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narwhal is a fast, gesture-based application to browse all of reddit. All of these features were designed from the ground up specifically for iOS:

- View any and all subreddits
- A seamless experience to see a link and its comments at the same time
- Voting on posts and comments through a simple swipe
- Hide and save links to your reddit account
- Add new posts to your favorite subreddit
- View all of your orangereds
- What are you waiting for!? It’s free, go ahead and download!

narwhal for reddit App Description & Overview

The applications narwhal for reddit was published in the category News on 2014-04-10 and was developed by Rick Harrison. The file size is 56.53 MB. The current version is 2.12 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

It took us some time to get the app fixed up for iOS 11, but it's ready for primetime!

Reviews really help us out sooooooo much. If you wouldn't mind leaving us a review with some feedback, we'd really appreciate it! And we'll give you high fives in /r/getnarwhal. Here are the goods:

- Updates app and fixes bugs for iOS 11
- Adds support for reddit videos ( links)
- Adds recently viewed links under "explore" in the menu
- Adds advanced setting to collapse stickied comments
- Fixes issue where comments would take a long time to finish closing
- Removes background audio advanced setting and sets audio to always mix with background audio. This will fix the bug where videos stop having sound
- Temporarily removes share to unlock because iOS 11 removed sharing options. It will be back!
- Fixes issue with links being copied twice on sharing
- Fixes other issues with sharing where links would not show up at all
- Fixes a crash when subreddits are loading their links
- Fixes issue where web links would continue playing audio after going back
- Fixes issue where saving GIFs takes up disk space

Let us know what you'd like to see in the next version in /r/getnarwhal!

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It’s ok  Lisako69  2 star

I don’t like the inability to upload photos. Also, for some reason when I open a thread that’s a video the video either takes forever to load or doesn’t load at all... wasn’t like this before seems to have happened with an update.


Best Reddit App  Frogg42  5 star

This is the best Reddit app out there. It has the most options and settings, it's smooth, and the slide to vote is the bee's knees.


Great  nonnull  5 star

Freaking love this app, best way to read Reddit. iPad support is stellar.


Good formatting but serious freezing/hanging issues  TheRealAlbatross  3 star

The app is well formatted, and I love the night mode. Browsing is easy and quick. But occasionally the app will simply freeze on loading a page. Sometimes minimizing the app will restore functionality, sometimes you re-open it and it is frozen and the home button doesn't work and you have to press power and return to the lock screen to use your iPad. This has happened to me on multiple wireless networks. I used to simply clear the cache and the app would work fine again. Now even that doesn't stop the hang ups. Very disappointing! I like this app and want it to work! Any help is appreciated.


Best Reddit Client  Neurodrive  5 star

Coming from Alien Blue, I'm very happy to have found narwhal. The functionality and gesture control in the app is amazing. Hands down the best way to experience Reddit on iOS devices!


What happened?  Elektricwun  3 star

About a week ago I started having trouble with this app. Whenever I click a link I get a white blank screen. I can't do anything but force close the app.


Easy Interface. User Friendly  AlchemyAlice  5 star

I'll pay a few bucks extra for no ads. I can tap on a post and see the picture and comments? Sign me up. I just wish it had HoverZoom. If it does, I haven't figured it out yet. Thanks, guys!


Constant porn ads. Devs don't care.  local_cat_enthusiast  1 star

Reached out to the devs over 5 months ago about their porn ads and got the John McCain "that's very unsettling." I refuse to be pressured into buying a full-version just to get rid of porn ads. Feels like a shake down.


Best Reddit app for iOS  ElvisDied!  5 star

I think I have tried them all but this is my personal favorite. The UI was easy to learn and navigate.


Best iOS Reddit Client  alexhaynes32  5 star

After trying almost every Reddit client on the App Store, Narwhal is undoubtable the best due to their great design, ease of use, and reliability.


Pilot numberjuanpilot 3 star

Check out narwhal - an iOS app for reddit #getnarwhal −🐳


Emerald ScintillatingEm 3 star

Check out narwhal - an iOS app for reddit #getnarwhal −🐳


Sam sam_evss 3 star

Check out narwhal - an iOS app for reddit #getnarwhal −🐳


Worthy replacement for Alien Blue  NathanJD  4 star

Could not log in to my account. The app crashed each time I pressed the "Allow" button on the OAuth permissions request dialog. Edit - This has now been fixed. App is nice but I would prefer the option to browse comments without loading the post. It's a big hog of mobile data! Edit 2017/8/3 - I've discovered that I cannot post comments. Am always greeted with a generic "We're sorry. An error has occurred. Please try again." Edit 2017/8/9 - Comment issue was due to suspicious activity lock. Found out when I went to directly. Also found the option to disable auto-loading of posts in the advanced setting.


Awesome  Jjyfffgh  5 star

Honestly this is the best reddit app on iOS. The official Reddit app doesn't even offer basic features like filtering or blocking subreddits. That said, there is a slight bug where it glitches and keeps the lower half of the app frozen on the bottom half of your screen. This happens when you rotate the phone (iphone 7+ in my case) and rotate it back. Not sure if this is because I do it too sporadically or if it's just something that happens randomly. Still an awesome app with many features! P.S. DO NOT STOP UPDATING, DEVELOPERS! You're doing good work!


This is the best Reddit app.  CyanTheRebel  5 star

I've tried them all, and no other Reddit-like app has the same smooth, clean, professional feeling that narwhal carries.


By far and away the best reddit client  Ginnipe  5 star

Title says it all. The best reddit app there is. I VERY rarely run into any issue with it and from my year of using it have only had it crash on my 2-3 times total. Great functionality. Dark mode included. Just the most well designed way to browse reddit. I genuinely can't go to reddit on my computer because it lacks in so many ways to this.


The best reddit app I've used.  Kppppmbine  3 star

Please fix the bug where exiting out of images freezes the app for, like, 10 seconds. It's a small amount of time to freeze, yeah, but it shouldn't be freezing at all. You may think 3 stars is harsh but I click on pictures a LOT on this app, so it's annoying if the app have a mini seizure each time I try to pull out of the full screen view.


Awesome Reddit client!  Ry368  5 star

The only thing I would like to see is gif auto play in the big picture mode feed.

Todd Morrison

Beat Reddit app  Todd Morrison  5 star

This is app much more customizable compared to the reddit app. It plays gifs without issues too.

Mr. Wisebear

By far the best reddit experience on mobile!  Mr. Wisebear  5 star

Been using this for more than 2 years now almost daily and it never let me down! ❤️


Ad hijacking  NOBOJAK  1 star

App is constantly being redirected to App Store or an ad page on safari.


Pesky swipe left or right on a card  99.King  3 star

I always find my self swiping left or right on a card by accident, I either end up hiding the post or upvoting by accident. There should be a customization toggle to disable this "feature". Until then I will look for another Reddit client. Also, to swipe away from a post, I have to reach all the way to the left of my screen just to swipe right and away from the post. But overall i feel that Narwhal is okay.

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