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What is chrome valley customs app? Restore classic cars to their former glory, or turn them into outrageous street machines with a wide range of customization options! Meet the car’s owners and help them achieve the car of their dreams. Take charge of the garage and make decisions like a mechanic: repair, restore, paint, upholster, and finish the cars in the way you like best!

CHOOSE from a wide range of car parts and accessories!

RESTORE old cars to new!

CUSTOMIZE classic cars and design their look!

HANG OUT and relax with the garage crew!

SOLVE auto-themed match puzzles!

BLAST through levels with explosive tools!


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App Name Chrome Valley Customs
Category Games
Updated 04 October 2023, Wednesday
File Size 383.58 MB

Chrome Valley Customs Comments & Reviews 2023

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Pls read you won’t regret.. Now I may be just a kid but I’m not dumb. I feel like this game should be more about cars than just some boring matching game. Now don’t get me wrong the car part of the game is really fun the way you get to customize and refurbish old cars, and I really like how it tells you info about each part I don’t know why but it’s pretty cool. But the matching part of the game really gets kind of annoying and/or boring and that is why I stopped playing royal match. I am a car lover and I’m pretty sure anyone else playing this game would love cars too, but I do understand why you put in the matching thing. I think there are other ways to get players money for example in the real world people would pay a ton of money to get that done to their cars and then you could find other smaller ways for players to get coins. Now another recommendation is you could pay less money to buy less valuable parts but the more valuable the parts the more the customer has to pay to give it more of a car jobs feel. When I grow up I think one of those jobs would be really fun. Now I know your probably gonna read this then move on and think nothing of it so I just ask you to consider, consider making your game fun for car lovers or people new to them or I guess you can just go back to the same old game just like any other matching game.

Very good game. Please read this. This is a good game there is no ads which is very rare for the games that I get I only have two games that don’t have ads including this game the graphics is pretty good and the story is one of my favorites the characters are funny even though it is one of those puzzle games like candy crush and homescapes this is better than both of them I’ve downloaded both of them and they have ads and in the game you get to restore cars the only problem is once you get to the hundreds in levels it starts to get really hard but overall this game is perfect (this my first time writing a review and I hope I did good(:

Typical match 3 game with paywalls. Well I was really loving this game hence the reason I give it 2 stars. But like most match 3 games you hit a level you have to do over and over and over and over again. You get so close that you’re within 1 or two moves from winning the level that they want you to purchase more in order to get past. One I get to that point I try for a couple days just waiting for my lives to refill if I don’t get it after that the game gets deleted. Which is a shame because I had to delete CVC cause I actually like the premise of the game I just refuse to be suckered in I know that’s how the company makes money but when you waste that much precious real life time I’m done. It’s not fun and it’s not exciting anymore you just want to scream at your phone. But if you have no problem paying a couple bucks when you get to one of those walls the actual story is good.

Great game but needs adjustments. Gotta say as a technician myself this game is awesome. Love reviving old cars into show stoppers. On that note, I’m on level 176 and it’s impossible! There’s no daily rewards to help get past a hard level, no power up rewards for winning levels, nothing! I play similar games like this mini game and have made it to level 3000 + before it becomes this hard! It’s so frustrating and it makes me very early on just want to through my hands up at it. Tone down the difficulty please or at least give loyal daily log in players some rewards for sticking with it. Also as a technician some steps to fixing these vehicles is out of place. I don’t know anyone who would want to put all new body parts on them work over those new parts to pull a motor! Makes it more realistic tackling a motor first before all the body is in the way! Please y’all I want to go on with this game but your taking the fun out of it with the difficulty level. Fix that and rewards then you would have an awesome game!

Royal Match 2.0. Must pay to advance👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼. This is simply a copycat of Royal Match. The fun of building and upgrading cars is wasted on the stupid coins you MUST acquire (impossible after level 3) which leaves you stuck with a decision, pay real money for coins or delete the worthless app. Even IF the coins were easy to earn, the gameplay is backwards. You’re suppose to repair and rebuild these cars. But there is zero profit from the customers once it’s finished. Very lame. And on top of that, you have to use your coins to pay for everything from spraying off the car with a hose to simply removing the wheels. What a stupid concept. You pay for EVERYTHING and receive NOTHING in return from the customers. I’m an adult. I’m a car guy. Have been for 34 years. So this seemed like a simple time killer I might enjoy. But it’s simply a puzzle game that just gets deleted after a couple of days. What a waste. Don’t bother.

Difficulty level too much after only one day 137. Love the concept of the game but I level 137. I’ve already been stranded for two days, I’ve only been playing for three days, so this is extremely frustrating I will not/do not spend money on games but will watch whatever ads are available. My advice…make ads available to gain power ups, extra moves and extra lives. It will keep people playing your game. Unfortunately I burn through my lives and then have to wait for lives to regenerate without anything to keep me on the game…I will then exit the game and either forget to come back or hesitate to come back out of frustration. Day 3 and already considering deleting the app and from the first review I read from a person stuck 4 levels above me, I am not alone

I want to love it, but it’s still a mobile game.. I love the concept of this game and the story is cool (though a bit cringe at times,) however you can clearly tell the designers put little thought into how you beat the later levels without power ups. I’m on level 183, and you can clearly tell this level and others are dependent on you getting multiple level ups and combining them. If you don’t, you will not beat the levels. You can start with them if you get on a streak, however not beating a level on your first try removes the streak. Of course, once you’re going to lose the level and your streak a screen pops up offering you 5 more moves at the price of gems, the currency you can purchase with micro-transactions. But don’t worry! You can start the next level with power ups, once you pay more gems of course. You also get ONE life every THIRTY MINUTES(!!) which is ridiculous considering most harder levels are dependent on getting lucky with power ups. The difficulty is outrageous and the only way to circumvent that is to pay. It’s just another mobile game at the end of the day.

You will hit a paywall. Mine came at level 371. Basically at some point, the puzzle become unsolvable without extra moves and you will not have enough earned in game, so you will be forced to purchase them. For me it happens on level 371, marked as a “normal” level, I have spent over 2 weeks trying to pass this level without even getting close. You would need to purchase many power ups and extra moves to pass it. I noticed terrible difficulty pacing throughout the game with massive spikes in level challenge. So it may not be a deliberate paywall, but you will get stuck and you won’t be able to progress without real money. That said, the story is nice and the gameplay is otherwise fine, but the developers need to fix the issues above or people will stall out in the game and walk away to another matching game.

Pay to play. This game is fun at first but then the puzzles become much more difficult because they limit the amount of turns you can do to the point where unless you pay with crystals, you won’t be able to continue the puzzles. So you basically need to pay for crystals with real money to finish the puzzles. It legitimately gets to a point where no one playing this game for free can pass a level. I find it ridiculous as those playing this game without doing micro transactions have no other way to get crystals in a feasible manner. You win maybe 70 crystals per puzzle solved but to get 5 additional turns is 900 crystals. And maybe after 5 puzzles you won’t have enough turns to solve them so then you end up not having enough crystals to continue in the game at all so to beat a puzzle you have to pay for more crystals. Uninstalled this app as it wasn’t even that good in the first place.

Fun game/concept but too difficult too fast. It’s a fun game with a good premise but like others have mentioned, it goes from simple to impossible quickly. You have to do puzzles for money to customize the cars but the puzzles go from being easy to challenging to impossible really quickly. Of course they do this to make you purchase power ups but even they don’t help enough by level 70. By that level you have so much to check off to complete the level that you have to be extremely lucky to actually complete them all. That combined with the limited number of attempts (5) before they want you to buy more energy of wait 30min per try to refill makes this game so less enjoyable. I don’t mind a challenge but when you spend days to get lucky enough to complete a level the game gets stale quickly.

No ads for a reason. I downloaded and played this game for about a week. With all of the boosts the game provided, I was able to get to level 116. I ran out of boosts as I failed to clear the level. I then spent 2 days trying to clear the level without boosts and promptly deleted the app from my device. I like challenging not impossible. I refuse to spend money to pass levels which I’m sure you will spend a fortune on this game because the developers don’t give you a fair chance to beat any of the levels without some sort of boost. I would watch ads if I had a chance to progress through this game. I have better things to do then be frustrated by a game I know I can’t progress through. I don’t expect easy, but it would be nice to know you can progress through a game without forking out your life’s savings.

I enjoy it but there are MANY flaws. Ok so to start off, I really enjoy this game. The car customization is so fun and the story with all the characters is really fun and funny. But this game needs to take some features from some of the other match games. At some points I’m convinced this game is actively trying to make me lose. Fans will go to spots that don’t even have something to clear. I’ve had gauges with rockets that literally all go one direction and don’t clear anything on the board. Some levels start you with move amounts that are absolutely impossible. I genuinely think they need to look at how other match games do their algorithms and take some notes.

Great game at first but quickly turns frustrating. I love the options for customizing your car, and when the matching game to get money was somewhat reasonable I really enjoyed the game. But then I came to my first “hard level.” These levels are nearly impossible to win. You have to play them many many times and hope to get lucky and pull off a victory. Only then can you continue customizing your car that you’re working on. I have worked my way through three or four of these levels, though the amount of time I play the game has gone way down, but I’m ready to call it quits and delete the game. As you go further on those hard levels come up more frequently thus stalling your progress. You either need to make these levels easier, charge less than 900 gems to get five more tries, or give out more money for the easier levels. Until this is done, you’ve lost a customer. I download the game to customize cars, Not play a 3 match game.

GREAT IDEAS. It’s a way to make your own car Look great. To get money you have to play the puzzle game which I’m not a big fan of doing those games. However if you are not good you will end up paying for something these games are not completely free. They want you to continue to play so you will eventually give in so far No. ADS. Which I don’t like I just went through a whole free money ads if you play the game we will pay you when none of that is true I just want to play something that doesn’t encourage me to play other games that I don’t want to play. I play it as much as I can however I have projects around my house that need to be completed before I can start playing games again.

Great game! Until about lvl 100. First off, this is actually a matching game. However, the game is very good, and the car building is relatively fun, up until about lvl 100, where the matching game suddenly becomes very tedious. This is about when you go from a mainly car building game, to a mostly matching game. At this point you will have to do multiple games in a row to do even one modification, and levels will become increasingly tedious to play, often running out of moves every level unless you’re willing to spend all your gems you’ve collected up to this point, which seems to be the idea. Of course they also have a wait timer if you decide not to just east the expensive cost instead and just wait. I didn’t even realize this was a matching game until I started playing, but it’s pretty good anyways, until the levels get so cramped and time restrained you’re replaying them more than advancing the game.

Great Game; Insane Skill Gap. The concept of this game is wonderful. It’s a refreshing match-three with an automotive repair twist. The abilities are solid and the gameplay keeps me coming back. However, the pacing becomes strained toward latter levels as it becomes ridiculously difficult to pass just one level at a time. don’t get me wrong, a skill gap is required in a match-three to provide a stronger challenge, however the skill gap in this game is absolutely ruthless. it will have you begging for your soul at the fiery gates of chrome valley screaming “help me” while it watches you crumble under its heel. the difficulty in this game will tear the flesh from your bones and cause you to lose everything you love just to pass level 97. why john. why did you have to sell your soul. i found a way to pass level 98.. .traveler be weary…this game is not for the faint hearted…

Conflicted…as everyone else. This game was promising. And I’m not the type to leave a review. I saw it recommended on the “games were playing” section on the App Store, and thought I might give it a shot. The first issue was that I had no idea it was even a puzzle game, but that’s fine I can overlook it. Played the game for a solid few hours and enjoyed it. Got the first car done. I also had some spare cash lying around so I actually BOUGHT the leveling progression thing where you get the rewards. This is the first time I spent money on an app like this, and I’m disappointed in myself. As I’m working on the second car, the prices get higher for the parts and the levels get harder. And granted the levels are supposed to get harder, but this is just stupid hard. For the people who got to level 186 without paying for anything, how?? I’m stuck on level 76 WITH the thing I bought and I just can’t get passed it. It’s been two days now. And it’s all purely luck based. I really wanted to like this game, but the lives taking 30 minutes, the gems not paying out enough after every level, the balancing which is simply not there. It’s too much to overlook. You’ve been warned if you download this game. Don’t let the fun cars draw you in.

