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This season, there's a new NFL team competing for a chance in the Super Bowl — yours! With NFL Fantasy, the official fantasy football game of the NFL, you're in control of your very own NFL team. Are you ready to build the next football dynasty?

Start your season by drafting a roster of real NFL players to join your team. Then, prepare for a new head-to-head matchup every week by setting your lineup and tuning in to NFL games to watch your player's action on the field turn into fantasy points for your team.

In a work league with a real hotshot? NFL Fantasy comes equipped with the tools you need to make it to the top, including NFL Fantasy-exclusive features like Next Gen Stats and all-new player comparison tools.

Looking to be the next Commissioner? Start your very own league and customize the rules however you want. Invite friends and family to compete with you and start your own football tradition.

Get closer to the game than ever before with the official fantasy football game of the NFL. Always 100% free.

There’s a lot to look forward to in 2020:

+ Our brand-new draft client makes drafting easy and fun.

+ Track your fantasy scores while streaming the NFL Network and live local and primetime games. It's the ultimate fantasy game day experience.*

+ Fantasy Stories - See a ring around a player’s headshot? Click to watch exclusive player analysis, news, and sideline footage.

+ Use Compare Players to quickly find the best player for your roster.

+ Waiver Report - learn the outcome of all of your waiver claims.

+ A weekly Matchup Recap gives you a customized report of your and your opponent's performance.

+ Celebrate your league's history and achievements in Hall of Fame.

Plus, all of the fantasy football features you expect from the NFL:

+ Create a league in minutes to start your own fantasy football tradition, or compete against other NFL fans in a public league.
+ Draft players live in-app.
+ Perfect your draft strategy by participating in a Mock Draft.
+ The NFL Fantasy-exclusive Optimize Lineup feature makes fantasy football approachable for players of all skill levels.
+ Best in class Player Profiles include all of the data and expert analysis fans need to make informed roster decisions, including NFL Fantasy-exclusive features like Next Gen Stats and game video recaps.
+ Catch up with official stats, news, and injury updates direct from NFL experts.
+ The same great features and design on your iPhone and your iPad.

…and more!

*Geographic and device restrictions apply. Local & primetime games only. Data charges may apply.

Privacy Policy:

Terms and Conditions:

This app features Nielsen’s proprietary measurement software which contributes to market research, like Nielsen’s TV Ratings. Please see for more information.

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NFL Fantasy Football Customer Service, Editor Notes:

+ Compare Players - select the Compare button in a player profile to get started. + Fixed an issue in the NFL Fantasy+ Analyze Players tool preventing waivers from being submitted for waiver budget leagues. + Fixed a scoring issue for a small number of leagues with a specific scoring configuration. + More crash and bug fixes. Thanks for playing NFL Fantasy.

NFL Fantasy Football Comments & Reviews

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I’ve been using this app for just three years and I love it! I’ve done well with how they keep you updated with injuries and even scouting reports. Adding and subtracting players is simple and although it’s a waiver it’s always been fair which makes it all the more competitive for teams at the bottom. Me and my friends play and the commercials are right, some of my friends who I barely have much to say to unfortunately, fantasy football, it has arguing But the good kind! Competitive we all are though different and some of my friends who know little about football who are regular basement dwellers every year can give you an L with the right add/subtr. or start/sit lineup. It’s embarrassing but very satisfying for them which keeps them playing. I have nothing but great things to say about this app! You might find your complainers but they have made it their job to find something wrong just because it’s a review.

- Slow, Glitchy...Unimpressed

The biggest complaint I have is the slowness of this app that others have also pointed out on these reviews. Come Sunday around 12:45pm when you’re scrambling to lock in your 1:00pm games based on injuries and breaking inactive news, it’s very testing to wait 15 seconds after you tap on a button for the player’s information to load. The interface for adding players and seeing/comparing important statistics quickly has always been problematic and irritating with this app (been using it since 2014-ish). Sorting by available players versus seeing all the top point scorers for a specific position often causes the app the default to showing players that either aren’t correct positionally or aren’t available to add. It doesn’t always fetch the correct data or refresh the lists as quick as you’d expect it to. Another subtlety that becomes annoying is how deep you have to dive in order to see who owns a specific player. I shouldn’t have to tap three different places on a player to figure out who in my league owns them. Overall, a weak, slow, underperforming app that uses a minimal, “modern” design aesthetic to try distract users from it’s numerous flaws and failures.

- Regret Using This App Again

This app is so inferior in every way to Yahoo. Yet I still advocated to keep using it. I have no badge icons when I get notifications, so unless I’m looking at my notification screen or am on my phone when a notification comes through I don’t know what’s going on. Secondly it’s so limited. Every other app has so much more in terms of tools. The projections here are a joke. And even things as little as being able to change your avatar through the app; everyone else allows you to change them through the app. It baffles me that the official NFL app doesn’t even have up to date pictures of players. The other big thing is its limited standard rosters by having the flex limited to W/R. In a side league I changed it to W/R/T like I always do. But it changed it to W/T instead and they claim they can’t fix it. I wouldn’t have had that problem if they didn’t auto draft my league’s teams a day before the draft was scheduled. I went back to emails and sure enough it showed our draft scheduled for a Tuesday yet somehow your site did it on Monday. This app is just horrid. It boggles my mind that people even use this app. I’d almost rather pay for CBS if ESPN and Yahoo weren’t options.

- New Update is Horrible!!

I absolutely hate this new update, everything looks like a cartoon and way different than the past 3 years that everyone knows and loves. What I hate is that you have to scroll so far to see your players and can’t see your whole starting lineup on just one screen (have to scroll to see the other half), next is that when you’re looking at your roster your team name along with unnecessary options that take up so much space, why can’t we just have it with our team name at the top and the all players available to see without scrolling like how it has always been. I can’t even screenshot my team to show someone without taking 3 pics cuz of how big each players icon is and how much I scroll. Next is how difficult and different it is just to look at players on waivers and look at other teams in the league, it’s just so completely different with all these new options that are just plain unnecessary. We want the old version!!! I don’t care if you update the graphics or give it a new “look” but gosh please make it look like how it did before, this is just horrible and so bad. Or give us the option to have the old update.

- Amazing app but a few small adjustments could be made

So I love this app and it is very helpful but I think that there shouldn’t be a maximum number of leagues you can be in, at least more then 6 which I know that was the max last year. I can’t find anything saying that number has been changed but I love having many leagues and hate having a max of 6. I know not many would want 6 or more but it’s a small detail that could be added. Also when I do the “draft now” option, when it is loading it doesn’t put me in the draft, I have to close and reopen the app, go to the league homepage, and hit enter draft which is annoying because it has auto picked for me before because I didn’t get in in time. Other then that I love the app.

- This App is Garbage

I was trying to give this app the benefit of the doubt, being the official app of the NFL, but It is just awful. The iPhone version is different from the iPad version. With that being said, they are both terrible in their own ways. My biggest complaint is the layout and filtering system for the available players tab. It’s painful having to adjust the filter EVERY TIME I am trying to compare available players. In other fantasy apps you can just click the stat on the table and it auto sorts it. This app you have to go into the filter menu and adjust the filter by sorting through way too many options. I don’t need to see stats with a span from eight years ago. Even when you go through all the steps to set the filter, the results still don’t sort correctly. More specifically when you sort for fantasy points the results show the point leader half way down the list when he should obviously be at the top. Our league of 10 has used this app for the last three years and it is a consensus, we all hate this app. This will be our last. We will be switching to one of the better options like Yahoo! or ESPN next season.

- Good but could be great

It’s a good app and I think it’s cool that if the kicker gets the field goal from 50 yards or out he gets five points instead of three and for mock drafts whenever threre is not a lot of people the CPU picks in order it’s annoying and unrealistic and esay cus you can Count out the players till you’re next turn and know who will be left three is a chat in it which would be great but the draft starts and then people focus on that and the notifications of you who picked who go in there so please make a separate chat where you can talk about football! Please please please please I want one please it’s all I want please 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺and then you can and friends so you can only talk to them if you want but don’t make it where you half to go to face bock 🤮or anything like that that’s all thanks for reading or scrolling down to the bottom and reading this section


Idk what the developers are doing but this app has done nothing but go downhill - it’s getting to the point where I’m going to move the 3 leagues I manage to Yahoo. My main complaint now is due to the “loading time”. Every time you click on a different page, or select a player to view his stats, or even go to settings, you have to wait for it to load while you watch that annoying spinner thing. It’s not due to the speed of my iPhone, or having too many apps open - it’s simply due to the quality of this app. I am also in a Yahoo league and their app doesn’t require me to wait every time I switch pages or view a players stats. I love the look and feel of this app, but the slowness and loading time is driving me absolutely crazy. Fix it or I’m moving my 3 leagues to Yahoo next season. Also, the Push Notifications fix that they claim has been corrected is not true. I still am unable to update my push notifications. Every time I turn them on and then save, I go back to confirm the changes and they’re all off. This app needs a lot of work.

