Speedway Fuel & Speedy Rewards

Speedway Fuel & Speedy Rewards [Navigation] App Description & Overview

The Speedway app puts convenience in the palm of your hand.

The Gas Price/Store Locator gives you a hand in finding the closest convenient Speedway with up-to-date gas prices.

Speedy Rewards members can also keep track of points, view club statuses to know when your next free item is coming your way, and keep up on the latest bonus point offers, redemption items, and sweepstakes prizes.

Features you'll enjoy:

• Handy Shake-To-Show card option instantly brings up your Speedy Rewards Card

•The dedicated Wallet section keeps all your Digital Cards and Coupons in one place.

• Redeem your Digital Coupons and pay with your Digital Speedy Cash Gift Cards without having to scan your Speedy Rewards card first.

• Passbook compatibility allows you to add your Speedy Rewards card and Digital Speedy Cash Gift cards to Passbook for quicker access.

• In-app messages for Rewards and Updates.

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Speedway Fuel & Speedy Rewards Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Buying and gifting a Speedy Cash Card just got more convenient! - Bug fixes and performance improvements to enhance your app experience.

Speedway Fuel & Speedy Rewards Comments & Reviews

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- Handy little app

This app is super handy. I use a Speedway gift card to purchase my gas, and I add value to it whenever it’s running low. This app allows you to store the gift card, then it keeps track of the amount left on the gift card—SO much easier than relying on receipts actually printing properly or looking up the gift card balance on the website each time. It also allows you to store your rewards card number, which lets you to use both the gift card and the rewards card in the store with QR codes even when I don’t have the cards with me. It also lets me choose the monthly rewards—which to be frank, I probably wouldn’t take the time to do otherwise—and keeps track of how many points I earn each purchase. I’m sure I don’t use all the features, but think this is definitely worth the download for the features I do use. Would recommend.

- The app is awesome

The only thing I would like better with this app is if it stored our receipts from each purchase we made so we could print them later for tax purposes or whatever we needed. My husband owns his own business and we use this app all the time for business as well as personal use and if it could store our receipts that would make my life so much easier because my husband is forgetful and doesn’t always remember to grab his receipts! And if we fuel up here (which we do 90% of the time) we need the receipt. Other than the receipts not being included in the app we’ve never had any issue with the app. We love it! Especially with traveling as often as we do!

- Easy to use, intuitive, but out date doesn’t sync

Great in nearly every way, but date doesn’t sync and stay current so that prevents a 5star review. Also minor glitches like being in the app then getting redirected to the app for a service /could be a phone issue rather than the actual app issue - causes occasional frustration. But I like that I can check and compare local gas prices to see if the stations nearby have raised the price. I can check my reward balance Also I really think in terms of rewards programs and options Speedway is unmatched. I taught my Econ students how to maximize their rewards and draw in customers by modeling a program similar to what Speedway offers to their customers. I remain loyal to specifically because of their reward options.

- New App

Although I have been loyal to Speedway for years, actually raking up on Gas points when they began the loyalty points program I hesitated to get the App., just because of space on my phone ! I realized that the App would actually save me time, make keeping up with Fuel Cards easier, points easier, pesky paper trails etc.. 🤓 It was a welcome sight seeing Speedway onwards South, (Carolina’s and into Florida)... I always look for Speedway on the signs before exiting!!!!! ❤️ seeing growth ! I’ve given a 5 star because this App was easy for downloading, no problems scrolling through, laid out very nice.... now to try at the Store!

- Too unreliable to be useful

The app is great... when it works. Admittedly, I don't use all of the features of the app, so hopefully not all features are affected by this problem. I do use the app to get current gas prices nearby or wherever I'm searching, which is extremely helpful. However, approximately half of the times I open the app (once or twice a week), I am greeted by "N/A" for the current gas price at all locations. Not all drivers need to fuel up as often as I do, but it defeats the entire purpose of the app when I'm deciding which location to visit for a fill-up and can't get the needed information. I don't know if this is a bug, a poorly-executed update schedule, or an intentional withholding of price-change information that would allow for significant savings. Regardless, it's frustrating and makes this app more obnoxious than helpful.

- By far the worst rewards look at this

I’ve used the pilot, TA, loves, Murphy you name it I use them all. The past 2 months we start using speedway as daily basis for diesel plus buying merchandise for the road I always scan the card but I never needed to use the points today it says I get $10 free card and I have 20k points do I bought few things and went to use the points and get the $10 or use it to pay for my items but They couldn’t for some reason the cashier says there’s no option for him to do anything so I paid full price and left for good I threw all the stuff I bought in the trash can along with the card I will not support scam company like speedway. I’ve never had any issues using my other apps/card like the pilot I say can I use the points they say sure and most of the time it pays for whatever I get.

