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Newton is a subscription-based service that supercharges your email with power features like Read Receipts, Snooze, Send Later, Undo Send, Sender Profile, Connected Apps and more across iPhone, iPad, iPad Pro, Apple Watch and Mac. Comes with a 14-day free trial.

Newton is available as an in-app subscription for $49.99/yr. That’s about $4/mo for something that you use dozens of times everyday.

Works with Gmail, Exchange, Yahoo Mail, Hotmail/Outlook, iCloud, Google Apps, Office 365 and all IMAP accounts.

*What Happens After 14 Days*

Power features like Read Receipts, Tidy Inbox, Send Later & more stop working. Email sync will also stop and the experience will continue to degrade further.

*Sign Up Once, Use Everywhere*

Your Newton account is your key to all things Newton. Use it to instantly access your email anytime, across ALL your devices - be it iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch or Mac.

Email preferences & settings are synced magically on every device, without having to set up your account all over again.

*Why Newton is the only email app you need*

● Read Receipts - Get read-status for every email you send. Also get notified as soon as the email is read. Know exactly who read your email with individual mail tracking.

● Send Later - Schedule emails to be sent later and have them delivered to the recipient’s inbox at just the right moment. Also, you can stop the scheduled email if the recipient sends a mail in between.

● Tidy Inbox - Focus on emails that matter. Weed out newsletters and social media emails to another folder and make your inbox distraction-free. Think Gmail tabs for all email accounts.

● Sender Profile - Know more about the people who email you. Get job titles, organisation​ info, location, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter profiles & more.

● Snooze - Set your emails to come back to Inbox at a more convenient time. Snooze emails, not productivity.

● Connected Apps - Finish your workflow without leaving your email. Add important emails to your favorite productivity apps like Todoist, Evernote, OneNote, Pocket, Trello, Wunderlist, Instapaper & more.

● Undo Send - Pull back that email blunder you just sent. Especially useful when you’re on mobile and need to reply in a hurry.

● Instant push notifications for ALL types of email - Gmail, Hotmail/Outlook, Exchange, Yahoo Mail, iCloud, Google Apps, Office 365 and any IMAP account.

● Save attachments to your favorite​ cloud storage service like Google Drive, Box, Dropbox, OneDrive etc. with ease.

But wait...there’s more!

- 2-factor authentication
- One-click Unsubscribe
- Custom Inbox Swipes
- iPad Pro support
- Handoff
- HTML signatures
- Email Aliases
- Print emails
- Turn on/off Conversations
- Touch ID
- Easy on battery and data
- Custom Folder Sync
- Spotlight Search
- Interactive Notifications
- 3D Touch
- Remote Wipe
- Passcode Lock
- Unified Inbox
- Available in all major languages

Newton is available as an in-app subscription for $49.99 per year. Price may vary by location. The subscription automatically renews unless turned off at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. It will be charged to your iTunes Account within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period, with the subscription renewing at $49.99. You can manage your subscription and turn off auto-renewal by going to the Account Settings after purchase.

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Newton Mail App Description & Overview

The applications Newton Mail was published in the category Business on 2013-10-30 and was developed by CloudMagic, Inc.. The file size is 107.36 MB. The current version is 9.8.91 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

**We are ready for iPhone X**

- UI refinements and bug fixes.

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Newton Mail Reviews

AJ Wilder

BUY IT!! So worth it!!  AJ Wilder  5 star

Love love love this app!! Seriously, go to their website and check out the features. It’s actually as easy as they make it sound. I’ll be using them for a long time!! Also support is SUPER quick to get back to you! That’s always good :)


Crap  EllWaWa  1 star

Waste of money.


Best App in a Long Time  GustCas123  4 star

This is by far the best email client I have tried in the last few years. I’ve used everything from the stock mailbox app to google’s Inbox and nothing has been this impressive since the Mailbox app released in 2013 by Dropbox. The subscription price is a bit steep, but it’s definitely worth it for people seeking maximum productivity.


