The Mood Meter

The Mood Meter [Education] App Description & Overview

The Mood Meter helps you identify your emotions throughout the day and supports you when you’d like to shift to a different emotion. Using the Mood Meter is quick and easy, helping you expand your emotional vocabulary and discover emotional nuances. Use the Mood Meter to:

* Check-in regularly with your feelings at work, at home, anytime.
* Discover what causes you to feel the way you do and see patterns in your feelings over time.
* Share your emotion check-ins with a small circle of family, friends or colleagues.
* Learn effective strategies to help you regulate your feelings and enhance the way you manage your life each day.

Over time, you’ll develop emotional intelligence skills that can help you in all areas of life.

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The Mood Meter Customer Service, Editor Notes:

- Bug fixes - Added Delete Account feature

The Mood Meter Comments & Reviews

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- Super Helpful E.I Tool

As an educator working at a Title 1 school, emotional regulation is a BIG part of my teaching day. Kids need to learn to recognize their emotions, understand the “why” to what they’re feeling and then learn the skills of regulation. While I know this is critical for our students, I am aiming to learn these skills for my own well-being. This tool has been empowering for me! As I become better equipped, I can see myself using this with my students to give them the emotional language they need. Feedback: I’m hoping this app could eventually keep record of the journal/reflections? I’d love to be able to look back and reread my reflections to recognize the patterns or habit that lead to my emotional reactions. Also - I wouldn’t understand the legality of this request, BUT is there any way this tool could sync with a Google Classroom? It would be an awesome tool to use digitally but our school does not have access to apple products.

- Also a mechanism for collecting data for research

The mood meter is used by schools in my area so I thought I’d check this app out. It raises some privacy concerns for me. Even if you opt out of providing any personal info, you are still required to provide your [a] birthdate to use this paid app. You may want to read the privacy policy before paying for it! I know I am not comfortable with a paid-for app tracking family members’ emotional states and then using it for research purposes without more information on the specific research questions being addressed and ability to opt out. Not sure how this passes IRB requirements... Uses of ‘aggregated’ data include “We may use and disclose aggregated and/or non-personal information about users of the Service for research and measurement purposes. No such use of disclosure will identify or be able to identify any individual user. For example, we might want to know how many people in Texas are feeling in the “Blue” at a particular time. If you are from Texas, your data may be included in this analysis, but we will not include any of your personal information. “

- Chain reaction

You probably have downloaded this application from “permission to feel”. Well utilizing RULER has never passed my mind until I started reading the book. I have been able to recognize and understand my emotions, but putting a label on them was the hard part. When I am in a bad mood I take this app out and look through the words to find what best suits my mood. By strengthening my emotional vocabulary I will have a suite of words to help label my emotions. By doing so I can effectively express them and then regulate them if need be. After inputting your emotion you are prompted to “stay or shift” and if you choose to shift it gives you a great motivational quote and advice to try to move you to a different quadrant. Such a beautiful good and a powerful tool. Thank you Marc and the developers of this application you have really helped my life out.

- Week 1 review

It was discovered by myself that after two decades I had learned that counseling is a tool that allows one to privately share and sort out personal and family problems and issues. I have found this mood meter can be utilized as an additional resource to assist in diagnostic review for psychological and personal evaluation. The mood meter is a brilliant way to allow the recording of one’s own mood and is motivating, interesting and enjoyable at the same time. Being that there is also a solution offered at the end is a bonus and a surprise. The solution offered in the end as a way to change your mood, if so desired, serves as a means to entice the person back to track their own mood another day, to know themselves more and possibly receive private options for help.

- Great concept, could be better!

I really love this app & the mood meter concept for reinforcing a habit of self-awareness. This has so much potential! Suggested improvements for future programing: 1.) The ability for users to schedule prompts/notifications to check-in with their emotions throughout the day. 2.) Adding a function for identifying the location of tension-sensations in the body at those check-ins. 3.)I also wish the meter could capture more than one emotion simultaneously (ie: the multi-dimensional aspects of feeling “sentimental” [simultaneous joy, sorrow, love]). 4.) The “advice” given for shifting an emotion needs to be more than one sentence & more than one option (& perhaps discuss the brain science supporting each option). Moving the body, crossing the midline, journaling, talking to a friend, sitting with a pet, meditating, deep breathing, doing yoga, painting or even coloring with crayons, playing music, etc. Thank you!!!

