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Spectre Camera [Photo & Video] App Description & Overview

"Spectre is a new iOS camera app that uses AI to create stunning long exposures” — the Verge

Introducing Spectre, from the makers of Halide, one of the top camera apps in the App Store.

Spectre uses AI to help you make amazing long exposure photographs. Spectre can remove crowds, turn city streets into rivers of light, make waterfalls look like paintings, and much more. Until now, it was difficult to take long exposures: from keeping the camera steady to guessing the amount of light you need. Spectre takes care of all of that!


• MAKE CROWDS DISAPPEAR: Spectre helps take photos of crowded, touristy places. Simply set a medium or long duration and take a shot to erase the crowd from a location. Capture the those special moments like you remember them.

• RIVERS OF LIGHT: At night, AI scene detection automatically switches modes to draw beautiful light trails, for stunning nighttime city photography or light painting.

• GORGEOUS WATER: Capture waterfalls, ocean waves, fountains and more with beautiful ghostly water.


Spectre’s intelligent computational shutter takes hundreds of shots over the span of a few seconds, and saves them in an accompanying live photo. That means you can pick a different frame as your photo, apply live-photo effects, and even use the long exposure as a live-wallpaper!


Spectre is a packed with powerful technology from by the team that brought you Halide.

From machine learning-based scene detection to computer vision aided image stabilization, Spectre is jammed full of impressive technologies to get the best possible image.


Spectre is meticulously designed. Its dark UI is gentle on the eyes when you shoot at night. Gorgeous glowing highlights infuse it with a unique style. Custom typefaces and iconography combined with unique, smooth controls make it as tactile and delightful as an actual physical camera. Like its sister app Halide, the app is easily usable with one hand, even on the largest iPhones.


Build with the latest tech, Spectre isn't just a long exposure camera — it’s the cutting edge technology showcase of one of the App Store’s foremost camera apps, Halide. Here’s just a few of the latest technologies that we use in Spectre:

- DCI-P3 Wide Color Pipeline
- Live Photos
- Metal Graphics Acceleration
- Tripod Detection
- Siri & Shortcuts
- AI Stabilization
- Machine Learning & CoreML
- Computer Vision


Spectre’s smart Automatic Scene Detection requires iOS 12. AI-based stabilization features are available on iPhone 6S and later.* For the best experience, we recommend iPhone 8 or later.

On iPhone 6, Spectre captures in lower resolution.

* (Full compatibility device list: iPhone SE, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR, iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max)


We’re Ben and Sebastiaan, two friends living in the San Francisco Bay Area that love building fantastic apps for photography.

We hope you love Spectre! We’d love your feedback to make it even better or any reports of bugs you run into. You can always contact us directly via email: support@halide.cam, on our Twitter: @halidecamera or Instagram: @halideapp

Don’t forget to share your amazing results by tagging them with #SpectreShot so we can share them on our growing social media accounts!

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Spectre Camera Customer Service, Editor Notes:

This small update fixes a few bugs in iOS 14.3. If you’re running an iPhone 12 Pro Max, you’ll find that the telephoto lens now properly displays 2.5x instead of 2x. If you have any bug reports or general feedback, please let us know at support@lux.camera.

Spectre Camera Comments & Reviews

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- I Love What You Can Do With This App

I buy a lot of Apps, so I try to come back and write a review when one is especially good or bad. Because the reviews are the only clues I have when I’m trying to decide if I should take a shot on something new. The information you can get from a review, is where you find it. It’s not always what they say, Anyway,here’s what I’ve got on this App. I have a ton of photo apps so I don’t need it for everything. The thing I use it for I love. Light trails. It makes amazing light trail photos and they’re Live Photo’s. Bonus. I see on here people talking about not enough detail in this area or other complaints but honestly when you are making light trail photos with this it’s like painting. You may get one you feel doesn’t have the right look but keep trying different stuff. If you like taking pictures of lights and moving your camera around. Then this app will blow you away. I’ve only been using it for a month and I have already taken over a thousand light trail photos with it. Yeah I know, most people who just read that immediately had a negative thought about me and my choices but that’s just me, I’m used to that. Photography never gets old for me, I’m fascinated by the capturing of light or as it turns out, a numerical approximation of it. If any of this makes sense to you, try making light trails with this App.

- An impressive app that mostly duplicates Apple Live Photo

Very easy to use app to achieve some seriously fun long exposure effects. As long as you can more or less hold steady your iPhone, it will produce very sharp photo with all the minion blurred out. Unfortunately there are also quite serious drawbacks that hold this app from achieving more serious results. There are only three time settings that you can choose: 3, 5 and 9 seconds. For great night photos this sometimes is not enough. I wish time could be extended beyond 9 seconds to 15 and 30. If I can support iPhone or put it on a mini tripod, it should be OK to remove 9 seconds restriction. Also the app has the option to save photo as a Live Photo, but Apple Photo app does not fully recognize it as such and I can not use bounce or loop effect, nor does the app capture sound during exposure to allow to export it as normal video clip. I hope app is going to continue to evolve to become fully functioning long exposure photo tool.

- Still parts of the image lose detail.

