Universal TV Remote ‣ App Reviews


Universal TV Remote ‣ App Description & Overview

What is universal tv remote ‣ app? Control your Samsung TV, Roku or Fire TV straight from your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

* Supported Samsung TVs: All TVs from 2010-2013 & 2016 - 2023.

* Supported Tizen TVs: TVs made by Akai, Bauhn, Linsar, Tempo, RCA, Vispera, HKC, Sunny, Axen, Atmaca.

* Supported Roku TVs: Hisense, Sharp, TCL, Insignia, Hitachi, Philips, Element, JVC, Hisense, RCA.

* Supported Roku Streaming Players: Roku Stick, Roku Express, Roku Premiere, Roku Ultra, Roku Soundbar, Roku Streambar, Now TV Stick & Box, Sky Ticket Stick, Telstra TV Box, Roku 1-4 and legacy models.

* Supported TVs with FireOS: AmazonBasics HD/FHD, AmazonBasics 4K, Element 4K, Insignia HD, Insignia 4K, Toshiba 4K, Insignia/Toshiba 4K UHD, JVC 2K, JVC 4K, Grundig Vision 6 HD, Grundig Vision 7 4K, Grundig OLED 4K, Onida HD, Onida FHD, ok 4K.

* Supported Amazon Fire TV Streaming Players: Fire TV Stick 4K, Fire TV Stick Gen 1-3, Fire TV Stick Lite, Fire TV Gen 1-3, Fire TV Cube Gen 1 & 2.

* No hidden subscriptions

* Supports dark and light mode for iOS 13+ devices.

* 24/7 Support Chat

* Your iPhone, iPad or iPod and your smart TV device must be connected to the same wifi to enable Samsung TV, Roku or Fire TV Remote Control. Please do not use VPN, Proxy, VLANS and Subnets.

If you like the app and our constant work on it, please give the app a positive rating on the App Store. Many thanks in advance from the development & support team

This app is brought to you by the developers of Video & TV Cast, the #1 video casting app in the world with more than 100.000.000 downloads across all platforms and devices.

Disclaimer: This app is not affiliated with Samsung, Roku, Amazon Fire TV or any other trademark mentioned here. ROKU, the ROKU Logo, STREAMING STICK, ROKU TV, ROKU POWERED, the ROKU POWERED Logo, ROKU READY, the ROKU READY Logo, "STOP DREAMING. START STREAMING.", "HAPPY STREAMING", "THERE'S A TON OF ENTERTAINMENT IN THIS LITTLE BOX," and "NOW THIS IS TV" are trademarks and/or registered trademarks of Roku, Inc. in the United States and other countries. 
This app is not affiliated with Amazon or any other trademark mentioned here. This app was not created or endorsed by Amazon.

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App Name Universal TV Remote ‣
Category Utilities
Updated 09 May 2023, Tuesday
File Size 48.23 MB

Universal TV Remote ‣ Comments & Reviews 2024

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Connected to Roku over wired connection!. This app is what the Roku remote app claims to be. No issues with the connecting like stocks Roku app, needing to wake device, timing out, and able to connect when using wired connection. Fast, stable, includes only what you need so it doesn’t kill your battery. This was the third app I tried and the only one that worked as described. First time trying it with FireTV and found performance equally good with it also! I used the cast apps previously and fount them to be the best, after trying 4 others. Having casting and mirroring available in the same app made the upgrade to Premium a no brainer. I tried to find something I didn’t like or they did not work properly before writing this review but found nothing snd have had no issues with daily use. Perfect.

N/A. It would be a 5 and it probably should be because idk if it’s my tv or this app but it won’t stay connected and when it disconnects it won’t pull up my tv to connect until like an hour or 2 later..

Paid for no ads, still get ads. The app works great, no problems whatsoever. However, I paid to have the ad-free version but I still get them

Love it. I can’t believe this works on my phone Like who would think this would actually work?

Smart remote. This app has helped me out a lot. It is free awesome to use. It’s super easy and it’s great to use for your TV. So my opinion I think you should get it.

This app is so awesome. I lost my remote now I can use this amazing 🤩 app now I don’t have to be going back and forth for batteries now, all I have to do is Put on this app and sit back and watch whatever I’m gonna watch.

A few adds. This works better than the official Roku tv remote, there’s a few adds but that’s about it

Easy to use. Set it up and choose your content reliable

Buggy, useless garbage. Disconnects from tv 20+ times per hour. Now it’s locked on a device I don’t own and will not respond. Update: Tech support responds, but fixes nothing. I bought a new tv, because remote control technology is clearly beyond these folks and I’m tired of frustration.

