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Monster Job Search App Description & Overview

The applications Monster Job Search was published in the category Business on 2014-05-04 and was developed by Jobr, Inc.. The file size is 60.40 MB. The current version is 5.2.4 and works well on 8.0 and high ios versions.

- Improvements here and there. Why stop now?

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Wrong Jobs Options  SlavaMira  2 star

I am still a student in college and the only options I am getting for jobs are corporate jobs that I am not qualified for nor have the experience for. I would appreciate it if they had a jobs list based off of qualifications instead of having to search for a job topic.

george the cat 🐈

Easy and simple  george the cat 🐈  5 star

Swipe right to apply and your resume is sent. So simple and easy, very happy with the app.


Jobs  DrummerTee  5 star

Very helpful app, love it


App  itsarrialj  5 star



Review  alex0487  5 star

Great app, easy to use, very helpful!


Altavia  Altavia5638  5 star

This app is amazing if your looking for a job this is definitely the place to go get a job in a minute and no hassle and if you change you mined you can just back out of it unlike some websites if you send it it's there forever that's why I gave this 5 stars 😀.


Happy with their service  jhern305  4 star

Personnel is very helpful. Prompt and professional. The app itself is a little confusing at first which was explained immediately to guide me. It's very detailed and thorough


What is this  kingstuck  1 star

Used to be able to filter, now filter doesn't find anything remotely related to the job I'm looking for.


Feels more like a dating app  Awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee123  1 star

What's up with the swiping? Biggest problem is trying to find a certain career field. I typed in "chef" and somehow got JR CEO and accountant search results..?

katrina hodes

Job search  katrina hodes  5 star

This job search app and website monster helped me very much . I was struggling finding something regarding dog walking opportunities. But I got great help finding what I needed and guidance So I'm really satisfied . Thank you Katrina Hodes


Van City Web Jobs VanCityWebJobs 3 star

No job postings found. This feed only shows jobs which have been created in the last 24 hours. -


Victor Casique victorksiq 3 star

Google Search Job permitirá buscar trabajos directamente desde el buscador y porá enviar alertas. Watch out Linkedi…


Executrade Executrade 3 star

Ready to take the next step in your #career? We have the #job for you!

Christel keefe

Customer service  Christel keefe  5 star

Awesome App!!


Terrible change from earlier version  KrishnaAsphaltTeflonBanana  1 star

You cannot see or save searches like you could before. Also cannot see what resume you have loaded like before. And matches must be reviewed one at a time and have nothing to do with search criteria- Monster has lost it with Jobr taking the place of its flagship product. I will be deleting.


Great new app  drobertson419  5 star

I'm still learning this new app, but I really like the format and functionality.


Best App  ANewdai  5 star

Easy way to apply and find a job


So far so good  Renig  5 star

I haven't been on Monster long and have already had 2 calls. Thanks.


Great Job search app  Farrian  5 star

Really easy to use. Very up to date. I have received a few calls from this app. Love that I can update and change my resume anytime.


bad interface  urza311  1 star

First off, the "swipe" mechanism is only a good idea if the "yes" option has either a confirmation step or adds the job to a "favorites" list to be acted on later. One mis-swipe and you've accidentally applied for a hydraulics maintenance job. I'm in IT support so that's not a job I'd pick. There's no undo. You can see that you applied but you can't withdraw. That's genuinely stupid. Second, it doesn't pair well with Monster's website. I logged in over there and it doesn't show I've applied to any jobs at all. If this is a mobile app, it needs to sync with your web account. Another misstep. Lastly, filter mechanism allows you to specify a geographic and salary range but that's it. Not even a single keyword. Why am I even looking at a jobs for food service and registered nursing? I work on computers for crying out loud. Swipe, swipe, swipe... The new design is clever but only for the sake of being clever. Doesn't feel like it had any kind of QA testing.


interactive and easy to use  Tfwdj  5 star

very easy to use and highly proactive attention from monster team to my question


Not the same  22RC  1 star

This app is a joke now


👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽 2 Thumbs Up  Starry2005  5 star

Best Employer Website 👌🏽

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