- Great for mood mindfulness but not for mood management

I love the idea of this app but I think there is need for improvement. I appreciate the color chart for practicing awareness of my moods and feelings. However once I’ve logged my feelings I find this app fails to deliver meaningful advice or direction, particularly if I want to “shift” my mood, as the app prompts. If you choose to shift your mood you are brought to a page that has two sentences on it. One is a quote, and the other is a piece of direction for how to help shift your mood. Nice...except the sentence of direction is not especially helpful, and some of the directions are actually frustrating or help emphasize my bad feelings. For example, it is not helpful at all when I am feeling depressed to hear the advice “put a smile on your face”. In fact not only is it not helpful or substantial in any way, it’s also a little insulting. When I tried to refresh for more meaningful advice I found that the sentence rotated between 5 or 6 short directions, some of which might be effective, like calling a loved one, and some that were not especially inspired, like “do something fun”. This app helps me with recording and noticing moods but it does not help with shifting or managing moods. At least not directly. I feel that work needs to be done to make that part of the app more robust and meaningful.

- Near Perfect App

Mood Meter, despite the fact that I have only had it for 4 days, has been so helpful. It has helped me recognize my emotions and help cope when I’m depressed. I love the fact that it gives you solutions and quotes to how you are feeling, and gives you the option to shift emotions. Under the “blue” category, which means someone is feeling anywhere from down to despair. I wish they would add a “suicidal” option, that when clicked gives you a warning message and links one of the many suicide hotlines that you can call or text. I feel like this would separate the app from an emotional aid, to an app that saves lives. All in all this app is near perfect and I recommend to everyone❤️

- Why did it delete my entries?!

I loved mood meter. I used it every day and it has been a big help. Then the app updated automatically to the new version and several things enraged me: - All of my months of entries were completely deleted! I have been logging so I can see patterns in my thinking and they are just gone! - The new version doesn’t even let you write down why you are feeling how you are feeling. How are you supposed to find patterns in your life now? For example, if you are typically upset around a particular friend, or because you stay up to late. This was the biggest benefit of the app. Now it just lets your mark if you are home, work, other. What’s the point of that? I just can’t believe all my entries have just been wiped. I loved this app and now I have no use for it. Can I switch back to the old version and get my entries again?

- Strongly dislike the new version

All my data is gone from prior years, I can see more in version history this would happen but who’s phone isn’t on auto-update? Also lost the ability to add a note along with the mood. There’s a multiple choice for work, home other.. why can’t there also be a short text field to enter exactly what is going on?? And a true upgrade would be showing the user to add their own tags. The design isn’t even that much better, it’s not that intuitive, I’m clicking around expecting more. It’s a lump of design updates at the expense of enhancing the product. I prefer the simplicity of the original. I liked the 4 quadrant view and the tutorial was helpful and I was able to share the concept with many people with that tutorial alone.

- Simple and helpful

Even though I’m an adult and have done a lot of therapy, this app is so helpful. I’ve realized I default to saying the same three emotions and doing this has really helped me be more aware of how I’m feeling and has thus allowed me to better handle it. The only reason I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 is because I wish you were able to view definitions on the mood meter. Some of the words are so similar, and without really knowing what the distinctions are, it’s hard to choose wisely. You could add the definition in the mood square directly; that’d be easy for users. Otherwise I love that the app is simple, I hope it stays that way!

- Better understanding

I’ve been using this app for one month or so. I’ve already acquired more vocabulary about my own emotional world and I’m feeling how it helps me flow my energies! Just one thing: I believe it would be awesome to also have some questions that could help me go through the blue quadrant emotions. It’s hard to stay there, so the instinct in me tries to avoid it and I always click on shift. But doing something fun sounds like avoiding.... some help going through RULER would be even greater!! Thank you so much for developing this App!

- Good way to check in with self

I read the book, Permission to Feel by the creator of the Mood Meter and it was a very thought provoking book. In it they mention this app and so I am trying it. It is a good way to check in with my feelings. I like the data it provides and it’s a reason to be self reflective and learn about how I can change my mood if I don’t like its current state (there are tips on how to do that).