For car guys and girls.. It’s a great little game to pass the time. The puzzles are easy enough to get the loot needed to customize those gorgeous cars. There are just enough choices to make the customization a personal and satisfying experience. There’s even a cool little story built right in that makes it feel like your part of the crew and are helping everyone to achieve what they need to and get this….there are NO ADS!!! Seriously, no ads at all so nothing in the game is annoying at all. It’s all a very pleasant experience. I wasn’t sure I’d even like the game because it’s not a race game and you don’t get to drive the cars. But I’m glad I decided to try it out. If you like cars give it a shot. The developers did a great job here and made something I’d have never guessed would have been so fun. Hopefully the game gets an update soon and new cars added because I know I’ll be playing this daily and will finish all the cars pretty quick. Great job guys. Keep up the good work.

Love Hate redo. I’m changing my rating from a 3 to 1 and changing my feelings on the game. It started out awesome with lots of vehicle modifying and quick east coin collecting on the earning game weighing the game. Parts and upgrades were cheap so there wasn’t a lot of game within the game playing. Now on car four and I find that I’m playing mostly the game within the game(basically Candy crush with car related icons) and the levels are nearly impossible to pass. Sometimes playing the same level for at least a day or two because there are not a lot of tool help. Several times a regular level dang near more difficult than a hard or super hard level. At this point I’m on car four and “candy crush” level 137 and I’m over the game. I’ll check back after some upgrades and see if it’s gotten easier to play. I’m not paying cash to get no where in the game. Sorry developers.

Custom car themed match-3 game. So I’m not really into the candy crush/royal match style games, but I was intrigued by the car customization aspect, and that part I really enjoy. The match 3 puzzles are fine. They are fairly typical and are reasonably fun and a good time passer. But you have to do the puzzles too earn coins to fix/customize the cars, which is the part I want to do, and the puzzles get harder and harder and the cars more and more expensive to fix. This would be fine, even expected, but it ramps up too quickly imho. And there’s no other way to get power ups without beating levels or buying them. I’m only on the 4th car and already the puzzles are impossible to beat without buying some power ups with real money. The fact that there aren’t any ads is great, but honestly, I would rather have the choice to watch an ad or two to get power ups or coins than to just be stuck on an unbeatable level because I don’t want to buy anything.

Potential. Ive always been a big fan of these types of puzzle games. And that combined with my love for cars I thought this game would be a knockout. As any typical puzzle game the first 50 levels you’ll blow through with ease. The difference between this and other games like candy crush is once you get past level 120 on this game hold on because the puzzles become extremely difficult. After getting stuck on numerous puzzles for days on end I was finally fed up with level 197 after 5 days and made the mistake of buying $5 worth of power ups just to beat that level. My girlfriend told me that was a mistake because now that they know I will spend money on this game the puzzles are going to get way harder..And it has. Her and I both extremely big puzzle game players shes level 5,000 on candy crush and I’m on level 2,700 but we both have been stuck on level 206 for 2 weeks of this game. Most of the time we’re not even remotely close to completing the puzzle. Being stuck on 5 total puzzles for 4 weeks isn’t exactly my ideal of fun. It’s a great concept but plan on spending money if you want to go anywhere at all with it.

Weak. This game has an algorithm designed to scam you. It’s a blatant rip off of Royal Match. You could say it’s harder I guess, but it’s so similar it just seems like another aspect of the scam. You have almost the exact kind of power ups, but they’re not near as strong. Hence you have to use more except the game doesn’t give you very many tries. After lvl 20 almost all puzzles have four levels of obstacles you have to clear with limited tries. Depending on what’s there one obstacle could take at least 10 power ups just to get rid of, but some puzzles will only give you 15 tries. Some puzzles are labeled super hard or hard, but you’ll breeze right through and then the next lvl will be labeled easy, but it’s impossible to beat without paying for extra lives. Also, if you do pay money on games this one is more expensive than Royal Match and they require more of them to get stuff. Not worth it at all.

Gets to hard way to fast!. Do you all even read reviews? I’ve read everyone and they are all telling you the same thing. The puzzle part of the game gets way to hard way to fast. I know you want to make money off the game but the further someone gets is going to make them want to spend to keep going. But that’s not true when you make it so hard so fast. This games gives you nothing for coming back day after day, you never get and extra boost to help along the way. It just seems like a money grab. Really, go read the reviews and you’ll see everyone is saying this. It gets to hard to fast. Think about the people you made the game for and fix the difficulty to make it a much fun we game. 93% of people won’t pay anything just to get past a single level. I hope you think about fixing this because it is a really fun game until you get stuck and have to help. Then it just gets deleted. Please think about it. That is if you read reviews. Like I said I’ve read all the ones on here and they all say the same things and none of them have any comments from the creator or the company. I don’t think you care about reviews.

Cool at first. It was alright at first. The building the car was cool and it has the match three puzzles to get coins in order to complete the different tasks to complete the car. There is a story line but you can skip it or click through it fast. By the second car the match three puzzles are more tough to beat and you end up needing a lot of gems to buy more turns in order to complete the puzzle. It’s like 900+ gems for five more tries. If you don’t beat it that amount doubles for five more tries. Thing is you only get maybe 30-40 gems when you do beat a puzzle so if you want to continue the game you either start the puzzle over or break out the real cash for some gems. About half way through the third car the puzzle was pretty tough for me so after several tries and only about 500 gems, well below the 900 or so needed to continue the puzzle, I deleted the game. Had I beat the puzzle it would have only given me about 35 gems so…yeah. It’s a money getter for sure.

Super Fun, Great Game!. This game is super fun to play, and I love all the options when customizing your cars. No ads which is the best part. Decent story. My only gripe is I wish that you could customize the engine more, like choose engine color, different power upgrades (like superchargers) and maybe being able to tune the engine. Stuff like strut bars, roll cages, steering rack upgrades, and choosing the type of suspension would be neat. (springs, coils, etc). Also, for the turbos on the 1992 lightbeam, they aren’t set up correctly and the induction is put to the wrong pipe. It’s a small visual bug but would be nice if it was fixed.

Great Game!. I don’t write reviews often, buuut for this game I just had to! First, let me say: It’s sooo refreshing playing a (really good) game WITHOUT ANY ADS!! I’mma say it again,..”NO ADS!!!” AWESOMENESS!!😜I also enjoy the storyline and the character interaction with Me. The graphics are great, AND I truly enjoy the matching game part also! Check this out ~ I downloaded this game days ago, but only opened it hours ago…And Have Been Playing it Since I Opened It!! Love it!😍 However, if I’m allowed to throw an idea or two out there🤔then I’d ask •• could there be more colors added to the paints? Would you think of allowing Us to turn the vehicle “during”customizations? Also, allow Us to open the doors (since We go thru the process of customizing the inside) during the review and photo ‘sessions’? And as for the matching game part: Can We have a few more extra emeralds for the leftover boosters accumulated during gameplay, but not used?? And Possibly more mechanic coins on certain levels🥺 {This is the longest review I’ve EVER written!😁} I just have to say: Way To Go Devs!!👏🏼💯 Love the way y’all think!💗😉

Horrible touch detection.. I wrote a 4 star review a few days ago, saying that this game was good, but that the levels were very poorly marked when it came to difficulty. Many of the level that are supposed to be basic are harder than some of the “Very Hard” levels. I’m now changing my score to 1 star, because I’m sick of the touch detection in this game. The amount of times that I touch a piece, only for it to register that I touched a different one, is infuriating. I also have many instances where it go the wrong direction. I just swiped a piece to the left and it went right. I know you’ll ask if I’m sure I didn’t accidentally swipe a little to the right, but I happened to be moving this one slowly and saw it go the opposite direction, clear as day. This has happened several times, but this was the clearest I’ve seen it happen. On top of that, there’s a bug where if I move a piece towards the upper left area right when a level starts, it moves a piece on the other side of the screen. And last, sometimes I’ll move one of the color removing special pieces, but it will act like I tapped it, and then just choose its own color to remove.

Frustrated. I really liked this game in the beginning. As you move on to the next level some levels are marked as being hard. But you figure out a way to get through it. For three days now I have been stuck on level 99 and it’s not marked as being hard. I just can’t find my way past it and perhaps that’s on me. But sadly I’m going to delete the game. I don’t enjoy it anymore it’s just become this frustration. I get that every level isn’t suppose to be easy. I have tried several times to get past it and it’s not working for me. Games are suppose to be a way for you to relax and enjoy. I enjoy a challenge but this particular level has become more of an anxiety for me.

Wish it had ads.. I never thought I’d say this but I wish this game had ads. It gets so incredibly difficult around level 120 which isn’t that far into the game that it’s almost impossible to play without spending money. Of course, this game has lives so every time you fail a level, you lose a life. It can take 30 minutes just to get one life back and if you fail the same level again (which is almost completely based on luck) then you gotta wait another 30 minutes for another life. That or spend your money to get more lives which is ridiculous. This game has a LOT of potential, but waiting 30 minutes every time you fail (or spending around $5-$10 every time you fail) is just ridiculous. I’d watch ads just to get lives back or gems back (you retry levels with gems, but gems cost $$$). I hope they make it so either you can spend money and you get unlimited lives or they implement the chance to watch an ad for a retry or lives or something because this game is genuinely really fun when you can actually play the game.

Too difficult for little reward. This game starts out great but as it progresses it becomes way to difficult for what you earn. I have literally spent 3 days on one level trying to get it only to be rewarded with money that wasn’t enough to upgrade anything…so…back to more difficult levels for several days. If I only get rewarded and am only able to upgrade the vehicle (which is my favorite part of the game) with one part every week it takes the fun out of it. Once a car is finished the owner of the vehicle pays you a whopping $250 which isn’t enough to purchase one part for the next car. You should get more money depending on the difficulty level of the puzzle and then a larger bonus for completing a vehicle. I got this game to mess with the cars and those opportunities are to few and far between. And yes…I purchased MANY packages to help me but it got to the point where it would use all of those resources just to win one board. Not worth it.

Fun, hard to play for free, almost worth it. I like this game, it’s fun, I love the stories and the car stuff. The cars are awesome and you get good options. The matching game is how you earn coins to restore the car and you’ll spend a good 70% of your time doing this. Once you’ve played for a bit, the matching games become nearly impossible to complete without luck and a lot of the “special” blocks available through either matching in specific patterns or keeping up a win streak. Once you lose a game you can use their paid currency (gems) to keep going but it costs a lot more than you make. At that point you will need sheer luck to complete a level without paying for more special blocks or powerups and it’s an endless cycle of getting bad luck in a game and the next one taking much longer to complete. It’s clear while playing that they want to make it difficult to move on without paying for more powerups so I eventually just got tired of it and deleted the game but I wish it wasn’t like this because I really liked the rest of it. Just make it paid at this point and let us customize cars, man.

