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Let your kids exploring our world of firefighters and policemen: just tap and watch the scenes coming to life. It's all truly interactive, with adorable animations and whimsical sounds.
▶ Recommended by Apple as "App of the Week" worldwide
▶ The popular kids app is growing: No. 1 in more than 25 countries.
"Creative, fun and educational, the Toddler's Seek & Find books from wonderkind are by far the best apps for small children"

Many parents & kids asked for it. Now it is here: The Seek & Find Activity Book all about firefighters and policemen.
▶ Help those tiny firefighters and policemen do their work!
▶ Discover what happens, and support the heroes in restoring order!

Fire department stories and adventures involving fighting fires as well as saving, rescuing and helping people and animals.
• Fire! Fire!: help the brave firefighters to put out the blaze
• The cute cow is stuck: get her out of the pond using the crane truck
• The pussy cat has got stuck up the tree: rescue him and bring him down again
• A storm has caused havoc: help the fire department to remove a fallen tree

NEW: Discover the adventures of busy policemen!
• Catch the pickpocket!
• Support the special operation and catch the burglar!
• Oh no, the magpie stole the jewels! Can the Police cat get them back?
• Safely escort the celebrity in his limousine
• Fly against the witch and Superman in your Police helicopter!

...and many more adventures with the firefighters and policemen: the speeding car, the cheeky crow, the smart firefighter, the lazy policeman, the dancing traffic officer, the crazy duck and the funny horse...

Our promise
• Your child will discover lots of little connected stories
• Parents too will keep finding new hidden details
• It’ll not only be your kid enjoying this app.

Fully supported languages
- Arabic
- Chinese (traditional and simplified)
- German
- English
- French
- Dutch
- Italian
- Japanese
- Korean
- Norwegian
- Portuguese (Brazil)
- Russian
- Swedish
- Spanish
- Turkish

Customer reviews
▶ "...my 4-year-old throws tantrums when I try to take the iPad away from him..."
▶ „Tiny Firefighters is a great seek and find app for toddlers and preschoolers.“ (funeducationalapps.com)
▶ „A really enjoyable (and lighthearted) interactive scene with lots going on for the busy firefighters.“ (smartappsforkids.com)
▶ App of the Week award at fun2tap.com and included in the Top 10 Apps of the Month at top-kids-apps.com

The wonderkind apps' success story
▶ The No. 1 children's apps in the App Store in over 25 countries worldwide (iPhone and iPad)
▶ RECOMMENDED BY APPLE EDITORIAL STAFF in more than 300 categories worldwide!

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Support note
We have thoroughly tested this app on all iOS devices. If you do however experience problems, please understand that we are unable to provide support on the basis of comments in the reviews section. Please send us an e-mail instead so that we can respond and provide assistance quickly. Thank you very much!

Tiny Firefighters - Kids' App App Description & Overview

The applications Tiny Firefighters - Kids' App was published in the category Education on 2013-05-02 and was developed by wonderkind GmbH. The file size is 250.23 MB. The current version is 2.7.1 and works well on 8.0 and high ios versions.

▶ Stability improvements
▶ NEW APP: Did you check our apps:
• Little Tiger: Spaceship, Firefighters and Submarine
• EASY peasy - English for Kids

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Tiny Firefighters - Kids' App Reviews


Can’t believe it still doesn’t support iPhone X  ZhaoBo85  3 star

The app itself is good though


Love it!  ekb88  5 star

My kids have played with these apps for years. I find them to be lovely and sweet.


Cute. That’s it.  A.Ree  2 star

Cute. Only comes with two pages... largest waste of four bucks. My kid did everything in five minutes...and it’s over.


Son loves it  JetJamesUS  5 star

This app is a delight to use. Any kid can play with it without having to read or really know anything. No adds pop up either.

In Ulm

My toddler loves it  In Ulm  5 star

My 3 year old loves it. Also we were traveling in Europe and our friend's kid (non-English speaking) also enjoyed this app. All my other kid apps were language dependent. This app was great. We bought more from the same company!


Awesome  neicul  5 star

My son loves all of your apps. Great way to teach him about all the ways fire fighters and police can help us.