$50 a Year? You're Crazy  RubyMoon  1 star

The app looks good, but if you think I'm paying $50 a year to access my free email accounts, you're crazy. I would be willing to pay a reasonable price ONCE for a decent email app, but making an email app a subscription-based service is ridiculous.


Nice, needs a couple things  Nabelist  3 star

I’m delighted with the send later and read receipts features, as well as the simplicity of the interface. However, would like to see more robust search capability, without having to select a particular mailbox. Would also like to see easier access to the “Low Priority” folders for all mailboxes at once, as many important emails inadvertently find their way there. Overall great product that I gladly just spent $39 on.


Excellent productivity tool  Lichmd  5 star

I have multiple work and personal email addresses, each set up to serve a specific purpose. Before using Newton I’d routinely miss an email or lose track of an action item. Now, taking advantage of API integrations into Evernote and Todoist, my workflow has me always inbox zero, with my follow ups and to dos setup for completion. The development team is also very responsive to suggestions or bugs. Well worth the money for a great tool


Ok  Bo6eli  5 star

Good mail


Would have been perfect if it had a calendar like the android app.  Joolu  4 star

Where’s the calendar Newton?


Few things I’ve been waiting for over a year to be fixed  drcjcarr  3 star

1) need to have a number somewhere on threads on main page to show how many emails are contained in the conversation 2) need ability to show more text on email notifications to Apple Watch. May be able to do this by reducing font size like outlook does 3) need to be able to show all of a message by default without having to scroll to bottom to request the full email that has been truncated. Really frustrating when you get to the bottom and then have to click that button that sends you to the beginning of a large email when you have already read 3/4 of the email. I thought this was supposed to speed up your email management??? 4) add ability to change text size throughout application so if you want smaller text you can see more emails on main screen 5) Sllllllow to load emails. Have to watch a circus of emails appear and then disappear if I did some work on gmail on the computer. Basically can see every move you made at a different location and can take forever to get caught up if you are a high volume email user


Want CloudMagic, not Newton.  Advenight  1 star

Slow & unstable. Review manipulation.


Not impressed  Rjs1986ffff  1 star

I can not justify paying that amount of money each year for features you can get on other free apps. Also for those of us not wanting to upgrade are finding the pop up notification to get the paid subscription box EVERY TIME you go in and out of an email or refresh the inbox so F*cking annoying. I would not be using this app if it wasn’t for the fact I cannot access work emails through other apps. Once there is an app that my employer grants permission to this app will be deleted ASAP. So frustrating


Even better on iPhone X  Wilko5117  5 star

I’m pleased to say that Newton is the best email experience on iPhone, iPad and Mac. This is more than just a client; going above and beyond to provide read receipts, a clean and concise inbox, off-phone sync and seamless integration. The UI update for iPhone X makes this app perfect on the X display.


Could be a game changer...but not yet  calis777  2 star

Beautiful, simple, and, clean interface on Windows and the app. This is the first email client that actually felt different from the others in both look and feel on Windows that I like. But right now is too simple. On Windows can't create suborders in the client. Updating of email moves is way way to long a wait to see the folders actually updated so working with you're email in the client just gets time consuming. But they do have quick support response to tell you everything it can't do. 😁 For the money is not worth I do wish it wasn't true. If they could just bring some simple features that virtually all email clients have had for years them I think they will do really well.

Happy one in the forest

It works!!!  Happy one in the forest  5 star

4/9/17 took a punt & tried it again. Was over the moon to find not only could it connect to my activesync server exchange account, but that the share extension works a treat. My emails can now be tasks and shared to notability, Dropbox etc. great work newton mail. 5 stars


Does what it says on the box...very well  JRBSays  1 star

Nice App, but really not worth an annual fee of such size.