Not sure about this one…. The developers spent a ton of bucks on getting all these big names in car customization to promote the game. It would have been far better to use that money to make the game better. . The graphics are okay, nothing to write home about. The story lines are good, but I would much rather have the people in motion, speaking etc. instead of just captions and motionless figures. The way the customization is done makes no sense. Put all the new parts then pull the engine? In what world would anyone so that? Put more animation into the repair. Would be great to do that instead of having to select a part and watch it be put onto the car. . There is so much that would make this a better and more exciting game. TBH, it’s boring. Match 3 game, put parts on the car. More Match 3, put more parts. I just completed the wedding car and I am ready to delete the game. I originally gave this three stars, but decided on two. . I feel let down that there were all these big names in car restoration, and then the average game was put out. It could be much, much better. I’ll try one more restoration, if things don’t improve, I’ll probably delete it.

REALLY FUN AT FIRST, BUT THEN. So this game was really fun at first but then (I don’t know if I’m just not smart or it’s just really hard) I’m on the second car and I can’t even beat level 22 I used all of my hearts and then have to wait 22 min just to regenerate one single heart. And the game doesn’t have any daily login rewards so it’s nearly impossible to get power-ups without spending real money. And the amount of gems you need to get 5 more moves after losing is insane because you only get around 40-50 gems when you beat a level. And I get that the heart regeneration is so you don’t get addicted to the game and all that but I think you should keep it but just lower the time it takes to regenerate. I hope you listen to me and many other people who said the same things, THANK YOU.

Why’s it so difficult?. I really enjoy the game. It’s super fun but there’s a massive difficulty curve. Some level just seems so much more difficult than other levels. and it feels like the further you get the harder it gets to get enough money to do even one part. I find myself having to take long breaks in between not because I have to, but because I simply run out of lives and get hung on a level for ever it’s very frustrating. I finish the first car with no stress whatsoever. Even the super hard levels weren’t bad. it seems like ever since I passed level 100 every level seems impossible on a first life try. I really do like the game and think it could be perfect. If maybe you were given more lives or scale the difficulty a little better. It seems weird to me that you would use the same lives for super hard levels as you would a regular level So maybe that’s how to improve it?

Great game but seems to be rigged. Let me start by saying I LOVE this game, working on the cars, the staff of the garage, the graphics…top notch! But there are A LOT of levels that seem only beatable by spending my real money to buy gems for boosters. I know people gotta make a living, but it seems like every other level is a SUPER HARD level that you have to buy gems to beat. Entirely too much and too hard!!! It takes all the fun and joy out the game, snd seems a bit greedy to me. I’m on a fixed income, can’t afford to buy gems to beat levels. Very aggravating. May have to delete game. Not even Candy Crush is this impossible! PLEASE make the game fair, I really don’t want to delete it, but it’s very aggravating and drains the fun from it.

Really good, with many shortcomings. This is an excellent game, I won’t deny that. However, it’s just another excellent game that’s been ruined by being a matching game. The levels quickly become nearly impossible to beat, and honestly it just takes all of the fun away. I love matching games, but ones that are actually enjoyable and don’t take 1 week to get past a level. Also, the cost for things get significantly more expensive as the chapters go on. Something that cost 150 in the first chapter now costs 500. This paired with the near impossible matching levels, makes progress slow and just really not fun. This is a really excellent game, with some really unfortunate things holding it back.

Good Game - Total Cash Grab. First thing I have to say I like the concept I really do and it’s a fun game, until it isn't. Once you get deep into the game it it becomes entirely so difficult to continue with spending some money. Which leads me into the cash grab part. I get it people gotta make money but if the only way to beat a game is to spend your own money to continue what’s the point of a free game. I would rather get an ad when you finish or restart the level then have to spend my own money to even get through one or maybe 2 levels so that you can continue. The only way to beat some of the “extreme levels” is to spend money to get gems so that you can continue. I liked it then I didn’t. If you have money to burn once you get farther into the game. Have at it.

Great game!. I love how much fun this game is and how difficult it is but it’s not impossible. Takes a few try’s to get past some levels but eventually you’ll get it. I’m currently level 271 and there have been some that I genuinely struggled for a few days on. Only thing I would add/change is add daily login rewards or something and have the cars go through the engine work before the body work. I’m not even a mechanic but it’s just common sense that the details and body work come after the car is good under the hood. Maybe in the future add rat rods or more trucks. Add ghost flames? Or white as a primary body color instead of just the decal color? Just ideas. Overall great game and am having a lot of fun! Haven’t had this much fun on a mobile game sense angry birds first came out. 👍

Fun Game! Enjoyable! Some Edits Needed. I really enjoyed playing this game! It’s a fun twist on similar casual free-to-play puzzle games with upgrading cars versus, say homes or gardens. It’s reminiscent of the great docuseries streaming shows about car restorations and customizations we all binge watch! The game play is easy and enjoyable! Highly addicting! However I'm on level 216 and it's darn near impossible to pass without power-ups. There's no daily rewards to help get past a hard level, no weekly special events that provide power-ups or free play time, so it makes it difficult to continue to play on. I play similar games like this and have made it to much higher levels before it becomes this hard! It's pretty frustrating and makes me want to play other games versus coming back to this one if it stays as is. Please tone down the difficulty please or at least give loyal daily log in players some rewards for sticking with it. If you can change this, it would be a near perfect game!

Fun until you get to higher levels.. Downloaded the game after seeing an ad which of course the game is nothing like the ad displayed. But after still getting hooked into playing, a lot of the earlier levels were easy and quickly made it into the hundreds levels. But once you get to higher levels the enjoyment of the game kinda goes away. You can use all lives multiple times within days and not be able to beat some of the levels. Some levels require the specials to finish and the game’s algorithms for piece generations makes it so you don’t get those. To many times the game will screw tou and go “oh your out of lives but pay and we will give you more to beat it with 1 move”. Believe the algorithm intently does this. Then after restarting the level you spend 30 lives and never get close to beating. This seems like a pattern the game does. It makes you angry at the game rather then enjoying it. Other games like this does the same thing but after using 10 life’s you might be able to complete the level. But this game I don’t know how many levels I have had issues on. Another thing is the constant, do you want to spend to add lives. I don’t know how many times you hit the x to say no and then try to hit try again but it didn’t take the x and now you wasted the gems for extra life’s you know won’t matter to beat the game. Maybe throw in an acknowledgment for using gems so you don’t accidentally waste them.

Was a great game.. First off I’m going to start with it is a fun game enjoy the restoration part an everything however. I started playing the game an it was fun no ads or anything just had to actually play. The more I played it the more I started to see the popularity of the game rise. Commercials about it an id see it on TikTok/Facebook well with that said I have gotten farther in the game an now it keeps asking me to purchase this an purchase that to be able to finish the level. I have tried finishing it without purr having it to the point I have used all the speacial moves I have an till do have enough moves to clear the screen. Will give it another shot before deleting but I will not be purchasing in game purchases. It’s a fun game I would recommend to someone how ever I will earn you that there may be times you have to purchase in game things to get threw the level they don’t provide enough mores on some to do it without.

Too hard without buying power-ups. I initially had a fun time completing the puzzles and customizing the cars, so much so that I I initially gave a 5 stars. This however is long over. I am on the third car into the game and the prices for parts are double even triple what the original two cars were to upgrade. This makes it so you have to play multiple puzzles for one car part. This in itself is fine however, the levels that are considered very hard only give 10-12 spots for initial power ups and even if you’ve finished three puzzles in a row to get the engine to max so that you can start with some boosts, they are pretty much useless because it’s only going to clear a small amount of the board. After that though the rest of the pieces are just impossible to match and clear the level with a ton of different things that need to be collected. They make it so you have to use the power ups such as the saw, hammer, jack, and dice. Unfortunately this is a way they can make you buy upgrades because you can’t skip the level to go back to a normal layout. It’s kind of a rip off because they make you pay for the boosts to pass the level. Just my two cents.

Typical Gotcha Game. I literally fell in love with this game it was a great way to kill time. Everything was smoothly paced and I was legitimately having fun for the first time in pretty much ever…until I didn’t. I crushed levels left and right and I got to the late 80’s and early 90’s number of levels and it then became a gotcha game! I was on level 92 you get 15 moves and you have to by pass 10 spark plugs and break open 3 to chests at the bottom with traffic cones. One of these doesn’t add up does it I’m out of power up I’m 70 gems away from 5 more moves talk about a huge gotcha style of game tell me when I’m telling lies! None the less I’m deleting it and more Than likely not gonna give this a second chance this is a scum bag move and that’s not what anyone wants to put up with! No way to get more power ups with spending real money, no log in daily rewards, no specials being ran..this is sorry do not recommend!!!!!!

It’s a ridiculous waste of time! Drive on by!. From be forced to use hard won points on ridiculous things like repairing a couples relationship (seriously!!) to unpacking boxes from a trunk to overpriced parts! That are difficult to win on because there’s usually not enough allotted moves! This has nothing on the great Super Nintendo, which would never have done the ridiculous things this does! Level 88 is an example that if you don’t purchase extras (at high prices) you aren’t completing it; not to mention the very annoying garage owner that constantly pops up (harassingly) when you are forced to retry a level because there were not enough moves to completely it in the first place! And you loose items. It would have been a much better game if you could simply just build a : classic car, truck, cycle, hot rod…etc.

Thanks and Requests. This game is fabulous in so many ways that enthusiasts can appreciate about the car builds and gameplay. I’m happy to play the puzzles as many times as I need to, but without spending actual money I wish the levels were easier throughout. Once you get to level 125 and higher they are so hard to complete and with very little booster help, that I just want to quit and go play Alchemy 2 or Baseball9. And the simple levels reward as many coins as the super hard levels. If it were easier to pass levels I’d play this game nonstop. Either make all levels easily passable or at least make the harder levels worth more coins. The Telesto, for example, has so many parts and they are way more expensive than the Colt. So I only try to pass the Telesto level once per day and use up my lives. Discouraging. Also, I’d like to echo what user JusDaShiznit said. Those are great ideas for the garage I love the effort put into mimicking the OEM vehicles without using their actual names so the game can stay free of ads and licensing. PLEASE make the levels easier to complete for those of not spending actual $$ and we will refer everyone to this game. We are involved heavily in the custom car community here on the MS Gulf Coast

Starts off good. This game appeared to be just as advertised at the start. It was fun, the game challenges fair and good story lines. As expected, the game challenges got more difficult with each car completion. When I got to the 5th car, things got ridiculous. The challenges (rated easy, hard and super hard) were mostly “super hard” levels and the only way to beat them was to “purchase” the help items, which were used up quickly and required spending more money to continue playing. All of this without making much headway in completing the car or progressing the game. I understand the need and desire for getting paid to develop game apps, especially one without ads. However, this game is way too expensive (for a “free” app) and not worth the cost. I would suggest adding an ad option for those without deep pockets. Players who don’t mind paying cash to play will have the same game and those who don't can opt for ads to continue playing. Otherwise, players like myself will just delete your app and move on to something more playable.