The best fire stick remote. You can’t download a better remote. It is all you need and want

Love it. I just started using this app even though I’ve downloaded it years ago. I couldn’t find my remote so I thought I’d give it a try. As an elderly disabled person, sometimes the remote was difficult to use and I would touch the wrong key often. That doesn’t happen using my iPad. This app is great!

Off. Can turn the tv off most of the time

$7 for no ads is wack. The app is decent, and the ads aren’t really that bad, just enough to be tedious. I’ve paid for premium stream to tv apps from the same company but $7 for premium a third time around for a remote that Roku offers for free, is wild.

Review edit. Works for our tv and the Roku remote I lost when pregnant and still cannot find more than a year later.

Best Remote app. I usually write reviews; but, Ican’t believe I how good this app is. My remote for my fire tv broke so I downloaded the fire tv remote app. This was an app ma a ) all fire tv’s & continuously needed to be uninstalled and reinstalled. There was an were times I would have to unplug my tv & restart my tv. I found this app soon After many down loads I was ecstatic, when this app worked) . This regular remote app worked better than the actual remote that came with my tv. ¡M

This is perfect. It is exactly what I was looking for to replace the inability to use apps that Roku had dropped and no longer offered. It streams from my phone seamlessly without issue. You must read all the directions, though, and follow follow all of them step-by-step. Great product and definitely recommend it!!!

Awesome and free !. I love way more convenient especially that I lose my physical remote. I always have my phone though. Love it also most remote apps charge you. This one is FREE!

The only one that’ll work. This app is the only one that’ll work if you completely lost your fire stick remote control, nice app

Good app, but still need Roku remote. App works great, but I was hoping I could control my tv with just my phone. Since the volume controls don’t work, I still have to have the roku remote close by.

Good alternative when you lose that tiny real one. Easy to use, interacts well with streaming Roku stick. Only one thing would it better, bigger contrast between background color and symbols.

Amazing. It is really good because whenever I lose my remote I use this Lysm have a great day

You're so easy. It makes my life so much easier because if I can't find my remote I can just turn that on amazing I think everyone should try it

Worthless. Can't try watch app without buying.. Worthless. Can't try watch app without buying. I get that developers need to make money. But why advertise a "free" version you can't actually try? The Watch app just broke up a message "please purchase the remote on your iPhone in remote control for Roku or video and TV cast for Roku." And that's the extent of the trial! So weird. Developer replies below and you STILL CANT TRY IT FOR FREE!

Works good. Developers helped me find a way to make the app work now I always use it. I wish I could turn the TV on with it though

Happy I found the right APP!. I kept accidentally downloading the incorrect apps this one works really well! Easy to install!

Review. My volume buttons do not work, I have a second generation fire stick and it doesn’t have volume buttons so I decided to download the app but it gives me everything I need but the volume buttons… they are still there but they do not work☹️

Little wonky.. Gets hung up (probably user error) but then I can’t get out of it. Biggest problem is that it won’t let me control volume and I can’t turn it off from the app.

Took me a couple of time but it works. Would take the pin—-put it in about 10 times…on the 11th it went thru ..works perfectly

Yas. amazing because u get a value button and u can type

Roku remote. It really works that connects to your roku. I tried this and I love it. Im using this since the real remote won’t work.

I’m in love. I usually don’t write reviews, but I haven’t been able to find my remote control for months and I have downloaded so many apps. They all ask for purchase after downloading or just simply can not locate or connect to my firestick. This app has been the only one to do the trick. I have it on both my phone and iPad. I highly recommend. Oh and I’ve been using it for about 2 weeks now. Hopefully it’ll continue to work.

Best app for using a remote. The other apps I used to use asked for a charge and a remote cost a lot of money and it is easily lost

Because I wanted to rate you. So are first I didn’t know what to do but then I got the hang of it and some buttons I did not know what to do but eventually I still don’t know what they do and you have to be connected to the same internet as your tv so yeah it’s great but it’s my preference

A bit misleading. App says it supports family sharing with up to 6 people. Our Roku remote broke and this app works fine on my watch but when we tried to install it on the wife’s watch, it saying I have to complete the in app purchase again on her account.

Easy to use. Download was very fast. Set up was quick. The app is so easy to use. Very happy with this app.

Awesome. I installed dozens of apps before I came across this one, and it works and rocks! We haven’t used our bedroom remote because we lost it and are waiting for the replacement to get here and now we don’t need it!

I hate AAA batteries. My remote died recently and I NEVER have batteries in my house!! I heard you could use an app for your roku remote and sure enough, here it is!! Its so easy to use! No more AAA batteries!!!

Awesome. I got home and wanted to watch TV and my remote just did not work. Then I started downloading apps and none of them worked then I got this one and omg. It is perfect. 10/10.

