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PicsArt Photo & Video Editor [Photo & Video] App Description & Overview

PicsArt is the best all-in-one photo and video editor on mobile! Unleash your creativity with one of the most popular apps with over 1 billion downloads to date. PicsArt gives you everything you need to create awesome edits. The best part? It’s free!

Jump on the iOS 14 home screen widget trend with PicsArt! Customize your iPhone icons with quick & easy tools, edit photos and videos, have fun with our sticker maker and collage maker, doodle on photos, and do way more. No professional experience needed!

Awesome Features:

• Try hot filters for pictures and trendy photo effects.
• Access impressive background eraser: cut out photos and erase backgrounds.
• Remove objects and get amazing photo retouch.
• Use millions of outstanding free images or edit your own pictures.
• Speak your mind: add text to photos using 200+ aesthetic fonts.
• Get a stunning makeover with Beautify tools: hair color changer, makeup stickers & more.
• Blur photo backgrounds with a smart selection tool.

• Edit videos or make them from scratch using outstanding video maker with music.
• Bring your exciting stories to life and create exciting Reels or TikTok videos.
• Add music to your videos using a sizzling library of popular songs.
• Try our revolutionary AI Music generator that creates royalty-free music just for you.
• Crop video clips or use square fit to add backgrounds then post on your IG for “likes.”
• Use Glitch video effects. Instantly change it up by adding trendy video filters.
• Trim videos or use smart video merger to merge videos together.

• Create a unique photo collage using our shape collage tool.
• Try photo grid, freestyle collage, scrapbook, and frames for photos.
• Go viral. Create funny memes with our meme generator and share with friends.
• Use story maker and level up your Instagram game with story templates.

• Discover over 60+ million cool PicsArt stickers for iMessage.
• Add stickers to photos to turn up the fun level on edits.
• Make your own cute clipart and use cut out tool to create funny custom stickers.
• Easily create awesome live stickers.

• Outline selfies with the hottest Sketch effects.
• Turn portraits into artistic masterpieces with Canvas effects.
• Create trending Drip Art. Use dripping effect stickers and customize the blend mode.
• Cartoon yourself with amazing Magic effects to turn photos into cartoons.

• Use PicsArt Draw with cool customizable brushes, layers, and pro drawing tools.
• Doodle on pictures whenever you’re bored and get a transparent clothes effect.
• Create art and illustrations from scratch or just draw something inspiring for fun.

• Recreate trending edits in a few taps. Cut editing time in half with easy customizable steps.
• Edit multiple photos in the same style. Keep your Instagram feed on-trend and consistent by creating personal presets.

• Go Gold! PicsArt’s Gold subscription grants access to thousands of premium stickers, aesthetic fonts, photo frames, collages, masks, templates, and more!
• Get NEW EXCLUSIVE content all the time. All the hottest features with an ad-free editing experience.

Start your PicsArt Gold membership with a free trial. Limit one free trial per account. Once the trial is over, you’ll be charged a nominal subscription fee. Your Gold subscription will automatically renew unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. If your subscription is subject to any promotional discount, the discount will expire upon the end of the current period and you’ll be charged the standard rate upon renewal. Go to your iTunes Account under subscriptions to manage your membership and to turn auto-renew off. Your iTunes Account will be charged when the purchase is confirmed.

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PicsArt Photo & Video Editor Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Celebrate the holidays with PicsArt! In this update, we have brand new seasonal brushes, templates, stickers, and lots of love for our Video Editor. • Change the output settings when exporting your edited videos exactly to your liking. • Now you can edit your videos down to the millisecond by zooming in on the timeline bar.

PicsArt Photo & Video Editor Comments & Reviews

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- Pretty cool

I gotta say, this app is really cool! I just got it yesterday and have found it really fun. I have found something weird though and I think it’s some sort of glitch (I will list it in the cons) Pros- I love that you can add all sorts of effects to the photos and music to the videos and do a whole lot of other stuff to it. I’ve seen that the developer-person actually responds to the reviews when there are problems, which is really nice, cuz I’ve had a lot of other apps and when people say something is wrong, the developer-person doesn’t ever respond! I am very happy that the people who made this app actually care. Cons- So I’ve read some other reviews and they say that the app crashes a lot? It hasn’t happened to me before, but for some reason after I made my first sticker, I couldn’t find where to make it! Either 1) I completely forgot where it was or 2) the place to make the stickers disappeared. I’ve been looking for it but couldn’t find it. Hopefully I can find it/ the bug gets fixed. overall, I think this app is really awesome. By the way, I feel like this app is kind of more on the side of social media rather than a photo/video editor. But honestly, I don’t really care about that part and this app is great. thanks for reading this :)

- I adore this app, but the CRASHING!!!

Well, I’m just gonna say right off: I love this app. It has such a variety of everything for editing and you can seriously make some awesome creations on this app. But the worst part is, once you’ve made something with multiple layers of stickers, filtering, drawings, photos, etc., it completely freezes and crashes. I’ve lost so, SO many projects because of this app crashing. I love to edit photos and make wild aesthetic edits with them, but I also love to layer and continuously add things, which the app can’t handle. After about later 25, if you hit the undo arrow, it’ll load for 15+ minutes and evidently most likely crash. My phone has lots of storage so I know that it’s the app crashing. I’ve had to just start taking screenshots of my progress every once in awhile in case it crashes I still have a save point (I can’t save it because I’m still layering and moving things around). Overall, I use the sticker feature more out of anything. I love how people can upload their own stickers and such and you can share yours. It’s a great way to share creativity and really helpful to make cool photos edits. But the app just can’t handle the excessive layering that I’m trying to do. I haven’t heard of any other app that can do this much and NOT give me an annoying watermark on my photo. I’m not sure how fixable this issue is but if it is, I would be over the moon and definitely change my rating to five stars. Thank you.

- Amazing and Easy to use but..

So the 3 stars is 5 for the actual functionality of the app. It is good, it does work. For all intensive purposes it is a photo editing app that works quite well. I was around before the premium membership and I enjoyed it far more. The ads are whatever I am used to it with free apps. What does bother me though is the new premium membership. Look I understand that you all worked hard on this app and that money is a thing people want. However this is a photo editing app, there is NO NEED to have to pay a MONTHLY membership for photo editing. You know what else charges monthly membership? Netflix, disney +, the ENTIRE adobe creative suite package, and many more services that offer way more than this app. Pay $5.99 a MONTH just for a few filters and no advertisements? That’s ridiculous. I wont pay for it and being bombarded every 5 seconds by and ad telling me to “go premium” is starting to annoy me. I used to recommend this app but now I can’t because I would feel like I am telling people to get the membership and I don’t think it’s worth it. Other apps have the exact same package of filters and editing tools with no ads for a ONE TIME payment. They do this for a reason because it’s a lot easier to convince 20 people to pay a $4.99 one time fee than a reoccurring payment every month. That’s my suggestion throw out this premium monthly plan and just make it a one time payment. I’d actually buy that.

- Love the App but Hate All the Issues

I can create so many amazing pieces, however, the issues with the app are starting to outweigh the positives. I’ve lost so many pieces due to the app crashing and/ freezing, loosing connectivity, and more. There have been times I have submitted 3 pieces for a challenge, only to not show them at all. Sometimes I catch it before the deadline, and resubmit, but recently I did this 3 times for the same challenge in until they finally stayed. Besides all the crashing, whoever reviews the submissions need to be fired. I have submitted work only to be told it did not meet guidelines etc when it clearly did. I have been told it is a pure photography when the photo hasn’t been edited at all. I emailed about the technical issues, have answered the questions over and over , but keep getting asked the same questions or asked for screenshots.... how am I supposed to screenshot the app crashing when there isn’t any warning. It can happen as soon as I log in, or after I’ve been in the app for a while. Yes I have cleared the app, uninstalled and reinstalled the app, used the app on different iPhones, iPads etc.. yes the app is up to date, and iOS is up to date. I’ve tried on iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone SE 2020, iPhone XR, and iPad 10.2 7th gen ... all had same issues. Starting to feel like developers would rather blame users, rather than fix the app.

- Used to be my No. 1 photo app

I don't know what happened to this app... I have been using this app since it FIRST came out... That has to be at LEAST 10 years, but pretty sure much longer than that even. I loved that it was free, but I purchased sticker packs and other items here and there. Now I can barely use it. When I am trying to use it on my iPad, literally EVERY 30 seconds it launches Safari and some random window with spam... Including invitations to naked photo sharing (definitely not something I have looked up independently) and every other spam window possible. Not even just pop up ads, which are annoying enough, but kicking me OUT of PicsArt and into Safari (which is NOT my default browser) and then into some spam or virus link taking me to web page telling me I've won something, or want me to buy something completely unrelated to PicsArt. It's impossible to do a project because I am kicked out every 30 seconds; and there are plenty of other free apps out there that I can do the same work with... So... Sheesh... Unless that stops I can't use this again. I just looked at Safari which I never use and in the few hours I just used PicsArt to try to do project, it opened more than 200 browser windows in Safari, one for each time it kicked me out... I was actually thinking of getting the paid subscription but these ad links worry me so much that I am concerned with their information collection.

- Great app!

This app is really great and has taught me amany things about editing and I think I’m becoming really good haha. I haven’t been using this app long, but I downloaded because two people I’m close to recommended I get it, when I first got it everything worked perfectly and I was having so much fun! But suddenly the button to make a sticker disappeared. It didn’t happen to my two friends and they’ve had the app longer than me, so I don’t know if it’s a glitch or not. At first I thought maybe you took away that feature and made it premium feature only, by when my friends stated that it didn’t happen to them and that they didn’t buy a subscription, I got confused. I still am. I don’t understand where the button went, but if it is a premium feature I don’t understand why I’m the only person who doesn’t have the button. I’d like to know if this is just a glitch on my device or if it’s a feature I now have to pay for if I want to use it. Though I probably won’t since I wouldn't pay for only one feature. I’d just like to know what’s happened.

- Amazing app but...

I got this app because I just wanted to edit pictures and I didn’t realize that you could share pictures and that makes it better but I also didn’t realize that I would get bombarded with premium ads EVERY SINGLE TIME I ENTERED THE APP and every time I tried to post something and that it would send me back home when I try to post a picture. Also, whenever I entered the app it would want me to explore certain things, and I did that, but the next day, when I enter the app, it pops up again and the next day again etc. I love the pictures I edited but it’s just so glitchy and it says that there is no connection when I have a data plan, WiFi, and connection. And when I was editing my very first picture of my BFF and I that I wanted to send to my BFF, it didn’t let me share it, it just went straight to home. Look, I know you want money, but no one is going to do premium if it is $8.99 a month. That’s just straight up RIDICULOUS! I’m not paying that much just to edit some pictures. Instead, it should be $8.99 for the whole price, people shouldn’t have to pay $8.99 a month they should only have to pay $8.99 once. And besides, what’s the whole point of premium when it’s just a photo editing app? Again, I love the app but just too many premium ads and it just sends me home and it says I don’t have connection when I have a data plan, WiFi, and connection.

- The app crashing 😐

ITS SO ANNOYING when the app crashes yes I love the app it’s amazing to use as an editor I am the app is amazing but ONE problem this app has is that I’ve made pieces that I’ve worked so hard on HOURS ON and the app freezes or crashes and closes out if the app because if that I loose all of my hard work it’s really annoying as an editor it frustrates me and I have a reason to be mad so please fix this right away i know other editors as well have this issue and are annoyed with it please at least add a feature where it saves your progress automatically so you don’t loose any of your work thag you spend hours on in very disappointed I came here today because of this problem. I was working on an edit I spent an hours and the app crashed making me loose all of my progress I hate it :( so please fix this it’s been going on for months and it’s really getting on my nerves right now so please I ask again fix it or add a feature that saves your progress instead of the app crashing and freezing this is why I stop using the app because if this so yeah that’s it other than that the app is great for editing since I am a Instagram editor it’s amazing really but I hate when the app crashes and I get mad so that’s it I hope you can fix this right away or i will stop using the app like💔

- It keeps creating a line that cuts off a row of pixels in the middle

I’m very upset and confused with why when I edit a photo by adding quite a few text boxes which is what I have to do for what I want in the photo and of course, there’s a photo limit even with the gold feature and then I have to hit apply so then I can add more text boxes but like I’d say around the 3rd round of hitting apply there’s a terrible horizontal line through the middle of the photo that cuts off a row of pixels and it just looks horrible. I have no idea why it’s there but even when I save the photon my camera roll, it won’t go away. It just cuts off the entire photo and the line looks like a row of pixels just disappeared and the two sides meet in the centre and you can very clearly tell. I know for sure that it’s not something that I did at all! And I definitely know for sure that it’s not the blue line that’s supposed to be there that marks where the centre is. It’s more like a seam where the two halves meet up after a row of pixels have been cut. I tried paying for gold to see if it’s just some dumb feature that makes you pay for it to be removed. but no. The line wouldn’t go away at all after having to hit apply a few times for different rounds in adding text boxes even with paying for the gold feature. And I don’t even get how I have an “image limit” even when I payed for having gold!

- Worked great until...

I have used this app since it first began. I loved the features and the fact that it was free to use. It is unlike any other photo editing app. It offers so many filters, edits, and tools that you are unable to find elsewhere. I used this app to edit my Instagram photos, my own personal photos, and create other fancy projects for my blog. It worked amazing! Then, it began to try to make you pay for certain edits/filters. It wants you to pay each month for these to become accessible to you. That wasn’t too vexing because some of the other edits/filters were still free to use. Now, it won’t even let you use your own photos to edit. You must use the ones that are “free to use” on the app. This new feature completely takes away the point of the app in the first place. I feel it is fairly trivial that this was put into place. Why do that to your loyal users? No, I do not want to pay 55$ every year to use this app. I understand that requiring users to subscribe to Picsart Gold in order to edit their own photos is beneficial to the creators in the financial sense, but it is also extremely inconvenient to those who have relied this on app for years. I am sure there are many others that are displeased with these new accommodations, and I feel they will, myself included, move on to find another reliable editing app. Not cool, Picsart.

- Great but.....

This app is great. It has no ads which I’m so grateful for because so much apps have ads and it’s annoying. You can edit photos, put stickers, put texts boxes and literally so so much more. I have made over 15 photos in 1 day because I’m so addicted. I’m constantly making edits of my idol (Taylor Swift) and I’m in love with them. Now here comes the bad part.... THE CRASHING!!! When I’m editing a photo minding my own business suddenly a black screen comes up and I see my home screen. And then I have to click on the app and restart because my work didn’t save.’s annoying with the plus version. Basically the plus version also know as the better version. Basically you get better things. You can erase things from your photo. Get better stickers. Better text boxes and more. You still have options without using plus but when I see a cute sticker it wants me to pay to get it. I MEAN COME ON. I want to enjoy my game without paying. Although this game is so addicting and I love editing my photos and adding fonts. I love this app. I’m also editing photos of myself. I love surprising my mom by editing her photo and she loves it. I recommend

- Used to be great. Still could be, but probably won't.