- 4.0 is Garbage

Speedways latest update is major garbage. First off the developers decided to make a sterile looking app white and bright. Hasn’t anyone ever heard of dark mode? More and more apps are being designed to be darker colors to save consumers batteries on devices, but Speedway has decided to be the battery hog with bright white sterile screens. Also I used to be able to see my transaction history the last 10 or 20 on one page now I can only see the last one transaction, that’s an improvement? It seems to me the developers of version 4.0 just graduated from high school and wrote their first app please go back to the old version. You had a very highly rated app at 4.7 out of 5 stars, why did you feel the need to make such drastic changes to “improve“ an app that was almost already perfectly rated?

- Eaton Rapids MI Speedway

I have to say I am very impressed with this Speedway. Every time I walk in I am greeted with a smile and made to feel like I am very important customer. I look forward to going in and feeling the energy there from the staff. They are very attentive and when I asked about a specific item if it could be ordered, I was told they would check into it and when I went back In they had an answer because they did ask. That was a very refreshing customer experience. This Speedway is definitely moved the meter high in the customer experience arena. Thank you!

- Cafe experience is lacking

I have an issue every other time i visit the cafe. One time I ordered a large pizza bit they had to clean their oven and instead of giving me a refund they said i could get a free pizza next time. Never got that pizza. Then my most recent experience, i ordered breadsticks, but they were out. Ordered a drink but the lady couldnt get the drink machine to work. I also got a small pizza, and fries, when i got. So she was going to give me a full refund for my order, she told the cashier to give me a refund. So i wait in line and when its my turn, the cashier didn’t know how to give me refund. I had to be St work so i just left. But thats twice i paid for something and didnt get the product.


The app is great, but there’s one thing that would be helpful. After selecting “favorite” stations, it would be nice to be able to select which type of fuel price is displayed for that specific station. I have 2 favorites near my house for regular unleaded gas, but I drive a semi. So I have 2 other favorites saved that are in my area that have truck islands. I wouldn’t stop at those for regular gas, because they’re too far out of my way, so I never need to know what the unleaded price is. I know you can change the fuel type in the filter/settings, but it would be convenient to set each station, so it’s a “one click” type of view. 😁👍🏻

- Actually save money with this app

Hi all. I’ve been a speedway customer for years it’s the closest gas station to me and I just finally decided to start using the app. Apparently, in the 3 years I’ve had this card I have not been activating the true savings. When I got the card set up and got the app I had thousands of points and managed to score some free gas and 50 cents off my next fill up and a couple free drinks, coffees, and rollers. Defiantly excited to save up my points for more savings and probably some other gift cards. Handy app to track actual savings!

- Comes in very handy!

I actually love having it in my phone 📱 because I initially was using my card but then I lost it and thought I was going to be out 31,000 points!!! Luckily I had registered my card and put it in my apple wallet, so I was able to get a new card and have all my points transferred over! WHEW! Same thing with coupons... a lot of times everyone forgets their coupons or they don’t have them when they need them, so that’s when the app is handy too because you can see what coupons you have!

- Can't add pass to wallet + burned my corneas

I downloaded this app and tried to sign up with Speedy Rewards. Every time I tried to submit my info via the app it would crash and I'd have to start all over. I signed up on the computer and later tried to add my speedy rewards card to my apple wallet, but to no avail. Every time I hit "Add to Apple Wallet" it'll load and say it has yet my speedy rewards pass still isnt in my wallet. Another thing, I was doing all of this in the dark and opening my speedy rewards pass blasted my screen brightness to maximum, blinding me. I hit the home button to close the app but my screen brightness remained at full blast and completely destroyed my corneas. Please fix that.

- Unhappy customer

I was at the Speedway at the corner of Allan and Cooly St in Springfield Ma and there was a small lady ( manger),behind the counter and was making me uncomfortable by the way she was taking to the employee that was in there. It sounded like she was arguing with him. She was nasty in tone the way she spoke to him. It makes me not to go back into that store. As a manager myself you don’t talk to your employees in front of customers. It’s humiliating not only to the worker but the customers around. I like the company Speedway but I don’t like this particular store if this is what’s going to happen. Letting you know this is not the first time I heard and seen it. First time I blew it off, but here it is again the same lady and the young man being spoken to is a nasty manner.

- Excellent tool

For some reason, many people don’t pay attention to gasoline prices. You will see cars at the most expensive gas station in town when they could just go half mile down the street for a better price. When you drive 25,000 miles a year this is a significant cost concern. Aside from the perks and the points redeemed against gasoline purchases, this app shows gasoline prices for all nearby stations. They can easily range $.25 a gallon different. Makes it easy to pick and choose where to go!