Amazing app!. I had it as a thought in my mind that it’s should be possible to use my phone like the Roku tvs . No over complications , direct and functional as the a physical remote . Great job !

Works great. I love being able to use the remote from my iPad. Wish the sound would work but I don’t have a TV that has Romulo built in.

Great app. Decent price. ****Edited****. Kid destroyed Roku control, they really should come with 2. Every other app wanted a monthly fee. Ridiculous. This one asked for a one time purchase at a realistic price. Thank you! Works great. Edit**** Now that I’ve had this app for 12 hours I’d like to edit my review. This app is just as crappy, if not worse than the others. Not even 9 hours later and it somehow can’t connect to the same tv it was connected to. Can’t “find” it. I’m standing in front of it and pointing, but no, it can’t find it. Waste of money. Waste of an app. Don’t bother.

It works .. I always have my phone or know where it is . The remotes however, I’m always looking for. And you never have to replace the batteries.

Used to love it 😞. I used to love this app and recommend it to everyone. However, the latest changes to the app are awful. The arrows aren’t big enough and aren’t responsive. I constantly hit the OK button instead of the direction I’m trying to go. This app is so frustrating to use now. Please go back to the old version. It was great before the changes.

Roku remote for my iPad. I’m am amazed that I now have a remote on my end of the den since my husband has the only one that came with the new TV..and we just bought it yesterday and I also added one for my iPhone too..learning all these new modern things for our generation!! Thank you so much!!! What an App!! 100% 👍🏻👏🏻 Hallelujah, I’m loving it! They work super!! My husband didn’t believe it! Yeehaw!!! Happy ole gal from Texas!

Helps. It helps so I don't have to go get the remote plus I can rest because I got my covid vaccines

ROKU REMOTE WORKS GREAT. Unlike the WiFi remote app from ROKU, this app works fine. It starts up and runs every time. No waiting, no restarts necessary, it just works. YES!!! And the price is very fair, I don’t feel gouged by purchasing a lifetime subscription. I will be suggesting this app to family members who are looking for a simple, reliable, and affordable Wi-Fi remote for their ROKU devices.

Lost my remote. Found a better remote using this app. much better than what came with The tv. Awesome app

best roku ever remote I have found. This worked right when I opened the app. No hassles no problems, this is the best app I found and I have tried all the high rated ones and most downloaded ones. This surpasses all of them

Great but!!. So this app is very nice it works really well but you have to pay 6.99 for the volume a bit disappointed but overall it is really good

By far the best remote out there!!. Better than the actual remote for my fire tv - it instantly connects to every device in my house no lag time or delays - I got this mainly for my fire tv bc I’m Always losing the actual remote and this is the only one that allowed you to control the volume which is crucial - and this is just the free version . I can’t believe this isn’t the number one remote app bc it by far blows all the others out of the water - I’ll def be upgrading to the paid version bc it’s affordable and I don’t feel like I’m being ripped off it’s amazing I’ll share with everyone for sure !!

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Remote made easy. Easy to use, convenient,Has all the features of the remote as well, well done

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ajustement. Génial!

Padrisimo. Esta súper padre y fácil de usar!!!

Worked then won't. The remote worked well sometimes slow would take a min for it to register a button had been pressed then updated yesterday I switched my tv device worked on one now doesn't on second switched to first now doesn't work on either

Works fine with my Roku3. No issues at all. Easy to pair with my device. The graphical interface is kind of basic and too densely arranged but after trying a few others, this one is my favourite.


Great. Good

Zach. Office

Will not connect. Cannot cast to tv

Awesomeness. Best ever!!! Thank you so much!!

Scam. Advertises a free remote for your Apple Watch and then forces you to pay to use it.

Fgdhgf. Yea Hoggg

Yes!. Why didn't I find this app dinner.

Roku tv remote. Works well so far!

iPad. I have tried three remotes for Roku and for some reason this one works the best

Awesome app. Ghjjgfdgthcfnccfvy

Better than the remote. This app is awesome I could downloads it easy and fast it took one click to connected it to my tv and the it worked awesome the rest of the time. Overall AWESOME app and I'm glad that it was a late version of it because I downed this on an old phone.

roku. very good app . no crashes

This app is awesome. I lost my Remote so I searched apps to control TVs and this one came up and it’s the best

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G. Good way to many adds don’t download it will break your phone

Works Great. It sure is great when a useful APP downloads installs and works very well without any hassle! Excellent programming.

I have know clue if this app works for not. I think this app will be useful but I do not know

Livening it. Very user friendly and cost efficient

Saved me. Roku remote started working sporadically, leading to clicking frenzies that did nothing. App works great-recognizes your Roku and works instantly

JWavestone. Works better than expected.

