Lumosity: Brain Training

Lumosity: Brain Training [Education] App Description & Overview

Lumosity’s cognitive training program is a fun, interactive way to train your brain and learn about how your mind works. Used by over 100 million people worldwide, Lumosity’s program consists of science-based games designed to exercise memory, attention, speed, flexibility and problem-solving.

Begin with a free 10-minute Fit Test to set your baseline scores and see how you compare with others your age.

•40+ activities ...and counting.
•Challenges for memory, speed, logic, problem-solving, math, language, and more.
•Regularly release of new features.

•Carefully curated sets of games made for you.
•Personalized tracking of training habits and preferences to find different ways to challenge your brain.

•Learn your game strengths, weaknesses and cognitive patterns.
•Analysis of your game play to make connections to daily life.

We’re a team of scientists and designers exploring new ways to challenge the brain and push cognitive research forward. We take common cognitive and neuropsychological tasks, or create entirely new, experimental challenges. Working with experienced designers, we transform these tasks into games and puzzles that challenge core cognitive skills.

We also work with 40+ university researchers worldwide. We give qualified researchers free access to Lumosity training and tools, helping them investigate new areas in cognition.

We invite you to train with us and join in our mission to advance the understanding of human cognition.

The app is available in English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Japanese and Korean. To access the app in one of these languages, change your device setting to the desired language.


With Lumosity Premium, you will work out with a personalized training program, unlock in-depth insights about how you play, and receive tips for better game accuracy, speed and strategy. We offer the following Premium subscriptions:
Monthly: $11.99 USD/month
Yearly: $59.99 USD/year

These prices are for United States customers. Pricing in other countries may vary, and actual charges may be converted to your local currency depending on your country of residence.

Lumosity Premium subscriptions are charged through your iTunes account upon confirmation of purchase. Your subscription will automatically renew at the price and period selected above unless you turn off auto-renewal at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. You will be charged for renewal within 24 hours prior to the end of the current period. You may manage your subscription and turn off auto-renewal in your iTunes account settings after purchase. Refunds are not provided for the unused portion of any term, and any unused portion of a free trial period will be forfeited when a purchase is made.

Privacy Policy:
Terms of Service:
Payment Policy:

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Lumosity: Brain Training Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Hey there! Welcome to the release notes: your update on what's new in the Lumosity app. This week we're serving up a couple of bug fixes and background improvements that'll keep your workouts running smoothly. Game on!

Lumosity: Brain Training Comments & Reviews

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- 5 star app

It's is very convenient to have a brain training app for your phone and tablet. I know the games are more helpful than we know.

- I love this app

This app is amazing, it keeps my brain working during idle times!

- Mother’s intuition

I love this game so much it is so fun but they’re are some boring games. And the best games you want to play you have to pay for a monthly plan ( $11.99) or yearly plan ($59.99) which is outrageous to me! I think it should be just $20.00. But other than premium I think this is a really good game. You should do it everyday and all you have to do is tap on the emoji on how your feeling and tell how many hours you sleep and it will give you the right game for you. My family had this game and we all love it. So I encourage you to play it!

- A lot of hype

I purchased this. And I had some fun with it, some of the games are more fun than others. I imagine it’s largely a matter of personal preference. Though I did find some of the games enjoyable and I think that it is nice that you have many to pick from - I really doubt you are going to see big change in your performance after a certain point. And so you can get the same benefits of play any game that will allow you some challenges and fun. I think the luminosity PR for bettering yourself is just that, marketing. So if you like any of the games and want to purchase to play go for it. But IMHO that is the extent of the value. Also I was a bit bugged at how easy the purchase was, but the links and info to update subscription are all dead or decoys. Meaning their is the extra step of going into the Apple App Store to make the changes. In my case canceling the auto renewal that the app defaults to.

- Disappointed

I bought the premium version many years ago you didn’t need subscription monthly or yearly it was one time purchase of about $30 or something. But they don’t honor it I even emailed them and yet to hear from them past 3 months. Now I have to subscribe... Honor your loyal costumers guys no one knew this game when I purchased it. Such a shame. The games are lovely though. But there are lots of others similar ones. I am not going to spend money again since commercial greed took over science.

- Trinisimi

A challenge every day. Keeps me going every day - sometimes the directions are confusing but it makes you want to WIN!!!

- Duped

Didn’t realize it was so limited (3 games). Honestly, probably would’ve paid if I got 10 or more games and was invested but with something like this I need to know it’s not a scam and the people that do pay for it youre probably 65. Feels Facebook scammy. I’m sure you’re somewhat successful but when that older demographic has moved on...

- Brain Train

Lumosity challenges my mind and as a senior citizen keeping my brain healthy is very important. The brain like all other muscles will strengthen when you train.

- Great Mental Workout

Lumosity enables me to strengthen skills I didn't even realize I needed to improve. It's a great daily mental exercise- delivered through entertaining games!

- Coffee cups

I was not sure of what I was supposed to do with the sugar and coffee. The instructions didn’t make it clear. Hence, the poor score

- It Definitely works!!

I’ve been using Lumosity for the last year, and it has definitely improved my cognitive behavior, retention, attention and problem solving. I sometimes have very bad anxiety attacks, and before, unable to even think sometimes, I just shut myself in and wait until I feel better enough to socialize again. About three weeks after using Lumosity, I started to catch patterns in my habits that didn’t serve me a all. I was able to work through these attacks and discern the reason for them. Now I’m as calm as a cat with a full belly.It has also made me more productive. I am the king of idle and procrastination. Now I wake up earlier than I’m used to with things I don’t care about on the mind, like: “homework, cleaning and basic adulting. can’t remember the last time I was at a loss for words. It’s even made me more bold. I’m a chronic yes man, but lumosity helps me put things into perspective, so now I ask myself, “am I being helpful, or foolish.” The latter tends to be the answer. Long story short “ Lumosity is my S********************T!!😃😂 Thank you!

- The app

This is a very good app and I do enjoy it

- Note

Didn’t rpeat the games which i interested in

- Endless loop

I can not even log in. App claims I have a account, I ask for password reset, email is sent, go back to app, will not accept password reset. After the sixth attempt and no customer service , gave up. Sure are testing my brain... can’t comment on the app. But if it works as good as the login.....we’ll, just another memory hogging application with no purpose.

- premium

You only get to play 3 games a day if you don’t buy premium member ship. You also can’t compare your score to other people if you don’t have premium.

- Annoyed

I’ve had this game for years and now I have to pay insanely annoying had to since Lumosity cameout

- Love it!

I really love this app!!

- Problem

I signed up for a free trial of the complete workout but an still getting locked out of two

- Best App

Best workout for mind and brain !!! Enjoying it every day!!!

- Too many ads

Love the game but there are way too many ads. Makes me think they are trying to annoy players into paying for upgrade.

- 2 cents

Many of the keypads on the app are too small & lead to incorrect inputs.

- nice idea but....

Not everyone wants to buy a premium and it gets awfully boring playing the exact same 3 games every day. Not even different games. I was waiting for them to change but after I found out I can only play the same games over and over I uninstalled the app.

- Great

Makes my brain healthy and active

- Failed to signup with email

"We were unable to identify you at this time”. What? Ok, deleted. 1 star given for blocking me with this stupid registration demand. This ain’t no fun.

- Says it’s 4+, still doesn’t let me in the game

As someone who is 10-years-old,I was excited to play this. Quarantine is making me do school from home, so I wanted some extra work. According to the App Store, it’s a game for ages 4+. Woohoo! So, I download it and put in my info. It says I’m not eligible to play. Okay, maybe I should put in my parent’s info. So I delete and re-download it and put in my mother’s info, hoping there would be an option to do it for your kid. Nope, nada, nothing. Well, that was a let-down.