- Overall pretty great but could use improvements

I first downloaded the NFL Fantasy app for the 2018 season and enjoyed it but the new update significantly improves the flow of the app. I especially enjoy that, in the new update, videos like “Start ‘Em Sit ‘Em” and “Breaking News” are attached to the individual players and the increase in the amount of players covered. That being said, I do believe the app could benefit from a few improvements. First, there should be a shortcut to search players/stats/points like there used to be before the update. Secondly, I believe the predictive points should be adaptive like they used to be, giving a more accurate, real time prediction of point totals for both players and team. Like I said, the majority of the update is awesome, but please consider some of the changes I recommended as I believe they would really improve the quality and experience of NFL Fantasy.

- Update... Seriously???

Please remove or change some of the latest ‘improvements’ for iPhone. Most notably: app restarts almost every time you return to it; projected points auto updating (I’d rather see how the player performed against the projection like last year); overall slowness of app when changing views from team to Game Center, to players lists, etc.; put the projected points back in the Game Center schedule view, so you don’t have to go into each matchup to see how others in the league are doing). One last suggestion: I recognize what a popular/widely used app this is... trying to pack so much into an app that is used by so many likely leads to a bogged down, slow experience for us all... I believe just disabling the auto update of projections would cut down on the update time delay/responsiveness for all your users! Please consider this!!!

- First Timer

I have many friends and family members who have played fantasy football for years. I had no desire to waste my time with it when my brothers and friends suggested that I join a league. But this year I weakened and decided it was time to give it a shot to judge it for myself. I couldn’t have been more surprised at how much I have enjoyed playing, and how well I did. My record was 13-1 and I won my championship too! Not bad for a first timer who was reluctant to play. So, I will be back next season to see if I can repeat, lol. NFL fantasy football is fun, exciting, and an awesome product. Don’t miss out! First time player and Champion

- Worse than new Coke

This is hands down the worst fantasy app available. The new updates this season were worse than New Coke. I would rather use an abacus to figure out fantasy projections than subject myself to using this app ever again. Fortunately I only play in one league on NFL so I just set my lineups 3 weeks in advance since that is how long the load times are. This app is the Josh Gordon of fantasy apps. You’re never too sure when it’s going to end up back in rehab. You would think that the fantasy app OF THE LEAGUE YOU ARE PLAYING would be the best available. Unfortunately it seems that they allowed Roger Goodell to hire the developers for the updates. As he has done the rest of his tenure, he royally screwed this up. At this point I am praying that my entire team gets injured so that I can stop coming back to this trash app. Well done NFL, you have made it so that players can be frustrated with the performance of their team because they can never check the scores!

- New update is trash, bring back the old version please!

Last year was my first year playing fantasy and I absolutely loved this app. The new update this year is garbage and has made the start of the year extremely frustrating. I like the newer look and everything but the app just doesn’t work. The only thing with the new look is I liked it better when you could see your whole lineup without having to scroll so much. Other than that the new design isn’t horrible, but the app just isn’t as good as it was last year as a whole. The projections don’t update constantly like last year, and after the game is over it still doesn’t update the projections, so it’s hard to see if it’s still close or not. Also the app crashes almost every time I try to click on another team or scroll through the matchups. This update either needs a LOT of work or they need to just release and update where it goes back to the old one. Please.

- Love it, but...

Been using this app for a few years now and there are a few things that I think should be added. I think there should be an easier way to communicate to everyone in the league. Most people in my league check the app more then they check their email. If there was something that popped up when they opened the app to show them that there was a conversation, I think I could get everyone talking in my league instead of having to text them. Also, I think that there should be a quick breakdown of how a player scored the points that they scored in a game. Just something that you can click on to see it. For example, a QB got 15 points from throwing 400 yards, 7 points for completed passes, 10 points from running x amount of yards, and 12 points from throwing 3 touchdowns. Lastly, to go along with the easier league chat, I would like to see the league poll put into the app so people do not have to go onto the website. Most of my league only uses the app. Thank you for the app and continuing to make updates and taking everyone’s feedback. I know you can not make everyone happy and you try to find that common ground, but this app just keeps getting better every year. Maybe next year I’ll be able to give it 5 stars!

- Continually getting WORSE!

This app is nearly unusable on an iPad. It doesn’t handle dynamic type sizes at all. If you’re over 40, as I am, and scale up the dynamic type setting, the app cuts off half the text. The new format wastes most of the screen. I can’t even see my active players on a single screen! I have to constantly scroll to see anything while most of the screen is blank space. At this rate, I’ll be moving my league to another platform next year. Wow! You fixed the crash! How about fixing the awful new display. If apple let me paste a pic here, I’d show you how truly awful it is. Shows only 3 characters of a player’s name while wasting most of the screen in the team display on iPad. You really should just fire your app designers and hire someone competent. Most of the iPad screen is wasted. Much of the names are cut off. It is really awful. You still don’t understand or deal with dynamic type sizes. At this rate, I’ll be moving my league to CBS next year.

- Was a great app, rather not use it now

It was a great app before the update easily 5 stars picked over ESPN and other things, but the update ruined everything. Then, communication with other league players was easier. Now, it is manageable but took me a while to figure out. Then, players were easier to add. Now, the app made it even harder. Then, research tools were easier to use. Now, it is harder to use as u have to find it inside ur league. Then, it was easier just to look at the news. Now, you have to go inside your league and find it. Then, logging out and joining leagues was easier. Now, it is harder to do those things. There are also the glitches. I heard about an account that won't let the owner see the other proposed trades. For me, once, I couldn't see the rest of he matchups and the projections, however luckily the glitch wore off. There are also little things like being unable to veto trades or see other trades and see the rankings while making trades. This app used to be great, but since the new update the app has become frustrating. Please erase the glitches, improve the little things, or go back to the old version or I might have to move platforms. Updated Dec 19 Also what’s wrong with the waiver wire now it will only let me see players A-Z not by fantasy points super frustrating

- 10 From Afar, but NOT 10 by Far

At first glance, the app seems to have everything a fantasy football team/league owner could want. But that fades quickly once you dive into it. The app crashes or freezes on a regular interval. Many of the tools necessary for league creation are absent; only available on the full website(which is not very mobile friendly). Including the option/ability to delete an unwanted team or league. This option is paramount, yet missing from the app. Changing rosters from the standard setup is also only on the full website...ugh. Additionally, changes made to a league or team on the not-so-mobile-friendly website take time(unknown length) to reflect in the app, if at all. NFL Fantasy App developers, please keep basic functions like roster control and leave/delete options in the app.

- Projected points issues

Throughout the whole season you would have projected points for players on the injured reserve or injured inactive lists. It is really hard to estimate an actual roster when players that are out for the year have projected points. We shouldn’t have to open every player to see their individual status. During the draft which we couldn’t manually pick in my league I got a quarterback that was out before the season even started because of surgery. If their projections were accurate I wouldn’t have drafted a player that didn’t play the entire season either. Then after they start playing the projected points disappear so you can’t even gauge if the projections were even remotely accurate unless you took a picture of the projections prior to the games starting.

- Confusing and Incomplete

This app is very difficult to use and the buttons leads you to places that make no sense. It’s difficult to compare players, look at future matchups, compare your league’s opponents with your own schedule, and the visuals of this app looks like either a first year coder put it together or the whoever gave them ideas on design works in the accounting department. Visual this app is confusing. On a personal note, for some reason (although you can change it) the default settings for match ups and play offs are as close to REAL life NFL rules and makes 0 sense. Considering that there are 32 teams in he NFL and on average 10 teams in fantasy football, STRENGTH OF SCHEDULE MAKES ABSOLUTELY 0 SENSE! I was in the playoffs then got taken out because the player who took my spot beat one team who was 6-7 and I beat a team that was 5-6. But I have about 200 pts more than he does on the year. Download another app, you will be happier.

- Only my wife gets a 5

I’ve been actively using this app for 6 season now and just now leaving this review! From day one till now the developers and IT guys that work on the app and it’s improvements on a year to year basis have really out did themselves this year!!! After last year and the issues I had was t quite sure I was coming back but am glad I did! This is the one true app I can honestly say from year 1 to year 6 the team haven’t rested on what they had! The worked harder and harder to make a better product for the consumers and in my opinion they hit it spot on!!! So from this RABID fantasy football fan thanks for a great app and I look forward already to see what next year will look like game wise!

- Looking good this year

The app has definitely improved over the years. The interface is much easier to navigate. I’m glad the articles are at the front page now rather then tucked in the more options. One thing I would like is easier customization of teams. You can only change your team picture on the website version. It’s a little dull when everyone has the default grey helmet. Another thing that would be nice is to have a player news section. This would displays the most recent player news for players on your team. The app is looking good!