- Extremely useful tool. Not a good redesign

I’ve been using the mood meter for a few years, and I’ve found it to be a simple, but powerful tool. The old version not only helped you identify and name the emotion, but it prompted you to identify the source of the emotion, and allowed you to save strategies that work for you. The new version took away the prompts and personal strategies. They do ask for feedback, and recently put back in the prompt to identify the source, I’m hoping they will also replace the option to save your own strategies. Hopefully they will keep responding to user feedback.

- Love it, with one suggestion

As a coach, I find this app helpful in self reflection and mood monitoring, trending, etc. I am using it for myself and with clients. It’s perfect for what I need. However, I would love a reminder setting built into the app where I could schedule checkin reminders for so many times a day, or at specific times of day. This would help tremendously with trending and learning your own patterns around your moods. Currently I have to use a separate app to set reminders. So maybe in a newer version?!?

- My overall rating

All in all, I will give a rating of 4.5/5 for the Mood Meter app. The strengths of this app are the personalization, feasibility, privacy features and ability to gain critical skills that are especially important for teens during a very sensitive and altering time period. My only critiques are that the app is only available in English and via Apple, which does not make it fully accessible to individuals and that it does not have push notifications to encourage consistency.

- ❤️

I started using Mood Meter during a dark time in life. When I was a young teen, I’d shut off my emotions after my dad died. Fast forward 30 years. Deep grief forced me to reckon with emotions I’d largely left dormant for decades. When I felt lost in a sea of emotions, Mood Meter helped me to ID my feelings and what triggered them. This tool still helps me, even though life is quite sunny now. Thanks for bringing back the log to jot down notes in this newest update!!

- Good app, suggestions

I really love how this app helps me express feeling by adding descriptions If I were to add anything, it would be -Tapping on an emotion (I.e anxious) would fill half/whole screen with its definition, instead of having to confirm the feeling and going back if the feeling doesn’t match exactly -Adding a dark mode, flash bangs from trying to journal emotions isn’t too fun -Add a journal section to save jotted down ideas

- Good app for sure

If you’re looking for something to gather up data and how you’ve been feeling throughout the day or week then this is the app for the job. Gives you many options to explain how exactly you’re feeling, don’t debate weather it’ll be worth the money. One dollar is worth paying to get this app if you want to gather your feelings throughout the day.

- I want my money back.

It seems the creators sold out and now only offer the full scale app as part of a package that costs $350. The app used to allow us to customize our strategies for shifting our moods. My students loved that feature. They had photos and quotes from family members that helped them. All of that is now gone. The app just seems like a data collection tool for Yale’s research. I can’t even see what I noted for each check in. I understand you need to make money but this project started as a benefit for schools and kids. At least offer the full app alone at a seperate price for schools to use.

- Disappointed

I am extremely disappointed with the changes made to the mood meter app. I used it constantly to track my moods as well as the reasonings behind them. It is very frustrating to me that I am now unable to make notes on why I am feeling a particular way. I am also very sad that I lost three years worth of data on my thoughts and feelings. The changes to the app have really lowered the quality.


I love love love how I can check in with my feelings through out the day as I remember to really connect with what is going on inside of me. And being able to link my feeling to the reason deepens the connection to myself. I practice nonviolent communication (NVC) and this app aligns with the work I do. Easy to use, gives me strategies to shift my mood, and affirming to give me permission to feel. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🙌🏽🙌🏽🤩🤩🤩🙃🙃🙃🙏🏽

- Keyboard Bug

Other than the fact that I can not type in the app, I know that once this bug is fixed I will love the app even more. Great work to Dr. Brackett and his team. I picked up his book Permission to Feel and learned about this app. I am excited to implement everything I have learned in my own life as well as in my work with high school students.

- Don’t like the update

I loved the previous version of this app, particularly the ability to log details about your mood and reasons for it. I find this new interface choppy. It’s more difficult to get to the resources to “shift” your mood, where in the last version it was intuitive and led you straight to the resources. I will revert to the old interface if I can figure out how, because the I am definitely not a fan of the new one.

- Love it. Helps center your self.

I love the app me and my friends use it to check in on each other. One thing we wished we could see that we can’t is why each other are feeling this way. we wish we could see what they typed when they chose the emotion they chose other wise love jt and recommend it.

