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Cruelty-Cutter is cruelty-free shopping made simple! Cast-away any doubts when purchasing items by using this app to scan an item and have an immediate response about it’s animal-testing status. Cruelty-Cutter has every company in the "Leaping Bunny" and PETA lists and thousands more. It is the most up-to-date and vigilant cruelty-free list on the market.

Cruelty-Cutter is your activist app! Share your results with friends on social media and also share your concern or praise with the company itself. Companies that still choose to test on animals will get the message that Cruelty-Cutter users are against what they are doing! The more shares, the more “Doggie Dollars” you earn towards coupons for cruelty-free items!

Cruelty-Cutter lets you register your concern and help collect data to bring to companies that test on animals to show them that the public is not interested in supporting companies that continue to use animals when it is not needed.

Use Cruelty-Cutter to help ‘free beagles’ (and other animals) from testing labs!

-- Scan product barcodes and instantly learn if the product is cruelty-free!!

-- “Bite Back” by posting to social media sites of #CruelCompanies.

-- Earn “Doggie Dollars” by taking action!

-- Redeem Doggie Dollars for deals on cruelty-free products.

-- Connect with friends and help build a cruelty-free community!

-- Stay up-to-date with animal welfare issues, including ways you can help.

Download to donate! Your app purchase helps raise funds for Beagle Freedom Project, a not-for-profit organization dedicated to freeing beagles from testing labs. Beagle Freedom Project rescues beagles (and other animals) from labs across the globe, giving them a second chance at life!

Cruelty Cutter App Description & Overview

The applications Cruelty Cutter was published in the category Shopping on 2014-04-19 and was developed by The file size is 10.79 MB. The current version is 1.04 and works well on 6.0 and high ios versions.

The app will now let you know if the product was made by a cruelty-free subsidiary of a company that does conduct testing on animals. It will also advise you if the product was made by a company that does test on animals but only because they also manufacture pharmaceuticals and this testing is required by the FDA for their pharmaceutical products.

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Perfect  🐶🦊🐻❤️  5 star

Thank you for making apps that help free theses animals from a nightmare. All these products being tested on them. Don't they have a heart how do they do this to living creatures. I know i'm still a child and I really can't do much , but I swear I cry every time I see animals being hurt. I hope it 2060 were all vegetarians and it's illegal to test products on animals.

EllighdjnvjopbvWj b

Wrong about the products  EllighdjnvjopbvWj b  1 star

Most of the products I scanned with this app are cruelty free products but this app says they are cruelty... so I don't trust this app.


Read before you download  KidKridict  2 star

I was very excited once I downloaded this app. I very strongly believe in animal rights and will do anything to take a stand against animal cruelty. Everything was in working order. I scanned every product in my house, shocked at how many test on animals! I began a pile of brands I would boycott. But when I scanned my philosophy miracle eye cream, it told me they were not cruelty free. I had a very hard time believing that, so I went to their website. On their website it clearly states that they do not test on animals. So what's the deal? As a summary, I had to delete this app because of the confusion. I wasn't sure if I could trust anything it said. Although, I believe a couple updates could fix this problem. The app is very out of date anyways.


love the cause!  🍩🍞🍕🍟🍋🍦🍰✌🏽😂  5 star

i'm so proud to be having this app on my phone, i feel like i'm standing up for those animals trapped in labs! save them!


Cruelty Free is way to be  RCharbs29  5 star

Companies that test on dogs or any innocent animal can go rot in hell! The US has plenty of inmates sitting in jail cells doing literally nothing. How about we use our brains for once and put those deadbeats to use rather than animals. Downloaded this app and glad I did. It'll make me more cognizant of my purchases


I wish it would say more  Owjshsjeje  5 star

I just got this app, and it is good so far. I just wish that it would say more about the product and how it is cruel. But that would just make me sad more... I want to know if the cruelty is something not bad like "dog gets hot by car outside of factory" compared to something bad like "factory kills dogs daily" because then I will know if it's really cruel

April Courtney

Awesome app! Definitely recommend!  April Courtney  5 star

I've loved this app since I downloaded it a year ago. I've never had a problem with it and can't get over that you can literally scan ANY barcode and it will tell you if it's cruelty free or not. It also educated me on brands I thought were CF but actually weren't. FAB app.


Scanner doesn't work  Xty614  1 star

I love the idea of this app but I wish the scanner worked. Some products it doesn't even read & others come up with rejections about how there's no information available & I can always send the UPC to the company via email.


Great concept but isn't working  Missgray71  2 star

Just got this app and straight out of the gate I'm getting a "network error" when I try to scan anything. So disappointing. Please fix!!!


Fix the Issues!  Sweety4567  3 star

Love the concept of the app, but when I try to use the scanner it says that there are network issues.


Tara See-Rosenthal tbsee73 3 star

Scanned this product’s barcode & learned it is #CrueltyFree! #CrueltyCutter



@shankeithbfp: Scanned this product’s barcode & learned it is #CrueltyFree! #CrueltyCutter …


Shannon Keith shankeithbfp 3 star

Scanned this product’s barcode & learned it is #CrueltyFree! #CrueltyCutter


Won't let me log in with Facebook  Dragonlady594087  1 star

Deleted ap in less than 5 minutes as it will not let me log in with Facebook. I do not set up separate accounts for aps. No working FB link, I skip the ap.


Terrible  Infinitehime  1 star

I downloaded this with the thought of it being free and the next I hear is my father getting fined $2.99 for it i did not do anything on at all. I literally deleted five minutes after I downloaded it.


Doesn't work. Won't open.  katehopkins  1 star

For the past three days this app won't let me sign up or sign in so I can open it. Hopefully this means the app is being worked on and will maybe be usable the next time I check. I love the Beagle Freedom Project and am happy to help support them, but they shouldn't be promoting this in their Facebook posts if it doesn't even work.


Great app!!  Jillianjoannesmith  5 star

This app is great! I love the idea and how user friendly it is. I love animals and this app makes shopping cruelty free an easy process. The scanner works great and I love that it offers alternatives to cruelty products. I highly recommend this app!


App for Puppets  Jujudrake  2 star

I just bought this app and it is disappointing that product scans yield "not cruelty free" with no links out for additional information or research for which this claim is made. Is it this product specifically or the company? Why? It is irresponsible to give clients a simple label -the scan should yield a label and a learning opportunity in order to make a real, informed, and articulate impact. Also, the search for alternative products is dismal. It launched into a full search for every category, but not in the same category the "cruel" product was found. The developers need some work on this one with a more scholarly approach! For a paid app, a lot of facts need to back up the claims.


Huge disappointment!  Could-be  1 star

Oh how I would love to be able to use this app! I hate the idea that I am inadvertently contributing to the torture of animals. But why in the living hell would anyone need a password to log into an app like this. I have too many passwords to keep track of and informational apps don't need a to keep people out. Very lame.


App is awesome  Renecca_eap  5 star

I use this constantly and haven't had any problems... great tool for making purchasing decisions.

Grandpa DWB

Unable to create account  Grandpa DWB  1 star

I am unable to create my account. So I can start the app and scan.


Total bust  MIDawgFan  1 star

I purchased this around 3 months ago and for a while it seemed to work. But now the app is a total bust. I can't log in and have the same issues as others. Such a bummer.


Bare minerals  Lcaughlin  1 star

Your app states the Bare Minerals tests on animals- that is not the case at all. Leslie the creator has never once tested her products on animals- please make your app up to date and change this horrible mistake- people are going around saying this and it isn't even true- get the facts straight before crumbling a company to shreds who do have strong beliefs on animal rights

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