This app was a great place for editing photos quickly and decently. I never used the app to make my photos look nicer, I only used it to make funny edits, but it still worked very well. Suddenly, when I try to use simple tools, such as the text tool, I cannot apply the changes unless I pay for an incredibly expensive subscription that doesn't match the quality of the service. I would be happy to pay one MAYBE two dollars for the app, but this subscription service is too far. It's something like $4.99/mo, ~$50/yr, which is absolutely exorbitant. On top of this, it is never made clear to the user which tools are for "premium" members and which are baseline, and it's seemingly random. Sometimes it won't even let me click the "done" button without a subscription. I think I might be a lot happier with the app if the subscription services were labelled and concrete, so that I could work around them or use a different app for that portion of the edit. TL;DR: Use a different app if you don't constantly want to be hit by paywalls which render most of the app unpredictably unusable. Developers, I think it would be a better move to make the current picsart into "picsart lite" and make a paid app into the regular picsart.

- I wish it didn’t kick me out !

I used this app for a very long time, even longer . I loved it so much because even if I did get kick out it would still save my work in progress so I could most likely return . Now I don’t love it as I use to anyone, it kicks me and I could spend 2 hours on a project I was working on and soon as I get kick out , it’s gone and I’m starting back over ! It takes a long time for me to do my edits and make them perfect so believe me when I say I get very frustrated every time, I can’t use other apps since they always crash before I go into the app so that is why I chose this one ! Also I can’t put any stickers or photos behind the picture now , which makes it extremely hard for me to make it look good and nice and also I can’t even cut part of a sticker anymore ! I love picsart with those features now I have to go to an eraser app just to eraser a spiral on my edit ! Mind you if the picture takes 2 hours (and the time I am getting kick out and starting back over) the eraser part takes even longer to do with time and effort. Picsart if you kindly please bring this back , that would be definitely awesome for me! Until then I probably won’t use this app for this stuff anymore

- Helpful, but some problems.

Picsart is honestly pretty helpful and I use it a good amount, especially because I’m an IG editor and you need mirrored pictures and whatnot sometimes for your edits. Not only that but in general Picsart is really good for editing pictures with too. You can save the pictures/videos to your camera roll after your finished editing which is amazing and all, but that’s where I’m getting my issues from. Lately Picsart has just been shutting down out of nowhere WHILE IM IN THE MIDDLE OF EDITING. Yesterday I was making something that took me a good hour or so and all of a sudden POOF. IT SHUTS DOWN AND ALL MY WORK IS GONE. It’s been really frustrating for me and I don’t know why it’s doing that, I’ve had to restart about 4 times now. In fact, I’m writing this review after it just me out a few minutes ago. I don’t know if the problem has something to do with my phone itself or if it’s a problem with the app. I still recommend this app though, don’t get me wrong. There’s A LOT of really neat stuff to edit with (I love using the brushes) even if half of it you need Picsart Gold for it (I’m 13. I’m broke.) so yeah, still recommend tho!

- This app is something Different!

I got this app about 2 years ago, (I recently quit, but it is not their fault, I just got busy), and it has done so much for me. It taught me how to enhance my drawing and photography skills with all of the tips and photos all of the users share, it helped me make friends, and a variety of other things! It is Social Media and a drawing app, rolled up into one! There is no DM'ing, so you don't have to worry about creeps or anyone like that. You can post, like, comment, and share on the app in your account. It is relatively free, the only things you need to pay for are the sticker packs, and even those are cheap, maybe .99 cents for their basic ones, and maybe $1.99 or $2.99 for really nice ones! The also have competitions and contests where they choose a theme, and you work with it. Then the person with the most likes on their photo wins. On another note, I had just *Very* recently emailed their help line, and the respondee was very nice! Their name was Lusine, and she helped me through. This is definitely a one of a kind app, and you should definitely get it!

- Waaay too many pop ups now...shouldn’t have to disable WiFi

I used to love this app. When I tell you that the features are amazing, that I used it a lot, but now feel it’s truly not worth the headache.., that should tell you A LOT. With their last update it’s CONSTANT pop up ads that interrupt every single feature experience. What’s even worse is that I previously paid for their sticker packs, and was still seeing advertisements even though I was making effort support them. I don’t like the idea of paying a monthly charge for this kind of app when there are free alternatives, equally as good. We shouldn’t have to disable WiFi and data, that is, again, too time consuming and annoying to do each time for a big time social network blogger and poster. There are much more savvy ways to get us to spend in app purchases, and frankly there are several other apps I use that also have unique amazing editing capabilities, and don’t overwhelm with in your face popups the way picsart does, and even better, don’t require a monthly charge. I think there monthly charging rate is too high for photo editing. I hope they fix this in the future, but for right now, it’s literally and “truly” not worth the headache and it will now take you waaaay to long to do even a simple edit. #nowitsbroke #youchanged

- Such a great app!

Hi, I think this app is really cool and I like the social media type aspect of it and I post my art there. Anyways the app has been fine besides it crashing sometime but I don’t mind that, I do mind how where the part you can draw you can’t move around the layers. This might have been fixed since I haven’t used that part in awhile since I use a drawing media now instead of picsart. A problem that is most likely only a glitch on my part but doesn’t go away even though I have shut off my phone and left the app, is that it doesn’t give me a indication on the notification bar which tells me if someone has commented on a post or liked it. I find this highly annoying since I have no idea if a comment I made has been replied to or anything. This started almost a week ago and since then I have gotten zero notifications (not the kind that appear on your phone with text messages and such) so I don’t know what to do. Since I haven’t seen anything about it in the updates which I checked earlier.

- Great editing but..... where did remix chat go?

I love this app I made complex edit almost everyday and every night it was amazing that almost everything was free!!!i made a lot of connections with some amazing people on this app through comments and remix chat, when comments were gone we all were devastated but we still had remix chat so we made group chats and still had hopes for comments since we knew they were coming back but then an announcement came out saying that remix chat was going to be shut down.....we all were devastated even more by the horrible news, now my best friends on this app are gone!!!!!!! We made hashtags, posts, group chats, and clubs to bring back our precious remix chat but yet you guys still took it away!!!!! I’m so sad because I had friends on this app and I guess comments are fine but we can’t private chat together some conversations are private, like taking about a new collaboration to surprise your followers, it’s not like your putting that in the comments!! And your Edie was that you wanted to focus adding new editing tools!!! I can’t believe picsart for doing this your app was amazing until my remix chat magically disappeared today. This would have been a good review but you ruined it. Please respond

- Something is “up” with this app SCAM

I used to love PicsArt but after my experience yesterday, I think it’s a scam. I re-downloaded it after missing the collage feature that I enjoyed so much. After doing some basic edits on photos from my own library, I tried to save and couldn’t go further until I hit a “Free Trial” button. I tried many times to avoid hitting any button at all costs...I had already done a free trial years ago and obviously didn’t want to pay for a subscription. As I am trying to exit out, I suddenly get a notification saying “Thank you for your purchase”!!! Are you f’ing kidding me? I immediately try going into my itunes account to see my activity and PicsArt charged me $59!!! Not only that, but my ipad started to freeze up suddenly. Not 2 mins. later I was on the phone with Apple Support and they cancelled the charge for me after I explained what happened...They were concerned about the ipad freezing (I gave the Rep access to my screen so she could see what was happening) and she advised me to file a claim against PicsArt with Apple and to delete the app immediately. I am shocked because this used to be a reputable app...I don’t know what happened to it...Greed? Did a new company take over? I never leave feedback, but I don’t want this to happen to someone else. Be warned...

- Really fun but glitchy

So.. I have so much fun with this app to make collages and cute pictures and memes etc. I always like to use it with my friends. However, often when I’m making stuff, it will start to glitch out and kick me out of the app, then I loose all of the progress on my collage or whatever. And some of the things I made were really difficult to make and I was really happy with how it came out. Another thing that really annoys me is that after using the app at least 5-6 times, I’ll open it and it won’t give me any other choice but to sign up.. which I don’t want to do because it doesn’t give you a chance to be a private account (another thing that could be fixed) so I have to delete the app and redownload it until it happens again. If the developer sees this please, please, fix this. I really love this app and don’t want to have to stop using it because of a few silly bugs. And for people who are new to the app, just know that it glitches sometimes but other than that it’s really great for editing, collages, making those cute quote edits, and so much more. Thank you😊

- I’m sorry... but this is not okay PicsArt.

I have had this app for months. Its great for editing pictures and making numerous creations. But I feel the need to point out something horribly wrong with this app. I was working on a very important writing piece with PicsArt, and you could be questioning, “why not do it on notes or google docs. The reason for this is because I wanted to have a background photo behind the writing. So obviously I started my pice. I went to another tab for a little over 2 minutes to look at some resources for my writing. When I went back on the app everything was completely gone. No worked saved. Nothing. My half an hour of life was wasted. Not only did I work extremely hard on this, but it took a very long time. You need to add a drafts section to PicsArt ASAP. This is disappointing and rude. I will never get that 30 minutes back. I am aware of the “save” button for when you finish your pice, however, I was not done. My writing is gone. If I am somehow wrong and there is a way to get this back. Then by all means please inform me. This writing pice was about a Historic Supreme Court leader. Ruth Bader Ginsburg. This was in light to her recent passing. She fought for women’s rights and multiple other topics. She beat breast cancer and was a very strong and intelligent woman.

- What a Joke

What happened to all the free options y’all had for the users who dont want to pay a $55 yearly subscription? You can’t even get the “free” three day trial without agreeing to the yearly subscription which you will be charged immediately after those three days. I use to use PicsArt for applying fonts to my edits, but I can’t even do that anymore because they’ve taken most of the free ones out and now made them to where you have to pay to use them. I can’t even save a picture anymore without getting pushed into a subscription that’s a waste of money in my opinion. Picsart even has ads so you tell me why they are charging $55 plus tax a year for editing pictures. It’s not like y’all are Adobe photoshop 🤷🏼‍♀️ I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen apps with great concepts change from benefitting the people and creating a community to becoming money hungry. Quidd, being one of them. I use to really love this app, but it’s becoming more and more difficult to be able to edit pictures on this app without paying $55 a year to USE things that were ONCE FREE. Y’all aren’t getting a dime out a broke college student. Try again. If spending $55 for a subscription is a few pennies to you then go for it, but you might as well just download adobe photoshop.

- Recent updates

I’ve used this app for years, probably when it first came out..Android and now iPhone. It’s the only app that has never been replaced. I’ve added new apps but I always keep PicsArt. It’s a great app and it’s free. Except now it’s not. And it’s a great app, but I don’t know that it’s comparable to high quality paid apps. If I have to pay monthly or yearly to access what used to be free or 2.99 if and when I had it.. then you’re really no different than all the others. And at that price, I simply can’t afford it. If I could afford a monthly or yearly me I’d have photoshop and adobe apps, no offense. I’m disappointed that you guys have become money hungry, and all the ads that take you to the App Store or that you can’t get out of. I understand everything costs money but that why you pay 2.99 for 8 clip art. 😳 Sorry, I’m just being honest. I’m disappointed. Also, I continue to not want to save my images to the platform, just the gallery. There’s no easy way to edit and delete in the app either so it’s just taking up valuable space. Could you please revise the options regarding saving and also an option to clear cache files without uninstalling and reinstalling? Thank you

- Uhh what should I name the title....

This app isn’t BAD... I don’t get why people are getting to mad I’ve used this a lot and didn’t find anything bad I use this to make cute decals on blox burg Roblox and it’s fun to make I never have any problems Or anything I love that you can cut out and draw on yours photos and the people who are talking about the “crashing” and stuff big deal that you crash and the people who made picsart work hard to make this app to give people joy and bring out their creative on a app and show people how creative you can be and doing what you want I think it’s just kinda rude that people give this app like a two or three star rating cause this app is the best photo app I’ve ever used. Always the other photos apps you have to like pay to get like basic tools like that’s RIDICULOUS that you have to freakin pay to just make photos so you guys should appreciate this app a little more instead of just complaining. To the delvoper of this app tysm that you made this app free and easy to use! This is the best photo app EVER!!!!

- Here’s a tip, and and my review 💖📸

Tip: Okay people, listen. If you are one to complain and complain and complain about ads, just simply turn off your wifi when using the app. If you have data, turn off your data for that game. See, it’s as simple as that! Also, it’ll keep the ratings up, because this is a great app! (besides the ads) My Review: Okay, here’s my opinion of the app. I honestly really like this app! This is the best photoshop app I have ever got (and as a photographer, that means a lot of apps). I would highly suggest this app to my fellow photographers or just people who are bored and want to fiddle around with some pictures. Although, there is a bug that I noticed. When I am using data for this app, I get kicked off when I try to save my picture. I spend a very long time on them and the fact that I get kicked off kinda stresses me out. Although, knowing the brains behind this app, I am sure you will find a way to fix this bug. Thank you for making this app so good, and keep the updates coming!

- Would be worth the premium membership if it didn't crash so much.

So I've been able to use this app as a replacement for adobe photoshop when I don't want to get on my laptop. I do pay for premium membership because It's the most extensive & easiest to use app I've come across for making edits. It could use better filters, I usually have to use a different app if I want to put filters on the pictures. The worst thing about this app is how often it crashes without saving. I've lost projects I've spent hours on just because I tried to undo something and the app froze and crashed. There's a lot of little things wrong with it too, like how you can't erase in a completely solid line and how sometimes pictures save with a little white line at the bottom that you have to crop out outside of the app. Sometimes pictures save with a crease down the middle for no reason. Also when you have more than one layer the duplicate button has notif box that pops up every time you switch layers. Hopefully this stuff gets worked out though. They seem to work on stuff a lot because with every update they fix problems.

- In general, nice, but it does have many problems.

In general, this is a very nice app that combines social media and art. However, it crashes very often and also drains my battery extremely quickly. Just now, my phone was at 100%, and I then attempted to make an edit. The app crashed three times and additionally drained 40% of my battery within 10 minutes. The comments on posts have also not been available to many users, while some users can still use it(for some reason??). I’ve also heard that the remix chat is going to be removed, and I think that removes a lot of the appeal of the app. After all, people use this app to make edits and be a part of a community that shares the same interests. With no comments of remix chat(which is similar to a sort of texting app within picsart), no one will be able to get in contact with anyone else, and we will lose a lot of relationships we built up inside our respective communities. I really hope picsart will soon fix the crashing problems, and rethink its decision to remove the remix chat. I really don’t think that would be a smart move. Thank you for your hard work.

- Impossible to use

This app has many useful features that are creative and ease to use. Of course, you can only use those if the app actually works. Which it doesn’t 99% of the time. I’ve lost hours of work on something because the app constantly freezes and crashes. I save my work all the time, and it even says “auto save” in the corner, which one would assume means that the piece automatically saves. It does not. If you leave the app for even a split second, your picture is immediately trashed and all your work is gone. Sometimes the app crashes in the middle of working on something, so your work is completely gone for no reason other than a glitchy app. The drawing feature is the worst for this. The tool always drags two inches behind where ever you’re trying to draw, the tools are extremely limited, and GOD FORBID you try to use the undo tool. If you even TRY to undo something, the entire app promptly freezes, and the last three steps you’ve done disappear instead of one. I’ve tried different styluses, with and without WiFi, nothing makes it any more bearable. This app is perfect for you if you just wanna add a quick filter to a photo, but for anything that lasts more than 30 seconds, I suggest something else.

