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Halide is an award-winning camera app listed in Macworld's "Must Have Apps," The Verge's "Apps We Love," and picked by The Sweet Setup as "Best Third-Party Camera App for iPhone." Daring Fireball says, “This sort of maniacal attention to the smallest of details deserves to be celebrated.”

Halide is a groundbreaking app for deliberate and thoughtful photography. With high-end tools, and a beautiful UI designed from scratch for iPhone 8 and iPhone X, Halide is your go-to camera when you want to really take a photo rather than a quick snapshot.

Use gestures in Halide to change exposure and manual focus with a swipe. Halide’s professional tools include focus peaking, histograms, adaptive level grid, manual depth capture, and RAW support on supported phones.* Customize controls to adapt the app to your needs.


- Beautiful, intuitive gesture-based interface
- On iPhone X and later, a custom-designed UI that is completely usable with one hand
- Manual Depth Capture. Take portraits of pets and objects on iPhone XR.
- Focus peaking and powerful manual focus
- Full manual controls including shutter speed, ISO and white balance
- Live histograms for perfect exposure*
- Captures RAW, TIFF, HEIC or JPG for the best quality shots*
- Grid overlay with built-in level
- Quick-review of your last few shots
- Intelligent automatic and manual mode


Histograms require iPhone 6 or later. (6, 6S, 7, 8, X, XS, XR, SE)
RAW requires iPhone 6S or later. (6S, 7, 8, X, XS, XR, SE)
Depth Capture requires iPhone 7 Plus, 8 Plus, X, XS, or XR.

Halide Camera App Description & Overview

The applications Halide Camera was published in the category Photo & Video on 2017-05-30 and was developed by Chroma Noir LLC. The file size is 19.28 MB. The current version is 1.12.2 and works well on 11.0 and high ios versions.

This update makes a ton of small improvements. Highlights include:

* Added Siri Voice Shortcut configuration directly in Halide. Go to "Advanced Settings," and tap "Setup Siri Shortcuts."
* Added a Siri Voice Shortcut to open the reviewer
* Added a Siri Voice Shortcut to launch in selfie mode
* Added a 3D Touch shortcut to open Halide in selfie mode
* Fixed a clipping issue in the Apple Watch app
* Fixed the location setting switch not taking effect right away

Finally, we've cut our download size by 50%. Eight megabytes may not seem like much, but that could fit all of Windows 3.1.

Thank you for supporting Halide! If you like what we're doing, got an issue fixed in this update, or just love the app, consider leaving a review! It helps a lot.

If you have any issues or feedback, please let us know at [email protected], and we'll see what we can do.

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Halide Camera Reviews

Noir Amnesiac

The best.  Noir Amnesiac  5 star

It’s the best, it’s super affordable and worth every penny. And it keeps getting better!


Great little camera App  MisterD1976  5 star

Great little camera for people who like to take photography with their phones… My only complaint would be to Touriel’s need to be more in depth on manual modes and that there should be a video component as well.

Bo Bilstrup

Without dual lens worthless  Bo Bilstrup  1 star

Bought this as it’s advertised to be able to analyze and do depth on iPhone xr’s single camera. Pictures come out just looking like a bad vignette blur has been put on. If you’re only looking for a raw shooter or more “manual” camera app there’s plenty out there that’s way superior.

Vonz denim

Super amazing.  Vonz denim  5 star

Amazing photo


Awesome program!  tim.bethel  5 star

The best of the best camera apps, couldn't live without it and the value is so worth it.


Crashes every couple of minutes  aristof  1 star

I need a refund!


Does everything I need. Amazing.  TimothyTwo  5 star

Love all the features for pro quality results. Even though I’ve been shooting since the early sixties, Halide helps me keep up with the new stuff.

Jamilya Dos

mistake  Jamilya Dos  1 star

bought this by mistake please refund


Halide  Grandecrow  5 star

It’s so easy for this newbie to use!

Andrew LaPointe

Essential Camera App  Andrew LaPointe  4 star

Does exactly as advertised, better than any other camera app. Extends capability of iPhone. XR greatly. Few crashes occasionally, but is always getting better. Only wish they had a video app!!!


Exceptional  CameronjMacK  5 star

Polished, feature rich, regularly updated and easy to use. A testament to good app development. 10/10


Still No Fix For Apple Apple Watch 4  RugbyFan05  1 star

When using the Halide app on the Apple Watch 4 it is off centre. You have to scroll down to centre the app, but when you let go the screen bounces back to off centre. You can even see the red corner placements where the screen should be placed. Issue was reported months ago but still no fix. Obviously they do not care.


Crashes constantly  Jolumamo  1 star

Have not had a god experience so far, would prefer a refund. App constantly crashes.