- Incredibly Frustrating

If you leave the app for more than 10 seconds, it shuts down and you have to start from home. It’s the most frustrating thing when you’re trying to go back and forth for a waiver report to the app. You are reading about players to pick up and you go back to the FF app to see if they’re available and you’re sent home even tho you were looking at players 10 seconds ago. The app drains your battery incredibly fast. I’ll scroll through the Game Center and in within 5 mins I’ve lost 20% of my battery. The app is incredibly slow too. It’s like it doesn’t cache or something. Every page loads super slow like it’s the first time it’s loading the results. The only good part about the app is hat you can watch games in it. I’ll give you that NFL, but other than that, this app is terrible.

- NFL should be embarrassed

When you are making BILLIONS in revenue and your fantasy site looks like this, you should be embarrassed. Yahoo is so superior that it is hard to even compare the two. If Yahoo had a fantasy playoffs I would never download or play anything on this app. Every year we have problems logging in. On top of that, the site logs me out every time, errors on the first launch daily, and requires me to select another app in the app to play playoffs. This is incredible. How can this be the real? It’s like I’m using a VCR in a streaming world. I’m going to spend 10x the energy lobbying Yahoo for fantasy playoffs as I spent writing this review. That is how much I despise this app and the NFL for making me use it as the only option for continued fantasy gameplay. I might go play Yahoo golf to make myself feel better. That is how desperate I am.

- Great app but...

This is such a good app and this is my first year playing. I love the depth of the game and the many different options. It’s just that if there was a guide or something that would tell you what each thing because all of this is confusing. Oh and also a way to delete the leagues you don’t want to be a part of anymore because having all of these leagues is quite annoying. This is such a good app but with a few tweaks here and there it should be much better. ;)

- Updated for playoffs and now app is useless

Update- the alpha order is also an issue on the NFL Fantasy web page, so it is not the app, adding 2 stars. Unable to search on all stats from previous version and load time still an issue. I can't believe that players are presented in alpha order, not by statistic being searched for, useless. Needing to replace Antonio Brown, first three options...Jared Abbrederis (waived), Rodney Adams (practice squad) and Quincy Adeboyejo (is this even an NFL player?). Try to scroll through the players and it has to reload every 20. Complete waste of time. Update took away many of statistics you used to be able to sort by. Your developers obviously don't play or consult with people who do.

- Score predictions don’t update.

Third year using the app and it has everything you need to check in order to stay updated with your fantasy league! However, after watching the first NFL game kickoff through the app, I noticed that the app doesn’t update the score prediction anymore. In previous years you could see your score prediction (from individual players and overall score) fluctuate based on how well your roster was doing. This was previously implemented and now the only way to check is if you check the website through desktop view then you can see the score prediction updated. Otherwise 5/5 stars, I hope they reimplement this soon with the next update!

- Decent but needs some improvements.

Overall the app runs about as you would expect. It gets the job job done, but that’s about it. One of my biggest annoyance is is that when searching for players I cannot opt to have my current players show up in the results. This is important if i’m deciding whether or not to pick someone up. If I could immediately compare my currently rostered players at that position, with the available players, I can much more easily make my decision. I was here now stands I have to continually click back-and-forth between the “My Team“ and “Players” tabs to figure out which available players are an upgrade. Fox Fantasy Football has this intuitive feature.

- Good app but could be great

I like the design and functionality for the most part and after three years the developers have done a better job of updating the players last performance sooner. My biggest complaint isn’t the crashes, the lack of player comparison or bad filters, it’s the awards. Using the mobile website there are all kinds of great rewards that I would love to see that I didn’t even know about because the app doesn’t feature them! This would make for a more engaging fantasy season if I could view the most satisfying player or worst lineup award on the app to talk trash to my opponents about.

- Horribly inaccessible

While last year‘s versions of the mock draft selector and actual draft client were pretty usable for those of us who use iPhones voiceover feature, the new versions are utterly ridiculous! The links for selecting a mock draft based on roster size and positions give nothing but clicking sound. Last year, they told me the full details that I needed to select what I wanted. The draft client is somewhat accessible, but if I try to filter by a position and not just “all“, I can no longer select the pic I want. Of course, this then puts me into auto select mode, at which point I just exit the app. Finally, once the draft is done, I no longer hear the names or positions of the players I’ve chosen, just their bye week and some statistics.

- Worst fantasy football app

I’m playing in 3 different fantasy football applications and the NFL app is easily the worst. Navigating to free agents requires unnecessary steps and even then there is no access to researching stats or trends. The updates to player news seems to be as slow as it was in years prior (couple days). If you are a commissioner save yourself the time and just use the full nfl website because many options aren’t available to you on the app. These creators seem to be focusing on the app looking and fitting nicely on your screen instead of the necessary information or simple functionality that fantasy players want. If you are serious about fantasy football you are going to have a bad time. This is also the first app review I’ve ever taken the time to post.

- Definitely not the worst NFL Fantasy App Version

The app redesign has its benefits & drawbacks but a couple things to improve the app would be 1) make adding a new player default to "available" so we can immediately see who's available not all players 2) the discussion section could be upgraded for editing and deleting discussions as many members of the league accidentally post the player their looking for in there since the app freezes alot and don't realize the window changed. 3) speed it up & clean up crashes, this app is much slower than previous versions and crashes a lot more (expected with a redesign) so that should be improved with new versions

- Got some issues

App looks good, but is a bit too busy. I really do not need a list of the top 7 available free agents shoved in my face when looking at my team roster. I appreciate my team being only my roster, if I wanted players I would click on the players tab. The most pressing of issues is that when looking up players by any category other than projected points the app fails to sort the players by that category. So when I choose to show players by adds, it gives me players sorted by name and their respective adds. This feature is essentially useless without the ability to sort by the desired value. Hopefully this is just a bug that will be fixed

- Added features are anything but helpful

I have been Using NFL’s fantasy football app for the last 4 years. Until this year it’s been great! However, since they added the new update, I have run into a lot of issues. First, my opponent shows up as a different team in the “team” section and in the “matchup” section. Second, if I hit optzimumize, it places the wrong players on the bench and in the team so that I am actually projected less. Strange right? Third, they began putting videos on players, so I can never trade for the players I want to trade for, because as soon as I put in a trade offer, some video gets published about why the other person shouldn’t trade them, or why my player is going to be a bust later in the season (even if he’s doing well now). It’s tiresome to get my trades rejected because of NFL’s opinion. Users should be able to do their own research. Fourth, the statistics of the player is much harder to navigate, as it feels almost like it was built for a computer screen and not a mobile app. TLDR; it’s safe to say I’ll be sticking to the website this year and hoping for a better mobile experience in the days to come.

- Gets the job done, but not the best platform out there

I started using this app after a couple years of ESPN just to try it out and will be going back to ESPN. It’s just not as smooth and seemless as ESPN. They give you a lot of info that you don’t care about. Their projections are also whack sometimes and the “optimize lineup” button won’t get out of your face. The only advantage is that they have the rights to the game footage so you can watch highlights and plays that your guys did well in. That said, they don’t have any advice or analyst videos that ESPN just has way too many of. Not a bad app at all and maybe it’s just preferences, but I strongly prefer ESPN

- Searching players

Ever since the app was changed at the beginning of the football season, finding players has become a lot harder. You can still search, sure, but when you’re looking at available players to pick up and you don’t have a specific name to search by, it’s hard finding the one’s that are performing at a decent level. The NFL has made it so after you’ve go through a few available players it starts to go through a loop of the same exact players you’ve already gone through. It would be nice if that was fixed so we can see all players rather than the same 10 to 15.

- Bring it back

I like alot of the new features over the past couple of years but I wish they would bring back the consolidated list of head to head matchups that show all your teams and scores in your different leagues. That way you can monitor how your teams are doing without having to open all the leagues. I would also like to see next year the ability to have more leagues with the same login. Being retired Army I have joined leagues at different places i was stationed and have to create multiple logins to play in all the different leagues

- How can it be this bad??

This app is terrible and I hate my commissioner picked NFL to host FF. The app is a nightmare to navigate. Want to add a player? Good luck. Want to see the league scoreboard? Have fun fiddling through the menus to find it. Then the app has just strange choices. You can “optimize” but it won’t tell you anything about what changes you are making to do it. Have a player who underperforms? App won’t update your new predicted score. There’s also these strange blue badge numbers that who the hell knows what the mean. This review is already longer than it should be as I’ve wasted enough breath. I am SHOCKED this app is as highly reviewed as it is. NFL should be ashamed of this product. Look elsewhere for your fantasy needs if you want an app that makes any sort of sense.

- Poor overall

I’ve used NFL fantasy app and site ever since I started playing fantasy football years ago. This past off season the app went thru a complete update and changed everything. The update isn’t the problem I have with the app, the update made things harder to use and took away things we have always had such as updated in game scoring and projections, harder to find players on waiver and overall. Small things can be fixed to make this app as great as it once was but I have faith that the good folk over at NFL Fantasy will fix this app before it’s all said and done this year.