I bought this app as soon as I heard of it, because the Halide team is excellent. And this does seem to perform better than its competitors from my initial experience. That said, it has a critical weak point that seems completely fixable. I’ve taken several shots with my iPhone stabilized completely still, and then taken the same shot in Halide. Areas where there is no movement at all are not as detailed as they could be. It seems totally fixable, and I expect the Halide team will improve this flaw quickly. Which is why I still give four stars. Halide has been at the cutting edge of iOS camera apps since it was first released, and has set the bar, frankly. I expect Spectre is going to be that, even if it isn’t quite perfect from the start. Oh yeah, and the Live Photos support works beautifully, it looks like a moving slow shutter, which is just lovely.

- Garbage don’t waste your $

I posted a short review and the developer responded so I try to email the support team regarding this app. The developer said the object had to very still to get a picture that isn’t blurry . But in the app description it says captures “Live Photo’s”. That’s false advertisement. I’ve already screenshot everything for proof on my end . I would like my refund because this app is useless to me . I have a 1 year old and there is no way ima get her to sit completely still for a photo ————————————————————- Regarding the response to my review on App Store , my apologies I was under the impression this camera took Live Photo’s just as the basic camera on iPhone does I didn’t realize . It was limited to taking photos of “still” objects. Maybe you should update the app description since it’s not technically a “LIVE PHOTO” if you’re unable to move . Also I would like a full refund for false advertisement. This camera is useless to me. I have a 1 year old who moves a lot , no way I’m gonna get her to sit perfectly still . Hope to hear back soon 🙂 My email ^^^

- App does exactly what I wanted.

Occasionally I would like to make a photo in a public place without showing crowds. I considered buying neutral density filters for my Lumix but good ones cost a bunch. The camera is not always handy and then putting a filter on could lose a spontaneous photograph. I am amazed that I tested this app as hand-held for a 5 second exposure. While using the screen guide to keep steady, I was able to produce a very nice picture. Then I tried again using a magnetic mount that I have on my windshield for 9 seconds. My second picture was not as clear but only because it was shot through auto glass as opposed to the hand held. Anytime that I have my tripod with me I should get very nice effects. I also rigged up an identical magnetic mount on my tripod. Guys I am as excited to go shooting as a redneck with a new gun.

- Screen Tearing Problem (fixed)

Edit: the particular bug has been fixed and I’ve been playing around with the app. It’s pretty good, and my only complaint now is that it’s running a bit slow on my iPhone 6 Plus and that the photos I take are somewhat blurry than usual. Perhaps you could improve the performance a bit and fix the blurry photos?But other than that, this app is still pretty good and has a good concept to it. I think the concept of this app is really cool and using AI to enhance your photos, so I downloaded it but I couldn’t even use it and take a picture without this weird screen tearing bug. I re-installed the app and tried again and the problem persists. I’m assuming this app was just recently launched, so I understand there’s a lot of bugs to be fixed and I’ll gladly update my review once this particular bug gets fixed, otherwise I’ll be deleting the app and demanding a refund.

- Does what it says

You don’t need this app for long exposures, iPhone does have an automatic option if you edit an existing Live Photo or if you use a manual long exposure mode like in Halide. However, this is a very good app for anyone who’d like a hassle free long exposure in a simple to use intuitive app. It’s got a really good design & very good UX. If you’re thinking of buying this, it is completely worth it, in fact I’d suggest looking at the bundle with Halide it’s a complete purchase for getting stunning shots. Note for developer: The way light trails turn out isn’t exactly long exposure since it looks like a ton of shots are stitched together in a weird way; the trails aren’t smooth as you’d see in a true long exposure. Idk if there’s a way to fix that but great app anyway!

- Interesting take on long exposures

Long exposures have always been part of my photography. Often I use camera motion for long exposures. Maybe the dev can correct me, but I get the feeling that the app is trying to fight that every step of the way and stabilize the image. While this does lead to some interesting results, it is generally unpredictable. I get much different results using a DSLR or different apps on my phone. Maybe a mode for light trails with camera motion (as opposed to subject motion) that ignores or does something different with the motion data is a path to explore? Still a good effort from the people who made Halide and worth it if you’re interested in long exposures. I’m excited to see what they do with this app over time.

- Takes some getting used to

I was hesitant to get this app because of the bad reviews. After getting and playing around for it a while I did noticed the problems most are complaining about; however, I see a trend as well. I see it basically happens when the light conditions change while taking the picture. I tried it with light trails on, off and when set to auto and it was pretty consistent. Other than that everything works as advertised. I easy made people disappear as well as moving vehicles. I can imaging taking pictures of people when trying to remove passerby’s or other objects will be tough if the people you want in the picture don’t stay still.

- Buggy - has potential but they need to fix the bugs

Twice now this camera app has crashed my phone and caused it to reboot. No other apps cause my phone to do this. The first time I submitted a ticket they acknowledged the issue and said an update was coming to fix it, so I waited for the update and then eventually tired it again. It again caused my phone to reboot. I reopened the support ticket and now a different person responded and is blaming my phones battery....uh no. My battery health is 93% and no other apps or times my phone has every force rebooted itself until I have tired the Spectre app. I am trying to work with their engineers to debug this but they keep giving me the runaround telling me I should visit an Apple store to get my battery replaced...no! If they continue to refuse support I will be filling a report with Apple because of this behavior and demanding a refund.