- I loveeee it!!

PicsArt [PA] is honestly one of the best editing apps I've ever used. And trust me, I've experimented with a lot of them. I would like an option where you can change the color of your page. Like instead of white,it could also be black. Pleeaaase think about adding this to the (suggestion box) I also think there should be a button where you save what you're typing in the desc when you're about to post. Sometimes I'm typing something in the desc but maybe I accidentally swipe down and it deletes the desc tab. Or sometimes it kicks me out but my project is saved. I'd really enjoy that and I think other people on this app will too. Could you add the option to send videos too? Sometimes I'm talking w friends on PA (I use PA to talk with them bc one of them isn't allowed to have social media) and I think a video option would be nice. Just a quick question- when you put the comments back? Anyways I think that's it. If you see this, I suggest to download PicsArt. Its an incredible app!

- A Ton of Fun

I was looking for an app to make cool Finn Wolfhard and Stranger Things edits, and I found PicsArt. I love this app a lot. It allows me to be super creative and I love just how many features there are. I’m inspired by all the other users on the app and it makes me proud of my photo edits. There are only three cons. Firstly, about half of the people on the app are there to post selfies of themselves and it is now more just a form of social media (or a more unpopular Instagram) rather than an editing app. I wish more people were serious editors rather than girls looking for likes. Like, you can’t throw glitter on a Snapchat pic and consider it an edit. Secondly, this app KILLS battery life like no one’s business. So make sure your charging your phone while editing. Lastly, and this is the most annoying, my bio doesn’t save. Whenever I write anything about myself it doesn’t save. I’ve seen everyone else’s bios like this as well and I really wish PicsArt would fix it 😒 Other than those cons, I love the app and I recommend it to anyone who is looking for an easy and fun editing app. Thanks guys! ❤️

- SAME! Problems with app!

Please help! I have been using PicsArt since 2012. I enjoyed using this app until your last update. I work on a photo, sometimes I spend a whole hour on one picture!! When I’m ready to save it to my camera roll the ad pops up about becoming a paid subscription member, I clicked out of it, tried to save picture again, & paid subscription advertisement pops up again!!! Now the subscription advertisement pops up before I’m even finished with my photo! I DO NOT want A paid subscription, I enjoy what I do with my photos with the free PicsArt. I always brag to others about how great your app is, but that is definitely going to stop unless you remove this ad that keeps popping up now B4 I’m even done fixing a photo!! which makes me then, have to delete it!!!!!! That is NOT RIGHT!!! I’m trying to enjoy your product and tell others how great it is. I guess I need to let my FB friends know what’s going on, unless you will please, fix this problem. Thank you!

- please helpp

⚠️WARNING: detailed but MINI RANT IN THIS⚠️ Hello, it was just a normal day where I wake up and make edits for famous people I love, but yesterday the app stopped working!! It kept saying there was no network connection, right, so I was like ok no big deal, I close out of the app and open it again, it still doesn’t work. I even restarted my phone turned off my cellular data then turn it on, and it just doesn’t help. Keep in mind I’m still pretty chill about the situation, so I go to my wifi box and reset it. It doesn’t help. So now I get a little frustrated and I make the smart decision to uninstall the app then reinstall it, and it STILL doesn’t work!! Only this time it won’t let me sign in either!! At this point i’m so close to ripping my hairs out of my head I thought it was me getting my password wrong, but then I realized it was just the app. I literally cursed at a worker yesterday, I called them to fix my wifi because I thought it was my wifiii. Now I need to call back and apologize, but while I do that can you guys please get back to me and tell me what’s wrong with the app?? Because I have edits that need to be done.👏👏

- Good, but glitchy and pricy

i was so incredibly happy when i found this app about a year ago. it is amazing and has endless opportunities. i have a lot of fun editing my pictures with this app. but about a year or two ago, the membership got more... intense. the prices were raised incredibly high, considering this is just a photo editing app, and about half of the things that i loved to use now cost money to use. i still manage without membership, there’s still plenty of options. it’s just upsetting because i would buy a membership if it didn’t cost so much. also, this app crashes all the time. every other picture i edit it crashes and i lose my progress. i don’t know what’s with that. there is also an insane amount of ads. when you first open the app, boom there’s an ad advertising the membership. once you click out of it, on the home screen, there’s and ad for membership. edit the picture, finish it, go to save it, there’s another membership ad. there also other ads to, but they really seem to be pushing this membership. all in all, a very good app, just a few strange things.

- So buggy I quit after ten minutes

I had one simple task I wanted to try so I started with the three day trial. All I wanted to do was cut my image off the foreground of one pic and overlay it on another background. First the Facebook login errored twice but eventually went through. The auto selection tool to grab my image off the background was great. No having to tediously draw around the image. Problem was as soon as I tried to save the app crashed. After two crashes I restarted my phone. That got me past the crash so that I could save what is called a sticker of the selected image of myself pulled off the larger pic. Then I pulled up my background pic and went to the sticker menu to try to find it to overlay, but received a network error. Tried reloading app and got a login error that I skipped. All pics were there, but same error on stickers. Turned off WiFi to see if my local network was an issue and tried to reload again, but no go, same two errors at login and on stickers. Giving up and made sure to go into settings to turn off the subscription of $56 a year that automatically turns on and will activate after three day trial.

- Highly recommend but...

Been using this app for 3 years at least. Whenever it comes to editing it’s always been great. But when I’m editing for an hour or more on the app I end up being taken out of the app, losing all of my progress, or taking me all the way back to where I started from the beginning. The most known problem with this app is “that the network error occur” issue. I checked to see if I needed to update the app and it said “update”. When I updated the app it still shows “network error occur”. And apparently this happens to everyone every few days. To me it happens every week or every month. Last night and earlier this morning it was great, no problems at all. I check later and the issue happens. No network connection problems where I live. So it doesn’t make sense how even if you update the app you’ll still get an error when opening the app or trying to type into the search bar for whatever sticker or image you need.

- It’s actually really fun

So I’ll start with the goods and then I’ll do bads. First, it’s very helpful with editing. I actually do edit photos on here. There’s like MILLIONS of stickers to pick from. It can vary from like a Charli damelio sticker to a cute little pumpkin or something. U can add filters, and magic looking filters, you can change ur hair and eye color, u can use text boxes, u get the point. U can also make friends if I want to but u don’t have to. Next is the bads. So a couple times I have been editing and working hard and has worked a while on doing something cool with making a famous person look like they were in the photo with me and I was FINALLY done so I clicked done and it kicked me out of the app. I was really mad!!! It sometimes does that so every time I’m doing something complicated I screen shot every step so u can just go back to it. Next is a lot of ppl complain about glitches and lags but I don’t seem to have too many but it sure happens to others. Next is I posted a little picture of who I voted for in the election and SOOOO many ppl came at me and were saying mean things and convincing me to change my mind. A lot of it was false information. I was not really hurt or sad I was just annoyed at them 😂 (watch out for hashtags on ur post’s description they are annoying...) So yes it’s a good app and I have fun. I’m always making stuff just for the fun of it and don’t end up posting it. U won’t regret getting the app

- Charged incorrectly

So I opted for a 3 day trial of the understanding that I could have the app for $7.99 a month or pay for a year up front at a bulk price. Well. I definitely was lead to believe if I stayed I would be charged 7.99 a month or if I acted could purchase a year up front. I feel like by not using a 2 option opt in system that a great product is going to run into a lot of unnecessary negative customer satisfaction scenarios that cost them more man hours than making sure in a very simple way that customers understand what they will be charged. I have good faith that the company will resolve my issue and charge me properly however I have to say that even a great product needs great CS behind it. I’m not impressed so far and really hope the company refunds everything I paid other than the first month. I can say for a fact I will probably use the app for more than a year. It’s just that I prefer that if I agree to a certain amount to pay at certain moment that I’m charged that amount and nothing more. Anything else just seems shady and causes me to disengage with a brand entirely.

- Read below 👇👇

Okay so u may be scrolling through reviews debating whether to get this or not and assume this is a good review bc of the 4 stars, but tbh I just didn’t know how many stars to give it. I heard good things about that app and noticed I had downloaded it before and thought either I just didn’t do much on it and deleted it anyways or there was something I didn’t like. I decided to give it another chance and re downloaded ig. I created a new account and did all the steps but when it came time to put my birthday it froze. The skip button didn’t work and neither did the complete button (the correct birthday was in there and I was above the age requirement of 13) I restarted the process multiple times and nothing different happened. Later in the day (aka a few min before I wrote this review) I tried again and the same thing happened. So that’s why I don’t know what to put for the stars 🤷‍♀️. And can’t try the app out to put a real review on how it works. (Sorry for any errors in my writing I am really tired at the moment)

- Charged for Gold Subscription

I was charged during their 3-day free trial period for the gold subscription. Since using this app, they started locking some of their content and now you have to pay with a subscription. I was offered the 3-day free trial period and after an hour of looking through to see what they offered I unsubscribed because it wasn’t worth it. Well I was charged anyways for the YEARLY fee, not even the monthly or weekly fee they just decided I wanted yearly. I tried to get a refund and was denied through apple and I am still waiting for picsart to respond. I will be deleting this app and never using it again, this is ridiculous. *************UPDATE AFTER DEVELOPER AND APPLE RESPONSE****************** After I emailed picsart and informed them that I couldn’t request a refund on the the apple report a problem website, of course they acted like they actually cared and informed that they do not issue refunds. So I emailed Apple directly and informed them about my situation and they issued me a full refund of the $56 since I canceled before the free trial period was over. Don’t just accept what picsart is telling you, email Apple directly and they can issue you a refund. Again I will be deleting this app and finding a better one.

- Crashes and loss of work

I love using this app for my projects as there isn’t an annoying watermark and easy to use, but lately everything keeps crashing and causes my work to disappear which makes it feel disheartening and frustrating to work on anything. I’ve deleted the app, redownloaded, updated it, offloaded the app, and even tried making a new acc however it seems like things just got worse bc now it crashes mid project causing all my work to disappear. Once it even disappeared AFTER I saved it, I was afraid of another crash happening since I had many layers on the project so I decided to save it half way and then work on it again but when I went to my camera roll it was completely gone it didn’t even show up in the “my projects” section. I’ve tried every possible solution picsart has suggested and nothing works it just seems to get worse as time goes on and I’m beginning to lose hope. I really don’t want to tho because before all of this happened the app was great and still is it’s just these technical issues are extremely annoying

- Good but...

Okay, let me just say, this is a good editing app. I have a few complaints, though. 1.) MY WORK DOESN’T SAVE!! If your picture or whatever successfully saves to your camera roll, a green banner will appear at the top, that’s not problem, it goes away in 2 seconds. My problem is that is DOESN’T do that. You would think it was just a glitch. But when I check my camera roll my work isn’t there! I have to screenshot my work and crop the tools out, which is ridiculous, if you ask me 🙄. And my storage isn’t even full. 2.) IT CHANGES YOUR WORK!! If you’re working on a collage, it’s sometimes goes smooth. Other times, it turns white. For example, I was mirroring pictures (9 picture collage) when I was about to save it, then bam, more than half of the pictures turned white. It is annoying, but you can undo it. It is still very time consuming. 3.) Too many pop up ads. It’s not that much of a problem, you can exit out, but its still super annoying. 4.) You can’t import your own fonts without paying for it. There aren’t a great selection of fonts for text, and the good ones cost money. All in all it’s a fine app

- Wowwwwwwwww 🙄

So.. I was having fun with this app with the easy stuff to access. I was editing a photo, and then the app crashed.. twice. I went back on it the first time, but my edit disappeared, and I had to start all over again, from the top. The app crashed a second time, and all my repeated hard work disappeared. I looked for a place with drafts, but I could not find it, and I am very disappointed that it keeps deleting my work and I can’t do anything about it but start over. Please either save my work for when I come back to it, or create a drafts folder so I don’t have to start over every time the app crashes. Edit from last time: Nothing is getting better and just keeps getting worse! After the recent update, it created a new bug. Whenever I press the undo button while making an edit, it erases parts of all my stickers! There’s no way to undo that, making me have to start over again. Getting more disappointed in this app every time I use it... please fix the bugs and fix the crashing problem that many people are experiencing.

- I do like the app but there are some problems.

I just started using PicsArt I believe two weeks ago. I only had the app because I would make aesthetic wallpapers with this app occasionally. It is a great app, not gonna lie. There are lots of ways to modify your photo beautifully and many ways to create your ideal wallpaper, and some more. Well, I have been having a problem recently and it has happened to me twice the day this review was published. So I was making a wallpaper, and decided to add a sticker to add some decoration to it. However, I accidentally pressed the home button at the middle of making the wallpaper. Then, when I returned to the app, the app froze! I tried everything I can do to stop the freezing, but none of it worked. The only way to get out of this is to force close the app and then reopening it, losing hours of your saved work because the stickers of the photo merged together in one layer, meaning you cannot do anything to the stickers because it has been merged in one layer. Please fix this, I know it's an adorable app, but fix this and I'll rate it a 5.

- I loveeee it but I’d like to add one small feature

I love love loveeeeee this app bro But I think it’d be better if u added a feature that can help millonzzzzz When u go to collections, and click on the stickers/cutouts or whatever, it’ll show some private stickers. I think u should be able to select what you’d like to delete if that makes sense Like in ur camera roll, select, delete all etc It’ll be a lot easier considering when u make a cutout, sometimes it’ll duplicate it and that annoying So I don’t wanna have to look thru all of it one by one and manually delete it I think it’ll help a lot of ppl out Other than that I love the app Update!!! So I also make my own stickers and people save them I think you should add a feature where u can view who’s all saved ur sticker or who’s following a hashtag cuz I have a hashtag and I wanna see who’s all following it No other complaints so far! I’ve got another tip to make this app even better So when I make a sticker, I sometimes can’t see the mistakes I’ve made on it so I’d like it if u would make an option to change the type of transparent layout like its black but can u make it white? I hope I make sense Ok I rly act like y’all are gonna see this but a big big complaint everyone has with the app is the crashing It’s crashes all the time And it glitches Can u please fix it? It’s annoying but I’m sticking with this app cuz it’s the best editing app But please fix all the crashing

- Love picsart but-

I honestly love the app there’s just two things I want first remix chat back I really want to talk to my internet friends now I can’t and it’s sad seeing posts about people wanting to leave picsart cause the chat is gone and now more people are leaving the app then joining the app I think if you want the app to be way more amazing and popular please put remix chat again! Second not my idea but a girl on picsart said that it would be a great idea to go live just maybe the chat you can’t put some stuff like inappropriate things bad words can stay or not then people can do face reveals voice reveals and much more it would be so easy and fun being on live if we can’t have remix chat then live would be good too and where you can also add sure dent people like your followers or they can only chat but anybody could join and only they can see the live other than that this app is amazing and I love it I’m on it all day everyday stay safe❤️✨

- The previous version was better than this new one with required subscriptions

I have been using this app for years and have purchased many different photo frames and stickers etc. and I loved it!! however ever since the app changed within this last year it gradually phased out the ability to access all of the previous things I had purchased, unless I of course want to subscribe to a monthly or yearly fee. I have to say that is is a little ridiculous and disappointing considering I have already put a lot of money into this app over time for the in app purchases I made that I can not even use now... please go back to allowing consumers to purchase the things they want to and not force them to buy a subscription that was one of the main reasons your app ranked so high because it was different than the others, if you want a subscription app then allow subscribers the option but don’t take away from the loyal users of this app who only want to purchase what they need let alone take away access to what they have already purchased!!! The loyal users are how you received high ratings to start with!!