- Lumosity is GREAT!

I love Lumosity. After playing Lumosity a few times, I immediately purchased a lifetime membership. I enjoy this app so very much. It is entertaining, fun and challenging. I definitely suggest purchasing this app. Otherwise, play the 3 free games offered daily. But I have NEVER been sorry that I made an investment in this app. It is well worth the money.

- Charges after subscription cancellation

I just got charged $59.95 by directly after I cancelled subscription on App Store. Absolutely dishonest business practice. I’m going to dispute charges. Do not buy subscription!

- Almost

Lack of "zen" mode forces you to play each game in 45-120 second bits. This makes it difficult to get better at the games, or to try new strategies. Lumosity games feel like rage flash games; add an untimed

- It is good to be back after years away.

Fourteen years of care-giving duties kept me too busy for Lumosity and finding I have lost considerable abilities is discouraging, but still it is pleasant enough to do the exercises, that I intend to continue and will gain whatever I can.

- Cancel

How do I cancel this? I don’t want to renew.

- Charging for PREMIUM only getting BASIC - nobody is returning my emails

I paid for the premium upgrade and still only have access to 3 games per day. I emailed the company 4 days ago didn’t hear anything. They have no phone number, I emailed again - still no response. Will have to dispute with PayPal. Be aware - this company is a complete scam and will take your money without providing the games promised or answer your emails. What a hassle, complete waste of time

- Review

An excellent tool for learning and exercising the brain.

- Outstanding !

Good daily brain-training !

- Great games

I am having memory issues and these games seem to be helping


Update: Dev’s the keyboard interface is too small on certain games, making it hard to keep in games that require speed like the Raindrop Game and the three lane driving speed game. Please make the buttons bigger! I've used Lumosity since it was first released and immediately felt my mind sharpen more and more. I had a free account for years but purchased a lifetime membership on Black Friday and it's waay better than the free version- a ton more games and options that keeps my mind from plateauing from the same repetition. DEVELOPERS: Please create a "Top 3 Score of the Day/Week/Month/Year" scoreboard for each game to create healthy competition among the users. You don't necessarily have to include the other users' names, etc, but I know that I would try harder and therefore have more improvement if I weren't so isolated in my training. Also, please explore some rhythm-based games! Thanks for the amazing experience, I recommend it to everyone.

- Love it

Love it! Love it! Helps this old lady! Thank You

- Good game

I like this game a lot. I found out about this from my mom a long time ago and thought “This game looks cool.” So I got it and found out you only get three games a day and games you did yesterday or a week ago get locked and you can’t play them. That is in my opinion bad and when you get games you should be able to play them as many times as you want in the free version. I would rate this game 4.9 stars because this game is amazing but you should unlock games forever when you get them.

- Totally worth the expense

My family used Lumosity for years. My young daughter with a gifted IQ would be entertained by these games and I could rest assured that it was excellent think time. I learned about my own strengths and weaknesses. I fell in hard financial times and had to cancel many subscriptions, but we miss Lumosity! I’m resubscribing now during our “shelter in place” order in order to have more stimulating things to so on our devices.

- Addictive

I am NOT a game player but I am enjoying the 3 free daily games! They are each so different but really make me think! Great App

- Liars, horrible people and thieves.

Stay away. There are far better, more reliable, better games AND free. IF...(in 3 yrs, once I contacted them it was fixed that afternoon). Luminosity is usually a weekly if jit daily problem. Management are liars, company is thieves, no morals BUT very creative with their lies. Occasionally they do slip up and reoeT the sane ones, but usually different ones. 1-2 times a week to contact them. 3-8 days to get a reply, when they do, you’re the first person EVER to have that problem. It’ll take a soevuakust, if they can find ive ajd then some time to look for a repair. 2-3 months. If you stay in them, they’ll finally respond. It WILL HIWE ER he an additional lie, they’ll cancel your account . Then say you requested a refund. BUT if you just ask fir a refund they tell you Apple is the only one that can do tgat. If you write them back and tell them Apple said they didn’t do it, it was the app developer, they’ll agree, but then say they already refunded you. SUCH LIARS

- Needs better rotation of games

I love this app buuuut, I’m getting tired of the same games popping up in my daily three and not seeing some other games I have played before rotate into the daily mix. I’m talking the SAME GAME two, three, four days in a week over and over. Boring! Maybe I should be able to choose the three free games I want to play today from a group of unlocked games. Not all unlocked games but maybe half or at least all of the games I’ve played at least once. Yes, some popped up ONCE and never again. I’m not going to pay. I already have to deal with the pop up ads.

- Well...

I’m rating it 3 stars for benefit of the doubt, I NEVER actually got to play the game, I downloaded it bc it said 4+ but when I typed In my age it said I wasn’t old enough, please be more clear in your d’inscription

- Best app for brain workout

I really feel a lot of change after I started playing the app for few mins everyday. Thanks for making such an awesome app

- App works very well!

I love this app I wont be writing a long paragraph because I get bored easily but this app is a good app helps me learn a lot Thanks for making this app! Sincerely, you're mom gey

- Greed Hungry

Tells you nothing in the free version nor does it ever give you the actual statistics, meaning you could be compared to 2 million people, or the more likely 2,000 (based on the number of reviews and the fact the stats are age based). Which is not as helpful as the app would try to tell you its basing its stats on


My score on a nationally accredited IQ test just jumped 10 points after using Lumosity every day for a month!! Thanks Lumosity!

- Lumosity

Deseo saber con que tarjeta de credito me tienen inscrita pues una ya expiró.

- Ehhh

Ok so I’ve had this game for a while. Maybe 3 years. A couple years ago, when I first got it, you could play a bunch of the games and it was super fun. I thought it worked. I would have given it 5 stars. Now, you can only play 3 games per day for as many times as you want. They do change the available games per day, but for me it is just the same like 10 games that they just rotate. The only way to play more is to buy this super expensive premium version. Whyyy? Please bring back more games for non-premium players. People will like your app much more!

- Fun and manageable brain training

I’ve loved using this app since my concussion. It helps get my thoughts back on track when I need to concentrate. The games are very fun and engaging. My only suggestion would be to have more access with basic and include an ad on next level content so there’s still profitability. I love the app and use it regularly!!!!

- Agreeing with the complaints about higher levels

I have been a Lumosity paid member for several years. Like many of the other reviewers, I noticed a positive change in my brain power after using it for a little while. I was better at balancing my checkbook without a calculator, paying attention to different things at once, and so on. However, over the years I have reached the top level in 3/4 of the games and I stop using the app for months at a time because it makes me feel stupid. Fuse Clues is one of the most frustrating— how the hell are you supposed to figure out very arbitrary number patterns with so many holes? Word Snatchers is stressful and many of the definitions don’t make sense until after you’ve given up and used five hints. Taking Root has mistakes, as does Editor’s Choice. Pet Detective is impossible at the higher levels— I just guess and sometimes I luck out. How does this make my brain work better? They should really provide insights for how the game evolves as the levels go up— what kinds of strategies will work for Fuse Clues and Pet Detective? And I advise everyone DO NOT READ their analyses of your progress. I have never felt stupider in my life. Plus, I have read articles that say Lumosity only trains your brain for the specific games they offer and that very little of the benefit is applicable to your normal life. Beyond what I mentioned above. I think the app is a good idea and I continue to pay for it, but I’d like to see more helpful suggestions from them about making progress in the games besides “don’t be so stupid.”

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- My favourite way to get smart

I notice an increase in my cognitive abilities by playing these games. More kudos to the creators of luminosity, and I hope they keep giving us advice on how to learn and remember more things faster. I recommend it

- Amazing app!