Amazing game, but... I’m actually so heartbroken over this game. I thought i found my favorite game ever, i rebuilt the first two cars fairly easy. Me and my boyfriend were in love with this game it was fun for me to make a bunch of money doing the puzzles and save it up and then rebuild the car when he got home. But, right around the level 130 mark, the games get ridiculously, stupidly, unfortunately HARD. like absolutely ridiculously hard you have to play them for days to get past them and you only pass them when you get lucky and get all the power up’s to pass the level. i’m on level 152, every single level i make it to i think to myself how the heck am i ever gonna make it pass this one. i think i’m seriously stuck at 152. i’m not gonna buy anything for it because i’m broke, but i have a feeling they make it so hard so you can buy stuff to keep playing. so sad :(

Great potential wasted. I’m deleting this game, and I’m sad about that. It had a really cool concept and restoring the cars with all the customization was really fun! If that was what the game was actually about, I would love it and rate it 5 stars. Unfortunately, it is completely ruined by a miserable, tedious match 3 game that I have grown to despise. After you do several cars, the levels become literally impossible and take days to pass even 1 without spending money. Like other games in this genre, it also becomes SO much more expensive to actually restore the car the further you go, with it costing $2,000 to do random things that have nothing to actually do with the car (like sanding a bmx bike?). Add that to how impossible the levels are, and you just have a recipe for a crappy game. I wish for once there could just be a good phone game that is about what it advertises and isn’t a stupid matching game.

Bro this game is awesome. The game is very awesome, it has a lot of cars so far and I really hope it grows bigger, yea some of the levels can be hard yet you get a reason to finish it, it’s a very cool that that I recommend to others since it passes the time, don’t ever give up on a level keep trying until you get it, just knowing you can finish that car once you got the money to. If I could add any car to this game it would be the 1958 Cadillac Eldorado that’s been found at a dump, the tires are shabby and the wheels are dirty, the car was found by a guy named Jim, the cars original color before in the state was blue, the car is a convertible so the top is a bit rotten and can be replaced back to normal, can have no roof and just have the windshield there, or can be replaced by a custom Normal roof, the car is Also covered in vines and has a few boxes inside the car which are full with some usable parts, and a old poster of the car when it was in mint condition.

Why the bejeweled aspect?. Downloaded this game solely based off of a single ad I came across. I Like mechanic simulators games or anything roughly based off working on cars racing building customs etc… It’s not horrible but please explain how playing “bejeweled” /“candy crush” help finance an auto shop. It’s kinda silly, putting it nicely. There seems to be a defined story on the overall shop And so far each customer (only 2 deep) have their own little story associated to their vehicle. You play a level of matching get some coins to finance something associated with the vehicle overall repairs: ties, rims, paint, body work etc… then you either remove broken or damaged pieces or install new pieces. New pieces seem to give you 3 options none of witch are horrible. And give that feeling of customization maybe in the later stages the customer has some actual opinions on what they want from their car I’d have preferred they drop the mini game knock off, that so many others do and stick with the core appeal to the game as a custom car shop. I can foresee myself dumping this game off after a few rounds as the matching mini game eventually irritates me. But for the time being I’ll keep playing until it gets old.

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Good game. Good game but needs more moves on super hard levels or a few more helpers on those levels as you get stuck on the level for days and it’s frustrating but overall a good game just those hard to super hard levels let it down abit

Fun until it’s not.. I loved the idea of this game, but it just doesn’t live up to the marketing video. This game is first a match-3 game and second a restoring vehicles game. It quickly becomes so hard to solve the match-3 puzzles that you waste lots of time trying again and again. To add insult to injury, the coins you earn from solving the puzzles will rarely pay for the next step of the restoration. You could go a week and not do a single part of car restoration as you are stuck trying to solve a puzzle over or solving many hard puzzles just to earn enough money to proceed with your restoration. Sure if you want to spend lots of real money for gems so you can solve the puzzles easier, you would get to do more restoration work, but it just doesn’t happen otherwise. The game makers claim the puzzles are solvable without real money, but the chance must be remote.

Fun but doesn’t really go anywhere. Lots of fun initially, but you’d think after putting time into each vehicle it would then be sold and you’d make a profit. But you get peanuts. Instead the cost of materials go up and you can only claim 300 points per colour jewel game, despite the fact that the games get harder (@ lvl 120) and really to only way to move up is to spend money which doesn’t last long either before topping up.

Love the game BUT. Love the game but the levels are ridiculous after awhile. While I’m sure others are like me and love the thought of doing up cars it just takes too long to get the cash. I play it for the cars not as someone said to “play candy crush.” Also Make it so you can modify/ upgrade the cars more once you’ve done them up. Just make the game more enjoyable instead all these ridiculous levels and where the higher you get, the more parts you have to buy. Seriously thinking of getting rid of the game which is a shame

Car game. This game is super as I love cars and candy crush and stuck them together to make a great game I am so addicted I have played for 3 hours straight and still going so I am going to go back but keep up the good work and how now’s baby updates and I will tell my friends about you guys bye

Needs Improvement. This game is interesting. There's only one thing that I think should be improved is that you get too little money for each level and each car transformed. Like playing continuously 10 levels can only give you the amount to do 2 or 3 transformation on a car. That makes me lose the interesting of playing because it takes to much time and effort, not suitable for leisure time.

I love this game. I was on the verge of suicide my wife left me with my 2 kids I miss little Bob and I became very depressed and it came to the point where I had nothing to lose but I stumbled across this game and it saved me thank you to the creators and developers 💋😘

Not for people who like not wasting money. The way you get to customise the cars and play puzzles are pretty cool but it gets to some point where the levels just get impossible and you have to do 3 for one part. And yes, you can spend non-in game currency but it doesn’t even help that much. I just want them to make the puzzles a little bit easier and make the car parts less expensive.

My favourite game but... honestly my favourite game since i first got it because it’s so addicting but the levels are getting ridiculously hard and i’m only at episode 5… with 8+ more to go. it’s taken me WAY over 10 attempts to do level 198 and i’m starting to get discouraged with continuing if levels are expected to get even harder! Please review the levels, I don’t mind a challenge but it’s just exhausting not getting even close to a win + having to wait again for lives!

Addicted and angry lol. Yo, level 828 is legit impossible. What does a brother have to do to get a win around here? (Other then buy stuff) even with 3rd level rewards and 1 of each booster used. It is impossible to get around only having 2, 2 lines of 3 to work with getting 60 tapes 30+ cones and whatever the other wincon is. Please help, just wanna upgrade the vehicle 😔

Game is not what you see on the advertisement. I can’t believe they get celebrities to endorse this. 1. What do you see during the advertisements is not what you actually get during the game. Don’t think you’ll be able to fix a car and actually race it, because you won’t. Or even buying and selling cars to make more of a profit. 2. I’m at level 288, and have only improved 4 full cars cars as the coins that you earn for each game is nowhere near as much as what you need to actually finalise a Car. 3. I have just spent the last four weeks on level 288 as it’s impossible to do without purchasing extras to help you through it. The game is definitely set up so that you have to buy the certain levels.

Ok game, but not like the adds. So as a whole the game is ok. The adverts show it as a buy, fix and sell cars, but it’s not. There’s a story line to it and you need to play bubble pop style mini games to progress in the game. The graphics are cartoony but suit the style of the game. Now the bad, I’ve been trying to get past level 76 for a week now with no luck, as a result I am uninstalling the game as there’s no point in playing a game I can not progress any further.

I really like this app. I would ask that you could make a sort of easy mode for people who just want to roll along nicely and have a nice time reappearing the cars. In other words sort of unlimited money so you can just look at the cars and experiment with the looks of course this would not be considered in the leaderboard thank you for giving me the time to read this fed back and I would deeply appreciate it if you could see what you could do about this idea thank you for your time and have a wonderful day.

I like it but it just gets too hard. Got to level 450 and the game just gets too hard. Not enough turns on some levels to complete and I don’t want to spend anymore money on this game.

Fantastic game. I love playing this game. Much like the other reviewers I am stuck on level 116 I almost managed to finish it once but didn’t have enough coins to get the extra moves. The game would be more enjoyable if there were daily bonuses or other ways to earn boosters and or gems. An option to watch an advert in lieu of payment would be great.

New way to get in game money please🥹. The way to get money in the game is quiet annoying because if I wanted to play candy crush I would. It would be nice if you had to do races or sell old parts to make money. And also as soon as you get to the 3rd level it is a constant grind for money which is a pain in the rear end please listen Developer.

Fun concept but oppressive game mechanics. There are lots that are good about this game. The design, characters and storyline all amazing. It makes an interesting change to a standard match four game. The problem comes to unfair level design or stingy delivery of power ups. Power ups only appear to be provided at the end of a car restoration (normally every 20-30 levels at least) or at gem costs that might cost 200 levels worth of rewards. Competitions seem pointless to join, as you will be stuck every 5-7 levels for multiple days worth of play. A game designed to only be enjoyable to pay to win crowd. Frustrating if you try to play it for free.

To hard to quickly. Great game but get hard too quick. Would be better if it had a little bit of a challenge so you could do the cars up. The best part is having the coin to do the cars up and the story line also.

Amazing but…. Love the concept of the game also how you can upgrade the cars, so many options to pump the car, colours, wheels, size of wheels etc. My only disappointment is that I downloaded because of the cars, however, 70% of the time is playing another game to earn coins and then invest in the cars. I wouldn’t mind having to playing this “candy crush” type of game if I earn around 800 coins per game. Some levels you need to play 3 times to earn enough coins to be able to only Remove the old wheels of the car. I’d love to keep playing if I could spend 80% of the time on the car and not in the candy crush.

Money. Some of the levels are so much harder than what’s necessary to make it challenging, game comes to a stand still because you can’t beat a level and can’t make any money, would also be cool as a side job if you could buy and fix up your own vehicles to sell to clients so there is a way to make money other than the colour match game

Great game. This game is so addictive. All the guys at work play it. The only negative I can think of is that for the hard and super hard levels you should get more coins like you do gems. Would make it better considering how expensive the parts get later on

Good game, but also stuck. Great game, but the higher levels are getting ridiculous. Been stuck on level 268 for a week now. Got close a few times, but just too hard. And 5 attempts just disappears so quickly. They need to refresh quicker or have more in the first place. Or other ways to refresh them.

Small problem with the title. I think this game would benefit from a small change to the name swapping customs for custard or mustard. Think of all the imagery you could play with. I don’t anything more should be said and please take my thoughts into consideration many thanks. Custard and Mustard Lover.

In the game. The idea and simplicity is great. My only complaint so far for an aged player is the finer details are hard to see. I wear glasses and in some areas like engine and dash it could be a little larger. It could be my phone but the sound of the car when finished would be good too. Otherwise get in sit down and shut up while we do what we do best. Build cars.

This game needs to be more playable. The game is a great game but many of the levels, despite the developer saying are all beatable, that is true if you’re willing to pay real money to get the power ups, boosters or gems to get through the levels. There also needs to be higher levels of coins to be paid out as you go to higher levels. Great concept but unstalled the app.

The idea of this game is cool. I like the customisation aspect (sometimes the dialogue scenes are a bit long winded and unnecessary) but the levels, man are they ridiculously hard especially if you don’t want to shell out real life money on power ups. I’ve been stuck on a hard level for a day now and it’s making me lose interest in the game. I feel some of the levels are “pay to win” like unless you spend money on more moves, power ups or a pass, some of the levels feel impossible. Also, not scaling the coins to the amount needed to complete tasks is kind of silly, sometimes I’ll have to do multiple levels just put a hood ornament on.