- Utterly useless

I will feel obliged to write a good review of a underrated photo app (see hydra), but I’ve never felt so strongly that I should do the opposite until now. What this app promises is definitely needed and always has been, on iPhone. THIS DOES NOT DELIVER. NOT AT ALL. None of the modes, none of the settings, not with extensive testing. Any manual camera app can get a longer exposure. Why would you want the result if it’s not stabilized? Literally every part of every picture is blurry regardless of ANY settings and YES this is an XR and YES this is after the latest update. And YES I’m holding the phone very still. I’m well above the average of patience for a specialized camera. But I can’t imagine how any user would use this and get anything but crap as a result! The results are always bad. ALWAYS. ALWAYS. I really can’t understand where the good reviews are coming from, seriously. I rarely impulse buy. But there you go. You got me. Shame on me.

- Rewriting my review after update

Thank god they managed to fix this so quickly! The stabilization works perfectly and images are tack sharp now. So 5 stars right? Well almost. The only other gripe I have is that the final image is very small. Resolution isn't great and the final image I got off one picture was 617KB. This is way too small for anything useable. How about some raw functionality where the AI simply aligns the final images and outputs as a really big raw file that can be edited. For now the app is more like a simple you to mess around with but for the most part does it really well.

- Push your limits

It's amazing what they have done here. This is a phone and to get the images your capable of getting you would be spending alone $80 on a good ND filter for a camera, then a good tripod is another $100+. That alone is worth the $2 purchase. I was able to one hand holding a baby capture a dang good test shot. Now take good breathing and two hands into account this is down right amazing for a hand held device. Of course it's just a phone but you can not go wrong with this app. Taking pictures of moving water in on the next level. 100% if recommend the purchase. I'd also recommend you head over and get halide.

- Great long exposure photos app

I was super excited about this app, since I have been looking for one that can do software stabilization for long exposure photos ever since my go-to app for that (PhotoSynth), stopped working with recent iOS versions. The features of this app are nice and the UI is really excellent, but it's ability to take sharp long exposure photos without a tripod is what sets it apart. It took me a few tries to realize that you need to tap the screen to designate the are of the photo that should remain steady, and then be sure that the"stable"icon is turned on. But now I can get the app to take lovely long exposure pictures.

- Every image is blurry except first sort of

Perhaps this is user error, but I can’t imagine, particularly in using tripods, or other holders to hold the phone still, and at night, I am still unable to take a non-blurry photo. All of the photos come out blurry despite the fact that they are perfectly clear, or crisp, in the iPhones native camera app. I feel like that defeats the purpose of this product. I have tried many variations, but the settings are very limited. I am not really sure how this party can be promoted, even less so an editors choice. Despite the low-cost, I am completely turned off, I really wish I could get my money back, because it simply doesn’t work. I’d rather pay more for a lens that works every time, then an app that does nothing that it promises.

- Amazing photos so easily

I use a lot of camera apps, and this one surprised me. I thought it might be for more for experts. And while it has a lot of advanced features, it was so easy to shoot photos that look so cool! My friend is kind of an expert photographer and he said these kind of photos used to take special equipment, skills, etc. When I showed him this app he literally laughed and was amazed and how easy it is. And then when we looked at being able to remove people from a scene because of Camera’s Vision, he just said wow. Highly recommend.

- u see blur i see art

i’ll admit i wasn’t super impressed by the first couple of pics i took; i thought the pics were blurry af. but after i took a few more pics and looked at what i had just captured, i was like wow! there’s so much potential in this app! i think the more the developers keep tweaking it and pushing updates, the better the app will get. i’m not a pro photographer or anything like that, however i am (modestly & humbly speaking) artistically inclined. Spectre is a great art making app that pros, novices, and everything in between would likely enjoy. i really like this app.

- Disappointed even after update

This is just not living up to expectations. I understand that many people would find it as a great improvement over stock camera app on iPhone, maybe, but... this is not even close to Google Pixel in Night Sight mode. I’ve got XS Max with the best iPhone cameras out there, and I waited for an update to see if things got better... nope this is just another case of fake news. The results are still disappointing, and barely better then stock Camera app. Yes, lights are blurred and give nice trails, but there is no clarity however steady you held the phone. My old faithful NightCap app does equal job it seems. And it offers a greater control over exposure and ISO settings when you have a tripod. So why I should keep Spectre?

- Great app. Handheld slow shutter while holding a baby!

I have been impressed with the app from the beginning. It takes great slow shutter pictures handheld with almost no problem. Sometimes I do have to restart because I moved too much at the beginning (and nothing is stabilized), but it's so easy to cancel and start over. I've been impressed that I can take slow shutter shots handheld with a baby in our carrier and still get some great shots.

- Intense battery drainer!

Beware, version as of Dec 5th on latest iOS, drains my battery so rapidly that the phone gets warm - even when I’m “not” using it. I discovered that until I swipe to close the program, it seems to draw more power than leaving my screen on constant at full brightness. (My kid can play games nonstop without draining the battery that fast... usually.). Pure guess, but I suspect it puts the CPU on highest performance and keeps it there. I hope they’l fix this quickly, but it’s been a couple of weeks. Disappointing glitch for such a highly rated app.