- Speedway helped me through some hard times

During the pandemic I’ve been pinching every penny I can. To the point where I’ve gone 2 weeks without eating lunch at work. Recently I downloaded the speedway app and discovered I had over 10,000 points on my account. Thanks to Speedway’s rewards program I’ve been able to eat lunch for about 4 days. Plus with all the discounts and offers I’m saving INSANE amounts of money on exclusive offers from speedway on my purchases.

- Fuel Cards

I use the app to upload and manage fuel gift cards for my fleet. It works really well and all my fuel is always paid in advance, never waiting for a large bill to be sent. I also don’t have to have the cards to reload, see real time usage and don’t need the receipts. I would like the app to allow more then five fuel cards to be loaded as this is a problem as I grow my company. Currently I have to sign up for two apps and have separate devices to manage this. Can you add the function to allow more then five gift cards to a single app? Thanks, Brian

- Great app

I am giving the app 5 stars because I have found no bugs. They are a few things that make this app even better. That is for people that use the speedy points they can spend them online and it just send the reward to your email or you can save it right to the card. Also when they ask for the survey to be done let them do it at home on the Internet. It will be better than going in the store all the time

- I’m loving the wallet function

I normally visit Speedway at least 3 times a week and this app has made it so much easier to keep all my coupons organized...prior to downloading the Speedway app I would have receipts/coupons strewn all over the car and would always be searching for the earliest expiration date or forgetting to use some coupons before they expired but now thanks to the wallet function I don’t need any more paper copies of the rewards I earn.

- Lag is an issue

Love the app. Fairly new to it but for what i use it for it does the job perfectly. I just check prices. Haven’t used speedy cards or anything yet but it looks fairly simple to use with the app. The only complaint is that its quite laggy at times and it lags when scrolling or tapping and its a bummer. Plz fix if possible. I know the app is constantly checking prices or something related to a refresh of some sort so lag is reasonable. But if at all possible fix the lag or lessen to some degree.

- Who doesn’t like earning rewards?

The app is easy to use and user friendly. Keep track of your points and earn really good coupons and rewards. I’ve been a member for about ten years and when work has me on the road I always try to use speedway. Most facilities are clean and offer a wide range of products. It’s nice to know that having/earning the points can get you free products or really discounted rates on fuel and other merchandise. A++ to speedway.

- Deleted Because of Phone Number Requirement

I’ve had a Rewards Cards for years. Recently I tried to set the account up online and discovered my phone number is required... I deleted the app. They use your phone number to verify the account, but after that, they have your phone number and are free to sell it, call you at random, or allow their servers to get broken into and loose it! We all get far too many spam calls on our phone nowadays, there is absolutely no reason that Speedway needs my phone number for this, it’s inexcusable. It’s a gas station not a bank! Voice your concern over this and help stop the bogus phone calls to our accounts!

- Customer service is TERRIBLE!

I would of given it a 0 star rating but the minimum rating allowed is 1! I selected to get 500 points if you bought 25 gallons of gas during the month of August. Well I purchased well over 25 gallons, but yet the points never showed on my account. So I messaged customer service to see what had happened. Six days later I finally get a response from a Melissa, who extremely rudely called me a liar, and claimed that I had selected double merchandise points. I've replied, but still waiting on a response, it'll probably be another week if I receive a response at all from the disgustingly rude and incompetent "customer service" department! I'm disgusted and appalled by the Speedway company!

- Love this app!

The speedway app is so convenient because if I forget my card I can have them scan it on my phone. It tells me the closest store as well gas prices of each store. The real nice thing about it is that I’m able to track my purchases as well what rewards I have coming my way. Each month I can pick a different perk to earn extra points! Hands down one of the better apps to have in my pocket!

- Apple platform issues

Used to work great ,but since all coupons change, and other things changed TERRIBLE. 😡. It is giving me closest store 494 miles away. And does NOT sort by price on my iPhone . I logged in with a friends phone a galaxy it worked fine like it should . I thought it might be my iPhone so I called carrier who after a while of trouble shooting things tried on her iPhone and had same issues , I was happy not my phone but ANGRY and wondering how many people with iPhone have been disappointed . I had already contacted Speedway several times before and they had no idea . Sad. Hope IT department is back from holidays and FIXING !

- My opinion about speedway

Speedway is alright sometimes the rewards is awesome although they don’t always put the rewards on your phone right away and the clerks at speedway do not always give you the point receipts or the rewards receipts I have actually seen a few clerks throw point receipts and rewards receipts in the trash without asking the customer if they wanted or needed it. I have seen clerks have rude and inpatient attitudes with customers at speedway. I figure if you don’t like your job then find somewhere else to work don’t take it out on the customer.

- The first gas rewards program and the best!