This game is a scam. This game is a stupid scam, when I got to the second mission, I ran out of moves so I used my crystals to buy more moves and then the next time I tried to get more moves, I had ran out of crystals and it said I needed to spend money to continue, so now I can’t play it anymore, after I saw that this glitch had happened I deleted the game straight away, actually a really good, fun game , until you can’t play until you spend money. It’s sad what some people do for money. Disappointed in this game. :(

THIS GAME IS SO FUN BUT THEN….. I love the concept of the game How you have to work for the money but I have never played candy crush so at first I had no idea but I clicked a Easy so now it’s getting not playable and I’m starting to not annoy the game I’m on level 206 and I think it’s way to hard so if you can please make the levels easier in the 200s because it’s just getting ridiculous and not fun so can u pls make it more playable thank you and hopefully you see this like my other message but pls make it a touch easier thank you and no hate I love the game but you know there’s no adds so I would download the game over and over again but again please make hard levels easier like 206 thank you

Game isn’t enjoyable anymore. Game started out enjoyable when the puzzles were low levels but now the puzzles are almost impossible. Been stuck at level 99 for a few days now. After level 90, it takes like 20 minutes or sometimes days to complete a level. That is not fun. I just want to quickly complete a puzzle and continue building cars. Not spend 2 weeks trying to get past a puzzle level. Game will be getting uninstalled.

Okayish. It’s a good game and fun restoring the cars. Even playing the levels to earn the money for the cars. BUT… the levels are just way too hard now. It’s not even enjoyable anymore. I’ve progressed so far now that they’re not even possible to pass, it’s kinda ridiculous. A part from that not a bad game it’d just be nice if it was a bit more reasonable.

Could be fun but. Great concept but the level difficulty takes the fun out of the game and just makes it frustrating. No opportunity to get any specials to get through without in game purchases. Same as all the other reviews I have read. Definitely needs to be looked at.

Right up my alley. Look I’m a car guy and I love cars so this is the perfect game for me. it has lots of puzzles that you have to complete to get money. then you use that money you fix up the car your working on. You can customise the car however you like. Awesome game definitely recommend downloading it.

Levels impossible without power ups. I’m stuck on a level and I tried 20 times beating it without power ups and it’s highly impossible, that’s the point of your game but I wish there was a skip a level for watching ads or something because this game is kinda stressing and fun in the same time. :)

Levels. Pretty cool game which I have enjoyed. However I have found that some levels cannot be beaten without power ups or buying extra moves. I am currently stuck on Level 108, as the level itself isn’t giving me enough pieces to form power ups to destroy the hood ornaments. While the Devs have said “all levels are created so they can be beaten without spending money” - it’s true for maybe 90% of them. There are quite a few I can’t get past without spending real money to buy gems and get extra moves. I have also found that the cars get more and more expensive to restore (which is fair enough, but why don’t the levels give me more coins to compensate?) - why am I paying 350 coins to apply soap then 150 to wash the car directly after? Or 850 coins to install doors when it cost 400 to fix a chassis? It doesn’t make sense. The levels need to start giving you more coins/gems for completing them the higher you get. Why do I get 300 coins for completing level 1, and still get the same amount for level 108? That doesn’t make sense to me. There needs to be another way to make money in the game, or at least the bonus for finishing an episode needs to be a lot higher. Having to do 2-3 of those puzzle levels to install a single part is silly.

Something doesn’t add up. In its entirety it’s not a bad game, another join the colours clear the squares and solve the required puzzles. Flaws - When you get double rewards “not all the rewards are doubled” only a select rewards/s are doubled. When you complete a level the green diamonds you accumulate to use in game to help get further don’t always add up, more times than not you get short 3-5 diamonds. Not a big deal I guess but you use those to purchase in game rewards and lives plus the only other way you can get these is through in app purchases. So yes a cool concept but not sure why these simple bugs would get through but “something doesn’t add up”.

Fun concept but later levels are often ridiculous. Same issues as other reviewers here. The game concept itself is fun however the actual levels you play to get coins are particularly at higher levels just ridiculous in that the level coin rewards don’t scale at all. In addition while the levels are supposedly all able to be beaten without spending that’s something I’ve come to doubt. For example I’ve been stuck on level 194 for almost a month now. This level gives you only 17 moves to clear 5 tyres, 71 oil spills (a number of which are hidden beneath other objects), 12 vending machine snacks AND 18 traffic cones. Not once have I come anywhere close to beating this level with or without power ups. I’d saved all my earned power ups up til this point and have now burned through all of them to no avail. At this point this is something that is making me seriously reconsider continuing ti play the game because why should I waste my time on a game that can’t be progressed for the above reasons?

Good game, but difficulty could be brought down. I enjoy the game, it’s a unique concept for a tile match game, but I am currently stuck on level 158, with no way to get past the level apart from waiting for hours for lives again, and I can’t, and won’t buy any gems to buy power-ups.

Great game. Love the game, the only bad thing I have to say is the levels are hard it would be great if you could add a booster or something for logging in every 24hrs or something to help with the levels. As I’m getting bored because I can not pass. Other wise this game is really great i live seeing end result of my car build

Levels can be too hard. I like the game and it’s addictive but some levels are way to hard and you get stuck on levels for weeks at a time. Takes enjoyment out of it not going up in levels. I like a bit of a challenge but some levels I don’t even get close to clearing it. Feels like I’d get more enjoyment out of just starting again or finding a different game to play.

Too hard too quickly. Starts off good. Gets ridiculous at the third car, where you spend way too much time getting through puzzles to get money to fix the car. $100 for a repair at the start and $700 by the third car. Looks like the game is geared towards getting people to spend real dollars to get through. Not interested in people playing for nothing. Shame it can’t accommodate both types of players.

Agree with others. Good concept but the difficulty of most of the levels as you progress is over the top. Lots of others with the same view. While it might be designed to be achieved without power ups, making 20 attempts at the same level and waiting for lives etc detracts from the game. I get it is designed to generate income but…..

I’m having fun. Honestly it’s a great game and the theme and concept really engages you. Personally for me I was never good at this “candy crush” type game mode so it would be better if you could balance it out so getting coins would be easier. Just because I enjoy building the cars a lot more, maybe things such as raising it to 10 hearts so u get more chances to get coins. Other than that I’m am having fun. ALSO more colours for the cars, thanks!! I would love (darkish) purple :)

Like the game, but stuck on a level. Love this type of game, however it could use daily logon bonuses to help people pass levels they are stuck on. I’ve been on puzzle 194 for over a week. Can’t afford to buy game credits, so here I sit until I work out how to pass the level in the small number of moves you have allocated

Sets you up to fail almost immediately!. The game starts easily allowing you to win sufficient coins to complete the first two cars, but then becomes impossibly difficult forcing you to sometimes play for days for just a few coins, making the game frustrating and the actual car restoration part of the game completely unplayable. Clearly this is done with the intent to make you purchase/pay for gameplay options, which is very poor form by the creators at such an early stage of the game. I’ve lost interest and wouldn’t recommend this game to anyone.

Money. Would be good if there was another way to earn money and still build cars if you get stuck on a level cause some are pretty hard and you don’t get money so the game basically come to a stop and there nothing to do especially when you run out of lives

Enjoyable. I like resorting the cars and that the hard levels are actually challenging to finish. I would however like what was in the ad - you choose a car to buy and fix it up then and then be able to auction it off. It gets a little repetitive building cars without a choice.

Please fix the Hard levels !. Great concept for a game but the hard levels are just ridiculous. Been stuck on Level 137 for weeks. If you don’t have any power ups or are prepared to spend money it seems to be impossible !! Please fix it. Also you should receive more coins for levels or balance the cost out

truely such a great game. i really love this game. i’ve played heaps of mobile games but this is my favourite. i love fixing and customising cars so this game is perfect. you dont need to use extra gems/coins to get the ‘better’ upgrades, u can choose whatever you want. there’s no annoying ads and you dont have to use your real money unless you want to. the customers in the game are typical people you would see at a restoration place and they’re funny and have their own cool backstories, like they’re not just some annoying bots. my only issues with the game is how the parts get more expensive but you still get the same amount of coins/gems as when you were at the beginning levels. the levels get harder as you get further in, making it harder to get coins, especially the levels marked as ‘hard’. so its kind of discouraging but i love the game so i’m not going to give up yet. btw i’m writing this review at level 104 thank you developers for making such an awesome game!!

The levels. I am really enjoying this game but the levels are ridiculous. You need to use power ups just to finish the level just to get coins. I am up level 49 and you only get 13 moves just to finish it. I have tried multiple times. I always lose. And all levels are different. Some are easy and some are hard to play.

Short Lived Excitement. Game starts off exciting but that is short lived by lack of variety when I comes to earning credits to restore cars that quickly becomes more disappointing when either have spend real money or be phenomenally good at candy crush in order to progress and continue doing up cars. It would be good if you could automatically receive gems and credits like some other app game’s provide.

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Another match 3 with greedy devs. Is it coincidental that the ‘rate us’ pops up just before the levels get infuriating? Just another match three game with greedy developers. People know the gimmicks devs use to make money. I played the levels without upgrading the cars at first, to see what kind of devs they are. Decimated level after level without hardly trying, I made 20k coins. Then I started fixing the cars until I ran out of coins. I started doing the levels again to get more coins, and guess what? Every level became near impossible. I did a few with the boosts that I had obtained for free, but then I just got frustrated. Mainly because I realized that it would continue to be like that (maybe worse) until I paid. Nope. Not happening. If you want to have some fun with it, just do the match three part until you can’t, then check out the stories (they’re not bad really). Then delete it like me before you’re ‘forced’ to pay or rage quit. To the devs who think we’re dumb, writing generic ‘some levels are hard’ nonsense in response to players’ reviews is condescending and naive. We know what you ultimately made this game for, and it’s not our enjoyment.

It WAS fun…. Like everyone else, it was fun at the beginning when you had a chance, but once all the free power ups and stuff are gone your screwed unless you pay. The first 50-60ish levels were fun cuz you could win money and go back to restoring cars and then get more money when you win, but at around lvl 50 they pretty much tell you to go eff your self and spend real money or be stuck forever. This is why i don’t play games on my phone, ya’ll took the fun out of it. I just want to kill a bit of time not spend money. The crazy thing is if you made the levels doable I’d be playing all day, but you don’t so it’s now deleted. Burn on you.

95% minigames. If you like games like candy crush this is for you. It has car building elements but aside from some customization it’s mostly minigames you need to play to customize all aspects of the car

Game need work. Although this is a decent game, there are a lot of issues that need to fixed. First of all, this game needs to have less puzzles. I don’t really mind puzzles, but when you have to play it every minute just to spend 10 seconds customizing cars, it is not worth it. I am really glad I did not spend anything in the game. Second of all, the game needs to have infinite lives. I hate waiting just for hearts cause it’s a waste of time. No one likes waiting 30 mins for 1 life. Third of all, like everyone said in the reviews, the puzzles are too hard and puzzles get hard after App Store asks for a rating. I only noticed that after the second chapter. Lastly, if you want to improve your game, make car parts cheaper and give us more coins after playing a puzzle. No one likes having to play puzzles just for 10 seconds of customizing your car, especially when you have to play 2 times just for ex. body panels or doors. If you want to improve your game, please take consideration of the feedback and add it in the next update.

Payouts-this game is a joke. What is it with no making money to get started?? Plus I’m stuck at level 37 and after beating a level you get 300 cash enough to install 2 fenders and play that stupid match game again This game is getting to me

Would rate it a 5 star, but…. I’ve been grinding this game for a few days when I saw it in an ad. So far, the idea behind it is actually not quite bad. I’m a car fanatic myself and would LOVE to restore a car one day. Now, here comes the angry review part of this whole thing. First few levels were not difficult, rather quite enjoyable. But, the problem is, some levels (i.e., the one I’m on right now, level 72) are IMPOSSIBLY a difficult. Then, it gets awful from here. I have to wait nearly HALF AN HOUR for one life. ONE LIFE DEVS. Can’t you just add a feature where you can watch ads for full lives? It isn’t that hard to understand. Back to the level part of the game, the first 60 levels weren’t too bad to say the least, but when I reached level 72 (the one I’m stuck on), I simply couldn’t beat it. Also, those “hard mode” levels are surprisingly LESS difficult. Some levels in this game vary from extremely easy to literally unbeatable within the same range of levels (i.e., levels 60-69). Like, come on devs! You can’t make up your damn minds?! When the game progresses, make the levels difficult! Don’t just switch from easy to hard within one level! Plain English! I hope one day, the devs read this review and patch things up to make it actually playable and fair for other players. Come on, not so hard to understand. Wouldn’t recommend this game if you do not like puzzle games. 2 out of 5 stars.