- Lacking features

This app needs to be updated and expanded. You must have your apple mail turned on for you to be able to send reposts to your doctors. I use spark mail and it said my email wasn’t setup. I think the mood ranges could be expanded even more. There needs to be more explaining in the shifting mechanism. When I shift does it record what I chose or does it record the shift? I think the reports feature could be expanded and made into an actual pie graph that is circular. I think there should be a mood range over calendar trend option so you can see patterns. The shifting mechanism could also be expanded with meditations, or a workable CBT mechanism to reframe negative thoughts towards a specific area. I use this everyday I just wish it was updated.

- Great app - one thing I would add

So far I’m loving this app! The only thing I would like to see added is the definition for each emotion. I wish I could hold down my finger on an emotion and it would pop up a quick definition. I think this would really help me determine more precisely what emotion I’m actually experiencing. Yes, I can just google it, but it would be awesome if it was just right there in the app.

- A suggestion

I really love this app so much. It has helped me see the trends in my moods and also identify moods I wouldn’t have been able to identify on my own. I do wish that it had the option to set up a reminder for me to check in everyday because sometimes I forget and I can’t backtrack to record precious days.

- What a great app

The update made it even better. I love the way it is organized. It makes so much sense to me. So many moods to choose from. The quadrants are a great way of thinking about mood and emotion. I love the way it tracks moods too. I’ve had this app for a long time and it’s come a long way from the beginning.

- Recent update

I have really enjoyed mood meter in the past, but with this new update, I was very disheartened to see that all of my previous entries were completely erased. Not only that, there is no longer an option to record the “why” behind each mood. Isn’t this a key aspect of RULER? To understand causes behind one’s emotions? I look forward to a future update of the app in which this feature is reimplemented. I also hope there is someway my data can be restored.

- Feeling crabby

Without warning, Mood Meter has totally changed its interface and - yuck! Now I can’t see my history (where is it?!?) and all the cool tips I’d saved for myself. Plus the interface is ugly compared to the awesome dots that were in the prior version. I wish I had been warned that I needed to create an account so I wouldn’t lose my history. Can’t say whether I’ll keep using this or not. But I have loved it for the past few years and recommended it widely!

- Measure but not solve

This is a good mood recorder. The unique way of helping me recognizing my mood is already effectively helping me realize myself within. But this app doesn’t really help you “shift” any mood besides tell you some inspirations. Another thing. I just read another review about this app’s privacy policy. Are you collecting my data and can use the collected data or disclose it????

- Less Effective Now

I have been a huge advocate of using Mood Meter personally and in schools, and have incorporated the app in Professional Development trainings and curriculum for the past 3 years. This update has not only deleted past history, it has removed the exercise of writing down the WHY of the emotion and the HOW to shift. This step is critical in teaching self-reflection and sense of self-agency. Additionally, this new version is highly text heavy which creates an unnecessary barrier for individuals with low or resistant literacy skills. And now individuals are required to add an email address that could easily be used to find the identity of the user. The other option is to have no history for reflection. The app now feels simply like a data collection tool for Yale, and I can no longer ethically promote it in schools. Very disappointed in Yale and the researchers.

- Great but could be improved!

Mostly does what it’s supposed to do! But I wish I could log moods for the past (ie if I go do an activity and want to reflect later on what my mood was during that time I would like to log it) and it would be cool to have a function to set this up to randomly ping me so I can see what my mood is at random points during the day

- Make the Mood Meter a part of your life!

The mood meter is such a simple tool but it takes you through a complex psychological process. This is such a helpful and simple tool to apply and to share with your family. My 6 year old son and I talk about his emotions often through the mood meter.

- Hard for multiple users

I love this app and have used with my own children and students. Because there is only one user per login makes it hard to track my kids and me. Wish they would adjust to allow for that

- Data on moods = awesome

I love this app! Wondering if in a future update you might be able to add a feature that allows users to submit other emotions for consideration for the grid. For example, today I felt “accomplished” but couldn’t find an equivalent word to use in place of that one. Thanks!

- Very useful

Very helpful app to guide you through especially when you experience painful situations, and moving away from the pain into learnings. It's pretty awesome. Would be better if I can visualize what happens overtime, so that I can see how I evolve through certain situations.

- Please consider undoing this new update!

I've been using this app for about a year now. I really enjoyed the old version of it, and used it multiple times every day. But since this update, I have lost access to my account. That data was very sensitive and very important to me and I don't appreciate losing access to it. Additionally, not being able to write the reason for a feeling in this update is disappointing. It would be better if the old version was made available again.