- New Beginnings!

This is an awesome app , what makes it so great is the fact that you can post, write and many more things and thank the people that matter the most all in one place , and I haven’t even used it yet :) . That You God for what you give us , and thank You Sir for finding me . Gracias a mis Mamas por todo lo que me dieron bueno o malo :) , y a todo as esas personas que alamejor algún día no fue agradecido . Gracias !!! “Gracias Juan ! “ love you ! Hijas las amoooo! . I’m not sure what’s next :/ the guy around the corner didn’t have cars for rent.

- Waste of Money Completely Useless Unless You Want Blurry Photos

I’m not sure whether there is currently a bug in the program, but I have been unable to get a single usable photo out of this app. Literally none of the functionality works- using on a Xs- so not a hardware issue. I’ve been holding the camera very, very still- even just letting it rest on a book. Still ALWAYS BLURRY. If you’re looking for blurry photos that take a while to take then this is the app for you. Otherwise please save your money. Apple- this is the reason there should be a real feedback mechanism for non-functional apps that promote features that simply don’t work. When you buy a useless app like this it makes you reluctant to pay for apps in general until there’s proof of functionality. Developers- you should take this down until you figure out how to fix it. Until then you’re just robbing people and almost certainly running a con with the positive reviews.

- Cool, but needs work

I feel like the sample photos might have taken with a tripod. Hit or miss without one, even on the XS Max. I hope that future updates will take better advantage of the neural engine on the latest iPhones to do a better job with the AI stabilization. Poor low light performance, only good at night if you want light trails - but then again, that’s not what this app is for, but perhaps future updates will enhance low light abilities. I’ll update this review accordingly as updates are released - hoping for the best!

- Long Exposure that Fixes iPhone

Very simply put, this is the iPhone version of Google Night Sight. I’ve long detested the low-light inabilities of the iPhone, but love everything else. With Spectre, all is right in the iPhone dark shot world. I can see Apple buying this and making it part of iOS 13+ DO IT! Get it. The only reason I didn’t give it 5 ⭐️ is I don’t see how to use the 2x lens. 👍

- Simple app with with lots of utility & creative possibility

Traditional Long exposures are tricky to do well; Spectre makes it incredibly simple. Not only that, it does things that old school long exposure photography can’t, like creating surreal videos. Even something like a selfie can be turned into an eerie, artistic clip. Kudos to the Halide crew for this well crafted app—looking forward to seeing what they do next!

- Doesn’t Work as Expected

Based on claims, I expected it to work like a camera on ‘bulb’ setting, where stationary objects are in sharp focus and moving objects have a soft blurred effect. What you get is an image where it de-focuses the frame, then when you tap on it, it zooms in and focuses, then de-focuses again to make a ‘live’ photo. I’ll never post an out of focus photo hoping someone will know to click on it. Their time effect is a slow dissolve between frames of the moving objects which are out of focus anyway. I e-mailed support in case I was missing something and they never responded.

- Love (few suggestions)

I purchased Spectre about a week ago for my iPhone 11 and I already have many beautiful water images. Amazing technology. A few suggestions, 3 seconds is too long for light trails, everything disappears in final image. How about a 1 second option? And while you’re at it, how about a 15 and 30 second option for even more amazing water shots? I wish Specre and Halide were one app to make easier to switch between long exposure photography and normal photos. Last little thing....a delay timer on spectre would be real nice for when shooting on a tripod. Thanks for this amazing App, I look forward to your upgrades!!

- All photos from iPhone XS Max are blurry

I absolutely love using Halide and was so excited about the potential for this app. Unfortunately, every shot I have taken with this app has turned out blurry, even at a 3 second exposure. I am making sure to keep the phone steady in hand and watching the indicator, but despite my best efforts the only way I can get a clear shot is to mount the phone to a tripod or prop it up and make sure there is ZERO motion. I am hoping there are improvements made to fix this issue.

- Daytime = great. Night shots = blurry.

I would say this is a great / fantastic app, because no tripod is needed for long exposures! Except on my iPhoneX, for dimly lit shots (at night etc), once the shutter button is pressed the app decides to refocus WHILE the image capture process is occurring - which results in blurry out of focus images. Fun. Daytime or well-lit operation however the app does as advertised. Nice little long exposure captures. I do wish there was a way to lock focus - if so I would give this app 5 stars. Until then... 2.

- Why couldn't this be a Halide addon?

iPhone XR here... I haven't had the best of luck getting good results with this. I wish there was a 1-second option; or even better, an edit to shorten time after the shot (since really this is just a modified live photo). Any way, no matter how still I take a shot, there's moderate blurriness and janky effects. Hoping the team can fix some of the XR issues. But the thing that gets me most is why this had to be a separate app. Why not an IAP for halide?

- Not quite ready

I LOVE the idea and have gotten a few great results using 3 seconds. However, even placing the phone flat on my window, I get blurry results in the sunlight when bumping to 5 or 9. I’m optimistic it’ll get better (the app was JUST released, after all). But, I struggled to get consistent results. Looking forward to where this is heading. Beautiful interface that’s easy to use, just an output issue at the moment.