Just Perfect!. After this game I'm actually planning to buy some project car and rebuild it…

Lol another candy crush. Yup. You have to play candy crush like games to gain coin to upgrade stuff lol nothing to do with actually building your car. 1 solid star.

C A R. Customization is the heart and soul of this game and I’m here for it, all that’s missing is a custom car section where the you can make your own car using the frames you’ve built. Perfection.

Great until you are stuck until you pay to progress. Extremely dissatisfied with this game. Bought multiple items in the store and have reached a level that after playing through all of my lives multiple times a day and have never came close to completing the level without buying power ups. Even after buying 3 different bundles I was still unable to complete it. Had much higher expectations and did enjoy it initially. Will avoid anything from this company from now on. Wasted my time and money. Would give 0 stars if it was an option

Just a touch. Amazing game. My boyfriend made me download it. Although I must say that the very hated levels are near impossible.

Match Game with a Twist. Just another match game that wants to sell you stuff.

Not worth downloading. Downloaded this game thinking I was going to be able to restore cars just plain in general but you have to play. Candy crush pretty much just to make money to restore your vehicles stupidest game out there do not recommend downloading

It’s a good game but…... It’s a good game I really enjoy playing it and it’s good game to kill time with. But I jus have one issue I don’t like the fact that you have life’s and when you run out you have to wait to play or spend real money that’s dumb and kind makes me not want to play because of that. You should be able to play as much as you want for as long as you want. Don’t be money hungry charging people for everything.

Meh. Can’t choose what car you want to restore. Also if I wanted to play candy crush I would just get the game. Too much time spent just earning coins to get parts.

Scam game. This game lures you in with multiple wins at the beginning. Then as you play on the wins become almost impossible get which forces you to pay. There is no option for free lives. This is a scam game!

Forces Micro-purchases. Good game but same as all the other puzzle games. Forces you to make micro-purchases to complete levels otherwise you have to wait for hearts to regen and probably fail again. I absolutely hate that games do this. Find another way to make money guys.

Disappointed. So far I’ve loved this game , even purchased few stuff from it , but last night I got charged 2 times for 2.99$ and I know I didn’t made those purchases. I would like the refund , I already made complain with Apple .

Amazing game.. this game is actually really good. compared to other games of this nature, it feels like they actually want you to win. i see some people complaining about it being a money grab, but the people who make these games need to generate revenue somehow! i think it’s perfect.

Game won’t even load. I have downloaded and uninstalled this game 3 separate times now and it won’t go past the loading screen. After I click play it just continues to load but never goes anywhere

It’s crappy Candy Crush. The amount of time you actually get to spend on creating your custom car is very minimal. Most of your time is playing a bad version of candy crush to try to earn $300 to make 1 or 2 quick improvements to your car. It gets boring really quick unless you like matching games. But even still the matching game isn’t very good. Deleted after 3 days.

Fix this game. I just wrote a massive, well articulated review but it just so happened to delete itself, so here is my angry summary. Nerf the extremely difficult levels, since needing 2-3 days to complete a level removes every ounce of fun from this game, make the time waiting for lives shorter, or provide a way for us to be rewarded with lives (watching an ad), and increase the reward for completing levels as you progress through the game. Also, it’s pretty odd that we don’t get paid by the customer for completing their build. I’m aware that you guys have to make money from this, but remember that there is also value is keeping players engaged with the game. (This is a result of level 118)

Mehh. Cool game untill you hit the paywall

Nice. Ok nice

Waste. Absolute crap. Pay to win as usual. Deleted. Don’t waste your time. Devs are driven by greed only.

Hi. Love the game

Xzibit sellout. What a crap game

Reviews nail it. Yup it’s true the game is fun for a couple days even playing without purchasing add ins. But the idea that you have to wait 20 or more tries to pass a match game to polish some rust off your project car and wait for timeouts unless you pay to get help completing near impossible levels gets tired REAL fast. I’ll give two stars because it’s fun for a day or two. Then you’ll want to delete it. I’ve had time on holidays to try to tough it out but I doubt many will last this long. (45% of project 5).

Couldn’t Even Make It Into Game #Woke. Not willing to accept this companies warped view of reality that is being forced right outta the gate. Instant delete!!!!

Has nothing to do with buying or selling cars. What the title says. Just a match game with car repairs cut scenes.

Typical predatory shovelware. The good: colours are bright and it can be entertaining to restore the cars. The bad: The first couple levels are basic and entertaining to get you “hooked”. Once you start getting to the higher levels though (seemed to be around 80+) , the game throws RNG puzzles at you that requires multiple “hits” to advance. Countless times you can get get stuck on a level simply because the game just doesn’t give you proper colours to work with. Being stuck in the first “portion” of a puzzle is also frustrating simply because again you don’t get the proper colours. All set up to just frustrate you in hopes that you bust out your wallet. BUT DONT WORRY! You can just buy your way through each puzzle. Each “reload” initially costs a large amount of gems and only gives you a small amount of moves. Lord forbid if you have to use them again as they double the cost each time. Power ups also cost an arm an led a leg and don’t replenish. I There is also pop up ads offering to sell you gems BUT they pop up randomly and usually between try again screens so you have to take care when browsing the menus so you don’t accidentally purchase something clicking through. The actual restoration of the cars is very limited in options but I wasn’t expecting much out of an app. The characters/art style are all bland and forgettable.

Was enjoying it at the start then gets impossible. I was really enjoying this game up until level 76 which I CAN NOT get passed for the life of me. Been trying for 2 days now. Then you run out of lives and have to wait 30 mins for ONE more life

So much fun. I love customizing the cars, some levels can get a little tough but passable. I am at level 118, great game!

Hi. Great game please make more.

chrome pass. why is my chrome pass more expensive than others? my boyfriend and i both play this game and his is 12.99 while mine is 19.99???

Fun Fun. Thoroughly enjoyed this game. It’s been a while having this much fun building cars. Thanks

Great game. This is an amazing game but some of the levels are hard and makes me not want to play this anymore. I’m not spending any money on games so I’m not buying their packs. The makers don’t need to make it easier but atleast like other games have daily prizes. I love the concept of this game but being stuck in a level for so long turned me away from it.

Games now adays... I was so hyped for this game when I first saw it because I’m a big car geek, and so I downloaded it, booted it up and then I saw the first level.. like come on, another goddamn match 3 game? All of you stupid game companies should put in more effort and make an actual game. If you call this a “game” than you guys should do some research. Never. Playing. Again.

Stop making it reset what you’ve done. If I leave to check something else it would clear I was on a super hard level too level 200 somethin and couldn't finish it cause I had to check somethin went back to it two mins later and it said I’m out of Lives and restarted it I could’ve completed it

Make the game better. Let us drive the car we build or make customs cars like we can pick are own and build it other than that great game

Match 3 Car Decorator. I was hoping this would be a little more technical and a little more interesting. Instead it’s a typical match 3 game, but instead of making a house or garden pretty l, you’re making cars pretty. So if you like match 3 games, and making cars pretty, I guess this is for you. Though the requirement for boosts and power ups is a lot more than other match 3 games I have played.

Waste of time. Worst game, just a money grab. You can only get so far before the only option is to pay

Well it was a decent game…. Well the game was good until the update today… now it just sits on the loading screen and the game doesn’t work!

To hard defeats the advertised goal of the game.. The first 2 vehicles are fine after that the game is based of of luck.

Fix it!. I’ve been playing this game pretty regularly over the past couple weeks but noticed the game will try and force you to pay to play by giving you no other solution. It will purposefully reduce the chances of you being able to beat the level within however many moves. I’ve had times where I’m stuck at the same spot for days and after a day or two of not playing I obliterate the level as if it were easy the whole time. I’ve noticed a lot of weird things the game will do to push the users to spend money.. not a fan! I’m hoping that the developers fix this before getting too annoyed to play!

Go woke go broke. I see gender selections at the start then I deleted the game. I wish I can give 0 star to this game

Fun. Best car gave ever lots fun

Another match game forces you to pay. The hype the spent on ads to get people to play. You spend 98% of time matching and playing levels which eventually becomes pay to proceed. Im on level 328 which cannot be completed until you have crazy amount of power ups. The non hard levels are equally difficult for minimal reward. You basically get 300 per level no matter how hard the level is and spend on stupid mediocre update on car. Another useless thing this game has after spending 98% of time matching and collecting coins and getting a car completed you basically don’t get rewarded like lol! Shouldn’t the customers pay for the car! Another part is your one life takes about 30 mins to fill so 5x30 for 5 lives I had great expectations for the game when they showed in ads and basically realized its just another money grab match game! I will probably uninstall it in couple of days due to lack of original ideas by the dev team.

The gameplay isn’t as fun as the others like Royal Match or candy crush. While I like the idea of building the cars the makers of the game are silly, they have you spend coins, which are really hard to get for stupid stuff like putting a decal on that I don’t even want and making you spend coins to take tires off then more coins to do the brakes then more coins to put different tires on then more coins to inflate tires…I’m kidding about the inflating part but it’s too much. Pass on this unless you want to get frustrated.

Another match game. Misleading. You’ll spend 90% of your time playing a match game and 10% choosing from a very limited number of parts to customize the car. Oh, you also don’t get to choose what car you’re going to work on. If you’re into match games it’s okay, otherwise stay clear.

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Good game but…. Game is overall amazing and I do like the levels and all but the hard and super hard levels are just designed really poorly. They’re not designed to be a challenging puzzle but instead are just designed to make you break a lot of objectives which would usually require a lot of moves, but they give you only around 15 to 20 moves. So then it leaves you relying on RNG to give you the perfect combination of blocks to get that bomb or rocket which actually helps you progress, which is just really poor and makes some attempts just upwards impossible and a waste of a life.

Level 328. I have put up with the insane difficulty of this game because it feels so rewarding to finally get a level finished that you’ve been working if for days. But this is absolutely nuts to me. On level 328, I cleared the entire level, except for 3 headlights that will not appear on the board whatsoever. This has happened on numerous occasions. I even had turns to spare and used power ups to clear large chunks of the board in hopes that they would appear, but no. Nothing. I cannot progress in the game at all because either the level is broken or designed to be so utterly unbeatable that you have a zero percent chance to beat without spending money on retries or power ups. Please tell me whether this is intentional.

Good game but there needs to be some reworking of levels. The game has a lot going for it, from characters that breath, well, character. Interesting gimmicks on how to do certain goals, an actual story (candy crush take notes). Only problem with it is level 297 where you have to clear fog and deal with engine grilles at the same time when the grilles are locked behind color gates. I’ve been stuck on this level for a week and it only seems fair to warrant a rework of how to complete that level so everyone can enjoy the highs of this game.