- Fun! Only tiny suggestions.

Love this game. It’s accurate, timely info in an easy to understand format. Couple of suggestions for the next upgrade: there needs to be a way to enlarge the font. Either let me pick a larger font on players’ news and outlooks or let me pinch the screen to enlarge it. Older eyes would be grateful. Also, no need for as many email updates on game day. We should be able to turn that down. Finally, more info is needed about defense. Hard to stream the correct D without any information. Who’s injured, how they preform against the pass, etc.

- Great look, missing some functionality from previous versions

Where my updated projections at? They used to update in real time as the players exceeded or failed to match expectations. Really handy to know what to expect on a Sunday afternoon with 3 players left to go. Now it seems that once the player is locked in to a slot, they just go with that player’s most recent projections before game time (I’m assuming). I REALLY want those updates back. Also, every time I refresh on another matchup, it takes me back to my own matchup, regardless of what team I was looking at previously. Not a big deal in the grand scheme.

- Good App, Improvements needed

There are a few things that are glitchy within this app like who is on the field and the scores/projections changing rapidly, without cause. These issues being resolved would really improve the overall experience of using it. One of the major things I would like to be addressed would be to see a view of the game Center from the control center of our iPhones or notifications center. Having to open the app constantly to view a score between me and my matchup is a major deal to me.

- Good but Could be Improved

The app overall is very simplistic and easy to use. The perfect design for FantasyFootball: quick, easy, and manageable. But one thing that does irk me is the way projections work in this latest iteration. The projections for each week appear to static, that is, unmoving despite the various performances by players. As such, during the week you have no idea what your team is actually projected to achieve! This seems like a big almost, because surely this feature wouldn’t get scrapped in later iterations if the app? Anyhow, just my two cents. Fix that issue, and the rating will as well.

- Garbage

I love fantasy football, but if this is the official app the NFL is going to use then I might as well move onto something else. Not user friendly at all. Have had 4 different drafts and when completed there is nowhere to view your teams at the homepage afterwards. After the mandatory uninstall and reinstall tech services always go to, then we need this and this and this. etc.. This is not my job to fix this app, it’s your responsibility to not put out a shoddy product until it can perform its designated tasks. Never had this issue in past but now, all this shows is what is trending for Fantasy. I don’t care! Let me see and make changes to my teams! Is one icon too much to add to an already bare homepage

- Great for Fantasy Football

The app makes it easy to track not only my players’ stats and projections, but also those of my opponents’ players. While not perfect, the expected points for a player are pretty good. The interface is easy to use. There are plenty of options when creating a league. My only wish is that there were a 1/2 point PPR option, but it doesn’t ruin the app. Overall, I’m very happy with the app, and I will happily use it for seasons to come.

- Cannot Open The App

Would rate 0 stars if I could, I couldn't even open my app since the last update over a week ago. This has been ongoing all season. If this continues which looks to be happening, this will be my league's last ride on this app. Mind you I've used NFL for fantasy for the past 6+ years... You'd think such a big-named platform would be up to date with simple bug fixes and such but no, the creators of this app apparently made enough money and don't want any more. This is absolutely ridiculous there's 0 chance I ever use this app again. I have a league in Yahoo and it is far superior. I highly suggest Yahoo Fantasy for anyone fed up with the lackluster performance of this lousy app.

- Beautiful look and little substance

No idea why there are so many positive reviews. This app is the dregs of design. Projected scores don’t update once kickoff begins. Player search function is annoying. No compare player functions. Sorting options on the waiver wire are limited. During a trade you can accidentally click out of a player and must start the whole process over. There’s no easy way to look at an overview of league match ups, you have to click into each one. Not to mention the website is one of the more limited fantasy options (ex: no points per first down option). I don’t know why I continue to play on this provider.

- Good but could be better

This is my first year playing fantasy football and this app has made it simple to figure out. It would be nice if it could put the best players in your starting lineup for you for every week instead of having to hit the button. I would also love it if there was a compatible app for the Apple Watch as I’m always on the move and all the other popular fantasy football apps have Apple Watch apps to go with them. So give us an Apple Watch app too please. Good app but could be better!

- News article issues

This app is pretty descent for the most part. Biggest issue is news articles will load and then become a white screen. Nothing seems to fix the issue. Also it would be nice to see what your players projected points were instead of it only showing the updated projection. Both options would be nice, a static option of what they were projected, and an option for the updated projection as the game progresses along. Fix the news articles ASAP though!!!!

- App interface

The NFL app is to fantasy football mobile app as the iPhone is to cell phones. Friendly, easy to understand and navigate, and for those who aren’t as well versed in fantasy football, it’ll be good. However, certain things this app lacks is the ability to search accurately for players such as placing a filter for “RB” by team. Getting into the later weeks of the season where running backs and receivers can go down and you’d like to get the next guy in line, you may not even know his name. Looking at a teams roster and depth chart through the player search window is a critical feature this app lacks.

- Unnecessary layout changes

Moving between tabs is a pain. Hate the bubblish layout of everything. Would like to be able to fit as many of the players on my screen as possible. Feed and league should be on the same tab, and free agents should be on its own. I really liked last seasons interface, don’t understand why it changes every season. Just make small tweaks to improve it, you don’t need to redo the whole thing. I’ve been an advocate of the nfl app and website for fantasy purposes and try to get all my leagues to use it but kinda regretting it this season and wish I went with espn. Just trying to give honest feedback since I’ve been a user for almost ten years.

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- Keeps crashing

I have an iPhone 6 and the app keeps crashing. I open it and it's open for a second and then crashes. I lodge an auto report but no idea what to do. I've turned the phone off, deleted and reinstalled, but nothing

- App is slow and painful to use

The new updated NFL fantasy app is so slow when jumping between tabs, even with fast internet connection it takes way to long to load the pages. They have done a lot to make it look good (which it does) but the user interface is so much worse then the previous version. I’m seriously considering moving my league over to another Fantasy provider, which is a same because it has been great up until now. Please Fix ASAP!!

- Taken to the next level

The latest changes made to this app is mind blowing. Kudos to everyone for their hard work.

- Defense

What happened to the defense button in “players” page. Kind of hard to know what defense is available.

- Love the iPad app

Love the app, easy to use and follow..but a little different to iPhone one, as I can’t optimise team on ipad

- Easy to use

Brilliant app. Would like to be able to access genius features. Other than that, can't fault it.

- Projections don’t update

Two major problems: *Team projections don’t update. Here was thinking I was on track to score well. Nope. I’m no good. *If I wanted to make my tram better, I can’t tell who is actually performing well on the waiver wire because there’s no clear list of live Week 1 scores for those players.

- Terrible App

The app keeps crashing, so slow and laggy. You have to click through so many windows to get stats and information on players, projections and live scores are not automatically updating. They’ve gone backwards from the old app

- Form follows function

A design rule the devs clearly have not heard. I didn’t think it could get worse. Looks pretty, but it is way too hard to add new players. I can’t even work out how to just look at a list of FA. That bad I have to switch to desktop site using my browser...

- Lots of bugs lately

Second time in a few weeks there has been bugs in the app. This time the scores of players and teams keep resetting to zero. I think it seems to happen when there is a change to the player's score. When you're in the playoffs it is really frustrating. I think it's only happening on the iPad.

- How does this have 5 stars?

The app barely stays open long enough to use so I don’t understand how anyone gives this 5 stars Will easily be going elsewhere next year unless the issues are actually fixed

- Roll it back

App was much better in previous years. The Snapchat like videos are useless and only slow the app down. Crashes more too. Interface needs reworking.

- Ok

Slow to update compared to other apps. Predictions are never even close.

- This app is broken

I’ve only tried to use this app a couple of times but it seems when I try to use it the connection is “timed out”. NFL fix your app!

- Cannot open app

Have not been able to open the app due to a “the request timed out” prompt on iPhone 8. Have updated, deleted and re downloaded the app with no success.

- New version of the app is awful

App keeps crashing after a couple of minutes. Old format was better.

- Terrible on iPhone 6S Plus.

Graphics, words and numbers don’t fit on screen properly. They overlap so you can’t read much effectively. Formatting and design is definitely stuffed.

- Crashes

I have iPhone 6 just downloaded the app and everything I do it crashes. Reopen asks to send report but can’t do anything. Waste of time

- Surely developers dont use it

News section crashes on certain articles and most are very slow.

- Broken app

The app wouldn’t open on my phone so I then deleted and have tried to re-download but it won’t work.

- Good app

App is easy to use and navigate but it keeps on crashing every 2 min and that pretty much makes it unusable....

- Full of bugs

App always crashes. Every update the same

- Crashes

New update is rubbish crashes constantly

- Won’t let me log in. Website fine.

Won’t let me log in.