- Super disappointed

I was greatly disappointed in this app after reading it won a design award. I haven’t yet been able to take a picture worth keeping. Everything is blurry. The stabilization is terrible so the parts of the shot that aren’t in motion still get slightly blurred. Things in motion add streaks so you are never getting a nice clean shot with no people as they advertise. All in all I can’t find any use for this app because all the uses they suggest it for turn out worse than a traditional still photo.

- My advice

I really like the app and the cool features it can do but my advice would be to have a way to just take a picture like the regular iPhone camera does because if people want to make this their only camera they don’t have to have all of their pictures with the Spectre features.

- Great potential, needs work

I love Halide and was very excited about this app! People complain about the motion blur but let’s be real, no real photographer would expect long exposures with something handheld. Prop it up or use a tripod, simple. My one complaint is the big lack of customization. Halide is known for its control, whereas here I feel like I’m at the mercy of the algorithm. To the devs, please use less flashy AI features and give us a UI with control.

- Tripod shot still not sharp for stationary items

I had and still have super expectations for this baby app! Halide is amazing...and Spectre will be as well when the wrinkles get worked out! When the phone is perfectly still on a tripod, I cannot get a sharp image...not near as sharp as Halide or the default camera app. Stationary object or not. I have the latest most updated version of this app and use an iPhone XS Max. Have restarted device as well as app. Thanks! 😊 Awesome potential here!

- Update to latest version!

This made the app actually usable. The stabilization works remarkably now. Maybe You guys should try to use similar techniques for low light photography to increase exposure time without usual blurriness due to not being able to keep hands still.

- Showcasing the true power of the A14 Bionic

It’s remarkable the way in which the devs of Spectre have leveraged the true power of the A14 Bionic/neural engine of the latest iPhones. It’s amazing that I’m able to capture tack sharp 9 second long exposure simulations without the aid of a tripod. Due to the intense processing requirements of Spectre, it works best on the newest iPhones.

- Awesome App!!

I love this app as well as the Halide app!!!💎💎💎🔥🔥🔥👀👀 it’s pretty amazing to see a picture come to life. Say like today I was shooting some. Landscape shots while the trees were blowing in the wind. 🔥🔥❤️❤️👍👍 Love it and can’t wait to see my and others creations! cant wait to see what’s to come!!

- This app is amazing!

I’ve wanted these features without a clunky UI for years! Now that it’s here the only thing I can think I would want to see is Apple Watch Support to get even cleaner shots. Thanks for the time & all that you guys have put into this.

- $2.99 flushed down the toilet

No matter how steady I hold the iPhone X, the photos are out of focus. Even when I put the camera on a surface (not hand-held), the photos are terrible. Unlike their slick marketing video, getting the ‘steady’ icon takes just about forever. I used to be a professional photographer but I’m not comparing the equipment that I had to this app — I’m comparing it to the iPhone X camera. The iPhone takes wonderful photographs, this app is pure crap. I’m an extremely patient person. I have spent thousands of hours in my life learning new subjects (not just photography). I don’t give up easily but this tested my patience. CUSTOMER SUPPORT: Surprise, there is none! I contacted them days ago and they never got back go me. Don’t throw away your money. Give the $2.99 to charity.

- First impressions

This is a great app, easy to use, and basic tutorial. I have noticed that there is no zoom, which is kind of annoying. I hope that it’s not just me experiencing this, but the app without it is still good.

- Am I doing something wrong?

I bought this because the demo videos looked cool of easy photos when others are in the way. But for me the photos have turned out worse than it I just stuck with the native iOS camera app and stuck with people in the image. I was hoping this would be super easy and great quality. So far I think I’m only half right.

- Only works on the phone I bought it on

I bought the pack with halide and while halide works on my other devices. This app only works on the original. The rest prompt me to pay for it again. Never had that with any other app and didn’t see that in the writing so 1 star for now. As a camera app it could use a better tutorial system for new comers. I’m confused using it. Also this should be a a feature with halide vs separate app.

- Bug fixed

Halide was an amazing app, so I right away bought this one. I had problems at first with blurry photos, but now that the auto focus has been fixed it works really well, even without a tripod.

- Beautifully designed & easy to use

Fantastic app. Well deserving of an Editor’s Choice. Works extremely well! What used to require powerful desktop software to create, now can be done for a few dollars with an iPhone app. Underpriced imo! Kudos to the developers.

- Every Photo Is Blurry

As countless folks have noted, every photo I take it blurry. Doesn’t matter if I use a table to stabilize and the stabilization indicator shows no shakes, it’s still blurry every single time. I even put my iPhone XS Max on a tripod and it still resulted in a blurry photo, even after selecting the focal point. This app needs a lot of work to be ready for prime time. From what myself and numerous others have experienced, it’s been very poor.

- Poor Quality. This app does not work. Use iOS camera instead

I have been taking night photos with this app and comparing them to the iOS camera app built into the iPhone 12 max pro for 2 months now. The Spectre app repeatedly does not capture a quality night image. Same shot, side by side, the built in iOS camera outperforms this by miles. Not recommended. Not sure how this got editors choice, it’s performance isn’t even top 10.