- Purposefully misleading???

When I downloaded the app, it did briefly mention that it was a free trial and I would be charged for a subscription after the time was up, but even skimming through it never said much about different KINDS of subscriptions or their prices. I felt like it didn’t matter anyway because after a few hours I realized the app wasn’t what I was looking for and deleted the account it forced me to make (stating when it asked for a reason that it just wasn’t what I wanted) and then the app. I assumed that deleting your entire account also removed the subscriptions, which in hindsight was dumb. Next thing I know I have a $55 charge that can’t be refunded because of course the subscription wasn’t removed, and of course it automatically charged me for the most expensive one that I certainly didn’t even know existed. A lot of my issues are mostly from my own ignorance, I admit, but I can’t help but feel like I was purposely misled. I was never given the option to choose a specific subscription, it just automatically chose for me. I also would have appreciated being informed that deleting the account did not mean I had ended my free trial or subscription renewal.

- Long long time user fed up! WHY did you mess this app up??

Why can I write a new review?? I am so dang disappointed in this app! I loved it more then any other app it’s the only app that never got deleted or replaced. Now it’s crap! NOT FREE! You can NOT use filters anymore! Again I would not mind paying a one time app fee with options to purchase other extra items but a monthly or yearly fee? Why would I want to do that? If I wanted a high priced editor I would get adobe! This was easy to navigate and use and normal filters and tools were free! There were in app options for extras! Please for the love of all things review your payment options and do a one time fee of $9.99 or even $15 I would be fine with and I am sure many other long time users would as well! As I said in my last review I have been using this app for a long time! I was already disappointed in the changes to the app! Today I am done with it! You can no longer use filters without paying for a subscription!! Nice thanks way to ruin my favorite photo app! I one time fee I could have been ok with a monthly or yearly not so much! Going to have to find a new favorite!

- Great app, but u shouldn’t disable comments based on people’s region.

Hi, I’m a picsart user and I think that the app is great, really. But changes need to be done, like the disabled comments based on someone’s region. I can’t write under people’s post, and neither mines. This really bugs me because when someone’s comments me, i can’t reply and I really want to. If I have to reply, I’d have to make a post and it’s very annoying. It’s not been a really long time since I downloaded the app, but it glitches and when I am doing a project, it automatically gets out of the app. And I don’t think you should disable comments based on people’s region, so I think you’ll have to change that, because I don’t understand the meaning of it. I think everyone should be able to comment on people’s post. That’s all I have to say and I really like the App. Yes but someone wrote under my post not too long ago and I couldn’t reply. Sorry if I was rude. My apologies!😅🙃 have a great day!

- It’s not the same+ developer reply “rant“

Picsart really isn’t the same anymore and I really hate it now bc I can’t comment on others posts and on September 21st I won’t be able to talk to my online friends privately. This app was never just a photo editing app and I hope the developers know this, this was such a great community with amazing and kind people, but then you developers decide to take it away from us. Do not say that ur taking remix chat away for our “safety” we are already safe in this app. I have 700+ amazing followers, and coming from someone who has been here for half a year, I am really really disappointed in the developers. I hope that we get everything that was taken from us again sooner than later, please picsart listen to us!!! Another thing: Yall developers have to reply as how we write our responses, all u guys do is send a link to the support page, now it looks like you guys dont care about us users. Like we get it u guys get a lot of reviews but just so u all developers know just sending us to the support page wont help u or us, it will just bring ur reviews down!! I hope that nextime any of ur developers reply to a review, they do it with their heart!!

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- Great App Picsart but..

Picsart is a really great app! It has so many good and helpful mechanics that help you edit your videos or photos. Only thing is-there is a limit on how many you can follow back. 5k following only. I think in my personal opinion that the following back should exceed to a greater amount. Like, when people follow you, you generally want to follow them back but then it says you’ve reached the maximum of 5k. Just thing the amount of following should be greater. Otherwise, amazing app! I recommend it to everyone who likes to edit their pictures, videos or edits.

- New ideas

I love this app very much and it has helped me a lot in my editing but there is a few fault, one being it glitches sometimes and just logs you out of the app, another being the premium.. I’m a minor and don’t have any money of my own to pay for premium and I don’t think I will use this app that much anymore once I leave high school, and I think a lot of other people agree.. I understand that you need money for the app to run, but maybe lift some of the restrictions because it does stop us from being as good as other editors and it brings us down. Also maybe add some new features other then effects, like maybe new colour text ideas, fonts, or drawing techniques, I for one would like a better colour area for the text, because I cannot make my edits as pretty as I would like and the gradient effect is quite irritating because you can control which direction it shows and how much Of both the colours can show, maybe even add multiple colours to that area? But other then that i absolutely love this app and rate it 4/5 stars! Keep up the amazing work :)

- Love The App

Dear people who are reading this and PicsArt! I love this app so much I usually go on it everyday. For the past couple of weeks now I have seen no internet connection and my friends on PicsArt are going on to it and seeing that they don’t have any followers. Today I went on to see what people have posted and stuff like that, then I went to my notifications and it had these random people liking my edits then I went onto my account and saw it was a different person we totally different art than me. I logged out of PicsArt the logged out of PicsArt the logged back in my photos showed up but it still had this same person I never had heard of. Then I uninstalled it the. Reinstalled it but it was the same and it says I have no internet connection which I do and it’s updated to the latest one. I really do love PicsArt because I can create things that I like and no one will judge me. Hopefully this is fixed so everyone can keep on editing.

- Really great

PicsArt is a great app for people who love making collages, aesthetics and basically any digital art. The only problems I’ve had with it, is that a lot of the time the app crashes when I am in the middle of making something and doesn’t save my progress. When I start making it again, it just crashes again and again. It generally only happens when I’ve added a lot of stickers and haven’t been ‘applying’ them along the way. It’s still extremely frustrating, especially when you have been making something you are proud of. My second and final issue is that quite often when I add stickers or text and press the save button, it keeps coming up with an ad about buying PicsArt gold (I don’t have gold so if you have it you wouldn’t run into this problem) but when I click close and try to press apply again it just keeps on showing me the same ad and refuses to let me apply my changes. Usually I just screenshot what I’ve made and put it straight into PicsArt again to post, but it’s still annoying to have to go to the extra efforts almost every time you make something. Other then those issues though, the app is really good and I would definitely recommend it if you want to make digital art either just to save or post on your account. It’s a lot of fun to look through the stickers and make a piece of art, so if you download the app, have fun :P

- Amazing but... 😊

PicsArt is an amazing tool in which I use so I can edit things that other apps (such as VideoStar) need In-app purchases to do! PicsArt is truly outstanding but there is just one thing in my mind that needs adjusting. All of the ‘good’ features are always premium and you have to pay a lot for. Though I understand there needs to be a way for this business to achieve an income, it truly is hard for those who can’t afford ‘premium’ to make an as good piece of work that they were perhaps dreaming to create. In total I gave this app a 4/5 starts, soulfully through the reasons above. I overall recommend this app to beginners it is really helpful and creates pretty awesome stuff. It is just a bit hard to create an ‘as good’ artwork as other creators without being able to afford ‘premium’.

- Help please

Hi, I really love this game it’s so cool and I got so far! But then it’s telling me to verify my acc. But I wrote a fake password and email, cuz my friend told me to. After months it wouldn’t let me use my account. It always said ‘error accord’ and then I tried to change my email to the correct one, but then it said request timed out and I have no idea what that means but I’m assuming that it allready has a acc with that email. And yes I did make a acc with my proper email and password I would like you to please help me and delete my acc with my real password and email the acc please the acc is -_cl0dy_- I’m pretty sure but please delete it it’s mine and it’s got my real email and password! And if the profile pic is a anime person with straight eyes and a big mouth that’s mine so please delete it and let me use my email please you are my only chance to get my acc back!!

- Challenges need to be fairer

The tools of PicsArt are great and they’re pretty easy to use. But, when participating in a challenge, it’s a completely different story. In the Kcon fanart challenge, my friend was trying to vote for my entry but couldn’t find it. It used to be there, but since there’s so many entries, some couldn’t be seen. It would be better if voting for people would be easier. For example, if you followed them, their entry would appear in your feed. If you would like to vote for them, it would’ve been easier if there was a vote option in the feed, so they wouldn’t have to scour the hundreds of entries just to vote for that specific one. Other than that, it’s a really good photo editing app and I enjoy using this app for making edits.

- Seems a bit shady...

I clicked on the free three day trial option and then downloaded/ entered the app. Then I get an iTunes receipt for $85 payment. Apparently I’ve already had the three day free trial (I don’t recall this, perhaps it was a long time ago?) so it now immediately charged me. I found this out on forums via google, in no way is this outlined anywhere in the app info or description or website etc. I didn’t even have a clue what the app does, so to be charged for it immediately when only clicking the free trial option seems a bit shady. My job is in marketing/ pr/ content creation and I still can’t even find edits or features that I would use and that would justify the payment and make me feel better! Such a bummer they aren’t transparent and after googling it seems like lot of people are having similar issues. Lots are young users which seems to clearly being taken advantage of.

- Too expensive

This is my favourite app to edit photos and videos...I use this app almost everyday. I would LOVE to go PRO for this app... but the price is ridiculously expensive .. it’s a FORCE to all your app users to PAY the full amount at once. Please tell me wether you will give the options for monthly payments or not, because I am willing to pay each month, $7.16 monthly as your app shows (but doesn’t give the option to pay monthly) Some people can afford $7.16 monthly .. but they cannot afford $86 at once as people may have other things to pay off to..... please respond and do something about it............ Thanks, I love your app very much... but it’s too expensive .... and the day you will give us options to pay $7.16 monthly (as your app says) I will change and give you all 5 stars, with good reviews...


ok so I’ve been using pics art for a few days now and on messages I realised that u can make your own stickers, I was thrilled so I made a few stickers that I shared with my friends. But then I realised I couldn’t deleted my own stickers (they were quite embarrassing, not rlly but a little bit) and realised that it would be added to stickers so anyone can use my face. I really don’t want to happening especially because I get embarrassed easily and hate it when I do. I also realised that other people’s faces were on the stickers, as I searched up faces to check. Can u please make it so that we can delete our own stickers or can u make it so that we won’t have our stickers put on for everyone to use? Thank u. Please do something.

- Re: Constant crashes

In response to creator comment: I talked about experiencing frequent crashing with the app. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the app numerous times, I’ve also installed the app on a seperate device with varying degrees of success; aka sometimes it won’t crash at all, other times it will crash on and off again. I’m glad to hear you’re working to correct the problem however, bc apart from this issue, I really enjoy using the app. I like how easy to use and understand the UI is, and the vast multitude of options and designs available even for a free user. Overall a very good app, with just a somewhat significant problem. Please for the sake of an otherwise good app, work to fix the issue and best of luck with doing so

- App keeps crashing + use of stolen art

I use an iPad mini 2 version 12.4.5 with sufficient storage. Yet whenever I use this app to edit pictures, it always crashes. Frequently. Note that I am using the free version of the app. I have tried every method to reduce the crashing such as clearing my cache and resetting my iPad. It is very irritating and I am on the verge of deleting the app for good. However, there is no other app that provide the high range of tools such as this one. While looking through the stickers, I’ve noticed that some user-uploaded stickers use stolen fan art and copyrighted material. Perhaps there needs to be some restrictions to prevent this from happening, such as a moderator who checks stickers to see if they have been taken from existing places.

- Weird glitch

I use this app a lot and I love it but recently there’s been some sort of glitch. Everything on the app works but when ever I go to use the beautify features even just clicking the beautify button it just cancels out, deletes the current picture I’m working on and goes straight to my home screen. It’s super annoying since I tend to use that section a lot. Any advice on why this might be happening or any chance you could review the app and try and find a solution? I’ve tried deleting the app and reinstalling multiple times as well and turning my phone on and off. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

- A few problems...

Overall the app is great! There’s quite a few things I can make without having pay pay but there’s a few little problems... idk if it’s just me or whatever but sometimes when I’m trying to make an edit, it’ll just randomly stop, like it wouldn’t let me press anything it would just freeze, or it would just randomly glitch out of the app and I’d have to start over. My second thing is that whenever I make an edit and so I can save what I’ve done so far I press apply, but whenever I do that the edit becomes all blurry, like the quality is really bad. Besides from that the app is great!

- I have a problem.

I've been using picsart for quite a bit, I love it! But one particular project I was working on, suddenly disappeared, I was bewildered. Then I figured out that it was deleted. I never touched the delete button, is there a delete button? I don't know but the last time I saw the project was when I was working on it, then I had to do something, it said it was auto saved, so I turned my iPad off, then went on with my day. The next day, I wanted to work on it, so i hopped onto picsart... and it's not there. Please add a feature where if you delete a project, it goes into a "recently deleted" file. Besides that the app is great!

- It’s good but there is something that is bugging me

So it’s a really good app, even without a free trial it gives you lots of opportunities to edit your work in various ways, but there is the a small thing that is bugging me, you see when you draw you can only move the camera around and zoom in and out, but you can’t tilt it in anyway whatsoever, it makes it hard to draw the anatomy of characters (for me), I understand there are some people who are more comfortable with this but maybe you could add a feature where you can change camera settings? Anyways other than that this app has been really great so far!

- PicsArtIsGreat!

I downloaded PicsArt yesterday and since then i’ve become addicted to it! It’s fun because you can either edit people’s picture or crop and put other photos into the photo. My only thought for PicsArt is if you could like make less things for vip or whatever it’s called? Also every time i go to whiten teeth, it gets out of the app. i don’t know if it’s a bug or anything like that? But other than that, PicsArt is my favourite app so far!

- glitch?

So i've used this app for a few years now and had no trouble with it until recently. So i go onto the app as usual and make a collage/freestyle picture and as i'm putting my stickers and text it glitches me out of the app every single time. I have updated the app refreshed it as much as i could but every single time it still glitches me out. And the bad thing about it is that it doesn't even save the image i was creating so i try to make the same image over and over again but it still glitches me out so that i can't even save it. Please do something about this, I love this app and would like to continue using it placing without these glitches.

- Great game but a few questions!!

