app. The app crashes when I try to use RAW, export or edit with darkroom. Why do I need this then?

Payam malaeke   3 star

Very good. Thanks please add language Farsi

Tom Qwerty   1 star

Depth capture doesn’t work with XR. This app doesn’t even come close to capturing meaningful depth data with the rear camera. Portrait mode for animals or anything else is not a thing. The app frequently crashes or the preview picture stops updating. The UI is poor. Why do I need a histogram toggle button that is the same size as the actual histogram that appears? Just so the histogram all the time.

jim_james   5 star

Just WOW!!. Prior to the most recent update, this was already a Five-Star app! Now that the Depth feature has been updated it has just about all I need in a photo app. Keep up the AMAZING work and thank you for this incredible update! If I may suggest a future feature: The ability to save Shot Profiles. In addition to the Auto and Manual options it would be wonderful to be able to select a saved profile that has all ISO, WB, and Shutter selections as a preset.

Pensacola Mel   5 star

My default photo app.. I moved the camera app that comes with the iPhone into a folder with art app photo apps. I replaced it with this. I only use the regular camera app if I want to take live photos. The pictures from this app are awesome especially the edited raw pictures. Use whatever editing app that you want. There’s such a versatility to it. The depth photos are great too. I read reviews and did trial and error and settled on this as my default photo app. I’m happy with. Halide is held in high regard for a reason.

McNugget6750   2 star

Honesty needed, not hype.... The depth sensing is much worst than what the built in Apple app does. The portrait mode is therefore not usable at all. The point cloud is - no pun intended - completely pointless! If I could do this in video and extract real 3d scans of my portraits or complete rooms, great! But I can’t. Placing them in AR and moving around a broken pointcloud gives the user nothing more than a brief aww moment and then it’s useless. Most of the controls are worst than in free apps like MuseCam which also offer RAW pictures. Frankly, I completely regret spending the money and wish I could get a refund and buy icecream instead.

Phgdtbkdabtknfjdxscjdjvdj   3 star

Bought for RAW; Can’t use RAW. I pride myself on being one of those people who reads the entire description before I purchase a product. I have no idea how I missed it, but I was disappointed to discover after downloading that shooting in RAW is not available on the iPhone 6, only the 6S and later. I’m sure it’s somehow my fault for missing that information. Perhaps it should be more prominently displayed. But disappointing nonetheless. I was specifically looking for a camera app that supports shooting in RAW. I rarely spend money on apps. The rating was good. The reviews were good. Boo. I’m sure the rest of the app works great- I haven’t used it much- but without supporting RAW, I doubt I’ll explore many of the other features and stick with one of my other camera apps that already work perfectly fine for JPEG photos.

Bicdicballr   3 star

Good but. Had this app for awhile now and has had no updates at all and it’s been several months.

Dabe    5 star

Absolutely Amazing!. As a hobbyist photographer and videographer, there are a few times when I don’t have my equipment but want to grab that perfect moment. The software does not disappoint. I highly recommend it!

Ashleybt8888   5 star

Totally worth it!. I have the XR and was upset that the portrait mode didn’t work on pets. I was mixed on getting this app because some reviews said it was hard to use and not worth it- well that’s NOT THE TRUTH! I was instantly satisfied and love the quality pictures it takes. Easy to use and I’m not a savvy camera person at all. Totally worth it!!

Ivan McCuistion   1 star

Halide + Product Photography = 🤬. First impression: The app promises DSLR grade, granular control... yet you cannot set a custom white balance. There’s 4 presets but no way to lock AWB to one temp. More frustration: No ability to select multiple images for export. So this means any RAW images you want to export must be done one at a time. Seriously? So for this little photo shoot I not only have to color correct all my images in RAW, but export those raw images one by one. How did this app get such enthusiastic endorsements? EVEN WORSE: Shooting JPEG + RAW in the app means 2 separate exposures and images are taken. Didn’t know that? Well now half you RAW images are junk because the exposure was longer and there’s motion blur. Why doesn’t it derive the JPEG from the RAW image LIKE A REAL DSLR. FALSE ADVERTISING. This app is a toy.

elctubsa   5 star

ooo. ooo

somecows   1 star

Warning: Major flaw - can lose your photos. This review pertains not to the features and benefits of Halide, which many others have covered. It is a warning about a serious problem. I downloaded the app a month or two ago and use it on an iPhone Xs using up to date software. Three times now I have used it to take photos of important events and at the end of the day discovered that none of the photos were saved to my phone. They just weren’t there and were permanently lost. To clarify - at other times, the app has worked fine. The problem seems to occur intermittently and without warning. The only way to avoid it is to constantly check my photo roll to make sure photos are being saved, which obviously is not practical. I like this app but cannot use it for this reason - It is a fatal flaw. I did contact support about this issue and they were aware that it has been a problem in beta versions of iOS. But I am not running a beta version.

RachelS84   3 star

Not what I thought. This app is just for taking photos but not editing them.

Trippie Blue and Redd   5 star

Great app. Wish it gave more instruction on what each feature does however.