I started using this app 2 years ago and I love it! Although you only get 3 games if you don't pay for it, 3 is plenty and helps train your brain. Some of the games at really fun, and addicting! I've tried the paid version in the past, and it was also great.

- Just 3 games

The games is really cool but we just have 3 games by day andif we want to have More games we have to pay, that’s sad.

- Be very careful

I used to be a paid member. I cancelled auto renew last year and they still took money out of my account this year. I got it back, but what if I hadn’t noticed?

- Love the games

Free version only allow you to play a few games a day, but it’s good enough!

- Better instructions to understand the goal

When a game is Presented A few days later there needs to be a way to review the instructions.

- Fun games

I found the games fun and challenging. I tried the free version and enjoyed that you got unlimited plays. They only let you have three different free games a day which was fine for me. I was more interested in passing time in a productive and fun way than training my brain. For those training their brain seriously you will probably purchase as subscription.

- It’s awesome!

I think that Lumosity is a great game

- Free version annoyances

The free gives you 3 different games per day, which you can play an unlimited number of times. That’s reasonable, and it’s a good mix of games. But the system forces you to play them in order, so as far as I can tell, you can’t skip over Game 1 to go to Game 2 or 3. It’s super annoying in cases where you can immediately tell you don’t like Game 1.

- Yoo another game is stealing your sauce!

My dudes, I was peeping this game called elevate and noticed that it was literally the same idea as this one! Just giving you warning that your games been copied. Peace ✌🏾

- Elevate is better

I have tried both Elevate and Lumosity for a few weeks now and I find Elevate more interesting. The daily free doze of Elevate is more enjoyable and enriching than that of Lumosity.

- Really recommend

Awesome app! I really like all the challenges. But I tried the free trial and I really liked the game memory serves but it’s never free. Which is disappointing. But other than that I love it

- Luminosity

I will never ever use luminously again! I was going to sign up for another year but I applied every effort to sign in and could not at all! I will let others know of this problem so they do not make the mistake of trying like I did.

- Lumosity

Great games for my mind to build my brain cells 😊

- Great app!

This app has made my brain stronger each time I play it! When my old phone ran out of storage I had to delete it. But when I got a new one I downloaded Luminosity, so far it’s awesome! Get this game if you want to train your brain!

- I like it- would recommend

I think it’s a pretty cool app. I enjoy the games, and honestly think that the three a day is alright. There are absolutely no ads, so the people writing the negative reviews abt the expensive package to buy everything, u gotta understand that the people making these games do this for a living, and the only thing they get back is from the people buying the full thing. Though, I wish u could see your progress/ maybe how u compare to others your age in the free mode Based on the quality of the games, a lot of work is put into this. Yes, I’d love it if there were more free games, but the app itself I would definitely recommend -just barely 14


It won’t let me make an account, it says Your not eligible to make an account FOR NO REASON


This game is good but PLEASE PLEASE MAKE THIS GAME FREE!!!! For example... schools are free and there giving u real education..... this game isn’t even that educational and u have to pay?!?! This makes no sense at all!!!!! The only thing that could make this game better is to make it free so plz listen to me and all the other people out there who don’t want to pay

- Worthless if you don’t buy premium $85/year!

Pretty self explanatory. The games seem fun but the idea of paying $85/year for puzzles (not even one time, every freakin year?!) ?!?! Not worth it.

- Great game but more improvements

I’ve played Lumosity for a few years now, I really like it but only 3 random games are offered each day without a subscription, which I don’t have. Most days, I’m not on the app for more than a minute because I don’t like that day’s free games. Could you make it so I can choose my 3 free games? You can’t play audio while on the app, but that’s understandable. However, what I do like is No Ads ever. Could you make an app exclusively for Trouble Brewing (The Cafe Game) like you did for the train game? Thanks. Overall Good Game.

- I Mean It’s Great But...

I think it’s a good app, you gotta pay for it and it kinda sucks. 😒

- Deleted.

Unfortunately I read the reviews after downloading only to delete the app. You have to be kidding me on the price. Good luck. I have more important things to spend 100$ on. Thank you.

- Not for families

Purchased the premium thinking my kids could use it as well. Unfortunately, in-app purchases can’t be shared, and I can’t even create an account for my 5 year old son because he’s not eligible based on his age. The annual subscription I paid for isn’t worth it for me when my wife and kids can’t even use it. I like the app, and the training games but from a value perspective it’s not worth it.

- Lumosity is terrible

This makes people feel stupid, because we are all intelligent in different ways and Lumosity tries to teach everyone the same way because you cannot understand how to help someone use their intelligence to its full potential with a algorithm

- Incompatible update

Why would it be necessary to make an update that is not compatible with older Ipads??? We have been using this program for years with my husband who has a brain injury and now it's useless for us. I guess I will need to cancel the subscription. Please know that not everyone can afford new tablets!

- Consigne PAS CLAIRE

Dans l’Apple Store, il est ecrit que l’âge pour avoir le jeu est 4ans et +, mais quand j’ai créé mon compte (j’ai 12 ans) ils disent que l’âge légal est de 18 ans ou 13 ans avec l’accord de parent. Je trouve cela très décevant de leur part. En plus, je ne comprend pas pourquoi il faudrait 18 ans pour jouer à un je de LOGIQUE. CE N’EST PAS LOGIQUE !!! Bref, à cause de cela, je met 1 étoile. Pour les créateurs du jeu (ou toutes personnes aillant télécharger le jeu et qui on plus de 18 ans ), pouvez-vous me contacter et me dire pourquoi il faut 18 ans pour y jouer. Merci d’avance.

- Ok

Free version has 3 free games a day. They do NOT rotate through all their games. If you want to access all games you have to pay for premium. The ones they offer for free get pretty repetitive.

- Glitchy!

Half way through a game it goes to a safari page! Totally blows your concentration!

- Not worth the money

Only three games to sharpen your skills unless you want to spend 85$ a year or 20$ a month could be better if it was cheaper!!

- Only 3 games

I downloaded this thinking that it would be a good thing to train my brain, and there was only 3 games that were available. All were given as the starting test too. Really disappointed that all the other games are only given for premium. Which costs.

- Great !!

I really enjoy this app. I’m 66 and I upgraded because it is so worth it. My brain is getting sharper everyday. Thanks Lumosity

- Exciting games that helps my brains

We have Alzheimer running in my family and unfortunately sometimes I feel sometimes my brain goes blank completely. I have been playing this game as well as Sudoku to help myself. I love this game because it is free and has variety of games. Thank you so much for helping people and PLEASE DONT CHANGE this game.

- better than competitor i suppose




- This is a scam

It doesn’t offer ANYTHING for the free version, 16 cad a month for a game is a SCAM

- Expensive

The games are fun but it only gives you an option to play the same 10 games unless you pay $100 a year for “premium”. As if life isn’t expensive enough.. let’s fork out $100 for an iPhone app! Not worth the download unless you want to pay for premium.

- Looking for free apps

Need for free


Excellent game. This is awesome. But I’m poor so I can’t buy premium but if you have money buy it because it look very cool. —————————————————————————————— Ce jeu est excellant. En plus il est disponible en français. Mais moi je suis pauvre donc je peu pas acheter le premium mais si vous avez de l’argent achetez le car ça a l’air vraiment extraordinaire.

- I’m colour blind.

I can’t do your introductory tests as they are all colour related and I am colour blind. How can I change to a different challenge?

- Lumosity

Hi I love Lumosity . I am happy with 3 games a day- they’ve definitely helped my brain!

