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Play the mobile version of the best-selling and critically-acclaimed Trials series, by the award-winning developer RedLynx!

Experience the ultimate SKILL-BASED BIKE RACING GAME on your smartphone and tablet!
Ride your motorcycles on extremely addictive tracks while you perform slick wheelies, crazy jumps, mid-air flips and menacing stunts!
Battle players from around the world and dominate global leaderboards on every track!
Race, explore, upgrade, and compete. Accept no substitutes!

“Looking like the real deal.” - POCKET CAFÉ
“Loads of depth and a neat multiplayer mode.’’ - TOUCH ARCADE

- PHYSICS-BASED gameplay that feels just right.
- A MULTIPLAYER SYSTEM with ranked seasons and new rewards!
- 250+ UNIQUE RACE-TRACKS, with new tracks added every month!
- 15+ WICKED BIKES, with unique speed and handling!
- LIVE EVENTS AND TOURNAMENTS to showcase your best times worldwide!
- PERFECTED GHOST RACING. Race any Ghost on the leaderboards of any track!
- 250+CHALLENGING MISSIONS with more than 50 hours of story-driven gameplay in 10 gorgeous ENVIRONMENTS.

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Disclaimer: Please Note - Trials Frontier is completely free to play, however some game items can be purchased for real money. You can disable the ability to make in-app purchase in your device settings at any time.

Trials Frontier App Description & Overview

The applications Trials Frontier was published in the category Games on 2014-04-10 and was developed by Ubisoft. The file size is 263.27 MB. The current version is 6.1.1 and works well on 8.0 and high ios versions.

Enter 'X Games Minneapolis 2018' - the world’s biggest action sports event comes to Trials Frontier! Stunt all the way through this flip-tastic event to earn Fan Points, win all-new Tracks, celebrated Outfits, and Paintjobs! For the first time ever: try the exciting new Stunt 'The Superman' in all its soaring glory! Download now!

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Trials Frontier Reviews


Tedious to upgrade  Poundherhound  1 star

Upgrades on bikes are very expensive. Can’t compete without doing upgrades but because you need to redo levels so often it becomes tiresome and I’ve lost interest in the game.


Rigged  JacobBig3  3 star

Not a bad game overall, but it’s gotten to the point where I can’t reasonably progress in the story because of the stupid item wheel. It’s a cheap way to artificially increase the amount of time you spend playing the game/wasting your gas. I don’t want to play one level 10 times just to get 1 piece of candy or part. Don’t spend money on this game, it’ll just nickel and dime you out of all your diamonds.

dylan bone

Sorry about my language😔  dylan bone  4 star

I didn’t mean to it’s because I rage so hard I didn’t mean to is it ok😞


Great game, too many micro transactions.  Snigorcs  3 star

I would give this game 5 stars for content, 1 star for the state of the micro transactions. I’d actually pay for the game once, probably upwards of $10. But being asked for $60 micro transaction is idiotic. I’d hardly pay that for a full console game let alone an iPad app.

Sadness 49

Disgusting  Sadness 49  1 star


Roblox help me

Hi...  Roblox help me  5 star



Ads  whytheheckcan'tiusemyname  1 star

Too much too much ads. Ads are all over

K E N D R A ~

4 stars  K E N D R A ~  4 star

Okay, I'm giving this four stars because I really wish you could go faster and it kinda lags ( a little ) And I wish you could change you're character's look but other then that this game is awesome⁉️ - do you wanna know who's the most amazing person in the world? Read the second word :3


Reset fail  Skullphase  1 star

I practically had all the bikes and tracks at one time and Trials Frontier had an update and everything went back to how the game started with 1 bike, limited tracks, and one outfit.... 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️ “beware of the updates...”


Fix the bugs  Kreich1990  1 star

I have currently been downloading the “latest content,” for over a week. I have tried using my data, WiFi, keeping the app open, keeping it closed, and even re-installing the game. And yet, here I am unable to play a week later. And this is not the first time this has happened, and it’s the reason why I uninstalled the game for a few years the first time.


AI is stuck  aussiesav  3 star

Love the game, but super glitchy. Please fix the AI! It’s stuck and won’t open


Keeps making me start again  _Awesome_Guys  1 star

This is a great game but it keeps losing my progress. It asked me to sign into Ubisoft and made me start again a third time.