I don’t shop anywhere but speedway if it’s physically possible. The points and clubs you can’t find anywhere else adds up to a lot of free gas dollars and a lot of free food and drinks if you’re not using it, You need to. You don’t have to carry your card around because you can use the application on the phone or type in your phone number that’s linked to your account free is free!!

- Awesome app!

Live this app! Easy to see rewards and bonuses available. I also had to get a new card once I moved back to Ohio/WV from Tennessee and when I called customer service to see about points on my old card she was kind enough to reinstate 14,000 points that expired during my year in Tennessee..didn't see many locations in Tennessee, but did use ones in Kentucky when I was lucky to make it home for a weekend. Speedway rocks!!

- Well designed and overall great expierence

Y’all did a great job designing your app. It’s very user friendly, and loads quickly. A few years ago, Thornton’s attempted some of things you’re doing with your app. In my opinion, they failed to execute and the program went downhill. I’m not even sure if it still exists. Great app, rewards are reasonable and very easy to collect via many mediums at the checkout (phone number, physical card, digital card via speedway app). I don’t however see a way to use apple wallet. One thing that could be better, is a better experience ordering food. This is the only where UX lacks, IMO. Currently, you get sent to an in app browser that loads the ordering website. Nonetheless, you still earn 5 stars in my book.

- Great features on the app!

I love using the app, it’s so much easier to have my speedy card on my phone versus the keychain (that always becomes gross and fragile and eventually lost in the void between your carseats). My only con is that you cannot edit your passcode on the app, making it a little difficult to reset if you’ve forgotten said passcode. Also, I love the gas map and the rewards section allows you to personalize the kinds of rewards you want. If you use speedway, this is an excellent app.

- Good, not perfect

So, the only issue I have had so far is when I tried to register my existing rewards card it said it was already in use, although I hadn’t ever set it up to an account, so I had to call to have them merge my existing card and the new account I made, otherwise no complaints. It’s handy and I get free drinks and cheaper gas all the time, just wish there was a way to merge your rewards card to your account without having to call customer service.

- Easy to use!

This app is super easy to use. You can use it if you lose or forget your card. It has all the info of al speedways nearby. You can even filter to find ones that are 24 hours. You can redeem your points and everything. Worth the download. I use it daily and plus I travel sometimes and it really helps to find a speedway along the way so I continue racking up the points!!

- 5 stars

This app is 10 times better than having the card in your wallet cluttering up everything when you try to find it it’s not there so you lose points when you go to speedway with this app everything is right there All you have to do is just open it and scan it in your point will be at it no matter what

- Needs little improvements but good app

Just a suggestion, to make it easier on your customers and your staff, when you redeem points on the app for a speedway fuel card or merchandise card, it needs to have the option to automatically add it to your speedy wallet. Cuts down on time at the register, and one less plastic card to waste. On a side note, you make bank on energy drinks, so make them a club where you get one every 5 free!!!! I.e monsters, rockstars, etc

- What’s the use!

I purchased two liter seven-up coupon with my points, when I tried to redeem it in the store, I was told that they never sell seven-up at that store. This is the only Speedway that I go to, the one I accumulated my points from. I was told that I couldn’t use that coupon for another soda. I guess I have to run around town to see if I can find a Speedway that do sell seven-up or just lose my points! I also tried to use a pizza slice coupon at 5:30pm and was told to come back in the morning and they will have pizza them? Really? Seems like 5:30 pm is a good time to sell pizza not in the morning. What’s use is this app?

- Useful

Many apps by companies are confusing lack ease when using them. This app is easy to use and gives you many benefits. As a person who lives paycheck to paycheck this app has really helped me get through until I get paid by using points for food and gas. In my opinion this app deserves great credit and is the most useful app I have ever downloaded. Thank you!

- Love this app, I highly recommend!

For me, this app is a lifesaver considering I always lose all my cards or leave them at home or in the car when I need them. I shows you a lot of cool perks that you wouldn’t really know about unless you actually took the time to read your receipts or didn’t lose your receipts. I tell everyone to get it that I know goes to speedway on a regular.

- Better than I thought...

I was apprehensive about getting this app only because I have so many others. Didn't think it would be as handy as it is, but I do like it. Opens up coupons earned and made available, opens up your card just in case you left it in your vehicle, let's you know your point balance, and many other features.

- Works most of the time

The app works most of the time, although I had used it to redeem a reward and when I got to the store my reward wouldn’t pull up on my app. It was aggravating, ended up paying for what should of been free. Eventually it resolved itself and was able to redeem reward later. It helps with knowing gas prices and reward points. I like the app. Just had a couple problems with it so I only gave 4 stars.