- a lot of money for..........?

why did i pay for this lol edit: did not know subscription would renew!!!! was ripped off another 77 bucks i hate this give me my money back!!!!!!!!

- La création d’un compte

J’ai essayé 5 fois de me créer un compte mais ça ne pas marché

- Useless app

I tried to make an account. Apparently I’m not eligible to make an account. This app is a waste of space on your device 😡😡👎🏻👎🏻 I am twelve and can’t make an account but this game is for ages 4+

- Love it!

Looking forward to every day for the new challenge!!!

- Ottygirl

Superb variety of games to challenge all learning styles; I find they enhance one’s strengths, and while they clarify the weaknesses, one is encouraged to keep working on those areas in order to improve.

- Please don’t waste your time!

This app kind of disappointed me. It’s basically asking you to buy the whole thing. You can only play 3 games each day, if you want to play more, you need to buy premium. Not everyone has extra money to be spending on a BRAIN game. We’re here to expand our learning! Not to pay for everything! If I could rate it 0, I absolutely would. A big DISAPPOINTMENT. Definitely would NOT recommend.

- I Love This Game!

I really like playing it everyday. Every time I feel like I don’t want to play Lumosity, I play it and I feel like I need to play it for a million times! Everyday I play at least one new game.

- It's not working for me

It's not letting me join for some reason and i really need it to help me..😕

- Charges after a few minutes

This game makes you choose a free trial before charging you for the game after a few minutes playing. No thanks

- trying to cancel subscription

I am extremely frustrated with Luminosity!! I have been attempting to cancel my subscription. Because I can’t afford it at this time. No one answers the phone can’t get my password to work and it is about to go into auto renew. You are making it very difficult . . . not right !!

- Definitely needed this during iso

Love this daily brain workout, I feel my thoughts flowing easily after only playing a few weeks. My only complaint is I have won so many prizes in Top That I am wondering when they will arrive in the post? Should I put my home address here so they know where to send them? Has anyone else not received their prizes? I am waiting especially for my unicycle but I don’t think it will fit in the letter box.


I have 600 different notifications I repeat BAD

- Download the app

Once, I decided to download the app on my phone I’ve been doing more work out. I really enjoy the games. I recommend 100%

- Lumosity

It is great

- Landscape mode for iPad

Please develop this so it’s not just optimised for phones.

- The games a really fun and well designed but.... it’s a scam

Although the games are challenging and often times frustrating in the best way as well as the smooth design. There’s is no evidence to suggest that it actually “trains your brain” anymore than playing candy crush or subway surfers do. I will still continue to use the app however I strongly advise not to get the paid version if you want to “train your brain”. But if you enjoy the challenges and want to see your progress then by all means do it.

- Good quality memory thinking game at low cost


- Review

This is very bad website do not download lags all the time won’t stop sending u email over all this app is never used because it is also very boring I learn nothing from it because it is what prep kids learn boring boring boring

- Love it but

I really love this, even if you’re limited to three games a day, that’s fine, the games change all the time so you never get bored with it. It really works as a break trainer and it’s fun. The only problem though is I think premium is WAY too expensive. $18 a month is a bit much. I’m not super interested in the insights to how I’m doing, the commmunity thing or any of the other premium features, so all is really be paying $18 for is that unlimited games and that’s definitely not worth that money. Overall though the app is great, and the free version is more than enough.

- Keeps Mind Sharp

Daily usage keeps the Mind Sharp and Alert!

- Too expensive

$90 a year for the full version what a rip off!

- Lumosity

Lumosity is great fun for the brain, but the only way to see your stats is by getting Premium. You can see which games you’ve excelled at and which you haven’t without premium, but you can only play 3 games at a time as well. I still think it is good, but we need to have more for free.

- Watch out for auto renewal

I’m a busy person. Deleted this app a long time ago. Found it auto renewing out of my account. That sort of business model makes them rich but takes advantage. It’s a reminder to have mental acuity for sharp billing practices.

- Great brain games

Great games that really make you feel your brain working!

- Doesn’t REALLY support Family Sharing

You won’t really know this until AFTER you purchase a subscription that you should have purchased the Family Sharing Plan Subscription ... which you won’t find listed :(

- Family Plan

I thought the Family Plan was an excellent idea until I purchased it and found that a nominated person was in fact unable to access any of the additional games and instead was encouraged to purchase the Premium package himself. The programme itself is OK on a par with others of the same type. The one star is for the frustration!

- Repetitive

Don’t get to do preferred activity only repeats others less enjoyable

- Refund

Great games but haven’t got it on my new iPad and I found that $100 has been charged to my credit card this month! Trying to find how I get a refund and cancel and it is turning out to be a nightmare! Also finding that every nickname I enter is supposedly taken, even our surname which only has three fa ily members in Australia. Not happy! You evidently don’t like negative reviews!

- Keen

I look forward to playing each day

- Great idea 💡

This is a great 👍🏼 idea it has heaps of fun games that also help you learn stuff like that I love the app

- Ugh

I personally hated it as soon as I saw it because it said just because of your age you can’t learn that’s really dumb and one way to take away people who want to learn

- Great app

Great app. I feel like I am definitely sharper after playing for about a month . However during this same time I have made a lot of positive lifestyle changes so I can’t attribute it solely or definitely to this app . I can not compare it to other brain training apps as I have not tried others. I am thinking about getting premium but it’s a little expensive. If it was a slightly cheaper I’d get it. App has been given 4 stars as there is no landscape mode which makes it very ... very difficult to use games that require keyboard use. App is regularly updated and has interesting and fun games that keep you motivated.

- Free?

How do you get to call at three when it clearly isn’t?

- A big upswing in the mental sharpening department

I’ve been playing Lumosity for the past month, and I have definitely noticed myself being mentally sharper. I have a better memory, better selective attention, and am able to filter out irrelevant information far more easily. I work in the finance department, and I have DEFINITELY noticed an improvement in how I work with clients!!! It’s working so well for me, I forewent the one month subscription, and went for a years’ subscription!

- Great variety of games

Some of the games could have a better explanation of how to play but mostly they keep you on your toes

- Limosity

Very challenging. I feel that my brain is being given a real work out that I know will be beneficial.

- Stop giving me the same games!

Stop giving me the same games two days in a row switch it up, I get train of thought 5 days in a row,I get let detective 3 days in s row, give me attention games and problem solving games that I can improve on so I can improve on other games.

- Loving it!

A great brain trainer which has, as far as I’ve noticed so far, improved my speed, and offers a widely varied workout so you can work on ALL cognitive processes. Fantastic work, guys, it’s brilliant. My hat goes off and the compliments go to the developers. I’d definitely recommend this. Keep up the good work, and your minds active!

- Brain training

As a 70 plus year old, I like to keep my mind active and I like the mix of brain puzzles which Lumosity provides. It is great for memory and reflexes. I also like to better my score when a particular puzzle is repeated, so find it challenging.

- Happy to play

I love it and would be happy to pay but it’s just WAY too expensive. Something like $1.99 per day or $5.99 per week or $13.99 for 2 weeks would be nice.

- Money

Do they still rip you off by having automatic deduction payments? Folks with early on set of dementia could end up paying for nothing,...... for years. Very American-corporate- greed. Another example of ”Freedom Gas anyone?”

- can’t update

couldn’t update because it asks to update payment info? I update but it still doesn’t let me to update. Payment info is fine and works for all other apps

- Asks for complete date of birth

There is no need for you to harvest excessive personal information. You don’t need complete date of birth including day and month. Users should only have to submit the year of birth for consultative reasons. The games are good.