Need a way so I  Johnmcdj  3 star

Can star this in a movie as need money 💴


Bugged  Swordcanemage  1 star

I played the first leg of the x games without any problems, but have now completely missed further legs as the game is stuck at the zeroed countdown. Really frustrating that I’m missing out on this event.


X games  CJhp2.0  3 star

Great game. Love it. Started playing the new x games that’s just released within the game. It won’t load past leg 2. It says leg 3 is complete but nothing happened. Couldn’t play. What’s the go ? Bit disappointing to be honest.


X games failed  Abananan  5 star

Great game but after day 1 I’ve lost XGames Minneapolis completely. Reinstalled game and still not there. Any ideas?

Travis Azar

Mr snappy  Travis Azar  3 star

It’s really good !!!!!!!'!!!!!!!'!!!!!!!!'!!!!!!!

Jakob sl

Poor lever design  Jakob sl  1 star

The level designs are just outright poor it's easy to get stuck and it's impossible to get up certain slopes I would not recommend this game to any one


Fun game too many bugs  Gregsbdjsb  2 star

Fun game but too many bugs, crashes when playing the many ads. Ads are frustrating enough without getting rewarded after them. Also anything loading from the server for the bunker games takes FOREVER... and sometimes doesn’t connect or can’t find the server... again really frustrating.


Broken ads give no credit  Bubblecannon  1 star

Constantly playing ads that are 30 seconds long and give no rewards in game - absolute waste of time

wusup 2007

Lol  wusup 2007  4 star

Only got this for hungry shark evo so I don’t care


Ads are horrible  Jjl70  2 star

Great game that I had enjoyed playing for more than 2 years. But now the same ad plays after almost every race; you cannot skip until it plays and several X are clicked. Extremely annoying


Ad in middle of race  albinoork  1 star

I understand Ubisoft needs ad revenue and I’ve not had problems before. But now there are ads (Sicario 2) just as a race starts or in the middle and it doesn’t pause the game. Yeah, I’ll check in every now and then to see if the issue is corrected. If not, then it’s time to move on.


Too many bothering selection between races  Cayano1  2 star

Too much time spend between re as and races too short.


Step Into The Light  Psychal69  3 star

Fun game, good gameplay...but I only downloaded this to complete Step Into The Light for the mobile level challenges. However, I have no idea how to access Step Into The Light on mobile, is there anything specific I need to do?

Fun until they force you to pay to play  2 star

This would be one of the best games on IOS if the developer would allow us to play without continually buying fuel with real money. They do give you an allowance of fuel over time, but I’m not interested in waiting *15 minutes* between each track session. I would happily buy this game, but please get rid of the endless forced payments.


Needs a bug fix  Shpoopsy  2 star

I tried to download it and play it, every time I tried to play it, it crashed


Annoying bugs  Fhgdjhkxhf  2 star

The controls constantly stop working making it impossible to play. There are also tons of in app purchases.


I’m done  NicknameONE1  1 star

Ads, ads, ads, ads with sound, ads you can’t X out of and more ads, ads, ads. I’ve had the game for at least 2 years and it just keeps getting worse. I rarely play it any more because of the obnoxious ads. And, the constant server problems slow the game down.


10/10  ThaSavior01  5 star



Crashing  Aid360  1 star

I downloaded the game onto my phone but when I click onto it it won't load. It's like it goes black and then goes straight to home screen. App store says it is compatible with my phone so what's happening?


Hungry shark  trankulizer  3 star

I only got this game because of hungry shark but it’s actually descent


Glitches  bashcakes  1 star

Fix glitches I’m stuck on a upgrade I bought it and it won’t let me click it to install it and I can’t progress through the game without it


Game is crashing  Mhfbigdfjg347832776&  1 star

Game is crashing too often


Awesome😄  Endurian  5 star

At first I just downloaded it because of Hungry Shark but I love it

Nile goodbye

Lovey game  Nile goodbye  5 star

Good game except it's hard to hv enough money to buy new bikes


TF  Larrydunne107  5 star

Great game

Expert Listener

3 stars  Expert Listener  3 star

I give it 3 stars because of the in game updates. When I get the new update. Then I open the game again it updates again and again. Please fix your game.


Ok  Finnman234  3 star

It's ok bust just to tideous.


Mr  Ercijs  5 star



It good game  Bengazy  3 star

Pls how do I restore my progress I was have it on my iPhone in 2014 how can I restore it back pls help

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