- Amazingly Simple Time/Erase Exposure

Set auto and the number of seconds. Set Light Trails to on or off. Hold the phone steady and that’s it. Short time working with the app. Makes moving objects disappear, kinda creepy, or keeps the lights in the picture. Very cool.

- The team behind Halide does it again

There’s not much to say besides this app is perfect. Beautiful design that you would expect from the developers of Halide. Super easy to use. Has all the tools you need. There’s nothing like it!

- Beta release

As many here, I really like halide so the expectation for this was high. Sadly it feels like not a full release. Pictures are blurry badly. They released today a “patch” for that but it made it even worse. Now the lens “vibrates” when trying to autofocus and the whole picture is blurry now. Before at least I was able to get the still sections if not sharp, defined. Sad.

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- Very different - move phone a little

Still assessing this App but the first thing I learned was not to hold the phone too still. A very still phone gives blurry pics. Hand hold with a little movement and the pics are dramatically better.

- Blurry even on stationary objects indoors

Was pretty excited to hear about this app. Unfortunately I’m not sure it lives up to expectations. If you put your iPhone on a tripod and take a picture of a stationary object indoors where there is no wind, it appears blurry even at the 3 second exposure. It’s possible the machine learning is optimised for photos including night skies with point sources that have a higher contrast. I haven’t had a chance to try this yet. It’s just a pity it doesn’t work for darker scenes as well such as Googles pixel camera.

- Great!

Very clean and useful app. Has great quality and very easy to use. Not sure why the stable thing isn’t always on, but other than that it is great. I do have a request that you can make your own custom exposure time where you can choose how long it is exposed for. This would be good for taking great star exposure shots. Anyway, great app!

- Doesn’t do what it says

Every photo taken on this app is blurry and frankly a terrible picture compared to the standard camera app on the iPhone. Taking long exposure shots trying to remove unwanted people from the shop just doesn’t work. Taking long exposures of highways just doesn’t work. The images are blurry not matter what length timer you put on. Complete waste of money. The app will be deleted from my phone and never seen again. Also I have the 11 pro max if that is relevant.

- Poor resolution

Nowhere near as good as HYDRA which is a much older app but gives a far clearer sharper image. Even with the latest upgrade Hydra is much sharper for a given photographic setting. Don’t know how they could get this so wrong obviously their AI is not very intelligent. This app needs a lot of work to bring it up to scratch. I would really like this app to be pristinely sharp. Unfortunately, even with today’s update, it is still very blurry. Hydra is far superior and a far older application to boot. You guys really need to do your homework.

- Not ‘stable’, no help... Updated for V1.0.1

I have been trying this on my iPhone 8, taking 3-second exposures hand-held with lots of light. I waited for the ‘stability’ indicator to read “stable” and ensured it did throughout the exposure. Every image so far shows significant movement blur. Inspection of ‘live’ photo in Photos shows just one image (the first) that is not: but not a long-exposure image BUT , obviously. So I clicked on the link for the FAQ but there is none: only the Halide FAQs. I tried the ‘videos’ link: Safari showed only an error. —— Ok v1.0.1 seems to do stabilisation better. 3 secs sorta works. Help still missing. WHY the Devs released a V1.0 that did not hit the key selling point is a mystery to me.

- Useless app. Just kidding.

This app is very useless now when the streets are empty anyway ;) When the streets are full of cars again, you will be able to remove them using this app and get back to the ‘old good times of coronavirus lockdown...

- Good but would like to see a few features

Works great for as it was intended. But if you are like me and like to use things creatively not necessarily as intended then it needs 1) a bulb mode so I can hold my shutter as long or short as I want unstabilised 2) light trails option so if trying to take intentionally blurry photos the highlights don’t just end up averaged greyish. I know it says it does lighttrails but it seems to be implemented differently to other slow shutter apps 3) adjustable sensitivity to the light, how fast or slow it exposes

- siri shortcut is not working

Not working

- I’ve had some great fun.

Love this and the Raw camera ver 2. When not got my canon DSLR and lens pack with me. Congrats been from the start allows. Me to find new spots and return with ideas for a good DSLR tripod or whatever.

- Incredible

I’m an ocean photographer and the ability to take handheld long exposures in the water is incredible. This app has transformed my iPhone photography.

- Love it!

So easy to use and impressively effective at creating beautiful effects. I love playing around with this app. Well worth the small price.

- Don’t Fall for the Hype!

If you like blurry photos than this might be the app for you. If you don’t then give it a miss. I bought the app because Apple said it was the app of the year. If it’s truly the app of the year then the App Store must truly be in a sad state.

- Crashes often, blurry

The app crashes often when trying to take a photo. In fact it crashed on the very first time after installing. Ever since every time I try to use it, there will be at least 1 crash. Relaunching it usually works. But photos don’t look good - blurry.

- Don’t believe everything you see!

This app looks great, but it the camera just can’t focus in this app and when you take a long exposure photo it’s always blurry even when on a tripod! I would like a refund thank you! Have a lovely day xx

- App locks when editing toolbar icon prefs

Just purchased bundle went to investigate rearranging toolbar when app locked. Unable exit so tried deleting app to reinstall but wants me to repurchase, not impressed. Possibly waiting for full payment to processed but still a bit of a worrying start.

