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Monster Job Search App Description & Overview

The applications Monster Job Search was published in the category Business on 2014-05-04 and was developed by Jobr, Inc.. The file size is 58.59 MB. The current version is 5.6.0 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

- Improved the profile creation flow to get better info that will make your applications more successful and help us recommend more relevant jobs.
- Made a few subtle changes behind the scenes.
- Minor bug fixes.

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Monster Job Search Reviews


A waste of time  Fancyful2u  2 star

Despite narrowing my searchlight keywords, I get ton of postings for random positions. I finally got annoyed, just did not have the time to keep swiping no to random position like kennel assistant, which has nothing to do any of my keywords or qualifications.


435 Hits on Website. Zero on App  Ancientcall  1 star

I downloaded the app in hope of more functionality and personalization. However, the app just gave me nothing for jobs. I typed in “pharmacist jobs in [state]” on the website and got 400+ hits. Do the same search in the app with the radius maxed? Nada. Zilch. How can your website find 400 jobs, yet your app can’t find a single one?? Don’t download the app. It’s a complete waste of your time.

My name is ATL

Cool apps  My name is ATL  5 star

I’ll try right now


Worst app  Tinasosmilee  1 star

I’ve tried applying for several jobs, but 8 out of 10 close out after I choose “Apply”! If it does open, I cannot proceed to attach resume or choose LinkedIn! I’m having a horrible experience with this app!


HR  TJDeMarco  5 star

Love the new app!


Tons of sales calls  Jessenowak93  2 star

I’ve been getting tons of sales calls after using this app also what’s the deal are they trying to be like a tinder for jobs or whatsup with that, not a fan of the layout


Horrible app - 5 years of nothing!  Jmtorresnj  1 star

This app is a complete waste of your time. I've been a member using it for 5+ years and it has not worked at all to help my job search at all. In Zero instance has it led me to a job at all that was even remotely worth accepting or even one that paid a wage that wasn't 100% commission. I have had a profile completely filled in perfectly, great resolume and submitted to good jobs and there is nothing positive I have to say about this app at all. It deserves zero stars!

Part time  "-3L-"  5 star

Excelente ! Very resourceful! Jasmine was a huge help . Keep it :).

Honey buns 213

Good app  Honey buns 213  5 star

Good app. Makes it very easy to find what you are looking for . Also easy to apply to jobs .


Excellent app!  VickyStarr84  5 star

Very convenient and user friendly. This app makes it so easy for job searches, now if landing a job would be this easy we would in a place of euphoria!


app is ok but man the spam  BoltSkinz  3 star

I tapped on this mainly to give a review of monster. I was actively seeking employment and decided to go on as many job boards as I can to look for employment. What I did not expect was the bevy of random phone calls from companies all over the country trying to hire me for this that and the other thing even outside of a 30 mile radius which I specifically put in mine. They clearly are not from the area I was looking for employment in so we’re just making phone calls and then also asking me to help them find people and forward resumes to them. I do not appreciate my information all over the place like that so monster needs to buckle down on their privacy for job seekers

Jadian Williams

🎊  Jadian Williams  5 star



Monster App  VlCIOUS  5 star

Very solid.

I am...NowHearThis

Could be good and useful, but isn’t.  I am...NowHearThis  2 star

Search feature is 95% inaccurate. I type in a job and most of the results don’t relate to anything I wanted to find.

monster app is balls

No change to view or preference  monster app is balls  1 star

There's no way to view the jobs as a list, only the one job at a time so you have to swipe through EVERY SINGLE ONE that comes up in a search. Also, no confirmation to perform an action, if you swipe right, you've applied for the job. I haven't used Monster in probably 10 years so I sent my resume from when I graduated college to a company because I tried to swipe the other way to look back in the list. Horrrrrrrrrrrrrrible format.


👍🏼  Emilval  5 star



Trash  KillerKid207  1 star



job hunting or swiping through tinder  highitscolt  1 star

It blows my mind that they are basing their platform off of the likes of tinder.


Worthless  Timbofosho  1 star

Great! That is, if your preferred career path decision-making method is to throw darts at a spinning wheel... Suggested jobs are NOWHERE CLOSE to related to my resume/skills/experience/education. Also great if you enjoy CareerBuilder’s version of “jobs”-insurance sales scams and MLMs...Totally worthless for a professional. It’s a shame, because the app is designed very well.

R. Ezra

Excellent App  R. Ezra  5 star

Not just user friendly, USEFULL!! It is loaded with info in a stylish and functional way! Keep your fingers crossed for me! 😄

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