Shutter speed maxes out at 1 second  sanatssk  4 star

I bought this app hoping to try my hand in astrophotography with my phone. The app is quite intuitive but it misses out on shutter speed, one of the most important manual settings. Not sure if it’s a feature likely to be released soon.


Very reliable camera  drgghuu  4 star

As someone with only one working arm a camera i can rely on to get the pic i want without needing two hands and half an hour setting things for the shot is very important. No other camera app comes close.


Xs mas not working  alan0104  3 star

12.1.3 weird it was working before


Hate it  JennyD1947  1 star

I cannot find any to export images from iPhone to PC, I have both Lightroom and Adobe bridge. They support raw images but can’t find them in camera roll, some people do use Windows, perhaps you could offer an option to copy images from iPhone, I have wasted my money,

Ian Koker

The Best  Ian Koker  5 star

I wish everything in life was as good and beautiful and easy as Halide is. ❤️📸🤷🏼‍♂️


No zoom for my 7?  Neetsi-ap  3 star

Read the overview and reviews.. looks good, paid and downloaded.. looking good and playing with controls.. no zoom?? Seriously??


Doesn't do what it says it does  Arrggghhhghhh  1 star

There are plenty of manual controls but the quality of the images is worse than what I get on the stock camera. 90% of the pictures I’ve taken look grainy in a fully lit room as well as outdoors and I’m using an XS Max so it’s not the phone that’s the issue. The stock camera actually takes great images. Editing raw photos on my phone is another issue. As soon as I transfer the image to either Lightroom or VSCO, it immediately loses all quality and looks like an overexposed, grainy mess. Am I doing something wrong?


Super Photos with your Phone!  yokaloca  5 star

I’ve never taken a manual photo with my phone and after a 1/2 hour class with a friend, Im an addict! I love it!

ysl terry

Edit picture  ysl terry  1 star

It should let u edit the picture after I take it too

Angel Gutierrez (Panda)

Currently underwhelmed  Angel Gutierrez (Panda)  3 star

Im a novice when it comes to this app, keep this in mind. Overall I don’t notice a big difference in picture quality over the stock camera app, I heard a ton of hype and am underwhelmed. I’m on iPhone 7 if that makes a difference. I doubt I can get a refund, oh well


Control  iphoneuser01738  5 star

Halide is great for me when trying to take raw pictures on your iPhone. Since the iPhone can’t shoot in RAW this app allows you to. It’s give you more control over the camera then the stock camera app so you can change iso and etc to your liking. It’s portrait mode is also much better then the Apple one and much clearer without all of Apples processing. This app has been my favorite since buying and I don’t plan on changing anytime soon. I love it!!


Good camera; awful ui  mattrepublic  3 star

I love the features but the ui is awful. The user experience is a much lower priority that it looking neat.


Not working with iPhone XR back camera  suwenxuan  2 star

I’m using Halide on iPhone XR with iOS 12.1.4 but found the depth feature doesn’t work on my phone ‘s back camera. It works perfectly on front camera but not the back one. I’ve tried everything I can think about including reinstall the app or keep every settings in default and turn the raw off. Nothing helps. So disponted. I bought this app due to your description said the depth function supports iPhone XR.


Think before you purchase  Ytram.Anele  2 star

Crashed many times within first time using it. I would like to be refunded. I appreciate the thought behind this app, however, it needs further developed before I would ever feel confident spending this much for an app.


Halide  Heemie1  5 star

Great app I love the raw feature it’s worth every penny


Best app out there  BehindTheLenZ  5 star

Amazing camera app, shoots raw loaded with all you would find in a physical camera

George Orr

Fussy for Point and Shoot  George Orr  1 star

Is this better than my camera on my iPhone 7? No, my phone takes fantastic pics and editing them with Apple Photos is so simple I teach old people how to use it. Would taking this on vacation make me happy? I think with all the “functions” available it would stop me from capturing moments I would like to save. I do not expect professional quality photos from a phone. My iPhone 7 camera suits me fine.


Essential for iPhone XR  @RoryG73  5 star

Fantastic app. Allowed me to take some really great shots with my iPhone XR that I wouldn’t have been able to get with the standard camera app. Does a great job replicating the bokeh effects of the XS dual camera.


I didn’t enjoy using this app  Irebidder  1 star

I found this app has no advantage over other free apps available including iphone camera. 👎 for me.


Great app!  [email protected]  4 star

Why can't I use my Apple headphones to take a picture when camera is on a tripod (using this app)?

John Forde

Seriously good  John Forde  5 star

This is a really well thought out app, packed with excellent and useful features. However, the inclusion of Focus Peaking (usually only found on very high-end pro equipment) makes this app an absolute no-brainer for people who are serious about photography. Just get it.

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