- Great application

I love this application it’s amazing


For an app this expensive a ‘heads-up’ before it auto renews would be useful especially as there are no refunds if you purchased it through the App Store /iTunes. Now disillusioned former customer.

- Be smart fast

Nice games to training my brain,funny!

- I cannot reset my account

I can’t reset my age or anything once you put it in you can’t change it I put my age way higher as a joke but now I cannot change it because there are no settings for it

- Well made games, high quality and very addictive

All games in this app are well made and addictive

- Couldn’t sign up even though I am over the ages of 4 which is the requirement for the app

I tried signing up but I couldn’t even though I was over the ages of 4 which is the app requirement

- Great app - thoroughly recommend

Easy to practise, clear instructions and great free version. I might upgrade!

- Loved it then liked it 😭

I loved using it then it costs money to use the game! At least that’s what was on my screen. I really wanted to use this app, but unfortunately, I can’t because I’m not allowed to spend money on games.

- Premium

Hi! I really think that Lumosity is a great game and it gets me, and my family hyped!! The only thing that bugs me is that you have to pay to unlock all of the features. I really wanted to play every category, but the you must buy premium to play at least two of the categories, for example, the word games. I also think that I would have bought premium, but it is simply too expensive. I love the thought of being able to, but it just won’t happen. All in all, I love this app, but would prefer if there were more things unlockable in the game for people who do not want to, or cannot, pay for premium. Sincerely, Kayla

- Why can’t I create an account?

Is it my age.? This app states from age 4

- It’s great, but one thing

This is a great app, but one thing, can you please add every brain thing everyday, thx

- Fun to come back to

Used to play Luminosity. Gave it away for awhile. It’s great to come back to and revisit.

- Love it but can be frustrating

I saw a review from someone who said it eventually stops helping when you get stuck at a level for ages (I wonder if he/she’s stuck on Train of thought like me?) It does get frustrating but at the same time it gets my brain going in the morning and really helps with my memory, especially the trouble brewing game which is my current favourite.

- It’s awesome

It’s helped me and my brain throughout problem solving and helps me be more aware and understand problems. If you haven’t downloaded it I recommend it -Annabelle F

- Excellent game

really helpful for brain exercise

- Warning rip off

Do not download this app they will charge you if you are not careful.

- Problem worth 3 stars

When I was signing in I was exited but It said I was too young and it’s 4+ an I am definitely 4+ not very happy about that situation

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- Pretty decent

This is a pretty decent app. My grades in class have gone up and I’m actually getting smarter. I really love those mindfulness sessions, it really helps with my mental problems and is very soothing and relaxing after coming back from a stressful day. The only thing that kind of disgruntles me is paying for premium. I really want to know my insights and stuff like that, but, I can’t because I don’t have Premium. It’s very annoying, but, other than that it’s pretty decent.

- Smh

I don’t like this app as it says ages 4+ I added my birthday and it said I’m not eligible to create and account..

- A-one!

Great luminous games that engage the mind!

- Taking my money

When I paid for the 1 month premium it showed the payment or the places you click if you want the premium as if I never did it

- Price is prohibitive

This app is only available to people with deep pockets. People like me with a low/no/fixed income could never afford $17 a month. The people this App could benefit the most will never be able to access it.

- Confuses

Hey lumosity! I love the design within your app. Great job on everything else except for what I’m just starting to talk about... Apparently, I’m not eligible for your app!?! The app says the age rating is 4+. Well, I’m ten. I am downloading a brain game that doesn’t even know there numbers above 4. Please fix this lumosity!!!

- Update games for iPhone X screen support!

The app itself supports iPhone X but when opening a game it shows up with black borders. Please update all in game games to support iPhone X screen!


This is a fantastic app that will DEFINITELY keep YOUR MIND SHARP! Wish there were more choices for free!

- Love Lumosity

I can’t finish my day without doing Lumosity

- Bad

This game is a great idea but a money “ wanter, sucker “. They push you into buying premium! Everything is premium this, premium that. Its awful!!!!!

- Great Game But...

I love this game! The mindful games are awesome and help me get through stress. The games are okay... it’s just that you have to pay more than my CAMP to get premium for a year. For request, maybe put out a free three day trial, or make the prices WAY LOWER. This is a GREAT game, those are just the things you need to fix :)

- Short and sweet

I like this game. It only take few minutes and the games are diverse. Not the type of game you play to waste time for a longer period, but great to play for a really short commute or just waiting for the bus.

- Massagerbern

I love this app. I am on the free one because I don’t have much time but if I do have extra time I can replay the games. Fun games. Quick and sometimes stressful if I don’t get those trains going where they need!

- Fun

Great games

- Lumosity

I am very impressed with this website. It has helped me learn some new skills as far as math and English. Thank you for having this system.

- Way to expensive!

Annual fees are ridiculously expensive! Not worth it!

- Keeping each alert and on point.


- Can’t get in

I used my correct password and then I used my correct email and then it would not work for me so I’m am going to be deleting this app.

- Subscription?

Subscription model sucks. I can’t believe apps like these seek ways to earn money off of you in a cyclical way whereas they are not updated that frequently at all to deserve this. They don’t even pay attention to the demands of their prospective users as I just read so many comments that state the same.

- Phenomenal

I truly enjoy this particular app since it activates your brain as well as it provides other mesmerizing mental exercises such as mindfulness. Absolutely top-notch

- Sucks

This is literally the worst thing to ever exist and I wish it would disappear

- Not ideal

It’s a cool idea but you can’t do anything unless you pay you get the same 3 games and nothing more it sucks don’t bother unless u you’re going to waste your money on a game!

- ...

Je ne peux pas me créer de compte! Je ne comprend pas comment ça marche. Pourtant, une personne de mon entourage a réussi et adore ça.🤔

- To young?

Rating is 4+ I’m older than 4 ~ sorry your to young ~ ;-;

- Not happy

I'm not impressed that My family members cannot login after purchasing a year membership! Also I want to see new games added

- Meh

Fun and cute little games but they do nothing for my brain and 😂😂😂 no way am i paying $20 a month to play “cute lil games”

- Lumosity

Your games are so good to edecayte kids!

- Horrible

I hate it. It only gives you three games! Even though they change it’s still frustrating how you have to pay to play the rest of the games!

- Great exercise for the brain


- Ok

The game is good but we have to pay to continue and have more options.😕

- Terrible

I give it credit to having challenging games, but I don’t want only the same three, EVERY DAY! I saw the reviews saying “Waste of time” but I ignored them and thought they were just frustrated with it. Now I realize that they were being truthful! I wish there were way more options because it gets boring. There’s always room for improvement! So fill in that room! I don’t want to pay for a game that only gets good reviews from people who buy.

- Great app

I really don’t mind paying annually for this app. It keeps my brain active, it’s fun and I find it challenging!!!!

- This used to be free

The games that you are making people pay for used to be free, now all they want is the money. Very disappointing.

- Way to expensive!

I upgraded to premium because of a 35% Valentine’s Day offer. I was charged full price and have no way to rectify it. Fun game that my ergothrapist recommended to help recover from a stroke but this screw up had me cancel my subscription altogether.

- 😭

I have to pay disgusting 🤢🤮🤢🤮🤢🤮🤢🤮🤢🤮🤢🤮🤢 i’ts kind of stupid I wish that I have to give my account it’s very very very very very very very very very very very very very very stupid and stupid and stupid and stupid!!!!!!!!👎🏻👎🏿👎👎🏽👎🏼 it sucks🤢🤮🤢😭🤢🤮🤢🤮🤢🤮🤢🤮🤢🤮🤢🤮🤢🤮🤢🤮🤢🤮🤢🤮

- Average at best.