- No support for older iPad

I have a Ver 3 iPad and there is no compatible version. Poor support by NFL

- Downgrade

Can't even tell if I have a trade pending

- 0 likes on facebook tells it all

Such a poor app compared to the website. Have to scroll everywhere to even see your team. For trading you can only accept or reject, nothing like the website where you can counter and send notes. Pointless watching the game centre, lots of scrolling required again and a lot of wasted space- previous years it was much better. If it's got the draft function and other items that take up a lot of memory then have an update now to remove it and boost the playability of the game now so that you can easily see player statuses, matchups and trades- the things you need to do at this stage of the season. I haven't bothered with the things it says it does like highlights of the games, it's not easily found on there. The app is one of the worst compared to a website anywhere. The only plus is it's lack of ads and videos that slow it down- but dare I say it probably needs them to liven up the dull looking pages

- NFL Fantasy

Very well thought out app lots information live updates And player projections makes for a fun experience and add to game day played this app for 5 years now always in joyed it and it's updates 👍👍👍👍

- Worst app out there.

Guys seriously. Navigating this app is hopeless and researching is even worse. The way you have even laid out the line for my team is horrible. I can't see the whole line up in one view. I used to be able to see all the head to head scores for all the teams in the FF league on one page. Not any more. And your description says it's faster. Nope. It lags so much it is painful to use. This app is so bad we are actually considering moving our comp to another site next year. I hope you have an update coming soon.

- Terrible update

The best thing to be said about the 2016 version of the app is that is features a fresh coat of paint. Outside of that, there are a litany of features that are now harder to use or completely lacking compared to previous years. I have read a number of other users poor reviews and agree; this isn't complaining because people don't like change, but because the app is tangibly worse than previous versions.

- App freezes when I'm going "League Setting"

Hi guys, can you please fix the app, next season will be starting soon. Thanks

- Projections

The projections when viewing your team are completely off I traded one of my good players because it said his projection was 5 when in reality it was 19. A bit annoying and needs to be fixed

- Awful app. Bring back the old version!

Do not download! This NFL Fantasy App is un-usable. News feed is hidden away in back menus, cannot select players from feed to view their info. I could go on...but it would just waist your time further. The old version of this app was 100% better in every way. Bring that one back! Cannot even give this zero stars like it deserves.

- New Update is terrible

The new update has some small features that are good however most of them are terrible. No longer can you search for an individual player. The game centre update is a step back from the previous update. While functionality has improved with some components the new update is terrible. Please correct the changes.

- Removed key features...why???

Why can't we see all match ups for our league anymore. What's the point of only seeing your own match up? And where's the chat? And player search? Removal of key features doesn't classify as an upgrade!

- No chat - no upgrade

Some people in our league upgraded to this version and now can't contribute to the league message board as it doesn't come with that functionality. They've removed the fun.


Please put notifications on the app. I've had 3 occasions where my players have been inactive without me knowing!

- Not bad

Update seems pretty good, definitely faster, but where is the search function in the player tab? Hard to find exactly the player you want!

- Better than last year

It just needs better league standings and it'll be near perfect for me.

- Pretty good

Can bug out sometimes but generally easy to use

- No functionality...!

This app just needs to be more complete. Any significant changes to teams or predraft rankings etc still need to be done on the fantasy website. For an organisation like the NFL, you expect more.

- Terrible

Last year's app was fine. They couldn't have made the current version any worse if they tried. My handicapped mate Hutchy can't even load his team to show on the app. Creating this version is the worst decision since Franco reached for Winston in the 6th. Please revert

- Four thumbs down

Massive step backwards. Cannot view other league matchups, can no longer search for players and the chat features have been rendered useless. If you haven't downloaded yet, don't, they are having a laugh.

- It doesn't let me log in!

I'm sure this would be a good app but I will never know because every time I try to log in it tells me my password is wrong, but when I log in on my laptop my password is right.

- The death of fantasy banter

It seems the creators of this app have forgotten who they built it for and why. Awkward UX and hopeless responsiveness makes for a miserable mobile experience. What's the point of fantasy sports if I can't pretend to hate my friends?!

- Old app is better

Sorry, as a loyal nfl fantasy app user..this is disappointing. Players don't update points. Worst user interface even for veteran users. Please go back to last seasons app.

- Terrible

Poorly designed. Lacks a lot of functionality and is surprisingly difficult to use. Suffers from a ridiculous amount of lag.

- Ruined

You guys have ruined this app. Hard to navigate and can't see my whole line up. Am reverting back to my laptop every week because it's much easier! Gaaah!

- An absolute disgrace

Crashes, won't allow you to bid for waivers, can't change my team around. Super frustrating.

- 2016 version is really bad

There are so many things wrong with this app it feels like they took the old app, noted all the good things about it, then did the opposite.

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- It’s great

The new features really help the quality

- Stick to the website

This quality of the information and features of this app is so far below that of the website that the convenience of it is just not worth it. Where are the league-specific stories and polls? Totally miss out on the feel of being in a league with friends. Not intuitive or user friendly. Come on NFL, you have the resources to do waaaaay better than this. It's an embarrassment.

- Awful.

This is the worst fantasy football app I have used. I have 3 different apps for my other leagues, and they all blow this one out of the water. The app limits what you can see and do to an insane degree. Especially as a commissioner. I am essentially unable to do any of my duties from the app. I find myself logging into the web version from my phones browser 99% of the time (which is still incredibly limited compared to the desktop site). I am strongly pushing my league to switch to a different platform.

- New app in 2019 is trash

It looks like garbage. The icons look like they came from sega Dreamcast in 1998. It crashes and freezes constantly and wouldn’t let me into my draft. Poor choice on the changes.

- Updated

Just updated app. Now all I get is ‘please update to most recent version’ message. Complete garbage!!!

- Times up

They have been playing with this year after year only to make it totally dysfunctional. They’ve finally directed me to ESPN fantasy. Bye

- Our league scoring is by points

Why can I not see a leaderboard in points not record? App slow and difficult. Miss the the desktop website

- Multiple Delete and reinstall with this app

Terrible. Crashes a lot.

- Worse every year

Come on. If you’re going to force me to the app from the site on a mobile device, at least make it possible to accomplish the same tasks (set/view keepers comes to mind). Was better 2 years ago before the redesign (which looks really cheap in my opinion)

- Everything the NFL does on Mobile is a huge fail.

The app is terrible. What’s worse is that it won’t allow me to log onto the actual website without instantly taking me to the app. I have internet on my phone, I want the full website, I don’t need a huge UI with bright colours and big block letters. the app is made for 10 year olds.

- Some one come join me in my league called NFL world champions

Haven’t played a season on it

- Crap app

Beyond the worst fantasy app I’ve ever used. Go to yahoo for a better experience

- Tons of fun

So so so excited

- Not functioning today!!

The App is not running right now!

- Half the league management items are not in the app

Outside of setting roster and watching your results, the app is a POS

- Worst version yet

Whether using the phone app or website app. This has gone horribly wrong this year. SEtting up email alerts for add drops or trades You get an email there has been an add drop. Doesn’t tell you by what team or what players involved. In prior years waiver wire or trades would show up in your emails saying team x has dropped player cam newton and added Tom Brady. Now just an email there has been an add drop go to app to see it. What garbage. I e drafted my leagues already. Recommend moving to ESPN or cbs this now sucks. Was my preferred venue for past 8 years

- I wouldn’t trade dirt for this app

This is the worst fucking app I have ever used, It seems like it was programmed by a middle school child. First it tells me my postal code is incorrect then it says I can’t log in after making an account then it says My email is already being used. This app is worse than the smell of a 13 year old dogs anal cough

- How to delete

How on earth do I leave the league??

- Bad

It’s so hard to choose a nickname it’s either chosen or no spaces or special characters it’s taken me 30 min and I’m still not done

- Terrible

Buggy, crashes frequently, brutal app. Last year’s app was way better.

- New Update, Terrible

The fantasy app last year was great. This years features are sweet, however, the lags, glitches, and overall performance is absolutely horrible for any app standard. Needs to be fixed or many (including myself) will switch.

- Very good but I have some suggestions

It would be nice to have notifications when a player on my team scores a touchdown, it would also be cool too have a chance on winning percentage which I think i seen on another Football app. But besides that it’s a really good app you should download it helped me get into football

- So many bugs

So many bugs in the new update.

- Worst fantasy app

Terrible app. Worst in the game. In 4 platforms and easily the worst

- Drain the battery

Love the app and the format, but this app drains my iPhones battery like crazy fast. It’s the only app that when I open it it will drop 20-30% in under 5mins

- Bruh

This is the worst app for fantasy football ever created and it gets worse with every update

- Terrible

Worst fantasy football app yet. Slow, not user friendly - all around worst version of this app yet

- Worst ever

Ya draft and auto pick team still shows waiting to draft it’s been 3 wk. never had this problem b4

- No consideration for the user

The app looks pretty but it’s not usable at all. Let’s start with launching the app, it’s never stays in memory which means even after 1 second of changing apps you have to constantly click through the cumbersome menus over and over and over. The app is slow, and doesn’t always render the UI unless you interact with it. This app is so far under Yahoo it’s unreal.