- Disappointed by changes but still worth the price

I work with kids with emotional regulation challenges. I’m very disappointed that users can no longer enter and save personalized plans for shifting moods. One size does not fit all. It’s important for individuals to figure out what works for them. But I love the emotion grid itself. And the price makes it accessible to everyone.

- Great app

Excellent way to track your emotional check-ins and helps you to become more mindful on a regular basis. This app has helped me become more self aware of how I’m feeling inside. Highly recommend it- it’ll make a positive difference in your life.

- Was great. After update, not so much

I’d been using the app for maybe a week or so, appreciating the minimal grid-based input and the ease of use - no account required, “reason” for mood is optional - and then I opened it up this morning to all my data gone, a cumbersome UI where you can’t see the whole grid at once, and now there’s apparently a requirement that you log a context when you log your mood. Yesterday I would have highly recommended this app, but now I’d say steer clear.

- Beware, account required to see history

I appreciate the app’s function but the choice to stop me, someone who has paid for the app, to see my own data unless I make an account that sends my emotional states to their servers is unacceptable. I paid and now I must shell over my data. And refusing means that I’m not allowed to see my own history that IS stored locally, as punishment for not signing up and sending my data.

- Update is terrible

Whereas I used to be able to float around in the interface and quickly find a mood, now I agree with other reviewers: this update creates much more friction to finding the right mood and looks to have made the app much more of a data collection effort than a useful tool for one’s life. So disappointed. I’ve recommended this to all kinds of people, but no more. Why do developers continue to ruin great ideas in the name of data collection?

- Can’t seem to get some features to work

I like the tracking, but reviewing the history is not intuitive if it works at all. I would like to see all history instead of just a month or week view and can’t seem to retrieve the notes I’ve made to get to the “u” part or RULER. I think it could be more useful.

- app to track your emotions

Great for self reflecting! Provides descriptions of emotions, as well as some basic suggestions on shifting if needed. Over time gives helpful data on emotional states distribution vs environment (home, work, other) and dominating emotional quadrant

- Could really use reminders

This app is great...when I remember to use it. It would be exponentially more useful if it reminded me to check in. Ideally a user would be able to choose how often and when they would like reminders, or to be able to have random reminders during the day.

- New Favorite App

After reading “Permission to Feel,” I decided to download the app and am learning so much about how to label my emotions. So grateful to have this, as it is helpful in all of my personal relationships, as well. Highly recommend!

- Shift isn’t working for me

Love the app but when I want to shift my mood it it doesn’t work for me. Usually when I’m angry I can’t think of a joke and when I’m sad I can’t think of anyone that inspires me. Those seem to be the only 2 things that come up and they aren’t helpful for me

- Not a fan of the new look

I have been using this app daily for about a year now and have been happy with the simple design and easy way to check my history. This new version however got rid of my progress and previous moods. I would not recommend using this app anymore. It was easier to just pick a mood and write a reason than what the app has to offer now. I will sadly no longer be using the app.

- Simple, unintrusive, and easy to use!

Plus I love how the definitions for each mood word can help me re-evaluate the terms I use to describe and categorize my emotions! Update: I loud how I can now include a snippet to explain my motivation for my feelings. It feels more grounded now.

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- Very helpful - highly recommended

This is an excellent app. I’ve been looking for ways to track my emotions through the day and came across this after being referred by a friend. Clean and easy to use UI. I love how I can quickly and easily I can input my feelings and possible causes at a given moment. One feature I would highly recommend they implement is a reminder function so I can set time intervals throughout the day when I want to input info.

- Great app full of value!

This app will undoubtedly add value to your endeavours for understanding, working through and labelling emotions as they arise. As with most things the value you derive will be proportional to your efforts and openness to the process but this app facilitates a convenient and frictionless process for recording, and understanding it.

- Great app - disappointing update

This was a wonderful app which I was using daily and as a psychologist regularly encouraged my clients to use. However the new update has been extremely disappointing. The feature to select location ie work or home is great. Please bring back the function to select from a number of strategies and enter your own strategies rather than automatically allocating one specific one and also bring back the option to select which quadrant to shift to with tailored strategies for each quadrant.