PicsArt is a great game for people who live to edit photos and create photos themselves! I love to play it a lot but one day when I went one PicsArt it wouldn’t let me comment or like on anyone’s pictures and I couldn’t see likes on my pictures!! At first I thought it was a new update but then when my brother and cousin went on they could still like and comment. It very annoying because I used to love that app and go on everyday but now I don’t go on as much because of this reason🙁 please fix this or at least think about the reason it’s happening!!

- I like pics art but please fix the bugs

I’ll start with I really like this app I use it a lot I’ve paid for the premium for 2 years. ( way over priced btw) The app is so glitchy I get logged out all the time, I can’t use fonts because it glitches, currently I can’t search stickers or photos because the search bar is way up high and my iPhone still has that stupid bit at the top 🤷‍♀️ I would love to see the ability to curve text, more borders etc Like I said like the app been using it for a while I use it for a lot of things personally and professionally. I would just love to see a few things change 😁 thanks !!

- What happened?

This app used to be great back 2 years ago when there were really no ads on it at all, ran smoothly like butter and was a great alternative to photoshop. That was until everyone and their grandmother started using it, and i guess the people who own picsart saw this as a great chance to get people’s money by having ads everywhere either about getting Premiumship (or should i say “Gold” as they call it) or about something relating to picsart, paywalls on certain features and filters and runs sluggishly. I would rather spend my money on Photoshop with adobe’s monthly subscription rather then a budget version of Photoshop but i’m stuck with this since i have no computer.

- Please fix this

Overall I love PicsArt, it is a great app and it’s an awesome editing program. But there is a glitch that has popped up yesterday. All the like and comment buttons are gone. Now you can no longer comment or like images. I ask some friends in the remix chat and they all said that they where having the same problem. Please fix this glitch, I don’t know if you did it on purpose or not, if so, please, please take it off. If not, can you please fix this? PicsArt is not the same without the likes or comments. It’s not as fun...

- Not happy at all with the new update.

I’ve been using picsart for nearly a year. I love the app (mostly) and I use it all the time. But with the recent update, it’s extremely frustrating to edit. Any time I add a image, it turns out much smaller than the original in my camera roll. The layering of the photos as well, trying to get a photo on top of another, is so complicated! This means editing something that should take five minutes, will now take way longer - something I’m not very happy about. PLEASE fix this. I’d rather not move to another app but if this continues, I have no choice.

- No notifications??

I really enjoy using PicsArt! It’s a great app, but lately I’ve noticed a little bit of a problem... when I used to open the app (about a week ago) the notification area was perfectly fine, I could see my followers art that they were posting and liking and if they were liking my art. I don’t know if this is happening to anyone else but in the last two days I haven’t gotten any notifications... not sure if this is a bug or just my followers are not active

- Awesome app but some problems

I love the app and all its features. Don’t get me wrong, I do like every tool and application but I have experienced a lot of problems during my time with this app. For example, I was making a edit with lots of things in it and I spend a few hours making it. Suddenly, the app froze and deleted all my work. Usually it says ‘continue editing?’ but this time it didn’t. I’m sure it is no problem with my iPad since it’s newly bought from the store. But other than that, Great app🥰

- It keeps saying network error

Hi! I love your app! I’ve been using it for over a year now and it’s amazing! Until just recently it won’t load anything since it says network error. I’ve checked that my wifi is working and I’ve turned on my data , and it still says network error. But all my other apps work fine. It won’t let me log in either since I decided to uninstall and install again. Please help .

- eh

Been using this app for 5 years, love the effects and layout-better than any other editing app, HOWEVER, the ads! My god the ads! I get you need them for business but they’re excessive and annoying. Yes, I have thought about updating to the ‘premium’ but I seriously don’t use the app enough to warrant paying $12 AUD a month. Also- it’s getting slower and slower. I have an Iphone 6 plus updated to the latest software, surely that’s not that old to be incompatible?? I’m cynical enough to believe that you guys are purposely slowing the app down so that we purchase the premium app....

- In App Purchases

I really do love this app, and have made several in app purchases in regards to sticker packs. However, most of these packs are now no longer available for me to use unless I repurchase them. As I’ve already paid for these, I cannot believe I’m being asked to pay again. Whether this is a glitch or something to do with the app itself, it’s incredibly inconvenient. In all other aspects, I have never had an issue with this app in the four years I have been using it. The effects are wonderful, easy to use, and convenient.

- Great Free Editing App

This app is great without paying for subscription as I am a casual user. Ive had it for quite a few years now and would not consider paying for it, too many glitches and crashes here and there but i love using it to do drawings on my photos. Ive seen many other reviews on the app crashing during people editing their stuff and I agree- its totally frustrating. I also dont know if this has happened recently but the zooming on my editing has gone weird and only zooms in one direction instead of the area i want to zoom in to.

- Great photo tool, but...

Use this app all the time. Ads are annoying but not too intrusive. Would buy outright but I hate this subscription model that so many apps are adopting. I’ll never part with my money for that kind of commitment to a phone app. At the moment the “fishing clash” ad has a glitch. It doesn’t time out and doesn’t give a “close (x)” option. I have to restart my phone every time it appears. Anyway.....even the editing options on the free version are plentiful, so well worth a download.

- Sometimes annoying

When you want to edit a photo by cutting something out of it, you spend AGES. But when you done, the app changes it to what it thinks you meant to do, but it just spoils it! It’s so annoying because you spend such a long time and then it just gets ruined and you have to spend MORE time just when you think your finished. Can PicsArt change that so that you have the option for it not to be the apps way of cutting it out, of can they just ditch that part?

- I love this app, just a little problem

This app is amazing, I use it everyday, turning old photo’s into new and amazing ones! However, I have one small problem. I’m not sure if this happens to everyone, but whenever I try to upload several photos or look at some artwork, some of the pictures take a very long time to load and sometimes they don’t even load at all and it really bothers me. Other than that, it’s a great app. :)

- Great app!

I absolutely LOVE pics art. It’s an easy, creative and fun editing app. Even without the subscription and paying you can have a great experience. But I personally would prefer if you didn’t have to pay so much for extra features. Overall if I could give this a 4.5 star rating I would. But I shouldn’t be complaining because for a free version it’s awesome. I recommend this app for any editing of pictures that you need, I’ve had pics art for a long time and don’t regret using it.

- I love this app but maybe

Hi I live this app it’s great for editors like me but when it comes to vIdeos it’s not so great I’m mostly editing videos and this app is great for adding stickers and writing on them but maybe if they could is make videos non-premium and add transitions for editors so they don’t have to use a different app for there transitions they just have to use the one app, I hope this idea gets to the creators of this app thank you

- Too expensive but easy to use 😉

Hey I just wanted to say that this is one of the best photo/video editing app I have ever come across, I was searching for ages, until I found THIS! It was like finding the end of a rainbow 🌈! I just wish that you could use more tools, stickers, pictures, and other things like that. Also I think that there should be a “switch/button” in the settings or somewhere that allows you to have nothing to do with seeing other people’s art/pictures or even have an account on the app, although I do have the ability to do that (I have an account) I still think that for younger users they should have the ability to do that 😁. Definitely recommend this app to people that like to edit photos and videos! It’s awesome!❤️ P.S if you’re into editing videos, I recommend ‘InShot’ it’s rlly cool. 🌸💖❤️🌈

- I’m back again just about over it don’t come at me with look in the FQAS response as usual

NOT HAPPY IM BACK AGAIN. Every time I do something when I go to save it shuts the app down and all work is lost, don’t come at me to uninstall app turn of phone reinstall cause I’ve done that and all that achieved was loosing all my saved stickers and other work This app has more problems than any I’ve ever had and I seem to be hear writing a review every few weeks I’m not the only one having this problem going on the reviews left so clearly your response to the problem in not working not sure why I bother cause all your response are the same stock answers

- app keeps crashing!

this is a constant annoyance and is driving me up the wall. every time I’m in the middle of editing my photos with stickers, the app gets overwhelmed, begins lagging, then crashes completely. I’ve tried restarting my phone, reinstalling the app, etc, but nothing works. also, when I reinstalled the app, features disappeared completely, like the option to erase stickers so they were concealed behind something. I have an iPhone 6 and none of my other apps have this issue. please fix this bug ☹️

- Good app but needs some improvement

I’ve been using this app for years and have found it to be really useful. However, it used to have a lot less steps to simply save a photo you’ve edited, but now there’s just extra ads and extra steps to save a photo in my phone camera roll. Also, if I’m midway through editing a photo and go onto another app or answer a call, the work just disappears and I have to start again. Please fix this.

- I love this app!

I literally have never written a review for any app in my life but I think this app is so great I have to let everybody know. Obviously some features are restricted for premium users but PicsArt has awesome editing tools, stickers and effects that are perfect for making arty instagram pictures. SO much better than many of the other picture editing apps out there that are very limited and low quality.

- :((

It’s awesome! But on my note also; It might just be my device, but it keeps crashing and the fact that it crashes keeps me from making any PicsArt pic at all! Please fix this, for I have re-downloaded this app 19 times already. Edit: Okay, this is bazaar. My WiFi is great, but there’s a “network error”. No.. changing rating from 🌟🌟 to ⭐️ Edit 2: Yay :) I tried your advice and it worked! 5/5

- Decent App, but problem.

I have been using PicsArt for a couple of years now, and it has been a great editing app for getting assignments done creatively, taking edit requests from friends etc. I have come across an issue that has occurred to me for about a week. Usually the app runs fine but now whenever It try to put stickers on, the app randomly crashes so I can’t put any stickers on. (Yes, I have updated the app) But nothing seems to work. If someone could get back to be about this, that would be great. Cheers.


I LOVE THIS APP! Simple and fun to use and on top of that it make AMAZING photo edits! This app helped my channel reach up to 100k subscribers so big help! But the only piece of feed forward I would say is could you guys please make the prices lower for the yearly premium? Or maybe you guys could do like 5-10 dollars for yearly and u could add a lifetime choice that could be 15-25 dollars, I’m sure a lot more people would buy the premium then!

- Far to many Ads & silence.

There are to many ads, ok it’s a free app so you have to expect ads, but if you try and edit one photo, Your spammed with 2 consecutive ads followed by a 3rd at the end. Then your also got the additional problem of silence, your listening to music the open this up to do a quick edit, you get spammed then your music stops..... I need the music for my tolerance with dealing with the ads..... 😂. Other than this it’s a fantastic app.

- Love it BUT...

I love this app even though I only need to use it rarely - too rarely to justify the cost of subscription. Now, however, it’s almost impossible to finish a project because ‘Apply’ goes to a subscription page and clicking ‘Stay Basic’ seems to have no effect. I’ll happily put up with ads and fewer features for something good that I use infrequently but if it won’t work then forget it. And I won’t even see the ads.


only gives you 3 days free trial if you agree to sign up for a plan! EDIT: so i have tried again, and to get to the app, you have to exit the full screen ad telling you to sign up for gold. by pressing the X to get out of the ad, it then has a pop up that tries to get you to pay again. if you exit out of this & then press the X again to exit the ad, it finally lets you into the app.. Developers - you may want to rethink the way this all ‘works’ as new users like myself, will just bail after it seems like you need to purchase more than once before being able to use the app!

- Overall a pretty good app but...

PicsArt is easier and simpler to use than photoshop while still producing the same results. The only issue I have is that the pictures seem to pixelise when I add new layers quite a lot. Perhaps it is due to a new update as using the older version on my older phone doesn’t seem to pixelise even when I’m using the same pictures. I have already emailed support and they say that I cannot use an image larger than 3772 x 2120 but it is still pixelated when I overlay a new layer.

- Problem with the app

PicArt is an app I use every day and lately it has been full of bugs it freezes up and then closes down and I have to leave it for a bit and try again then I go through it all again what has happened to this app it was one of the best now it’s the worst I hope you can help me as I would hate to have to put it back thanks Toni

- Astounding!! Thumbs up!!

I just downloaded this app today, and have been playing with all the options. I absolutely cannot believe the number of effects available!!! And free!!!! I keep waiting for a message to say I can’t play anymore, but so far so good! For someone who has limited experience editing photos, but is artistic and appreciates a great picture, this app is fantastic!!!

- Fun

This game is really fun and I love to make collages of tv show characters and people, But the only thing I don’t like is the trial because it always pops up when I join and takes forever for me to leave it. But overall this app is fun and I love it, I love how the adds only pop up when your FINISHED your art collage and that is the biggest put down on other apps.

- App keeps on cutting out

I love this app but it keeps on cutting out after a few seconds sometimes i have few minutes of usage but most of the time I cant use it at all. Deleting and downloading the app again didnt work. It wont let me go to app support either. I also just purchased the yearly subscription and want to be able to use the app.

Payoneer 💰

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- Nifty

I love this app, I have made many priceless photos. Thank you creators!!

- Deleted and it still tried to charge me

Haha just glad nothin can be taken out of a bank account with nothing in it and no overdraft!

- Nice App

I use this app for my thumbnails on YouTube

- Terrible!

Hello, I am Nicci Johnston picsart user @niccijohto I have only used my free gold membership 3 day subscription for what must have been no longer than 5 hours and cancelled it went back to re-get my 3 day trial and was charged for a whole year can you please do something about this I do not have very big income and can not afford this mistake in any manner! Thank you !

- voice came on saying some weird cult stuff

i loved this app so much until when i’d be using it there would be loud clicking/button kind of noises every few minutes and i didn’t really think much of it until this time the clicking came and a voice started playing and it scared the crap out of me. i don’t know how or what happened there but i just deleted the app as soon as i could.

- Strange beeping

This app is pretty fun to make memes and edits on,but I have a question. Why does my phone randomly beep whenever I use your app. I keep on installing and uninstalling this app due to it and I’m too afraid to get hacked due to me getting a new iPhone.

- Want my refund

I took trial by chance and never used it but forgot to cancel it later. I don’t want any subscription and it directly cut my 85$ its a big amount for me. I can’t afford it. Its so weird that they didn’t get my confirmation before charging me and after they are like nothing can happen now. Wtf man I don’t want to use that application i want my money back.

- Kicked out

I’m being kicked out constantly and I do not like it I just want to post!

- Music

The app doesn’t let my Spotify play in the background anymore, please fix this

- Good

Well.. some minor bugs but it’s good

- super nice!!

there's actually quite alot of things you can do for free on the app and its a very nice free editing apps, i just wished the filters would be nicer

- Charged me a plan that I did not want.

PicsArt does not give you the option to choose a plan, it just shows the yearly plan when they have more options, for example: weekly and monthly plans. But, PicsArt only wants you to pay more, so just give you the option of a yearly plan. Very disappointed. Fake ads!

- Good

Very nice!!!

- Application intéressant

J’ai beaucoup aimé la diversité Des autocollants

- It’s okay

It’s a good app and all, really good for my edits but so much time when I’m almost done it kicks me out and I have to restart what I was doing

- Please fix it issue

This is the only app I used for editing my pictures and from some days this app has been annoying me a lot! It’s okay if you are showing adds but at-least Make them closable ? I keep tapping the cross button on the ad but it won’t go away and I am completely unable to use this application.