Love this App, especially for small children!  Jessatti123  5 star

I love how simple but engaging this app is for little fingers.


Great game for kids!  telmmi  5 star

My son loves playing the Tiny games. He laughs out loud at different scenes and always loves playing. I like that he gets feedback at everything he taps and it's always something entertaining. Definitely recommend this to anyone with littles.


Great app  Bababooiehowardsterspenis  5 star

Kids love the interaction


Engaging App  HaoleinKailua  4 star

Very creative game. Albeit soft and subtle it is an engaging application for young children


Brilliant!  TMV22  5 star

My son belly laughs the whole time he plays!


Super Cute  Neverness  5 star

So much detail and fun stuff to discover!

Help plllllleeeeaassseeeee

Gorgeous app  Help plllllleeeeaassseeeee  5 star

My little boy loves this app. Xo


Great game  QCV  5 star

My 3yo is devastated the snow has gone and won't play it...


Fun app  Peteski1  5 star

Great fun interactive app. Keeps kids quiet.


Good app !  frankie50  4 star

My 19mth old loves these apps, I have several and he always enjoys playing them. So interactive, he's always finding new things.


Fire fighting happiness  Nebouls  4 star

This great app has had my son entertained on some long drives for the past 12 months. Soothing music, no adds and many various story's to discover


Cute and funny  JenWrenOz  5 star

My 2 and 3yo's love this game. It is fun and quirky. Definitely recommend


My kids love it  Misosexy  5 star

My twin 3 year olds are in love with Tiny Firefighters. It's not littered with ads to try and entrap toddlers into clicking out of the game. Highly recommend it.


Fantastic app  Jensta98  5 star

Love this app. It keeps my inquisitive 2yo engrossed and learning when she's bored and whingy. The music is soothing and the characters delightful for her to play with. We have used it for months and she keeps picking it out of the apps we have for her. Great work.


Wonderful!!  Alick32  5 star

What a wonderful little interactive world!! Keeps toddlers (ahem...and certain adults) busy while they observe and control the citizens' lives and emergency response teams! Great, calming soundtrack, too!! Good job!!


Tiny Firefighters is the Best  ghammond  5 star

My Son is a firefighter and his Daughter loves this app always entertains her. Keep up the good work!


Fun game for my 2 yr old son  pkcurrie  5 star

This game keeps my little boy busy for a while. It's fun and different.


3 year old nephew LOVES this.  JNEast  5 star

I was never a big fan of purchasing apps for my toddler nephew, for the reason he usually gets tired of them quickly. This app has been on my phone, and iPad for several months and he asks to play it every time he's with me. He absolutely loves it, and keeps him entertained. Which is impressive for a toddler. Definitely a must purchase!


Softly Entertaining!  iamtirch420  5 star

This is one of the few apps my 2 year old nephew comes back to over and over! He loves the cause-and-effect animations!


It's great!  Tourtuga  5 star

One of my 2 year olds favorite app, it's very easy for him to use and he loves touching everything and seeing the actions.


Absolutely Perfect  Ditzyekko  5 star

This line of apps are among the only that I don't have any complaints about. My son is almost 4 & still always comes back to these. He loves transforming each scene by turning on the snow! Keep up the good work. Hint: maybe some construction projects next update


Firefighters  sunshine51  5 star

Love this app. Interactive and entertaining. Great for my two year old grandson. Well done!


Entertaining for my toddler!  IwanttolearnSpanish  5 star

We have all of the Wonderkind apps but this is my son's favorite! Easy to use and very entertaining!

Fish netter

Fun app  Fish netter  5 star

Good job guys. There is a real lot to try.

Cara Byrne

Brilliant app for curious toddlers!  Cara Byrne  5 star

Even though it's recommend for 3yrs plus my 18mt old is utterly fascinated with this app. It's engaging, beautifully interactive and a good lesson in cause and effect. Really lovely app, highly recommended!


Doesn't work  Frhacket  1 star

Don't waste your money, this app will not open, deleted and reinstalled still won't work. I want a refund.

Tiny Firefighters - Kids' App Comments

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