- Great app! but needs new UI

Great app! but the apps UI could be updated such as the apps cover etc. however love how it’s specific and helps with my anxiety and stress. Recommend for someone with mental health issues :)

- Makes you self aware

The app creates a perfect opportunity for regular self reflection. It can subtly but powerfully improve self-control through awareness of patterns, habits and reactions to events. Very easy to use.

- Brilliant

As a psychologist I will be using this in my clinic daily!!! Totally love it

- Great app

Helpful app!

- Horrible now

I found this app horrible ever since it updated please change it back to how it was before it updated. DO NOT BUY THIS ITS A WASTE OF MONEY!

- Hmmm

In the two months I've had this app I've been able to journal my emotions accurately so I'm grateful for that. But there's also some huge issues with app support, with data migration issues preventing users from creating accounts to updates making the app unusable. They seem to get it fixed but it's frustrating when an app this good isn't consistent!!!!

- Helpful tool for bringing mood to consciousness

I found the Moodmeter to be a helpful tool for bringing my mood into consciousness, and carrying that awareness into the rest of my day and interactions. Possible improvements: option for (at least somewhat) random prompting to enter users mood, rather than setting the times up myself - it'd be good to see how they vary with time of day/situation. It'd be great to have options for different users (eg my kids) and to be able to view on a time line etc... Overall useful and fun place to start understanding my moods

- Excellent for what it does

However, needs some bugs fixed, e.g. if you click on a quote you get stuck on the quote, no way out of it that I could find. But the actual premise of the app is great - I feel like I'm becoming more aware of my emotions already.

- Love it but there are bugs

Love this app when it works, but frustrating to use as it is constantly crashing. Waiting for an update because it's difficult to use an app multiple times a day when it won't even open most of the time. Please fix before I get tired of waiting as this has been going on for a long time now

- Great app, just needs some fine tuning

A great idea and a great app! Just a few recommendations: Reminders don't stay set after you leave the reminders page. When adding your own strategies, they cannot be edited or deleted if a mistake is made.

- RULER enthusiast

Beautiful way to practise the Mood Meter Anchor from the RULER Approach.

- Frustrating

Latest upgrade lost all my data 😔 and now crashes about 10 times before it opens. Thinking I would have been better not upgrading. Hopefully the crashing will be fixed soon

- Great support

Have been using mood meter for over a year now, just the other day it crashed and now I can't open it at all, emailed through to support and no reply...great app if it worked!

- Don't buy this app, it is working any more

I want my money back, this app is not functional. No response after mailing error and printscreen.

- Ok

It’s a pretty good app but it needs a option where you don’t know how u feel😬👍🏻

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- Worth the small investment!

It’s such a cool app and informational!

- Great app - missing calendar setup

Otherwise a 5 star. It misses the graph set up fonction: the time is set to start at 3am and on Sunday as a default standard. I rather start at 5am on Monday for a better visual of the week.

- Confused

I’ve search online and tried to find the answer here without success. How do you find the past entries you written after you’ve selected an emotion??

- Worth it

I’m a therapist. I am definitely recommending to my clients. Easy to use. Name it to tame it, I love this. The app itself is nicely rendered. Well done!

- Privacy Policy is shameful

Sucks paying for the app AND get tracked with ip adress plus collection of personally identification information. All processing should be on the phone without going through your servers. All of it is quite unnecessary It’s a shame... current mood : bad :P

- Easy to use and helpful!

I loved the book, Permission to Feel, and the Mood Meter app is the perfect companion tool. It’s an easy and efficient way to check-in with myself throughout the day, ensuring I am as mindful as possible. 🖤

- Don’t buy!

I did not receive the activation code when creating my account which means the app is useless. Had to pay for the app too so basically they just steal your money.

- Thank you

Thank you for doing this. It’s so important in learning recognition.

- Useful tool for me

This is a really useful app for me because I need help understanding what I’m feeling. I did like the older app better. I liked the reminders and the list of quotes that were generated based on the mood. It also asked why I felt that way which was helpful.

- App was great...

I recently got a new phone and with it came the new version of this app. I am incredibly disappointed with the new version. I regularly recommend this app to patients and I had one warn me not to upgrade. I wish I had listened. The older version of this app was so much better. Please bring back the old model and features. I want to be able to keep recommending this app but this version is no where near as helpful.

- Unhappy

I purchased the Mood Meter months ago. When I went to use it recently I was prompted to create a new account. What happened to my account that I purchased?