- Painfully slow

I actually like the additional stats they added, like targets, attempts, red zone targets, etc. But the experience using the app is so terrible. I find myself tapping buttons multiple times; i don’t know if it’s not registering the taps or if it’s just that slow. Either way it needs to be fixed. I feel like I’m using a first generation iPhone with this app. No app in 2019 should be this bad, especially from a massive company like NFL.

- Can’t comment on roster moves

Absolutely brutal. I can’t talk smack about bad drops in hindsight? C’mon! Latest version of the app doesn’t show fan points in player profiles. Seriously a terrible app.

- It’s ok

The latest version of this app is minimally acceptable. It doesn’t display player info very reliably. Lists players as available who aren’t, or as free agents who aren’t. Generally disappointing performance from the National Football League.

- Get people who know how to fix the issues

Brutal new update. It’s never real-time. I see players receive points, then it’s taken off, the put back on. Brutal!!!!!

- Doesn t work properly

I have this message « something went wrong » 3 times and the only way to fix it is delete and download again at least once a week. Please fix it

- Not good

Not up to par with the features on the web page. Better off logging onto site through browser this app is so poorly done.

- Terrible

This app is laggy and slow. It doesn’t close a player info screen and go back to the trade screen. Instead, it goes back to the entire roster with no one checked off to trade. It takes way to long to update scores and is drastically inferior to the website. The previous version was not only more functional, but more visually appealing. There’s no reason a multi billion dollar corporation can’t provide a better product to its fans. This app is terribly unimpressive. Yahoo, Sleeper and CBS all provide a better user experience.

- Projected Player Totals Do Not Update

Projected player totals do not update during the games and it still shows their earlier weekly pre-game projections. The only way to see waiver wire and free agents is through the Add Players button on your team page, why hide such a highly used feature in one page when it could be it’s own tab on the bottom? Terrible app quality decisions, the team who programmed/developed this app did not have the Fantasy players in mind. For such a multi-billion dollar sport, these kinda issues are inexcusable.

- Shouldn’t be surprised by now...

Once again, the NFL delivers a fantasy app that is buggy, unstable, and generally disappointing with its inconsistent performance. You’d think by now this could be figured out by the NFL.

- Horrible

This app is a joke. Was bad last year but at least scores were readable. Yahoo and ESPN apps work just fine. No excuse for the NFL putting their brand on this piece of garbage.

- Very disappointed

I’m not entirely sure what you were thinking when you redesigned this app. Sure, the old one could have used a bit of tweaking but it was far and away more intuitive than this piece of garbage you’ve created. I’m in two different leagues that, after this season, will be switching over to Yahoo. May I suggest going over to Yahoo for some tips on how to properly build a fantasy football phone application. This new app in no way matches what I see when accessing my team on on my computer browser. I would just call it quits with this abomination of an app and revert back to what you had last year. It’s genuinely frustrating navigating through this new version. I’ve had no complaints until this year, I would give the app 0 stars if I was able to. Disappointing.

- I never write reviews

This app is so bad I’m completely in awe that it’s acceptable to even be on the the App Store. Forever slow, non-efficient, made by 2 students learning software development is what it feels like. Terrible. Absolutely terrible. I rather shove a toothpick in between the bedding of my nail on my big toe. This app is terrible.

- New 2019 app is terrible!

Don’t mess with what works! 2019 app sucks!

- What happened

This year the app has been ruined. It was way better last year. Why does it have to be so hard to navigate?

- Needs much improvement

App crashes often. Information available on the app is so limited, it doesn’t compare to other fantasy football apps - it’s far inferior. The website was much better in terms of the set up and information provided. Overall, the app needs lots of tweaking and improving!

- Terrible ui

Go use yahoo, horrendous ui

- Typical NFL

Typical NFL... you had a great app last season, and then you give use this piece of garbage. Have you ever heard.. if it’s not broken don’t fix it !!

- Worst app ever

Is so so so slow every time I use it and always crashes it is honestly pathetic. Surprised the nfl put its name with this app cause it is a joke.

- Wish game scores were available

I am either having significant problems finding where game scores are hidden or they are no longer available.

- Not great

Overall just not a good app. No projected score in-game updates, the Add Players feature doesn’t make any sense how it’s on the same page as your own team, the app itself isn’t very intuitive, problems updating who you’re even playing when you go to view your matchup score - I could go on. The app itself is slower and bugs out , doesn’t update as quickly as other fantasy apps. All in all just not impressed!

- New App is Horrid

Check out Yahoo or another app to see how to improve. Loading times and functionality are below competitors .

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This app is accurate and user friendly and there are no adds that stop you in the middle of doing something important.(although there are adds). It was a pleasure to not have to pay or gamble money while also getting the full experience. We even bought trophies for the winners of our league it was so fun! Plus you get to make your own private league for your friends and your family. I’m was truly fun and truly free.

- Needs a lot of improvements

A user should not have to scroll 4 different times completely to be able to view their entire roster.. it’s just not a good user experience. Get rid of the ads in between starters and the bench and put it at the bottom. Adding players/viewing waivers should be its own tab at the bottom; should not have to go to my team first and then click a button and have to wait for it to load up just to view who's at the top of waivers. Add a more user friendly chat? Rather than posting status updates in the “feed” tab..

- Aesthetically pleasing, unbelievably bugged.

I don’t write reviews but week after week this app has disappointed. I’ve seen players a quarter in, not have any stats, completely random scores, players missing touchdowns, etc. The new redesign keeps shifting between clicking the icon for the report and clicking the icon to watch a random video that’s 20 seconds too long. There’s always confusion on who’s inactive, who’s not. It’s not the nature of the game, previous version never had these trivial issues. Once a week someone is starting an injured player because the app would rather force a video down your throat than say IA. Fix your app.

- My least favorite fantasy app

The NFL fantasy app seems to be worse each year. I've used NFL for my league for over 10 years and have grown to love ESPN and even Yahoo way more. They recent update to add the "players" section at the bottom menu was definitely a plus, but it has a way to go. My biggest frustration is seeing player updates. You have to click on each individual player to see their status. They're should be a "news" section and the "feed" section should just be included in the "league" section.

- Hate the forced video updates bring back text news stories

What idiots decided to replace text news stories about your players with video. It is impossible for me to get any information on my players now without watching a stupid video. I could read the relevant player information in seconds and silently anywhere. Now I cannot get any player updates with out loud slow video stories. Major step back in this app. I now have to get all player updates elsewhere. I hate the app!!!!

- The NFL Fantasy Ap is Tops for the Amateur Fantasy Player

The NFL Fantasy Ap has everything that a non-gambling fantasy player needs to keep up with his or her fantasy players and to make lineup decisions each week and for the fantasy draft. .... of course if one has more on the line up to the minute news and analysis is a must and a couple other sources at minimum are needed to obtain the extra levels of information and football insight need to make your investment worthwhile. 😉

- Search Feature

Please fix the ‘Player Search’ feature. You should just be able to look up a player via last name and get results. Some of us first time fantasy football players aren’t familiar with EVERY players position in the league. It would help locate a particular player faster. I do enjoy the app and as a first time fantasy football player, it’s very useful and informative to get the info all within the app that you need to make selections. Keep up the great work!

- Why do I have to watch ads over and over?

I was looking through available players, and the minute I scroll down and see an ad, I have to watch a Ford truck video. Scroll down again, and watch it again, and then again, and again, and... Please fix this. We should not be bombarded over and over, seconds apart. There shouldn’t even be an ad starting unless we tap it. The app is for fantasy football, not repeated ads every few seconds. Hoping this is a bug!

- User interface could use a bit more work

Overall the app is okay, it took a little bit to figure out everything but I think it could definitely be improved. It isn’t the easiest app to use, and some things require you to dig pretty deep into a series of taps to find. It would be nicer to have a menu bar to quickly change between trades, waivers, etc. The only thing that bugs me a lot is how it just lags and freezes all the time. I have to constantly force quit the app in order to force it to respond. It definitely freezes a lot when you switch from one tap to another.

- This app laggggggs to death

This the absolute worst app for fantasy football. It was great last year but has been updated into a slow crawling snail. Every time you exit the app, without closing it, and, the app restarts upon returning. Looking at players’ stats is a dreadful process due to load time and the app constantly freezes forcing you to restart or wait for the app to restart. Its obviously trying to do too much with the video highlights/updates for individual players. Please go back to last years set up or Yahoo fantasy will reign. That app never shuts down or freezes and gives u individual player projections as the game progresses. Please fix the freeze bugz!!!