- Pretty much perfect

My speedway app (iPhone X, 11.3) works perfectly. Never crashes and reliably gives me my points and coupons when earned. The only thing I’d like to see is an Apple Watch app, so I can scan from my wrist (all my other cards do it) and a widget for the phone so it’s quicker to have it scanned. But, those are just suggestions. This app works great for what it’s designed for.

- Great App!

I love this app! I have two suggestions, however. First, you have to swipe your card for the car wash. I have the card in my iPhone “wallet”, and there is no way to scan it. Second, some months the bonus points are given for purchasing 25 gallons of gas in a calendar month. The list of transactions doesn’t show how many gallons of gas were purchased, so it’s hard to keep track. Other than that, I love Speedway.

- Love it.

I love speedway I use to have one in Walpole Massachusetts but they got rid of it. It was so close to my house and I could get gas on my way to work. Now I have to go north Attleboro Massachusetts or to Norton Massachusetts. I had another card but got rid of it when speedway left my area. But I just got a new card and I will be using it all the time. I really wish you bring a speedway back to Walpole Massachusetts please.

- Great app - easy to use

The key features of this app are functional and help the user know everything they need to know. Redemption of points is extremely simple and the help line is actually helpful...had to call them a couple times. I actually ONLY go to Speedway when getting gas now because the rewards actually feel like rewards. 2 thumbs up!

- Very useful app

If you are a regular Speedway customer, this app is a must! You can load your speedy rewards and gift cards on it, eliminating the need to carry any of those with you! Checking out is a breeze! I use it when I travel to make sure I use as many Speedways as I can. Very user friendly and I can even look back to see my activity to help with budgeting.

- Love this app but only one problem

Thank you for the app but each and every time I go to speedway and have to wait then the app won’t work In the store. The cashier makes you go to the back of the line. Instead of letting me go back out side for a few seconds and get the app back up to use. Which is wrong. Please fix this problem.

- Best rewards program out there for Gas Stations!!!

Seriously they are constantly having bonus points for buying products that I would usually purchase anyways. I have gotten a bunch of rewards at Speedway just by stopping in before work in the morning to get my snacks and energy drinks. I am basically ballin’ out of control with Speedy Rewards!! I might retire soon!!!!

- New to my Little Town in Central California

Neat that they kept same clerks from the Shell that was there. Really clean transition and very nice incentive to give rewards for a long daily drive to work for me. Definitely going to make this my preferred Gas Station and as for the App super neat that I will be getting rewards for pumping gas here and buying the normal every day routine stuff. App is really organized and helpful!

- Unresponsive to concerns

This app was great over 6 months ago. You put your gift card in, checked the balance used it - it really WAS handy. That was maybe Feb 2019. Since then the gift card part began to lock me out. I can't check balances or even enter the card for use. It gives an error and says try in 24 hours. I have contacted customer service numerous times by phone and email, I left reviews here and NOTHING GETS ADDRESSED. All I have ever heard is it is being worked on. It's now mid June of 2019. My entire family tries to use the app and gets the same. Would someone please fix this!

- Great App

Love being able to see all my purchases and watch my points and coupons pile up. So easy to redeem points and use coupons. It is so great that I go out of my way to go to a Speedway gas station if possible. All stores with loyalty programs should invest in an app like this. If you go to Speedway and don’t use this app, you’re missing out big time!

- App not working!

I have updated, deleted and reinstalled the app. It will not work. Won’t even let me log back in. On another device I am logged in but it still won’t update to show balances or transactions. I try going to “app support” and that doesn’t work either. Please help get this working on IOS again. Problems started with not updating in the last couple weeks. No being able to do anything with the most recent update.

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- Slightly disappointed

I visit speedway every day while in the states However can’t access the app from canada

- Fuel Rewards

After the last update I lost the ability to select the 10/25/50 cents off fuel in rewards in the app.

- Helpful!

Everything you need in one app (rewards card, gas, drinks, food, coupons, specials)

- Earle

Lov the app and getting rewards

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- Awesome

Excellent for keeping up with points, special deals. Customer service is quick to respond, they even helped me to get my local neighborhood speedway to stock more of my favorite flavor Fruit Punch RockStar energy drinks. Notifications alert for price increase is great, members fill up that day for lowest price even after it’s been changed to the higher price.

- Best card around

I love Speedway’s! From fountain pop, the selection of chips and candy to the roller food! I’m always met with Hello as soon as I walk in the door! The speedway app has everything you need at your fingertips! I can check on everything from points to coupons that I’m pretty sure may be based on previous purchases!

- 5 Star Rating

The app is user friendly. You don’t have to keep track of receipts or coupons because they’re stored for you. They let you know if & when they expire. You can keep track of your earned points & what rewards you can cash in on. Definitely a must have if you’re a frequent Speedway customer. I’m hooked.