Once you’ve played the games a couple of times, it becomes very boring. Some of the games, are 100% IMPOSSIBLE to master. Instead of making you feel smarter, you end up doubting your mental capacity. If you’re looking for a good alternative, try Peak. Much better!

- 👮🏼‍♀️the pay police want you to pay

Constantly asking you to pay, won’t let you play whole game without paid version 💩

- 🤩🥳😍🤩🥳😍🤩🥳😍


- Correct sans plus

3 jeux gratuits par jour...toujours les mêmes,peu de variétés,très répétitif. Certains jeux comme Rebond de mémoire contiennent beaucoup trop de tableaux pour rien,inutile de faire des jeux si longs. Les jeux dits gratuits devraient être accessibles à tous les jours,pas seulement les 3 jeux du jour. Trop cher à mon avis pour 2 jeux de plus par jour surtout qu’ils reviennent sans cesse au même.

- I’m enjoying😊

Hi, this is a good app. I’m recently retired at 46 hrs old due to a brain tumour. This app has become part of my daily routine. It’s fun and not frustrating, although sometimes defeating. I’m very happy I had the courage to try the app, it’s has had a positive effect in my life

- Purple

I wish I had access to more of the games without having to buy the full version.

- Sucks!!!!!!

I was making an account and I messed up on my age and it said I was not allowed to sign up so I logged off and tried again and it still didn’t work so I deleted the app than got it again and it still didn’t work🤬

- Fun

Fun games, just wish you didn’t have to pay monthly to get the full experience, why not just a cheap one time fee? I like the games you get with not having to pay

- Grossly overpriced

Some games are good, yet there is no game that you should pay more than 2 doyfor. Shame on you.

- Only the basic 3 games and are not changing

I haven’t pay for the game , and everyday is the same 3 games which are not changing as the developer claims.

- Lumosity has not been proven to improve brain function

Its basically a scam to sell people things that have no real benefit The games are fun. But to advertise it as a way to improve the mind is just wrong.

- Love the train game

I just love the train game and what a challenge when u start to get to level 8 !!

- Why can’t premium be free

Why can’t premium be free or maybe at least like $10 and you get it that’s something I don’t like about it but this is a really good app and I’m going to be continuing to use it

- Money grabber

Most of the exercises are in premium and the work out are the same every day I could have put no stars on this but it doesn’t let me this app deserves no start

- terrible, don’t waste your time

pretty self explanatory

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- Limited games, expensive to upgrade

You only get access to three games a day, and upgrading to premium is very expensive. Disappointing. However, there aren’t any ads so that’s a bonus. A lot of the games are variations on a theme but there a few good ones in there. Shame you don’t get the opportunity to buy the ones you enjoy for a reasonable price.

- I love it 🥰

It is a super star ⭐️

- Love it

Wish there were more free daily games

- The stats are not clear

Unsure what the percentile means as it can be understood 2 ways. The bars to the most left hand side mean that I am so good that few ppl are able to achieve to be that good or am I so bad that few ppl are able to be so bad? It's really not clear.

- Great app!

Great app to keep your brain active!

- Billing Issue

Hi. I signed up for a free two week trial last week and I was going to be enrolled on a yearly subscription after the trial unless I cancelled the trial. However, to my surprise, I was billed immediately for the yearly subscription. Could you please give me a refund?

- Favourite thing

It's always a relief when it isn't just doing what you presume it is.

- Enjoyable!

Great exercise for the brain, daily challenges.

- Generally very good

Nice variety of games, with pro the insights offered are also interesting. However my only complaint is that the algorithm that selects games in a workout seems to favour a small number of the games (or it does not choose a wide enough range). With pro you can choose games you want but this is still a bit annoying.

- Lumosity is amazing

Whenever I’m bored, or want my brain boosting, I go on lumosity. It’s one of my favourite games.

- Premium expensive price!

At the beginning, I love this app, it was great, until a lot of things are inaccessible because I have to pay for this. I think the price is unreasonably high. If it was cheaper, this would be amazing. Also, I am a student and things could be a little cheaper! The games also is repetitive to see.

- Great app.

Gets the brain working in the mornings.

- Lumosity

I love it as it gives you games to where your up to right now and it just makes them fun if you are awake enough to do them

- Cannot reset password!!-link just opens app again at the login page

Forgotten password-attempted to reset, link in email just reopens the app at the login page. Cannot use the app :(

- Engaging, challenging and fun!

This wakes me up and gets my brain going. Great fun, good variety of games

- Don’t download

Just spams you with emails


What a great tool to sharpen your cognitive responses, i would recommend this to anyone who’s keen to develop their muscle brain

- Great brain training and really enjoyable.

Unfortunately the monthly subscription is not for me. If it was a one off payment then I’d think about using the full Luminosity. Too expensive.

- Absolutely amazing to use this

I can not thank the creators and the team behind making these absolutely astonishing and superbly thought about games !!!!!!! I have suffered an extremely bad brain injury and was in a coma for 5 weeks forgot how to walk talk move my entire left side of my body and cognitively I was unable to remember very much at all and thanks to using this every single day it’s cognitively made my mind exactly how it used to be just by using this game constantly I have been signed off by my psychologist doctors and they say they have never seen someone with as strong as mind as I have considering the amount of dead brain I have !! The only only down side to this amazing game is that it does not have a visual helper to keep objects to one side of the screen! I unfortunately suffer from a a Hemianopia as the back love on the right side of my brain that controls my left eye has died so I don’t have full peripheral vision anymore so I lose the sight of moving objects like the math game rain drops I get caught out because a rain drop on the very left of the screen I struggle to see it so it hits the bottom and it makes me lose the game is there possibly going to be an update for this problem I unfortunately have??

- Tracking the river life game

Could you do this in colour please like the start screen? Thank you. Love the train shunting puzzle. Keep up the good work!

- Good


- Too expensive

Just downloaded and used for the first test. Really enjoyed the game but cannot commit to such an expensive app. I know I cannot afford to pay £8.99 a month for a phone game so will not go ahead with 14 day trial. It’s a shame, I think I would have really enjoyed using this app daily.

- Perfecto

Just what I wanted. Practising maths, logic, speed l, language etc. And the option for free is totally amazing thing from the developer. Perfect, thanks


Lumosity is great for brain training. Most of the games are fun but some are not, not mentioning any names, Ebb and flow,still not mentioning any names. It gives you 3 games every day but premium members get 5. The app includes in app purchases.

- Patti

I have been playing for over a year and whilst it is pricey at my age of 76 years It does reach my brain cells. It keeps me mentally alert and stimulated as I’m not interested in playing IT games. Although it grades on individual games it can be frustrating to attain higher goals in scores, but the brain diagram does spread eventually. The reason I have given 4 stars is the attainment goals are slow to reach and after 2 years perhaps I will change. I do have a comparison leader brain game app played together which I also subscribe to and thus app does seem to give more encouragement in its score achievements.

- It’s okay,but...

I downloaded this app as I wanted something to help relieve my stress and to improve my memory,but after using this app I felt annoyed at the fact you only get 3 a day with a free account and I don’t want to pay any money to unlock all and it’s the same with apps like elevate and peak which REALLY annoys me can the developers please make all of the courses on Lumosity free and accessible to everyone or better make another app just like lumosity but with no in app purchases

- Amazing app

Love this app, wish you got more for free, but very well made!!! Keep it up :)

- Annoying

Silly game pretending to be better than it is. Can’t see how to make sure the don’t charge me.

- H

My mum plays this app it looks good

- ..

Good game but desperately wants you to pay for premium to experience the full app - shame

- Lumosity

I love these games it is really good brain training. Brilliant.