Barefoot Al

Outstanding Email All - I've tried them all  Barefoot Al  5 star

Newton is amazing. Quick and easy to use, perfect sync across different devices, snooze, folder sorting - I've tried every app for Mac and iOS for mail and this one wins hands down!


The best mail app  Rooomie  5 star

Has all the features I need, and is actually reliable. I wish the subscription fee was lower, but for such a solid and essential app it's worth paying.

Some One or Me

One of the Best if not the Best  Some One or Me  5 star

I love this app, does everything plus a whole lot more. Thanks, keep up the great work.


Support by Newton  astroboy00  5 star

Really great support by the Newton team in setting up my email signature.

POK 9009

Mr  POK 9009  5 star

Love the features Great customer support Great app Well worth the subscription


Not worth $50.00 a year! Bait & Switch?  mrtuneup2  1 star

I really liked this email program and was happy to see this new developer creating Cloud Magic a new email program. Then the developer got greedy changed the name of his email program to Newton. I paid for this program and then it is switched to a $50.00 a year app NOT WORTH IT! There are plenty of free alternatives out there that work just fine for free ....


Email app does almost the same thing  zhangjunya  1 star

I shifted to the Email app after this app changed its name to newton and started to charge $50 a year. I'm not going to discuss if it's worth the money or not, but the Email app served me just well.

Hiro Protagonist 😶

Asked me to rate  Hiro Protagonist 😶  1 star

Trying this out and it asked me to rate it after requiring me to sign up for a Newton account. How can I rate it if I haven't even had a chance to use it?


Oh well  InternetLurker  2 star

It was a good app, but isn't good enough to charge 50$ a year for. My adobe CC subscription is less than this and includes most adobe software. :/ Felt like I'd have been ripped off if I paid that amount.


Best email app  DBarnsNY  5 star

**I just renewed for another year because this is (by far) the best email app** This incredibly ballsy company went from a "free" app to a paid one and got rightly killed for it. But you get what you pay for and this is the highest quality email app I've ever seen on iOS and I've tried them all. The clean design is one thing (check gmail by comparison...). This app includes every feature I could possibly want for email without clutter, and with instant customer service. Their decision was a tough one, and they deserve credit for surviving the fallout. But business model aside, if you're looking for a quality app in a category of hundreds of free crappy, Newton is by far the best.


great mail app  &:&92$???67hdjwjs  5 star

it could work around the firewall, and the push notification for selected folders is great for me

Matt Maiorana

Yes, it's expensive, but...  Matt Maiorana  5 star

The cost is worth it - especially for folks who have to deal with a lot of emails for work. Even small gains in efficiency can free up a ton of time. It's worth the cost. I also like to know that the app has a I business model that will allow it to continue existing unlike many of the other boom/bust email management apps out there that are either looking for a quick exit or stop getting updates.


Constant intrusive pop up in free version makes this unusable  sorchay  2 star

[updated review] - my original review was five stars but this latest app update is terrible for non subscribers! I had not purchased yet due to budgetary constraints but was thinking about it regularly. However, the latest update pushes a pop-up at me every second so unless this is changed I will be deleting this app for good. It's too bad. I'm a light user who doesn't use it on desktop or need super chargers but I've appreciated the design and font. You've now made the free version completely unfriendly instead of it being a nice advertisement for your good work.


Excellent. Needs VIP for mult accts  SoozeCQ  5 star

Love this app. The undo & send later features are helpful. I use on mac, ipad & iphone and have had little trouble. Support responds promptly. The VIP feature is necessary to me so I use multiple apps.


Needs bigger fonts!  iTunesRonald  3 star

Newton on Android is awesome but not as much on iOS. Biggest issue is the small font size of the main list and it's non adjustable. On Android, the default font is perfect. Bummer. NOTE TO DEVELOPER: increasing font size only increases the font within emails, not the main email box to see all of your emails. The font size on the mail email message list between iOS (small) and Android (perfect) is considerable.

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