- About the app and Speedway gas station

I love speedway! It’s close to my house the people that work there are amazing very friendly call me by my name every time I walk in the door. Love this app it helps me see where I am on my points are what I can get holds my coupons so you don’t have to use the paper ones. Got to get this app it’s the best! Speedway at 53 rd and Madison ave in Anderson is the best!

- Fuel preference, auto, truck diesel

Store preference, fuel grade, add option to select BOTH auto diesel AND truck diesel. I use both auto and truck diesel lanes and need to constantly change change fuel preferences in order to see all prices. This prevents users from seeing all diesel prices, especially when travelling in areas where one does not know truck lanes are present.

- Very convenient!

I love this app! it’s so convenient! especially if I happen not to have my speedy card, nor my speedy rewards keychain...which believe it or not, has happened to me b4! Lol! But all I have to do is pull out my phone, pull up this app, and I can use my coupons, or scan my card, do everything that I need to do right here on this app! it’s awesome! I love it!

- Fuel prices vs Fuel quality

I just downloaded this app, so I don’t have a comment about it yet, but I do like the store. It’s not always fuel cost. Well it shouldn’t be. You should know the quality fuel that you are putting in your car. Maintenance cost is also a factor in your fuel purchase. Be careful and aware!! Pay cheap could also mean get cheap. Burn good clean fuel; your pocket will appreciate it in the long run down the road.

- Quality/Good bonus point system

Great App, I get all my gas and coffee here along with snacks and energy drinks on my many road trips and these store card points really rack up with all the bonuses to score me some pretty sweet rewards especially when I could really use any saved extra money in my pocket during these times...

- missing points

Hello, so I was checking on my account and I noticed I only had 500 points instead of the 1800 that I previously had, I looked at my transaction history and it said that at 8:00 pm I lost 1300 points, i did not spend any of my points at all, plus I was not in a speedway at 8, is there any way i can have my points back?

- A++++++ Great customer service

The 2nd shift girls that work in Galion, Ohio are great and very professional. They took the time to show me extra ways to use my app and save money. Both of them deserve a pay increase. Thank you Speedway for the excellent service. Every speedway needs to have the customer service that I received. The CEO should be very grateful for employees like them.

- This is one of the best apps.

It always works and it has everything you need to know about your cards, balance and account. It also keeps track of everything. No going online and checking like the previous customer mentioned. This app works excellent. I would recommend.

- Many are missing out!

Admittedly I did not take rewards serious until I started using the app. It brings everything together and you don’t have to keep track of anything because it does it all for you! All the points and freebies I did not take advantage of sadly for years. Kudos speedway. My ONLY gas station.

- Absolutely great!

I love this app, I love see gas prices from town to town to know where the best price is and where to stop and get it, I love picking my monthly perk and keeping track of my point and coupons. I also love the newest feature of loading my card with a fuel discount so you don’t have to print them out anymore!!!

- ❤️ speedway rewards!

If you forget ur card, not worry you can use ur phone to scan your card in it! Not need to print recipes for points to scan. Use it and save printers and paper!! Even many coupons in it with the gas too! Mostly 10 cent off out of blue and save my life! You must download and will not sorry! 😎👍🏼

- No longer updates with iWatch

I have the same problem someone else mentioned that with the latest iOS update the watch will no longer sync. Just says log onto phone which I do and nothing changes. I really love the app and hope this gets fixed soon. I use my watch for almost everything with the current environment.

- I love the app!

This app is fantastic. Hoping you all will create a secure fuel pay by phone feature where we can enter card and or bank details and then scan a barcode or enter a pump number in the app to pay for our gas without having to directly use our debit card in the store or at the pump.

- Satisfaction guaranteed

This app is great and it’s so convenient. Everything you do is applied instantly or within a few minutes. It helps you keep track of your clubs rewards so you don’t need to hold on to receipts or worry about losing them. The app will show you speedways near you with gas prices as well. Speedway for life

- Surprisingly Helpful App!

I tried this app to keep a tab on my reward points, but it has proven to be much better than expected. A location finder reports the Speedway and gas prices to me in real time. It has a “wallet” folder where I can save coupons for easy retrieval. I’m overall very pleased! Thanks Speedway.

- No link to tech support

The app is great to have. It does everything I need an app to finding gas prices and having the balance of my cards. However it keeps crashing now. I can’t open it without it crashing in a few seconds after opening it. I have tried shutting my phone down and restarting. That didn’t work I came to the Apple store to find a link to tech support and there is nothing here. I would like to have use of my application again.

