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The "7 Minute Workout" is a research-backed workout program that has become an international hit!

Published in the leading research journal ACSM, and then popularized by the NYT, the "7 Minute Workout" is simple but effective.

Researchers have selected 12 exercises that are performed for 30 seconds with 10 second rest intervals. This high-intensity training with little rest results in higher daily metabolism and is the equivalent of working out for over an hour - for only slightly longer than 7 minutes.

The best part? The exercises are simple to perform, do not require any equipment, and therefore, can be done anywhere! NO MORE EXCUSES.

This app takes this research-proven workout and guides you through the process. Further, it tracks your results, and makes it fun by allowing you to unlock rewards as you continue working out.

App features include:

- stunning design
- both male and female trainers that guide you by video, audio, image and text
- all content is INCLUDED (no additional charges, and no need for internet connectivity)
- track your weight with our weight tracker
- track your activity with our activity calendar
- workout and unlock various achievements
- support for Apple Watch

We are dedicated fitness professionals and app developers. We strive to make the highest quality products - if you have any suggestions, feel free to contact us. Our apps are regularly updated at no charge.

7 Minute Workout Challenge App Description & Overview

The applications 7 Minute Workout Challenge was published in the category Health & Fitness on 2013-07-30 and was developed by Fitness Guide Inc. The file size is 159.11 MB. The current version is 1.9 and works well on 8.0 and high ios versions.

-Minor bug fixes

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Wonderful App - wish it had Apple Health integration  Boulder31415926  5 star

I love this app. I have created a habit out of doing it at least once or twice a day. I haven’t really changed my diet but I can tell the difference in that my strength has increased and can even see visual results in a few short months. I would love it even more if it had Apple Health integration but you can track you activity manually there. It’s worth it.


Busy working mom  netowa  5 star

Great app. Easy to fit in to busy life with great results

Alicia Ivonne

Amazimg!  Alicia Ivonne  5 star

I’ve had this app for years! I highly recommend it! It works great.. just keep doing it and, you will get the results that you want! For sure..


Easy and fast  Aleshiacat  5 star

This is great! I do not have time to drive 25 min to the gym for a work out, then home to get ready for work, and I can’t go to the gym after work - have dinner to make. This is exactly what I need. I saw a friend who looked great and this is why! He told me this is all he’s doing! Amazing!


Excelente App. La mejor  Venecia5  5 star

Tiene todo lo que necesitas para hacer el ejercicio que necesitas Instrucciones son muy fáciles de seguir

happy and tall girl

jan melk  happy and tall girl  5 star

This use terrific app. It is simple, easy and effective!


Great workout  Hitman671  5 star

I am normally sluggish in the morning and this app makes a great workout to get the blood moving. It also makes for a good quick energy burner when you have a few mins to spare. I like how you can add more cycles for the workout before and during the workout. Not only does it include audible cues but it also enables you to choose a video demonstration of the exercises which my wife needs for motivation.


This app kicks my Arse!!!  BR0$k¡  5 star

This app is awesome! When I stuck to it, it helped me lose 58lbs


It really works  ECB44  4 star

This is something I can afford, I have the time for and it works. Great app


Back again  Taigarden  3 star

I had used this app for a while and unfortunately had to stop. Happy to say I am back again and will update more as I get back to where I should be !

Ramble inn

Had it for years  Ramble inn  5 star

I can honestly say that I don’t remember to use it everyday but I do come back to it time and time again!

Calliope Fit

Good fun  Calliope Fit  5 star

This is great for beginners but then gets harder as you’re ready for it.


Easy as  kissa444  5 star

Perfect for every level and so easy to follow, really helps with the little push start to working out. Especially if you only have a little bit of free time just perfect for getting the heart pumping


okay so far?  Zenkashi  4 star

Well, went through the first session and the app certainly worked as it should. Kinda wish there was a landscape option.


HelpfuL in so many ways  Yabtree2  5 star

A well-crafted app, I use this program on days I don’t do other exercise, it just helps to keep me motivated to do something! 7 Minutes is all you need, and these exercises are great because they can also be modified if need be. You are your own master, but it helps you keep going.

222 busy

Great App  222 busy  5 star

Quick and easy I’m going to try to make this a habit!