Not bad, not bad at all.. Works very well but it wouldn't hurt to have different colors for the directional arrow buttons

Stopped working once I upgraded. This app was connecting to my Samsung tv just fine but once I upgraded it stopped connecting to the tv. Like it doesn’t even want to connect to any of the other TVs in the homes.

Losing connection too much. I’m sitting right in front of my TV ans it loses connection when I go to do something else in my phone and doesn’t connect back easily. I have to reset the Roku and/or iPhone 12

Awesome app. It works JUST LIKE A REGULAR REMOTE!!! you got to love it thank you all for making this possible technology is so amazing now and days.

Arrow buttons are very bad. It is both too sensitive and not sensitive enough. It is extremely hard to move around with the arrows. Not impressed at all.

App cannot stay connected. I have 2 roku streaming+ sticks and a tcl roku tv. The app does not stay connected to any of them after selecting them. The app is worthless. Going back to original roku app. This app is not worth the frustration.

Simple to use, free, works great!. I use this APP with my iPhone when I’ve misplaced my regular remote. Works like a charm. No problems; free is excellent!

Working well very good app remote. Great remote app

Good. I love it do much, make a new update and a better one and cool one too plz

Great. I think it's great I just think that it should connect quicker.

Works. Barely.. Works to control a Roku but it can’t turn it on (makes the app almost useless) and there’s no keyboard so it’s about twice as hard to type because you can’t feel keys on a touch screen.

Very useful remote app. I like this app, thank you developer!

Can you say Bait and Switch?. Why do you show this app works with Apple watch and then try to sell an expensive app when you download this one and try to use it?

Works Great. Use this more than the remote that came with the TV.

First time trying this app. Works good so far iv tryed muti diff apps for Roku remotes this is best by far

Works perfectly. Love it

Good. Simple easy and works

Great application. Live app on phone

Ehhh. Works great but the volume control button does not work at all. It acts as a pause button for me which is annoying.

The first time. He

Great Tool!. I occasionally misplace my "real" remote and this app is a great backup! I can't say anything bad for it works beautifully.

Disappointed. Will not pair at all. Very disappointed with this purchase. Hope I could get my money back.

Great replacement for broken remote but. only the volume button are not working

Grayeye1551. Remote stoped working. Found this on internet and it works great

Trash app. The app is trash and so is the developer for putting in an ad every button press. There weren’t any ads but after an update there’s one every time you go to press something. What a trash developer.

I am intrigued. This is wonderful and magical lol. Thanks to the developers of this smart piece of work.

Roku remoto. Amazing! I ‘ve never been experienced like that remotely pub.

Clean easy & free. The perfect replacement remote for my broken Roku. I’m very satisfied.

Works good. If you miss placed your remote, this is a perfect standby!

Best app for fire tv remote. It work just in 5sec When i Download it

Works great. Only one I've kept and I've tried them all so far.

Easy to use. Easy to use but light on features

Not working. When Roku is on it works fine, but after I turn it off, I tried to turn it on, it will not work on my iPhone X.

Good. I’m only 10 so I don’t got much to say I broke my Remotes water on it but yeah it’s good enough

5 stars not enough to express my joy. This is a game changer batteries dead here you go

My remote broke. My remote broke and I downloaded this

I love this app because the remote works. Thanks for the app

What I was looking for!!!. Works great with my Roku !!

I love this app. Works better the my remote control

This is so cool and it saves me bc I lose the control all the time you should really try it. 5 stars

Review. I would give five stars however The screen interface is Is such a pale blue, all over, you can barely differentiate the buttons.

I- just love it. I lost my Remote

Easy to use, helps a lot!. No need to look for a lost remote with this. Love the new 3D design!

Amazing App. Very helpful and comfortable to use. Especially for a person who loses the remote all the time 😉.

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Language English
Price Free
Adult Rating 4+ years and older
Current Version 3.4
Play Store de.2kit.remote-roku
Compatibility iOS 9.0 or later

Universal TV Remote ‣ (Versiyon 3.4) Install & Download

The application Universal TV Remote ‣ was published in the category Utilities on 08 July 2015, Wednesday and was developed by Kraus Und Karnath GbR 2Kit Consulting [Developer ID: 477998014]. This program file size is 48.23 MB. This app has been rated by 6,931 users and has a rating of 4.5 out of 5. Universal TV Remote ‣ - Utilities app posted on 09 May 2023, Tuesday current version is 3.4 and works well on iOS 9.0 and higher versions. Google Play ID: de.2kit.remote-roku. Languages supported by the app:

EN Download & Install Now!
Other Apps from Kraus Und Karnath GbR 2Kit Consulting Developer
Universal TV Remote ‣ App Customer Service, Editor Notes:

- Bug fixes

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