- App works great - reading glasses req‘ to see gift card balance

This app works real smooth for finding locations, reward point updates and much more. My only issue is the font size for the gift card balance. With font size this small, it’s challenging to see without reading glasses. Otherwise, Speedway has a great app and keep those reward points coming.

- Awesome app

This app is very useful to tell gas prices of speedways nearby, it also gives you directions. Very helpful to find the closest gas station to your location. Useful to keep track of your points if you are a speedy awards member, plus the app lets you choose your perks for the next month!!

- Everything you need

Love the app, hasn’t let me down once. Easy to navigate. If I could add anything it would be an ordering feature for the Speedway Café. I hate that I have to go to rewards and then expand the card for them to scan but seriously....that’s such a small complaint.

- Love Speedway App

Speedway App is easy to use! Has all your need to know deals you have and your points. Tells you how many more points you need to get the gift card. We always get the Speedway Gift Card and use on gas. I would recommend this app to anyone that goes to Speedway on a regular basis like we do!

- Happy with app just need to fix favorite locations issue

I like the app but really wish they finally would fix the continuing issue of losing favorite gas stations. Every time it updates and I lose all my favs, please fix this already. It has been about six months and many updates say that this problem is fixed and never seems like this works properly after the update. SMH

- Gas prices N/A

I used to love this app., but since the last update I cannot get the gas prices in my area. I download the app over and over again and it will hold prices for a few hours and then when I check again... N/A! Contacted the customer service / IT dept. about this, and they had no idea what to do. Using an Apple iPhone . Apple says it is a Speedway issue. Wish Speedway would figure it out!

- Awesome App

This is one of the easier apps to use. Using this app has help me save some money because I go to Speedway most every day for lunch. They have great food or if you just want a snack and if you going to buy gas or food why not earn points toward free food or reduce price in gas. You have to have both anyway.

- Coupons and Points

I love how you are able to access your account at the touch of a button on your phone. I also love the fact that it keeps the coupons and rewards digitally Instead of by paper that you lose so easily.

- Speedway Freeze

My family and I like the freezes and the variety. They are not always working the proper way. Wish they would switch up the flavors at times. Keep blue raspberry ( my fav), bring in cotton candy for the summer. Have your pop in bottles on sale more often; 2/$2.50. The Lk Michigan Dr store has the most flavors I have found. Keep up the good work Speedway!!

- The savings add up

I live close to a speedway and we shop there everyday. I use the coupons on the mobile app all the time and it saves me a lot of money. I think they have the best rewards program, I redeem the points for visa gift cards that you can use anywhere.

- Employee not wearing face mask

I enjoy Speedway. It is super convenient stop on my way to work. I have one issue that has cost this store my weekly visits. The same employee working at the Speedy Café doesn’t wear his mask while preparing food. I’ve called the manager twice, the second time I was told there was no manager and the employee who answered the phone said he would tell the non-compliant employee to mask-up. As far as I know, it could have been the offending employee. I have also lodged a complaint with the health department and codes enforcement.

- False advertisement

All over town they were posting 10cents off gas when you have the speedway rewards app... that is a lie. They will give it to you the first week or so .. they won’t tell you they are taking it away. Just randomly you’re not given the 10cents a gallon off. Thanks but no thanks! SHELL FUEL REWARDS app is the way to go! You never lose your fuel rewards . You get a minimum off per gallon and when you use it more that increases ... and they never take the discount away from you unlike speedway ... consider this app deleted LOL

- Lee

I love the app but there are times when it’s a little difficult to operate especially when you’re standing in line and you can’t get it to the screen you need. Is there some way of organizing the home buttons across the bottom maybe even add a couple of buttons to better organize the sub button menus?

- It's lit

It's a convent app I’m trying to save to get the Xbox card and it’s working you rack up point quickly you can cash out for a lot of items it’s like the store is giving back to you just for shopping now who doesn’t like the sound of that great app keep up the good work

- Cannot recommend it enough

It’s simple, if you have a Speedway near where you live and you go there with ANY level of consistency you need this app. Easy to keep track of points and rewards and you can register gift cards and see remaining amounts with ease

- I love the speedway app

I love the speed way app it makes it so much easier when you forgot your speedway card or you can’t find your speedway card you don’t ever forget your phone so you always have it on you if there was an app for everything I would use it

- Speedway rewards

I love the app and the program just wish that they would allow the free stuff you could have linked to your phone and not have to go to your computer to get them. My only complaint other than that love it and all speedways and super America’s

- Great coupons

I love this app, this compared to circle k’s app is a HUGE difference. This app is what made me 100% decide to shop at speedway from now on. And the fact it tells me what the closest speedway is charging for gas is so awesome! I wish I could look different speedways up though, that’s my only recommendation

- Useless App

Gas prices sometimes aren’t accurate, and now the app isn’t loading gas prices at all. Not to mention the fact that every time I open the app it won’t show me anything until I click out of the screen asking me to do the 2 factor authentication. Listen, I could give a crap about protecting an app that tells me where speedways are... there’s literally no personal information in the app, why the 🦆would I waste my time with 2 factor authentication? Just tell me what the gas prices are 😡😡😡

- Excellent all around app!