- Archaic

In 2011, I used the the Yahoo Fantasy (football) app to manage my team. At that point, I had never used a phone app exclusively to draft/manage manage a team. 7 years later, this app looks and feels like a heavily stripped down, less user friendly, and overall more frustrating version of an app that was designed for a 3G phone with 3.5’ displays. This app is functional only as a tool for basic team maintenance to supplement the web version. You would think the “no-fluff” user interface would at the very least be a trade off for a quick, glitch free experience. Not the case. Find out where Espn found their fantasy devs and overhaul your app.

- Why make it worse?

This is the third year my league has used this app. I thought it was a pretty good until this year. Now it’s a real struggle to navigate (did you guys do ANY beta testing before releasing this year’s version?) and data doesn’t always refresh automatically, which can have some unfortunate consequences. I checked my lineup today and nothing looked amiss. When I checked it after 1:00, a player I started was suddenly listed as inactive. The infuriating part was that his status was announced hours before I first checked! We’re definitely going to use a different app next season.

- Awful

This years version of the app is a huge disappointment compared to previous years. The app is slower, less responsive and freezes far more often. You also have found a way to display less information in more space. No more basic stats on the head to head screen? I don’t want to have to click on each individual player to see how my team is doing. Especially considering how long each new screen takes to load. Also where did the nfl game stats go? That feature was very useful and now seems to be gone completely. Please, I’m begging you, bring back the old version. This is nearly unusable.

- Needs some tweaks!

I really like the overall look and feel of the app! BUT there are a few functionality issues that need to be fixed - 1) allow users to be able to set keepers from the app (it’s inconvenient to HAVE to use the full website to do this), 2) integrate Survivor into the app as well instead of HAVING to use the full website to play Survivor, and 3) ability to view league history and give league manager the full array of tools to manage league, change settings, set draft date and order from the app!

- Not As Good As I Would Have Expected..

This is my first team playing Fantasy Football in the NFL app. I thought this site would be easier and more informative because the NFL is in charge... As of the second week, I am not that impressed... I like the leagues being listed but if you want to see who owns what player, you can see the FA's but I had to dig around to find the entire position...

- Soooo now what?

Am I the only one who dislikes the projections changing while the players play? It bothers me since now I can't see who is performing over or under where they're supposed to with it constantly adjusting to how he's playing on the field. And I get what the purpose is but it's not a projection at that point, it's an estimate which is fine. I just wish theyre was a way to turn it off because I like to look back on weeks and look at projection vs reality. Also I would enjoy when at the game center, being able to click a players name and see an expanded stat line vs just going to his updates page. Thanks!

- Could be way better!!

Is there any way you guys could make it similar to the espn fantasy where when you check a players stats it’s all lined up across and visible verses having to scroll across to see the rest of his stat. Sorry meant to say it could be better on a tablet. Because the lay out on a tablet is the same as it is on a phone, when you have all the space not being used for the player stats, please create a better setup for tablet . Specifically for when checking player stat. Than I will give 5 stars . Please.

- Ads have taken over the app

I have used the app for the last three years and never had any issues with any of their ad placements. Now the app forces a pop up by taking the entire screen whenever you are reviewing the matches for a week. It won’t stop either after you exit out of it once and switch over to the next match in the week. I will be switching over to ESPN fantasy app going forward UNLESS annoying pop up ads stop and just go back to ad placement everywhere else, which I believe is a fair trade off.

- iPhone app not working

My iPhone app hasn’t worked in 2 weeks. These are the most important weeks of the fantasy season. If the app worked properly I would have Spencer Ware on my team. Since the app did not work properly I have to find a replacement for Conner, who is now also injured. Your iPhone app sends anger through my body on a daily basis. I am vomiting in my mouth as I write this. I will never participate in a league again if they use this app. I would rather crawl across a field of broken glass than use this app. This is not an exaggeration. You can’t provide the most basic functions that a league requires. You should be ashamed of yourselves.

- Fantastic App... when it opens

I've been using this app for over 3 years. I absolutely love it... when it opens. Occasionally, you provide an update that is supposed to fix bugs BUT then the app won't open on my phone - like after this latest update. It's Sunday morning of a crucial Week 9, I'm up & about, and need to adjust my lineup before this afternoon's games. I can't. Very frustrating. Causing me to write my first app review. Ever. Because this happens from time to time after your updates, I'm giving your would-be 5 star app only 3 stars.

- Trash redesign...

Whoever this approved this update obviously didn't test or review the app beforehand. If they did, they would see the app crashes every other time you open it, you can't see the live score of the players anymore(only their projected points), the filters menu in the free agents section is non existent other than the position filter, and it takes 30 seconds to actually register an input. Functionality > UI. I would rather have the app be fast and snappy rather than slow and pretty to look at. I should've moved over to ESPN but thought this redesign wouldn't be so bad. Definitely going to do so next season if they don't fix this.

- Yahoos braindead slightly flamboyant brother

I wrote a long review about how this app is inferior to yahoo in every way but i left the app and it got deleted. Im sure in the dumpster fire that is this review section everything i had to say has been mentioned. -add private chats for players and a league chat -opening a players profile while offering a trade voids the trade -i can only see 4 players on my screen at a time the design is so extra -instead of allowing rookie fantasy owners to optimize their team rather than doing research or just looking at the proj. Why dont you optimize your app. A billion dollar organization backing this app and it takes 5 seconds to load the matchup tab?

- 2019 updated version is horrible

This app was great in the past few years until they completely changed it. Now the player boxes are oversized, so you can only see a few player names on your screen at one time without scrolling. In the new version, projected player scores don’t adjust while they are in a game accumulating points. It’s misleading to see how your team is doing when the team projection doesn’t change while games are ongoing or even after the game is over. There is also a minutes remaining bar at the top of each matchup which is unnecessary. The new version makes me want to switch platforms.

- Bad Update

The new app layout is terrible. It is clunky and requires you to go through multiple screens to get information. Especially the matchup page - so much screen space is devoted to players pictures and names, it only shows three players on the screen at once (on a regular iPhone size screen), and in order to see the players actual stats from the current game you have to click through to their individual screen. Please stop trying to make this app look cool and just give users the necessary information in an easy to use format! So tired of every update making the app worse and worse to use.

- App Crashes

Have used this app for the last 5 years and has always worked great. This new update needs bugs fixed. Switching screens takes forever sometimes never loads and eventually gives a “something went wrong” error, which I have to force quit the app and restart sometimes it’s fixed for a bit sometimes I have to force quit numerous times. Can’t click on more than one tab consecutively or it freezes up. Sometimes the app won’t even open. Happening to numerous people in our league. Some people got autodrafted because the app crashed. Needs these bugs fixed and it will be 5 stars again

- Correction: player sort exists... I guess

Previously, I said there was no way to sort players by stats - I was wrong. Although you can’t sort by selecting column headers (standard behavior in almost all apps), there is an option to display players using different predefined views. The problem is that the views don’t appear on-screen in landscape mode - you have to scroll down the left half of the page to find them! What poor design/layout! If the dev team is going to insist on such a bizarre implementation of this functionality, at least put a view selector somewhere at the top of the screen.

- Same Awful App - Redesigned from Scratch

This app has always been so terrible that each season I have another app on my phone with the features NFL’s should have. Nothing on this app is intuitive, and each time you click it is so slow. Everyone in my league expresses the same frustration. The recommended pickups constantly recommend free agents that are injured for the season! How about some visualizations, better display of stats, bounds on the projections, comparison of players, compare trades, and player stats for the game in the Game Center by their cards? This app has always been the worst, and I have no idea why no one at NFL gets it.

- Constant crashes, glitchy, and slow

This app is the only app I've ever used that crashes constantly. I can usually make one waiver claim before the app crashes, then I have to relaunch it to make another. Apart from that, it's also incredibly slow, hanging on the loading wheel after every interaction. To make matters worse, it has experience breaking bugs, like randomly changing the order of your waiver picks for absolutely no reason. You have to quadruple check everything this app does because it saves things incorrectly or not at all. I'm not exaggerating when I say that using this app can make you lose your league.

- Accessibility issues

I use voice over mode on my iPhone and I had to have a sighted person watch while I tried to cancel a waiver claim. They told me at the button doesn't show up for me and VoiceOver mode and only shows up for them when taken out of VoiceOver mode. Editing my lineup and VoiceOver mode is quite cumbersome and it feels clunky compared to Yahoo fantasy.. The best part about the app is the draft. That was the best experience I have had drafting fantasy football and VoiceOver mode. Much much easier than Yahoo

- 3 star, new season...

I had a 1 star the last couple of years. It was just terrible.... I’ve updated for the new season and it has some major potential! Looks like stories and polls are still not there (which means they are pointless to try) and there are no ways to reply discussions on player add/drops like you can online. But being that they still have a couple weeks I hope they read this and get it in before week 1. Stay tuned if they can pull out of their years of terrible apps....