- Love it

Great app! I think it’s a unique way to journal and very easy to use. I think it would be cool if you could search for, or add emotions that aren’t listed. Or to add a photo to your sentences.

- New version

Hello, I don’t like the new version. There is no reminders. I can’t motivate my feelings et finally, I lost all my datas from the oldest version. Really not happy 🤬

- Disappointing change by developer

Latest version to make the “UX experience easier” ruined this app. I really liked the original version which had calming visuals and gave users the option to add in their own coping strategies. I’m not going to use this app any longer.

- Excellent except Not enough space to journal

I love this app and the only thing I’d complain about is that there isn’t enough allowable space to type in a description of what you’re feeling. It cuts out after a couple of sentences.

- Random Charges to my Account

Today I got charged $1.52 CND out of no where by this app. I didn’t approve ANYTHING and yet they were able to just steal right out of my pocket.

- Hacking threat...DO NOT DOWNLOAD

Relaying on Yale University, download the app... used it for 3 months ... was hacked and mucked by developer from Philippines!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- Don't buy this app!

It's not working. They are apparently trying to fix the problem. I don't think you should have an app available for purchase when it's not working. My feelings are red now, I think, because I haven't had a chance to try the app yet :(

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I done called everybody cause right now im in a good mood, I have a full social meter and aint nobody answer but Nea 😂 by the time these hoes call me back I aint gon wanna talk

Acres of Hope

Watch your mood meter. Take time for self care when you need it today so your can bring your best self to the party.

Aramos Frost

im in such a christmas mood... i realy hope that white winters come back i start to realy miss the meter high snow in bavaria

Petr Splechta

Anyway, the cameo tweet, it took me long enough to post that, I was in such a good mood from it and then some Mario height debate put me in a terrible mood from a jerk who claims that the meter count is a good source and that the 155cm statue is a good source for Mario's height.

Chris Mahan

i just wrote a 14 stanzas poem in simple eight meter, except for the ninth stanza in which each verse is split in two of four syllables each. and werewolves and gore because it's a mood. to be published later in collaboration with @roxiebravery


y’all the only thing that’s ruined my mood at ALL is how fast the cold meter goes up in genshin 😐😐😐😐

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@lportnoy I am taking the free course from Yale University on their research on the Mood Meter, which was the start of what we call SEL now.

Peter Curran

"Scotland's no longer alone in being scunnered by [Boris] "If there'd been a mood-o-meter in operation, a machine to gauge shock and anger at the last minute imposition of a lockdown on London and South East, the needle would have swung beyond the scale."


@bl00dynana Like being mean to other people is gonna change what he thinks about you... Acho que até ficou a pensar pior porque ela não parava de meter o mood awkward as fuck 🤣 anyways.. are the straights ok? 🤔

Copen Kamizono || Azure Striker Gunvolt ||

If Copen's in a good mood for a while, I can stay transformed for longer. Like in the heat of battle! When he's making cool moves and the Kudos meter on the left of the screen goes over 1000, for example!


Mood meter on the low or in the red area

K I E R A 🥰

My social meter is low, and I’m not in the mood!

Tim Lasseter

𝗦ongs 𝗧hat 𝗔ctivate 𝗬our 𝗛appy-𝗢meter 𝗠omentarily 𝗘veryday aka 𝗦𝗧𝗔𝗬𝗛𝗢𝗠𝗘 Pure musical joy today to lighten the mood #222: Louis Prima - When You're Smiling Spotify: #stayhome #supportthenhs #coronavirus #tier4

k🐨ala marad💛na

when we did mood meter yest one of my boys was like “i feel annoyed because over the winter break i know all we gonna watch is football” lololol .. prayers up to my boy.

The Mood Meter 2.1.4 Screenshots & Images

The Mood Meter iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

The Mood Meter iphone images
The Mood Meter iphone images
The Mood Meter iphone images
The Mood Meter iphone images
The Mood Meter iphone images

The Mood Meter (Version 2.1.4) Install & Download

The applications The Mood Meter was published in the category Education on 2014-03-21 and was developed by Emotionally Intelligent Schools, LLC [Developer ID: 825930116]. This application file size is 82.86 MB. The Mood Meter - Education app posted on 2020-01-23 current version is 2.1.4 and works well on IOS 11.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: org.hopelabs.Mood-Meter

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