The app makes everything so easy to navigate and use. Gotta love it when they make the app easy for the customer! I love being able to track the rewards and enter in the sweepstakes. Thanks Speedway for caring about the customers.

- Glitches

The app is super easy to use and I really like how you have access to all your points and rewards. The only problem is lately there has been a glitch with the giftcards. Everytime I open the app it will say 20$ on my giftcard but when it is scanned there is no money on it so I will re open the app and it will then say 0$. It will go from 20$ to 0$ constantly.

- Da best

My wife and I deliver newspapers and drive A LOT. We use $30 a day in gas at a minimum and prefer going to speedway over any other gas station. The gas prices, the discounts, the selection in the store, and the cafe food will keep me going back to this gas station and avoid any others.

- Why can’t it work like the other gas apps?

I just want to be able to pay with my phone like with BP, Conoco, Phillips 66, Exxon, Shell, etc. But, it seems you have to take an extra step and buy a gift card first. In any case, the app doesn’t even want to work properly. After I registered and then tried to login, I get the error message “Unable to process your request at this time.” I can login on my browser, though, albeit very very slowly. I feel like I’m dealing with some mom and pop operation.

- Better than carrying a key fob by far

Since this app has been installed on my phone it’s been a time saver. Using it has been so much easier than carrying my keys around and fumbling for the card . And keeping up with points and coupons are a snap .

- Great but...

It’s really turned into an excellent app, much better than I remember it being a while ago. The only problem I have with it is that it doesn’t have the Smart Pay feature that cumberland farms has. If speedway got smart pay, I’d probably fill up my gas tank there. But for now it’s just drinks and other stuff ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

- Very useful

This app lets me find out if there are any stations near me. That way I can keep adding points to my rewards program. It quickly lets me get directions to the nearest store and lets me know if I have coupons and how many points I have. So glad I am a member!

- Nice app

This app is very convenient mainly because of the simplicity of accessing your barcode. Some apps are a pain with that. I won’t go into detail of other apps but this one is super easy to click on barcode and use card/coupon. Keep up the good work

- Great app, but problem

It's an easy way to track my points, select bonus points, and see gas prices but for the longest time the app has shut down as soon as I try to open my wallet to see my speedy rewards account number. I would think this would need to be fixed right away but I have been experiencing this problem for at least over four months. Otherwise I would give it 5 stars.

- Can’t Register My Gift Card...Still

Called about a year ago about an error message I got when I try to register my gift card. Was told it’s a glitch that they’re working on - not sure when it will be fixed... called back just now because I’m still getting that error message. Was told it’s a glitch that they’re working and and not sure when it will be fixed... clearly, no one is working on it... 🙄

- Best So Far!!!

I have an iPhone 7Plus on Cricket Network. This app has so far not crashed like others claim. I keep all my apps and iOS up to date. And thanks to this app I have been able to cash in on the rewards speedy offers. But the Brightness thing does need work. Thanks

- Solid but some features lacking

Great solid app but there are a few features that are buggy and need more building out. Specifically the add pass to Apple wallet feature does not work on my app as the app says loading and nothing happens. Despite these, the app works well and is easy to use!

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Don't forget to select your Monthly Perk! 🌟 Which perk will you select? Comment below! Pick here: ⛽: Double Fuel Points ☕: 100 Points on Hot or Iced Coffee 🍔: Double Points on Food Purchases

Speedway Fuel & Speedy Rewards 4.9.2 Screenshots & Images

Speedway Fuel & Speedy Rewards iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Speedway Fuel & Speedy Rewards iphone images
Speedway Fuel & Speedy Rewards iphone images
Speedway Fuel & Speedy Rewards iphone images
Speedway Fuel & Speedy Rewards iphone images
Speedway Fuel & Speedy Rewards iphone images
Speedway Fuel & Speedy Rewards iphone images
Speedway Fuel & Speedy Rewards iphone images
Speedway Fuel & Speedy Rewards iphone images

Speedway Fuel & Speedy Rewards (Version 4.9.2) Install & Download

The applications Speedway Fuel & Speedy Rewards was published in the category Navigation on 2012-10-13 and was developed by Speedway LLC [Developer ID: 568047982]. This application file size is 91.27 MB. Speedway Fuel & Speedy Rewards - Navigation app posted on 2020-10-26 current version is 4.9.2 and works well on IOS 12.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.speedway.mobile

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