Lots of purchases needed. The game itself is fun and I have a great time restoring the vehicles. However, there are a lot of levels that require purchases to complete because of the limited steps allowed. Basically, if you don’t currently have boosters activated and have a ton of gems saved to add additional turns, you are going to need to keep purchasing gems to complete the levels in red and blue. I would have given a 5 star if I didn’t have to keep spending money to complete the very hard levels. There also isn’t a way to gain additional lives.

Not bad, but sometimes a bit too much…. When it comes to cellphone games I don’t expect too much, but this game can be a lot of fun for what it is. I wish it were more about actually modifying cars and progressing a story, I’d be far more inclined to pay into a game like that rather than what it is, which is a candy crush clone. It focuses far more on matching colors than doing anything with cars. Sometimes, the levels are far too brutal to finish and you end up having to repeat them so often, you forget you’re even building cars. Again, I won’t pay a dime towards a game like that, so the search continues to find an actual game that focuses on building cars.

Hate the matching games. I thought it would be simple atleast for a while to play the matching games to get the parts I need to build cars but I haven’t been able to add to this car for 3 days cause I can’t pass this puzzle for the life of me. I’m close to deleting the game because I’m literally on a lower level and it’s like I’m on level 300 or something. It’s become clear to me that I need to spend money for powerups to pass this level which is just sad because I’m not that far into the game yet. If it was more about cars and not all puzzles it would be a good game. Safe to say, very disappointing. 👎🏻

Good game, and no crappy advertisements. I like the game so far, the ad I saw for this game wasn’t like the ones you see or most mobile ads right now but actually takes the form of a tv show like in real life, I think they should continue with the style of advertisements because it really fits the game, I also like the fact that the game doesn’t throw in app purchases at the player and i fact gives the player free events with generous rewards, keep this up.

Looked fun, but it’s actually a stupid Pay to Play game. When I got the game it seemed fun, as was for the first few levels, and then it became almost impossible to pass levels without using gems, which you don’t earn very fast, so you’d have to pay money to get more, and then the devs didn’t know when to stop piling on obstacles to the game, making it even harder, then if you lose all your lives you have to wait 30 minutes. I have no idea how this stupid pay to play game got a 4.8 star rating while being this awful, it has to be review botted or something. Edit: also there are these dumb extra hard levels which are extra unbeatable and they should be optional but of course since all the devs care about is getting money from you they aren’t

Good game. I got this yesterday and have been having a lot of fun with it! I usually don’t like match three kinda games but this one is good. I really like that when you beat a level it gets me 300 coins so I can do multiple things with one levels worth of coins, because a lot of games you have to do so many levels before you can have enough of whatever currency it uses. For me, I get these games to customize the car and not for the actual match three game. But I think this is the best one so far!

Bait and switch ads, rigged match 3 game. This game uses ads making it look like you’re going to work on restoring cars. Instead it’s basically the same game as Homescapes but instead hidden behind a car restoration theme that’s clearly being done by someone that doesn’t really get cars. It has the same rigged match 3 game and the same poor character ‘development’ and childish dialog. The 3rd rebuild had a “she’s so classy” customer started awkwardly flirting with one of the workers. It even doubles down on the running out of moves with needing just 1 more move to beat the level. It did that to me twice before level 50 and at least 10 times before level 150. Just don’t it’s a gamified game to eventually get you to spend a few dollars here and there in pay to win fashion.

Fun game. Basically a P2P. The game is fun, I like the concept. Once you reach a certain level in the game (depending on how strategic you play), it becomes a pay to play type game. I’m on level 123. The first 80-90 levels were pretty easy, but the last 3-4 levels have taken me 2 days to get through, even after purchasing extra lives. It’s like a slot machine, that doesn’t give any winnings in return. One level I probably played 20 times and never caught a break. I like the game, but I am on the brink of deleting if it becomes more impossible to pass levels.

I Really Wanted To Love This. So I’ve seen a couple ads for this game, and the ad that had me buy in was the ad with Xzibit: rapper and former host of “pimp my ride”, which was a beautiful show. I love the concept of this game, and I love the way you can clean up and customize the cars. But it sadly has become quite clear to me that at this time, due to the lack of rewards, and how hard the puzzles get, that the only way to progress in the game is to spend money on it. It sadly just becomes a money grab game, I’d rather have ads in the game, and a better chance at rewards than the way it’s setup right now. I’m currently thinking of just deleting this game off my phone. This is one of the biggest let downs I’ve had with a game in awhile.

Great experience until level 100.. You’ll have a ton of fun playing this game until about level 100 when you start having to use all those gems you’ve saved and all the power ups you can just to pass levels. Certainly looks like my free experience runs out at level 131. I am convinced that level 131 is impossible without having to use several power ups or extra moves. Would love for the developers to prove me wrong by hosting a live stream doing levels 100+ with no power ups other than the ones you keep from finishing streaks. Will probably wait for an update to these levels before playing again.

It’s Great but could be better…. I like this game so much, great graphics, it doesn’t make me feel bad, and it gives me a challenge with the levels… But I have been stuck on some levels because I feel I don’t get enough moves. I ran out of power up and lost my superchargers… I wish their was some type of daily reward or challenge that you could get some power up for your next levels… I just think they could give you some helpful rewards daily… But overall this is one of the best games I have ever had and I give it 5/5 stars.

Review. The game is super fun with no ads but on level 22 I got super stuck and if you use too many of your boosters, then you won’t have the win other games and then on some you need the boosters. It’s kind of annoying but great game I definitely think the prices of all the stuff should be lowered or you should get more money per game. And I think it’s got annoying that you have to play a little game after every almost after every customization. I love the storyline I love that they interact with you. I also wish there was a feature where you can see the before and after.

Gets impossible quick. Very enjoyable game, but gets impossible quick. On board 120ish and just hit a wall, and since it takes so many boards at this point to move any step, Im not envisioning playing it much longer as its just stop being enjoyable when you cant progress and enjoy the game. I hope they change the difficulty or give more/better rewards that can help get though the struggle points and I wouldn’t mind paying, but due to volume needed - its not worth it.

Great game but…. I love playing this game, but without daily rewards you almost have no choice but to spend real money. We should be given the chance to watch videos & maybe also have a daily log in reward program. I’m at level 186 & the flaming blue puzzles are getting ridiculous. Even the regular puzzles are getting really hard. I refuse to spend anymore on this great game. I have an addictive personality & know what will happen. I will delete if nothing is added in the coming months. It’s getting frustrating.

Could’ve been great. Everything was great in the beginning. It became an instant favorite until it wasn’t. The cars were cool and the customizations where fun. But It got ridiculously hard once you get to around level 85 and makes it not fun. I was only on the 4th car. Instead of having fun customizing cars for “clients” your looking at a unfinished car because you’ve tried the same level over and over and you need to spend real money to get past them. It’s lame when apps do this. Why not keep it reasonably challenging so that anyone could get past it to keep playing the actual fun part of the game. Its no fun to have to play over and over and over again. It could’ve been a great game but lost me at the money grabbing to get to the next level.

Great game, great concept, too hard!!!!. This game is great and fun to play, however it takes way too long in between revives and with no power ups or extra lives to use you have to wait hours to play again. One car can take weeks, even if played multiple times daily. Please fix the difficulty or grant more power ups, lives or something to reward people who play daily. Usually a game this difficult I end up deleting after awhile because it’s just not worth my time. 5 lives literally disappears in less than 10 minutes and I’m off to another game that I can play over and over.

Fun game until….. Okay, at first I love this game. I played up to to 200s level (the SUV for a college girl). I could already see in my head the finished vehicle. However, I noticed that each level got more difficult and the use of boosters was necessary even for the normal levels, much less the hard and super hard levels. After playing the same level and using up all my boosters, I gave up. It became more annoying than fun. I get that the developers need to make money like anyone else, but if you design the game so boosters must be used (and paid for), don’t make the game free. Most of us can’t afford to spend our money on games that are supposed to be free. Not happy at all

Frustrating bug that needs a fix. This game has potential and I’ve seen the same thing shared in different reviews. Once you get to level 115 ish it becomes almost impossible ( at that point you aren’t even complete with the 3rd car) made the game not worth it anymore the only way to continue was to spend money on power up and then the game would simply continue to get harder and require more money spent. To the developers: please fix this…. Add more moves, more power ups, give it a little bit of a challenge but making games impossible even for those that LOVE puzzle games is just making it so your game gets deleted… let me know if a change happens.

Great game, until you’re stuck. I don’t write many reviews. I love this game, but once you get stuck… you’re done. There are many games in this style and they all have the same problem. If you lose on a level, you lose your bonus streak, which makes it harder the next time. Eventually you run out of power ups and the only way you can boost your chances is to pay for bonuses. I’ve been stuck on the same level for a few days and I think I’m throwing in the towel. It’s a great game, I just wish I could bypass a level to keep playing.

Used to be fun.. I’ve played this game and gotten pretty far only problem is the levels become impossible once you lose the supercharge. I’ve been stuck on a level that’s supposed to be a normal difficulty for about 20 turns. It would be nice if there was a feature that made it get slightly easier with each failed attempt so that users wouldn’t quit once they reach a certain stage. On top of the added difficulty everything gets more expensive, so when you finally do complete a level you have to finish two more just to clean the engine. If you want to keep users for the long run you got to do something I used to enjoy this game and now it’s just a chore.

Fun while it lasts - nightmare game. Honestly I really enjoyed this game. Much more fun than other matching games. The reason I’ve given it one star despite the genuine enjoyment is that they give you boosters and you breeze through most levels, using one or two every now and then, and then one level is a very obvious cash crab as even if you throw every single booster available to you at the level it is impossible to beat. And so you think about spending irl money on more boosters in the hopes that maybe it’s just one more redo and you’ll get it and be able to advance. No. It’s just an endless impossibility that is mentally draining and not enjoyable at all. I spent four days trying to pass one level. I’m done. Game deleted. I’ve rage quit after spending ALL my patience on a single level.

So close to being a perfect mobile game. It really has the opportunity to be such a great game, hopefully the devs can really make it perfect. Pros - great concept, I’ve never seen a good mobile game based on car building before this one. The art style is great, the customizations are great, and I appreciate that there is a story and it’s not just devoid of dialogue after the first intro lot a lot of other games. I don’t even mind the matching mini game. Cons - the mini game is incredibly difficult, seemingly on purpose. You have to have boosts to win after a certain level. You also need a lot of money for the cars which is fine, but they need different mini games to switch it up so you’re not doing the same thing 35 times in a row. There should be an option to “give up” a level after a certain amount of tries. It’s become an impossible game after a certain level. They’ve put real effort into a lot of parts of the game, but the puzzles are just not there. Please make changes to make the game more fun for long term players!

Fun. For a while.. Why do these types of games end up feeling like a bait and switch?! Everything starts out fine, and fun, but as you advance through it, you’re almost forced to purchase things to be able to continue at the most basic level. I had high hopes for this one, as the concept of fixing up cars is super cool. But I should have known better. I know most phone games end up like this, so maybe I’m in the minority. But I dislike the whole idea of having to purchase coins/ points to be able to continue the game. If that’s ok to you, then this might be something you like. But I went as far as I could without spending a lot, and then stopped.

Fun to play and relaxing and if your a car fan then you will enjoy the game.. Only thing is when you’re playing the game, the manager guy is in the way when you’re testing out the look of the vehicle and you want to spin the cars while checking out which options are best, but the car doesn’t move until after you made your choice. But it is fun. Plus more options on colors and general parts, like seats, tires,hood, etc,. Thank you.