- Waste of money

How do I get a refund? Only got it as App Store said app of the year. You have got to be joking!!! Very disappointed in the app and the App Store. Will never trust App Store recommendations again. Poor resolution; does not get rid of people as you can still see slight blur of them.

- Zoom button missing

The zoom button disappears a split second after opening the app.

- Recommended!

Excellent on iPhoneX - stable - and makes some amazing ghostly long exposures without needing a tripod, just a steady hand.

- It’s good - but could use improved features such as...

- Up to 60 seconds exposure time - Manual ISO settings - RAW file format support - Multiple Exposure options

- Utterly disappointing at night

Adds some sort of gray overlay on top photos and reveals less detail than the stock photo app. If you are looking for an app capable of proper long exposure at night, look further.

- A good idea but no

A good idea but no. This doesn’t work. Been testing with a number of scenarios without success or a single successful non-burred photo. Most disappointing. The media PR is better than he performance.

- Blurry Pictures

Doesn’t matter how still you hold the phone you just get blurry pictures.

- Blurry

This app takes blurry photos. I compared the photos with ProShot and ProCamera. I suggest avoiding this app if you are into quality photos.

- Won't open its s@@t

Won't let me access photo library don't know what to do! No support anywhere

- 4.9 stars

This is a brilliant app, works super well.It does drain your battery however that's to be expected. If I could make a request I would ask for longer exposure times and possibly cost and times to whatever the user wants

- Deleted

Found it harder to use than my DSLR Camera.


Daytime shots are OKAY... but nighttime shots are horrible. Even when holding my phone against a pole to avoid movement. BUYER BEWARE!💸

- Blurry

2/10/2019 Disappointing. Even stock camera app took better pictures in terms of sharpness and capturing the scene. Much better using stock camera app in low light condition. ——— Pics are blurry even in ample light. Better use stock camera app.

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- Slow shutter

Awesome App for capturing pictures of fast moving water in slow motion. Gives me a good idea a to what a photo will look like b4 I take it with my camera gear. Looking forward to lots more to discover in this app.

- Misunderstood

I’ve seen so many people talk negatively about Spectre and quite frankly, it’s a little upsetting. I think folks are misunderstanding how the app works, or at least what they need to do to get a good shot. First of all, it’s impossible to get a clean long exposure shot handheld, but at least Spectre makes it possible. So, here’s a tip for anyone reading this review: to get a decent shot, handheld, with Spectre, tuck your elbows into your side. Don’t hold your phone out away from your body. If you can find something sturdy to rest your hands on for the shot, that would be beneficial. Control your breathing while getting the exposure. Either hold your breath or exhale slowly during the process. Ultimately, a tripod works best, but the thing that sets Spectre apart from other long exposure apps is its ability to capture without a tripod. And finally, keep the app up to date. The developers are continually working to improve it.

- Always blurry and out of focus

Shot a few by the water and I can get silky results on the water reflections. The architecture are as sharp as you can take directly from a phone camera. Brilliant. But when shooting at night the image is always, always out of focus. Tap-to-focus doesn’t work. It focuses and immediately shift out of focus. I’m using it on an iPhone XS so your miles may vary.

- Focusing and stabilization issue, all picture is blurry.

Very disappointed

- Refund please.

Photos still blurry after update. Do not get this app.

- Lots to experiment with!

Despite the negative responses here, this app has lots to experiment with. There’s complicated cutting-edge computing going on here. With impressive results! I want to experience where these remarkable developers get in their next iterations. Do read the material available in the app and on the blog. Brace yourself carefully — or better still, use a tripod. Using my 7 Plus, I get good enough results for abstract compositions when handheld. Much better results with a tripod! I imagine that the newer phones with much better image stabilization produce much better handheld results. I sweep my iPhone in a slow short arc around static objects such as flowers for painterly abstracts. Using a tripod I’ve taken pictures of busy roads and eliminated traffic. I took some fascinating photos of dogs playing around standing owners in a ‘doggie park’. I got several wonderfully moody images of friends in a hospital. I discount the ‘useless’ reviews for this app. Give the thing a serious try before discarding it. It’s a great addition to my toolbox (joining my fav shooter Halide from the same developers).

- Qualité de l’image

La qualité de L’image un peut flou mais facile à utiliser , besoin d’amélioration mais pour le prix et le type de caméra utilisé je peut dire que c’est excellent et amusant ⭐️⭐️⭐️ The quality of the image may be a blur, but easy to use, need for improvement but for the price and the type of camera used I can say that it is excellent and funny ⭐️⭐️⭐️ Work for iPhone and iPad

- I want a refund.

Pure garbage. Can only do max 9 second also.

- Handheld light trails? It’s seriously magical

I can’t believe that using an iPhone and without a tripod, long exposures are actually possible. Also, no need for an ND filter when during day shots. Beyond amazing.

- 0 stars avoid this app!