AlEdlund   5 star

Halide is amazing. Love it, my go to camera.

jpSQLDude   1 star

Totally not worth it.. I don’t understand. Played with it for a few hours, the difference in pictures is absolutely not worth the effort. I will never use this. Will try to get a refund.

margimoomoo   5 star

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hartwv   3 star

Zoom. I purchased this camera for the option of having a camera with zoom lens on my iPhone. I needed something to film from a distance. This camera does not seem to have that option.

NikkiFH   1 star

WORST CAMERA EVER. Please I tried contacting support but no one replies back. I can’t send an email to the address mentioned on the apps. I am not happy with the product. Not what I was expecting. Please help me.

bzetalmvt   5 star

Everything, but.... Halide is exactly as advertised—quick, easy, smooth and brilliant! But I could really, really, really use a panorama mode. And, it’s gotta be coming soon. Right?

Erionziu   1 star

Crashes often !. Almost always crashes on iPhone X ,when I try to use the depth option .

PGS-SR   1 star

No Support. I have requested assistance in printing out a set of instructions for the Halide app. So far no assistance. No instruction manual. This app is worthless.

***iphoneguy***   1 star

Wish they’d offer a free trial. I wish they would offer a free trial before you have to buy. I am an avid iPhone photographer and I still pick the iPhone camera app before halide. Not worth that money for me.

rf..88   5 star

Fantastic camera app. It can be a pain to get a refund when buying an app in the App store, so I was very hesitant when buying this app and I can say it was worth every penny. You get so much power on your iPhone’s camera because of this app. 👍 to the developers for making a phenomenal app

Sad4evernote   5 star

I’m a Pro Photographer and.... I had read several articles taunting this app. As a Pro Photographer and Cinematographer I found myself trying desperately to mimic the bokeh effects and other effects by combining several apps. When Apple came out with the depth of field bokeh effect I thought “ ok, close but no cigar.” Then I found Halide! Sure I can whip out my expensive Canon cameras and such but look how easy it is to use the iPhone. Granted, it’s not as good as my Professional set up but it does a good job for what it is. 5 stars ! All the way! Keep those updates impressing us Halide. Cheers!

tseng-s   1 star

Can’t change language. How to use No Instructions i want refund How do refund

Jk 44   5 star

Long exposure support please. Good app but Would love to be able to do longer exposures with this app. Limiting us to 1/3 S exposure is not slow enough.

cjshcjsjajcc   1 star

Hahahahaha. What a joke. No zoom. No peaking as advertised. Crashes. On iPhone X.

TR_Diez   3 star

Misled. Doesn’t you the full screen as advertised, seriously why hasn’t camera apps be built to utilize the full screen?

ddealss   5 star

Great photo app. Probably the best third party photo app on the App Store today. Gives any aspiring photographer the tools to get started with their iPhone.

Bad Robot   3 star

Powerful but glitchy!. The app freezes after every frame and I need to keep force-restarting it on my iPhone X.

JJZorro   5 star

Love it. Intuitive and great and great results

nicholaelaw   4 star

Good Camera App. Installed on my X. Image quality is OK compared to stock camera app, but the real advantage is RAW image capture, and a ton of tripe things not available on stock. All in all, a worthy purchase. Integration with darkroom (open in, favorites) is another bonus. One gripe is the camera shutter sound. I do not live in a region where shutter sound is required by law, and neither is my phone from one of those regions. So it would be nice if there is a toggle which disabled shutter sound.

artooro   4 star

Great app. I like the features it has. What I’d like to see is a way to save custom presets. Instead of having to setup all the manual settings each time if I’m in the same setup. Also an option to take square photos like the native camera app has would be handy in some cases.

BrOmarius   5 star

Fantastic camera app!. The layout is clean. The depth effects are amazing! I hope future updates look into possible long exposure shots, perhaps maybe with built in image stacking for noise reduction. But regardless I am very happy with this app!

pj.eigt   2 star

Crashing when using depth.. Ok I want a refund. This crashes almost all the time when using depth mode.

ROYALFLU$H   1 star

Low light on Portrait mode. Only one missing Low light portrait mode where we should be able to use Flash or have the option of HDR. plus the app crashes when using the flash.

NoxD   4 star

Nice interface. Novel approach to UI. Feels a bit to slow to use for street photography but maybe that's partly my lack of familiarity with the interface.

David Hariri   5 star

Gets a bunch of things right where Apple didn't. The UX is well thought through and offers more control over your shots for less, without overwhelming the experience like others (Manual, for example). Nice work 👌

Saqi7   4 star

Best Manual Camera, but.... Best Manual Camera app but it’s missing a some features that would make it much better. One thing that it really needs is a manual white balance adjuster rather then the presets already given. Would like to have much slower shutter speeds available as well.