Island Man  nozza_1978  5 star

Great App highly recommend


Love it!  andreafox81  5 star

I love 7 min fitness app. It’s a quick and easy interval training that I can do anywhere.


Great App  clce162019  4 star

Easy to follow with a good range of fitness levels. Provides a fitness option, especially for those with a busy schedule.


Exceptional  rightype  5 star

50’s life changer


Great app. No equipment necessary  Speedyalmex  5 star

I use it when I’m on the go. Great.


This app is my standby  Jcakms  5 star

This is the app I keep coming back to. I try and do other exercise routines but this is so easy, so complete and requires nothing but a decision to do something healthy. Love this app Jim S


Slacking? Need A Boost of I Can...This is it!  NikkiKim  5 star

I’m so inconsistent with going to the gym and exercising regularly. Then I beat myself up! Thus, I haven’t made any lasting progress on my goals! But this app is the bomb! IT ELIMINATED MY EXCUSES!!! It made me get out of my head and the guilt, shame and excuses and get into action! It sparked my desire and the good feeling that comes from getting a workout in! I broke a sweat and felt so accomplished! CAN’T WAIT TO SHARE THIS!!! I CAN DO THIS AND SO CAN YOU!

Psychotic Venom

Excellent app! Great little exercise program.  Psychotic Venom  4 star

I worked on getting in better shape last year by working out 180 times in 30 minute chunks. I would often find myself unable to get to a workout or unmotivated to begin. My weight stabilized but never went down. After changing in 2019 to this over the last month, I have dropped 5-7 lbs and am able to keep my motivation to do SOMETHING every single day. I love the achievements and how motivating it is to keep up the streak. Only reason this gets 4 stars instead of 5 is because the 3...2...1... countdown when finishing up an exercise clearly has some load issues because they are not evenly spaced when there is no music playing. I also don’t quite understand why there is such a long pause for “switch sides” when doing the side plank.


Even if you hate working out  augie7  5 star

This app makes it easy to get started and make time. All we need is to do something to get started and with 7 minutes a day you can see progress quickly. I highly recommend it!


Review  Busmiller  5 star

Excited to start using this app and make a better me.


Awesome Workout!  Ruprock  5 star

Fantastic workout app for the busy professional who is on the road. I do these workouts in my hotel room in no time at all. This means I can keep up with my workouts while traveling. When I am done I feel sore and great the next day, this is the real deal!!


Used to be great  algarhythm  1 star

What’s up with 3 & 4 not being available after purchasing both? Got a few bugs as well!


User friendly and quick start  ttarell  5 star

I am able to log in and use this app quickly. This makes it easy for me to use during my breaks at work if I choose.


This App Changed my Life  Rubayet97  5 star

What Can I say About this App. Amazing App You buy only once. I loved this App so much I bought all the sessions in both my android and IOS phone. I I have using this App for 1+ year. 7 minutes a day 4 -5 times a week. Results are nothing short of Amazing. This App developer is not greedy, Beautiful amazing app which works and you only pay once. This is definitely the one the best mobile fitness app out there.


Won't work  Suzykav  1 star

This app is not updated to ios11, waste of money and will slow down your phone


Not bad but...  Wlodipawel87  3 star

App is good if comes about exercise but it's not suitable for iPhone Plus, it's running on HD resolution instead of FHD


Great  purplejacob  5 star

Great App especially when you have limited time

Lindi Loo1

DON'T BUY until the creators update it!!!  Lindi Loo1  1 star

It's no good if it's not up dated... the creator needs to update it as it slows down your phone. Don't waste your money!

Shay Shay'

Please update!  Shay Shay'  2 star

I've jut paid for this app, for it to tell me that it will not work with future iOS updates. Can you either refund me or update the application please.


DO NOT BUY THIS APP  MR123.  1 star

This app slows your iPhone right down and leaves it unusable.

Oliver Mooney

Great, well-thought out fitness app  Oliver Mooney  5 star

This app comes with great guides to the individual exercises, rewards (free add-on programmes) if you maintain your exercise streaks, and neat tracking of your progress so far. I've used it every day for the last six weeks and feel (& look) much fitter.


Good app  Susizid  4 star

Good app


Great app for home or hotel room if you don't have 40 mins for the gym  DOSguy  5 star

Great for sneaking in 20 mins great exercise. You really feel it too.


Good app  Mir129  4 star

Am enjoying this too much !!

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