Using iPhone 12 Pro and bought this for light trails due to the ability to choose shutter length of opening. Tried all three settings. Watched their demos on you YouTube etc. Every picture is just blurry in every aspect even when using a tripod. Very disappointed with this app. I should have believed other reviewers but assumed they maybe had older phone models or weren’t following instructions. Complete waste of money.

- Definitely needs a tripod. Please add shutter delay

Great little app. It would be great to be able to control the duration of exposure,but having a shutter delay is essential go getting sharp fotos with any regularity

- Not bad.

It’s not a bad app, but even when my phone is absolutely steady, the light trails have this weird zigzag pattern to them. Not sure if it’s something that can be fixed via software update. I’m using this on an iPhone X.

- Disappointed

Not worth it

- More fun than anything in the Apple Arcade!

I’m a genuine person, I love this app, so I decided to leave a review. I have more fun with this simple (yet incredibly powerful) app than any other app I use. I have spent hours at night playing with light trails alone. The potential for amusement is so high, the output from the app so dense, the usability is endless.

- CineMagic

I’m amazed at how AI is used to actively remove people from photographs and create beautiful long exposure style shots with water or cars.

- High Expectations

Does it work at night handheld? Yes. But it seems like I am using an iPhone 1 Handheld or with a tripod. The images are way way too soft. Seems like there is 500% noise reduction.

- Ipad

Les fonctions ne sont pas disponibles pour Ipad

- Not as advertised. Won't let me get a refund.

I cannot speak positively about this app. I will certainly speak about it negatively.

- Amazing App!!

Love this app. Highly recommended!

- Nope.-Very Blurry.-Waisted Money

This App really needs a better quality production.—Disappointed.—

- 2x button

I can’t seem to see 1x-2x button on my 8+. Will update rating once it is back.

- Frozen already

Still exploring and it froze. Haven’t even taken a picture yet. I will restart the IPad and try again.

- Works great!

If you don’t give it 5 stars, you clearly haven’t read the user guides. So simple to use and it takes amazing scenes!

- Dear app developers

How come I would pay for an app and every single picture is blurry I can do better with my default camera so rather refund me or make the app better

- Awful

This app is seriously awful, I have no clue why some tech blogs are pushing it so hard. Didn’t work before the update, doesn’t work after the update. Even with a tripod photos are still a blurry mess.

- Photos are blurry

Terrible app. All photos are blurry. You will need a tripod or some sort of iPhone holder to hold the iPhone absolutely steady. Then it might work. Don’t waste your time as you will just get frustrated because every single photo is blurry and their stabilization function does not work at all.

- Polished and Intuitive

I love this app! I am usually a stickler for using first-party software when available but the Halide team has made a fantastically fluid and intuitive app. Shots are insanely sharp considering they are handheld long exposures. Well worth the money.

- Not as advertised

Waste of money.

- Stabilizer Terrible

The image stabilizer is terrible. You need the hands of a surgeon to get a shot that’s not a blurry mess, even on a recent iPhone. I regret purchasing this app.

- Misleading

Unusable for phones older than iPhone 8.

- iPhone X

Unusable. Every photo is blurred. Tried with different settings. Nothing works as being claimed.

- Has promise but has lots of bugs

Lots of random crashes and glitchy ui things happening. Hoping future updates fix this

- Great App

I have Halide, and this app, just like Halide is really high quality! Sleek, easy to use UI, and a great way to get really cool looking Long Exposure shots! Excited to see what comes from this team in the future!

- Awesome camera

Best app ever

- Super awesome

Really great in low light. A must for everybody that want low noise low light images

- Terrible

Whoa. The description said clear photos. Every photo I have taken is blurry beyond belief. Totally useless. What gives developers??

- Very poor app

Photos always come out blurry and low quality. I want a refund!

- Not for older phones

Found out too late

- Excellent

Loving the app. These guys make great camera apps. Worth getting.

- AI not supported on iPhone 7Plus

Too bad this is not available on older phones.

- Cool concept but...

Auto focus stabilizer is terrible. Every photo is blurry for some reason

- No Privacy

The app forces read/write access to your photo library and access to your location

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Fidel Destro

"Incoming Video Call" "Jesus fuck, what now?" "This app needs permission to access your camera." "Fuck no!"


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Laura Stewart

@HPSupport I have just bought an HP Spectre laptop and the camera quality is really poor. Followed all the advice on your online help and still poor. Please advise

Alpha Spectre

@Caddicarus Bit different pre-recording but its just you at the end of the day. Streaming means folk can see ya ass in real time and there's more room for stuff to go wrong. Back when I tried streaming as a test, I never used a camera largely for that reason.

Spectre Camera 1.1.10 Screenshots & Images

Spectre Camera iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Spectre Camera iphone images
Spectre Camera iphone images
Spectre Camera iphone images
Spectre Camera iphone images
Spectre Camera iphone images
Spectre Camera iphone images
Spectre Camera iphone images

Spectre Camera (Version 1.1.10) Install & Download

The applications Spectre Camera was published in the category Photo & Video on 2019-03-03 and was developed by Lux Optics Incorporated [Developer ID: 885697371]. This application file size is 6 MB. Spectre Camera - Photo & Video app posted on 2021-01-15 current version is 1.1.10 and works well on IOS 13.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.chromanoir.spectre

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