Horrible. One of the worst puzzle games I have ever played. You literally have to beat 10 levels just to fit a part to the car. That’s dumb. You make the levels almost impossible to beat unless you spend money on the game. The game itself is for children. Starting at age 9. Please explain what 9 year old would be able to beat the levels and have fun at the game. You will literally be stuck on a level for a week and a half, and when you do finally beat it after almost 2 weeks you barely get rewarded for it and still have to play 4 more impossible levels just to take some wheels off a car. Like really. Make the levels easier. Or earn more from levels or make parts cheaper.

Well. It’s easy at first then they intentionally make it nearly impossible to earn coins to buy ridiculous expensive parts. Just a ploy to get you to spend your money. Expensive and extra things added to car to make you spend more coin, like remove boxes in trunk 200 coins. Each time you earn the coins you only get 300 of them. After trying 37 different times to earn the coins because it’s so difficult ,it all of a sudden becomes easy. Sometimes it has taken 2 days just to earn 300 coins and not have enough to buy any parts. I would rate this a 5 star on the first 2 cars now by the 4th build I barely give it a 2. Check it out and see for yourself.

Updates on this game. I love this game and I want you to add a 1963 ragtop VW beetle for the new cars that are coming soon PLZZ read my comment on this car it would be awesome to make herbie in here and also herbie is a pearl white not yellow developer and welp I wish this was a ragtop to look more like herbie im not saying you did poorly on it it’s just I wish u made a box for the vw bug to have a custom changes on it since there are different looks on the beetles from 1960 but still your game is fun but probably add some updates to it for the future

Fun at first, but.... This game is going into the crusher. The graphics are great and the concept is great, but fails in its execution. Please tell me where a body shop PAYS to fix other peoples cars?? I made it through three episodes. I thought the first two were done as the character's friends needed help. Ok, no problem. But to spend 20,000+ coins on a newlywed couple's car and just get "You're welcome at the Diner anytime!" as they speed off. Sorry, but i was under the (mistaken) impression that you buy cars to restore and then sell. And the puzzle levels beyond level 75 make it tough to earn coins to waste on repairing OTHER PEOPLE'S cars. Sorry,'s to the junkyard and the crusher for your game.

Gets way to hard!. You will literally have to spend money to get passed higher levels, actually makes you wish there was some kind of ad to watch to gain power ups, some levels you will NEED them or there’s no way to get passed. When the pieces are constantly moving around cuz there’s no other possible move on certain levels it was designed so you spend your hard earned dollars on power ups. The customization of cars is the best part of the game, but one part basically takes all your money so your constantly playing “candy crush” more then building your car.

Frustrating. I loved this game at first. The story line kept me hooked, the car building was fun, the puzzles were challenging but also fun. Then it got progressively harder. Okay, fine, that’s pretty standard for most games. Except I don’t get stuck for days on most games. I’ve been stuck on level 186 for probably a week or two now and I’m about to cave and delete the app. Also, at a certain point it takes multiple levels to be able to do one thing with the car which is also ridiculous. This game needs a lot of tweaks to be better.

So I love this game but. So I love this game it has a really in-depth customizing process with being able to go back and change it up again but you get some “Super Hard” levels that are like level 1 just stupid easy and other “super hard” levels where they are literally impossible if you aren’t dealt the right hands. There was one level I couldn’t beat after 3 weeks so I put the game down for another couple weeks when I came back I beat it first try and now I’m on another level like that PLEASE just make the super hard levels hard and not impossible

Game is fun but has some quirks. I like the game but it gets to a point where it’s more luck then skill if you beat a level or not. I don’t like being able to play only a few times when your stuck on a level it becomes frustrating and at that point I’ve completely lost interest in the game. I think an undo last move feature would be good to have as a few times I’ve made a swipe and the game didn’t correctly do what I intended and it messed up my move. The levels also seem random some will give you an unrealistic number of moves to complete the level while others give you more then enough.

Can’t win unless you pay. I’ve been stuck on one of their “ultra hard” levels for a few weeks now (playing every day). Haven’t even come close to winning. I’ve really enjoyed the game up until this point, even paying for passes and packs occasionally. Unfortunately, this game ends up being like all the other games like this, where you hit a point where the levels are so difficult, you have to pay $5-$10 just to beat the level (buying additional moves or power-ups). That’s when these games stop being fun. Why do some levels have to be so stupidly hard? It kills the fun and makes the developer look greedy.

Pretty solid. Reviving the old junkets is really fun and a completely different concept compared to games like it, which I love! But I’ve made it too 256 and it’s harder than most the games I play that I’m on a level 1000+ I’ve been stuck for 2 weeks unable to pass and it’s making me want to delete the game… it would be a 5 star if there was something that made me want to log in that would potentially help me pass, ie daily rewards teams to help give lives to pass faster etc. All in all I really like it but your difficulties need to be toned down a bit to make people want to keep playing

Great Game, but needs improvement. I have played many car games over the years, but none were like this. It is like Gardenscapes but with cars. Although this is a great game, there are things about it that need to be changed. First, I never like when games have rip off car names instead of the original name of the manufacturer. Since the game has in-app purchases, it should have no problem buying license in from these companies. Next, there should be infinite lives. Having a life limit makes the in game experience not as fun as it could be. So this game has a great concept, but it feels like it follows the Gardenscapes stereotype to closely.

Fun car game. The idea of the build and story line is fantastic. The puzzles are…… well I’m not as interested in them as the build. Building the cars and customizing them is great. A few more options would be even better. My only complaint is when you get to higher levels there are some puzzles that you just cannot pass for days and burn up all booster’s trying. I have been playing the same puzzle for days and have never been close to winning it. I don’t mind spending a few dollars on such a fun game but it does get frustrating when you are unable to move on.

Fun, but. ...the developers use the time-tested developer technique of letting you enjoy the game for a while, then asking you to rate it in the App Store, and then once you've given it a good rating, making it much more difficult and less enjoyable to play without spending money. These developers just let you fully enjoy the game for a lot longer than many developers do before asking you to rate it based on the gameplay that's gone before and then, once you've rated it, basically changing the game on you. It's still a slimy tactic, but it's better disguised in this game than in most. The game is enjoyable; it's just less so after you've rated it than it was before.

Taking the fun out.. Your making the game to hard to advance boards. I understand having some boards harder than others but when you burn 30 minutes of infinite lives to beat one easy board you’ve taken the fun away. I want to be able to enjoy playing not get frustrated. It should be a way to relax and take your mind off of everything not frustrating. I’ve deleted the game after making it to level 269. It’s to expensive to build the cars for know more points earned per board. Especially as difficult as you start making the levels. Maybe if I would’ve been on level 4,000 or something. But not 269. You have to pay to be able to keep advancing in the game be able to complete the task. Not worth the time to download. Would not recommend at all.

Would be great game if not require to purchase to stuff to pass puzzles. Some work is over priced I think and requires you to do puzzles constantly. Some of the puzzles are easy and are fun generally but then comes the puzzles that are impossible without investing in extra moves or assist extras. These are the cash grab extra that run the game experience. Anyways love the game up to this point and now I’m done with it. Will never pay again as it obviously going to keep trying to extract more money along the way. Sad to produce a good game only to ruin gameplay experience for little money. Maybe others are willing to pay for the progression.

W.f.A.u.S.n!. Was a good game at first but I’m at level 309 in which the Super Hard Challenges occur more often. It is no longer fun to play if you have to play 1 level over 50 times and still can’t beat it! I have 875 gems and can’t add 5 more moves because they cost 900 gems which is crazy because you don’t earn or get rewarded gems that can add to near that amount in a hurry. I will not spend hard earned money on a game like this that eats up gems like it’s starving! You were great before you became GREEDY; like real world doesn’t require money! I just want to enjoy a car customizing game, but that got ruined. Download if you want, but it has become a game that will cost the weak at heart.

Glossy paint and chrome over a rusty cash-grab model.. Man I want to love this game. Finally a match tgeee that isn’t so cutsie wootsie you want to throw up. I read the devs intended to hit the underserved make demo. Thank you for that! I genuinely dig costuming the cars and the narrative isn’t grating. But holy crap some levels get insanely hard and after 30 tries I’ll spend the ten bucks to buy some boosters or whatever - just to stop the pain. But now that I’m in as deep as buying a AAA console tentpole, I’m finding myself annoyed rather than pleased by the challenge. You hooked me at the car customizing but killed me at the predatory monetization through perceived “challenge.” Bummer. I was really looking forward to seeing the rest of the cars and finding out what happened to the main characters tools…

Amazing game!. When I saw this in an ad I thought it was just going to be one of those rip-off games. But when I got in the game I was immediately proved wrong. Everything about the game is awesome, the way that the characters talk to you, the amount of customization, and the overall quality of the game is incredible. Also it is cool that you can go back and look at your old projects make changes is cool too. All in all great game, 100% recommend.

The best of both worlds!!!!. I’m usually never a big fan of match 3 games, but this one combines my love for remodeling cars and matching tiles. Mostly my attraction to this game is remodeling cars from trash to beautiful works of art and the best part is the player gets to choose how the vehicles turn out. I just started today and can not put it down. I’m already almost finished w/ my second story and both cars looks amazing. I hope the remaining stories are as interesting as the first two stories. Highly recommend if you was a fan of CSR Classics.

Hidden Gem. I have been playing this game for 2 hours now, and I am already in love. Its simple yet it is very satisfying and you can spend hours playing without getting bored. I love cars in general, so of course I got interested. The thing that is special, is that they managed to put a puzzle game into a car fixing game which I have never seen before. This will definitely get the attention it deserves after some weeks, maybe even days.

As a car guy…. I like it. But one thing. The whole “out of lives” thing needs to go away. If I want to spend all day on this game to restore cars while neglecting my wife and kids, I should be allowed to do so. You can’t tell me what to do game. Also, after level 129, the game is pretty much impossible without spending real money. I spent $1.99 and made it to 145 then ran out of everything I bought. Not gonna spend anymore. Looks like this is the end of my run.

Mediocre. I normally do not write reviews. This game can be fun and addictive. But once you finish a few cars the match game makes you retry many many times before finally giving you the win. The cars look good and the upgrades look great. I didn’t expect much when I downloaded it. The things I think they should work on are as follows 1. The award for the games could increase to higher values as you get to higher levels of vehicles. (Repair values increase quickly but the prize stays at 300) 2. The cost to keep going should be an attainable number like 300 or 400 gems to get 5 rolls. It takes so much time to earn enough gems to use them it’s frustrating 3. There could be more options available for the cars like colors and things. 4. Add a few more moves to the hard or super hard mode so that it don’t take 3 or 4 days to complete one mini game Overall it’s not a bad game until you finish the Ferrari looking car. Once you pass that the costs and games become daunting and that is why I am deleting the game from my phone after this review.

Chrome Pass Price Is Too High.. I absolutely love this game and have already bought a few random power-ups. The story is great and the modifications options are awesome. I’ve been looking forward to some kind of monthly event situation like the Chrome Pass and was looking forward to it once it was announced. The cost tho is way too high for this. I’ll keep playing and buying power ups here and there cuz I genuinely love this game, but won’t be buying a Chrome Pass unless the cost comes down significantly. Currently on lvl 336

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SPOOKY SEASON! We’ve been in the paint room giving our game a spook-tacular makeover for Halloween. Head down a lonesome road with our Ghouls and Gas event, and dare to face the Junkyard Jinx! NEW CARS Restore a ‘70s boogie van when a familiar face brings his band into the garage, and repair a show-quality American sports car that’s been trashed in mysterious circumstances. NEW BLOCKERS Get to grips with the Steering Wheel, and nod along with our brand new Gasket Bobbleheads!

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