- 3 day trial ..(not so free trial)

3 day trial ...then the app redraws money from your account.

- Glitching when I use it

Every time I go in I’m at the last step and the app closes and I’m really upset.. looking into another app

- What the heck

I see I’m not the only one to get this error thing that’s happened my wifi works but it’s the app I was in the middle of an edit now everything is gone ughhh 😡 fix this. Btw kpop fans are angry and annoyed now 😂

- i hate this app

it used to work very well and i would use it for editing photos and now it keeps glitching and saying that there is a network error even though my wifi works perfectly fine. i deleted the app and got it back now i cant sign in. dont download this app.

- ...

I reallyyyyy like the app but it dont work anymore and I tried everything.

- What is happening

This morning I tried it and it kept saying no internet but I have internet and all of my other apps work.I deleted and reinstalled but now it doesn’t let me sign in and it still says no internet.Please fix this.I can’t even go in.It says error 501

- Can’t even sign up

Waste of time and energy trouble shooting and begging to use this stupid app. Thanks a lot :/

- I love it, but...

This app is great, but lately I have been having an issue. It says I have poor internet connection, but every other app that needs wifi is working. I don’t know how to fix it, so I have been unable to use the app.

- Bad advertizing

They charged me for a year for 82$... but clicked on it because They said I could try it for free for 3 days and cancel if i wanted to but no free days...

- An essential App

Easy to use, effective and reliable. A must have tool for social media.

- Liked the old version 😘

If I could give it 0 stars I would :) I understand you want money but seriously? People liked it when they could make good photos for free, I don’t know why you Insist on ruining your own app. Once a good alternative comes out no ones gonna pay $70 for filters that should be free, especially those who have had the app for years before you wanted money so bad.

- Bad

Started out as fun but then deleted all of my stickers and wont let me create any new ones so thanks a lot

- I hate it

Too many glitches and crashes I can’t edit a photo properly. Pls fix this

- Terrible

Everything is pics art gold which cost 78$ So unless your rich this is not for you

- Nice but weird

It’s a good app totally recommend, but for some reason it keeps crashing, and whenever I save something it just disappears. Hopefully it can be better soon.

- very cool

thank you kanye

- e

its me 😳 nagito komaeda 😏 on the 😃 nintendo ds 👩

- Amazing

It helped me sooooo much making wallpapers and backgrounds for my lyric videos on yt pls sub. Search up “ dragon Music torn apart “ I would like that very much


I loved this app but I had to get rid of it and I went to get it again and I CANT I have a diff iPod WHY please let me use it😭😭😭😭


This app is a scam. (You can look this up) It’s unfortunate because I liked picsart for a while but not after this fiasco. This “free” app shows you a pop-up advertising their Premium Gold subscription and NO MATTER WHAT YOU DO, it charges you for a YEARLY PLAN, WITHOUT your permission or authorization. You know the pop up that comes when you buy something asking for you face id or fingerprint? Yeah It DOESN’T DO THAT, it literally takes your money and doesn’t provide a receipt, so you can’t get a refund. This app charged me $80 CAD for a stupid subscription that I didn’t authorize and would never want. Sorry for caps but these scammers really tick me off. SAVE YOURSELF, DO NOT GET THIS APP!!!

- easy to use and fun, one issue

i’ve been using picsart for 5-6 years now, an extremely useful and fun app for photo editing and get you head deep into photo editing. i’ll continue to use it in the future. only one issue though: whenever i try to open the app, it freezes on the ad shown at the beginning or when i try to pick a photo to edit. super annoying and frustrating especially when i only need it for some photo tweaking, hopefully it’s just my phone wearing down.

- Upset/ all good now

So i amd looking at PicsArt and i got to my profile and it says no network but my network is on and working with apps so I delete it and reinstall so i sign into my account and it said time out !!!!! Fix this os i can go on my account please!!! all good now is woking for me, thank you for responding!

- One of the best editing app

This app is so good, you can even use it for your homework!

- This is a very good app

I take pictures and I use this app to edit my videos for tic Tok and I love that I can use pictures that are already edited and make another version this is a very good app I think you should download it

- Monthly subscription REQUIRED

uhh, no. bye bye

- Perfect!

I love this app!!

- Okay but stressful

When I click stickers I can’t search anything up and I can click the x please fix it’s running my pics😕

- It sucks

I deleted PicsArt and re-got it but I can’t log into my account and it’s saying I don’t have internet even tho I have internet it’s also saying time requested out FIX THIS

- cant use stickers

on iphone 12 i cant search stickers at all, the search tab is out of reach at all times

- Notifications not working

Please fix notifications. You haven’t listened to us at all

- bruh tf

y’all need to fix ur damm app

- Please fix

This is a great app, BUT I cannot get in-app notifications anymore!! Please fix this issue!

- I’m in love!

PicsArt is a very good app for fun and professional photo editing. I highly recommend the app

- More Challenges!

I really love this app, and it’s great quality, but... I would really like more challenges. Maybe an update where people can suggest challenges or something, but there’s not enough for me. Great app though, other than that!!!!

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- love this app. Also, GREAT service from the developers!

Update: I love Picsart, and if you read what I wrote below, you will get a pretty good idea of what Picsart offers. However, what I didn't write is that it also offers GREAT customer service. Only a few days after I wrote a review with some MINOR problems related to crashing, I received an email from the developers telling me how to solve the problem. And it worked! Thanks, developers, for being so devoted and helpful. I really appreciate it!!!!!!! For future buyers of Picsart, I would say that if you like photo and video editing, especially editing photos and selfies with stickers and brushes, than this is a GREAT app for you. There are plenty of apps on the app store that let you change your hair or eye color in selfies OR let you replace your background OR let you access cool stickers. This app combines all three, and more! It really lets me express my creativity by covering my regular photos in effects and brushes.

- Best Photo Editing App

PicsArt is easily the best app you can get if you want to edit photos, make memes, and do graphic designs. The controls are simple, as there is a toolbar that clearly shows you everything you can do. It is perfect for beginners and works great for those who want to create more advanced projects. There are limitless things you can do without having to pay for anything, and the advertisements are quick and occur rarely, making it easy to start on a project quickly. There is also a way to save drafts, so you don’t use up all the space on your camera roll. This is the best you can get on a phone. You can make collages easily, draw on pictures (use shapes also), change the colors of pictures, and make stickers. There is also a social aspect of the app, which I personally don’t use, but it looks like it’s very engaging, it’s clean, and simple. This is not an app that you will download and delete within five minutes.

- Great app, i want to discuss 3 problems though

Easily the best photo app i’ve ever had. However there are three problems that i have had ever since i updated this app yesterday, #1: so yesterday every time i went to select a photo that i wanted to edit the app would crash. I closed the app several times and that didn’t fix it so i gave up on editing for the day. Today i tried again and it worked so i am happy about that. #2: when i chose a photo to edit i worked on it for awhile and decided to save it, when i did i was surprised to see that the only part of the edit that was saved was the very first thing that i did, so i went back into the app and made a few more changes so that it would maybe fix the bug. It did not, no matter what the photo looks like- when i save it to my camera roll i only get a picture of the initial change that i made. #3: okay so this isn’t really a bug but this currently just annoys me, im glad that this particular add isn’t timed because if it was i would be so much more annoyed. However when i want to edit a picture i like to quickly swap between my gallery and the editing screen so i can see my photo at full scale, there is now (since i updated) an ad every time i switch between the two screens. I hope you guys make this more of a 1 in 5 swaps ad instead of one for every single swap. But again great app, just wanted to point this stuff out.

- Glitch

Hello PicsArt , I would first like to say that this app is a really fun app to use and provides a bunch of opportunities to edit videos and pictures that I hadn’t seen on different apps platforms. But today I have experienced a glitch with the app I have turned my phone off I have disconnected from my wifi and reconnected to it. Even my friend said they were experiencing this problem, that when you go into the app it says no network error connection and then it will let you go and put your photo in an but when you go onto stickers, it just keeps clocking and clocking and clocking and it won’t let you access the stickers anymore I really need to edit a photo and can’t do it because of the glitch it is experiencing. Is there any way to fix this? I even tried deleting and re downloading and that seemed to do nothing. Please tell me what to do to fix this issue. -From A Concerned Customer

- Bug keeps kicking me out of app. And now can’t sign in!

I’ve had this app for almost a year. Love it! However this last month there has been a bug. It kicks me off the app and sends me to the App Store. When going back into the app, it won’t let me do anything, because within seconds, it kicks me back to the App Store. I’ve gone in to see if it needed updating, with nothing showing. So I deleted the app and reinstalled it, hoping that would fix it. Now it won’t let me in, because I can not remember my password. So I click the forgot password button. It sends me an email that, sends me right back to the sign in. Without giving me a new password or options to reset it. This is Extremely frustrating! I use this app for business reasons. And haven’t had problems before this. I’d hate to not be able to use it anymore! However how can I get back to my profile? Please help! Because when clicking the support button on here, it sends me back to where I need to sign in.

- Posts, Community Violations, and Hashtags

Hi, I’m getting really annoyed with this app. I liked it a lot and then suddenly all these updates came up. Your forced to add a hashtag to ALL of your posts. You can’t comment or follow without your account being verified. You can’t edit without an account. It’s honestly annoying. You guys even took away remix chat, The best part. I heard you may be adding it back before Christmas (Just a theory) but I don’t know. But those aren’t my biggest problems. My problem is with the way you do the posts. I write large descriptions for my posts because thats how I like to do it, i’m fine with having to post a hashtag with it. It’s the fact every description I put since I’ve updated my app has been “violating community guidelines” Theres nothing in these descriptions thats against anything. Please fix this, bring back remix chat and fix the notifications. Please and thanks.

- PicsArt is scamming people

I downloaded this app again recently, a few years after I had used it for all of my photo editing. Before, it was free and there were a lot of features. It was a great app for all things photos. I recently decided that I wanted to try editing photos again so I decided Picsart was a good place to start. Unfortunately now it is quite expensive and they have a “free trial” period but from my experience it is not free. I had hit the button that prompted for a free trial and it brought up Apple Pay as it always does for free trials or otherwise and I confirmed the “free trial” before I decided to purchase. I immediately (literally seconds later) was charged almost $60 to my bank account. I proceeded to use the app for about half an hour and I was not anywhere near as happy with it as I remember being before. So here I was charged $60 and unhappy with the app. Fortunately I was able to receive a refund with Apple because picsart does not offer refunds. To get a refund from Apple all you need to do is request one and for the reason select “other” and explain that you signed up for a free trial but you were still charged.

- Using stickers is so annoying it makes using the app almost not worth it

I follow a couple account that make super cute and pretty specific stickers, I hate how I can’t just save them and then use any of the ones I saved to a picture. I have to go to each individual sticker, press apply, then pick out a picture and use it just so it’ll be in my “recently used” on top of that, in the “discover” tab of editing a photo, all the stickers that show up are from PicsArt and I can’t even block the picsart account. It only shows about 20-30 of my friends stickers (as of right now 10 are from picsart) out of the hundreds that SHOULD be showing up. I follow very few accounts but in all there’s about 2,000 stickers in all, and I don’t expect the discover tab to show all of them, but it’s really annoying when I’m trying to add specific ones and I have to go through so much bs in the app to use them! Even more annoying when I want to add 5+ specific stickers. Also, I believe this app would do a lot better numbers if the ads were more like how instagram does them. not annoying in the way ads that ruin the look of the app.

- Many features but ads are now deceptive

I've used this app for several months now and found it to be the most featured photo editing app by far, and recommended it to other people. But in the last few months the ads have become deceptive, popping up after a time delay or when not expected, which leads to misclicks and Apple asking if I want to confirm a $50 subscription purchase. If it were not for Apple's mandated confirmation message I would have accidentally spent $50 at least six times by now. Because it's likely I'll eventually misclicked that confirmation message (very much a possibility because of how quickly it shows up), I don't use this app anymore. It's not worth the risk of being swindled out of $50. To be clear I have no problem with charging a subscription fee for extra features. The problem is unexpected pop-ups that will take a single tap on a popup as an intent to purchase — which is not only deceptive as it relies on misclicks to make money, but also seems likely to be against Apple's rules for developers. I have never seen another app, even apps that also use popups, exploit them in this way.

- My creative happy place

Hey you wanna edit a pic... OMG this is so user friendly!! Ok so first off you pick the edit button then you can pic effects... so freaking many awesome effects. You want it to look like an oil painting? No problem! You want it to be all trippy with vibrant colors? No problem! There is an artistic affect that makes it look like bubbles all around. I personally love this one. I can not forget to mention the friendly community I found there. imahairguru4u is my name in there look me up I’m happy to help. It’s full of the best most creative people. They have challenges OMG the challenges are Great! They put up a pic for everyone to edit... then they count all the votes your edit gets. I’m still trying to crack the top 10. Seeing all the mind blowing things done to the same pic is magic I tell you MAGIC!! In conclusion 😂🤪🙂 thank you Picsart for all the joy you have brought to my life. Please keep on keeping on

- LOVE LOVE LOVE This app(one problem)

I absolutely love this app so much so that I pay for the monthly subscription(when I can afford it) but sadly my paycheck doesn’t always land in my account the same day as all the bills do so some less important bills lapse and when that does happen...WATCH OUT!! Your ads not only pop up absolutely IMMEDIATELY but also with an absolute vengeance it seems! PLEASE FIX THIS! I love this app but God forbid my subscription lapses because if it does(like it is right now)then take cover because there’s a S*%t storm of ads coming at me so fast and so often I couldn’t even submit my concern to you within the app, I had to come to the App Store in order to be allowed to type one word! I got hit with the same video ad 5 times just while typing my name in to contact you! I don’t want to delete the app but I won’t be punished if I suddenly can’t afford it either!! Please please please fix this!

- Erasing and Restoring

hi! i love this app sm! it’s perfect for when i’m adding stickers and pictures on top of my pictures but i have a few complaints. i like to edit pictures and stickers on top of my pictures and when i do that, i need to be able to erase certain things and then restore parts that i need, but i think there has been a glitch the last couple of days. when i tap the erase button, the menu for erasing, restoring, inverting and selecting for certain things to be erased pops up. it automatically selects the selector option (which is fine) but when i try to tap any of the other options, it’s like the button doesn’t work. i can only tap the erase option when i slide my finger down the screen at the bottom and then i can erase but when i tap restore, that button doesn’t work, so i cannot restore anything. can u fix this? i need to edit things soon and there are no other apps like this that can do this. thanks!