- Lumosity

A worthwhile brain exercise spoilt by patronising praise following each game, whether the performance poorer or better than usual. I felt I was treated as a child rather than an adult trying to keep my brain cells exercised.

- Excellent

I throughly enjoy playing these games.I had a stroke,a few years ago,which left me with a poor memory,much slower in thinking,and loss of confidence. I can truthfully state that since I have been using Lumosity,I feel more confident,as my memory seems to be improving,and I am now much quicker with games!!My daughter suggested I buy it three years agai,and I’m so pleased I did.

- Very poor here is why:

1. Comparing to PC you lose a lot of agility and timing when using the phone app. 2. In phone app when you click “Give feedback” it takes user to help page... which is missleading. Then if you scroll to the bottom in the app where feedback should be, you can find “Take a quick survey” and tell us what you think, but when you press it it asks you again to log-in even tho I am already logged in. Comparing to PC version, this app makes Lumosity feel laughable and clumsy af. I use this app only as a last resort when my PC is already turned OFF, but I cant hide the fact that it drags my scores down. To make it even worse and more confusing this app keeps separate scores from your PC version, but the total score is combined. For example: you play a game which you know very well from your PC, but this app treats you like you play first time thus you start on lower levels and your high score is impossible to be higher than you’d get on PC. However, when you finish playing the game (for the first time on the phone) it combines and drags your PC version score down. -correct me if I’m wrong. Like I have said, use this app as a last resort only.

- Too money oriented

I like playing this game, but you only get 3 games per day and it gets a bit boring unless your willing to pay

- Amazing app!

Loving my daily workouts so far and the games are really enjoyable. I have paid for the premium subscription and think it is worth every penny.

- Train game

I understand how to play the game but the train most of them are not directed to the correct station even though I am tapping on that station

- meh

It’s too money orientated, most things you do require money which I do not like.

- Great for testing the brain

Short little tests to re-boot the grey cells and see the improvement after a bit of practice

- Non premium

You have to pay to get any meaningful feedback. And premium is very expensive.

- Too expensive

Not sure it’s worth the full subscription

- Great App

The first brain training app I’ve downloaded and used daily for a continuous period, the rest I’ve disliked or got bored of. It’s straight forward to use, the games are of great variety and quality. The only reason I’ve given 4 stars and not 5 stars is the price of premium, it’s way too high and I would never pay it out of principal. A one off cost, yes but a yearly subscription, no way.

- It’s good

It’s good. Have a strong dislike towards the train of thought game though. But that’s just personal preference

- Well made but pricey

Great games. Shame that it’s so expensive to get premium.

- Fun while learning

This workout is short so I always get a feeling of success because I complete the daily workout. The games are fun and creating so it’s a nice daily break. Since I can see my improvements it builds my confidence in my learning ability. For example, I now see my aim in learning all the notes on the guitar fretboard as a memory game rather than a chore.

- Awesome!

Best brain training I’ve tried. ❤️

- It’s good but...

It’s good but @ a cost of £8.99 per month it’s far too expensive to be practical, you can get a better and more intense mental workout from a real computer game. Save your money and go to a game shop.

- Well, it is ok.

Starts off well. But if you takeout a one year subscription, very quickly you start to find that you know the answers because you remember them. There has been very little development of it whilst I have been subscribing and no work at all improving or extending the individual games, or whatever you care to call them. I have cancelled my sub and I can’t recommend anyone taking one out.

- Disappointed

I’ve been playing this game for months now, possibly longer, then, without warning, I opened to play yesterday to discover they’d started charging from the £9 per month to £300 for lifetime membership! Extortionate in my view and I’m sad to say I’ve deleted it. Developers should have the decency to tell you they’re going to charge instead of just doing it!

- Really good

Highly recommend this app

- Meh

This game stresses me out

- Very Good App

This app keeps your brain training and working forever of you have the app.Get the app

- Didn’t try it

Any app that is subscription based cannot be free. It’s free to try and I understand what is being offered and it is probably great for those that can afford it.

- Great App for brain tumour rehab

I had a brain tumour removed and to help keep my brain active, I returned to this App. It has been a great help and I can see where my strength and weaknesses are now. It’s made a big difference with my rehab. Thanks guys.

- Childish and a ripoff

I downloaded this while travelling over Christmas... great I thought, this will fill in a bit of time in various airports! To do this you need to subscribe. I quickly sound it simplistic and childish. I forgot to cancel and now they’ve charged me $89 for a years subscription that I don’t want. There is no portal to query the charge and nowhere to give feedback. Nasty trick Luminosity... that was certainly a brain teaser!

- it help . only at the beginning .

such a fool app when i have to pay to continue the game

- Need the frog on the lily pad

Need the frog on the lily pad. It seems to be missing from the iPad version.

- Terrible

Couldn’t even sign up because it kept saying email is not eligible to sign up.

- Don’t sign up for monthly subscription!!

I signed up, you cannot cancel, iTunes won’t show it on your subscriptions to cancel, and lumosity won’t refund you. It’s all an attempt to take your money. They will say it’s a problem with the iTunes account and will ounce off each other about who’s responsibility it is. I’ve paid three years now and it’s a scam don’t sign up

- Nice app but not updated for iPad

Still runs with black bars around the sides on the new iPad Pro. Also, doesn’t support landscape.

- Should I get this app

I don’t know wether or not to get this app look good but I am a not convinced

- 😡🤯😠

I hate this stupid app because I deleted it but I am still being E-mailed 24/7, and I hate having to waste time checking my E-mails about an app I don’t even have anymore!!!

- Amazing love it but......

I think this game is Amazing well apart from the fact that it can sometimes it can a bit boring apart from that it’s a good game

- Brain nourishment

Lumosity gives me the daily dose of nourishment and muscle flexing that my brain needs. I love the new games and extra challenges that are on offer. Of particular interest is monitoring the Cognitive LPI and how this score can help improve the cognitive areas that need improving, literally 😀. I’ve been playing daily since 2013 and feel the difference in my alertness, speed and memory. Thank you Lumosity and I look forward to more great games and new challenges.

- Mr.player

Revives your sleeping brain.

- Awesome!

Very versified and addictive!

- Pretty decent

The free version is a nice 10min morning brain training, haven’t used the premium which it heavily pushes so I can’t say anything about it

- Great science to this game

With all that goes into making an app, is science in its self, so why should you have to spend or pay a monthly bill to train your brain? If I do not play the brain games with premium, does that mean I’m not going to improve my brain as someone that does pay and play the premium games?

- Tile test

Bit hard to understand instructions as to what is required to complete the tasks

- Help me sign in

UGH I HATE THIS, IT WONT LET ME SIGN IN... WHAT A IDIOTIC APP 🤬🤬😡😡🤬 I’m getting SICK of trying to sign IN! I don’t already have a acc, and I’m making the newest accounts EVER HELP ME. AND ARE 11 YR OLDS ALLOWED TO JOIN?!?!?!? IF THEY ARENT I SWEAR ON THE CREATORS COUSINS GRAVE!!!!!!

- Landscape Mode Needed

Will renew my subscription and re-download when it supports landscape mode. Otherwise it’s a fun app. Some of the games get quite addictive. I hope to be able to play again in the future.

- Only one word can describe this’ll a app!


- Great app

This app is a great learning tool. It’s good to see your progress which motivates you to do more.

- App Overall, along with pricing

Lumosity, it’s a great brain training app, even for the free version. The daily three exercises are very good, especially that they change and aren’t always the same. I do agree with another reviewer that $89 a year is a bit expensive and I would be very happy to buy premium for $89 if it was a lifetime subscription.

- Free daily

I am content with the 3 games each day. I can live without the insights, extra games etc, thank you

- It’s ok I guess...