- Needs iPad Pro Support

Updated from 1 * to 4 * because they fixed the app and added support for iPad Pro. Thank you! The app works, but it isn’t pretty. Giving one star for now, as it technically works, but needs improvement. The display doesn’t fill out correctly and only uses around 60% of the screen on my iPad 12.9” iPad Pro. Compared to the competition (namely ESPN), this app has a long ways to go.

- Widget

the app is fantastic especially with the new features added to the app that now is getting close to website version in terms of what you can though to consider in a future update: i would like to request u add a widget for both iOS/Android versions so that way i can view matchups scores at a glance in real time without always opening the app....please add that!!!!

- Slow and Battery drainer

MAJOR problem with battery percentage dropping like a lead balloon on iPhone. I’ve been at 100% when starting app and then drops to 20-30% within minutes. On iPad, the app is as slow as can be. Often times it times out and I get sick of waiting and have to restart. Even then it does it again and again. I only play this fantasy football too so it’s very frustrating on iPad and iPhone. Please fix soon. I don’t want to switch to a different program.

- Latest version VERY BUGGY

If the app was always buggy, the latest version broke the record! Players list show as if the entire league is ALL available! To clear the search player field takes several taps on the clear button. The application lacks of important information about the player that should be shown on the preview player card, like current total fan points, etc so that you don’t have to drill down to see the information and be able to make decision right from the front screen. Look at the Yahoo fantasy app. That’s a better app. Be better or be dropped!

- But I won!!

I won my championship and NFL isn’t going to give me the satisfaction of having me in first place in my league standings!! Also, at the end of players games, their projected scores should come back underneath what they actually scored so that we can compare the two. Another fix would be to have a little notification under the player if they have any updated news. Really disappointed, will probably go back to Yahoo.

- Good but can be better

The app is a good app. I think they should put our championship trophies on here and show the points our players score plus what they were projected to score for that week. Overall i like it just needs a few tweaks to be a 5 star app. It also freezes from time to time not allowing you to navigate through the app at will. But the biggest plus would be getting our trophies on here and a nice complete redesign. #LETSMAKEITHAPPEN 🔥.

- 2 Problems

This is a great app and is better than the ESPN fantasy, I have used both... However, there are two problems that everybody wants fixed. 1. Password change: this is minor but you can’t change your password or anything on the app and it is very frustrating. 2. The predictions for a players stats disappears once the game starts. You should be able to compare the predictions and the real stats to see who is underperforming. The game will be 5 stars if those are fixed.

- Are you ready for some Football?

NFL style? Well you might be “ready” and with this App you’ll be prepared for the whole entire experience that’s the NFL. Every aspect is covered by top notch professionals that by way of their amazing coverage of all 32 teams are, Sure to answer %99 of your questions. Don’t let your Fantasy Team and Franchise kick off without NFL FANTASY.

- Pop ups and crashes

Lately when I’m scrolling through my lineup a Game of Thrones add keeps taking over my screen regardless of whether I’ve clocked it or not. Seems like a glitch that makes the app annoying to use. Also, if I switch to another app, since the update the app has to restart every time I try to return to the app. The updates have been pretty good allowing a user to cycle between news and players and lineups and toggle back and forth. That has been a nice update.

- Frame Your Ads - Weak Platform Design.

When you’re flipping through the matchup even as a paid subscriber - the whole page slides up or down and you accidentally click on an ad. Either poor Quality Assurance and not following even high school intern SDLC processes giving you a weak product. If it wasn’t for it being sponsored by the NFL this wouldn’t have nearly as many downloads. Also, your online drafting experience, you know you can integrate RingCentral’s API or a ton of other platforms for incredible connectivity. Do a better job and be innovative or just get out of the development game.

- Can’t create a new account or reset my password

I played fantasy football using this app last year and this year I can’t remember my password so I tried to reset it and no matter what password I try it says wrong parameter or invalid token. If you try to make a new account you can’t because it says that your email is already connected to an account so I can’t even use the app but it is very easy too use and things aren’t hard to find I wish I could log in.

- Much improved, needs one thing

The updates they have added to this app have made it much better this year, with the addition of push notifications (FINALLY) being most notable. I have relied on email notifications for adds/drops in my league over the years, but those have inexplicably disappeared this year, and they aren’t available through the app. PLEASE re-enable email and/or push notifications for players adds/drops for the league!

- Could be better

For being the fantasy app of the NFL it’s subpar to yahoo. Yahoo has each players entire stats for the day under their name when you click on it. I like that especially when these running backs are becoming more receivers. The updated bios of the players could be better too. Yeah next gen stats are cool and all but I want the inside scoop on how the player feels. And yahoo seems to always have that stuff updated faster than this app.

- worst app I’ve used in a LONG time

I see what they tried to do with the NEW UPDATE, create a fantasy/fun looking app while also being as INFORMATIONAL as possible but its so TRASH. It moves SLOWER THAN ANY OTHER APP ON MY PHONE. TOUCH REGISTRATION is SIGNIFICANTLY DELAYED. and FUNCTIONALITY MAKES NO SENSE (ex: why cant i make a 2 for 1 trade and decide who im dropping, to make space for the two players, all on the same screen? And why does it not automatically update scores while im playing someone? I constantly have to refresh to get the new score) If NOTHING GETS BETTER between now and end of season, I’ll switch to ESPN app or SLEEPER app.

- This app is so incredibly slow this season I’m ready to switch platforms

I’ve never had any issues with NFL fantasy. Been commissioning a league thru you guys for 5 years now. Would I have liked a few more features that other platforms offered? Sure. But NFL fantasy has always been reliable. This season, while I love the new UI, it is SO HORRIBLY SLOW. Makes it hard to do anything. My league mates say the same. All on different phones/networks the consensus is this yrs app is hot garbage. Please do something quick. If we’re gonna be like this all season I’m moving my league next year.

- Needs a lot work

1.) touchdowns scored are not showing on players' profiles. It just shows a " - " under the RuTD category even if they scored a TD. 2.) The UI is sloppy and confusing. Messages should be on the opening home page of the app. There should be notification or an alert for when someone posts a message. 3.) player projected points should be available in advance for every game of season and not just for the upcoming week. All other fantasy apps have this. This allows us to gauge their future performance.

- Just plain awful

This app freezes and crashes all the time. It’s frustrating when my Yahoo app is light years ahead of this one. Shouldn’t the NFL have the best app for fantasy football? Pending waiver wire doesn’t update right away so you don’t know if you added them or not. Projected point totals are visible on some pages and not other. Move over to Yahoo or any other platform for fantasy. I don’t understand how this app is rated this high... even a frustrated reviewer rated 5stars? Why? Give them an honest 1star and when they fix the app update your review. As it sits now, I’d love to give 0stars.

- Not the best

This is my first year playing FF on the nfl app. I played on yahoo the last few years. This nfl interface is not as user friendly as others. There is also a weird miss here with this app. When I am prowling the waiver wire, under the “team” app, after pressing the “add players” button, it takes me to free agency and overall player outlook. But it doesn’t let you search for WR or TE. Also the updates on players are slow to update. You’d expect better from an NFL app. Not too happy with it. Btw I use IOS on an IPhone 6s

- Needs better mobile app experience

The app performance and enhancements are tending in the right direction but you need to overhaul the layout. Feels more like it’s still designed for a desktop rather than smartphone. Waivers, news, stats, can’t tell if player is on the field unless you are viewing matchup. No player news for rookies or limited news. Often times I find myself using other sources for news and info. If the league GM didn’t want to keep using your app I would switch back to yahoo or ESPN.

- Horrible UX

The app constantly crashes on my iPad (4th gen) as well as my iPhone XS Max so it's not a question of older tech that's the problem. The constant crashes prevent me from wanting to stay engaged via the app. Compared to my experience managing two baseball leagues, three basketball and three football leagues via the ESPN app, I'm really disappointed here mainly due to the constant crashing. If I want to do anything serious for this league, I head for my laptop. That's not a UX you want if you're trying to lure people to your product.

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NFL Fantasy Football 3.8.4 Screenshots & Images

NFL Fantasy Football iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

NFL Fantasy Football iphone images
NFL Fantasy Football iphone images
NFL Fantasy Football iphone images
NFL Fantasy Football iphone images
NFL Fantasy Football iphone images
NFL Fantasy Football ipad images
NFL Fantasy Football ipad images
NFL Fantasy Football ipad images
NFL Fantasy Football ipad images
NFL Fantasy Football ipad images
NFL Fantasy Football ipad images
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NFL Fantasy Football (Version 3.8.4) Install & Download

The applications NFL Fantasy Football was published in the category Sports on 2014-05-16 and was developed by NFL Enterprises LLC [Developer ID: 389781157]. This application file size is 68.34 MB. NFL Fantasy Football - Sports posted on 2020-09-22 current version is 3.8.4 and works well on IOS 11.0 and high versions. Google Play ID:

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