- Good Sometimes, Doesn’t Work Others

I haven’t had Picsart long, only a month or two, but I can still see major problems that hinder it for me. I mostly use Picsart to make edits and to talk to friends, and not even that is sunshine and rainbows, there are common bugs like not being able to reply to comments or even comment at all. Commenting is a amazing feature and there shouldn’t be bugs like that when over 600+ people work for you! Today there is a bug named the “Server Error 521 Bug” everyone has it, I won’t let people log in or do anything, we can only go in not signed in and make stickerless edits, which stickers are your strong point and not being able to use them is a real shame. I feel without these bugs you can get four or even five stars. But these really make me upset to make it go down to a two star review. I want the Server Error 521 bug gone soon since I want to use your app! I was thinking about getting Picsart Gold for a year but I don’t want to now since I don’t want to waste my money on a app that doesn’t work. -xshuichix

- Best editing app by far

I use only the free version and have been using it for quite a few years. This app is amazing because it has more functionality than any other editing app period. You can go as simple or as complex as you want with your editing, adjusting curves and temperature etc and then adding in thousands of customizable free stickers. The art I make with this app far surpasses the quality of the art I can make with others. Also- there’s a social element of this app that helps you learn new awesome techniques. On the main app page you can follow artists and watch “replays” of their edits, so you can learn how to do interesting edits of your own. My only complaint is that there are very very few fonts available in the free version; I do my typography in a different app due to this. All in all this is my favorite artistic app, and probably my favorite app of all time.

- Cash hungry corporation

This app used to be used to be completely free to use, now whenever you’re editing, you’re only allowed to make one layer before you have to cough up money to get the gold version. It used to be that I would be able to color things in, add images, add text, the whole shebang all in one session, but it’s not like that anymore, this company just wants your money now. I used to love using this app, but now it’s just completely unusable and I’m better off taking the extra time to send files to my computer and work on them on Photoshop. This app used to be very convenient for me because I was able to quickly hammer out any word from low effort, to high effort work on the go. If you’re in the market for an editing software to pay for, this is not the one to use. There are plenty of other options, mobile or computer, that are of much higher quality. With this app had was a pretty great suite at the pretty much no cost, the only restrictions were that you couldn’t use certain filters. But now they’ve locked down everything and it has lost all functionality in my book.

- Used to be ok

So I used to use this app to post for people. I was not allowed to dm, because I just wasn’t. So somebody dmed me and I tried to actually make my account private BUT THIS APP DOESNT LET YOU HAVE A PRIVATE ACCOUNT! So if you are someone downloading this and expecting it to be like Instagram and you can have a private account WELL YOU CANT 😡 Also when somebody makes you an icon (profile picture) it is so off sizing it! 🙄 so some people do a GIANT tag list and they tagged me, and said comment if you don’t want to be in it, and I commented and they did not take me off. This isn’t PicsArt’s fault but whoever did it was pretty mean. Also I emailed PicsArt once before asking them a question because they totally DELETED my edit which took 4-5 hours. And they just replied saying we hope you enjoy PicsArt more. What the heck?!? Also there are these disgusting things of like bloody things and they say if you don’t like this you will die, and I reported it and PicsArt did nothing! Whoever is posting those it is not cool. Also people steal edits! I mean PicsArt can’t do anything about it but IT IS SO ANNOYING😡😡😡

- Great App, But Has Issues

So I downloaded this app a while ago, but haven’t used it much until lately. I love this app, and what you can do with it is amazing. However, I gave it only three stars because I don’t know if it’s just me, but I can no longer comment. The icon for it is just gone. I looked up the latest update, which was two days ago, and I saw nothing that said they took out the ability to comment. I’ve heard there has been issues like this one in the past. Also, if I accidentally exit the app or post something that needs a bit more editing, I can’t go back and edit the project I have been working on! Other than these issues, this app is the closest thing to perfect for an editing app. Developers, if you are reading this, please fix up your app. If not, then at least tell me what I can do to fix this! I just want to add one last thing, I NEVER write app reviews, in fact this is my first time, but this problem has me really upset. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE FIX!!! Thank you in advance.

- Great app 🥵

It’s a AMAZING app just some thing I would like to point out. I wish to edit faces it’s free because I was recommending this app to a few people and then I showed them how you can beautify your pictures, all though I told them for the eye bag and all the cool features for the face is for gold members. They really did not feel like paying for a editing app. I wish those features were free. My second concern is that it’s so hard for such little accounts to get noticed. A lot of people only have like 2 followers! And so do I 😂😂. Like honestly only once In a whole year someone likes my post. And I made 2 accounts for a year. Now I only have one account it’s called Kandy_Pixie_Dixie. For whoever is reading these concerns the app is still amazing! Don’t stop using it or do not second think about getting this app it’s still amazing! Thanks for understanding. - Kandy_Pixie_Dixie

- Inappropriate content

I’ve been using PicsArt for years and I’ve never had any issues, until now. I was looking for pen stickers because I got a new one at work and wanted to edit a photo someone took me and, for my surprise, penises started showing up. I was like Okay, seriously, why? But then I thought Well, maybe this app is 18+ let me go to the App Store and check, when I saw 12+ I was like Okay maybe they know and are doing nothing! Or maybe they don’t know and I have to let them know? But how is that you don’t notice your stickers before someone publish them?! Another thing I noticed under “pen” were a LOT of negative words, like bullying words in white ink on black background. We don’t need more negativity Ok?! I definitely see PicsArt different now, I’ll keep editing my photos here, but I’m definitely open to find a better app. Shame on you, guys 🤦🏻‍♀️

- They will take advantage. Unsub right away

While I have genuinely enjoyed the app, they will do what they can to get as much out of you as possible. I did the three day trial, and before the three day trial was over they had already begun to charge my card for the YEAR LONG subscription. That’s $47 dollars. Now, I hadn’t had it for the whole three days so I unsubscribed, figuring that would stop the charge. It didn’t. I tried to reach out to them about it, not at all in a comfortable financial spot to spend that much on a gold membership that didn’t add anything I even used in my time using the app. They didn’t go to the weekly, or the monthly subscription, they went straight for the year long one. Now I have a useless addition I don’t use for a whole year. A waste of 40+ dollars. They replied quickly enough and acted like they cared only to say that it was my fault, that I used up the three day period by not unsubscribing till the 4th. I did that one the 3rd. They then told me no refund would be given, sending me a link to their refund policy. I follow the link, and all that it says is that they don’t do refund. At all.

- Please read this before buying

Hi. So I am very interested in this app and I have been using it for awhile now - mostly everything’s great and smooth, no glitches or whatnot. I love how creative you can get on this app and it has everything a editor needs, but I just like to use it for fun + the stickers are so cute and decorative. Ok, now onto the bad part.. which is whenever I am in the middle of a project and somehow i may go out of the app for a bit, but when I come back into the app it takes me back to the start, it doesn’t stay on the screen, it doesn’t save it - unless you automatically save it yourself.. your project will not save. At times I have been working on projects that were really important to me and then when I exit the app for a few hours I come back and it’s gone, all my work, is gone! That is way I rate this app 4 stars not 5. Overall it’s great but just to warn you - save it yourself before you exiT app.

- I love the app, but it needs fixing

I love this app and I’ve even purchased the yearly gold/premium subscription, but I noticed lately several frustrating “bugs”. Every time I edit a portrait, especially using the beauty edits, it distorts the image completely. I don’t know how to even explain it without showing actual examples, but basically the picture turns out blurry , with weird distortions on the subjects face. I tried many different adjustments and it all turns out the same 😩. Also it freezes very often and it’s especially annoying when I spend 15 minutes or more on editing, just to have it all crush and I’m left with nothing. I have new iPad, always updated and the app is also always up to date, but the issues are still present. I’m getting increasingly frustrated with the app issues and for the $ I spent on it, this is very upsetting. I really love this app, but I might have to cancel the subscription until you guys actually fix these significant issues

- Can’t do Anything

I’ve used this app for quite some time, among an array of other editing tools. It’s definitely a quick go to app when you’re out capturing memories, and want to post something to social media that’s different. However, for the past couple of days I can’t even GET INTO the app. It’ll open, stay open for a few seconds then close. My incomplete work unsaved and I’ll have to start all over. Even if I hurriedly just hit the arrow button to save the material it says “Something Went Wrong”. After several frustrating attempts I decided to contact support within the app, and after writing my concerns I go to to hit the send button. NOTHING HAPPENS. The send button isn’t even highlighted to select as an option. Now I’m forced to write a review which I despise doing in the hopes of capturing Supports Attention. And note before you send a reply posting the link, I’ve tried using the support link and it WONT SEND my feedback.

- warning to people to be very careful with this app

nice job preying on me with your Picsart Gold ads and vague wording of your description of the yearly subscription. used to use this app a lot and so i decided to try the gold trial, unsubscribed before it was over, and intended to just purchase a monthly subscription, but a few misclicks and misunderstandings later and the fingerprint authentication forced me to purchase the yearly subscription. oh, and purchases aren’t refundable and all purchases are final? cool! i’ve already canceled my subscription so next year i won’t have to worry about this happening, although i won’t anyways bc once this subscription ends, i’m not using your app anymore. not to mention that the button when i clicked it said “Subscribe and Save 50% Now” but i got charged the full $50-something. not like that matters though, huh? tl;dr: be VERY careful about where you click in the app; their ads for their gold subscription are EVERYWHERE, easy to get duped into purchasing, and purchases aren’t refundable. be careful because these developers are all about the money and don’t give two about their userbase

- PicsArt Developers Please Help!

PicsArt is a truly wonderful APP and is a treasure trove of fantastic art and inspiration. To my grief and distress, this latest update has left me unable to access my account, start a new, ie, 2nd account, or even message PicsArt app support through the App site. This message seems to be my only recourse. PicsArt has cultivated an addiction in me, and I even began posting art that I created. To my astonishment, I keep attracting followers! I’m so left brained that PicsArt is the avenue that has given me the opportunities and tools to build up my right brain and to express myself, as I’ve always loved photography, the mystical, and theatre. PicsArt makes it possible and is always enervating and making my brain spark! Left-brained me has curated a voluminous collection of images and stickers and being parted from them pains me. Would you please help me? I am Svetlantaatl. Many thanks! Svetlanta ... in ATL

- Keeps kicking me out!

I’ve used this app for so long, & i remember everything used to be so easy to use & you didn’t have to pay. So i recently reinstalled on my iPad for a project ive been working on, & the app just keeps kicking me out! Back in January, i spent about an hour on a photo collage & when i tried to put a sticker, the app kicked me out! Then i had to redo the whole thing because PicsArt didn’t save the collage! I recently installed on my iPhone, thinking the app would’ve been okay. Waste of time. The app keeps closing almost every 30 seconds! I cant edit photos now because well, what’s the use if you’re gonna loose your progress shortly? Let’s not forget the subscription. PicsArt didn’t used to require a subscription in order to have access to so much more stuff. I actually got to edit & save a video because i just screen recorded it, then trimmed it (using PicsArt Gold demo-thing). Please fix this issue ASAP. I’d like to actually be able to work & edit stuff here, not have my edits lost because of the app force-closing itself.

- Is it just me or...?

Is anybody having trouble with the stickers nowadays? Whenever you just click the sticker option and try to go to “Saved Stickers” or searched for stickers when editing, the sticker page just says something like “lost of connection” or “no stickers have been saved” but I had saved a bunch of stickers... I check my wifi to see if the connection is good and it’s doing fine. I think it’s the app that’s having trouble with the connection. And just now, I deleted Picsart and redownload it to see if the lost of connection problem had gone away, but it’s still isn’t really working because when I tried to log back in the app with my account and password the app just says “server is lost of connection” or something like that. Picsart, please check if there’s any problems going on in the app, this problem of mine have been going on for like a week or two now. Thank you :D

- I’ve Always Loved PicsArt...

I’ve been using it for a while now but it’s only been this past year that I’ve been using it so frequently. It’s easy to use, have Never been bit buy a BUG with this app and the options are limitless. There’s of course a few things that I’m Not in Love with.. the copyright infringement playground.. chock full of potential lawsuits from businesses and graphic designers.. is a tad bit concerning but I suppose that’s the trade off.. and hey, I’ll take it.. so worth it! As far as the Pro Version Is Concerned.. I would Need More .. More Features and Options like Templates, a Video Chop Shop and more things to use for business and marketing- I would pull the trigger.. it’s very pricy considering. Andddd The Most Recently (Recently Discovered For Myself NEWAY) iMessages Stickler adding, (AND CREATINGGG) is absolutely EPIC !!!! I Reco This allll The time and if you’re reading this trying to decide.. Get It !!! 👌👌👌

- Are you serious?

I’m a dedicated PicsArt user I’ve been using this app for at least 3 years East I wanna say even 5 years. I got a offer for yearly gold. I accepted that. Recently it expired whatever that’s all good. I didn’t get an offer or any suggestion to pay the same amount. Only pay more which no thanks. Today I’m on a strict schedule to get an edit out as I’m making the edit. NONESTOP. It keeps throwing an ad to buy their gold as if money grows on trees. I choose the “ stay basic “ as I’m trying to edit it keeps doing the pop up not allowing me to edit... are you serious ? I tapped stay basic so many times but I keep getting an ad to my face and it’s slowing me down. I ended up missing the deadline thanks a bunch !!! When I had gold everything was fine and dandy. I noticed a lot of people complained about what I’m complaining about. I couldn’t add text . Or apply anything that’s why I missed my deadline. How do you take an all around fantastic app and try to extort people for money. The very least let us use basic features peacefully!!

- I love this app!

if you are unsure about the app and paying for it based on other reviews, some are actually incorrect. you don’t have to pay to save a beautifully edited pic onto your phone, and only the features with a crown need a subscription but even without those features there is a HUGE selection of features that can turn any photo to a masterpiece. literally. i have turned so many selfies where my teeth look yellow because of my light colored braces bright white, and made my eyes the star of the photo (i have very long eyelashes) with the eye color feature and the detail feature. i especially love the tribute to so many different cultures and ideas with the contests that PicsArt features, such as the Ramadan one. that is truly beautiful. please don’t change anything about it unless, of course, you would want to make every feature free and ad-free 😉. LOVE IT.

- Bruh

If you are searching beyond this application for a better casual editing software, the problem isn’t the app, it’s you. I pay the $8 subscription every month, so this is a review of those features. I use this app every day, multiple times a day, and it’s the most capable and well-balanced editing app out there; powerful and intuitive, with enough tools to keep experienced photo-editors from feeling patronized, and just the right learning-curve to prevent beginners from feeling overwhelmed, and awesome tools for “from-scratch” casual graphic design. My biggest critique is the disappointing lack of typefaces even with the paid subscription, so I utilize an app called Phonto when I need more typefaces. The real treasure, though, in my opinion is the video editor. I intended to use it just for cropping video, but the tools provided are trendy, unique and easy to use. Again, this is a casual-use app, so nothing too crazy, but just enough to sink your teeth into. My biggest critique is the lack of a timeline element. I’m forced to edit clips one at a time in PicsArt and then arrange them in iMovie for iOS. PicsArt is awesome, and you know what, you’re gonna make me say it... I would still pay the subscription if it was $10, $11, or even $12, once more typefaces are added and some sort of clip arranging becomes possible.