I like the game! But I don’t like that if I want to play a game it says I have to buy premium,Which is please let me play for free instead of buying premium!

- Great way to strengthen mind

I really enjoy playing the games . they are challenging enough to keep me going to improve my performance. Only negative is you have to purchase premium to gain any insight on individual performance. If anyone was below average for age group would never know with free app. It would be good to get a free trial of premium for a few days .

- Too young?

It says 4+! I’M WAY OVER 4.

- I want easier games


- Love this app!!

I was looking for an app that could help improve my thought processes and think faster and clearer after being diagnosed with PTSD. I would strongly recommend this to anyone who wants to help improve their thinking.

- Daily grey matter workout

I love Lumosity and give my brain a daily workout. So many game options so it doesn’t become boring. I also like the insights that rate me against my age group and I can keep my eye on them and look for areas that are changing for me.

- Good app that’s too pricey

Everything about this app is amazing, except for the price. Anything with a subscription attached is usually bad news. I’d be happy to pay $10 for it but $90? Come on that’s a rip off.

- Doing better

It’s only my second month but I think I can improve dramatically this month been 33% overall for my age

- Mindfulness

I have anger issues and doing this I thought “well this will be boring” but it really calmed me and made me think and realise things all around me and not be mad at everything. I hope you make more mindfulness activities and keep doing your magic to make others happy! :)

- Useful

Lumosity is free yet you can pay for premium it is still usable just not as enjoyable without premium.

- Great product, now buggy

I love this app and have previously upgraded to the Premium version but it’s now buggy and unplayable. Not sure if it’s due to app changes or that I’m using the new iPhone XS but one in five games don’t play.

- It’s lots of fun

I was skeptical at first. I enjoy playing games that don’t involve much thinking. But Lumosity is something else. It’s challenging and keeps you alert! It’s a great way to relax.

- Won’t let me sign up

What? The actual app itself says “4+” I am age 10, yet it says I am no. This makes me extremely confused, frustrated and angry and makes me say “WHAT THE HELL?” And seriously WHAT. THE. HELL. Please fix this.

- Great games for staying alert

Have enjoyed the concentration

- Awesome


- Good app

Easy and useful to play but still challenging in the areas I need. Add more games please. Also 89 dollars a year is way too much to spend on a game no matter how helpful it is.

- Awesome

Mind bogling, challenging, interesting, overwhelming, pain in the brain

- Tryouts to k eep my brain active at 83 . Don’t always understand what you want


- So expensive!

This app is ok. But definitely not worth subscribing to for $89 a year! I would’ve paid a once off fee of $20. But the subscription is ridiculous!

- Addictive

A lot of fun and challenging at the same time

- Beauty

Absolute beauty of an app, I don’t usually write reviews but this is so good

- Used to be better

The app is great but it’s disappointing that it doesn’t show your progress anymore so you can see how you have progressed or what need to work on unless you pay, which is pretty stupid.

- Games

I don’t think they give enough examples of how to play games

- Love this app!!

I would definitely recommend this to anyone who wants to sharpen up there memory and focus skills. It is also overall very fun and also challenging but it also feels like you are having fun. Love this app!!

- Lumosity

This is by far the best of this type of app. Worth every penny, with interesting and fun puzzles to keep brain active, a good variety.

- Actually works !

Found that will daily practice, i was able to focus and comprehend better. Also my reflexes got slightly better with time. Pls make some investment and go for the premium membership. It is amazing! The ROI is perfect!!

- Challenging

Seems challenging enough.

- 1 of the Best Brain Train App available!

I recommend you all use this Brain Trainer App - you are guaranteed to become a better professionals.

- Cool educational and fun

Fresh new way to train the brain

- The wisdom in having lumosity.

Lumosity is the best app anyone can have on an iphone.

- Amazing brain workout.

I love this app. It really does exercise your brain. I recommend it to people of all ages.

- Business Strategist

Fantastic and totally engaging... I recommend this app to anyone seeking to get the most out of their brains.

- Excellent app

Perhaps a built in organiser could make it perfect ( integrating with a day planner)

- Ms

Great app

- Fantastic

Used to play this on my Laptop, but having this handheld is super convenient. Good one.

- Great app

The app is very cool and still gives the required brain training

- ....

Well done Lumosity

- Lump situ

This mobile app is superb!! It simple to use and very user friendly. It enables me access on the go!

- Me

Really fun games. I can feel me getting smarter alredi (lol)

- Mr

Really fun games. I can feel me getting smarter alredi (lol)

- Fantastic

Just joined in today,looking forward to a smarter me!lol

- Stuff works

This seems to really work. Not surprising though, based on the science and engineering behind it.

- Kikebolarinwa

I absolutely love it, first play and i feel like a genius. You guys are awesome

- Nice first attempt

Hope it will help my brain, I really need the workout now that I am not working.

- Barr

Stimulatingly interesting

- Great!

I noticed that after About just 2 days of training, i was already thinking and comcentrating better! Great app, and more convenient that being on the website :)

- Nice app

Nice app

- Great Tool

It is very nice and easy to use.

- Mr

First time and I find it really interesting and refreshing.

- App Review

I used Lumosity before they had an's pretty cool..but u dnt get to access all its contents..

@ArabAcademia: أفضل تطبيقات لتمارين العقل ... مجموعة العاب مسلية ومفيدة لجميع الأعمار: ١- Elevate ٢- Lumosity ٣- Peak ٤- Happify ٥- Men…

Mivht just pay for the full versions of lumosity and peak, their brain training is fun

@najwaotb2: أفضل ألعاب تمارين العقل والاسترخاء 🧠😴 Memorado Skillz — Logical Brain CogniFit MindGamer Happify Left vs. Right Peak — Brai…

@najwaotb2: أفضل ألعاب تمارين العقل والاسترخاء 🧠😴 Memorado Skillz — Logical Brain CogniFit MindGamer Happify Left vs. Right Peak — Brai…

@najwaotb2: أفضل ألعاب تمارين العقل والاسترخاء 🧠😴 Memorado Skillz — Logical Brain CogniFit MindGamer Happify Left vs. Right Peak — Brai…

أفضل ألعاب تمارين العقل والاسترخاء 🧠😴 Memorado Skillz — Logical Brain CogniFit MindGamer Happify Left vs. Right Pe…

@xzZEROx: @shorouq_22_3 مثال للالعاب اللي استخدمها ومفيدة شعلة - درّب عقلك يومياً Elevate - Brain Training Lumosity: Brain Training

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Lumosity: Brain Training 9.74.1 Screenshots & Images

Lumosity: Brain Training iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Lumosity: Brain Training iphone images
Lumosity: Brain Training iphone images
Lumosity: Brain Training iphone images
Lumosity: Brain Training iphone images
Lumosity: Brain Training iphone images
Lumosity: Brain Training iphone images
Lumosity: Brain Training iphone images
Lumosity: Brain Training iphone images
Lumosity: Brain Training ipad images
Lumosity: Brain Training ipad images
Lumosity: Brain Training ipad images
Lumosity: Brain Training ipad images
Lumosity: Brain Training ipad images
Lumosity: Brain Training Education application apple watch screenshots and images not ready...
Lumosity: Brain Training Education application apple tv screenshots and images not ready...

Lumosity: Brain Training (Version 9.74.1) Install & Download

The applications Lumosity: Brain Training was published in the category Education on 2013-06-20 and was developed by Lumos Labs, Inc. [Developer ID: 297628735]. This application file size is 245.56 MB. Lumosity: Brain Training - Education posted on 2020-03-04 current version is 9.74.1 and works well on IOS 11.2 and high versions.

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