Colourbxi   5 star

Best camera yet. Love it

bellipses   5 star

The best pure camera app. I wish I could make this the default camera app for still shots on my iPhone X, it’s that good. It’s really well done

Acalmplace   5 star

Makes great Raw photos easily. I have tried Halide alongside Camera+, ProCamera, and others app for shooting Raw with an iPhone. Halide is the easiest to use and produces great photos. I find the others apps have a lot more options, but that makes them harder to use. Halide’s interface is streamlined and the gestures are simple. The result is you can take good photos quickly. Furthermore, many of the options offered by the other apps, though attractive, do not always work that well, in particular low exposures and hdr. Reducing the ISO and the exposure with simple gestures turned out to be better suited for the task and produced better photos. In short, I end up using Halide 90% of the time, the iPhone photo app for hdr and service photos, and the other apps for fringe cases, or about 1% of the time.

sabaum   2 star

Frustrating. So I use this app exclusively for the northern lights which I realise pushes the limits of the iPhone(X), but there are apps that do a lot better at night than this. Halide fives you a minimum exposure speed of 1/3, whereas other apps will allow you down into full seconds for exposures. There's no ISO boost here either. The interface is quite good - it's very useable with one hand. They haven't placed anything at the top of the screen - once you select the ISO or shutterspeed, you can swipe anywhere on the screen to change those settings. So maybe this is a good app if you just want a more manual camera for daytime use, but for more serious night photography, I wouldn't spend your money here. The image quality does seem poor compared to say Camera+. The images from Halide seem very compressed and low quality. It's frustrating having spent $6 here for an app I'll probably delete now.

picarda   5 star

Simply the best!. Look no further, this camera app is awesome.

TheDar   5 star

Impressed. Does everything I would want a phone camera to do and more. Raw support is great and integrates well with my existing iOS photo apps. The UI could use a little more refining but really it’s almost perfect.

Element Eight   4 star

So close to perfect!. Things I expected to be in a paid camera app for iOS: 3D touch shortcuts, portrait modes, noise management options, basic editing tools. I would love to see the above features added and a perfect 5-star rating will follow. Keep up the great work, I look forward to the first RAW video app. ;)

jedicker613   3 star

Good app, was hoping for more white balance control. Title pretty much says it all. I like this app in many ways but when I downloaded it I had hoped there would be a way to set the white balance, ideally by aiming it at a white sheet and then locking it so that it doesn’t change if you recompose the shot. As it stands you can only use auto or one of 3 presets. Future updates perhaps? If there was better white balance control this app would be 5 stars in my book.

ryan baldwin   4 star

Great RAW camera app. This is an updated review of my previous comments, wherein I lamented a couple key features that I thought weren’t there. I’m not sure if I had a “bad build”, or if I completely missed them (though I’m certain I spent a good 20 minutes trying to find them), but nevertheless after updating I now see them (I probably just didn’t find hem before). ANYWAYS. Great app. Easy to use. I’m looking forward to shooting with my 8+ a bit more when I’m in Europe next week, knowing I can use RAW and post process later without loss.

nec2607   5 star

love it!. thank you, loving Halide so far! pretty intuitive, and I love the haptic feedback when locking into a level rotation :)

Dstryke   5 star

Fantastic app. Fantastic and opens up so many manual capabilities with these powerful cameras

BruceMacPc   1 star

Many other better apps. Very non intuitive layout and difficult to use and missing essential camera tools (zoom).

DaveNgu   3 star

Uses to work. Used to be amazing. Was amazed and impressed by the minimalistic friendly UI. Now, I only see a white thumbnail in the lower left and when I take picture (with the button) it doesn't take pictures anymore. The thumbnail stays white and the picture does not appear in the iOS picture Gallery. Please fix it.

Amateur talent   1 star

Terrible. Maybe if you are already a fabulous photographer this would be good. But if you are just wishing to upgrade your skills from the iPhone camera- don't waste your $$. With no explanation how to use the features, might as well become frustrated some other way than buying this app. And of course no way of a refund.

ldrover   2 star

Not really sure. I'm not really sure how this app intends to compete with others. There does not even appear to be a way to zoom other than switching between 1x and 2x. Seems way too simplistic to justify the price.

A_Sak   1 star

Blurry photos. Compared to the standard camera app, Halide takes very blurry photos. Even having the camera in a stationary position, auto focus on and focussing on the same object, both images from the default app and Halide are like night and day. Wouldn't recommend at all.

Gigilamesh   5 star

Love love love!!!. Thankyou for making this app, the UI is quick, simple and makes using manual control as quick and easy as using a familiar DSLR - I'm so happy right now, great work!

Jack-Steven   5 star

Great app!. One of the few good third party camera apps around. One thing it is missing (and I'm not sure if it's possible due to Apple restrictions) is the ability to take Live Photos. This is one of the most important things for me, but will use this app when I need more advanced features.

petert89   4 star

Great new camera app. Well worth the $5 intro price, or even the full one. After less than 20 shots it has become my primary camera app. The interface is a marvel in simplicity. The quality of the shots so far is excellent to amazing. Still to test evening and night shots - will update review after doing so. Pete

The Appy student   5 star

Just grabbed this App and am loving it! Well done guys! 👍. As a hack photographer I love the Camera in my iPhone but get frustrated at some of the controls... this is a really well thought out App with heaps of features familiar to any pro-camera! Great work!

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