Do not try the 3 day free trial period!!!!!! I tried to cancel it after one day because I wasn’t going to use it and didn’t want to be charged. I wanted to try it for one picture. Well when I went to cancel it, the screen turns white and freezes. I since have been charged for the year, over $50! So I went to write the developer, tell them what happened and ask for my money back, but when I clicked the link to their website, it too turns white and freezes! Im infuriated and NO APP SHOULD CAUSE THIS MUCH TROUBLE!!!!!!! this is a freakin scam. Im outraged. Update! I was finally able to send customer service and email with screen shots of what the app is doing and also of the charge on my bank account. I got a response with customer service trying to convince me to look into other products that they have to offer. Instead of apologizing and offering me a refund, for money that was stolen from my account. Your customer service tried to convince me to sell me your product. I since have gotten no response. Why is it so hard to fix the glitch in your app and give me back my money???????

- Great app but not the best but still...

I like the app it’s fun and cool but I just Hate how you have to pay for certain things but I don’t want to pay I can’t afford it because well I don’t have a credit card yet but it’s unfair But at least they have sometimes a five day free no paying membership because they happen to do that once but the only thing is that I thought it would post the video because it said that you had videos and you can edit them but they never said that you can’t post them but it just saved it for me but it didn’t post which is unfair cause my vid was like 120 seconds (2 minuets) But it’s unfair that you can’t post it and why does it have to only be used with Wi-Fi kind of boring because like that’s the app I mostly use Specially when I’m in break and I block my grandmas house which don’t have Wi-Fi but It told me to start remix chatting even though many of the Chats and it just said that I did not have any which was weird SO FIX THAT PLEASE

- It’s Great, But Some Things Need To Be Fixed In My Opinion

It’s great for photoshopping and enjoying other posts. I use this app mostly to create some “stuff” that matters to me. It really helps when I need to photoshop and fix the photo to get the effects I want. My friends also really liked this app a lot. Although it’s really ‘busy’ and what I mean by that is lots of people that noticed mistakes, or they don’t like it and send low reviews are noticed by the owner and right now PicsArt is going through many updates. I just wanted to say thank you, PicsArt! One thing I would like is, can nothing get paid? Some things are interesting and when you realize you gotta paid, you’re reaction would be like “UGHHhHHH, really”? And sometimes you might now want to paid for it. It’s makes me frustrated too. Thank you, PicsArt for reading my review, if you can!!! ❤️❤️👍🏻

- Great, but one question...

This app is like the best editing app ever!!! I have been now using it for 3 years. And it was so good so far until. Recently they made it so that you cannot comment. And that really disappoints me because, when I would see a great picture edit, I would comment like, “beautiful!!” Or “great edit!!!” And if it was someone’s pet I would say, “cuteee!!! ❤️” and now that I can not comment, the app is just not the same. I would give it a 5 star if this feature was still available. But it is not. So, why did you take off the comment section? Was it because of discouragement? Or rude comments?Because there must be another way you can fix this. Maybe the user can disable rude comments or only let some people comment. Please think about it! I love the app!! But for me it is a 4 star. Thank you for reading this!!!

- Low Blow

I was so upset when I deleted this app to clear the documents and data it was using, re-downloaded it and now the gold filter names are written across the filters! I’ve watched this app fall apart, first it started with ads for gold, then it turned into a persistent ad, to adding a bunch of gold only content, then getting even greedier and having the text in the way of the picture. I thought I would maybe buy it since I’ve been using this app so long and was shocked to find there is only subscriptions! People want a one time purchase! Nearly $50 to use an app for a year is ridiculous, I don’t use this app all day long. I just think putting the fonts of the gold filters on top of the picture was a low blow, I started laughing, I always thought it smart that picsart didn’t do that, because the magic of the app is to layer the filters in unique ways, you obviously can’t do that if you don’t have gold, even if you screenshot you can’t get the desired effects. I was just blown away by this greedy move, and I will be looking for something else.

- Great, but needs some work...

Picsart is an amazing app where you can find so many people and do some amazing edits. You can have group chats and make your own profile, and you can edit videos and pictures. They aren’t too buggy about their Picsart gold and it is perfect for anyone who wants to create an art portfolio. However, I have been experiencing something that really needs some work. For example, sometimes while I’m scrolling around Picsart or editing Picsart crashes and sends me to the home screen with no warning. When I come back my editing is usually not saved. It’s not as if I have been on Picsart for too long, because seconds after I go on Picsart, it crashes. I really hope you fix this bug. Other than that I love this app and if they would fix the bug I would totally recommend. Other than that, 10/10. I would recommend this to any artist and/or photographer!

- Going downhill

This has been my go-to photography and art app for years. It's always had the best variety of filters, tools and layout aids of any other similar app...up until recently. The subscription element has rendered the app UNUSEABLE. You can’t do anything without it opening a web page trying to make you sign up for the subscription over and over. How many subscriptions do you people think an average person can have? All the apps are subscription now and most people will only subscribe to apps they use constantly...I use PicsArt often but not enough to pay that much for per month. It’s not Netflix which I use daily. So now my favourite art app can no longer be used without turning off the WiFi...not gonna happen. I can’t even keep it for those moments when the WiFi is down because you cannot clear the pics you make on it , out of it...they are there forever so it keeps growing. Mine is over 2.5 G at this point and if I can’t use it....sadly it’s going to have to go. Real shame because it was a great photo editor and art app. Bummed out.

- The app is amazing, but there’s a concerning issue

This app is great to create a bunch of things! One of the things that I mainly use the app for is to create banners, or to at least create a group picture. However, there’s a concerning problem. There has been this one picture that I have been trying to make for over three days now. It’s essentially a group picture that I have been trying to make, but every single time, there’s a problem. Firstly, every time I leave the app for a bit, but return, all my data is to erased and instead of going to its last known progress, it goes to one of the pictures that I have made literally a week ago. Even when I try to save it, it goes back to the same one made a week ago. Crashing/Freezing is another problem, as it not only gives you a frustrating time of waiting, but also takes you out of the app completely. I’m so sick of loosing all my progress, but nonetheless, the app is good.

- ?

Nice app. Easy to use. I’ve only had it for about 10 weeks, but I’m experiencing problems. Earlier today I made an edit of this 🥴 emoji and I was really proud of it. I wanted to be able to use while texting my friends, but I had to upload it first. It would have been my first upload, for I have experienced this problem many times before. I’d fill out all of the stuff you’d before you uploaded something, it’d take me to the home screen, and at the top there’d be the banner with the words “Uploading....0/4.” I waited for a few seconds...but then it’ll go to 4/4 for a split second and then the banner would turn red and say “Problem uploading. Try again?” and there was a button that would reset the loading process, but then the same thing would happen over and over again! I don’t know if it’s my Wifi or I’m just being dumb, but I just want the problem to be fixed. If there’s anything I could do, I would really love to know.

- I.. Just Read..

The First 3 Weeks I been Using This Was Okay.. But You May Be wondering Why I’m putting 3 Stars Why You May Ask Is Because I’m MAD I’m Mad Because They Took Away The Comments.. I May Be a Gacha Account on this Not the Point but.. A Lot of People ScreenShot My art and Post it as Theirs And Give No Credit.. Most of the time They Like And I check out Their Profile And I see My art I made on their Profile Posted as their Art But It Isn’t Theirs it’s Mine That’s another Thing I’m mad about.. That People are stealing art and Not giving credit I mean If your going to Steal Somebody’s Art At Least Give Credit.. But I’m okay If they Repost Because When you do It Gives The Credit To the Owner The Point is I would Like you To Delete Screenshots For your game I don’t know If you can do that I Just Really Dont want People Stealing other People’s Art And not Giving Credit What so Ever So I would just Like it if you Would Give it a Little Update or Delete Screenshots.. -Layanna Butler <3

- Amazing but there’s an issue

This app is amazing if you wanna make photos get in touch with people that like the same things as you and the photos that you’ll be able to make. I do wish the pic arts gold stickers weren’t locked because they should be open to everyone to make better photos. I can’t complain much though because PicsArt is amazing! Recently there has been one issue though. I don’t know if it’s how you guys update or what, but everyone’s remix chats have basically stopped working. Sometimes it works other times it doesn’t. And now we need to have our pictures as able to remix so that other people can see the photos? That’s kind of dumb. But yet again, I can’t complain because this app is absolutely spectacular. Great job PicsArt I just hope you fix the tiny problems with the app 💖🙏

- Loved the app until I didn’t

Ok listen, Here’s the deal... the app was great like 5 days out of the month. Ok ok I’m exaggerating but seriously most of the time I’d load the app and it would crash or I’d make a REALLY time consuming piece and the app would just shut down and it wouldn’t save a ANYTHING. Ok so that was the first thing that needed to be addressed. The next point I have is commenting. It’s not that bad but needs to be fixed. Like I will have comments on my post and I like to reply to people and like after I’ve replied to 3! It says I have used that feature to much. Another issue is I just updated the app and now I can’t get in to my account WHATSOEVER and I'm extremely upset I even tried to reset my password and it show me an error message. So if y’all could get this fixed I would right a better review, because I love the app it just needs some fixing and that is why I gave a 2 sorry PicsArt. If we could get this fixed and I feel that I speak on behalf of all users of PA this app would be amazing!

- Freezes and kicks me out, not happy.

Hi there. I just started using PICSART and so far it has been a really nice app to use for fun and easy edits that I can feel proud of. Except for one thing. Every 30 second my screen freezes, and it kicks me out. Because of this, and edit that would take me 30 minutes, now takes me 2 hours. That’s 4x the time, just because your app seemingly can’t load and just freezes, leaving me to delete the page and restart what I was working on. I have noticed that it usually happens when I open the ‘stickers’ page. I cane be scrolling through, and all of a sudden all the stickers go away, and I am left with a frozen screen. It’s So. Freaking. Annoying. I, at this point, almost want to use another app, but they most likely won’t let me make as good of edits that I have been making. I’m tired of this and want a change. Thank you.

- It’s a good app, but I’m getting annoyed.

Okay so here we have it. I have been using your app for he last week or so but all this time it kept deleting my progress. I get, “oh you should know what you’re doing before starting a collage.” Well, yeah no. I use this application because someone suggested it for me. I’m trying to create a Todoroki Aesthetic for Amino but because of the malfunction in the software, I’m not able to get anything done. Other than that this app is actually quite useful. I just hope that y’all fix this problem soon. And if anyone wants to complain on, “oh well all apps restart once you close them.” Or “well it’s normal for an app to delete stuff when you don’t save it.” All I did was go to another tab to get some stuff for my collage but it made me restart the whole thing. I’m really glad I found this app, but please fix this. Thanks a bunch, byyya!! 💕

- I love this app, but adds are excessive and the asking price to remove them is too high.

PicsArt is my favorite editing app. I use it everyday to edit hundreds of photos. However, this adds show up so often it is excessive. I’m fine with experiencing some adds on an app. However, on PicsArt the adds are so apparent they almost ruin the experience. They cover the entire screen while you are editing and almost always turn off your music when they show up. I would be happy to pay a flat $5-10 price to remove these adds. However, the asking price to remove the adds is $8.99 a month! That’s asking far to much to remove obnoxious adds of an iPhone editing app. That’s as much, if not more, than a good video streaming service. I love editing on this app, but the adds are to apparent and take away from the editing experience. The developers at PicsArt NEED to fix this issue to make the app a more immersive and usable experience.

- It’s good, but unfair! (Please read And do something about this)

So first of all, I gave this app 3 stars because I love this app! It’s a good way to make new friends (I made a lot of friends on this community TwT). Until... they took away comments. We had to live off remix chat, which was hard at first, but then the best way of making friends! Better than the comments! But then comments came back... I was very disappointed because it wouldn’t send an email to my mail address and I was very upset cause I wanted to comment and follow like the old days. PicsArt updates always get worse, why? First u took away our privilege to comment, and now u take way remix chat! Please just make it fair for every user, we want people with no email and people with emails to have remix chat, follow and of course comments! Also this app is extremely laggy, it crashes like every five seconds. No matter how much times I update the app, it’s still laggy!

- Read this before downloading

Ok so I will start with the goods, first off this app has helped me grow as a person on social media and there are so many good people on this app, also I find so many more people that respect and understand what to do to help or just be there for you when you start! Now the not so good parts, first off I recommend to follow the age limit because there are some people that post more adult thing, then there is remix chat, where do I even start, pretty much if someone remixed your image you could privately message them and talk but a little while ago that was taken away and we still fight for luckily PicsArt might be adding it back so at least that! With all that being said no app is perfect but this app is pretty close to it so I recommend downloading the app, follow awkwardguy99 (me) and ask me any questions you want. See you on PicsArt!

- 2 flaws that I have faced

PicsArt is one of my favorite apps but there are two things that have happened. One of the things is that it keeps on crashing. Not as much as before though. It used to be almost all the time I was making an edit. But now it’s rarely. But it still happens sometimes and then I loose everything. It makes me a bit mad but it’s still pretty fine. Another thing that is happening is that it won’t let me add a description. No matter anything that I have tried it won’t let me add a description. I have tried deleting the post and then reposting the edit while trying to add the description, editing the details and adding it there, and almost anything else you can think of but it won’t work. I really do love this app but if those it would stop crashing and would let me add a description then it would be fantastic.

- Crashes so much...

The app crashes so much to the point that it is unusable anymore; I daren’t update it out of fear that I won’t even be able to open it up at all. Perhaps it’s my operating system, but I doubt that, seeing that other apps that take up even more space and RAM work fine. So when it DOES occasionally work, it’s great to make nice edits to pictures with, but it’s rare that it works at all nowadays. It used to work just fine, but I suppose these new updates have just caused too much strain on my phone. On a different note, it used to be that you could preview a “members only” kind of filter or effect, but now it has the giant watermark covering the image (to prevent people taking screenshots, I presume). And I, along with many others, I’m sure, used to get around it via various methods... Which I suppose the new watermark is what we get for doing so. I definitely don’t blame them for putting it there, but it’s a shame, lol.

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@aishaikh @onepeloton No special app for that. Just added emojis to your picture. However, I use PicsArt a lot for this and other things


Did they finally hire a proper editor and stop using free trial picsart??? because the video editing here is top notch 👌🏼

High Plains Drifter

courtingmadness:PicsArt Photo & Video Editor

PicsArt Photo & Video Editor 16.3.3 Screenshots & Images

PicsArt Photo & Video Editor iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

PicsArt Photo & Video Editor iphone images
PicsArt Photo & Video Editor iphone images
PicsArt Photo & Video Editor iphone images
PicsArt Photo & Video Editor iphone images
PicsArt Photo & Video Editor iphone images
PicsArt Photo & Video Editor iphone images
PicsArt Photo & Video Editor iphone images
PicsArt Photo & Video Editor iphone images
PicsArt Photo & Video Editor iphone images
PicsArt Photo & Video Editor iphone images

PicsArt Photo & Video Editor (Version 16.3.3) Install & Download

The applications PicsArt Photo & Video Editor was published in the category Photo & Video on 2013-01-02 and was developed by PicsArt, Inc. [Developer ID: 587366038]. This application file size is 151.88 MB. PicsArt Photo & Video Editor - Photo & Video app posted on 2020-12-22 current version is 16.3.3 and works well on IOS 12.0 and high versions. Google Play ID:

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